Sunday, February 28, 2010

News: Guru of Gang Starr Rumored To Be In Coma

For the past 15 minutes rumors that revered Gang Starr MC Guru has suffered a heart attack and is currently in a coma have been swirling around Twitter and a few Hip-Hop sites...

For the most part these "rumors" are completely un-substantiated and lack a credible source, however, if they do turn out to be true (which I'm hoping like crazy they aren't) I know personally I'm praying big time that he pulls through.


This terrible news has been confirmed to be true....

Guru's sister Tricia has stated that Guru did in fact suffer a cardiac arrest earlier today and subsequently has slipped into a coma.

Update 2:

Today we got a pulbic statement from Guru's partner and producer Solar regarding the situation and his condition.

from Yo Public Relations:

"Guru is struggling with a serious health issue. We, the whole 7 Grand Records family, appreciate all your love and well wishes. We continue to hold out hope that Guru will make a full recovery from this. We ask that his privacy on this matter will be respected. Again, thank you for all your support through this trying time."

PHH sends it's thoughts and prayers to Solar as well as the whole Elam family...


Single: Smiley The Ghetto Child - I'm Legend (prod. by DJ Premier)

Smiley The Ghetto Child hits us with a DJ Premier laced banger off his upcoming new album "The Antidote Pt.2"

Really dig how Preme has steady worked with this guy through the years despite him having next to no recognition within the mainstream music scene...That's Hip-Hop.

Smiley kicks his usual street venom over an innately Premier sounding beat, complete with those trademark chorus cuts that I need in my life...


Video: SNL's We Are The World 3

Finally an SNL skit cold open that I know I'mma be running back for a few days...

Hilarious parody of the recent musical disaster that was aimed at raising awareness for the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Props to J.Lo and Kristen Wiig, they assassinated Rihanna and Gwen Stefani's character somethin beautiful...


Jay Electronica's Unreleased Beaterator Instrumental

We all know that Jay Elec-Hannukah is arguably the most talented new MC/songwriter/producer and Erykah Badu impregnater to come around in the past three years (big emphasis on the "MC" portion of that statement) still, even those that have the proverbial "career fire" goin' strong aren't impervious to catching a few airborne embers.

As some of you may remember awhile back I was putting up vids of a few different artists who crafted some instrumentals on the new Beaterator for PSP production we get a new addition to that whole campaign by Rockstar, minus the video and well, a decent beat.

The offspring of Rockstar collaborating with (super?) producer Timbaland got tested out by Jay several months back at the Rockstar Games Beaterator Lounge and for some reason today they decided to release the beat that Jay took a grand total of 5 minutes to make on their website in an obvious coat tail riding moment.

It was probably somethin Jay thought would never get out there and was just messin' around doin', so he's gotta be halfway amused that so many people care about the shit he throws away.

Damn the information age...

spotted over at the similarly named Prohiphop


Friday, February 26, 2010

What's On TV?: Adult Swim's The Boondocks Makes Plans For Long Awaited 3rd Season Debut

May 2nd it's back baby!

Via Aaron McGruder's Twitter:

Hey folks... Boondocks coming back May 2nd! (We swear!) Please follow @BoondocksBTLG for the latest info and updates.

Ha, my guess is if your BET, A "Bad Girl", Ray J or a Republican duck for cover...this man comin for ya head.


Single: Q-Unique, Ill Bill & Slaine - Crillionaires

Brand spankin new joint from former Arsonist Q-Unique and current La Coka Nostra members Ill Bill and Slaine..

Over a magnetic and funky beat construction all three men go in and provide their usual dose of "don't give a fuck", exercising their 1st amendment rights almost to exhaustion...plenty of rabid violence and conspiracy theory driven lines here...Not sure if Crillionaires might be a new group that these three men may be thinking about starting, but if they did, they'd get no complaints about it ova here...This is your single of the weekend get your click on.

before you do tho...

I wanted to just actually say that I was hipped to this Twitter freebie by one of my readers, Mr. Kamran Asghar...thankyou my brutha! As always I have an open door policy here @ PHH and anyone wanting updates, to contribute music or just to say whatup can follow me on Twitter or reach me here:


Q-Unique, Ill Bill & Slaine - Crillionaires

Counterstrike UnKut Dot Com Mixtape Hosted BY Doo Wop

As previously promised today we get for free the official mixtape presented by

Here's what Robbie had to say:

If you’d told me that I’d be dropping a tape with DJ Doo Wop that featured exclusive tracks from some of New York’s finest back when I started Unkut Dot Com six years ago, I would have told you to stop smoking that shit. I’ve been through some ups and downs over that time, but Unkut has always held me down regardless. This is a small token of my appreciation to everyone who has supported and stuck by the site and kept things moving.

So far I've heard a mix of what to expect on here from fellow bloggers...for the most part it's free and I'm in the mood for that so I'm should do the same...


Counterstrike Mixtape Un-Mixed Version

Counterstrike Mixtape

Single: Khaleel ft. Panchi - Rappin' Exercise (prod. by Showbiz & Cuts by DJ Premier)

So it seems that Year Round Records AKA DJ Premier's label is going in the direction of signing artists from everywhere but NYC...

In any case, this is a pretty dope record from Khaleel, the newest Year Round signee who calls Houston, Texas his home. Along for the feature is Year Round artist and one half of The NYGz Panchi...

Don't be fooled, this isn't a Preemo laced beat...In fact, his latest partner of sorts and production legend; Showbiz of D.I.T.C. , produced this while Preme handled the cuts.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Single: Freddie Gibbs - Slammin'

Killer dope boy tune...

I could let off a couple rounds and disturb the peace somethin' nasty to this easily...Once again, the Indiana to L.A. transplant known as Freddie Gibbs graces PHH with his unique brand of dead pan, dope slangin' realism...Ig'nant? Maybe...Knockin'? Definitely....

On a side note, that broad at the end....bitch formerly known as Danger from the Ray J thing? The nutso one? Ya know, the “I’m Creole Mexican” one...

lol, don’t do it Mr. Gibbs…

"Str8 Killa No Filla" drops early next month...


Freddie Gibbs - Slammin

Video: J Dilla Documentary By Stussy Pt. 3

3rd installment of the Stussy sponsered J-Dilla documentary...

In this segment we hear from more of Dilla's musical family, including J-Rocc, DJ HouseShoes, Mayer Hawthorne and Egon about his un-measurable talent...Also, a lil' insight on the term "Donuts" and how/why it came about to describe the wonder that is a Dilla beat...

First two parts here


Beastie Boys - Brooklyn Dust Mixed by Jimmy Green

Who's in the mood for some ill blends?

Courtesy of Jimmy Green and his all too dope Jimbo Jones Convenienence Store Blog we get a brand new take on one of Hip-Hop's most storied groups, The Beastie Boys.

The all-white trio of MC's that actually started out way back in the late 70's as a hardcore Punk act and then switched in 84' to Hip-Hop don't usually find themselves the fodder of modern mixtape constructing...Thanks to Jimmy thinking outside the box and having a bomb ass collection of their acapellas and rarities however, we get a new and intriguing look from the Beasties that just may make some of you Generation Yer's fans.

I admit I grew out of bumping the Beasties regularly, but lately I've been re-visiting a lot of their older stuff (shoutout to anyone else that bumps "No Sleep Til' Brooklyn while they workout) so this tape comes right on time for me. My older sis was actually the first one who I saw bumping the Beasties and out of curiousity one day I took her tape of "Licensed To Ill" and ended up never returning it. I been a fan since and I think more of you cats that don't mess with Mike D, MCA (Get well soon homie!) and Ad-Rock's music should try "Brooklyn Dust" on for size. The 35 track tape has a dope contemporary twist coupling some of the group's classic vocals with more modish beats and there's also a host of rare alternate versions and remixes...a great introduction to the Beasties for any novice and a great refresher for longtime listeners...

Dig in.


Beastie Boys - Brooklyn Dust Mixed by Jimmy Green

Have a taste of what's in store:

Scheme - Same Rebel New Cause Mixed by DJ PNS

The big homie from Chi-Town drops a new mixtape, complete with uber co-signings and his own Molemen crew head holding things down on the mix...

Presented by 2dopeboyz, Ruby Hornet, Soul Assassins and Molemen Records, Scheme AKA Rhyme Scheme is getting some hefty face time, believe me....

This moment in the spotlight is nuthin new to the Chicano rap force, nor is it undeserved...He's released his fair share of material and is coming off a strong showing in last year's "Manifesto EP". I've spoken to dude personally and he's not only a talent, but a down to earth cat that cares about the culture and works to become a better artist constantly...The title of this joint couldn't be more fitting.

As far as the material contained here, expect a dope intro from Soul Assassins general DJ Muggs, plenty of thoughtful emceeing on Scheme's part, a completely exclusive and original lineup of tunes (making this a lot more like an album rather than a mixtape) and four tracks produced by Molemen progenitor and heavily respected Chi City beatmaker Panik...


Scheme - Same Rebel New Cause Mixed by DJ PNS

Video Interview: Reflection Eternal For OkayPlayer.TV

Sitting down on the video set for "In This World" (which drops next week) to chat it up about their hiatus from the game, their latest mixtape, and their new album "Revolutions Per Minute" (April 6th), Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli reveal the goods to Okayplayer.TV...

People still talkin about that line that Hov used Talib in? How bout a question about Blacksmith Records or Tek's last three albums...


Video: "Nine"

If your a 90's head than you can't and shouldn't forget the gruff voiced, hardcore cat outta the Bronx that went by the name/number Nine; a monikor that references his born date (9/19/1969). He basically set the stage for guys like DMX and was a true example of an artist that had his niche and stuck to it well.

With Connections to Funkmaster Flex he was able to drop two albums in 95' and 96' on Profile Records and Arista Records that birthed jams like "Whutcha Want?" and "Redrum"...Unfortunately by the late 90's he'd all but vanished off the scene...or so we thought...

He's resurfaced recently with promises of 2 new albums and a new company...In this clip we get to see and hear some of his inflections (and borderline hilarious adlibs) and thoughts on the game today.


Single: Inspectah Deck - The Champion (prod. by The Alchemist)

Rebel INS returns...

1st official single off Deck's upcoming 3rd Studio LP "The Mainfesto" that is at this point set to drop on March 23rd.

Here we get to hear Alc do his best Rza/Tru Master impression and maybe even out do them in many ways...Beat knocks like somethin straight outta 96' and Deck holds up his end as well, lacing it with darts...

I can't even speak on how ill stuff like this is to an old Wu head like myself...Great ish... for "The Mainfesto" it's set to feature vocal spots from Raekwon, Cappadonna, Termanology, Cormega, Kurupt, Planet Asia and Billy Danze and beats from MoSS, Lee Bannon, Agallah, J.Glaze, Mental Instruments and Deck himself...


Inspectah Deck - The Champion (prod. by The Alchemist)

Cover Art: Counterstrike: The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape

In this bloggin' shit there's a few cats that I admire and then there's a few cats that helped pave the way for PHH and whom without them doing what they do, I likely would have lil' idea in large part, how to do what I do on here...Robbie of is definitely apart of the latter...

Once again proving why he's on the forefront of Hip-Hop blogging and why he doesn't have to make posts like a meth addict to reel in viewers for his site, Robbie has got an official mixtape in the works to celebrate the 6th year of existence of his truly dope online publication...

It basically features every hardcore NYC lyricist that most of even the best connected DJ's around the 718 couldn't get up with to drop a verse...from old reliable names like Craig G, Prospect, Capone, Killa Sha (RIP) and Kool G Rap to newer New Giddy acts like Meyhem Lauren, The Closers, Nut-Rageous and The Doppelgangaz, I'm anticipating this more than another Dick Cheney heart attack...As if the lineup isn't nuts enough, the tape is hosted by none other than the bouncemasta himself, Doo Wop. Suddenly I have a suspicion about how all the guest spots were

"Counterstrike" drops for free on Friday over @ Unkut and if you'd like you can check out one single that's already been liberated from the tape; the Capone and Lord Nez laced "Gangsta/Gangsta".


Single: 9th Wonder & Murs - 3:16 Pt. 2

ahhh, listen to that vinyl static pop...

Frequent purveyors of stunningly dope and soulful music both as a duo and in their respective solo careers, emcee Murs and producer 9th Wonder return with the 1st single a freebie they're droppin in antcipation for "Fornever"; their 4th album/project together as a tandem...

"3:16 Pt. 2" is the usual 9th and Murs stuff; one part masterfully chopped soul sample and one part dynamic Murs narration.

Look around for "Fornever" on March 30th...


9th Wonder & Murs - 3:16 Pt. 2

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

News: Ice Cube Readies New Album Titled "I Am The West"

Gonna bring back that good ole' low Ridin', switches hittin', Indo smoking, Chuck Taylor rocking, wessiiide yellin', khaki suit wearin', 40 Oz. swiggin goodness that the West was once known for?

I'll believe it when I hear it O'Shea....


Single: MF Grimm - Girlfriend

LOL, this be thee most scathing diss toward skinny jeans and the cats that wear em' I've heard yet...

That intro, LOL, no words...MF Grimm is, was and always will be a rap genius...One of the few cats that could single handedly put a whole trend/sub-culture on blast...Hipsters that rock padlocked jeans, feast ya ears on "Girlfriend"; a track that not only goes in on you, but your bilingual Latin Spanish...

I'd expect nuthin' less from the Manny Hanny legend...

...get ready for Grimm's upcoming new record "You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel", due out May 18th...

spotted via Tiny Mix Tapes


Bambu - Paper Cuts EP

In much of the same spirit and fashion as the man who's post is above this one, L.A.'s foremost Filipino MC, AKA Bambu drops his dope new digital EP "Paper Cuts" for all of us to hear and marvel at...The main difference between this project and Scudda's is that while Joe opted to let us get up on his latest material for free, Bambu is taking the more capitalist route and asking a mere $7 bones for the stellar work...

I want all of you to know that at that price your getting a steal...Especially if your a L.A. Hip-Hop head and seeking out stuff from the new faces out west that are making some righteous noise.

Filled with great production, Bambu's visual lyrics and some sick assists that come in the form of L.A. heavyweights like Chace Infinite of Self Scientific, Diz Gibran, Malcolm & Martin and one of the Hip-Hop world's other most notable Filipino MC's; Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars, this 8 track EP is just downright impressive...

Not to be lost to the ever burgeoning digital-only format, Bambu is also rightfully making this release available in a hard copy version as well..visit his Beatrock label bandcamp site below to give up them 7 can preview and listen to the whole album streaming, but it's on you to drop the dough to make it apart of your music collection permanently...

Reward good music and support the artists kids!


<a href="">Paper Thin (with Chace Infinite of Self Scientific) by BEATROCK MUSIC</a>

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joe Scudda - Not Your Average Joe FreEP

As promised Justus Leaguer Joe Scudda in conjunction with The Smoking Section and DJ Statik Selektah, is releasing his new and very free EP "Not Your Average Joe"...

Scudda is anything but your run of the mill rapper and the entire project is blessed by his keen sense of honest observation regarding the game and life, as well as dope guest spots from not only his J League Familia (Khrysis & Carlitta Durand) but his new potnas from out west in Diz Gibran, Evidence & Alchemist, Mistah F.A.B. and Freddie Gibbs. Another great touch was Scudda's willingness to include some new faces in the production game on here too...Guys like Beatnick Dee, Aurelius and Kleph Dollaz all make dope contributions in the beat department.

I kinda figured this was gonna be good after seing the trailer for it , huge props to Scudda for crafting a decent EP that an actual "average Joe" could get into.


Hall Of Justus & The Smoking Section Present Joe Scudda – Not Your Average Joe EP

Single: 88-Keys ft. Colin Munroe - Wake Up Call

Hows about some synthy inspiration music for your Tuesday?

Off EA Sports' NBA Live 10 and presumably 88 Keys' forthcoming new mixtape "The ALPHA Program, Ver. 2.1" we got "Wake Up Call" an admittedly positive and upbeat track that speaks the ultimate truth: time waits for no get goin'!

Pretty decent quavering from the criminally over-rated Colin Munroe, it's not something that you need to have in steady rotation, but if you hit the gym or have trouble getting your early morning errands going I fully endorse it's, uhh, usage...


88-Keys ft. Colin Munroe - Wake Up Call

What's On TV?: HBO's How To Make It In America

Since I consider myself somewhat of a amateur TV critic and since I'm elated that HBO finally is putting out a new series that has a bit of the the same spark that their past programming triumphs like The Wire and The Sopranos did, I had to spread the word about my new favorite TV series How To Make It In America.

Okay, so like all things that I end up liking, at first I thought this shit was gonna be weak and dismissed it as simply "the new show with the Kid Cudder guy on it". Then I actually sat down and watched it...I was completely taken with the storyline, cast and music scoring which is rich with dope Hip-Hop and boasts the illest opening theme on TV.

Most of the show centers around two friends named Cam Calderon (Victor Rasuk) and Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenberg) who are hustling through their late twenties trying to come up on their dreams via street smarts and a never say die attitude....Sound like a familiar scenario anyone? Cam is a freewheeling Latino risk taker who's imprudence and naivety is the right balance for Ben, a Jewish kid who's steely, brooding demeanor sometimes impedes his progress. Together they've re-barrowed more loot from Cam's venomous uncle Rene (Luis Guzman); a local loan shark fresh out of prison with his own ambitions, to start their surefire ticket to fortune: A line of designer denim jeans called 'Crisp'. There's just one problem...they know absolutely nothing about the denim or fashion industry. Along with assists from their well-connected and equally ardent friends Domingo (Kid Cudi) and Gingy (Shannyn Sossamon) the pair embarks on their future.

The show is a great testament to the non-stop grind that it takes to make your dreams reality in this country, and you find yourself enjoying the ride waiting around and watching things develop as NYC subcultures clash at dizzying paces.

Do yaself a solid and tune in on Sundays @ 10PM people..6 more episodes left


Watch Episode 2 of How To Make It In America Here

Cover Art: Cypress Hill - Rise Up

On April 6th we're gonna get this....

It's album numero ocho for the Latin brothas that hail from the South Gate area of Los Angeles and their first on Priorty/EMI...If you can believe it, this LP marks the 22nd year that Bobo, B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs have been making music. Wow...time flies kids...time flies...

The tracklist has already leaked to the net and to me the clear highlights we're gonna get seem to be the 2 (yes, only 2) Muggs co-produced tracks, the Pete Rock produced gem "Light It Up" and the guest spot of former Rage Against The Machine/Audio Slave guitarist Tom Morello on "Shut 'Em Down"...

On the other hand there are some clearly suspect themes I noticed just glancing through the tracklisting as well, namely B-Real handling the bulk of the production and the recruitment of Pitbull and Marc Anthony for a song. I could say something about southern beatmaker Jim Jonsin being on here being a bit troubling too, but we'll see what he comes with.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Falside - Dollars Make Change The Mixtape

Now this is a dope lil' mixtape...

The very young (20) and very talented Providence, Rhode Island beat banger Falside drops us thee new and very deep "Dollars Make Change" mixtape that incorporates his versatility and knack for crafting moody, hardcore goodness.

Expanding upon his impressive list of collaborations "Dollars Make Change" is filled with big underground names and will please all of the hardcore purists.

Kid possesses a special talent not unlike some of his hero's, Marco Polo, DJ Premier and Pete Rock possess...That's heady praise sure, but anyone that listens to this tape will understand immediately why I dole it out on him...Another thing that impresses me about Falside is that he's got Edu Leedz AKA Mr. if you don't mess with me you won't be doing Hip-Hop in Boston, backing him which is a pretty solid representation...


Falside - Dollars Make Change The Mixtape

Video: J Dilla Documentary by Stussy Pt.1 & 2

Dilla month continues!

In the first 2 segments of this Stussy Brand sponsored, 3 part documentary series, we get some wonderfully candid interviews with some of Dilla's closest friends the likes of Peanut Butter Wolf, Egon, Frank Nitty, DJ Rhettmatic and more, all discussing their late friend's sound and origins of meeting him the 1st time.


News: Govt. Questions Jiggaman's Involvement In 'Racino' Project

Apparently the quasi-King of NY has more aspirations around town than simply bringing the Nets to Brooklyn...he may just now have one more problem as well...

Reports have been surfacing about a new federal probe that calls into question Jay-Z AKA Sean Carter's involvement and investment in the New York City "Racino" Project that aims to put slot machines in the old Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, was in any ways affected by his relationship with governor David Paterson. Specifically, Hov's decision to invest with the company Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG) is being scrutinized...

Apparently just days after "chumming up" with Governor Paterson during their work together to promote Jay's 9/11 tribute concert at Madison Square Garden this past August, AEG's chairman pushed to have the mogul purchase a 7 percent stake in the company.

When asked for a comment about Jay's "recruitment" to the company through Paterson, an AEG spokesman said "The partners were looking to bring in someone who could bring marketing and community advice to the team.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bobo Meets Rhettmatic The Mixtape

This weekend has been beautiful in terms of dope mixtape material coming from out west...To wrap things up this Sunday evening we got the brand new collaboration tape between Cypress Hill member Eric Bobo and World Famous Beat Junkie DJ Rhettmatic...

This is no ordinary Hip-Hop mixtape kids...Combining his long perfected Latin Conga skills with Rhett's equally fabled turntablism, the two L.A. artists who are far and away known mostly for their Hip-Hop chops create a new genre all on their own.

They've been doing a lot of shows in Cali, but now it's time to get the word out and what better way to do that than by taking their mesmerizing live set and turning it into a mixtape for 2DopeBoyz to distribute 100% free online?

I can't begin to describe the creativity, improvisation and timing that goes into what Rhettmatic and Bobo are doing...for some visuals peep this video that interviews both men and shows them performing live together @ Fat Beats L.A.

Take a listen to the whole tape streaming below or DL right away, but make sure you at least do one!


Single: Floyd The Locsmif - 2Tokes4DillaDawg

I've been slippin majorly on my Dilla Month responsibilities and I wholeheartedly apologize for that PHHer's...Today however I've got some retribution planned...

Floyd The Locsmif is a Georgia producer that unlike many of his peers (and I use that term loosely) isn't exaggerating the bounce in his music, autotuning some of his vocals over the chorus and could care less about radio play. He's a guy that makes dope beats and has been steady on the rise for some time...Like many a heady producer, this month is near and dear to his heart I'm sure, due to the fact that it is dedicated to one of the greatest to ever bang his digits against some MPC pads; our beloved James Dewitt Yancey AKA J Dilla.

To show his appreciation and pay tribute Floyd has created and let loose a brand new beat that if you didn't know he'd passed on, you might've sworn was a new Donut direct from Jay Dee himself...


Floyd The Locsmif-2Tokes4DillaDawg by Locsmif

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Interview: Raekwon For Entertainment Weekly

If your hoplessly snowed in this weekend like me take a moment to scan through this new Raekwon interview conducted by Simon Vozick-Levinson of The Chef goes over some of the finer points concerning OBFCL II as well as answers some questions about his two newest projects, the "Wu-Massacre" with Meth and Ghost as well as what he's promising to be his latest solo piece de resistance; "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang".


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you happy with how Cuban Linx Part II was received?

RAEKWON: Oh definitely, definitely. It just shows that hard work and dedication can lead to success. I’m glad people accepted it. It took a minute, but it was worth the wait, though…I think my heart was in the right place. My team, everybody was really coaching me to make this album the best album it could be. We just worked hard, man. Blood, sweat, and tears. I felt confident with it. I felt I could do it again. And my prayers was answered.

EW: One of the things a lot of people liked was that the album sounded like it almost could have come out 10 years earlier or more. Was that something you were intentionally doing?

Rae: Yeah. I mean, I wanted to come with a whole new sound, but still be able to relate to the early ’90s when we made the first one. So we took a lot of time. I think the key thing to this album is the production. I think when it comes to lyrics, everybody knows I’m one of them dudes that’s going to be able to write forever. But the production was very important to me. I had a lot of superproducers involved. I had a lot of cats that wasn’t as popular as the other producers that put just the same amount of work in. Maybe even a little bit more. But at the end of the day, though, everybody came to the cause of making a classic.

Read the rest here

LA Leakers X Cypress Hill - Leakers Of The Funk Mixtape

In celebration and anticipaton of L.A.'s funkiest Latino Hip-Hop Group ever releasing their 8th studio album this coming April 6th ("Rise Up"), DJ SourMILK and Just-N-Credible AKA The Los Angeles Leakers have compiled a mixtape of Cypress Hill's best moments ever...

As added treats to this appropriately titled "Audio-biography", the mix also contains some exclusives from the Hill that "may or may not be included on their new LP and comes in two different (mixed and separated tracked) versions...

Soul Assassino's Por Vida...


A Leakers X Cypress Hill - Leakers Of The Funk

LA Leakers X Cypress Hill - Leakers Of The Funk (Fully Mixed Version)

Toki Wright - BlackMale EP

Dropping his 2nd offiicial release after the dopeness that was his debut album, Brother Ali hypeman Minneapolis MC Toki Wright lets loose The "BlackMale EP".

This brand new, 8-Track collection not only continues in the footsteps of Toki's heady wordplay and commitment to solid production that we heard on "A Different Mirror", but is also a pretty stand up way to raise awareness and money for the recent tragedy in Haiti.

Toki had this to say about the release:

Friends and Family,

First off thank you for your continued support. Since the release of my debut full length album “A Different Mirror” in June I’ve been continuing to work hard to bring you more. In the last six months I’ve traveled tour the country, released new videos, and been working daily to provide you with more original work.

“BlackMale” is an 8 song digital EP of all brand new music. Seeing that it is Black History month it seemed like a fitting to release this interpretation of African-American manhood. I worked closely with Benzilla, Reggie Reg, Greg Greaze, PC, and Mike Swoop to craft this project. This project was also made possible by the Minnesota State Arts Board’s Cultural Community Partnership Grant. I set the foundation for this project with an organization called CRUNC (Community Roots Under New Construction).

“BlackMale” is available for free download, or as a “choose your own amount” donation. You can give whatever amount you see fit. My friend Jeanine Estime will be returning to her homeland of Haiti to hand out basic needs items (soap, toothpaste, asprin, etc) to people in her old neighborhood that were effected by the earthquake. All donations from the digital downloads will go directly to her via me.

To donate to the relief efforts in Haiti hit up The Rhymesayers website, or visit this Post, where you'll find a comprehensive list of organizations handling donations and giving out info regarding the recovery efforts in Haiti.


Toki Wright - BlackMale EP

Single: DJ Khaled ft. Nas & John Legend - Victory

Before you go crazy and spit out ya latte or McCafe or whatever you sippin' on this morning just know that this likely will be the only time I ever post anything to do with Khaled or his hot wack juice that he refers to as "music"...

However, I been a fan of Nasir's for a minute, and despite some looming troubles that clearly illustrate his new found penchant for doing idiot shit every now and again (who doesn't?) I can't deny homie's magnetic rhyme skills, even at this depleted stage in his career...Congruently, I must also say while I've never bought nan' one of his albums, I don't mind it at all when I stroll into a spot and hear some John Legend bumpin'. He may be a cereal un-manly man, but hey, he sings his ass off and actually has a lot of dope opinions about a lot of things away from music...modern day Luther? Maybe...

Get down to the MI-Yayo gets single of the weekend status kids!


DJ Khaled ft. Nas & John Legend - Victory

Cover Art: Kon & Amir Present Off Track Volume III: Brooklyn Rare Ghetto Disco, Funk And African Boogie

All you crate diggers get ready to eat your hearts out with you fav. 45 adapter...Kon & Amir are back.

The NYC based diggin' duo that for years now have been leaving their dusty fingerprints throughout the big apple return for a special jaunt through the city's biggest borough...

As the title clearly states expect to hear some rare wax plucks inspired by BK's grooviest dance floors as well as it's best Disco, Funk and soul artists circa the 1970's and 80's...

You'll be able to grab this on April 26th via bbe Music


DJ Modesty - Killa Sha "Rest In Peace" The Real Hip-Hop Show Dedicated Mixtape

With all the quasi-news about Tiger Woods going on and Hip-Hop for some reason diving into that madness along w/ everyone else, some have forgotten that just recently we lost one of QB's and Hip-Hop's most dedicated soldiers, Killa Sha...

French deejay and personality DJ Modesty, who is no stranger to Queens artists, has stepped up and mixed together 38 of Sha's best tracks as well as an exclusive interview he conducted with Sha back in the day for this brand new tribute mixtape...

spotted via


DJ Modesty - Killa Sha "Rest In Peace" The Real Hip-Hop Show Dedicated Mixtape