Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video: Slaughterhouse - Move On

I'm really pleased that the fellas chose to make this joint into a vid....just a great, inspirational and moving song. Everyone rips down their respective verse in this 8 minute classic, that truly is more so about the music than the image.....While the entire game salivates over Lil' Wayne's bullshit and Soulja Boy's next corny dance step Slaughterhouse drops this heat rock and quietly surges forward as the true head's most anticipated new group. Damn....


Video: Rapper Big Pooh - The Comeback

Inventive and entertaining new vid from Big Pooh that shows you the process that goes into creating his "delightful bars"......a white background and a handful of cuties dressed like maids definitely helped hold my interest, but the beat by Khrysis stole the show once again....Get Ready for all three versions of "Delightful Bars" comin' soon!


DJ Cogit - The International J.Rawls Mix

While most folks know him simply as the man behind Mos Def and Talib Kweli's "Brown Skin Lady" beat, over the years J.Rawls's musical touch has become much, much more to Hip-Hop.

The Columbus Ohio native who's production style utilizes the good old, tried and true techniques of sampling the illest Jazz, Funk, Soul and R&B breaks and grooves has forged a special spot on my all-time greatest producer's list......No simple task, trust me.........By always working with artist's of the highest lyrical caliber, routinely over the years J has built a solid resume of dope assists for the game's most interesting and skilled emcee's. Granted, he may not be the most well known or the most paid beatsmith out there, but he'll always be respected.....Rawls has always put the music first and that's what counts.....

Continuing on with my recent bevy of heady mixes that represent real Hip-Hop, I'm bringing you guys DJ Cogit's International J.Rawls mix from last year, that features a huge dose of J's best and most sought after productions.......Including many an underground and Indie superstar, you'll find the likes of Last Emperor, Phife Dog, Moka Only, Asheru and J-Live among others on this....

Truly a flawless and in-depth mix of J's best stuff.....Includes an Intro from the man himself.


01 J Rawls - Intro
02 J. Sands & Grap Luva - Check The Clock
03 El Da Sensei - We Bouncin’
04 Last Emperor - Time Tunnel
05 BJ Digby - Love Is Beautiful
06 Count Bass D - Ohio Players
07 Lone Catalysts - On Course Ft. LG
08 3582 - The Living Soul
09 Dose One - Spidfire Ft. Lionesque
10 Makeba Mooncycle - Judgement Day
11 Phife Dawg - Lemme Find Out (Remix)
12 Tavaris - Without You
13 Main Flow - Roulette Ft. Donte
14 Grand Agent - I Need A Girl
15 Lone Catalysts - L.I.F.E. Ft. Asheru, Grap Luva &
16 Moka Only - String Beans
17 Daily Planet - Paragon
18 Five Deez - Wow
19 Asheru & Blue Black - Dear You
20 Lone Catalysts - Due Process Ft. Talib Kweli
21 3582 - I Would Change
22 Wizdom Life - The Night Belongs To Music
23 J-Live - Ships Pass
24 Lone Catalysts - Rush Hour Ft. Showtime
25 Venus Malone - One On One
26 Jonell - Miss You
27 Liquid Crystal Project - A Tribute To Dilla
28 Declaime - Thank You


Single: Jadakiss & Nas - What If

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume this new heat is off Jada's new LP, but I'm not 100% sure so don't quote me.....In any case this is the 2nd pairing of these two prolific emcee's and it's a gem....Kiss and Nasir go in and ask all the tough questions that cycle through all of our subconscious thoughts as rapidly as the two NY heavyweights kick em' in their 16's. Couldn't ask for more here...maybe a diff. beat, IDK....Just not too crazy about this particular one, but I will say it is ill when it switches in the beginning....



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Single: Black Milk & Big Pooh - 2MC (prod. by Georgia Anne Muldrow)

If your sleeping on the talents of Goergia Anne Muldrow than her new promo track "2 MC" will wake you right the hell on up....Known primarily as a neo-soulish vocalist (and a damn good one) Georgia has been steadily developing her other talent for production for some time now. As a matter of fact, if you didn't know, besides a few assists from her Stones Throw brethren Madlib, she's been producing the majority of her own work....Who can forget the wondrous soundclave that her self-produced debut "Worthnothings" was? I can't...and once I did hear it I immediately wanted more of her production. Easily she's one of the best females out there behind the boards.......Her jazzy, hip-hop beat constructs indeed are a thing of aural beauty, and no disrespect to Cocoa Chanel or a few other fem-producer's, but sorry, ya'll just ain't fuckin with this soul sista's vibe.....

She's got to have picked up on the tremendous buzz that surrounds her production, because she's decided to release a new LP "Ms. One" on May 19th via E1 Music (Formerly Koch Entertainment), that will be a compilation style LP featuring her producing the entire thing. "2 MC" is the first official promo track for the LP that Georgia is putting out and it's definitely gonna create a stir. With Black Milk and Big Pooh lending their vocals over a smooth, entrancing beat that features a wonderfully worked Dilla'esque bassline and a soft horn pattern this joint is right on time......don't know about ya'll but I'm amp'd for "Ms. One".



Friday, March 27, 2009

Blaq Ink and Chip-Fu Present - Stop Playin' The Mixtape

Having re-emerged in the past few years on the NY mixtape circuit, Nas's remix for "Where Are They Now?" and Ali Shaheed Muhammed's debut album, Chip-Fu, formerly of everyone's favorite backwards rapping trio Fu Schnickens, recently dropped his new mixtape "Stop Playin'" that features a good dose of his Fu Schnickens classics as well as some of the new material he's been working on.

Now going by the monikor of Jungle Rock Jr. Math, Chip Fu has formed his own production company called Blaq Ink Entertainment and is aiming to release his debut album on the imprint. This mix features Del, Phife Dawg, Pete Rock, Heavy D and Nas among others, but don't be fooled, the skilled wordsmith who has a knack for making things fun in his verses is now flexing his love for the Reggae and Dancehall sound quite a bit.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Video: Common Market - Escaping Arkham

Beautifully shot new vid for "Escaping Arkham", a track off of Common Market's (Sabzi and RA Scion) new EP "The Winter's End". As always RA never fails to capture your attention with the more than apparent truth in his lyrics, however the imagery in this Video is first class. Walking down New York's Wall Street kicking insightful rhymes the are all hinged with deeper meaning and a lil' bit of pain this atmospheric and absorbing vid is pure artwork....props to Common Market for always putting great effort and thought into everything they put out.


Vitamin D - Table Manners 2

I'm just in my rare/overlooked underground mixes mode I guess.....I don't really feel like posting up the status quo of what is currently being labeled "Hip-Hop" because in actuality the new Bow Wow and Soulja Boy are the furthest things from what real Hip-Hop is. The stuff that's out there that is dope and blog worthy I want to do well sales-wise, so I shy away from putting that up usually too...lol, so lately there's been a lil' bit of a lack in material goin' up....regrettably of course....LOL, yes I do take pride in the fact that there is a reason why you won't find that new DOOM on my blog, but it does sorta create a hole left to be filled on Purehip-hop.....hey, I did put up all the singles he leaked!

So in all my perplexed anxiety over the conundrum that is post material I've recently just been running with the theme of putting up dope underground mixes from DJ's and producers that are criminally slept-on. This post being no exception, I introduce to you all Vitamin D, the producer mastermind behind Seattle's underground sound. He was one of the very first superstars on the circuit and his music inspired many of the area's up and coming acts. *cough* Jake One *cough*......D is currently working pretty heavily with the label Rhymesayers, and is actually set to release a collaborative album with Abstract Rude on the label later this year. Nothing against that project, but right now we're gonna delve into Vitamin D's past and un-earth one of his classic mixes, titled "Table Manners 2" that he released back in 1999. Clocking in at around 45 minutes long, this mix packs a nice dose of freestyles from D's and Sea Town's Tribal Music clique, specifically Samson S, Blak, Sho-nuff, D-Uneek, B-Self, H-Bomb, Vitamin D himself, Wordsayer and I-Self all combined over D's condensed mix of records. I've heard rumors that he used at least 500 records for this mix as a matter of fact. Also included are some breaks and a few contributions from Jake One. Mixed live by Vitamin D and showcasing his triple threat (production/DJing/rhyming) talents, "Table Manners 2" truly displays D's infinite knowledge of records and turntablism. This originally was an LP I guess......enjoy and pay ya respects to the pacific north west!


Side 1
Side 2


Single: Diamond District - Who I Be

Here on Purehip-hop we support dope, new artist's.....Oddisee is no exception. The production and rhyming phenom based outta the "DMV" (D.C., Maryland and Virginia) area has really gotten not only mine, but many a underground rap enthusiast's stamp of approval. Being that the man's music and projects are noteworthy I figured I'd bring you guys a new single from him and his new band of cohorts Diamond District.

"who I Be" is that new dope that you all want....A crazy beat crafted over an ill type drum break, an ODB sample and a crew (X.O. & Y.U.) who's skills match up well with Oddisee's. Grab this cousins....and be on the look out for Diamond District's debut LP.....comin April 17th...


Lakey The Kid - The Unreleased EP

I'm not a fan of the streets.....They're tough, unforgiving and in many cases fatal....yielding far more pain and hopelessness than they ever do legends and success stories, I grew up very much aware of their realities by seeing those around me, friends and family alike claimed by them. Even with my insight I have always applauded the cats that were born of them, who despite perhaps one or two or even three or four setbacks, managed to make it up out, at least in part, through the music. Guys like M.O.P., Freddie Foxx and Nas all come to mind.....

.....Another name that far fewer fans might want to tack onto that long list is Lakey Da Kid. A veteran of the Queensbridge Projects Lake went to prison in 1992 for allegedly shooting a cop. Following his release in 1999, "Lake" would enter the music business, create his own imprint on Landspeed records titled Lake Entertainment and see his first project, a collaborative effort amongst QB rapper's titled "The 41st Side" sell 100,000 copies. Lake would go on to appear on Nas's 6th and critically acclaimed album "God's Son" in 2002 on the track "Revolutionary Warfare". Sadly however the relationship between him and Nas since then has soured considerably. Lake has done his best to keep busy.....In 06' he once again used the power of old friends from QB to drop a memorable album when he and Cormega teamed up for "My Brother's Keeper". In 07' Lake dropped one of the hardest mixtapes in a long while "American Rat Killer" (a play on the popular movie American Gangster).

Nowadays it's a lil' bit harder to find Lakey. I've seen him pop up here and there on the Internet, mostly in low rent DVD's. He's taken up fitness pretty seriously and now sports a frame not unlike a pro body builder's. Apparently he's still signed to Death Row East...A label created by the infamous Suge Knight in the 90's when he initially met Lakey.

"The Unreleased EP" is a high quality, DJ free/dirty compilation of a host of Lake's best and hardest shit and believe me, his resume basically is nothing but hardcore material and this is pretty close to the best of the best. Many of these tracks are around, but few of them have ever been available in such good quality. The gutter, grimy and unforgiving truths of the street live in Lake's music and these joints shouldn't go un-noticed. Props to HipHopGiant for putting this together and upping it.


01 - Somebody Got Shot
02 - One Never Knows(Featuring Nas)
03 - Gauze Over Stitches
04 - By The Sword
05 - Snitch Niggaz(Original)(Featuring Cormega)
06 - Rise & Fall
07 - Gutter Block King
08 - Break Ya Back
09 - Hoes N Cocaine(Featuring Hardbody The Boss)
10 - Needle In Ya Arm(Featuring C-Rayz Walz & Couture)
Lakey The Kid - Beware(You Dying) Feat Shark


DJ Nu-Mark - Hands On

Last week I brought ya'll one of the illest, "best of" Buckwild mixes out there....this week, in that same spirit I bring you the much overlooked "Hands On", DJ Nu-Mark's lone mix CD (we need another one Mark!) that is an interesting and eclectic mix, well suited for anything, especially ambient background music at a dope hole in the wall typa lounge or just grade A stereo fodder for getting together with ya peoples.

From Beatnut's instrumentals and Electric String Orchestra's to mellow Latin grooves and a nice helping of indie undergrounder's, the man that rose to stardom DJing and producing for the incomparable Jurassic 5 blessed us with this smooth mix about 5 years back. There's something here for any and every kind of hipster music head; vinyl hounds, instrumental fiends, recovering mid 90's back pack rap fans....you will all find yourself reaching for this mix when push comes to shove. It's a bit top heavy with foreign emcee's, but to their credit, every one of them brings their "A" game. Music from guys that call central Europe and Australia home isn't the model for a successful mix, but Nu makes it work....somehow......

Finding a way to make it all mesh is what powers "Hands On". I mean where else are you gonna find a mixtape that features 70's Psych-Funk alonside MF Doom? It all should be enough to draw in the staunchest of critics....

To cap everything off, Nu-Mark and J-Live bless us with the then (2004) new joint "Brand Nu Live" that along with 3 other joints he produced on here, almost makes you wish that Nu would've just scrapped the whole mix idea and just got a bunch of his emcee friends like J-Live together and had them spit over his beats.....Nu, along with DJ Premier, Kev Brown, DJ G.I. Joe and a few others is now on my official "must do a compilation style album" Petition list.....


01 - Intro
02 - Eddy Senay - Down Home
03 - Tony Luisi - Rubber Bumpers
04 - Paz - Laying Eggs
05 - Rex Brown Company & Wersi Electric String Orchestra - Hot Track
06 - Organized Konfusion - Fudge Funk
07 - Jeru The Damaja - Intro (Life)
08 - Jeru The Damaja - Perverted Monks In The House (Skit)
09 - Group Home - Intro
10 - Beatnuts - Skit
11 - Blendcrafters - Melody
12 - DJ Nu-Mark feat. Chali 2na - Coming Through
13 - Vitamin D - No Good
14 - Prophetix - True Urban Grit (T.U.G.)
15 - M.F. DOOM aka Viktor Vaughn - Saliva
16 - Shurik'n - Samurai
17 - Schlechta Umgang - Crew Song
18 - DJ Nu-Mark feat. Key Kool of Visionaries - Hands On
19 - Brad Strut feat. Bias B & Lazy Grey - A Good Thing
20 - All Time High - 68 And I Owe You One
21 - Beathoven - Raw Chille
22 - Ray Cooper & Barry Morgan - Impulsion
23 - DJ Nu-Mark feat. J-Live - Brnd Nu Live


Monday, March 23, 2009

Video: Murs - Me And This Jawn

This vid almost makes me wish I was back wit my old girl....lol....a lot of ya'll will feel the same way as you watch this excellently directed ode to a long lasting relationship with a female who really is your down ass chick.....

Murs's chemistry with porn star now turned video girl Roxy Reynolds is pretty believeable....and while deep kissing a hardcore porn actress on the mouth probably isn't my thang, Murs is just the cat that can make it seem a lil' more sanitary....lol, all jokes aside though, Roxy was lookin beautiful and they did a good job with teh scenes.....


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rockstar Games Presents: Statik Selektah's Lost & Damned EP

As if Statik Selektah wasn't hittin' us in the head hard enough already with the new Saigon LP, he went ahead and dropped the soundtrack for the new "Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost & Damned" video game....The EP features five emcee's you'll always wanna hear somethin from in Talib Kweli, Saigon, Consequence, Freeway, Skyzoo and Termanology. Summing up this effort as being one of the finest EP's of 2009 so far does it no justice....this is a great EP and Selektah's production shines on every track....a must listen....


01. Termanology - Here In Liberty City
02. Freeway - Carjack
03. Saigon - Spit
04. Skyzoo - The Chase Is On
05. Consequence - I Hear Footsteps
06. Talib Kweli - My Favorite Song


Friday, March 20, 2009

Single: Phil Da Agony feat. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite - Think Green RMX

This is pure west coastin heat with a twist of modern awareness......Resident L.A. head Phil Da Agony teams up with his Strong Arm Steady group mate Mitchy Slick and the other half of Self Scientific Chace Infinite for the title track off his eco-friendly new album which is set to drop on May 5th.

Everyone turns in a great verse and I can't think of a better remix that has been put out this month. While I'd like to say Phil ripped into the laid back west coast beat the most, it's painfully obvious that both him and Mitchy were outclassed by a highly slept-on Chace Infinite. All around everyone contributes killer verses though.....

This is mos def a banger that I'll surely be bumpin in the whip in and at great volumes, but I wanna pause on speaking on the music for a second to tip my hat to Phil....The reason I want to show great gratitude toward him is because of what he's doing on this album; That would be thinking of the environment......not only is "Think Green" filled with lyrics that raise awareness about the environment and global warming, but the actual cover sleeve is minimalist 100% recycled and eco-friendly, printed on recycled paper. Phil has also partnered with the Releaf program for this release and for every copy of "Think Green" that is sold a tree will be planted. Admirable shit....



Thursday, March 19, 2009

News: Muggs/Soul Assassins Ready the "Intermission"

It is always great news when I hear about upcoming Soul Assassins projects, particularly ones that I've been following faithfully since the 90's. Being released as sort of the third installment following the Soul Assassins compilation album's "Chapter 1" and "Chapter 2", "Intermission" will feature a myriad of emcee's all rhyming over DJ Muggs' renowned, boom bap production. The official cover (above) along with the tack list was leaked earlier today so I figured I'd put them up for all those that have been anxiously awaiting a new compilation style LP produced entirely by Muggs. can't wait for the Summer.....

Drops on Gold Dust Records June 23rd.....shout out to Muggs who is currently on tour in Japan right now.....


1. Gangsta Shit - Bun B + M1
2. Classical - Sick Jacken & Evidence
3. Gunshots - Chace Infinite & Alchemist
4. Do It - La Coka Nostra
5. Rep Yo Shit - P.C.P. (Sick Jacken & Necro)
6. Good Evening LA - Self Scientific
7. Meet Your Maker - Reef The Lost Cause & Outer Space
8. Intermission - RZA, Rev. William Burk, Planet Asia & B-Real
9. Champions ( Remix) - Prodigy & Big Twins
10. Let Go (My Life) - Fashawn
11. Like That Y'All - Planet Asia
12. World We'Re In - Cynic
13. Call It Like I Aee It - Chace Infinite & Krondon
14. Matchbox - Dust
15 Figure It Out - Young De feat. Xzibit & Mykestro (Bonus Track)

DJ Solo - Drive Time The DJ Solo Collection Vol. 1 90's Hip-Hop

DJ Solo knows his Rock...... DJ Solo knows his Hip-Hop...... DJ Solo don't fuck with Half of the bullshit that comes out these days.......DJ Solo had an iPod.......DJ Solo had it [the iPod] stolen....DJ Solo got a new iPod.....that one got stolen too.....now Solo is burning CD's to bump in the whip now cause he ain't got no iPod......one CD he burnt 10 minutes before he left his office is from a mix list he made......that list he made is called "Drive Time Vol.1".......this is real Hip-Hop.....Solo's favorite joints from the 90's......this is not a mixtape.....this is not a mixtape!!!



Common Market - The Winter's End EP

By now many underground heads should have discovered the primed duo of RA Scion (emcee) and Sabzi (DJ/producer) who together form Common Market and have been droppin high brow music with one another since 2005. The group based out of Seattle has been gaining huge traction all over the northwest and the country as a whole.

"The Winter's End" will be their fourth release together, and just like their previous material it is a gem that contains a wealth of worthwhile topics stacked over intricate, interesting production. Combining RA's politically tinged and thought provoking rhymes with Sabzi's gift for melding synths and samples via software, the two produce yet another memorable effort. One of the best EP's of the new year along with Brother Ali's "The Truth Is Here".


1. Nouveau Depart 02:10
2. Escaping Arkham” 02:47
3. Brasso
4. Slow Down Moses
5. The Picture Of My DeLorean Gray (feat Sabzi)


Single: CunninLynguists feat. Slug - Don't Leave (When The Winter Comes)

It don't get much better than CunninLynguists and SLug on a track together, not for all of us back pack loyalists.....that's what I have here in "Don't Leave (When The Winter Comes)", the latest single off of CunninLynguist's new project titled "Strange Journey Volume One". The production on here is insane, Kno never seems to disappoint....highly good shit right here people, grab it....



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gza - Pro Tools Instrumentals

2008 wasn't all bad.....I know I spent the majority of it unemployed, bitchless and in a drunken stooper, but there were some pretty dope Hip-Hop albums that dropped....One of those album's indefinitely was Wu member Gza's 7th album "Pro Tools". Packed with Gza's high powered lyrics, the album that had limited guest spots and that was titled after the popular software program was indeed memorable. Another part of this album that was memorable was the production...Gza went back to longtime Wu collaborators 4th Disciple and Tru Master as well as new ones like Bronze Nazareth for beat making duties and fans couldn't have been more pleased. From "Paper Plate", "Alphabets" to "7 Pounds" and "Columbian Ties", there are ample reasons for this LP to be "Instrumentalized"....lol...Pretty ill stuff, check it out....


01. Intromental (Produced By: Dreddy Kruger)
02. Pencil (Produced By: Mathematics)
03. Alphabets (Produced By: True Master)
04. Groundbreaking (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth)
05. 7 Pounds (Produced By: Black Milk; Preservation)
06. 0 % Finance (Produced By: Jose 'Choco' Reynoso)
07. Short Race (Produced By: Arabian Knight)
08. Paper Plate (Produced By: Rza)
09. Columbian Ties (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth)
10. Firehouse (Produced By: Rock Marcy)
11. Path Of Destruction (Produced By: Jay Waxx Garfield)
12. Cinema (Produced By: Arabian Knight)
13. Intermission (Drive In Movie)
14. Life Is A Movie (Produced By: Rza)


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Abstract Rude - A Coat Of Gold P.a.i.n.t.

Ever since the days when he was runnin' with Abstract Tribe Unique and Freestyle Fellowship, Abstract Rude has long been one of the most innovative, complex, creative and for the lack of a better word, abstractly brilliant lyicist's/performers in L.A. and the world over. Able to wield many styles, flows and subject matters around like an underground Hip-Hop tsunami, Ab Rude takes no breaks and his relentless touring and releases have given Heads from far and wide many a reason to cheer him on and support his status as an authentic resident in the house of un-sung underground champions. After brief stints on Battle Axe, Grand Royal, Basement, Mass Men and Decon Records Ab has now landed on the Rhymesayers imprint and last year gave all of us one of the truly iller mixtapes we've had in awhile from him or anyone else for that matter....

It was through his touring with fellow Rhymesayers label mates Atmosphere and Brother Ali that Ab put into circulation "A Coat Of Gold P.a.i.n.t."; a magnificent mixtape effort that was sold in anticipation for Ab's upcoming album that was to be fully produced by Seattle production legend Vitamin D and titled *"Dear Abbey"*. For this joint Rude linked back up with his ATU DJ, Drez and DJ Artistic for mixing duties, which they provide so in a very up to par manner. Showcasing Ab in familiar spaces, this mix features a ton of his best material, ill guest spots, hard to find remixes and a host of great producers lending their beats. Of course my fav. two joints are the ones that Vitamin D produced, "Hip-Hop Ride" and "Fourth Quarter"...man, D just sounds like a highly advanced Jake One to me, I can def. hear where Jake got a lot of his influences from when I bump Vitamin D. At any rate, everything on the front and back end of "A Coat Of Gold P.a.i.n.t." is pretty sharp, if your new to Rude than you won't even mind that there's a handful of tracks from his 2001 album "P.A.I.N.T." on here.....enjoy people!


*For those that still wanna get up on Ab's new album with Vitamin D, have no fear even though the "Dear Abbey" title was scrapped in 2008, this year D and Ab are set to release their newly titled "Rejuvenation" album on Rhymesayers Entertainment sometime in 09'....look for that kids!

01 - He’s bad
02 - Hip Hop Ride
03 - Fourth Quarter feat. Vitamin D
04 - This is my DJ drop
05 - Yep! feat. DJ Drez (p.a.i.n.t)
06 - Smoking in Here w.(code name scorpion)
07 - Stop Biting (p.a.i.n.t)
08 - Mike, Arron and Eddit w.Myka Nyne & Aceyalone
09 - LA Styles Back (south centra thynk taynk)
10 - Mass Men Baby (moonbaby remix)
11 - Worth It (with voices)
12 - All Day (showtyme!)
13 - Coolin’ (showtyme!)
14 - Waiting for my Ruca w.Awol One and Josh Fischel (sublime tribute)
15 - Frisbee feat.Slug, Eyedea, Busdriver, LMNO, OMD and DJ Rhettmatic (p.a.i.n.t)
16 - Flow and Tell feat.Awol One, 2Mex and Busdriver (p.a.i.n.t)
17 - Life Goes On w.Pigeon John and DJ Rhettmatic
18 - Girls w.Busdriver and Daedulus
19 - She’s Always Right feat.Moka Only (p.a.i.n.t)
20 - Hi Mom -prayer4worldpeace- (kero remix)
21 - Dawning of the A.G.E feat.The Grouch and Eligh (p.a.i.n.t)


Snowgoons - The Snowgoons Instrumentals

When you get a chance to meet or interact with some of your favorite artist's it's always dope when they turn out to be actually pretty decent human beings.....That was the case when I humbly requested a drop for my new project ("The Tape" comin' soon people) from DJ Waxwork of the Snowgoons. Dude was efficient, responded back mad quick and didn't hesitate to lace me with a spirited drop completely gratis. Talk about humility....this guy is apart of the highly praised, 4 man, German production team that has released two of the illest Hip-Hop compilation albums in recent memory......if he woulda just blew me off, well, I can't say I woulda been surprised. Fortunately that wasn't the case and Waxwork is a stand up fella, willing, I'm sure to work with anyone who requests his time....that's the true spirit of Hip-Hop....

Going back to the actual production that is churned out by Waxwork here, we have the four man team he's apart of getting together with Babygrande to drop a wealth of their best instrumentals from the aforementioned albums. All I can say is that if you've been sleepin' wake up. The music The Snowgoons put together for all those lucky emcee's is remarkable. Boom bap meets hardcore on this double disc instrumental effort that is sure to become heavy bumping material for anyone who seeks out edgy, skilled sample based production.

p.s. Just wanted to thank Waxwork again for being so cool about things....preciate ya help man, meant a lot.



01. Heads Or Tails 03:38
02. Never 03:29
03. Gunz 03:37
04. Teacher's Trademark 03:51
05. No Guts No Glory 04:08
06. German Lugers 03:49
07. Black Woods 03:46
08. Real World 02:58
09. Show Love 04:00
10. Man Of The Year 03:45
11. It's Yours 03:51
12. Nothin' You Say 03:27
13. No Man's Land 04:01
14. Offensive Lineup 03:43
15. Wait A Minute 03:58


01. The Curse 03:57
02. Black Snow 03:03
03. Casualties of War 03:41
04. Who? 02:49
05. This Is Where The Fun Stops 03:57
06. Hold Up 04:39
07. Starlight 03:54
08. Knockatomi Plaza 04:23
09. Pay Attention 02:46
10. Serve Justice 03:46
11. Still Got The Ammo 04:14
12. Ride On 03:40
13. Incite A Riot 02:57
14. Lost 03:59
15. Still Waters Run Deep 03:35
16. Raining 03:41
17. Sick Life 03:30
18. The Storm 03:04
19. Avalanche Warning 03:44
20. The Hatred 03:39
21. Helpless 03:53



Friday, March 13, 2009

Single: Saigon - So Cruel (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Here's yet another reason why you need to head over to iTunes on the 17th and purchase Sai-giddy and Statik Selektah's 24 hour album "All In A Day's Work" (that's the real cover art for it too) dropping on Amalgam Digital....for the official third single leaked, Giddy and Statik let us preview "So Cruel".

I like this joint, but as always Saigon has a way of raising people's eyebrow's. LOL, if the distorted answer of who he voted for doesn't interest you then sit back and enjoy Statik's production....I can't co-sign the chorus, but everything else is up to par....



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Braille & Symbolic One - Cloud Nineteen

This is the first project from the extensive catalog of emcee Braille's that I have put up on Purehip-hop. Not that the man's other releases weren't deserving or anything, it's just that the underground scene is so vast, it's always a struggle to get around to everything that's out there. Despite having deprived some of my readers of his dope "The IV Edition", that came out last year, I'm all over his new collabo project "Cloud Nineteen". If your like me and you still are a loyal NBA Live player (fuck NBA2K!) than you probably discovered "The IV Edition" through Live 09' due to the fact that the title track was featured on the game's soundtrack. Either way, if you haven't heard the Portland, Oregon product's former works definitely take some time to dig those up, I have been over the past 2 weeks and I think duke is a really worthwhile artist and emcee....

Moving on to the other co-star of "Cloud Nineteen" I introduce (or simply re-introduce) you to Symbolic One AKA S1. The dually talented underground emcee and producer whom is known mainly for his work with heavily praised, Waco Texas based group, the Strange Fruit Project. Although you'll usually find him doing his adept and entertaining beat exhibition's alongside them, prepare yourself for something new, something that truly can be labeled as being on the aesthetic cusp of Hip-Hop's new thoroughfare....."Cloud Nineteen".

As the mainstream head of Hip-Hop continues to delve further and further away from what the culture is about, the underground heart and soul pushes forward into yet another decade. Many a radio program director has to wonder what exactly is to come in the future...with the new generation of American Hip-Hoppers embroiled in a recession, global warming and 2 wars, one has to ask themselves where the spirit of the genre will float to next....I think many an underground head would undeniably have to stand up and say, no, make that scream, that the future of Hip-Hop lies within the Indie scene and it's conscious wordsmiths.......

Enter in Braille and S1's "Cloud Nineteen"....

This is the new breed of Hip-Hop album; poignant, lyric-driven, beaming with chemistry between two cats that actually wanna record together and sought each other out to do so and all of it stacked on versatile, meaningful production. Welcome to 2009 kids...where S1 and Braille hit you in the head with "Cloud Nineteen". This project has everything....from pinpoint accurate DJ scratches, female vocal breaks in the middle of tracks, inventive samples and sample flips, powerful diverse lyricism that isn't afraid to cover any topic (see "From The Pulpit") and a replayibility factor that is pretty high. One thing that I really liked as well was Braille and S1's commitment to the DJ's as well....recruiting more than a few talented cats to assist their soundscapes...true school heads will appreciate that mos def. Be sure to peep "That's My Word", "For Life", "Fill It In" and "Megaphone Phonics".


01 - Sky Dive (Feat. Steven Winchester) (Braille's Father R.I.P.)
02 - It's Nineteen (Feat. Rob Swift)
03 - For Life
04 - Broken Heart (Feat. Strange Fruit Project, Ragen Fykes & Thesis)
05 - That's My Word (Feat. Theory Hazit & Rob Swift)
06 - Fill It In (Feat. DJ Idull)
07 - Skepticold
08 - Heart Of God
09 - Found Her (Feat. Shawn Lee)
10 - From The Pulpit
11 - Megaphone Phonics (Feat. Vursatyl, Rob Swift & Tony Cook)
12 - Work That Way
13 - HardRock (Feat. Lightheaded, Rob Swift & Pataphysics)
14 - Stay Together (Feat. Ragen Fykes & Symbolyc One)
15 - Parachutes And Ladders (Instrolude)
16 - Frankenstein (Bonus)


News: Vast Aire Readies New Book

One half of Cannibal Ox, Vast Aire, has been keeping busy and quietly penning a new book titled "The Asiatic Calender (A Historic Time Line of the Aboriginal Man)". A true but welcome surprise to me, Vast reports that the book is "based on spiritual teachings and understandings". He goes on to say "from my unique perspective and experiences I was able to write this book". Vast sounds focused and the book sounds like it'll be tremendously interesting. It's not yet completed but is coming soon.


Single: Termanology, G Malone & Kali - Rollin Down The Freeway (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Ultra laid back and chill, I can't think of a better track to bump while you rollin down the freeway blowing blunt smoke out the window....Term and Glasses Malone both steal the show, riding the dope Statik Selektah production to perfection. Reminds me of classic west coast efforts that just put you in that mood.....Statik and Term is killin em' lately and this is no exception. You'll find this joint on the new Midnight Club video game soundtrack....



News: Dame Grease To Executive Produce Upcoming LOX Album

In some news that I found both good and uncertain, according to soulpitchhustle.com it looks like famed Harlem producer Dame Grease will be reuniting with old friends Styles, Sheek and Jada to executive produce their next LOX group album. Grease, who's last album "Goon Musik" was nothing short of extremely unrecognizable, has had a small resurgence of late with mainstream audiences producing tracks for Jay-Z and DJ Drama in recent years. Only time will tell if the man who worked so extensively with the LOX in the late 90's can rekindle the chemistry he had giving direction to their sound.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Single: Illa Ghee - I'm Here

A banger ripped from his new project "When The King Come Out", this is Illa Ghee's scathing headshot toward fake rappers, quasi thugs and garbage yes men AKA street teams, ""I'm Here". A familiar sample flipped in a new way powers this intensely aggresive take on the industry. True to the title, Illa has been a grinding force behind his own career for some time now and he routinely doles out good hardcore material with the best of em'. I've been following the Brooklyn based (out of bounds new yawk!!) emcee for awhile and all I can say is that he always drops a dope project that real hardcore heads can feel. Last joint I checked for was his "Myrtle And Throop" joint that was labeled a mixtape but was actually a street album. I would expect "When The King Come Out" to be the exact same.....purchase that here: http://www.mixtapemerchants.com/product/mixtapes/illa_wtkco.htm



J.Period & G Brown - March 9/09: The Complete Collection

In the spirit of the recent death Anniversary (lol, that sounded so bad...) of the greatest rapper of all-time, I bring you guys a wonderful and dedicated pack of mixtapes put together by none other than tape master's J.Period and DJ G.Brown. This dope remix series started 2 years ago with the first release, "Volume 1", that showcased Biggie's hardcore stylings over eerie and sinister beats inspired by movies like "Scarface", "King Of New York" and "Menace II Society" (three of my personal fav.'s). Following that up we have the most recent 2nd Volume that highlights Biggie's alter playalistic ego and will be more than suitable for all the folks that loved how Biggie was more than just a hardcore rapper and was versatile. The third download is of all the good stuff that gets cut when making a project that is over 80 tracks deep....the 12" singles, unreleaseed outtakes and clean radio edits come as extra goodies that other DJ's, fanatics and producers will enjoy highly....grab these historic and excellent tribute mixes J.Period fans, the links won't be up forever....




Vol. 12"

Single: Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down

Band newness from ultra dope underground trio Tanya Morgan "So Damn Down". Soulful and beaming with gems of knowledge and fun, this is my underground single of the week. Von Pea turns in an excellent beat that just makes me feel like cruising around with the windows down, blaring his [Pea's], Donwill and Ilyas's verses at maximum level. This is off Tanya Morgan's upcoming album "Brooklynati", which is the follow up to the ultra ill underground release "Moonlighting" LP....an LP that I had a chance to grab on vinyl but passed up.....d'oh!! Anyway if your wondering about teh science behind the title "Brooklynati", it's a play on the fact that Donwill and Ilyas hail from Cincy and Von Pea calls the borough of Brooklyn his home....put em' together and you have "Brooklynati", a little-known American city whose history, attractions, shops and events can be viewed through the Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce website here: http://brooklynati.com/home.html.

Now how sick is it that these guys have created a virtual city for all of us to jaunt through? A place far away from the hustle and bustle, the traffic jams and chain restaurants....a real city where people take in everything from the parks to performances on the regular...be sure to be on the lookout for all the cool stuff Interdependent Media will be releasing in conjunction with this album including New Era Brooklynati caps, one-of-a-kind MUNNY collectibles from THIS SIDE UP DESIGNS, Brooklynati Public Library cards which will entitle its holders to access the Library Systems files, Tanya Morgan paper toys, and city destination relics featuring the most popular spots in Brooklynati. I'm packing my bags now....



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DJ Kozi - The Best Of Buckwild

I'm officially taking a break from all the new singles and mixtapes to just bring you guys some real quality. Who do I turn to when I need to bring quality you ask?...Frenchmen DJ Kozi comes to mind right away, specifically his criminally slept-on "Best Of Buckwild" mix strikes me as something that you guys could use to get you through the Tuesday doldrums....I know it's helping me to do so anyway.

By now I shouldn't have to introduce you to Buckwild....the Bronx bred, underground king of beatmaking and member of the most deftly skilled Hip-Hop collective of all time the D.I.T.C. crew should be on your short list of greatest producers ever. The proud culprit of many a beat killing, Buckwild first gained a grip of notoriety by handling the bulk of the production on fellow Crates Crew member O.C.'s "Word...Life" LP and making production appearances on some of the more celebrated underground albums of the 90's including Big L's "Lifestylez Of The Poor And Dangerous", G Rap's "4,5,6" and Mic Geronimo's "The Natural". Many if not all of those joints he produced on those albums you'll find on this excellent rundown of Buck's best shit and many of his other overlooked gems from yesteryear. Rivaling his ultra hailed and supremely dope "Diggin In The Crates" double CD mix, this "Best Of" is sincerely dope, props to Kozi on this one.

for all those that just wanna cut to the chase and get to bumpin' this man's insane work here's the whole tape on a Divshare link....you welcome....

01. Intro Medley
02. Lace Da Booms - Cut Dat Weak Shit
03. Funkdoobeist - Rock On (Remix)
04. AK Skills - One Thing Or Another
05. Big L - Devil's Son
06. Mad Skillz - V.A. In The House
07. Resevoir Doggs - The Difference
08. Grand Puba - I Like It (Remix)
09. Medley Over The Prods
10. Jemini the Gifted One - Scars And Pain
11. Street Smartz - Problemz
12. Cormega - A Thin Line
13. Artifacts feat. Busta Rhymes - C'Mon Wit Da Git Down
14. Organized Konfusion - Bring It On
15. O.C. - Burn Me Slow
16. Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C.
17. O.C. - Ozone
18. Special Ed - Lyrics (Remix)
19. Bushwackas - Caught Up In The Game
20. A+ - Wanna Be Rich
21. Big L - MVP (Remix)
22. Showbiz & AG - You Know Now (Remix)
23. Diamond D, Sadat X & Lord Finesse - You Can't Front
24. Afro Jazz - You Can't Stop
25. Kool G Rap - Blowin' Up The World
26. AK Skills - Nights Of Fear
27. Big L - Put It On


Single: Oddisee - Hip-Hop's Cool Again

I don't know about anyone else but Hip-Hop has always been cool to me.....even when Hammer was goin' broke, when Cam was wearing massive amounts of pink and more recently when Coolio got caught with crack in the airport, I stay lovin' this grand old culture of ours....Renowned emcee/producer Oddisee seems to be enjoying a renaissance when it comes to the music however. Doling out one of his signature, soulful head nodding beats, Oddisee rhymes freely about his grind to the top, how he's reppin' his home and being "half nigga, half A- Rab". I think that Hip-Hop today is pretty much on the decline but that doesn't mean that Oddisee and guys like him ain't makin it look good again from time to time......ill tune, make sure you peep it.



DJ Drama & Cookin Soul - The Notorious B.I.G. Tribute

This registers pretty much as the best annual death anniversary ode to the Notorious one that I saw floating around this year. I mean I love all the "best of" mixes, but let's face it, if it ain't the one Mister Cee did way back or the one Mike Nice and Doo Wop put together a few years ago than doing a compilation style mix of Big's best music ain't really gonna stack up in 09'. It's all just been done already. I'm just starting to prefer the DJ's that take a fresh approach to Big's music and utilize all those acapellas he left behind to construct new blends and pair a posthumous performance with music from contemporary artist's of the highest integrity. A good example of the new way to approach a Biggie tribute mix is what Mick Boogie and Terry Urban were able to do with that excellent "Unbelievable" mixtape from a couple years ago....you remember, the tape with the really dope oil painting of Big on the front. At any rate, yeah, it's time for some new ideas about how to do a tribute to the black Frank White....As much as I can be heard yelling "leave the artist's music alone", it's just inevitable that most people won't and the remixes and re-workings will continue to pour in. So as the old adage states, "If you can't beat em', join em'".....lol, while I understand that many of these new attempts at homage will stink so bad that Big will be able to catch a whiff of the stench up in heaven, I have also opened my mind to the fact that some of these more unconventional mixes can and will be pretty good as more talented DJ's and producers undertake the task of making them....

When it comes to unusual pairings I've seen, the one that couples southern mixtape purveyor DJ Drama and Spanish, sample based production trio Cookin Soul has to be thee most unexpected of 09' so far. Unexpected as it is, this tribute that finds Drama playing his familiar role of host and Big Size, Milton and Zock re-working a host of the same samples used on many a Biggie classic, actually beams with promise.

Inventive and aspiring, the spirit in which this Tribute to the late great Brooklyn emcee is much brighter than most undertaken to date........Ambitious as it is to try and re-do what the great minds of legendary producers like D.Dot, Easy Mo Bee, DJ Premier, Nashiem Myrick and Lord Finesse did so well the first time around, it is but only inevitable that this project would be overall, pretty hit or miss....nevertheless, the "hits" that are produced are indeed the stuff of mixtape magic....Amongst the 20 all new, original features is a strong performance from Grafh who channels Biggie's hardcore essence for "Things Done Changed", a dynamic lyrical performance from J Leaguer Chaundon as he delves into "Who Shot Ya" and Jean Grae's interesting take on a revamped "Hypnotize".

For all the better looks that this Tribute tape provides, Freakey Zeeky, Amanda Diva and Nipsey Hussle do a good job of overshadowing them through their novice, if not shotty skills. I think that it would've better served this tape to have only recruited artist's that were somewhat in the same lane as Biggie was to rhyme.....Another bleek point was the less than astounding job real life Biggie cohort Lil' Cease did jumping on the new version of the holy grail of Hip-Hop hustling tracks "Ten Crack Commandments"......While the emceeing aspect was a bit in question, for the most part the beats were highly creative and engaging. As always the soul vibe that the Spaniard's from Valencia shoot for so much is present throughout. They did a lot to elevate their profile here.



Monday, March 9, 2009

Video: Jadakiss - Can't Stop Me

Rarely does a new, big budget video that is gettin a few spins on MTV Jams ever make it on this blog....Fortunately for Kiss, I'm an open minded guy and for some reason that is totally beyond me in every way imaginable, I still look at the mindless drost that they play on the BET, VH1 and MTV sister stations from time to time. Don't get excited though kiddies, I still live the majority of my life hating the shit out of anything that is broadcast on a Viacom subsidiary channel. It is only due to the fact that I view myself as somewhat of a quasi journalist that I venture out into the world of mainstream Hip-Hop on TV and the radio....that and the fact that I still have friends who zone out mindlessly in front of the tube while they absorb their highness....

So, being the "open" guy that I am, I was flipping through the channels the other day when I caught Jada's latest effort "Can't Stop Me"....I was taken at how Kiss was able to push through a truly ill song as his first single....The overall scenery of the vid was okay I guess....Looked kinda like it was shot in L.A. (the Chicano and Asian street racing extras gave it away), which is cool for Kiss of course, but I wish he woulda done this one back home in NYC....that woulda been big for New York......The imagery still is knee deep in all the Hip-Hop stereotypes; cars, girls, jewelry and so on but they don't over power the music....a solid effort on Jada's part that I think is appealing to both the underground and mainstream heads....way to go Kiss...


Single: Cormega - Move The Crowd Freestyle

Another quick lil' freestyle from Mega....presumably off that new mixtape he's dropping here shortly...I am always amazed at how much Mega can say in so little time, that other emcees can't manage to say in a whole album.....this is amazing and hopefully that mixtape and the new album are on their way....



DJ Eclipse - The Halftime Show 11th Anniversary

DJ Eclipse has been steady holdin shit down for 11 years and counting on his famed and heavily needed/celebrated Halftime Show and this year's Anniversary was just flat out dope.....as usual....

I know I'm a few days late puttin this up, but bear with me people, I have been doing a lot of diggin lately and that combined with my new J.O.B. has kept me pretty occupied and out of the loop......Somehow I found some time last night to bump this and all I can say is that this is just a straight blessing. Last year's Anniversary show was a beast of epic proportions and I know that it was going to be hard to top it, but this year I was pleasantly surprised by how well constructed and focused the effort was.....Eclipse is def. one of the most slept on and underrated DJ personalities of all time....

The theme took a break from the usual formula of bringing in a ton of producers and emcee's and rather, Eclipse opted to recruit a few of his world class DJ buddies to make the focal point of the show the proverbial "backbone" of Hip-Hop; the men on the 1's and 2's AKA the DJ's. Including sets from Tony Touch, Da Beatminerz, DJ A-Trak, DJ Premier as well as an exclusive unreleased set to jump things off, I don't know how you could ask for anything more. Packed to the fuckin brim with over 2 hours of exclusives, rare demo originals, cutting, scratching and priceless banter between everyone, this is your mandatory listening for the week. If you catch anything on this make sure it's Premo's set and JS-1's Break set.....



R.I.P. The Notoriuos B.I.G.

You should've already known this was comin'.....I think I've already written about as much as anyone can write on the legendary Brooklynite, and still I don't think I've covered it all as well as possible...

It was Canibus who once said in a rhyme "The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th". No one could've put it any better.....The statement rings true and as loud as ever to this day, more powerful than tons of re-worked and unreleased music of Big's that's been dropped posthumously and a full length Hollywood film that made tons of money but left out many an important detail. We still all undoubtedly love Big Poppa but cringe at what some of his people have let stand in representation of his memory in the years after his passing. We cringe at the fact that his classic debut "Ready To Die" is harder than ever to find in record stores due to Puff not being able to clear up a court matter that escalated over an unreported sample. We wonder what Big would say....would he even be upset? Flattered? Or would he simply laugh, say something witty and take a long pull off of his blunt?.....

I like to think that it would be the latter.

Today is the man's death anniversary, and more than a few Internet websites and (hopefully TV stations as well), will do follow up's on his seemingly never-ending story. There will be much pointing and reminiscing about his methods, his music, his humor and his tragic demise that still to this day, more than 10 years afterward is unsolved.....all of this will unfold and Big will be somewhere laughing, perhaps warmly, about all the hub bub....spirit gliding across the skies peering in on both his children and mother, blowing a cold New York breeze down that catches them on their backs as they walk outside today, sending a chill up their spines.....and then that giant laughter of his is heard somewhere in the universe......gone but never forgotten.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

News: Coolio Busted WIth Crack Cocaine At LAX

In the most bizarre news of the weekend, west coast rap veteran Coolio was busted yesterday in LAX going through screening with crack cocaine. The 45 yr. old emcee/actor was attempting to board his Southwest Airlines flight when the narcotic was discovered on his person. Sources close to Coolio AKA Artis Leon Ivey Jr. confirm that things did get somewhat physical. He was booked yesterday by the LAX police.


Emilio Rojas - Recession Proof

I can't think of a better way to set off my 600th post than with a new offering from one of the best, fresh new reasons to stay a fan of Hip-Hop.....Emilio Rojas. He's no savior by any means, but if there truly is a war being fought between solid, worthwhile Hip-Hop and mindless, corporate driven rap than Emilio is one of the many invaluable soldiers who is doing more than his part on the front lines of battle, but this time around their might be some serious mutiny a foot....

The Rochester, NY raised, half white, half Venezuelan emcee has paid his dues and risen through the ranks of the NYC underground circuit with a dominant, laid back flow and lyrics that pierce your mind piece. Having earned his stripes through a couple heavily praised mixtapes and opening up for legends like The Roots, AZ, Pharoahe Monch and O.C., Emilio AKA Raks One, has been working for some time to bring you his newest effort to date, "Recession Proof". Production wizards M-Phazes and Illmind as well as some new lyrical talent that should be more celebrated at this point like Hassan Mackey, Donny Goines and Fashawn all lend their expertise.

Even though the absolute last thing in America that is impervious to the current economic decline is Hip-Hop and more specifically underground Hip-Hop, Emilio manages to make a convincing case. Able to walk the fine line between underground and pop he dazzles over dynamic synths and resounding claps on "Keys To The City". Things fall back into a more soulful and familiar pace for longtime Emilio Rojas fans on "Murder", a head nodding street banger that is a great example of Raks skilled delivery and features a show stealing Donny Goines adding a pretty memorable assist....

In all honesty I'd like to say that this DJ Noodles and Legend hosted mixtape is up to par with Emilio's past works, but one too many unfamiliar attempts at a crossover club hit and verses that sound like they're aimed at landing him a guest spot on a R&B top 40 hit make the tape pretty hard to dub heavily bumpable or replay worthy. "Let It Out (Bounce)", "Way She Moves" and the god awful, auto tuned "Just One Night" are all examples of his new found penchant for forgetting his true fans and taking a swing for the proverbial "big hit" fences. I can't say I blame him, after all, if rap is what you do as a profession then making music that is more marketable to clubbers and women makes sense [cents] but, that don't mean that I'mma lie about the quality of the music.....sorry, "Recession Proof" is staggeringly bad compared to Rojas's earlier attempts at underground stardom like "A Breath Of Fresh Air" or his "Raks One Vs. The Industry" mixtape.....I'll still check for his stuff in the future because I know he has booming potential, but I don't think I'm alone here when I say that this was pretty disappointing.


01. Intro (Produced by M-Phazes)
02. Keys To The City
03. On The Ave (Feat. Fashawn) (Produced by M-Phazes)
04. Just One Night
05. Young, Fresh & Fly (Produced by Illmind)
06. Here I Am (Feat. Mela Machinko) (Produced by Khrysis)
07. Let It Out (Bounce)
08. Dont Go (Feat. Mela Machinko) (Produced by DJ Noodles)
09. 585 (Remix) (Feat. Hassan Mackey, Black Sinatra, L.I. & Nikal Fieldz)
10. Murder (Feat. Donny Goines & Mela Machinko) (Produced by Illmind)
11. 10 Player Commandments
12. Way She Moves (Feat. Stat Quo & Marvin Priest) (Produced by M-Phazes)
13. Free


Friday, March 6, 2009

Single: NYoil - Nightstick

Reprising his recurring role as the only muthafucka in Hip-Hop that routinely addresses real issues, NYoil releases a new single that puts Police brutality and the media's non-coverage of it, directly in his lyrical cross hairs.

Making light of all the recent brutalities that have been taking place across America from Cali's infamous BART shooting to New York's latest public execution Sean Bell, NYoil makes it a point to highlight the glaring indifference and lack of human compassion that has been displayed as of late by the men in blue. Never the one to exclude white folks or the news media from his poignant words, Oil issues both parties scathing and honest commentary. Powerful and needed....



Thursday, March 5, 2009

Single: Nas feat. Marsha Ambrosius - If I Ruled The World 2009

Some things are better left undone and some things, well, they leave you not knowing whether they should've not been done or if they'll grow on you....Such is the case here as Nas links up with the sultry and soulful Marsha Ambrosius (of Floetry fame) to update his thought provoking and inspirational hit that he recorded 13 years ago "If I Ruled The World".

Marsha handles the chorus duties well, I can't hate on her performance there and really Nas's verses are pretty well executed/penned too, but un-inspired, simplistic production as well as sort of a distance between Nas and Marsha's chemistry on this record clearly makes the sequel inferior to the first. Sorry kids, nuthin' beats a Mid nineties Nasir teaming up with L Boogie in her prime over one of The Trackmasters illest compositions ever. Listenable, but not somethin that is burn worthy or needs to go into your MP3 player....