Sunday, October 6, 2013

Video: L'Orange & Stik Figa - Smoke Rings

L'Orange and Stik Figa link for their first vid, off their upcoming collaboration "City Under The City", that I must highly recommend.. Highly..

"Smoke Rings" slaps baby.. do check in and check it out...

Single: Toine - So Great (prod. by Kev Brown)

Toine of DTMD fame branches out on the solo tip and drops a great new look in "So Great" a soulful loop-type track constructed by the DMV's DJ Premier; Kev Brown...

Real laid back, helpful feel here..

Singles: Moka Only - "Neil Blender", "Handled Right" & "Chicanery"

One of Canada's best dropped three new exclusives in recent days... Some reaally good stuff, as always the production is excellent and the bars are loopy and rambling.. All longtime Moka fans check in ..

Single: Sean Price - New Shit No Name

Straight forward titling and straight forward hardcore shit courtesy of none other than Sean P baby!

P dropped this off on Twitter the other day and it's that good ol' stuttery beat, with him kicking hardcore verses type shit...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

House Shoes Presents... The Gift Volume III: EXT AKA Rudy Eckes

Ahhh man, another new producer brnging that heat! I love that House Shoes (who's no slouch himself on the beats) is puttin on new names man, for the third installment of his "The Gift" series he's puttin on Brooklyn-based soul producer EXT AKA Rudy Eckes; who is I could describe his beats in a sentence I'd say, something like Madlib meets Pete Rock with a twist of 9th Wonder in there..

Please peep this beautiful ass noize!!

Volume III of The Gift brings you Ext aka Rudy Eckes.
From raw loop chops to layered synths, Ext has all that a true beathead wants. And he said fuck being a lawyer. Imma make beats.
From Brooklyn NYC to the world, House Shoes presents The Gift -Volume III: Ext aka Rudy Eckes...

Single: Che Grand - Thou

Che Grand (of Lessondary fame) is back w/ a wonky new lil' joint... def. is a different kinda beat... finds Che in his usual form providing the rhymes..

Apparently Che is also readying his 2nd LP "GRAND" for release sometime in the top half of 2014...

Video: Marco Polo ft. Organized Konfusion - 3-O-Clock

Wooooooow, who woulda thought that the one dynamic, boom bap producer of today that could get the legendary 90s duo of Organized Konfusion (Pharoah Monche & Prince Po) to link back up after a long hiatus would be ...Marco Polo?

I did.. def. did... he's already worked with just about every huge act from the 90s including Big Daddy Kane and Rakim among others, so why not Organized Konfusion?

Here Marco laces the raucus canvas for the duo to get loose on and the result is "3-O-Clock"; a fitting return for them.

Marco's "Port Authority 2: The Director's Cut" drops on November 12th people.. get ready!

Video: Oddisee - After Thoughts

Oddisee laces us with some trippy kaleidescope visuals for his laid back opus "After Thoughts" that is quite thee track to zone out with...

Oddisee's new instrumental project "The Beauty In All" is avaialable now!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Single: Clams Casino - Crystals

So yeah, everyone and they got damn mama's mama is all over this new GTA game, and from what I hear, for good reason.. I guess it's a righteous blast to play, but comin from a fella that has always liked the music that these games featured thee most, I was anticipating moreso what was gonna be on the FM dial in them whips that you steal!

One cut that you're gonna find on 'FLYLO FM' is this; Clams Casino's latest instrumental-from-mars endeavor, "Crystals". If you love fat basslines, fuzzy snyths and plunging melodies that all form a very drinkable and movable, menacing tonic... this is your cup of tea.

Video: Showbiz & A.G. - Walk With Me

"A wise man told me you always got two people walkin with you; one is who you was and one is who you wanna be" 

Dope new visuals from a legendary Hip-Hop duo, off their latest collaboration LP "Mugshot Music: Preloaded" ...

Single: Black Milk - Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst

This joint right here man... this may just be my fav. beat of the whole fuckin month...ain't nuthin like when Milk gets ahold of a soul sample...

For "Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst" you're treated to two great, rousing cuts that perfectly describe them old Sunday's and Monday's man. Milk examines his rigid upbringing in the church, and then delves into that weary, worn out Monday feeling when you're unemployed by choice and you hit that block lookin to get whatever means.

Great work here..and I mean great. Milk's first solo work in a couple years I believe and it's going back to his roots--the soul sample flipping. He's not lost a step in that arena... not one, and his rhymes are still vibrant. This is a must hear cut.

"It ain't too late to get your values straight"

Single: J-Live - Heaven (freestyle)

J-Live droppin' a new tape! There is still hope underground heads!!

It's snuck up on this old backpacker a lil' bit, but I'm in time to catch the 2nd single off J-Live's new mixtape "This Is Chess Not Checkers"...

Here, Live rips apart Jigga's "Heaven" instrumental...

Single: Raekwon - Marble Cake (freestyle)

This man Rae goin in on a Drake Instro? Say it ain't so! LOL.. hey, I can appreciate the 90s heads reachin out to the 90s babies.,, it is what it is, after all Drake been tryin his best to pay respects to the Clan lately... plus Rae always gon' rip shit down...Peep the freestyle here as The Chef does in a track easily.

p.s. the wally's on the artwork = too too tuff brehs...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Single: Termanology ft. Inspectah Deck & Maffew Ragazino - You Ain't Safe

'Ology is back, hypin' his next release; the "G.O.Y.A. LP" (lmao, all my Latinos will get that title) and he's enlisted the help of longtime clansmen Inspectah Deck as well as BK upstart Maffew Ragazino for an ominous banger in "You Ain't Safe"...

Grab ya G.O.Y.A. on 10-8-13....

Cover Art: The Yancey Boys - Sunset Blvd

Ahhh it's almost here... read the details below..

On October 29th, Delicious Vinyl will release the second Yancey Boys album entitled “Sunset Blvd.” Consisting of Illa J (J. Dilla’s younger brother) and Frank Nitt (Frank N Dank), the album features production entirely from the late, J. Dilla, featuring a new batch of beats that was recently unearthed. The album features Common, T3, Talib Kweli, Posdnuos of De La Soul, Guilty Simpson, J. Rocc, DJ Rhettmatic and others. As Frank Nitt states, “We created an album that would make Dilla proud. But this isn’t a nostalgia trip: Dilla’s beats were so future-forward that they’re right on time in 2013, and we’ve assembled the best artists possible to represent that.”

Single: Oddisee - Own Appeal

DMV based producer/rapper and currently the most slept-on muthafucka out drops a new single that you'll find on his new mixtape "Tangible Dream" that will accompany his new instrumental album "The Beauty In All", which drops heavy, on the 1st of October...

Video Interview: Zane Lowe Interviews Kanye West For BBC

Ya know... I've said a lot of shit about Ye' in the past publically... from the fact that I enjoyed his music more when he was mainly a soul-sample producing cat in the background to me always, always applauding him as the ONLY rapper who stood up on TV and attacked George Bush Jr. after Katrina. Complexity is this cat... and that's coo, I'm complex..I know ppl don't fit in one lil' tiny box..nah, we wouldn't even fuckin want that if they could. At least you shouldn't.

Here, Ye' speaks with Zane Lowe and sheds some jewels about self-perception, the nature of corporations in the music industry, what he wanted to acomplish with his new album "Yeezus", being an outsider in the fashion industry, making predictions for the future and a lot more... a lot more...

No matter what you may think of thi cat, truth is truth and he def.touches on a good deal of it here. Sit back and listen for a bit..

Monday, September 16, 2013

Single: L'Orange & Stik Figa - Monochrome

Just, puro goodness... Stik Figa maaaayne!!

Monochrome is second single from L'Orange & Stik Figa's upcoming project, "The City Under The City"  
The new single establishes the setting for the story of "The City Under The City" and shows movement from a monochromatic life into the colorful depths below the surface. 
"As I wax poetic over past aesthetics,
craft a legend of a time before the apathetic.
Let’s start a tab. What will you have? Is that cash or credit?
How about a glass of purgatory with a splash of heaven?"

Boardwalk Empire Presents... Sounds Of The Onyx: Prohibition Era Jazz Remixed

I rarely put an eye on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, but I will say, the show is pretty decent and captivating when I do.. as if the adventures of Mobster Nucky Thompson weren't a big enough selling point, I guess teh folks over at HBO decided to reel in the Jazz heads too...

This is where it gets interesting... Some of the people behind Boardwalk Empire recruited some of Hip-Hop's best jazz men to flip some of the prohibition era Jazz records they had layin around. Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff, Tall Black Guy, Shafiq Husayn and others do some righteous ass work that you gotta hear..

"Sounds Of The Onyx" can be heard in full, streaming, below and is available for free download as well...

Single: The Procussions - “EXPLOSIAAAN​!​”

One of the illest underground groups is now taking on commissioned song work? Read more below and peep out what they've done with the, ahem, commissioning so far.

The “Pro-Exclusive” is an on-going series of commissioned pieces of musical art.
For 1k dollars The Procussions will produce, write, record, and distribute a custom song for you, your friend, family, organization, company, etc. The Procussions will also provide custom artwork by our in-house designer, Luke Atencio. 
The subject and content is yours to decide, think of the possibilities!
ALL SONGS ARE FREE TO THE PUBLIC (unless you decide to keep it secret) and you will receive Executive Producer credit. 
FIRST- BEFORE PAYMENT- write us an email at expressing your desire for our work, please include any ideas and questions you may have. We will contact you to discuss music, lyrics, artwork, and payment. 
This is a true collaboration, a unique piece of art from us to you, and a new step in the world of creating music! Let’s work!