Saturday, June 30, 2007

T.I. Vs. Luda? 50 spacing out entire verses? Nuthin like the BET awards huh.....

So the BET awards went down on Tuesday night and I missed most of it, but managed to catch the best parts, which included a Public Enemy tribute performance to James Brown, that was preceeded by a powerful introduction from The reverend Al Sharpton. That, and Don Cheadle's acceptance speech for the Humanitarian of the year award were pretty much all the highlights of the evening for me. On a good note however, Monique rocked as the Host as usual and everything for the most part went smoothly....during the show of course....before the show there was all out chaos if your T.I. or Ludacris. Yes word has been circulating that the two got into a scuffle at Kevin Liles pre- award show luncheon....then word came out that in fact it wasn't T.I. and Luda, rather T.I. and one of Luda's entourage members.....hopefully this doesen't go to far, and shit truthfully I kinda am hoping it ain't even true, these guys are better than this.....

Surely not to be outdone, 50 Cent generated a lot of controversy as well on Tuesday night....dishing out a semi- terrible performance in which he bypassed the entire first verse to his "Amusement Park" song, and also was accused of lip synching....50 has come forward and explained that his focus was thrown off upon his entry when an aerial trapeze artist who was apart of the show nearly knocked him off his descending platform that was 25 feet in the air. No matter what, fif is sure to keep himself in the headlines, no doubt about when that album due out 50?
- Dominick L.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Dray (Of Das Efx)- Back For That Ass pt.1 & 2

01 - Intro
02 - Hustlas / Gangstas ft. Tha Kartel
03 - I Like It
04 - A Lil Somn'
05 - Shut Em Down
06 - Freestyle Kartel
07 - How We Do (Das Efx)
08 - Money / Fame
09 - Freestyle Scott Cain
10 - Make Things Rite (Un Pacino)
11 - Get Tha Money ft. Scott Cain
12 - How It Feel (Das Efx)
13 - Freestyle Scott Cain & Boywonda Pt.1
14 - Mami (Tha Kartel) ft. J Dirty
15 - East Coast Hustlas (Das Efx) ft. Un Pacino
16 - Fulltime Hustle ft. Scott Cain
17 - Freestyle Un Pacino, Blade Brown, Mike G

01 - Intro
02 - Holla At Ya Boy ft. Tha Kartel
03 - At Night ft. Thugg
04 - Trapp Boyz Intro
05 - Trapp Boyz Anthem
06 - Hollywood Chicks
07 - Celebrate
08 - Cure
09 - Aint Nuttn'
10 - Freestyle Scott Cain & Boywonda
11 - City Boyz
12 - Freestyle Scott Cain & Tha Hip-Hop Rockstar
13 - We Got It (Das Efx)
14 - Wild Onez (Das Efx)
15 - Dray Freestyle
16 - No Pain No Gain
17 - Freestyle Scott Cain & Wize
18 - Rock Tha Party
19 - Ayo
20 - U Know U Like That ft. Tattoo
21 - Freestyle Un Pacino & Dray
22 - Supawoman
23 - Bad Boyz Anthem

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

week of 6/24/2007.......Paris is out of jail.... Chris Benoit Tragedy..... Bobby Cutts Arrested....Stepha Henry still missing...

So here we are getting ready for the 4th of July and things are worse than ever in America. Tonight Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton will do the Larry King show, in the midst of a hundred other stories that probably should be taking center stage at this time we still delve into the incredibly un-important world of this snobby, spoiled rotten debutaunt, who in my opinion won't ever really change her behavior....see ya at the clubs Paris!

There is no easy transition into this story. A few days ago, over the weekend oficials say The Canadian Crippler aka Chris Benoit of the WWE killed his wife, his son and finally himself. Tragically there is some suspicion that steroids might have somthing to do with the awful occurances that took place in Geogia at Benoit's home. The Toxicology reports have yet to come back to confirm whether Benoit's actions might have been influenced by drugs or steroids. In light of what has happened many media outlets have been looking into the mental and physical well fare of many professional wrestlers, finding that many in the past years have passed away from either suicide or heart disease before the age of 50....

Bobby Cutts Jr. was arrested in Canton, Ohio immediately following the recovery of his slain girlfriend Jessie Davis. Many are speculating that the 30 year old police officer has already confessed to the murder, while we all wonder what really went down, a new acomplice has been arrested as well, and Cutts has stated that he found his girlfriend dying at the house. In all likelihood the police may have the right guy, but only time will tell, in the middle of course is a small boy who has no father or mother now, and two families that have been destroyed.

It's been a month and Stepha Henry is still missing. Although the place where she disappeared was densly populated, there seems to be a real lack in eyeball witnesses with any information other than she was seen leaving a club with a friend. The police have started a search for a dark colored Acura that she was believed to be in at the time she was missing. To try and draw more attention to the story and get more clues to her disappearance, Henry's parents have moved to Florida temporarilly from New York.
-Dominick L.

DJ Diggz and Rated R present Killa Sha- H.N.I.O.

Straight outta the same streets that produced some of the greatest names in rap history, comes Killa Sha. A talented Mc who pulls no punches when it comes to speaking the truth about his surroundings and the immenant danger that seemed to never be too far away in the hood of Qb. One of the grittiest rhyme artists in recent memory killa sha aka Sha Luminati has worked with all the Queens and Queensbridge heavyweights like one time groupmate Tragedy Khadafi, Uno Dos, Trez, Mobb Deep, Bars n Hooks and Nature. In addition to working with cats in his own hood, Killa Sha has also worked alongside some of hip-hop's finest underground acts including Jedi Mind Tricks, Ayatollah and The Alchemist. Reprising the classic cover art from his Qb bretheren Prodigy's debut solo album H.N.I.C., Killa Sha delivers his usual brand of in your face, matter of factly type rapping. Enlisting the hottest underground Dj's In Diggz and Rated R to help him bring out this very potent product that features production from Large Professor and J Dilla. If you picked up "The Black Eminem or "The Billy Colez Story" you can expect the same amount of intensity from this jumpoff.
-Dominick L.

01. Intro
02. Head Nigga In Order
03. Out Of Business
04. Thing Called Love
05. The All Eye Seeing (Interlude)
06. Deep Thoughts
07. Work The Plan Out feat Havoc
08. The Window
09. M'Z Up
10. Greezy Talk
11. Lumi'z 3 Min Workout
12. School Remix
13. Lyfe Freestyle
14. Front Line feat Extra P (aka Large Professor)
15. Fed Up
16. Tune Of Life
17. RIP Freestyle
18. Outro
19. Bonus Track

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sen Dog- Fat Joints Vol. 1

1. The Sicko- Sen Dog
2. Shut The Fuck Up feat. B-Real
3. Get Ya Money Right feat. Mellow Man Ace
4. What, What feat. The Reyes Bros.
5. Head Trip
6. What Ya Claimin'
7. Nigga Wit A Badge feat. Guic-1
8. Aztlan feat. Aztek
9. Been Thru So Much feat. O. Brown and Candice Francix
10. Get Respect feat. The Reyes Bros.
11. Break Em' Up Homeboy
12. Deadly - feat. Revilo, Shag & Jel
13. Only Life I Know feat. B-Real
14. Tha Coalition feat. Frank Black & Guic-1
15. Fools Like Us
16. Homies

The Reyes Bros.- Ghetto Therapy

The long awaited release from two of the west coast pioneering latin Mc's was a long time coming, and when it arrived it was a gift. Eric Bobo aka Mellow Man Ace and brother Sen Dog had been grinding respectively with Cypress Hill for some time, never getting together to do a project as a duo. That fact couden't seem less true due to the astounding chemistry the two have on this record. Many cuts have that good ol' Cypress darkness and hip-hop funk flavor that the group became known for, however this time Bobo and Sen Dog are on full display. This album was monumental and should never be overlooked when your scraping through your old Cypress or West coast shit looking for somthin ill to bump. It had production from XL, Warren G, Fred Wreck, and for good measure of course Muggs. But production wasn't the only great thing on this album, there were plenty of pleasant surprises that ranged from a special interlude from Don The Magic Juan to the introduction of Dr. Dre's newest protege' Bishop Lamont. This one was special, and i'm not sure it'll ever happen again, so check out Ghetto Therapy.
-Dominick L.

1. If I Die
2. H.A.R.D
3. I Lied
4. Traffic
5. Interlude 2
6. We OG's
7. Fight Night
8. It's Yours
9. Sip A Dat
10. Birdie Birdie
11. Kushed Out
12. It's Official
13. Is What It Is
14. Bulletproof Game
15. It's Goin Down
16. Wild, Wild West
17. You Don't Know Me

DJ J - Ronin Presents All Elements Vol.7

Slowly and surely J- Ronin has been creepin' on us. First he started this ridiculous mixtape series called All Elements, that has never failed to please any true head, and always managed to secure a real, respectable tape host, all ranging from the likes of Jaz-O to Teflon to this tape's extremely talented Saigon. The All Elements series has garnered a lot of respect from some of hip-hop's elite lyricist's, but also from some of the genre's most credible publications. Hailed as "One of the last Gaurdians of real hip-hop" by Stash Magizine and featured in various other mags like The Source and Rap Mullet pretty much cements the fact that people are watching J- Ronin's moves as he paves out a much needed road for more Dj's like himself: truly talented heads that want to take mixtapes back to the essence of real mixing, great hosts, exclusives, world premieres and basically just an overall commitment to good music flying below the radar. While most of his praise is surely going to come from the tape he did with Jaz-O and this one, many are quick to forget the classic joints he put together before his name really started to ring out. There was All Elements Vol. 3, which was a very underrated tape at the time, and was also hosted by Ras Kass and Killah Priest, who contributed 5 exclusive bangers for the effort. J-Ronin seems to be in the drivers seat as far as his connections go but often I find some of the illest moments on his tapes come from the slew of unknown names that are given the chance to shine on them. Names like Famoso, Loungin Lo, Akir, Nina B, The Jacka, Da Evangelists and more. I think Ronin has the knack of a highly paid A&R to be able to hear just what is dope and what ain't. To Date he has yet to put a wack new comer on one of his tapes. So here we are at All Elements Vol. 7, without a bdoubt this is Ronin's best tape to date. Starting off on a scorching hot not Ronin gets together some of the usual suspects in Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sav Killz, Teflon and Steele for Crookliyn Dodgers 07', a much grittier look into the boro of BK. Not one to use his sunday punch too quickly, the tape transitions into the boistorous and catchy "Don't Yu Be The Nigga" by Saigon and newcomer Blam providing the sick vocals. Next Up we got longtime Wu affiliate and collaborator Shabazz The Disciple dishing out an exclusive joint produced by the dynamic french production team known as Get Large. The tape cruises through dope track after dope track, some we already have gotten familiar with due to the extent of their illness. Joints like Joell Ortiz's fantastic "Hip-Hop" remix with Kiss and Saigon, Common's ode to the struggle "The Game" (complete with scratches from Premier), and Born Unique's potent Freestyle all resonate throughout this mixtape gem and the listener's eardrums. The tape finishes strong with exclusives from Krondon (sick Madlib production on that one), Strong Arm Steady, Cali Agents and of course Saigon. This tape just leaves little to be desired from anything else out there in the way of underground mixtape artists, and Dj's.
-Dominick L.

01. J Ronin & Saigon - Intro 01:21
02. Teflon, Sav Killz, Shabaam Sahdeeq, & Steele - All Elements 03:37Crooklyn Dodgers 07
03. Saigon - Don't U B Da Nigga (feat. Blam) 02:59
04. Shabazz The Disciple - Peep Game 01:52(Produced by Get Large Productions)
05. Styles P - The Hardest (feat. AZ) 03:28
06. Hell Raza - Verbal Intercourse (Freestyle) 02:04
07. Joell Ortiz - Hip-Hop (Remix) (feat. Jadakiss & Saigon) 03:31
08. Tragedy Khadafi - The Truest 03:01
09. Planet Asia - It's On Again (feat. King Marvey X) 03:44
10. Common - The Game (feat. DJ Premier) 03:31
11. Phantasm (Cella Dwellas) - We Made It (Freestyle) 01:35
12. Sav Killz & Meyhem Lauren - Perfectionist 04:32(Produced by Karimbo)
13. Krondon - Clean Up (feat. Saukrates & Black Thoughts) 03:25(Produced by Madlib)
14. Saigon - Not My Baby (Snippet) (feat. Razah) 01:32(Produced by The Heatmakerz)
15. Born Unique - All Elements 7 (Freestyle) 01:48(Produced by Pete Twist)
16. Strong Arm Steady - Go Wit' Us (feat. Talib Kweli) 03:25
17. Jucie - No Love 03:28
18. Skillz - Don't Act Like You Know (feat. Freeway) 03:30
19. Cali Agents - Cali 2 NY (feat. Hasaan Mackey & Slo Mo) 04:31(Produced by Bykeelay & Zaire Of Sole Vibe)
20. Killa Sha - Frontline (feat. Large Professor) 03:44(Produced by Large Professor)
21. Da Evangillest - Da Evangillest 03:29
22. Joel Ortiz - Modern Day Slavery (feat. Immortal Technique) 03:27
23. Saigon - Rap City Freestyle 1 01:19
24. Saigon - Rap City Freestyle 2 00:59
25. Spit Supreme - Get It Live 01:32
26. The Survivalists - Urban Folklore (feat. Planet Asia) 02:38(Produced by Ecto 1)
27. Famoso - No Way Out (Snippet) (Produced by Cosmo) 01:19
28. Gutta - Murder 02:38
29. J Ronin & Saigon - Outro 01:51

Tragedy Khadafi- The Death Of Tragedy

So your straved for a politically concious, lyrically capable, New York bred MC. You need never look any further than the man known as Tragedy Khadafi. In his latest offering, Trag gives us what we've become so accustomed to recieving from him; hard hitting lyrics that come with a sharp pointed sting of truth that cut in at every vocal stab. It pains me to know so many kids that grew up on Pac's music never got around to checking out this guy's stuff, because to me Trag's style always bore a close resemblence to Pac's. When it came to their ideas about society and their "revolutionary" mindsets the two were on the same page. Thug Life and The Foul Mothi were connected by the virtues in their music, and the pitfalls of their communities. And these commonalities didn't come after Pac died, oh no, Trag was already maintaining the same mental and societal outlooks as Pac while they both were alive, before either of them had any noteriety. All that being said Trag is a much more of a versatile MC, and Pac never had his vocabulary. I think Trag's work ethic is catching up to Pac as well, considering he's been hitting the people consistently with new shit for the past two years now. The Death Of Tragedy comes at a time when NY needs a new voice to guide them out of the present state of confusion. Who better than a veteran of both games (you know what I mean) and a cat who held shit down for dolo ever since the early nineties. On The Death Of Tragedy we find many lyrical gems as well as some good old fashioned straight talk. The Production shimmers as Trag rhymes over the underground's elite in Scram Jones, Alchemist, 4th Disciple and Havoc, but surprisingly and rightfully in my opinion Trag entrusts the bulk of the beatsmithing to his fellow Queens natives. Qb's own dynamic production duo Now & Laterz and the one man wrecking crew known as GQ Beats handle 9 out of the 16 tracks on this album, and they come through in a big way, especially Now & Laterz, who I have always liked, ever since they did a few ridiculous tracks for Bars n' Hooks. This is another can't miss effort for Trag. Tracks to check for are "G Formation", "The Truest", "Milk Murder" and "Intimate Vision".
-Dominick L.

01. Tragedy Khadafi - G-Formation (Produced by Havoc) 01:08
02. Tragedy Khadafi - The Truest (Produced by Scram Jones)
03:0103. Tragedy Khadafi - I Am The Streets (Produced by Betrayal) 01:25
04. Tragedy Khadafi - Murder By Numbers (Produced By GQ Beats) 02:05
05. Tragedy Khadafi - Crime Legacy (Produced by Now & Laterz) 00:44
06. Tragedy Khadafi - Sole Dead Brothers 02:35(Produced by Scram Jones)
07. Tragedy Khadafi - Militant Mind State 01:08(Produced by Now & Laterz)08. Tragedy Khadafi - Ryder Musik (Produced by GQ Beats) 03:41
09. Tragedy Khadafi - Emaculate G's (Produced by Crack Val) 02:07
10. Tragedy Khadafi - Intimate Vision (Produced by GQ Beats) 00:53
11. Tragedy Khadafi - Dejavu (Produced by Now & Laterz) 03:24
12. Tragedy Khadafi - If You Don't Know 01:45(Produced by Now & Laterz)
13. Tragedy Khadafi - 25 To Life (Produced by GQ Beats) 03:26
14. Tragedy Khadafi - Elbouhio Of Death (Produced by GQ Beats) 01:20
15. Tragedy Khadafi - Milk Murder (Tribute) 03:53(Produced by The Alchemist)
16. Tragedy Khadafi - Skit 00:12
17. Tragedy Khadafi - Mind State (feat. Killa Sha) (Bonus) 03:02(Produced by 4th Disciple)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Anpther new Offering from Diggz and Rated R finds us engulfed in new material from the best artists around. Among others, Jadakiss, Cassidy, Nature and Canibus all drop in to expose new material they've been working on. A few new tracks from the now deceased Stack Bundles also make it on this tape, paying homage to the late great mixtape artist. This is once again a shining moment in Diggz and Rated R's catalog, proving once again that they do in fact, have a very potent product indeed.
-Dominick L.

01. Maino,Uncle Murda & Cassidy-NWA 2K7
02. Jim Jones,Styles P,Cassidy & Rob Cash-No Hook
03. Styles P-Make Me Better
04. Jadakiss & The Game-From the Ghetto
05. Jadakiss & Sheek-Freestyle
06. Sheek Louch-2 Turntables & A Mic
07. Jim Jones,Max B & Mel Matrix-Freestyle
08. Max B-Freestyle
09. Jim Jones & Bleach Boys-Gangstas Dont Die
10. Ru Spits,Stack Bundles,SAS & Remo Da Rapstar-Fresh
11. Stack Bundles-Drug Money
12. Stack Bundles-Loaded Glock
13. Fabolous,Ransom,Freck Billionaire,Red Cafe,Joe Buddens & Paul Cain-Family
14. Hell Rell-Ride Wit A Gangsta
15. Juelz Santana-Freestyle
16. Lil Wayne-My Balls and My Word
17. Lil Wayne-Nothing On Me
18. Lil Wayne-Smoking Kush
19. Beanie Sigel-Philly Clubbin
20. Cassidy-Alchemist Freestyle
21. Cassidy-Retarded
22. St. Laz & Mr Reck-BK Madness
23. Mazaradi Fox & Ru Spits (Dumout/G-Unit)-Freestyle
24. Mazaradi Fox,Prodigy & Spider Loc-Warring Out Here
25. Crawlin Linx-Sick of the Grind (prod. by Alchemist)
26. Nature-The Sermon
27. Pottersfield-PF Dons
28. Showtime & Sheik Sinan-Gangsta
29. J-Streets & Machetti-Hustlers Anthem
30. Big Shug-Play It (prod. by DJ Premier)
31. Canibus & Killah Priest-Liquid Words (prod. by Moss)
32. Ghetto (St. Da Squad)-Who Want It (prod .by Moss)
33. Outro

Dj Diggz, Dj B-Greezy, Dj Rated R- Night Of The Living

D-Block has always held shit down proper for the street, and this cd is no exception. Showcasing mostly their new affiliate members from 354 and Team Arliss, the D-block camp proves without a doubt they are still the hardest clique out. Joints to check out are "Gun Brawl", "3 Shots" and "From The Ghetto".
-Dominick L.

01. AP-Intro
02. Sheek Louch,Bully & AP-Straight To the Bank
03. Sheek Louch-2 Turntables & A Mic
04. Jadakiss-Wall To Wall
05. Jadakiss & Sheek Louch-Freestyle
06. AP-Fuckin With D-Block
07. Jadakiss & Styles P-Hard 2 Smile
08. Styles P,Jim Jones & Cassidy-No Hook
09. Styles P-I Run the City
10. Jadakiss,Uncle Murda,Sev-One-G-Shit
11. Bully & Styles P-Yeah
12. Styles,Bucky & Kool G Rap-Gun Brawl
13. Bucky-RAW
14. AP-D-Block Dynasty
15. Snyplife-Life I Chose (prod. by Sincere Noble)
16. Jadakiss,Sheek Louch & Rick Ross-Down South
17. Jadakiss & Biggie-Goodbye 2k7
18. Jadakiss-U Dont Want It
19. Styles P-Make U Better
20. Styles P & Jadakiss-Back In the Days
21. Jadakiss & The Game-From the Ghetto
22. Jadakiss & Mobb Deep-Dont Play With Burners
23. Jadakiss,The Clipse & St. Laz-Shine
24. Styles P & Sheek Louch-New York
25. Sheek Louch,AP & Bully-3 Shots
26. Sheek Louch & Busta Rhymes-Clear It Out
27. J-Hood-Ice Cream
28. Styles P & J-Hood-No Remorse
29. Styles P-Fucked Up In the Game
30. AP,Ahk,Bully,Sheek Louch & Styles P-Don Cannon Freestyle
31. Sheek Louch-Everybody Talkin
32. Bully & Sheek Louch-Just Like Me
33. Sheek Louch-Smooth Shit

Monday, June 18, 2007

J-Love presents CNN- Still Reporting

01. Capone And Noreaga - Blood Money 03:50
02. Capone And Noreaga - Capone Bone 02:47
03. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Tragedy Khadafi - T.O.N.Y 03:31
04. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Nas - Calm Down (Unreleased) 04:18
05. Capone And Noreaga - Married 2 Marijuanna (Unreleased) 03:05
06. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Havoc - Parolee Violators Part.2 03:19
07. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Tragedy Khadafi - Thug Paradise 03:22
08. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Mobb Deep And Tragedy Khadafi - La La 04:43
09. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Tragedy Khadfi - Half A Mil (Unreleased) 03:15
10. Capone And Noreaga - Its Alright (Unreleased) 01:36
11. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Royal Flush And E Money Bags - Queens Re 03:00
12. Capone And Noreaga - Norematti(Unreleased) 03:08
13. Capone And Noreaga - Hey Ya'll (Unreleased) 02:36
14. Capone And Noreaga - Cheers (Unreleased) 01:47
15. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Kool G Rap - My Life 03:08
16. Capone And Noreaga - Invincible 03:44
17. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Foxy Brown - Bang Bang 04:09
18. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Cormega And Lake - We Gon Buck 04:23
19. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Mobb Deep - Queens Finest 04:05
20. Capone And Noreaga Feat. The L.O.X - Bleeding From The Mouth 02:51
21. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Royal Flush - Iced Down Mediallions (Unr 03:07
22. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Nas - B Ez 03:03
23. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Mary J. Blige - Oh Remix (Unreleased) 02:50
24. Capone And Noreaga - Back When (Unreleased) 03:2525. Capone And Noreaga Feat. Nature And Prodigy - Cold Blooded Killa 01:00

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Figured I'd post some new J-Love while I was at it. Here's his latest mixtape to date, and it's no surprise we find him paying respects to the late great Christopher Lee Rios AKA Big Pun. While many felt Pun was indeed the best Latin mc of all time, I think many of us would agree he was also very underrated and unappreciated while he was here. So many great verses of Pun's have been played through my stereo speakers, so many memorized in my mind as I would play the "Capital Punishment" album the fuck out. This tape runs through some Of Pun's most memorable moments and shares a few new joints you haven't heard yet, courtesy of none other than J-Love.
-Dominick L.
01. Big Pun - Leatherface02:18
02. Big Pun - Beware 02:37
03. Big Pun - Pass Da Glock 03:50(Feat Terror Squad)
04. Big Pun - John Blaze 04:02(Feat Nas, Jadakiss, Fat Joe & Raekwon)
05. Big Pun - Dramacide (Feat Kool G Rap) 03:33
06. Big Pun - Best Behavior (Remix) 02:03(Feat Fat Joe)
07. Big Pun - Where Ya At? (Feat Big L) 02:18
08. Big Pun - Banned From TV 04:59(Feat Noreaga, Nature, Cam'ron, Jadakiss
09. Big Pun - Shut Em Down (Remix) 04:00(Feat Onyx & Noreaga)
10. Big Pun - Triple Threat 03:00(Feat Terror Squad)
11. Big Pun - NY Giants (Feat M.O.P.) 03:30
12. Big Pun - Terror Squadians 04:45(Feat Terror Squad)
13. Big Pun - Enemy Of The State 03:32(Feat Tragedy Khadafi & Canabis)
14. Big Pun - Tres Leches 04:03(Feat Inspektah Deck & Prodigy
15. Big Pun - Thug Love (Feat Remy Martin) 03:16
16. Big Pun - Freindz 03:59(Feat Noreaga & Mariah Carey)
17. Big Pun - Whos A Thug? 04:23
18. Big Pun - Sex, Money, Drugs (Feat Next) 03:50
19. Big Pun - South Beach Live 01:01
20. Big Pun - Verbal Murder 03:08(Feat Pete Rock, Noreaga & Common)
21. Big Pun - Take Em To War (Feat Fat Joe) 02:28
22. Big Pun - Laughin At You Now 02:48
23. Big Pun - Block Party (Feat Noreaga) 02:41
24. Big Pun - Western Wayz (Feat Juju) 01:32
25. Big Pun - Get Your Grind On 02:26(Feat Notorious B.I.G. & Drenstarr)

J-LOVE- Unstoppable

Here's one of my favorite mixtape Dj's, and maybe my favorite producer period. In his second official album, he dishes out some of the freshest collabs and remixes you'll ever come across. Complete with his hard hitting, boom bap sound claves, J-Love does serious damage this time around. It's no surprise he is one of the most respected underground Dj's, his work is impeccable at times. One of the only disappointments in this release is Love's somewhat clumsy attempt at rapping on the 4th track. Even still, I realize it'll take him some time to warm up to himself, a la another great producer who is now attempting to rock the mic; Alchemist. Other than that, this should easilly stay in your deck for weeks on end, whether you find yourself hypnotized by J-Loves soul shaking, production or the lineup of great Mc's that includes old favorites like Raekwon, Shyhiem, Masta Ace, Big L and Ghost, as well as newcomers like Willie The Kid, Tru Life and Wigz. I can't reiterate enough how bangin the production on this is, so make sure you check for this, and make sure you check these standout bangas: "Az- The Return Of SOSA", "Rza- Im Back", "Raekwon- Heavyweights" and "Gangstarr's - The Squeeze".
-Dominick L.

12) TRU LIFE - L.E.S
15) RZA - I'M BACK
20) JAY - Z - STOP

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It pains me to say that in a hip-hop world filled with snap beats and laffy taffy there seems to be no room for an extremely talented producer, devoted to the old fundamentals of great instrumental production, while still breaking new ground. Ayatollah has been recognized for some of his work like "Mrs. Fat Booty" and other Rawkus classics but has yet to garner any acclaim for his lesser known works. One of his best Instrumental albums to date is his opus "Now Playing", an insight to his multi layered masterpieces. Rich with integral drums, creatively chopped soul samples and bold, full sound. This record's vibe is so unique, yet so familiar. There are few questions left to be asked after you hear this man's beats, except where his other shit is at. Check for "Kingston", "Highway To Heaven" and "The Song Is Over".
-Dominick L.

1. Nag Champa (Intro)
2. Platinum
3. Devil Is Sweet
4. Hold U
5. Kingston
6. Movement
7. Stomping Grounds
8. Go for It
9. Highway to Heaven
10. I Wonder Why
11. Who Got It?
12. Blood Red Roses
13. This Song Is Over
14. Intimate Connection

Think Differently Music Group presents Dreddy Krueger The A&R Experience

Let's face it people, Wu-Tang as a collective is no longer what it once was. Frivelous in fighting, blown deadlines and the untimely death of original clan member Old Dirty Bastard, have left the Wu a bit off step in the past few years. Never the less, many of the clansmen and their affiliates find themselves releasing more new material than ever. One of the bigger and more celebrated projects that The Wu has put together recently is the development of their new imprint Think Differently Music. The first venture for the new imprint was to release what is now considered a classic album in "Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture", which was a compilation album put together by affiliate member Dreddy Krueger that included some monumental collaborations between some of Wu-Tang's elite and the best of the underground scene. Dreddy recieved huge noteriety for the dynamic pairing of some of the artists (yeah, that fuckin Gza/Rass Kass combo was insane) and now was ready to take his A&R status to the next level. A part-time rapper who was featured on the Grave Diggaz song "Graveyard Chamber", Dreddy put the rhyming aside momentarilly to further the success of Think Differently. With several dope releases including "Think Differently presents Rza The Composer (a collection of all the movie scores and compositions Rza has produced to date) Dreddy now has heads looking for the Think Differently imprint incessantly. "The A&R Experience" takes us on a ride through some of the songs Dreddy has influenced and has been there to foster through recording. While many of these tracks appeared on "Wu Tang Meets Indie Culture" most people are still sleeping on the mastery that lies within they're planning and execution, a compliment that has yet to be paid to Dreddy.
-Dominick L.

01. Think Differently Music - Intro 00:06
02. Prodigal Sunn, 1200, Sean Price & Bronze Nazerth - 5 03:57
03. Casual, Rock Marciano & Tragedy Khadafi - Think Diff 03:21
04. Ghostface, Raekwon & Masta Killa - D.T.D. 04:13
05. Rza & MF Doom - Biochemical Equation 02:35
06. Inspectah Deck, Gza & Masta Killa - Silverbacks 03:27
07. Rza & Lord Jamar - Deep Space 02:12
08. Sean Price, U-God, C Rayz Walz & Prodigal Sunn - Sti 04:16
09. Raekwon & Lord Jamar - Origianl Man 01:47
10. Gza & Wisemen - Associated 02:23
11. Ras Kass, La The Darkman, Scaramanga Shallah & Gza - 04:34
12. Rza - Interlude 00:06
13. Bronze Nazareth - Good Morning 02:00
14. J Live & R.A. The Rugged Man - Give It Up 03:46
15. Killah Priest, Hell Rell & Timbo King - Hood Lullaby 02:38
16. Ras Kass & Gza - Lyrical Swords 03:26
17. Killa Sin & Bronze Nazareth - The Bronzeman 03:57
18. Daed Prez & Black Market Militia - Audobon Ballroom 04:06
19. Masta Killa - No Said Date 01:40
20. Michael Ealy - Interlude 00:06
21. Vast Aire, Killah Priest & Wisemen - Iconoclasts 04:52
22. Timbo King & Bronze Nazareth - More Than Gold 04:11
23. Jim Jarmusch - Interlude 00:06
24. Vast Aire, Byata, Prodigal Sunn & Timbo King - Slow 04:50
25. Planet Asia & Wisemwn - Tablets 04:02
26. Black Market Militia - Mayday! 03:26
27. Littles, Plant Asia & Khalid - Listen 03:41
28. Think Differently Music - Outro 00:06

pw = gr1mma

Big Shug- Never Say Die The Pre- Album

One of the highest honors any MC in hip-hop can ever recieve is the chance to work with DJ Premier. An even higher honor is to be apart of Premier's crew The Gangstarr Foundation. All that being said, Big Shug has got to be considered one of the luckiest and most honored MC's around. The facts are the facts; Big Shug's name for the most part has never really rung out across the land, mostly just in Brooklyn and the the other five boroughs, yet he is respected in the game already as if he were Big Daddy kane himself. This isn't due to Shug's skill, but rather his un flinching devotion to what we all love to call real hip-hop. Big Shug has always kept his formula simple; make hardcore street tracks for the people that love that shit. He's become a true master at doing just that, teaming up with Premier for his first album "Who's hard", bringing out some of the best Foundation material in recent memory. Although Shug's first album was definitely a great look for hip-hop, specifically all the hardcore Gangstarr fans, it also left somthing to be desired from Shug who at times was lackluster on many verses, and refused to diversify some of the subject matter he chose to delve into. Even with his somewhat lazy appraoch to some of his lyrics, the album was still a huge success, and that success is most likely the reason why Shug will be hitting us with his follow up sophmore Lp "Street Champ", due out later this year. In the mean time Shug and Premier hand out a Pre- Album to keep the fans at bay until the final cut is ready. "Never Say Die" lives up to it's title as we find Shug compiling some older classic material, freestyling over timeless Premier beats and throwing us one or two new joints just for fun, all while showcasing a brand new drive and edge in his flow that surely is comparable to no one besides his fellow Foundation crew affiliate Bumpy Knuckles. "Never Say Die", provides everything that a real Gangstarr fan would want to hear, and that every real hip-hop fan ought to. Joints to check for are "Counter Punch", "We Gotta Get Up" and "Do What Pays". Enjoy the pre-album folks, the "Street Champ" is on his way.
-Dominick L.

1. DJ Premier (Intro)
2. The Way It Iz
3. The Jig Is Up
4. Counter Punch (f/Guru)
5. Who? (Got My Back)
6. Premier Skit
7. We Gotta Get Up (Freestyle)
8. Crush
9. The Militia (f/Guru & Freddie Foxx)
10. The Militia Pt. 3 (f/Guru & Freddie Foxx)
11. Premier Skit
12. Serious Rap Shit (f/Group Home & Guru)
13. We Gangsta (f/T-West & Singapore Cane)
14. Love Or Hate
15. Official (f/EdO.G. & Scientifik)
16. Premier Skit
17. Stay Out Of My Face (f/Guru & Hannibal Stax)
18. FALA (f/Gangstarr)
19. Do What Pays Ya
20. Gangsta Luv (f/Guru)
21. Premier Outro
22. Treez
pw = gr1mma

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Saigon- Belly Of the Beast (The Scram Jones Files)

The world of hip-hop has seen few reasons to rejoice in the past couple of years.....while, there were shimmering moments of glory, like the time when Jay and Nas got together onstage and did their thing...there was still far too many reasons for the hip-hop community to shake their heads; The disbanding of the Source amid a sex scandel that led to a court trial, Fabolous shot in the leg and arrested for gun possession, Busta Rhymes' continued legal woes, producer Dallas Austin being arrested on drug charges in Dubai, DJ Quik's incarceration, Lil' Kim's incarceration, Beanie Siegel being wounded in an apparent robbery, Brooklyn MC Gravy being wounded in front of Hot 97, The deaths of Big Hawk, Proof and most recently Stack Bundles, it just seems that these days hip-hop just isn't rhyming as much as it is getting into some bullshit, and for what it's gone through there's really not that much note worthy music coming out as a result, a la Pac and Biggie. Turmultuous times didn't avoid Saigon either, who was involved in an altercation that took place in January of 06' in which he was stabbed in the head over his chain. Yet Sai Giddy pushes forward, recovering and releasing new music for the droves of underground heads praising him as the new Nas, among other I bring you a fine collection of Saigon's work, coupled with about four new and previously unreleased bangas, that give us all a glimpse into just how nice the kid from MooseKnuckle, NY is. Sure if you've been following Sai ever since he burst onto the scene with those Yardfather mixtapes than you already are aware of just how great a story teller and lyracist he is, not to mention you probably noticed the man has a few opinions on the society we live in. Penning such riteous and politically charged songs like "The ColorPurple" and "Shok TV" among others. In my book he's pushed his way to the top of the game as far as content goes. Now busy at work on his debut album with Just Blaze, this mixtape comes courtesy of another frequent collaborator of his; none other than Scram Jones. Every track on this is produced by Scram, and trust that is somthin special.....if you don't already know, tracks to check for are: "Desperado", "New York Streets", "Reprecussions", "Whispers" and "All I Know".
-Dominick L.

01. Suck You Could Die (Intro) 00:41 ▐▌
02. Saigon Theme 02:11 ▐▌
03. pus*y (Unreleased) 03:12 ▐▌
04. New York Street 03:33 ▐▌
05. The Saga Continues (Unreleased) 00:59 ▐▌
06. fu*k With Me 02:30 ▐▌
07. Desperado 02:48 ▐▌
08. The Color Purple 03:45 ▐▌
09. Jailhouse Rap 01:36 ▐▌
10. Repercussions 02:21 ▐▌
11. In Jail (Unreleased) 01:41 ▐▌
12. All I Know 02:02 ▐▌
13. Hatrix 01:29 ▐▌
14. Say No 02:35 ▐▌
15. True Story 02:20 ▐▌
16. Shot In The Booty Remix (Unreleased) 02:39 ▐▌
17. Jake 02:44 ▐▌
18. Can't Help 01:02 ▐▌
19. Get It (Unreleased) 02:06 ▐▌
20. Nobody Cares Ft. Dead Prez 02:43 ▐▌
21. Shoot Ye Body 02:32 ▐▌
22. Let A Nigga Know 02:40 ▐▌
23. Ass Whoop Ft. Twista 02:47 ▐▌
24. Black Spot 01:55 ▐▌
25. This Is The End 01:22 ▐▌
26. Lames 03:01 ▐▌
27. Real Talk 02:42 ▐▌
28. Change The Game 02:41 ▐▌
29. Whispers (Unreleased) 02:38 ▐▌
30. When Animals Attack Ft. Scram Jones, Grafh, Curtains 04:48 ▐▌
31. Mack bi*ch 02:11 ▐

Monday, June 11, 2007

R.I.P. Stack Bundles.....Hip-Hop loses yet another rising star

All the Details are still being gathered at this point but apparently earlier this morning after leaving Club Stereo in NY, Stack Bundles AKA Daquon Elliot was brutally gunned down in front of his home. Reportedly Elliot was walking home with a friend after a night out at the club. The friend finished walking Elliot to his home and began to walk away, a short time later the friend said he heard gunshots coming from Elliot's residence. It was there, in front of his home in Far Rocaway Queens that Stack Bundles was shot fatally in the neck and head. While all of his credit cards and money was found still in his wallet, Stack's medallion and necklace were believed to be taken. His assailants remain at large.

-Dominick L.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bronze nazereth- The Unknown

Another great release from Detroit's own and Rza's newest right hand man on the boards. Bronze been killing shit, and this collection of rare and unreleased material from him and his wisemen crew. As usual this shit is brimming with great soul inspired loops and sample chops. Bronze leaves you wanting more and more as the album presses forward, easilly over shadowing the rhymes. A release that was originally only for the net, Bronze appeases his loyal fans and his curious new casual listeners as he puts forth another great release and gains ground on his fellow expert wu affiliated beatsmiths like 4th Disciple, Mathematics, Tru Master and Cilvarings. Bronze's partner in rhyme Kevlar 7 is on pretty much every track on this, and it really isn't fair that half the time most of us were wishing that Ghost or Rae or one of the more skilled original Wu members was the one spittin' over it. Nonetheless, Kevlar does his thing admirably, and while most of his stuff sounds like a really good wu-slang impression, he manages pretty well for himself.
-Dominick L
01 02:58 Bronze Nazareth Ft. Dave Newby - Understanding ██
02 02:02 Bronze Nazareth - Reflections Of Glass and Black ██ Paper ██
03 04:42 Bronze Nazareth Ft. Immortal - This Thing Of Undying Love ██
04 04:02 Bronze Nazareth - Northern Battalion ██
05 04:58 Bronze Nazareth Ft. Dave Newby - Rain ██
06 04:19 Bronze Nazareth - God Of Souls ██
07 03:12 Bronze Nazareth - Mitten Behemoths ██
08 03:32 Bronze Nazareth - Hypnotic Prophets ██
09 03:10 Bronze Nazareth - Moral Of The Story ██
10 03:01 Bronze Nazareth - Jackin For Decibels ██
11 05:17 Bronze Nazareth - Everythings So Deep ██
12 03:38 Bronze Nazareth Ft. Dave Newby - The Last Cry ██
13 02:48 Bronze Nazareth - Poisonous Saliva ██
14 09:57 Bronze Nazareth - Immovable ██ (Hypnotic Prophets Remix)

Why the F*%# People care about this shit.......I'll Tell You Why They Should....

So about two days ago I flick on the tube (to CNN) tryin to look at some coverage on the G8 conferences goin on over in Europe, to see if there was any word on the super powers lending some much needed aide to Africa, particuliarly Darfur. I was surprised to see that not only CNN, but MSNBC, Fox News and Headline News were all airing wall to wall coverage of Paris Hilton being escorted back to the Hooscow by L.A. county sheriffs. At first I was really surprised that this shit was even note worthy, then they gave me the back story. Apparently the sheriff was bein' overly sensitive in her handling, and a lot of folks in the legislative and penial system felt she was recieving prefferential treatment. One example was that from the jump, they didn't demand that Hilton remove her hair weave when she checked in, and then there was her automatic move into a single cell, when she should've had a bunkie. The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back tho was when Hilton was sprung out of county after a visit from her psychiatrist, wherein she was deemed to be having an extraordinarilly hard time adjusting to her new surroundings and the sheriff okay'd it for her to finish up the sentence handed down by a judge at home, on house arrest. So here I am looking at the television with the rest of the world (or not) as Hilton wept in a police car and in a courtroom, terrified to be returning to jail. This is an important event, that happened to someone not so important in her field. What I mean is that, the way that this shit went down totally exposed the inept, overcrowded and racist environment that regular folks in L.A. county jails are havin' to deal with on a dailly, yet the hotel heiress got treated like someone who was wrongly convicted. I mean, I ain't got shit against the broad, I've heard some shit about her bein' in a video making bigoted remarks, I've seen her buy her way into the music business without much talent, we all know she be makin her lil movies and all I can say is that she's young and dumb, and probably is just real confused about her role in life. The word misguided comes to mind when I think of her actually. However, I don't wish pain or mental agony on anyone, and Hilton is no exception. I gotta be real about one thing; she'll definitely come outta this with a new perspective, but that don't mean nothing. I don't judge the 21 yr. old drug dealer that goes in, and I won't judge her, like i'm better or some shit. We're all lost in some fashion, at some point, and we all have our demons. This child is no different, so while I won't judge her, I do hope she grows. I digress.... the real reason we all need to be talking about this is because our latino and african american brothers and sisters is catchin hell in the jail and penitentiary systems across America and there ain't no Dr. Sophy comin' to get they ass out when they fuckin lose their marbles behind them walls. We gotta remember all our family and friends that's biddin', and try and bring light to either the injustices within society that landed them there or the fact that little is being done to help them correct and reform themselves while there.
-Dominick L.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Self Scientific- Gods And Gangsters

One of the finest hip-hop duos from the left coast; Self Scientific comes up nothing short of excellence on this release. Doing real hip-hop in L.A. can have it's challenges, first you have to compete with all the big name gangsta rappers still feeding off their glory days for shows and sales, second you have to compete with a huge and ever expanding underground scene, that truthfully isn't rivaled by any other place other than the big apple. Fortunately for Chace Infinite and Dj Khalil they already know these things and they already have done them. Combining the raw lyricism of Chace Infinite, and the extraodinary beat concoctions of Dj Khalil, they form a group out west that has appeal all over. few heads can deny their skill and sound, and that's why this tape is fuckin crazy. Of Gods and Gangstas finds the two up to their old tricks, providing listeners with great L.A. inspired soundscapes, along the way recruiting a host of underground sensations to showcase some of Khalil's production. Don't pass this up, this is hip-hop completely un filtered and in true form.
-Dominick L.
1. Intro - Dr. Ahmed Mbalia
2. Self Scientific - Change Pt. 1
3. Self Scientific (Feat. E-Rule, Big Reece, GT & Bad Azz) - Seven
4. Self Scientific - Inner City
5. Self Scientific - Circa '89
6. Self Scientific - Jealousy
7. Bro. Al Pitman - Bloodcuzzins Organization
8. Kombo (Feat. David Muhammad & Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.) - Red Streetz
9. Krondon (Feat. Paul Mooney) - Killaz & Builders
10. Planet Asia - Interview / Kombo - Just When I Thought
11. Born Allah (Feat. Bro. Tarik Ross) - Confrontation With A Gangsta
12. Self Scientific - Rap Is Outta Control
13. Amungest Gods- Born Allah and Self-Scientific
14. Self Scientific (Feat. Born Allah) - Amungst Gods
15. Planet Asia - For The Gods & Gangstas
16. Self Scientific - Pedals
17. DJ Warrior (Drop) -
18. Self Scientific (Feat. Phil The Agony & Mitchy Slick) - Triggerside
19. Be Easy - Phil Da Agony, Self Scientific,
20. Self Scientific - Gimme A Lift
21. Self Scientific (Feat. Phil The Agony & Self Allah aka Will Blast) - Be Easy
22. Outro - Chace Infinite

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's probably been a pretty scary and unsettling 48 hours for Hip-Hop legend and production extraordinaire Marley Marl, who somtime yesterday night suffered a heart attack. All the word we have now is that Marley is in stable condition in the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with Marley and his family, hopefully the good lord is watching over him and protecting him from any further harm. Much respect and get well soon Marley!

Talib Kweli and Madlib- Liberation

Finally they got together and did some shit. Many in the underground world had been waiting for these two to come together and collectively make a classic record for the masses. Well, they did hook up with each other, and they managed to create some very worthwhile music. I only wish, as i'm sure many others did, that they had come a lil' deeper with the tracks, but I'm not gonna complain, it's quality, not quantity guys, remember that. Many of the tracks themselves ruminate with Madlib's distinct and driven style of production. Madlib definitely did his thing on this joint, providing beats that were hard; "Funny Money", beats that were different; "The Function" and beats that made you feel good; "Happy Home". Talib shines as usual, bringing his unique and witty rhymes to the fore front of the project, proving once again he might just be the most versatile rapper in the business.
-Dominick L.

1. The Show
2. Funny Money
3. Time Is Right
4. Engine Runnin' (featuring Consequence)
5. Over the Counter
6. The Function (featuring Strong Arm Steady)
7. Happy Home (featuring Candice Anderson)
8. Soul Music (featuring Res)
9. What Can I Do

D-Block- Street Muzik

Boom!! That's right son! New D-Block shit! In their latest mainstream and retail release them D-Block boys pile it on. Coming at you with 13 new joints (unless your really into the mixtapes) that are all sprinkled with that classic street appeal and feel that Styles, Sheek and J-hood are known for. And yes, Kiss is pretty much absent from this whole cd, but surprisingly Sheek and J-hood hold down most of this release down themselves. Considering the circumstances they do a damn good job. Many had already written J- Hood off as being just another punchline/mixtape artist, but he proves his naysayers incorrect as he weaves lyrical webs around his listeners with jumpoffs like "Game Is Dirty" and "Hood In My Hand". Sheek who has also recieved his fair share of criticism also steps up his game up with "Respect", providing his fans with yet again another introspective into the politics of the rap vet's mind and world. Overall this ain't really what most hardcore LOX fans wanted, but should stave them off until the group drops it's third album somtime this fall.
-Dominick L.

1. Sheek Louch - 'Respect'
2. Sheek Louch & J-Hood - 'You Ready?'
3. Straw Feat. Styles - 'Be Real For Him'
4. Styles - 'Set Up'
5. Styles feat. Naay - 'Give It Up'
6. J-Hood - 'Game Is Dirty'
7. Carolina - 'D-Block Shit'
8. J-Hood - 'Oh Baby'
9. Sheek Louch - 'Love You'
10. Sheek Louch - 'Love You'
11. J-Hood - 'Come Out N Play'
12. J-Hood - 'Hood In My Hand'
13. Styles P & Sheek Louch - 'City Not Big Enough'

Wade Waters - Dark Water

This right here is a very good, very solid album. Soulstice and Haysoos are Wade Waters, a group that is determined not to be defined and determined not to be just the average back pack cats. At any rate there's plenty of great material on this album, which comes complete with features from Cuban Link and Az. The production on this album is also very good, with Shuko, Kev Brown and Analogic all checking in to lay down work on the boards. This is pretty close to being an underground classic, don't pass it up.
-Dominick L.

01. What More (prod. Speaks)

02. Rock Solid feat. Cuban Link (prod. Shuko)

*03. Wanna Be Free (prod. Shuko)

04. Speak On It feat. AZ (prod. Analogic)

*05. Movement Music (prod. SBE Audiologist)

06. Back In Time (prod. Bring It Back)

07. Tread That Water (prod. SBE Audiologist)

08. Man To Man (prod. Analogic)

09. Right Back (prod. Analogic)

*10. That's My (prod. Kev Brown)

11. Lifeline (prod. Analogic)

*12. The Conversation (prod. Shuko)

13. Who But Me (prod. Speaks)

14. You Could Die (So Let's Live) (prod. Speaks)

Dj Scarface - Lock Ya Door For The Haters

A new name in the mixtape game; DJ Scarface comes thru with a gutter ass tape featuring some of the most slept on cats doin they thing out east. The tape itself is hosted by none other than Snyp Life; a D-Block affiliate belonging to one of the hardest groups in recent memory, 354. Snyp not only does his thing on the host tip, but also drops off a few new bangas, the pick of the litter being the Sincere Noble produced leadoff track "The Life I Chose". This tape is a banga for many reasons, among them it has a track from Boston's newest sensation Betrayal. I been talkin about this kid for a minute and it's good to see he's still pumping shit out for the mixtape circuit. The joint he did for this tape is another shining example of why he's the truth and why he's comin strong in either the summer or the fall. Not to be out done Godfather pt.3 pitches in two memorable bangas for this tape, which is already brimming with hardcore street shit. This is a great pickup for all the underground and hardcore heads fienin' for a new fix....there's more than a few exclusives, so dive in.
-Dominick L.

1. Snyp life - intro

2. Snyp life - the life i chose (produced by sincere noble)

3. Snyp life ft. st.laz & pottersfield - get it how u live it

4. St.laz ft. m-reck - bk maddness (produced by scorsese)

5. Big cas - something to remember (produced by wisebeatz)

6. D-dash - back stabbers

7. Betrayal - flyin' guillotine (produced by engineer)

8. Gawdbless - the great flood

9. Snyp life - interlude 1

10. St.laz ft. pottersfield - spartan jail (produced by trakillaz)

11. St.laz - lock ya door for the haters (produced by sincere noble)

12. Trife da god - the world is a ghetto

13. Styles p ft. j hood - no remorse (produced by street radio)

14. Lucky don ft. maino & arliss michaels - hit yo ass up (produced by e-dubb)

15. Snyp life - interlude 2

16. Snyp life ft. st.laz & nickel us f - get it how u live it part 2

17. Ty nitty - nigga u know

18. Godfather pt.3 - 4 seasonz

19. Godfather pt.3 - fallin soldeirs

20. Illa ghee - im here

21. Prodigy ft. nyce - time 2 kill

22. Nyce - get high

23. St.laz ft. opium - fortified (produced by shawneci)

24. Snyp life - interlude 3

25. Snyp life - murdaville (freestyle)

26. St.laz ft. wooden souljah & opium - nines ( produced by el sheriffo)

27. Snyp life - outro

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Evidence- Red Tape Instrumentals

In his latest release, Evidence dishes out some of the best productions he's ever laid down, in his follow up to the "Yellow Tape Instrumentals" Ev makes available to the masses a brand new set of boom bap laden heat rocks. A talented producer surrounded by talented beatsmiths and turntablists, Evidence holds his own on Red Tape Instrumentals, in the height of all the praise his buddy and group mate Babu is recieving following the release of his first Instrumental endeavor. Introducing all the Dialated deficient folks to his finest works and a few new joints that are guaranteed to leave fans pleasantly surprised and appeased, Evidence leaves few rocks un turned in his self- proclaimed mission to provide his fellow hip-hoppers with "somthing to flow to". Yes, I do love the instrumental albums folks, and this is a one you don't wanna miss, Evidence is once again on his job, tracks you shoulden't miss are "Hustle On", "Street Lights", "USSR" and "Southwest"....
-Dominick L.

01. Hustle On02:24
02. The Bop01:52
03. Street Lights03:00
04. The Vacation02:58
05. Hourglass01:49
06. The 7th Letter03:20
07. Meditation02:28
08. 713 Palms02:48
09. Amsterdam01:54
10. Southwest02:25
11. Stadium01:51
12. Word Of Mouth02:35
13. Peace 1st04:30
14. Ghostwriter02:34
15. USSR03:09
16. Travel Plans01:50
17. Speed04:10

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cassidy - The Hustler's Home (Hosted By Big Mike & DJ Thoro)

There's little to explain here, just some good ole' Big Mike and Cassidy tearing up the mixtape circuit, and trying to breathe some life back into the troubled Philly bred MC's career. Returning Cassidy to his roots on this tape, Big Mike and DJ Thoro scifen through Cass's most recent bangas and provide some fairly new joints for the street. Let's face it, when most of us heard that Cass was being incarcerated for his involvement with a double murder, we might of begun to doubt his career in whole...that doubt paled in comparison to the even greater feelings of fear that the collective hip-hop community felt when Cass ended up beating his case, only to be nearly fatally injured in a heinous car accident, and bed ridden for months on end, But just like his stint in jail, Cass battled through adversity and looked death right in the eyes. So here he is...two albums deep, one life altering case short and almost undoubtedly with a new outlook on life, Cass gears up to release more material and eventually hit us with a new album (hopefully). This tape proves to be a reminder of both of the promise and skill Cassidy still posesses. I once hailed Cassidy as the second best rapper from Philly, I still feel like the potential is there, he just has to get on the horse and ride again. Check out this new tape and keep your ears open for Cassidy's new shit, I know he's got somthing good in store for all his philly heads and his fans.
-Dominick L.

01. Big Mike, DJ Thoro, Cassidy - Hustla's Convention (Intro)
02:2202. Cassidy - Get Retarded 05:43
03. Cassidy - Story Of A Hustler 03:57
04. Cassidy - Me 2 03:35
05. Cassidy - The Balla's Theme 03:10
06. Swizz Beatz, Fabolous, Cassidy - Big Things Poppin' 04:08
07. Cassidy - The Anthem (Remix) 04:06
08. Cassidy feat. Jay Starr - Give It 2 Em 02:19
09. Cassidy - Basement Talk 01:28
10. Cassidy feat. Busta Rhymes & Papoose - Psycho 04:10
11. Cassidy - Jail House Boogie (Live Over The Phone) 03:23
12. Cassidy - The Ghetto 01:40
13. Mario feat. Cassidy - How Do I Breathe (Remix) 03:30
14. Cassidy - Part Ain't A Party 01:19
15. Cassidy feat. Swizz Beatz - Come & Get Me 03:20
16. DJ Clue feat. Cassidy, Freeway, Beanie Sigel - Liberty Bell 03:16
17. Cassidy - It Is What It Is 07:28
18. Cassidy feat. Beanie Sigel & Fabolous - You Already Know 04:21
19. Cassidy - Outro 03:48
20. Cassidy - 60 Seconds Of Death 01:30
21. Cassidy & The Game - Aim For The Head 04:28

Rugged Intellect- The Gwop Era

Straight outta Montreal Canada comes a new lyrical sensation....Rugged Intellect has been grinding independently for awhile now, braving the net through myspace and putting out bangas here and there. I first heard him on the new Snowgoons album; I was semi impressed, so I peeped another track he did with Rass Kass on Domingo's new album and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. He's got the voice, the delivery, comes with great Multi's and punches, has a knack for leaving an impression...he's just a real solid and polished MC. This release is pretty much what I expected for him to do in terms of creative control. He runs through his best songs and gives the listeners a few rarities in this glorified "best of" tape. Still, to those who haven't heard of him, if your a big Immortal Tech., Rass Kass or Royce Da 5'9" fan, check this shit out, you'll most likely have a new name to check for afterwards.....
-Dominick Ledezma


Friday, June 1, 2007

DJ Diggz and Rated R present: East Coast Revival mixtape

For awhile now many east coast mixtape fans have been venting their discontent with the current scene and lack of quality DJ's in the tri state.....enter in DJ Diggz and Rated R....the two have been quietly and consistently hitting the streets with the hottest underground tapes for about three years now. The first DJ tandem to jam pack their tapes with at least 30+ songs everytime out, Diggz and Rated R gained noteriety as being the mixtape DJ's, favorite mixtape DJ....always putting together hot tapes with plenty of "real" exclusives from the rawest MC's out, the pair enjoy a loyal following and are set to drop their debut album in the fall of 2007 tentatively. East Coast Revival is no different from most of the other tapes the two have dropped in the past; there's about 32 tracks of heat, and a lot of the shit on this tape will prolly end up staying on this other words, it's exclusive after exclusive song/freestyle for this one. Highlights include a couple of new Cal (formerly 40 Cal of the Diplomats) songs, dream collaborations between the likes of Styles P, Az, Kool G Rap, Young Chris, Joell Ortiz, Uncle Murda, Trife, Termanology and plenty of great production (Scram Jones, Large Professor, Just Blaze, Moss, Dr. Dre, Vinnol Idol, Fizzy Womack and Havoc all have production credit on this one whoo!). This joint is sure to leave Diggz and Rated R followers wanting more and newbies curious, it's a definite pickup.
-Dominick L.
1. - Intro 0:41
2. Jadakiss - Burners (Produced By Havoc) 1:35
3. Styles P & Bully - We Poppin 1:40
4. Styles P - I Run The City 0:47
5. Styles P - Hold On (Produced By Fizzy Womack) 2:28
6. Bucky (D-Block) - R.A.W. (Produced By Vinny Idol) 3:19
7. Remo Da Rapstar & Grafh - Freestyle 5:31
8. Grafh - Yea Right 5:01
9. Ransom - Street Stress 2:37
10. Papoose & Busta Rhymes - Drop It (Produced By Dr. Dre) 5:07
11. Hell Rell - 1-800-RAT-ON-A-G 3:20
12. Bezel & Tom Gist - Freestyle (Produced By Unseen) 1:59
13. 40 Cal - Gun Smoke 3:07
14. 40 Cal - Do It Again 1:59
15. Fabolous - The Flyest 0:45
16. Young Chris & Kool G Rap - Bridging The Gap (Produced By 3:26 Just Blaze)
17. Peedi Peedi & M.O.R. - Nobody Likes Me (Produced By Moss) 2:31
18. Hot Rod (G-Unit) & Gillie Da Kid - PA To AZ 2:20
19. Joell Ortiz, Uncle Murda & Juganot - Its New York (Produced 3:24 By Scram Jones)
20. St. Laz, Joell Ortiz & Pottersfield - Crazy Game 4:12
21. Styles P - My Life Is A Movie 1:23
22. Styles P & AZ - The Hardest (Produced By Large Pro) 3:30
23. Killa Sha & Large Pro - Exclusive (Produced By Large Pro) 2:36
24. Raekwon - The Realms 2:16
25. Trife Da God & Termanology - Trife And T 2:22
26. Godfather Pt. 3 (Infamous Mobb) - 4 Seasons 3:37
27. Willie The Kid & La Darkman - Pimpin 3:27
28. St. Laz & Chozen Few - Heat Niggas (Produced By Joey Bags) 2:58
29. Fortune - Way With Words 2:40
30. Sheik Sinan feat. Mista Encore & Gramz - Raise Up (Produced 3:40 By Mista Encore)
31. J-Street & Fred Money (Writers Block) - Slow Ya Roll 4:58
32. Bezel & Billz - Exclusive 2:43 33. - Outro 0:17