Monday, September 24, 2012

Single: Rey Clev - A Better Place (prod. by Tae Beast)

New one here, from a fresh new name of Ray Clev...

Hailing outta CA, the Team Captains group member puts together a thoughtful, wishful and downright nice new track called "A Better Place", that expounds on the regretful materialism of today's world and well, rap dreams... what's better song fodder than that?

Zion I & J Period - Bomb 1st

Legendary, underground, Oakland duo Zion I is just about ready to release their latest record "Shadow Boxing" on October 2nd, and as a prep course for the occasion they've entrusted the duty of mixtape helming to one of the best in the biz, J Period.

"Bomb 1st" mixes some of Zion's classic music with today's newest dope names, including Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Oddisee, Curren$y, Blu, Dannny Brown and many others, as well as doling out some of Zion's newer cuts and remixing their work, J readies the newbies for what I'm sure is gonna be another memorable record from Amplive and Zumbi.

Zion I & J Period - Bomb 1st 

Video: Phonte ft. Carlitta Durand - Gonna Be A Beautiful Night

We get another video off Tigallo's "Charity Starts At Home" LP today, with "Gonna Be A Beautiful Night"...

On this cut we find Te' boasting his huge dual talent as a crooner alongside the equally talented and frequent collaborator, Carlitta Durand...

Just beautiful music coupled with an equally beautiful video..

Quite Nyce & Ill Poetic - On Some Bullshit EP

Massachusetts emcee Quite Nyce and The Natti's own MC/producer, Ill Poetic, link here for their new 3 track EP that boasts both of the heady wordsmiths goin in over Ill's production, for a release hosted by

The two met on tour and decided to do up a whole EP together..I gotta say, this is wassup and I hope they do more together... Guest spots include Piakhan, Punchline & Wordsworth..

Quite Nyce & Ill Poetic - On Some Bullshit EP

Single: Journalist 103 - Reporting Live

One third of the excellent new group The Left,  Journalist 103 stakes out on his own here for a moment to kick the real to ya grill..

As always his words strike you on a whole other level... and an important story is told...

More info on "Reporting Live" below:

Just in time for election season, “United We Stand” is a thought-provoking politically conscious song that addresses the controversial death of Iman Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a Muslim leader who hailed from the same Detroit community as Journalist. Iman was shot twenty times by FBI agents during a raid of a downtown Detroit warehouse in late 2009. Federal authorities present at the raid claimed that Abdullah was armed, refused to surrender his weapon and began to open fire. However when medical-examiner-office investigators arrived on the scene, they discovered the deceased laying face down with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Single: The Doppelgangaz ft. Apathy - Whole Wide World (Remix)

Still aren't familiar with the Doppelgangaz? Wow.. catch up, and fast..

Here the duo that has been called the second coming of Mobb Deep's, back east vibe, team with Apathy over their innate updated boom bap sound that is quickly becoming a favorite amongst heads everywhere..

I loves me some Doppel Gospel... go ahead and get yours man...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Video: Raekwon - Scroll

It pays to go over to to the Netherlands and shoot cryptic videos for crime saga rhymes... Just ask this man Raekwon.

Thanks to LRG, Rae got to sport a  pretty ill jacket in this vid, and the whole video itself--shot last year--is seeing the light of day. Enjoy.. no one laces the hitman persona quite like The Chef.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Single: Nocando - Where's The Money?

This is for the youngins... I know, I know, it can't all be boom bap, all day, 24/7... well, it really can, but I'll indulge some of you 1994 babies..

Here's a joint that I'm sure will be a hit in the (strippin) club soon.. West coast rhyme slinger Nocando drops "Where's The Money?" on ya heads..

"Jimmy The Burnout" comin soon..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Single: JoJo Pellegrino - Home (prod. by MoSS)

The game's longtime best-kept, Pizon talent, secret of sorts returns over a wonderfully constructed beat from another name I haven't seen in awhile, but am happy he's still around, in producer MoSS...

The South Shore Staten Island emcee sounds once again poised to challenge heads for that top spot spittin', I'm sincerely hoping he has a good run... "Home" is a great start...

JoJo's "Machinegun Pelly" album coming soon...

Single: Danse - Propaganda

New talent is everywhere... conspiracy and conjecture is everywhere.. Corruption and secrecy run rampant in America perhaps, more than ever... Danse to the rescue.. .

The fresh New Yawk MC drops brutal verse after brutal verse of things we've heard before, but shouldn't soon start forgetting.. think what you want, listen to who you want, but keep that 3rd eye open..

Danse's "Freshtilian Agenda" comin soon!

Album/Video: Brother Ali - Mourning In America (full stream)

Wow.. what a complete treat you kids are getting with this..

Longtime Rhymesayer, do-gooder, intelligent brutha and downright talented and observant emcee, Brother Ali has made his new album, "Mourning In America", available to play in it's entirety, via stream... in this case Youtube, with some accompanying visuals..

Please go out and cop this poignant, thoughtful master work from a guy that really cares about the art and getting a real message out there..

Video: BBAS ft. Akie Bemiss - Let's Go (prod. by J57)

New vid from them Brown Bag Boys.. this time they provide the visual look for their Akie Bemiss-assisted "Let's Go"... Koncept, J57, Soul Khan, Audible Doctor and Akie are all in attendance here... good stuff..

Directed by Pace Rivers and off their new release "Brown Label 2 EP"

Single: Homeboy Sandman - OUT NOW! (First Of A Living Breed)

As he always does right about this time, Homeboy Sandman drops, in addition to his new, full-length LP "First OF A Living Breed", an exclusive track called "Out Now"...and as per usual it's dope as shit and you'd be hard pressed to find any other emcee out there who could duplicate that rhyme pattern...

Paul White on the production tip here...

Go get the friggin' record man, dropped today... it's great... cop here, or here.

Single: Chino XL - Eye (The Stomp) [prod. by DJ House Shoes]

What you thought the Latino, MENSA member, Jersey-bred, One-time Rick Rubin-signed, beefin wit Pac in the 90's, CSI: Miami -guest starring, wordsmith known As Chino XL wasn't comin right back after a half decade to wow you with his witty, rapidfire lines? You thought wrong...

"RICANstruction: The Black Rosary" drops on September 25th, this right here is the heat he cooked  up with DJ House Shoes that absolutely THUMPS.

Single: Murs & Fashawn - This Generation

Got the title track for what I'm sure will be one of the really incredible releases of this year in Murs & Fashawn's "This Generation"...

That guitar, those claps, Adrian on the hook and that classic "This generation" sample lift make this a total winner.. wasn't completely convinced that these two would be a great mesh, so far, so good..

9/25 is the iTunes drop date ppl..

Video: AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love

UK duo AlunaGeorge's new video and tune "Your Drums, Your Love" strikes that ever-sweet spot in-between electro, drum and bass, Hip-Hop/R&B, and dance and proves oh so absorbing...

This recommendation came down to me from on high, (fellas, you shld know what I mean) and I'm so happy that shorty has taste.. and an ear for truly unique vocals, sported by London songstress Aluna and the man who's sounds totally captivate here, keyboardist George Reid.

If you're enthralled, do check out their single, "You Know You Like It" here..

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cover Art/Video: Sean Price's Mic Tyson and "I See"

Sean P is almost back on the scene with his, how should I put it, unique, brand of non-stop, hardcore, verbal wordplay that really is somewhat untouchable these days...

Today, via the Duck Down website, we got the cover art for "Mic Tyson", which drops on Oct. 30th and the new minute and a half video for "I See" ... Which features P riding around Rome in one of those cool lil' cars... so yeah.. lol.. get ready!!

Pete Rock - Delicious Vinyl 25th Anniversary Mix

What a treat right?

In conjunction with clothing brand Stussy, (who makes ill ass threads, but none in my size really, lol) Pete Rock pays tribute to the incomparable, 80's and 90's record label, Delicious Vinyl just in time for their 25th anniversary that just recently went down...

Anytime you can get the Chocolate Boy Wonder to mix some stuff up for you on the 1's and 2's, you don't hesitate to ask, listen or DL.. I urge you to listen up as PR cycles through some pretty unforgettable cuts from the Delicious catalog, from names like Masta Ace, Pharcyde, The Brand New Heavies, The Whoridas and many more..

53 minutes long.. chalk full o' goodness..

Single: Blame One - "I" (prod by Preed One)

New, soulful, boom bap-tastic banger from our fav. Daygo emcee, Blame One..

"I", is about as straight forward as it gets... this joint def. flexes some of Blame's best skills.. and just really is a textbook example of that west coast, underground hip-hop that Blame makes so well... I gotta say it's just solid. Producer Preed One can't be ignored either.. his instrumental provides a great back drop for the wordy Blame to get off on..

Can't wait for this upcoming collab project, "Blame Preed".

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Single: Blu - Lemonade (prod. by Beat Make Jake)

Our favorite, enigmatic, underground, left coast MC, Blu is back with a solid new single, complete with cuts from his longtime collaborator and excellent production and emceeing force in his own right, Exile.

"Blu Lemonade" is a limited edition 7" supplied to us from the uber cool, indie label, Jakarta Records, outta Berlin.. below is their description of what's goin on here:

if live gives you lemons, cut them, scratch them and put them in a beat. for that special flavor take blu’s soothing flow to sugar it up, add exile’s cuts to give it some spice and make sure to replace »sour« with »refreshing«. blu is back, happy to pour you some lemonade and his hommage to the one and only guru is straight boom bap with a scratched hook by his partner in crime exile, over a raw production by beat make jake. 
the song will be released as a limited 7″ in early october, 400 copies, hand screen printed cover. 
get the song here and pre-order the vinyl if you like to.

Video: Saigon ft. Styles P - Not Like Them

Saigon, the forever-wise, if impetuous street poet is readying a follow-up to his debut LP and if  I was a betting man, I'd say that he's going to avoid the sophomore slump.. Together with equally revolutionary-minded emcee Styles P, Giddy unleashes the force that is "Not Like Them".

Visually, it's very much an ode to the Black Panther movement that was in fact a positive force in America, despite what any mainstream media outlet would like to misconstrue about their legacy.

Get ready.. "The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses" drops on 11/6/12

Video: Muneshine - Lower Level

What do you get when you take one of Canada's best, a staple in 90s NYC production and some really dope Parkour visuals? You got Muneshine's tuff ass new video, "Lower Level", that's what...

Assisted by Buckwild's un-aging style of boom bap and aggression, Mune shows off his rapper hand movements, lol.. seriously.. a really cool vid.. directed by Ken Galloway and Scott McClelland

"Lower Level" is off Mune's equally cool, 2012 LP "There Is Only Today" , which is available now.

Single: Oddisee - From Largo With Love

Is there any more talented rappin/producing cat out there than Oddisee?

The D.C.-bred, NY dwelling force and one third of Diamond District (pls give us a sophomore release!) drops a line for us all, ya know, just to keep in touch.. the result is "From Largo With Love", a track that boasts lush keys and vivid strings coupled with Oddisee's ethereal rhyme constructions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Single: Point Blank ft. Inspired - The Train

Very nice and nod-worthy new track from Danish (yes, from Denmark) newcomers, Point Blank, who enlist the help of emcee Inspired, to completely go in on this banging, yet subtly groovy new track, "The Train"...

This joint is truly worth the cop on vinyl in case you're interested, but if you're lacking the funds at the moment, go head' and just press 'play' below...

I'd hate not to give all the components of this amazing group/band their due, below is a lineup of who plays what:

LouiLou - Rap 
Emil Hesselbæk - Trumpet 
Frederik Hagner - Saxophone 
Carl Emil Johansen - Piano 
Mathias Klysner - Guitar 
Thomas Lund - Bass 
Jakob Vinther - Drums

...and finally, since I'm so taken with these cats, as you should be, I really gotta recommend their EP from last year, "Don't Let The Minute Hand Slap You".

Single: Slum Village ft. Vice - Live It Up

There's always gonna  be a lot of debate about who's really in Slum Villa these days, and maybe some snide comments as well, but yo, I really could care less as long as they keep crafting tracks like this one...

Along with Vice, the, uhhhm, new Slum gets loose over a sinister type track...

"Dirty Slums: Evolution" drops in November...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Video: J. Rocc's Vinyl Collection

There's a lot of cats out there that can claim they really got some fuckin' vinyl, that they been diggin' for years and that they nice on the 1's and 2's...

J.Rocc is prolly the only one that you should believe that from... thing is, the brutha would likely never boast like that.. humble and as cool and talented as they come, the longtime Stones Throw and Beat Junkie affiliate gives us all a peek at his vinyl..

Shouts to Fuse TV on their on-going, uber cool, Crate Diggers series..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Single: DJ Kay Slay ft. Kendrick Lamar, SchoolBoy Q & Jay Rock - Highway To Hell

Man, I don't think I've bumped a Kay Slay tape since 05'.. back then the Drama King could do no wrong and was launching the careers of many a promising new act... His LP's featured guest spots galore and the production was always the truth... Here in the 2012 it seems Slay is focusing more so on the satellite radio game and other things, but he still drops a new tape from time to time..

Slay's latest mixtape is called "Return Of The Gate Keeper" and as per usual it's got that hardcore flair to it that we've come to know and love from him.. One of the standout cuts featured on it displays the once again re-surging talent well out west with three of Cali's (L.A.'s) most active and gifted new emcees in Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock..

Apparently this is the original version of "Highway To Hell".. thus making it all the more exclusive, and you know we digs those..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Single: Vinnie Paz ft. Tragedy Khadafi - 7 Fires Of Prophecy

Ahhhh, when a track commences with some of the best and funniest boxing quotes I've ever heard from coach Ray Kelly of Church Street Boxing Gym, you know straight hardcore shit is finna commence...

Vinnie Paz's "God Of The Serengeti" is one of the more anticipated hardcore releases that we will see this year and he's doing a great job so far judging by what he's let us taste, thus far.

You may remember how Paz rocked with Tragedy once before on JMT's unforgettable "Gengis Khan"... here the two monsters of hardcore reprise their roles and pick up right where they left off..

Brown Bag Allstars - Brown Label Part 2

The venerable team of uber talented producers, DJs and emcees known as BBAS returns with a  new installment of their Brown Label EP series that features a heap of new music from all the fellas..

8 tracks are yours to stream... for the full 14 track effort, you'll need to come up out the $5 bones kiddies... enjoy.

Single: Digital Diamonds (Jonwayne & Scoop Deville) ft. Kurt - In Spite

Def. something a lil' different here and something that the old Nirvana heads will dig..

Scoop Deville, son of legendary west coast rapper Kid Frost has fast built a reputation as one of the better and versatile up-and-coming producers out this way and has collaborated with many a nice artist..

On "In Spite", Scoop links with Stones Throw newb, Jonwayne for a minimalist's dream...and oh yeah, Kurt Cobain on the hook, with his hook from "In Bloom".

I fuck with this man..

Video: Nas - Bye Baby

"Next time I hope I pick the truest type / and watch me do it all over again, it's a beautiful life" 

Nasir continues the individual video releases off his latest opus "Life Is Good"....

Here the QB poet and legend provides the visuals for "Bye Baby", a track that is plainly (although also subliminally) dedicated to the emcee's ex-wife and mother of his child, Kelis..

Heartfelt and honest, Esco speaks truthfully from the heart about how his relationship unraveled, but remains steadfast in his belief that love will come back to him.. atta boy Nas!

Joey Badass - Rejex

Joey Badass is the new kid on the block that absolutely stunned the blogosphere w/ his "1999" mixtape release, a drop that pretty much managed to capture a great deal of that good ol' vinatge 90's feel that so many fans flock to when they hear it..

Well, if you did enjoy that initial release, get ready to be further pleased as Joey was wise enough to keep all the things he recorded for "1999" on the cutting room floor...

 “‘Rejex’ is a compilation of tracks that didn’t make it to my debut mixtape ’1999′. I decided to put this project together because I have a lot of unreleased material that I didn’t want to keep from the ears of my fans and supporters. (…) I also have a couple of tracks on here I did when I was 15 years old and I want to show people the progress I’ve made in a couple of years.”

Joey Badass - Rejex 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Single: Chase Moore & DJ Epik ft. Illmaculate - Painted Picture

Chase Moore and DJ Epik are readying a new release in the near future with the Sacramento, CA production wiz, Epik producing the entire project...

Sooo, in good order, the two have decided to let go of an older, but really, really, bangin cut that they had previously done to warm heads up for what's comin'... Along with Illmaculate, they do precisely that!

Video: Brother Ali - Mourning In America

Annnnd this man Brother Ali knocks it out the park with the visuals for his title track off his latest LP, "Mourning In America"....

His musings and real talk about society never had better accompanying imagery have they? Powerful, highly artistically poignant stuff happening here.. I urge all to take a peek..

The single was up on PHH awhile ago as well, if you still tryna bump that..

Get ready for the Mourning ppl...  9/18...

The Lower Class - Wingfield

DO NOT sleep on these cats... don't do it.. you've stumbled upon a new group that truly is doing something fresh and highly dope.. You gettin ready to hear The Lower Class...

Leaning on producer imaGenius's inventive Jazz and soul-infused arrangements, Kartune and Pliny Science kick wildly astute, yet oh so loose rhymes that easily catch your ear and provide a sort of very nostalgic, mid 90's feel...

You won't be disappointed in these new cats.. straight outta San Marcos, Texas of all places...

Video: J Nics - G-Code

Full discretion for all my female readers of PHH, this vid you may initially find NSFW, but rest assured, there's a couple of different lil' twists in it...

I dunno.. overall J Nics crafts a pretty decent video experience along with director Derick G... It's the strip club, no doubt, but the shots going to and in it are really well done.. respect to a new face in the game.. 

If you're new to J Nics, def. try his "Southern Niggas Ain't Slow" mix series on for size...

Single: Bekay - 5 Months Of Bloody Violins (prod. by DJ Morte)

New gun outta Brooklyn, Bekay, drops a stirring and heartfelt set of verses over some serious piano's and violins here...

Sometimes bad luck can push you toward something good.. this is a prime example of such... to get what I mean, read below...

Produced by DJ Morte of Argentina..

For Bekay, it was 15 months of back to back heart break, where he lost both friends and family to murder and illness. Bekay has always used music as an outlet to work through life’s speed bumps, but what happens when those speed bumps become mountains? On “15 Months of Bloody Violins,” Bekay returns to the mic after taking an inevitable hiatus to purge his mind of the trails and tribulations that have kept him at bay from what he loves most – rapping his ass off. Call this song Bekay’s catharsis, or call it plain insanity, either way Bekay hasn’t lost a step and spits with even more ferocity than even his most die hard of fans are used to. 

Single: Blu - rap dope

Some new auditory dope from one of L.A.'s favorite underground sons in Blu...

"rapdope" is a usual type of halfway frustrating, yet so ill type of release from Blu... is the mix job more than questionable? Yup... Is that what Blu was shooting for? Prolly..

It's still a great look in terms of Blu's actual content... as always, his rhymes def. still are poignant..

Talib Kweli & Z-Trip - Attack The Block

Been waitin a while for Kweli to drop something new.. seems like today is that day...

Together with DJing force Z-Trip, Kwei lets go of 18 new cuts that feature guest spots from names like John Forte, Fashawn, Styles P, Black Thought, Greg Nice, Grafh, Ab Soul, Das Racist,, Killer Mike, Planet Asia, Jay Rock and many others..

To me, one of the real stories is the production lineup as well... 9th Wonder, Symbolic One, Oh No, Boi 1nda, Don Cannon, Amadeus and J Rhodes all contribute to this highly memorable mixtape...

Talib Kweli & Z-Trip - Attack The Block

Big Jess Presents Honorable Mention Vol.1

The Twin Cities definitely has game and producer/emcee Big Jess is out to remind us all of just that..

This 17 track release is aimed at showcasing Jess' work and features a bevy of the best and very brightest from the Mini-Apple...

Names to expect range from Toki Wright Ernie Rhodes, Braille, Try-D, Big Quarters, Dwell Divine, Desdemona and many others..

Big Jess Presents Honorable Mention Vol.1