Friday, July 31, 2009

Single: Raekwon ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface & Method Man - House Of Flying Daggers (prod. by J Dilla)

If there was any doubt that some of the goodies off OBFCL II would leak, or be as crazy as this, erase both misconceptions now.....

Utilizing a great J Dilla Donut that does a hell of a Rza (circa 1993-1997) impression, Ghostdini, Deck, Rae and Meth all drop heavy science.

"House Of Flying Daggers" is thee most effective update to a long lost sound/style that I think any artist has ever pulled off....This joint effectively gave me that same goose bump feeling that I caught way back when I heard the original OBFCL......

Great job here, I can't give up enough props and I think I must dub this Purehip-hop's first "single of the weekend", coming on the heels of Statik's "Critically Acclaimed" as single of the week....


DJ Honda Street Sampler Hosted by DJ Shu-G

Let's get ya weekend started right with a lil' more DJ Honda....

Offering up an 8 track sampler that he put together with fellow Japanese DJ Shu-G, Honda gives you a dose of the past and a few pieces of the new....

Featuring 3 new joints off his upcoming and highly anticipated "IV" record and 5 cuts that shine some light on Honda's illustrious career...

The back cover tracklisting is pretty informative and you should be able to piece everything together with it. Gives the year the joints were dropped, with the ones labeled "[2009]" being the new offerings.....

"Let It Out", the Rakaa and Money Harm banger makes it's debut here and provides you with a new reason to get giddy over the impending album release, however the painfully un-incredible "Incredible" joint with Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst might dial back some of your enthusiasm.....


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Single: Eminem - The Warning (prod. by Dr. Dre)

Well, after she released that horrible video in which she clearly took stabs at Em's character, labeling him "Obsessed", the Shady one has struck back....

Utilizing some of Mariah's own soundbites Em' digs in using many a touchy subject as ammo for his lambasting. From a highly disrespectful and explicit description of a possible sexual encounter, jabs at her current husband Nick Cannon and numerous allegations of Mimi being a big time lover of the Jesus juice, there really was little that wasn't thrown into the brouhaha here.....

Now listen, I'm not about disrespecting my beautiful black women or just any women in general, but I must admit that this over the top, misogynistic attack on the pop starlet was thoroughly funny....I just mainly thought it was hilarious cause' I knew as soon as I seen her in that vid tryin to mock Em that he'd be comin' back at her somethin' awful...

Another really funny thing is that we haven't had a scathing diss from a rapper to a female R&B singer since X went at Mary J. Blige back in the day....Hopefully this doesn't become a trend. What a sad one it would not even competing with men anymore, SMH.....

I don't know where this whole thing goes from here....I would imagine at some point Nick Cannon's dumb ass will take the bait and jump into the fray, only to be dealt with--lyrically speaking of course. I think Nick would stand a better chance just tryin' to fight Em', but then again no more violence ya'll!! I'd hate to see Nick on the opposite end of a D12 beating....Cause' you know Em' ain't paying those fuckas for anything but to be a security detail.

LOL, I'm done with this....have a laugh at Mariah's expense...


Single: J-Love ft. Nas - Desert Eagle Mouth Pieces

For over a decade I've been bumpin' the goodness that is J-Love mixtapes....Today, thanks to the Smoking Section blog I have a brand new offering from the half white, half Puerto Rican DJ/producer (and more recently MC) that features him alongside a fellow Queens native and one of the best to ever do it....

If you knew nothing about his current personal situation and just were hearing this for the first time, you'd never guess Nasir is fresh off his alimony and child support nightmare with ex-wife Kelis. In fact he sounds comfortable and in good form....

J-Love provides a nice lil' hook and his specialty in an amazing beat, but I'm afraid his novice delivery when he raps is still glaringly present as well...

"Desert Eagle Mouth Pieces" can be found on J-Love's new mixtape "Acknowledge The Takeover 12"....Go get that....


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alpha MC - Loving Life

Mixing and melding genres with emotional material on his new LP is none other than Swim Team member Alpha MC....

On his new and 100% free LP "Loving Life", the L.A. rhymer utilizes his unfurled, formulated bars as well as his acid Jazz tinged, drum break, electro-swing type productions to weave together the thoughtful and competent effort that is "Loving Life". I really enjoyed the various breaks in here as well as the heady keyboard work....This is a really dope album to turn on when your feeling creative because it's so layered and varied at times. Not to mention Alpha is a creditable and capable MC who sounds like he's been transported here straight from the early 90's.

Heart and ingenuity pour out of this album....Whether imploring folks to support his art so he can explore his real destiny in music on "Buy A Niggas CD" or speaking wise words about the facts of life and keeping your dignity on the album's title track "Loving Life", this Cali MC can easily (if he chooses) move into the lane of viable solo artist...."Loving Life" is that underground diamond in the rough you've been looking for this week, stop bein' silly and scoop this....

Featuring production from Alpha himself as well as Maestro Kuest of Swim Team and regular Alpha MC collaborator Prolific.....

Purehip-hop picks are "Drum Machines", "Smilin' Faces" and "Loving Life"

I'll smack him with a worthy 7 1/2 outta 10....


01. Intro
02. Buy A Niggas CD
03. Loving Life
04. Stop
05. Detox
06. Drum Machines
07. Keep It Going
08. Smilin Faces
09. Digitize Me
10. Out of the Question
11. Stella
12. The Condition
13. The Drama
14. Outro

The Hip Hop Project proudly presents..Fresh Out The Box: The Best Of Bobby Creekwater Mixed by DJ Monky & Cosm Roks

While the bad economy has ravaged many record labels of their developing stables, Shady Records has managed to retain IMO one of the best southern MC's out there....His name is Bobby Creekwater and this is "Fresh Out The Box", a mix of his best work thus far....

If the name is unfamiliar lemme introduce ya.....

Yours truly started hearing Creekwater's name start flying around in 2004 and 2005 when he landed a deal with Shady Records. The contract came largely in part due to Eminem's interest in him, and shorty after signing on, he released the mixtape "Anthem to the Streets". While that was a nice lil' drop I always have thought that it was the 2006 Shady Records compilation mixtape "The Pre-Up" that more properly showcased Creekwater, and with far fewer tracks too....

After I heard the Alchemist produced "There He Is" (which is also on this Best of tape BTW) I was sold on his skills....Hailing from the ATL, Bobby combines hardcore, yet thoughtful street shit with humor and an impressive rap cadence. He's a natural and he's relatable, two things that are highly important to any MC...

Enjoy this mix, it's brought to us by the Hip-Hop Project, who are the same guys that gave us a few other great tapes like Freddie Foxxx's "Street Triumph", EMC member Stricklin's "The Resume" and Evidence's "Stormwatch". Like the rest of these tapes DJ Monky and Cosm Roks handle the DJing and mixing and it's completely free for the time being....

Later this Summer you can look for a hard copy of "Fresh Out The Box" for sale and this fall be ready for Bobby Creekwater's debut LP on Shady Records....


1. Intro
2. Bobby Creek
3. International Player's Anthem Freestyle (ft Bohagon, Jimmy Swagger, Charlie Hustle)
4. Rainman
5. I Don’t Know My Name
6. Big Buildings
7. BC Era
8. I Still Love Her
9. All I Do
10. Guess Who's Back
11. Crack A Bottle (Remix) (ft Cashis, Eminem)
12. Big Brother Freestyle
13. There He Is
14. Cry Now Remix (ft Obie Trice, Kuniva, Cashis, Stat Quo)
15. Master of Ceremony
16. Trying to Make It (ft Stat Quo, Sandman)
17. Hey
18. OJ Simpson
19. Acid Rain
20. Throw Da Duece
21. Chec Chec
22. Junkie
23. Fuckin' Up My Cool
24. Until Next Time (Outro)
25. Bye Bye

Video/Single: Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay

It's here....

For weeks now the net has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation for anything connected to Skyzoo's new LP "The Salvation", and now we have the first single/vid, in all it's foreseen and stunning glory...

Sky doesn't have to do much to get the vid correct. He gets off the train, walks a couple of blocks, plants himself on a stoop and proceeds to rhyme....There is a host of magnificent shots of NYC in here and Sky's lyrics just fit perfectly over the 9th Wonder produced track....You begin to catch up with the idea of the NY rhyme artist's oxymoronic song title by looking at the graffitti marked walls, pounded pavement and smog filled atmosphere....There truly is a rugged charm to the colonial port city......The shot with the wore down boots hanging while the sunlight beams down is the signature look of the whole vid....timeless....

A great video production is present no doubt, but the hats must come off for Sky's actual music that definitely matches, if not totally eclipses the visuals....

Be sure to get ready for "The Salvation" coming to you on September 29th via Jamla/Duck Down Records....

I've included the Single MP3 as well for anyone that wants to grab that.....


Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay (prod. by 9th Wonder)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Single: Nick Javas - Opportunity Knocks (prod. by DJ Premier)

DJ Premier's latest protege; a relative unknown named Nick Javas who hails outta Union, NJ, has dropped "Opportunity Knocks" and beyond a shadow of a doubt it is a strong single....

Signed to Preme's Year Round Records the former Rutgers baseball and football player had his career cut short by a wicked knee injury when he decided to fully concentrate on his other "true love", Hip-Hop.....

He's skilled no doubt and he makes that evident here, sometimes the delivery wore on me a bit, but overall he's worth checkin' for....He actually has some tracks on his Myspace that I liked a lil' bit more, but it is what it is....

On "Opportunity Knocks", Nick sort of has a conversation with Preme's scratches (which are once again executed brilliantly here) and explains among other things, how he linked with Premo, what other MC's he's been compared to and where he feels he stands in the game....Opportunity did indeed knock for Nick, and it would appear he's answered and then some.....


Video: Superstar Quamallah - 88 Soul

Dope, Dope, Dope new vid from Superstar Quamallah that highlights the true school mentality and utilizes some time tested Special effects, lol...

On the real though this is how you make a dope vid on a budget...Green screen and super imposed effects are flawlessly applied and director Troy Warwell is definitely a name to remember.....Really dug the shots on the Moon!


Single: Statik Selektah ft. Lil' Fame, Saigon & Sean Price - Critically Acclaimed

Statik hits us with a new, straight up banger "Critically Acclaimed" off his new LP "100 Proof (The Hangover)". Not only does this boast a completely insane beat courtesy of Statik, but one of the best MC lineups I think I've seen in a minute..... Man, Statik is one of the busiest cats out there and still manages to keep things sounding great...Lots of consistency from the Boston DJ/producer....

Anyway, on this fetchingly dope offering, not only do we got Sai Giddy and Mic Tyson going bananas wit the verses, but Lil' Fame himself comes through and bodies the shit outta his take....

Verse of the month goes to Fizzy Wo and "Critically Acclaimed" is no doubt Purehip-hop's illest Single of the week...On a friggin' Tuesday!!


Mr Peter Parker Presents: The Best Of The Worst Hosted By Immortal Technique

In the sixth edition of his "How Hard Do You Hustle" series DJ Peter Parker brings you some of Immortal Technique's best new stuff, amply prepping you for his [Tech's] long awaited "Middle Passage" LP....

Mainly built up off previously released material, this is a good refresher course from Hip-Hop's biggest and best revolutionary MC since Paris....You'll find bangers from Tech's "Revolutionary Vol. 1 & 2" as well as the more recent "3rd World" album on here and a few sorted guest spots....

Catch up and then wait anxiously like the rest of us are for that "Middle Passage"....


Single: Sareem Poems ft. Oddisee & Kenn Starr - Lower The Boom (RMX)

As promised here's the remix for Sareem Poems recent single "Lower The Boom", freshly re-worked by one of the best new beatmakers out there in Oddisee. Also featuring Oddisee and fellow DMV crew member Kenn Starr on the vocals in place of the original version's Pigeon John and Akil, this is an interesting remix, but I still prefer the original....

Props goes out to 2dopeboys blog, they had this first for everyone.....

Make sure to go out and grab Sareem's new album "Black And Read All Over", available now....


Monday, July 27, 2009

News: Blue Scholars Sign To Duck Down Records

Continuing to scoop up every respectable artist and group that they can, Duck Down Records signs one of the better duos that the pacific Northwest has seen in some time in the Seattle based Blue Scholars....

Made up of producer Sabzi and Philipino-American MC Geologic, the two are looking to re-release their 2007 record "Bayani" initially on September 7th, then will be moving on to release a new full length multi-media project titled "OOF!" via Seattle’s Caffe Vita Coffee Co. and Duck Down....

The signing is not your traditional contract, and the two artist's have hired Duck Down mainly to run the marketing for both of those upcoming projects, meanwhile Duck Down's partner E1 Music will handle the distribution....


Video: JR & PH7 ft. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson - Top Rank

The dynamic German production duo JR & PH7 release an eclectic and absorbing new music vid for "Top Rank", one of just 17 extremely ill cuts off "The Standard", their well received debut from earlier this year....

Whether carting through a super market, messing around on the subway or filming other folks, the duo makes sure to bring along their trusty MPC 2000 XL, mini Korg keyboard and Ghetto blaster stereo boom box.....That's really the whole premise of the vid, just showing these guys in mad different situations with their respective "tools"....Guilty Simpson and Black Milk don't actually appear in this, but you barely notice it as their vocals cascade over the well chopped video.....

The actual music ends at about the 3:00 minute mark, but the visuals continue on for another 2 minutes and 45 seconds. I guess that was just extra footage that JR & PH7 wanted to idea IMO....

Be sure to go get "The Standard", you'll find it on and


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Single: DJ Honda ft. Mos Def - Magnetic Arts

Well, we wanted that great Honda music and we got it....

The second single off DJ Honda's upcoming "IV" record reunites the far east beatmaking master with the Mighty Mos. The last time the two prolific underground figures linked up on an LP the result was "Travellin' Man"; A classic joint that is firmly cemented in the minds and hearts of many a 90's back pack rap junky....

Over gallant horns and perfectly placed vocal stabs Mos rips into this musical soundscape with ferocity. While it's certainly no "Travellin' Man", "Magnetic Arts" has it's own timeless qualities....

Honda "IV" comin' atchu August 5th!!


E.Ness & 9th Wonder & Friends In The W.ide W.orld Of W.rap

Seems like 9th has been on his grind lately, first droppin that "Back 2 The Feature" tape with D.C. native Wale, now he's linking with Philly lyrical force E.Ness. Unlike the Wale tape however, I heard what sounds like a lot more up to date beats from 9th on here rather than joints he just plucked out of his instrumental catalog.....

All of you lil' MTV heads should remember Ness well from the second season of "Making The Band"....LOL, I actually am ashamed to admit it, but I watched that whole season, mainly because it was Diddy putting together a semi-decent collection of MC's for a group. Hey, at least it wasn't The "White Rapper Show" or the other VH1 Hip-Hop themed atrocity with all them garbage ass femcee's. At that point Diddy still had a small shred of defendability left....

Okay, we all know that Dylan cat was an idiot and Chopper and the other lil' guy from down south that Ness actually boxed with, were only marginally skilled, but the reason I looked in was to see the genuinely adept talents of E.Ness, baps and the hopelessly out of place Sara Stokes.

After an impromptu and rugged battle with Jae Millz on the show where he displayed a bevy of poise, Ness's spot as a legit artist was cemented and he went on to actually survive the initial drops from Bad Boy along with Baps and Chopper....Since then (2003-2004) however his career has been in a bit of limbo. I mean we all expected him to leave Bad Boy, everyone that's worthwhile does, and really all that club hit stuff Diddy was tryin' to convince him to chase fit worse than a pair of over sized Timbs.

These days it's a pretty slim shot that you return to prominence after you say adios to a label, and even despite a few mixtape appearances here and there Ness's future seemed all but forsaken.... That's why it's so pleasing to say that "The W.ide W.orld Of W.rap" is a tremendously strong shot from outta nowhere...If gratification really can come in the form of music, Ness should relish this moment...

Keeping his flow and lyrics finely tuned over the past 7 years has proven to pay off heavily as he sounds perfectly in-step here. No easy task, even for those that record constantly. He also did a great job selecting beats, and while 9th has a tendency to make that type of thing pretty easy, don't overlook the contributions from Khrysis, who's beats are always up to snuff. Newcomer Fatin, who's lone offering is a head nodding gem that re-works a familiar sample also adds a great tweak to a sweeping 12 track release....

To sum things up I'm happy Ness is travelling this route man....He's too skilled to dumb it down and too street to go to the club...This tape is full of his unique style and is an instant Philly classic. By keeping the features to a minimum (only Justus League familiars Keisha Shontelle and Big Pooh guest) and utilizing original music "The W.ide W.orld Of W.rap" sounds much more like a 4 Mic solo LP rather than a mixtape....


01. Floww On (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
02. Can't Do What I Did (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
03. Temptation feat. Big Pooh (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
04. Return Of Da Mack (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
05. I Wanna (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
06. I See You feat. Keisha Shontelle (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
07. Number In Da Phone (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
08. Think It Over (Prod. By Fatin)
09. Talk Dirty (Prod. By Khrysis)
10. Get Ur Paper Out (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
11. Too Ill (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
12. Khrysis (Prod. By Khrysis)

Single: Papoose, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger The Gambler & Boogie - Hell Yeah

It's a regular Brooklyn beat down here as some of the Boro's nicest acts come together for a street banger that easily registers as the finest hardcore joint i've heard in awhile....

"Hell Yeah" originates from the new "Act Of War" mixtape that Gangsta Rap icon Ice T dropped as well as hosts to showcase the talent of his new Final Level Entertainment label roster. Guess he's been up to more than just the Law And Order gig and showing up at every event known to man with Coco, but hey, who can really hate on the latter right?

I might go ahead and post that entire tape up too, T has recruited a stable of really skilled MC's, who I'm sure in the current terrible climate of the music business (specifically Hip-Hop) might of otherwise had a bit of a problem getting signed....Hey, Duck Down can only hook it up for so many guys....In any case yeah, be on the lookout for that whole project, much of it mirrors the sheer unapologetic and authentic street goodness that this is.....


Video: Dead Prez - Summertime

M-1 And Stic Man drop their initial vid for their new "Pulse Of The People" album that they did with DJ Green Lantern and much like the LP, it's a laudable effort....

Directed by Tao Ruspoli, the revolutionary, but gangsta duo takes you for a stroll through their 2nd home away from home, Brooklyn NY. Accompanied by friends and fam, the visuals find them doing everything you'd expect fun seekers to be doing on a hot Brooklyn day--grabbing icees from a street vendor, flirting with a stunningly beautiful baldheaded woman, messin' around with a water gun, browsing a great selection of fruit in a market and helping themselves to a healthy vegitarian meal at a neighborhood restaurant.

My favorite shot would have to be when Stic Man is shown reading a poster that reads "We need socialism" on a street light to the young child (who I assume is either his or M-1's son, but I'm not sure). That kid really sparks the whole vid with his youthful exuberance and is shown hangin' everywhere with DP, even onstage and he really looks like he's having a wonderful time....Good to see someone is still enjoying their Summer!

Go get that Dead Prez "Pulse Of The People Turn Off The Radio Vol.3", it's already in stores!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video: D-Stroy ft. Q-unique - Good

This is a real Hip-Hop vid!!!

Wouldn't expect nuthin' less from two members of The Arsonists...

Here we have D-Stroy droppin' a crazy fresh (yes, I'm droppin' the old school lingo on you, you fucks) video for "Good", a song off his new mix CD "Cataclycsm". D-Stroy handles the directorial duties in this genuinely feel good Hip-Hop party starter that was produced by his Arsonist groupmate Q-Unique.

Shot during the Rocksteady Crew Anniversary (Q is a RSC member if you ain't know) in Bushwick, Brooklyn this joint has a stockpile of dope guest cameos from the likes of Psycho Les, Tony Touch, Marley Marl, AG, Krs-One, Bobbito Garcia, DJ premier, DJ Eclipse and a host of other NYC Hip-Hop luminaries. All of whom are seen just chillin' holdin up an ambiguous "good" sign, lol, genuis.....This shit is fuckin' proper on both a visual and musical level...I mean I've literally been waiting for years to see an artist actually use real B Boys breakin' in their vid...

This is that real folks don't pass on it or that new "Cataclycsm" CD, which you can order it on D's myspace page here:


DJ J-Ronin and DJ Snips - All Elements Freestyle Files Vol.1

One of NY's busiest and best new mixtape DJ's J-Ronin returns to the scene with yet another crafty release with his "All Elements Freestyle Files Vol.1".

Today the vast majority of big name mixtape DJ's are little more than just idiot ass loudmouths who scream their stage names all over tracks and sloppily throw tapes together on a whim.....Far too many of them ignore the mixtape's glorious past traditions of being innovative and developing a dope presence/persona....

Ronin isn't included in this new cast of knuckleheads.....His tactics since day one gave cue's to a different time and show that he was classically schooled. His "All Elements" mixtape series being primary evidence.

While we have heaps of new CDJ's that try their hardest to be like Whoo Kid, Ronin spearheads a movement that shows guys that grew up with names like Ron G, Kid Capri, Mr. Cee, Tony Touch, PF Cuttin, Doo Wop and many others still uphold what was started back in the 90's.....

It should come as no surprise then that one of the aforementioned DJ's signature technique's is the inspiration behind Ronin's new offering "All Elements Freestyle Files Vol.1".....

Back in the day, Bronx bred DJ Doo Wop carved out his own special place in Hip-Hop history with his "95 Live" mixes and really many of his mixes in general, by revolutionizing the "exclusive freestyle". Often Wop would invite over some of NYC's leading MC's to record songs and freestyles rather than just playing material that was previously recorded and circulating. He put these freestyle sessions on his tapes and viola! He was that dude that couldn't be fucked with. Not to get off topic either, but those freestyles also exsposed that Wop was endowed with more than just talent as a DJ...he was actually pretty damn nifty as an MC too...

By putting these freestyles on his tapes Wop was able to scoop up so many thirsty Hip-Hop heads who craved for new music from their favorite names on a more regular basis. We got to hear cats that we loved like Busta Rhymes spazzing over someone else's dope beat and straight abusing it! It was like getting to hear something that was just so select choice. It was for real rap fans that couldn't get enough.

So here we are, more than a decade after Wop first started hooking up his exclusive freestyles and Brooklyn represenative DJ J-Ronin, known for putting out tapes filled with hardcore super-lyricists and the best new singles out, has followed in the riteous path to Mixtape DJ immortality by simply adhearing to quality methods. "All Elements Freestyle Files Vol.1" is filled with exclusive music that Ronin recorded while artists slid through his spot and my response is nothing short of the same magic felt back when Wop blesses his audiences with his secret stash.

First off, it's just fucking cool to be able to say "yeah, I know that man Thirstin Howl, he slid through my spot the other day while we were working on some stuff and recorded a freestyle."..LOL, and J-Ronin can say that about not only Thirstin, but Planet Asia, Ill Bill, Teflon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sav Killz, Poison Pen, Akir, Donny Goines and so forth....DJ Snips gets the special honor of being able to say that some of these undeniably special artists rhymed over his beats, which BTW are top notch and deserving of such.

It's funny that in some circles the "freestyle" is considered a thing of the past and not as desired as pre-written or previously rehersed music...To that I must direct people to this tape. It's a great example of how you can take time honored techniques and make them ill again with the right direction....Once again Ronin delivers for real heads in a way that we truly understand....

Gets a 8 outta 10....


1. Intro feat. DJ Nino Carta, DJ J-Ronin, DJ Snips, DJ Premier, DJ Mister Cee, Kid Capri, Tony Touch and Doowop
2. Jaz-O - Black Republican Freestyle
3. Planet Asia - Fish Freestyle
4. Hell Razah and Killah Priest - Young, Gifted and Black Freestyle
5. Ill Bill - ALL ELEMENTS 8 Freestyle
6. Teflon, Sav Killz, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Steele from Smif-n-Wessun - ALL ELEMENTS Crooklyn Dodgers '07
7. Royce Da 5′9", AZ and Sav Killz - Success ALL ELEMENTS Blend Freestyle
8. Donny Goines - ALL ELEMENTS 10 Freestyle (prod. by DJ Snips)
9. Raze - ALL ELEMENTS 5 Freestyle (prod. by Magnetic)
10. Steele from Smif-n-Wessun - Who Shot Ya Freestyle
11. Timbo King - ALL ELEMENTS 9 Freestyle
12. Sav Killz feat. Spit Supreme - Hoodlums and Crooks Freestyle
13. Poison Pen - The Brooklyn Way Freestyle
14. Killah Priest - The Letter Freestyle Session
15. Mistah F.A.B. - J-Ronin Freestyle
16. Strong Arm Steady - ALL ELEMENTS vol.10 Freestyle (prod. by DJ Snips)
17. Naledge of Kidz in the Hall - J-Ronin Freestyle
18. Hell Razah - Verbal Intercourse Freestyle
19. Phantasm of the Cella Dwellas - We Made It Freestyle
20. Killa Sha - Grimey Way Freestyle
21. Sav Killz - Danger Freestyle (prod. by The Molemen)
22. Famoso - Hardcore Freestyle (World Premiere)
23. Shabazz the Disciple - Children’s Story Freestyle (World Premier)
24. Gutta of the VietKong - This is My Life Freestyle
25. Miz - Hit Em Freestyle (World Premier)
26. Jeru tha Damaja - J-Ronin Freestyle
27. Skeem feat. Mz. Hustle and Paladino - Talk to Em Freestyle
28. Thirstin Howl III - Been Fresh Freestyle
29. Letia Larok - Rok Freestyle
30. J.ARCH - Staples Freestyle (prod. by DJ Snips)
31. Akir - Funk Died Freestyle (prod. by DJ Architect)
32. Outro feat. DJ Nino Carta, DJ Snips and DJ J-Ronin

Ardamus & The Metaphysical- A Day in the Life of Modern Day Living

Together with his engineer Metaphysical, heavily slept-on D.C. rhyme vet Ardamus drops another totally gratis and well cultivated new project, titled "A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living"....

Based around a theme that shows the daily progression of someone that wakes up one day to a nightmare, til' that following night when they pass out pissy drunk at a friend's spot, this mix is a pretty honest slice of life tale for a good amount of folks. Whether that fact is unfortunate or not I don't

Combining Ard's skilled flow and heady lyrical offerings with Metaphysical's worthy and diverse production as well as adding the soulful singing talents of Lady Maroo and Cosmo (of Math Panda), Emilie Brogrand, Mic Finite, and Observa, this is a well rounded, musical gift that has high replay value. Even despite a somewhat juvenile theme direction, it actually has many wise points of view on it, veiled under a few layers of Hip-Hop party candor...

I like the way "A Day In The Life..." switches up and has almost a manic feel at times...One second you get a spastic and head nodding looks like "Private Paradise" and "Awkward convo", another your rockin a lil' more traditionally with a perfect ode to the vernal equinox that is "Summer Nights"....

Whole thing comes together well, and almost makes you feel silly that you waste so much time each day doing whatever when you could be out there livin' a little bit more, feeling Hangovers from last week or leaving hand prints on a broad's ass....Only a really good Hip-Hop LP like this could inspire someone to be more of a rascal in such a fun way.....

Be sure to peep this out kids, it's a boisterous jaunt, but there is a message to be dug out too I suppose.....Also, keep Ardamus in mind, his full length LP is coming soon as well as another collab project called "Ardaplus" with fellow D.C. nerdcore producer/MC Double Plus....


1. It Was Just A Dream
2. Lazy Bitch
3. I just Love My Job Today
4. Hands On teh Steering Wheel
5. Private Paradise
6. Awkward Convo
7. Summer Nights
8. My Kinda Party
9. Party Girl
10. Crash On The Couch

Friday, July 24, 2009

Single: 2Pac ft. Snoop Dogg - If There's A Cure (I Don't Want I)

Man it does my heart well to hear stuff like this.....

Here we got a posthumous and previously unreleased gem that finds the man, the myth and the legendary Thuglife Ryda, Tupac Amaru Shakur going back and forth on a record with one of his best collaborators ever when he was alive, and one time label mate Snoop Dogg....

Switching from deliberate rap flow to sing songy vocals, Pac's undeniable skill is at work here....Before the song even starts Pac eludes to this being a complete freestyle off the top of the head too....

Snoop feeds off Pac's blistering energy and supplies some simple, yet oh so proper and lively rhymes that you couldn't get outta him today if you resurrected Pac and had him show up on that wretchedly bad variety talk show Dogg After Dark....

Not really sure where this joint stems from....I just know that a heap of new unreleased Pac music hit the net today....Might be a re-hashing of an older song, might be an original version to something I'm not sure....I was up on my Pac back in the day, but I'm not one of these Tupacologist's, that knows his extensive catalog and verses inside out.....

Either way, "If There's A Cure.." provides a really great glimpse back in time for me and many others I'm sure.....Hurling us back to days when real Hip-Hop was still very prevalent, and a big reason for that was genuine artist's like Pac leading the way with devotion, a real message and feeling.....Still miss this brother....


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Instrumental LP: J Rawls - Hotel Beats Vol.1

Free new Instrumental mixtape from none other than J Rawls ya'll!

"Hotel Beats Vol.1" actually dropped sometime last night but I missed it....

This is a 21 track instrumental mix that is presented by Mighty Healthy Inc., a really innovative new clothing brand outta NYC that if your into fashion you have to put down as one of the top 5 new brands out there that you can never find in-stock....You've probably seen some of your favorite artist's decked out in their thoughtful duds...My frustration with gettin' some of their gear has always been high. I always try goin to their online store, but it rarely has my size or anything in stock period....

I digress....

"Hotel Beats Vol.1" is comprised of nothing but that soulful, jazzy, boom bap goodness that we have come to know the production vet for for, and was made about 2 months ago almost entirely in a Hotel room that Rawls was staying in....The Columbus, OH native never disappoints and if you don't know his resume, besides being the man behind Black Star's "Brown Skin Lady" he's worked with The Beastie Boys, Slum Village, El Da Sensei, Count Bass D, Grand Agent, 9th Wonder, and Moka Only.

Really this is just a grandiose and roundabout way to debut the sickest track contained on here, which is Rawls' collab with John Robinson "The Lee Morgan Story". The song is off the two's upcoming "JAY ARE" project, which will drop on September 15th via Polar Ent./Groove Attack and is promised to be a Jazz tribute with a Hip-Hop twist...I can't wait.


Single: Quite Nyce - Jazzolution

The next month or so should be assuredly dope for all you real Hip-Hop lovers out there....Reason being is that Massachusetts MC Quite Nyce will be sharing a bunch of tracks off his upcoming free mixtape "Hello, My Name is Quite Nyce" and his forthcoming digital LP "Through My Eyes"....

I for one, am really excited he's giving us more material in bulk, I still bump "The Champs Vs. The League"; his collabo album with Radar Ellis from earlier this year and try to put up as many people as I can to it. Easily it's one of the more slept-on releases this year...easily.

"Jazzolution", the initial souled out and laid back leak he's dropped comes complete with a well-placed, thwacking snare and a salacious sample that all the Native Tongues junkies will undoubtedly dig....

The boom bap oozes out of this track as Nyce virtually shoots us all back in time to the mid 90's, when an effort like this would've surely been more appreciated....Frankly the hook on it kills 99% of the actual verses from whatever top 40, so-called Hip-Hop hit that's on the radio right now....

Gonna go ahead and give it single of the week status.....


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Single: Nore ft. Kid Cudi - Floating In The Sky

I'm a sucka for Nore's music man....No matter what, ever since he and Capone straight blessed the game with that almost perfect debut album, I've wasted many a dollar on giving him (and really them both) the benefit of the doubt when it comes to whatever new project they're releasing....

It all started when Nore's game began to slide a lil' bit on that "Melvin Flynt - The Hustler"....I noted the small decline, but I suppose I chalked it all up to him not ever being a super great MC and chose for some reason, to anticipate his next album anyway. We all ended up having to wait 3 years for the next LP, which was a horrid mess titled "God's Favorite", and yet still I managed to scrounge out a small gratitude for certain joints on it and held out hope that he'd turn it around next time out. I was wrong. Agian.

We got albums like "N.O.R.E. y la Familia...Ya TĂș Sabe" and "Noreality"...SMH...How the "Superthug" went from "Blood Money" and "Grimey" to "Shoulders Move" with Jim Jones and Nina Sky I will never fully understand...The only observation I do have is that he's the poster child for how Hip-Hop gets turned out by money....He just continually underachieves, but manages to skate by nonetheless, mainly due to his prior successes and guys like me who have to go out and buy a new copy of "The War Report" or "The Reunion" every other year....

And still, he's managed to squeeze out a new single that has peeked my interests enough to throw it on Purehip-hop....with a burgeoning mainstream rapper that I really never have dug no less....LOL, Nore has more lives than that super ig'nant Newport box chain of his has green diamonds....Perhaps now that he's done pimpin' Reggaeton for all that it's worth and he's had his fill of floppin' with half assed releases he's ready to focus?.....One never really knows with Nore...

Here he teams up with the previously mentioned Kid Cudi (who's nasally verse on this borders on un-listenable) over a sinister beatwork, that somewhat harkens back to his glory days rockin' over more hardcore type selections....Albeit his flow here is badly in need of a tune up and the lyrics never stray too far from just above novice, but he still has that honest and ascribable persona and that's why "Floating In The Sky" is worth ya 3 minutes and 20 seconds.....

I guess I'll go ahead and also mention that his new album "S.O.R.E." is droppin' here in a minute.....buyer beware...


Single: Termanology - Nobody's Smilin' (prod. by Statik Selektah)

New banger off Term's upcoming "Time Machine (Hood Politics VI)".....

On this outing we find the Law-town Latino MC getting down over insane Statik Selektah boom bappery, sporting that perfectly timed flow and giving us a glimpse into "The Ghetto". As the unmistakable sample that wrenches out the same phrase cascades nicely over it all you actually might have some anticipation build for Term's new joint....

Be on the lookout for "Time Machine", it drops on September 22nd and features a great production lineup from DJ Premier, Alchemist, Don Cannon, Large Pro, Pete Rock, MoSS, M/Will & Statik Selektah....


Single: OJ Simpson (Guilty Simpson & Madlib) - Coroner's Music

The eternally hardcore Guilty Simpson has arrived with the first single for his and West Coast production luminary Madlib's new collabo project....

Running with the group name OJ Simpson, (the moniker draws from the initials of Madlib's first name Otis Jackson and Guilty's last name) The Southern Cali beatmaking staple and the Hockey Town MC with the rugged lyrics combine for the chillingly good "Coroner's Music"...You shouldn't have any problems figuring out the tone of this joint before you actually hear it....

Lib' supplies a beat that is fit to have blaring in the background while you clean automatic weapons, while Guilty delivers his usual dead pan, witty and homicidal lyrics...

Be sure to check for the OJ Simpson album sometime this fall on Stones Throw Records.


Low Budget Crew & Mellow Music Group presents Kenn Starr - It's Still Real

Right after the Low Budget cats hit us with that ultra dope "Budget Is Low" mixtape, Kenn Starr, one of the more prominent MC's out of collectively veritable crew, has dropped a new mix titled "It's Still Real".

Completely taking me by surprise in a very good kinda way, Kenn doles out some of his incomparable older material that you simply gotta check out as well as newer gold from his always expanding catalog...Really, this is mandatory listening for anyone that hasn't messed with Starr since "Starr Status". LOL, He even went out of his way to make sure people understand that this is an "Unmixed non-tape" in the press release notes, so don't expect another watered down, run of the mill effort. This is solid music here, not that bullshit from the radio mainstream.

Why the sudden re-treading you ask? Well, If you didn't know, the Suffolk, VA raised and D.C. residing MC is gearing up to release his follow up to the sensational 2006 "Starr Status" with the "Two Track Mind EP" that will be produced entirely by Black Milk, So be on the lookout for that in the upcoming months.

Earns an 8 outta 10...


01. Let It Be Known feat. Hassaan Mackey & Silent Knight (prod. Analogic)
02. The Truth feat. Kaimbr (prod. RoddyRod & Kev Brown)
03. In Check feat. Oddisee & Supastition (prod. Oddisee)
04. DJ Flexx Freestyle (’01 Throwback) (Live on WPGC Washington, D.C.)
05. It’s Time feat. Soulstice, Eternia & Tiffany Paige (prod. M-Phazes)
06. Low Budget All Stars feat. Kev Brown, Oddisee, Cy Young & Kaimbr (prod. Marco Polo)
07. Represent feat. Akir & Oddisee (prod. Oddisee)
08. That’s How We Kick It feat. J. Sands (prod. Chief)
09. Price 2 Pay feat. Asheru, Oddisee & Darien Brockington (prod. Oddisee)
10. DJ Eclipse Freestyle (’04 Throwback) (Live on WNYU New York, NY)
11. Wonder Why feat. Wale, Big Sean & Mike Posner (prod. 9th Wonder)
12. Q&A feat. Oddisee (prod. Oddisee)
13. The Dropoff feat. JLaine (prod. JLaine)
14. Kemistree Meets Low Budget feat. Hassaan Mackey, Kev Brown & Gut (prod. Young Cee)
15. DJ K.O. Freestyle (’04 Throwback) (Live on WRSU New Brunswick, NJ)
16. Coming Of Age ‘09 (prod. Nick Tha 1da)
17. Hennessey Pt. 3 feat. Kev Brown & Raheem DeVaughn (prod. Kev Brown)
18. Sum Ish For Dave feat. Haysoos (prod. 9th Wonder)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dub MD Present's Junclassic - Southside's Savior Mixtape

Prepping for his upcoming album "Imaginary Enemies", the Southside Jamaica Queens native Junclassic must save his hood from immanent danger--that being the loss of a solitary bangin' mixtape that the community can call it's own and bump this Summer...After a couple of flubs from 50 Cent and his G-Unit Lackies Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, the good folks of Jamaica, Queens need not fear any longer, the versatile rhyme artist who's name is also a Japanese golf tournament has delivered.

The talented MC/producer and former Monsta Island Czars member has put forth a unique and engaging tape for the good people round' the way. 22 tracks and 80 minutes of freestyles and original songs mixed together to form a solid output in "Southside's Savior" is what they'll receive.....and afterwards I doubt they could ask for anything more, except maybe an album, which they'll also get on September 8th in the aforementioned "Imaginary Enemies"....

LOL, and oh by the way, don't be taken by surprise when Jun decides to kick rhymes over some less than orthodox instrumentals. His consistent fans probably will expect this but newbies be prepared to open your minds....From 80's chart toppers to Reggae gold, Jun ain't afraid to take it there basement freestyle steez...

Purehip-hop picks are "Renaissance", "The Owner" and "Neva Gon' Stop".


01.) Neva Gon’ Stop (Produced By Statik Selektah)
02.) Real Shit (Produced By DJ Qualls)
03.) Accordianz (feat. Monsta X) (Produced By Madlib)
04.) Reel Raw (Produced By Iron Curtain)
05.) Best Around (Produced By DJ Husky)
06.) Everybody (Get Money) (Produced By Groove Groove Medley)
07.) Lovin Life (feat. Lejon Lewis) (Produced By The Neptunes)
08.) Mama Used To Say (Produced By Junior)
09.) Clocks (Produced By Coldplay)
10.) The Owner (Produced By DJ Husky)
11.) Forever In His Childhood (Produced By DJ Premier)
12.) Google Game (Produced By WK)
13.) Yesterday (Produced By Jumpster)
14.) I’m Ready (Produced By Heatmakerz)
15.) Renaissance (feat. Monsta X, Ravage The Meccagodzilla & Ceez) (Produced By Q-Tip)
16.) I Can Tell (Produced By Rick Rubin)
17.) Try (feat. Cy Yung) (Produced By By Black Milk)
18.) 950 (Produced By 950 King)
19.) Waitin In Vain (feat. Bob Marley) (Produced By Blakasper)
20.) The Dope Song (Produced By J-Zone)
21.) Livin In This Dream (Produced By Licks)
22.) Yes! (Produced By Krohme)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Single: The Roots - How I Got Over

I couldn't wait for this to finally drop online after I saw them perform it live on that snooze fest Jimmy Fallon show....Sorry kids, Jimmy is just too awkward and a much better sketch comedy performer. The best part of the show for me literally is The Roots playing out to commercial....

All Fallon bashing aside, "How I got Over" is the title track and new single for The Grammy Award winning band's new LP.

Continuing on in The bold path of truly embodying what a Hip-Hop band is, this joint is Funky, full of subtle pain and relatable. For me it's the hard luck anthem for many people in this country right now, but it does have that special "something" that makes it alright to be down and out....

Can't wait for the new record, which drops on September 29th....


News: Adam Yauch Of The Beastie Boys Diagnosed With Cancer

In some unfortunate news, Adam Yauch, one third of the groundbreaking Hip-Hop group The Beastie Boys released a statement early today via video announcement that last week he was diagnosed with cancer when doctors discovered a tumor in his left salivary gland....

The tumor requires immediate surgery and due to this the Beasties will be cancelling their shows this Summer and pushing back their new LP "Hot Sauce Committee" that was due out this September.

Yauch had this to say:

"I'm actually going to have to have surgery probably next week, coming up, and then after that have to have some radiation done, but the good news is that they did scans of my whole body and it's only localized in this one area, and it's not in a place that affects my voice…this is something that's very treatable."

Purehip-hop's prayers and best wishes go out to Adam, his fam & friends....


Cookin Soul & Nah Right - 1:00 AM And Rising

Brand new mixtape from Spaniard production trio Cookin Soul, Fluid Watches and super blog titled "1:00 AM And Rising"....

Built around Cookin' Soul's super charged, melodic and soul infused production, this free project contains 12 tracks and according to the Cookin' Soul Myspace page those 12 tracks are to correspond with each hour on a clock....

The cover art kinda threw me off, I was expecting some sort of tribute to one of the greatest Hip-Hop groups ever in De La Soul (from which the artwork is borrowed) but no such thing was in order....

Instead I got a decent mix of music from the ever burgeoning beatmakers who not so long ago were just starting out doing remixes...

Some of the music on "1:00 AM And Rising" I have to say I wasn't feeling much....I mean, the joints with Joell Ortiz, Ali Vegas, Skyzoo, St. Laz, Mickey Factz and AC were def. up to par and highly bumpable....Those will be going in the MP3 player ASAP, but I'm not so sure about the rest...

The soulful Spaniard's couldn't manage to make this tape truly memorable and stumbled in a few spots. Most notably on the gimmicky 40 Cal cut "Haters" and the Crooked I joint "Money Talks". The Cookin' Soul boys musta missed Jigga's Autotune PSA judging by how they shamelessly used it to mess up what otherwise woulda been an aaight lyrical outing from Crooked...Damn...And then there was the spanish rappin' on Emilio Roja's "Love vs. Hate"...Hmmmmm, I think the official ruling on that is unless your the Beatnuts, Cypress Hill, Terror Squad (R.I.P.) or Dom Pachino steer clear of the Spanglish bars....Just a thought.

There are high points, low points and points where I just wasn't interested that much...Overall a strong 7 outta 10, or should I say 8 hours out of 12?


01. Mickey Factz – Flyin Ballons
02. St. Laz – Straight from Brooklyn
03. Emilio Rojas & Tote King – Love vs Hate
04. Joell Ortiz – Food for Thought
05. Crooked I feat. One-2 & K-Young – Money Talks
06. Skyzoo feat. Sha Stimuli & Donny Goines – On fire
07. Remo Da Rapstar – Cruisin
08. 40 Cal – Haters (E-n-v-y I-c-y)
09. Grafh feat. King Charlton – My life (If I die tonight)
10. Ac – If I was you
11. Ali Vegas – Cold outside
12. Streets is gettin hot remix featuring Tek, Stat Quo,
Ali Vegas, Mic Geronimo, Rapper Pooh, Doo Wop, Icadon, Chirie Vegas & 40 Cal