Saturday, February 28, 2009

Single: Acelyalone & The Lonely Ones - The Way It Was & The Lonely Ones

Your favorite southern Cali emcee is back with two new joints from his upcoming LP "Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones" that is due out this spring. Can't tell you too much about The Lonely Ones, but I will say that Acey is experimenting with new sounds....don't DL this expecting to hear his ultra underground "Inner City Griot" flow.....He's opted for a more soul/pop type of sound. Lots of backup singin any rate here you guys go...I gotta job interview I gotta run to....


01 The Way It Was (Feat Bionik)
02 The Way It Was (Instrumental)
03 The Lonely Ones (Feat Bionik)
04 The Lonely Ones (Instrumental)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixtape Of The Month: Killah Priest - The Untold Story Of Walter Reed

Although he's known primarily for being a member of Sunz Of Man and one of the better Wu affiliates overall by the masses, I grew up bumpin' Killah Priest for his undeniable skills as a solo emcee. His razor sharp knowledge of history was what consistently drew me back to his albums and his non-stop work ethic made his music something that was readily accessible. For a cat like me, who made a habit of checkin for his stuff it didn't take long to understand that this guy was easily one of the most intelligent and well-informed rappers out there who commanded the mic in a special way. Priest was always releasing a new solo album, doing a guest spot or dropping a mixtape with his Black Market crew, thus I became very familiar with his musical stylings and views on the world. It was through his early (and best) LP's like "Heavy Mental", "View From Masada" and "Priesthood" that I would quietly join the hoards of fans that already knew he was one of the nicest ever. His extraordinary knack for illuminating the real truths and lies of both the past and present are indeed the main fuel for a career that continues to move forward into the twenty tens.

Now with his solo career in full swing and a modest, yet rabid fan base, Priest, who now also goes by the moniker of Walter Reed (his government name), has once again stepped out on the scene and delivered a magnificent and thought provoking new project for his fans. Oh yeah and it's free on his website people....

"The Untold Story Of Walter Reed" is a more than admirable gift for all the real Priest heads. This joint will send you back to his early glory days...I mean I'm flabbergasted at how dope this is. Giving you his usual lethal dose of engaging and introspective social commentary as well as just some straight up raw, you never knew that shit type of stuff, Priest is sure to generate some good underground buzz with this offering....Although labeled a "mixtape" this rides like an album, complete with insanely good production and excellently crafted songs that pull in your attention like gravitational force....I had to come back after bumping it and give it the official Purehip-hop blog Mixtape Of The Month Honor...I'm amazed at how unselfish and dedicated Priest is being by releasing this free of charge for his fans to OD off of.....I've already been by Priest's Web page and peeped some comments about this and some of his biggest fans are throwing around phrases like "best release ever" and "classic" like hot potatoes....Do yourself a favor and grab this, it's definitely a 4 1/2 outta 5 effort. Songs to Check for are "Never Existed", "Gabriel’s Palace The Dybbuk", "The Perfect Emcee", "Recognize" and "Sanskrit".

you can download and hear the whole tape here:


1. The Intro
2. The Covenant
3. The Killer
4. The Perfect MC
5. Growing pains (ghetto)
6. Gabriel’s palace the dybbuk
7. Never Existed
8. ME
9. G/Ciples feat. G/Ciples
10. My World
11. Sanskrit
12. Among Gangsters
13. Just some shit off the top
14. Numbers
15. Recognize
16. Live (for the moment)
17. Starkim freestyle feat. Starkim
18. Killah Man
19. 840 Babylon
20. Taking it back
21. Slaughter House freestyle

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mobb Deep - Infamous Instrumentals

This is a new drop that when I saw it, despite being busier than the republicans were lambasting Jendal's rediculous response from last night, I had to make time to put up for all of my loyal readers.....

Look I know some of you wanted to believe in that new Havoc album that dropped recently, honestly I did too, but alas, I heard it yesterday and truthfully it ain't nuthin' ya'll really need to be checkin for or something that needs to be up on Purehip-hop.....I'd much rather bring you guys "Infamous Instrumentals". Why you ask? Well, first off, this is something that the real Mobb Heads will appreciate to the fullest. The reason being is because many of these instrumentals have been floatin'around for awhile, but commonly those versions are just Vinyl rips or sloppy loops built with software by a producer or a rabid fan or something.....I'm a fan of inginuity and 12" inch singles, but sometimes it's just nice to get all up in someone's stash or to have one of your favorite artist's compile a thing or two for the loyalists who've stuck around for so long....

On "Infamous Instrumentals" your getting all these beats directly from Havoc's original recording sessions...the real joints that Hav and P heard blaring through their headphones while they stood in the booth and spouted off some of the verses that helped define the 90's hardcore landscape. I'm talkin about "Shook Ones", "Quiet Storm" and "Survival Of The Fittest" in all of their archetypal greatness people! For good measure Hav and P dug in the vaults and threw in "Hungry"; that previously unreleased track I put up a few days ago which to me was a pure banger.


01. Shook Ones Pt. 1 04:14
02. Shook Ones Pt. 2 04:37
03. Give Up The Goods (Just Step) 04:20
04. Survival Of The Fittest 03:37
05. Front Lines (Hell On Earth) 04:38
06. It’s Mine 04:16
07. Quiet Storm 04:01
08. USA (Aight Then) 04:08
09. The Learning (Burn) 04:16
10. Keep It Thoro 03:02
11. Still Shinning 04:11
12. G.O.D. Pt. 3 04:39
13. Delt With The Bullshit 03:25
14. Hungry 04:01

Tony Touch - Hip-Hop 86

If you don't have an XM Satellite Radio package than it's probably been awhile since you've heard fom the iconic Brooklyn DJ known as Tony Touch. While I'm sure many of us would've much rather seen him re-emerge with that new 50 Emcee's Tape he's been quietly promising in many a interview, this 86th installment of his famed and much revered "Hip-Hop" mixtape series is a pretty game substitute. If you've been snoozing on the latest and greatest singles from back east than have no fear, Toca will get you up to speed with his newest release.

Spanning over two decades now, Touch's "Hip-Hop" mixtapes were already the stuff of legend when I first started messing with them around 1997'. I remember loving the artist he used to have do the covers around tape 40 through 58....those joints just resonated with that good ole', independent as fuck, ground level, street corner feel of New York Hip-Hop. Even though Toca has halted the breakneck pace at which he drops his mixtapes and nowadays they aren't as heavily in demand as they once were, no. 86 proves to be a legitimate comeback swing for the fences, letting everyone in the ballpark know he still possesses that home run power. You just kinda get the feeling that he tried to sort of re-create that sensation that all his fans and I had back in 1997 with his earlier tapes that were always jampacked with the illest underground cuts....and he does a pretty admirable job n doing so....

Aside from Fat Joe's "Winding Me" and Jada's "Death Wish" (these two get negative cool points for continuing to use shitty ass Lil' Wayne guest spots man), I thought this was an excellent rundown of some of the best joints that should be in heavy circulation in the tri-state area. Mostly No. 86 follows suit with Toca's earlier formula for a good mixtape. True to his original style, Toca still reps majorly for good Hip-Hop music above all else. Delivering the joints that the hardcore underground heads want in "Whar", "Shootin'" and "Undescribable" as well as the joints that are sort of un-expected and under the radar like the 50 Cent collabo with DJ Premier. This mix never strays too far from the main point, all in all a pretty good joint to have layin around in the whip or near your stereo...

Toca we still waitin' on that new 50 emcee's!!


01. RZA - Whar (feat. Kool G Rap, Ghostface)
02. Cappadonna - What’s Really Up
03. Duo Live - Shootin (feat. Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, M.O.P.)
04. Heltah Skeltah - W.M.D.
05. GZA - Short Race
06. Guilty Simpson - Piglet
07. Lil’ Fame - Thugathon (feat. Termanology)
08. Blaq Poet - Ain’t Nuttin Changed
09. 50 Cent - Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth (feat. DJ Premier)
10. 50 Cent - Nigga Ill Hurt You
11. GZA - Pencil
12. Raekwon - Criminology 2 (feat. Ghostface)
13. Fat Joe - Winding Me (feat. Lil’ Wayne & Ron Browz)
14. Jadakiss - Death Wish (feat. Lil’ Wayne)
15. Billy Danze - Undescribable (feat. Busta Rhymes)
16. Uncle Murda - Give Me More Ammo
(feat. Red Cafe, Busta Rhymes)
17. Busta Rhymes - Conglomerate (feat. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss)
18. Jadakiss - Can’t Stop Me
19. Q Tip - Move
20. Q Tip - Renaissance Rap (Remix)
(feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Lil’ Wayne)
21. D.I.T.C. - Experience (showbiz & ag)
22. Uncle Murda - Murdera
23. Cashmere - Keep On Pushing
24. Jay Z - When The Money Goes
25. Red Cafe - Hottest In The Hood

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dr. Dooom - Take That Ride

From the demented minds of Kool Keith and Director Odin Wadleigh comes the latest Dr. Dooom video that is at times as puzzling as it is good. This is the usual deal from Keith who checks in with some pretty undecipherable rhymes as well as his usual weird style of dress, but it is what it is and that's why we love him.....Wadleigh adds some nice touches to the video, that is basically just 3 minutes of Keith riding around in a dingy old pickup, wearing a blonde wig under a Packers beanie and eating Chinese food, lol.....very old school horror movie'esque....


Monday, February 23, 2009

Live Stream/Mix Show: The Underworld Hip Hop Show Hosted By DJ G.I. Joe

For years now I've been a big time fan of Immortal Technique and one of the great things about an artist like Tech is that if you mess with his music long enough chances are you'll become a fan of a host of other really ill underground emcees. This is due to the fact that he always collaborates with cats that are aesthetically and musically about the same shit as him. From Akir to Diabolic, Big Zoo to Swave Sevah, I've discovered many a dope, new artist through Tech's music. One cat that I did ignorantly overlook for a lil' bit in the beginning when it came to Technique however was his DJ....That would be G.I. Joe, a one time B-Boy turned DJ, that has been gettin down next to Tech for years now and is the proud creator of the much admired "Underworld" mixtape series with Massachusetts DJ heavyweight, DP One. Not only is Joe mad skilled on the 1's and 2's he's also got a pretty keen ear for dope underground and hardcore music.....a true "DJ" forged through many years of grinding, practice and a genuine love for true Hip-Hop.

In the spirit of showing off that "good" ear and his non-stop work ethic, G.I. Joe has begun a live streaming show that goes by the same name of his popular mixtape series. The Underworld Hip-Hop Show is a daily live stream that you can catch on the link below, that features Joe in his Kitchen from 9-11 PM EST spinning and spotlighting everything from exclusive tracks, freestyles and guest appearances. Sometimes he even goes in during the day and spins other genres of music too, like Raggae or funk breaks so don't sleep.....

Tonight was the first time I actually got to check out the show and I thought it was really a thing of great beauty....G.I. Joe was spinning and mixing a grip of Immortal Technique's newer joints with a bunch of classic jumpoffs from the 90's that included classic's from Leaders Of The New School, Greg Nice, Cypress Hill, Brand Nubian, M.O.P. and Shyhiem to name a small few....

I'm definitely gonna be peepin' this stream out regularly and I highly recommend everyone else that just misses dope DJing and live sets to give it a gander....


News: Nore Arrested After Fight In Miami Burger Joint

It seems that Rapper Noreaga, AKA Victor Santiago was booked and released from Miami-Dade County jail early yesterday for an altercation that took place at a hamburger restaurant. It's still somewhat unclear what the conflict started over, but reports state that N.O.R.E. caused the disruption and yelled at another male customer, ripped up his bouquet of flowers and threw a cup of "yellow liquid" at the patron. Nore was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.


New Singles: Dr. Dre & T.I., Big Pooh & Talib Kweli

As stated earlier, it's Monday and I'm totally procrastinating about my future and finding a new gig....the economy in my city ain't helping much either, but I could be a bit more proactive I guess. Either way that's bad news for my wallet but good news for all my loyal blog readers and my own side ventures in music production, but I'll let ya'll in on that whole shin dig another day....

Right now lets get into a platoon post! Here I'm giving you guys a triple pack power punch of new singles that have made their way onto all the really notable Hip-Hop blogs and forums....

T.I. feat. Kobe "This Is Detox" (prod. by Dr. Dre)

First we have yet another rumored track leak off of Detox in "This is Detox (I Am Hip-Hop)", a new cut that features T.I. again rocking over some pretty insane Dr. Dre production only a few days after "Topless" a highly bumpable and IMO superior track from Dre leaked on the net as well....."This Is Detox" features new comer Kobe handling chorus duties and overall I like this, but I'm still ridin' with "Topless" as the better look...


Rapper Big Pooh - "Radio"

Next, we have a new banger from Rapper Big Pooh off his upcoming LP "Delightful Bars" that is the personification of heady Hip-Hop commentary. Pooh attacks the current state of Hip-Hop and Urban radio and lets people know that he still has respect for those DJ's that continue the grind out of love, but also makes no bones about his disdain for the pre-programmed new era that has been ushered in as the norm. Great production and a dope concept makes this somethin that is worthy of immediate burnage and bumpage.


Talib Kweli - "My Favorite Song" (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Lastly, It's time for some new flavor from Talib, someone who's been flying a lil' under the radar lately as a solo artist....Grabbing another loose joint that's leaked from the "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned" soundtrack, I give you a straight banger in "My Favorite Song", a new, laid back theme-based track that doesn't come off corny or forced. Statik Selektah's crispy production once again damn near steals the show, but Talib pulls out some witty lines to keep the vicious crack of the head-nodding snare and hazy sample work at bay.....ripped from Premier's radio show...high quality....


Video: CunninLynguists - "Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)"

Jesus, it's Monday and I'm draggin' ass big time. My commitment to slacking off has yielded enough free time (once again) for me to put up CunninLynguist's newest video effort; the soulful, wildly entertaining and hilarious ode to our favorite baked chocolate desert "Never Come Down (The Brownie SOng)". The special ingredients for this imaginative and chuckle worthy adventure into stoned hilarity are space suits, wigs, animal costumes and a dash of Kno's production/direction. Really a great anticipation builder for the trio's upcoming "Strange Journey Vol.1" album. You guys check this out I'm gonna work on gettin a shower.....


Grandmaster Flash - The Bridge Concept Of A Culture

It brings this blogger great joy to see this icon still cuttin' up a storm on the 1's and 2's. Grandmaster Flash is your favorite DJ's favorite DJ and probably the sole reason why your favorite DJ even started spinning. Now I realize I might have a few young readers that swing through here every once in awhile and that's cool, I also realize you might callously gloss over this post in your ravenous and insatiable quest for a new 50 Cent "Pimpin' Curly" video or a link to the latest garbo mixtape filled with terrible music claiming to be Hip-Hop. If your wise and you possess an attention span longer than the average energy drink guzzling, text message typing, Skyping, Twittering and MMA watching generation Y and nexter's, let my words usher you in a different direction.

"The Bridge" will definitely introduce you to some of Flash's excellent turntablism and world renowned scratching skills. Filled with music that was mostly recorded in 07' and 08', this is Flash's first noteworthy re-emergence in some time....the master of the 'Quick Mix Theory' technique and the progenitor of the "DJ set" picks up where he left off in 05' with his "Mixing Bullets And Firing Joints" LP and "The Bridge" packs an eclectic mix of music. The one thing that many will also enjoy about this release is that it enlists quite a few Hip-Hop headliners to push Flash's resounding theme of Hip-Hop being a universal and worldwide culture/language. Featuring KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip and Supernatural amongst others, there is a good amount of nice emceeing to accompany Flash's production and DJing this time out.

While a lot of the efforts on "The Bridge" register as sincerely furious with me, there are a few mis-steps that will not "Tear The Roof Off". That was a joke for all you hardcore Grandmaster Flash heads....ehhh, anyway...yeah, albeit a great effort, "Those Chix" which features that sad sack of a femcee Byata of VH1 reality television fame and three other pretty "meh" females spittin over a bass track literally might be the most un-listenable joint of 09' to me so far. That foolishness and the un-inspired flow of Flash's son J-Flo on "I Got Sumthin To Say" as well as the out of place Mr. Cheeks performance "Grown And Sexy" pull down what this album could of been. I wasn't too high on "Swagger" either....I mean fuck...why does anyone still request Snoop to be on their album? He's so nonsensically bad nowadays....While Those cuts totally destroy this LP's re-playability, I still honestly can't deny this joint's authentic, carefree Hip-Hop feel at times. Something that comes largely because of Flash's un-declining skills and commitment to making music that is largely positive and rooted in the grand story that is Hip-Hop.


01. Welcome (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
02. Shine All Day (Ft. Q-Tip, Jumz & Kel Spencer) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
03. We Speak Hip Hop (Ft. Afasi, Kase. O, Maccho, Abass & KRS-One) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
04. Here Comes My DJ (Ft. DJ Kool & DJ Demo) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
05. Bounce Back (Ft. Busta Rhymes) (Prod. By DJ Scratch & Grandmaster Flash)
06. Swagger (Ft. Red Cafe, Snoop Dogg & Lynda Carter) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
07. What If (Ft. KRS-One) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
08. Unanswered (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
09. Tribute To The Breakdancer (Ft. MC Supernatural) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
10. Grown & Sexy (Ft. Mr. Cheeks) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
11. When I Get There (Ft. Big Daddy Kane & Hedonis Da Amazon) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
12. Connection (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
13. I Got Sumthin To Say (Ft. Lordikim, Jay-Flo & Almighty Thor) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
14. Can I Take You Higher (Ft. Mr. Cheeks, Grandmaster Caz & Tito) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
15. Unpredictable (Ft. Big Daddy Kane & Syndee) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
16. Those Chix (Ft. Byata, Princess Superstar, Hedonis Da Amazon & Syndee) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
17. Bronx Bombers (Ft. Almighty Thor, Lordikim & Mann Child) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
18. Zuka The Sound (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)
19. Oh Man (Ft. Syndee & Natacha Atlas) (Prod. By Grandmaster Flash)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doom - Born Like This 5 Track Sampler

I always loved samplers, and I don't mean the ones that your favorite producer uses to flip records with (although I own and love those too). Nah, what I'm speakin' about are the quick lil' "tastes", so to speak, of rapper's album's that they put out before dropping their actual LP.

First they were cassettes, then CD's and now I guess we've entered the age of digital samplers with DOOM dropping us 5 cuts off of his upcoming and highly anticipated new album "Born Like This". Not to get off topic, but if your wondering why I haven't been referring to him as just "Doom" or with the "MF" in front of his name, it's because he's officially dropped that part of his moniker and is demanding that we all call him "DOOM", in all caps baby. Very The Artist Formerly Known As Prince like eh? Lol, I love it. Anyway "Samplers" are the teaser's that we love to get us going and built up with excitement for new projects and these 5 joints from Hip-Hop's favorite super villain do exactly that. Every one of them is up to DOOM standards but, "Ballskin" and the Ghostface assisted "Angelz" really peaked my interests....All I can say is that Mr. Dumile AKA DOOM will have my hard earned money come march 23rd....


1. Ballskin (1:34)
2. Lightworks (1:59)
3. Angelz feat. Tony Starks (3:12)
4. Cellz (4:25)
5. That’s That (2:07)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

DJ Revolution Presents...Malcolm & Martin Movement Music

Only taking a short break after dropping his new and highly dope LP "King Of The Decks", DJ Revolution has returned, releasing a completely free and new mix that is highly important and artistically one of my favorite drops of the new year.

Taking you back, way back into time, Revolution combines some classic Funk tunes, spoken word poetry and Malcolm And Martin; a new Hip-Hop duo outta L.A. known for spittin' political and conscious rhymes, to form a really ill, 35 track mixtape opus. I really like how Rev decided to incorporate what real Hip-Hop is all about and what us purists hunger for so much; the breaks!

You'll find Malcolm and Martin (AKA Styliztik Jones and KB Imean) kickin some truly historically observant stuff on here that any fan of Paris or P.E. would appreciate. Not to be ignored is the tremendous skill that the duo displays on "Movement Music" as well; it takes some serious rhyming chops to keep pace with some of those breaks, yet the L.A. up and comers did so effortlessly throughout the mix. This is real Hip-Hop in every way, from the presentation to the execution and the issues touched on deserve to be heard much more often.

Really enjoyed the excerpts from renowned Slam poet Saul Williams as well...that cat was always very inspiring and he continues to spew truth and love like a busted fire hydrant during the Summer (lol, there's my slam poetry)...Props goes out to Rev for digging up all these dope breaks from his extensive record collection and props to Malcolm and Martin for being two cats out in L.A. who's music you should readily be aware of due to it's high relevance in today's largely socially and politically clueless Hip-Hop landscape.


1. (00:03:55) Malcolm & Martin - What The Hell Happened to you?
2. (00:00:27) Malcolm & Martin - A New Day-Skull Snaps
3. (00:02:30) Malcolm & Martin - Status Quo-Saul Williams on the wake up show
4. (00:00:35) Malcolm & Martin - Rock Bed-J. Trombey
5. (00:00:34) Malcolm & Martin - Its my thing-James Coffey
6. (00:01:46) Malcolm & Martin - Do Your thing-Malcolm & Martin
7. (00:00:39) Malcolm & Martin - Hihache-Lafayette Afro Rock Band
8. (00:01:25) Malcolm & Martin - Do What you Gotta dp-Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. limited
9. (00:03:21) Malcolm & Martin - Welcome to the Movement-Malcolm & MArtin
10. (00:04:12) Malcolm & Martin - Lunchtyme Cyphers-Malcolm & Martin
11. (00:00:33) Malcolm & Martin - Making Tracks-Night Train
12. (00:01:14) Malcolm & Martin - Sample Culture-Saul Williams on the wake up show
13. (00:00:18) Malcolm & Martin - Talking loud-James Brown
14. (00:02:03) Malcolm & Martin - Sayin’Nothing-Malcolm & MArtin
15. (00:01:02) Malcolm & Martin - Hollywood Swingin’-Kool & The Gang
16. (00:02:00) Malcolm & Martin - Jungle Boogie-Kool & The Gang
17. (00:01:07) Malcolm & Martin - Let the Drums Speak-Fat Back Band
18. (00:02:36) Malcolm & Martin - Word to the Drum-Malcolm & MArtin
19. (00:01:17) Malcolm & Martin - Mind Power-James Brown
20. (00:01:07) Malcolm & Martin - Funk for the Folks-The Soul Searchers
21. (00:00:43) Malcolm & Martin - Melting Pot-Booker T & The MG’s
22. (00:05:53) Malcolm & Martin - Another Victory-Malcolm & MArtin
23. (00:00:31) Malcolm & Martin - Make my Funk-Parliment Funkadelic
24. (00:00:48) Malcolm & Martin - Feel the Funk-Ceasar Frazier
25. (00:03:31) Malcolm & Martin - The Ka$H-Malcolm & MArtin
26. (00:01:02) Malcolm & Martin - Misleading Words-Saul Williams on the wake up show
27. (00:01:32) Malcolm & Martin - Against the Wall-Malcolm & MArtin
28. (00:03:23) Malcolm & Martin - Great Nation-Bambu
29. (00:00:38) Malcolm & Martin - Kissed my baby-The Meters
30. (00:03:04) Malcolm & Martin - Time Machine-Styliztik Jones/Randy Pie
31. (00:02:18) Malcolm & Martin - Win or Lose-Malcolm & Martin
32. (00:01:19) Malcolm & Martin - Ghetto funk-Duralcha
33. (00:01:27) Malcolm & Martin - Sista Big Butt-Malcolm & Martin
34. (00:00:46) Malcolm & Martin - Gotta be Funky-Monk Higgins
35. (00:00:54) Malcolm & Martin - Hung Up-Salt

Rugged N' Raw - Truth Serum

"Truth Serum" is an excellent underground release from 08' that comes to us courtesy of the multi-talented Rugged N' Raw. A cat that is a renowned beatsmith, a versatile, conscious emcee and a focused song maker.....Highly known for winning a plethora of different beat and emcee battles Rugged is a clutch performer and due to his natural abilities he's had the opportunity of sharing the stage with some of the underground's undisputed royalty, the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Immortal Technique, Grandmaster Caz, C Rayz Walz, Eyedea & Abilities, Akir, 5 Ft. of Black Moon, Poison Pen and Mr. Lif just to name a few.

Rugged's raw delivery and uncut boasting style of lyricism harkens back to the glory days of rap and he's a unique mixture of elements....his personal style says rap nerd while his lyrical posturings exclaim the street. I found his best work to be "Drama", where he sort of morphs in and out of sounding like Joell Ortiz. "Truth Serum" is an engaging oratory listen, but doesn't spare or insulate you from of the rawer musings of Hip-Hop that so many of us love. This is a great effort from an acomplished and worthy double threat artist.

Be sure to peep the hardcore braggadocio of "The Ultimate", the ill beat workings of "Life's Purpose" and the man needs woman ballad of "Love Man".


01. Truth Serum Preface
02. Smashmouth Music
03. Drama
04. I'm Broke & Proud feat. Hasan Salaam
05. All The Way
06. What A Night
07. That's What It Is feat. HiCoup
08. Life's Purpose
09. New Life
10. The Ultimate
11. Love Man
12. NY To NC feat. URL
13. Locked Away feat. Homeboy Sandman
14. I'll Stay
15. I Can't Take It

Single: Maino, Red Cafe & Uncle Murder - Murdergram 2009

We need more of this! LOL, while many of you probably cringed when you saw the lineup for what you could only assume was a feestyle over that great old "Murdergram" beat, I assure you that your weariness isn't needed, no matter how much of an ass some of these guys have made of themselves in the past. Actually, each and everyone of these cats delivers a decent verse that highlights their common bond; a youth spent in the county of Kings; Brooklyn, NY.

I'd have to say Maino is the first rapper I've heard ignorantly flip the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation into a punchline, I don't know if I like that or not yet......I am really surprised by Uncle Murder's verse the most...I mean it was mad entertaining and precise, something that the East NY rapper isn't exactly known for. Cafe came through, but was less than dazzling this time out however.....he also ripped a punchline from the current news headlines with a swipe at A Rod....


Friday, February 20, 2009

Single - Havoc feat. Prodigy - On A Mission

Ill new Mobb yo!! Damn, it seems like I been waitin forever to say that phrase again man. Okay, okay, I'll back off a lil' bit....I know that before he started serving his prison sentence Prodigy was really startin to beast, releasing some heavy shit that included that more than decent "H.N.I.C. Pt. 2" album and Havoc has been sorta gettin down on the production tip, remaining one of the more sought after beatsmiths outta NYC after all these years. Still though, Hav and P haven't really linked up for anything too too meaningful as of late and the last time they went in together in bulk was for that G-Unit album that almost successfully destroyed a third of their fanbase. LOL, kids were so mad when they signed with 50 man....was callin' in to Hot 97 and insulting the Mobb, lol.....In all seriousness though, I am one of those cats that grew up bumping Mobb Deep albums while gulping down 40 Oz's and rolling blunts in my Avirex, Guess jeans and Timberlands so it was kinda tough seeing their music dwindle these past few years......

There seems to be a lil' bit of light at the end of the tunnel however as the two Queensbridge vets link up for "On A Mission", a nice hardcore cut from Hav's new album "The Hidden Files", an LP which I refuse to put up just for the sake of being like every other muthafuckin' blogger out there....

This is probably an older joint that was just unreleased for a time, but whatever, it's new to me and got damnit I think it's somethin' that Mobb purists should check for. Hav handles the beat work and while it's not top notch, 1995 thru 1998 Mobb shit, there are enough grimed out one-liners to help me keep hope alive that one day Hav and Prodigy will return to their glorious form of yesteryear....


Single: Termanology - Here In Liberty City (prod. by Statik Selektah)

That man Statik Selektah has been makin' moves......You been nappin' and eatin' Chipotle or whatever the fuck and Statik has been doin the damn thing, spreading his music around more furiously than the rumors about Chris Brown and Rihanna on Grammy night.

This right here is one of the joints off of the "Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost And The Damned" soundtrack that Selektah was tapped to do in it's entirety....I don't know about any of you Joe College cats out there, but I would have to believe that an endeavor like that would pay extremely well....that's just me though. Good for you Selektah.

Never one to forget his Beantown brethren, Statik enlisted longtime friend and collaborator Termanology to appear on the soundtrack for the menacing "Here In Liberty City" cut. Over another straight up silly beat from Statik, (who is quickly gaining traction as one of the best new producer's out there), Term weaves in and out of his rapid fire and laid back flow, bringing everyone to a not so fictional town that is filled with many venomous pitfalls and ills......Sick cutting on the chorus helps power this joint, that has me; somebody that aside from Madden and NBA Live pretty much hates video games, (especially violent ones that stereotype minorities) ready to grab this new GTA soundtrack as soon as it hits the racks, or, err, uhhh, digital racks, whatever...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cut Chemist - Def Beat Remixes Vol.7

As I woke up today to the gentle hum of my TV that sits perched at the foot of my bed and saw President Obama answering questions alongside the Canadian Prime Minister via CNN, I paused for a moment....then it came to me....Up some Cut Chemist for the ole' blogorooni today....don't ask me why or how it came to me, it just did friends. So going with my gut instinct and ignoring those overwhelming impulses to put up the new Havoc or B-Real albums (sorry ya'll, I gotta let those bruthas get they money) I am digging in the proverbial crates to bring y'all one of Cut Chemist's illest drops ever....well, to me at least...

Now I'll admit right off, I'm not super familiar with all things Cut Chemist....I have a decent knowledge of what he's done in his career so far and I definitely know a few geeky facts like how he just recently had a very under the radar cameo in the motion picture "Juno" as a chemistry teacher, but yeah, for the most part I'm not a Cut Chemist biographer or anything....I do know that Cut is an excellent DJ and master of turntablism who dropped a myriad of dope mixtapes (real mixtapes) in the mid and late 90's, many of which I still bump on the regular ("The Diabolical" anyone??). I'm not sure who precisely the Def Beat folks were, but I know that they were behind the dope "Def Beat Remixes" series that have been coming out for awhile now. The previous Def Beat Remixes LP's featured names like Kid Koala, Cold Cut, Magic Mike, LCD Soundsystem, Men From U.N.K.L.E and DJ Krush. They selected Cut to take the reigns for the 7th edition and in my opinion, he shined more so than any of the previous names mentioned with his set...

"Def Beat Remixes Vol.7" was a double Vinyl LP pressing that featured Cut mixing and scratching of course, but it was a lil' more unique than his previous stuff because it also featured his remixing talents, something that he is mad slept-on for. Throwing in some of his rarer guest appearances as well, this is a straight gem people. If you haven't heard it than you need to peep it out....not sure if this is the special edition with the four bonus cuts at the end, but hey life's an adventure kiddies, download and find out for yaselves....


01. Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut - Cak CA Ba Ba
02. DJ Shadow - The Number Song (Cut Chemist Remix)
03. Drums Of Fire
04. Motherlude feat. Biz Markie
05. Lyrics Born - Do That There
06. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (Cut Chemist Remix)
07. Biggety Balls
08. Back From The Dead
09. Ugly Duckling - Eye On The Gold Chain (Cut Chemist Remix)
10. Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut - Are You Ready?
11. Abstract Hip Hop
12. Major Force - The Re-Return Of The Original Artform
13. Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2.5 Minute Workout)
14. Flight Of The Bumblebee

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blu - HerfavoriteColo(u)er Mixtape

For all of you Blu fanatics I'm sure your already up on this, but for everyone that only checks their Myspace as frequently as they applaud current gas or food prices, here's the skinny on his brand new and completely free mixtape "HerFavoriteColo(u)er".

Primarily featuring his lesser known talent for producing, all the beats on this 30 minute tape are constructed by Blu himself. While there isn't much rapping on this, the overall quality of the project is commendable. If you like hazy, laid back beats served southern Cali style, peep this out....



Single: Dr. Dre feat. T.I. & Nas - Topless

Before you start groaning about how this track title and it guest featuring of T.I. is another example of how Detox is gonna be wack, please, please take time to bump this.....sporting a ridiculous beat prescribed by the good doctor himself and killer verse from Nasir, this is a great look for Detox in my opinion and it def. has be more anxious than ever to hear what else Dre has in store for us. Hopefully "topless" can be the first single man.......Shiiieet, even Tip brought it kinda ferocious with his verse and that's a rarity these days. I say put it out Dre! We been waiting so damn long!

sorry, only a radio rip, but still bumpable....


J.Rocc Of The World Famous Beat Junkies - Cooking Ingredients (Bake for 60 Minutes)

Now what would a totally worthless Tuesday night in your dorm or apartment be without some J.Rocc? I mean, I know we're all so thrilled to be struggling though our evenings with nothing to keep us company except the shitty prime time TV programmimg that includes, but is not limited to, Cold Case Files, I Love Money 2 and endless CSI re-runs playing ominously in the background, (if your lucky enough to have cable) but in the spirit of helping out my fellow retina burned blog reading basement dwellers, I decided to up a pretty stellar mix from Beat Junkie represenative J.Rocc. A fantastic DJ who is a force on the L.A. club circuit as well as an acomplished recording artist, J.Rocc is known to most through his Stones Throw and Beat Junkie affiliations, but should garner more respect for all the dope mixes he drops. He put out "Cooking Ingredients" last year and this is one of his better outings man....Truly took his time selecting some of these records and the mood throughout is pretty steady and has a funky mellow to it....kinda like some good Cali Kush......

Comprised of a grip of obscure Soul, Funk, Rock, Disco and Jazz breaks, this eclectic mix of music that feature's amongst others James Brown, Macondo, Les Baxter and Family Barrett, is sure to have a few of you vinyl addicted cat's favorite 45's on it. Perfect for playing while you ignore the garbage that is engulfing the TV airwaves and read Purehip-hop blog!


1. Intro 1:53
2. 3 Breaks For You 3:00
3. Smoothed Out 1:54
4. Sho Is Funky 1:26
5. Another Smooth One 1:08
6. Little Bi*chard 1:38
7. Money 3:40
8. Eugene Edit 2:11
9. Latin Fuzz Guitar 2:31
10. Schmit 3:18
11. James The Preacher Man 2:27
12. Classic 1:30
13. Spacey 2:10
14. Out Looking Inside 2:22
15. Hoggin 1:34
16. Gotta Get Away 1:54
17. Rufus Breaks 0:56
18. Woman Shut Up 3:48
19. Windy Edit 4:17

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

News: Luke Is Arrested In Miami

Yesterday the progenitor of booty shakin Hip-Hop and one time 2 Live Crew frontman, Luther Campbell AKA Uncle Luke was arrested at his Miami home for allegedly not paying 10,233.36 owed to the court, for reasons unknown.

The now 49 yr. old rapper was last seen on his VH1 reality series “Luke’s Parental Advisory” this past summer. No further details about this story have broken, but I'll keep ya'll posted....


News: Nas Expecting A Son...

In a recent blog to Russell Simmons' website, Nas wrote about the special occasion that is on the horizon for both him and his wife Kelis.....

“Personally, life is good,” he wrote on the site. “I'm sure that y'all heard K is expecting. The Internet seems to be more excited than I am. It's crazy! I got too much to think about, and I didn't wanna leave all my fans out the loop. But I wanted to let ya'll know from me personally that I'm having my first SON!!!!!”

Wish him and Kelis the best!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Blunted Sultan Vs. Wu-Tang Pt. II

I brought ya'll the first installment of Sultan's excellent Wu-Tang remixes, so it's only fitting that I drop the second one as well......

Sultan's info is somewhat scarce and all I could really dig up as far as background info on him was through his Myspace page, which indicates he is a white cat outta Arizona, who also dabbles in graphic design and that's about it. I mean besides being a fuckin insane producer and all, equipped with airy and psychedelic production, the caliber of which we haven't heard since Muggs and The Rza. His loops are complimented so well by his dirty, muddy ass drums that I must do the un-thinkable here and put him down as one of the best producers I've heard in the past 3or 4 years....and that comes from a fellow producer!

His stuff is the perfect backdrop for Wu-Tang remixes and I'm sure the Rza himself would give this guy his personal seal of approval....I actually put up his first Wu-Tang remix project on a prominent Wu message board, ya know, to see if the "experts" would also be totally blown away by it and I got a lot of the same reactions. Shout out to all them Wucorp kids!

So here it is, with Sultan's production ranging at times from dark and psychedelic to minimalistic and funky, the second installment not only carries the baton of the first, it fuckin' leaves the rest of the pack in the dust and breaks through the tape at the finish line setting a new world record....this won't disappoint, and if your a real Wu head that's been bumpin' their stuff since Ghost was walkin around in videos wit a mask on than you'll have this in your car's deck by tomorrow.

As an extra treat I wanted to throw ya'll Blunted Sultan's myspace page too, it has over 150 beats you can listen to and 4 of his remix tapes you can download totally gratis!!

peep it all here:


Army Of The Pharoahs - Rare Shit, Collabos And Freestyles

For all my philly underground heads and just my underground heads in general, here's a new treat that should hold you over til' that new Stoupe drops...What I'm talkin about is this new AOTP tape. The Title is pretty self explanatory....that's exactly what you'll find on it and while the bulk of this joint most thorough AOTP heads prolly have already heard, there is a few really rare, unreleased joints that you wouldn't have encountered there's more than a few freestyles that are pretty rare too.


01. Intro
02. U Slept On - Outerspace
03. Incredible - Outerspace
04. Heavyweighters - Vinnie Paz & Louis Logic
05. The Hunted - Jedi Mind Tricks & Esoteric
06. King Syze Freestyle
07. Syzemology - King Syze
08. Crypt (of Outerspace) Freestyle
09. Suckaz - Supernatural & Vinnie Paz
10. Beatdown - Virtuoso, Jedi Mind Tricks & T-Ruckus
11. Hotshit - Planet (of Outerspace) & King Syze
12. Young Lords - Outerspace
13. Speak Now - 7L & Esoteric, Vinnie Paz & Apathy
14. Liberal Arts - Canibus & Jedi Mind Tricks
15. Crypt Freestyle
16. Train Of Thought - Outerspace
17. Vinnie Paz Freestyle
18. Final Frontier - Outerspace & Last Emperor
19. Apathy Freestyle
20. Essays On Esoterrorism - 7L & Esoteric
21. Chrome Depot Freestyle - Apathy & Celph Titled

Video: Royce Da 5'9" - Part Of Me

Well, if you watch this wildly entertaining and equally horrifying vid, directed by the supremely talented Rik Cordero than chances are, this weekend when you go out clubbing your gonna be extra, and I'm talkin primarily to the fellas!

I first heard this track on a Green Lantern tape about a month or two ago and I remember thinking back then how it would be excellent fodder for a video. Royce plays the role of narrator as he takes you thru a straight up nightmarish scenario....I don't wanna ruin it for those that haven't seen it, but all you "playas", "pimps" and "macks" might wanna consider slightly switching up your steez after you peep the end of this. Really enjoyed how Royce included his Slaghterhouse group mates Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz with some cameos....produced by Carlos "4th Of July" Broady, someone that has been collabin' with Royce for years now and is one of the most slept on producers ever....


Video: Blaq Poet - Ain't Nuttin' Changed (prod. by DJ Premier)

Now you know this is ill! Brand new joint from Premo and Blaq Poe! We got the usual stuff here: a crazy beat from the greatest of all time, some hardcore, thought provoking rhymes that Poet kicks seamlessly and a dope video that among other things includes backdrops of Queensbridge, Poet's people's and DJ Premier's MPC.

My favorite lil' quote from this joint is "Fuck the police, they got a job, I got a job...", straight gutter shit man, nobody in the game is rhyming like that anymore, props to Poe for bringing that perspective man. I am anxiously awaiting "Tha Blaqprint" and have been since before this crack rock dropped, hopefully you fuckas will smarten up and join me in that anticipation. lol, only my dude Preme could make Akon sound ill on a chorus....but shhhh, don't tell nobody.....


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Single: Raekwon - Heatrocks

Here's a new joint off Rae's upcoming mixtape...think it's [the mixtape] called the "Bloody Chef Apron" or somethin', lol, I don't know. "Heatrocks" is a lil' bit of a different, more uptempo sound than I care for, but far from a bad joint....I'm glad Rae can see that tracks like this are better left on mixtapes rather than put on somethin', like, say, a long-awaited follow-up to a classic debut.....


R.I.P. Big L

On this fifteenth day of Febuary, 2009, the death anniversary of one of the greatest rappers of all time, we remember Harlem's own, Big L.

Lamont Coleman was a lyrical master who was what I refer to as a 5 tool emcee; meaning he was equally excellent in the rhyme skills of storytelling, freestyling, flipping metaphors, executing hilarious punchlines and flowing on beat. A member of some of NYC's all-time greatest groups like Children Of The Corn and D.I.T.C., L stuck out even amongst other greats. A literal book of Hip-Hop quotables he was downright one of the most clever cats to ever pick up a microphone and one of the most hardcore as well. L contributed to the then upstart rap sub-genre of horrorcore but could also kick rhymes about a fly "flamboyant" lifestyle too....he could bring any scenario to life with ease and was a force performing live.

Sadly he was cut down only a week before he was set to sign a record deal with Roc-A-Fella, then a burgeoning label home to fellow supremely gifted emcee Jay-Z, whom L had once before in a freestyle session gave a run for his money. Murdered in his Harlem neighborhood in a hail of gunfire, authorities would later learn that the assailant who shot L was a childhood friend named Gerard Woodley, but due to the NYPD fumbling and bumbling, Woodley was cleared of the murder and it is now considered unsolved. It pains me to this day to think about how close he came to accomplishing his dreams and how he went out....

Many of L's close friends still mourn him and remember the laid back emcee as a honestly funny guy. Fellow Harlemite and frequent collaborator of L's Cam'ron, remembers how L was always snappin' on friends and family but wasn't a hateful guy. “He was mad funny…that’s why when he rhymed, he had a lot of slick sh*t to say,” says Cam.

On their tribute to him from their "Worldwide" LP, an album L helped make a bonafide classic, the members of D.I.T.C. somberly but strongly pay their respects to someone that they deeply miss, looked up to and held in the highest esteem. I always thought that it was one of the best tribute tracks of all time....

So yes, ten years to the day of his untimely passing we all sort of feel a lil' bit sad....but we shouldn't, we should just pour out a lil' liquor, turn on one of his many classic freestyles or songs, raise our hands up and put two L's in the sky and remember that he was one of the greatest.....a true legend that will live on forever through the music he gave us....


The Delinquent Habits - Promo

As I've pointed out many times on here through my writing and ranting, growing up as a Latino Hip-Hop fan in the era I did was pretty ill and at the same time pretty uncredited.....I mean I was mad fortunate to have cats like the Beatnuts, Son Doobie, Fat Joe/Terror Squad, Chino XL, Cypress Hill, Tony Touch, Dom Pachino, Noreaga, Angie Martinez, Kurious Jorge, Doo Wop, Milano, Hurricane G and the greatest ever, Big Pun himself, to have as inspirations and be a fan of. They were all reppin' the Latino perspective man...they were talented and yet, for some reason, many of them were largely ignored at their artistic heights. Only Cypress and Pun really garnered that huge superstar status and they really had to pay some serious dues for it. Even still, they all made me proud to be who I was when bein' Latino where I was at only meant that you had it tough and there weren't many options for you that involved displaying your intelligence or creative ability. They proved that we have collectively been apart of something very special since day one and our role was appreciated by everyone, black, brown, white, whatever.....We had a story to tell too and people were finally beginning to listen....

Yes, Latino rappers from the 90's were a far better set of artist's to look up to than today's representatives, that's for sure. People like Pitbull, Cool And Dre, Chingo Bling, Don Dinero, Daddy Yankee, Lumidee and Baby Bash have done a pretty good job of almost destroying everything that the legitimately talented Latinos that came before them made possible and more importantly made respectable. Things have changed a bit for the new generation of Hispanic Hip-Hop fans, who as I see it are horridly mis-lead and have no true Hip-Hop hero's to look up to the way I did, therefore they accept these 2nd rate cheese balls as sound substitutes. There still is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel however that comes in the form of some pretty decent alternatives....I can only hold out hope that today's youth will shun the mortifyingly tacky and cretinous acts, (that for some reason are all over MTV, BET and the radio...big surprise there) for skillful contemporaries like Emilio Rojas, Joell Ortiz, Immortal Technique, Emilio Lopez, OuterSpace, Thirstin Howl, Nino Bless, Atom Immortal, Garcia, Sick Jacken, Termanology and DJ Blazita. It also wouldn't hurt for all of the tender young 2Ker's to peep out the work of some of my yesteryear luminaries that continue to drop heavy science on their new projects.......

In the spirit of doing all the kiddies the favor of discovery, I bring ya'll another excellent Latin group from the 1990's and their newest effort you should give a listen or two. Delinquent Habits wasn't my favorite group, Latino or otherwise back then, mainly because I felt like they were somewhat of a poor man's Cypress Hill. I would later find that belief was really ironic, because their self-titled debut for which I based my judgement on, was executively produced by Sen Dog (who also was featured on the album), the livest Latino hype man ever and one of the illest performers ever, period. I would later come to my senses down the line concerning D.H.'s material.......Kemo The Blaxican, Ives and O.G. Style's musical sensibilities quickly became some of my favorite shit to bump after I started absorbing it.....I think I was messin' wit their stuff the most when they linked up with my absolute favorite emcee and their Loud Records label mate Big Pun as well as with JuJu from the Beatnuts (one of the best Latin producer/emcee's) on "Western Ways Pt.2" for their sophomore release "Here Comes The Horns.....yeah, those were the fuckin days! D.H. defined how to drop a "spanglish" verse and made it cool to incorporate throughout songs and albums. They had a lane and they rode in it very well. Their production, ripe with revamped Herb Alpert samples, boom bap inspired drums and Mariachi horns had this innate east L.A. meets Brooklyn feel to it. They were the illest Ese's to grab a mic in a minute. More lyrically inclined than Kid Frost and more in tune with the underground tactics, make no mistake, they were far from some bootleg ass, Chicano rap dabblers, they had skills.

It kinda sucked when Kemo departed the group to do his solo thing....the result left a deep hole in the Delinquent sound if you ask me....In any case Ives, O.G. Style and former backup/chorus vocalist Michele have pushed onward and this is their latest release that features new, unreleased gems that I guess have been laying around in O.G. Style's vault. All I can say about this is that the music is varied...some of it I bumped all day, other joints I really didn't show much love....your gonna have to explore for yaself, but the two joints with Psycho Realm front man Sick Jacken make this more than worth the download effort alone.....also really liked "In L.A." a lot.....enjoy "Promo", I suspect that this might be the first step toward another new album for D.H., which will be their latest since 06'.


01 What’s it all about [Feat. Sick Jacken]
02 Socal [Feat. Sick Jacken]
03 My life
04 In LA
05 Go easy
06 Despreciado
07 Cuervo
08 As long as we’re together

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Single: Slum Village feat. Illa J & Frank Nitti - Homage To Dilla (prod. by Focus)

I know I been slackin big time on posts that are related to Dilla month, and that's my bad....please believe that I'll make an effort to remedy that. In the meantime and in between time, ya'll need to peep out this new single that made it's way onto the net last night. Coming to us courtesy of Aftermath producer Focus, we have "Homage To Dilla". The heavily slept-on producer turns in a very Dilla-esque beat for the good brothas of Slum Village and Dilla's younger brother Illa J to rhyme over in remembrance of the fallen great. This is true quality....something that I'm starting to associate Focus with more and more. Shit, he just did that excellent tribute to Premier and mirrored Preme's style just as well....I think when it comes to up and coming American producers, he's gotta be at the top, really someone to watch for in 09'. This Homage track is much deserved and well executed by some of Dilla's closest peoples.....While everyone does their thing, Baatin's verse steals the show....grab it and bump it folks!


News: Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind Solo Album Set To Drop On March 31st

The uber elusive and ultra reclusive beat genius that has assisted his group mate Vinnie Paz for well over ten years is finally going to drop his long awaited and much anticipated solo debut at the end of next month. Titled "Decalogue" in honor of his decade long service to the game and six album releases, this news no doubt comes as a pleasant relief, considering Stoupe's penchant for not doing interviews, not being "in the loop" and basically keeping all of his plans for the future under wraps.

Stoupe loyalist's have long been clamoring for him to release something like this and judging by the fact that The Enemy Of Mankind has enlisted the likes of Slaine, Joell Ortiz, M.O.P., Saigon and of course his Army Of The Pharaoh's fam, they're about to get exactly what they wished for.....

For all those seeking a preview, check out "Allison James" featuring Slaine of La Coka Nostra providing the rhymes:


Friday, February 13, 2009

Endemic Presents...No Cure Mixtape Vol.1 Hosted by DJ J-Ronin and Mixed by DJ Squigs

I been sayin it for a few years now, and this mixtape is just further proof that when it comes to dope, true school Hip-Hop production, just like the influx of them in the NBA- the boys from across the pond have made their presence felt and are gaining respect rapidly. European producers have gotten so damn proficient at that good ole' boom bap it's becoming expected for me to discover a new producer or production duo that I find ill from over there at least once a month. Guys like The Snowgoons (shout out to DJ Waxwork!), Shuko, The Kollabo Brothers, The P Brothers, Tommy Tee and DJ Wich have arrived in a big way and released their respective projects to resounding applause and critical praise. Their skills transcend any language or land barriers and now you can add Endemic to that list of elite foreign Boom-Bap beatsmiths. Operating out of the city of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, Endemic has been working with many of New York's finest underground emcee's for a few years now. Mainly collaborating with Boot Camp Clik members and underground DJ extraordinaire DJ J-Ronin, Endemic already has quite a few admirer's of his production skills, myself included.

Naturally the next step in his career will be to drop an album called "Terminal Illness" that will undoubtedly showcase his first-rate production abilities, but first he's gonna release "No Cure Vol.1", which is meant to preview his skills to all those that have been sleeping on his stuff and ready them for the impact of his debut. I know, from being a total DJ J-Ronin "All Elements" mixtape hound, what this kid is capable of (he's done production work on many a J-Ronin tape), and as soon as I heard he recently put out a mixtape I rushed to get it, bump it and then blog about it.

There are 21 superbly produced joints on here, a few dope instrumentals mixed in and guest spots from guys like Sean Price, Buddha Monk, Planet Asia, Ruste Juxx and The Gza. If you dont like this you don't like raw Hip-Hop. J-Ronin Hosts and DJ Squigs is on the mix.....


01. Intro – feat. J-Ronin
02. Comin To Kill - Sean price, Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz (prod. Endemic) (Terminal Illness LP exclusive)
03. Buddha monk freestyle (prod. Endemic)
04. timbo king freestyle (prod. Endemic)
05. M9ine freestyle
06. eMC feat. Sean Price
07. Masikah freestyle
08. Planet Asia – That's What It Is
09. Ruste Juxx – The Ghetto
10. Brooklyn Zu – Do It For
11. Cappo – Needle Drop (prod. Endemic)
12. Bronze Nazareth, Leech & Timbo King – Magnolia
13. AZA instrumental
14. Sima Lee – Never Safe (prod. Endemic)
15. Endemic instrumental feat. DJ Squigz
16. Anger – Sav Killz (prod. Endemic)
17. Triple Darkness – Politikin
18. Boulevard Article – Kevlaar 7
19. Hell Razah & Shabazz The Disciple (T.H.U.G. Anglez) – Welcome To Red Hook Houses
20. GZA - Alphabets
21. Outro (prod. Endemic)

Video: Termanology - Circulate (100 Bars)

This right here is how you put out an ill Hip-Hop vid for probably next to no money whatsoever.....You go back to the basics. Termanology brings us video effort for "100Bars" (Circulate), a prime lyrical performance set to one of the great J Dilla's most well known and applauded donuts.

The majority of the vid is made up of shots of veteran graff artist Antonio "Chico" Garcia starting, touching up and completing a mural of Dilla. A dope idea that I think really shows how down for the culture Term is and how much we as writer's, emcee's, b boys, director's, artist's and DJ's need to get back to the 5 true elements, specifically the ones that have waned a bit in recent years....


Single: Cormega - Maybach Music Freestyle

Aiight, aaight! Startin Friday off wit a couple singles word is bond! LOL, sorry if I'm a lil' too up for ya'll in the morning...I've already had my coffee and I'm just kinda amped ova this new Mega I always am whenever the QB vet drops something new....

I swear man, I haven't ever listened to that Rick Ross "Trilla" album but I guess it's production is seriously growing on me, cause' I've heard a few dope freestyles to beats from it. Murs's new freestyle "I'm the Biggest Boss" is ova a Ross beat too and all I can say is, lol, maybe I should be more open to the mainstream stuff.........................Nahhh!!

Here we find Mega kickin a few bars, keeping this brief, but good. As always Cory amazes with his verbal dexterity and innate ability to sort of become one with the instrumentation. Tons of dope one liners here, including "Thoro niggas ain't born we bred" and "I'm from the city that Big repped, with coke droughts that got niggas cryin' like Isiah On the Knicks bench"......whoo!

being that this is off his new mixtape that's supposed to be droppin' any day now all I can say is that I'm dually ready for both that and his new album, which if my instincts are correct should be a modern day classic....


Single: Saigon - The Rules (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Well, we all were wondering what the first single for the "24 hour album" would sound like, and now we know. The verdict? Well....actually, I'd have to say that Sai-giddy and Statik really flexed their collective muscles and presented a great piece of music to the world. A thick snare thwacks thru a meticuliously chopped sample while Saigon boasts and broods about everything from New York's true identity to his extensive wrap sheet......this is definitely whip spin-worthy (some very high praise). LOL, as you pnder whether their claims are legitimate concerning the actual timetable for the completion of this new project, go ahead and let "The Rules" rock....


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Video: Evidence feat. Phonte, Will.I.Am & Blu - For Whom The Bells Toll

Powerful, masterful and downright good new vid from EV's newest EP, "The Layover". I have to say Jason Goldwatch really did his thing on's not easy making an old concept about dreading death into a dope Hip-Hop vid, but it was done here, and it was done well. The overall song itself is just nuts....from the beat (courtesy of Khrysis) to the guest spots that Blu and Phonte turn in, to Will's brilliant chorus....everything is very much so on, L.A. has been owning February! My favorite shots have to be of the church in the sunlight with the palm tree in the background....somberly beautiful camera work and very memorable imagery. The ghost/spirit angle that Goldwatch interpreted was pretty cool too....didn't look hokey either.

Make sure you peep this out before your bell tolls....


La Coka Nostra - 100% Pure Coka EP

If your a fan of unapologetic, raw and extremely hardcore Hip-Hop than La Coka Nostra is a group that you have been aware of for awhile now. Put together in 2006 by Danny Boy, the group is comprised of his 2 other former House Of Pain members Everlast and DJ Lethal, as well as Brooklyn Heavyweight Ill Bill, Boston representative Slaine and newcomer Big Left. Dynamic and always ready to kick some lyrics that will get you amped enough to commit armed burglary while simultaneously chugging a 40 Oz., La Coka Nostra is one of the few brave (and might I add all-white) Hip-Hop groups that have pledged to keep things 100% hardcore in a time when far too many rappers are walking around in tight jeans, bright colored argyle sweaters and shy away from being even remotely violent in their rhymes.

Releasing a new portion of their highly sought after musical carnage, the fellas from La Coka drop the "100% Pure" EP. Including the break neck, trumpet laced "That's Coke" single that's been out since last year, as well as 4 of their other tracks that have been circulating for a couple years too, La Coka's debut album "A Brand You Can Trust" is looking to be somethin' that will be memorable. Packing a violent, drug laced, belligerent, gritty punch reminiscent of the hardcore glory from the mid 90's, every track on this EP bangs ridiculously. From the sinister sounding "I'm An American" featuring B-Real of Cypress Hill to the head snapping production of "It's a beautiful Thing"....if it's the ill, demented street shit you seek, than you have found it here; La Coka Nostra is the hardcore, white, death rap version of super group Slaughterhouse....

Not as long as the recent "Brand Name Dope" EP that came out last month, "100% Pure Coka" is only 5 tracks deep....some will look at that as a shortcoming, but truthfully these 5 cuts do a much more concise job of summing up what this group is all about more than anything else they've dropped previously. If I was their manager and I was shopping their demo cassette to A&R's and talent scouts these would be the tracks that would be on it. Pick this up and join me in anticipation for their upcoming (hopefully) debut.....


Here's a couple of the vids that La Coka has released:

I'm An American

That's Coke

01. I’m An American ft. B-Real [04:02]
02. That’s Coke [03:10]
03. It’s A Beautiful Thing [03:23]
04. Soldiers Of Fortune [02:51]
05. Where Hope Goes To Die [02:48]

Video: Joaquin Phoenix On Letterman

Letterman is usually okay with me, but he does have a horrible track record of just being a fucking asshole to some of his guests from time to time for no apparent reason...I think what happened on the show last night is a perfect example. Letterman started in on Joaquin right from the get go with the stupid fucking comments on his beard.....then Dave started comin wit the fake love and all the backhanded insults thinly veiled over insincere compliments......he was acting like a fucking uptight, judgemental, housewife bitch....

I can even admit that Joaquin's behavior was a bit off and reserved, and maybe you could be slightly thrown off by it, but Letterman was acting like he [Phoenix] was just being totally out there on the same level of Farrah Fawcett (who can forget that shit eh? lol), when that wasn't the case at all and it wouldn't have taken much to turn the interview around. Just a Shameful ratings grab on Letterman's part in my opinion....tryin' to over hype an off-beat interview, that was so, mainly because of his own redundancy....SMH. I liked it better when Madonna was on punking the shit outta him back in the 90's.......Last night Joaquin just shut down early on because of Letterman's condescending line of questioning and than began to react to how lame and off-color the audience's, Paul's and David's sense of humor was.....

Conan going to L.A. can't come soon enough....

As far as Phoenix tryin to get into the underground Hip-Hop scene goes, I hope he pursues that, and I know he will......he shouldn't think that he's gonna be successful right away, or that people aren't gonna be overly critical of what he puts out, but do remember that if you work at your craft and you stay true to the roots of the culture you'll be respected as an artist by the real heads. I mean personally I have always been a fan of Joaquin's flicks because his talent is undeniable....I know that he's an intelligent cat that is a big time fan of golden age Hip-Hop, who grew up in Puerto Rico, traveled across South America and is a huge human rights activist. I'm honored that someone as well traveled and worldy as him would want to be apart of the culture I love. Hopefully he achieves what he is trying to do, but at the end of the day the most you could ever ask for is just to be a respected artist/emcee and That's why even 20 years after their reign at the top was over, guys and gals like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Queen Latifah, Craig G, Krs-One and MC Lyte are regarded as royalty ova here......props to Joaquin for citing Trendz Of Culture, Wu-Tang and early Ice Cube in some of his recent interviews as a major influence as well, that right there alone proves he's off to a good start.....

he should just stop doin interviews right now man.....they all are gonna be so subversive and judgemental.....that or it'll be a Hollywood, All Acess or a TMZ type journalist who knows jack squat about hip-hop tryin to ask him stupid shit over and again......just like Letterman.....

just do you Joaquin.....fuck everyone else....good luck brutha....


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DJ Rhettmatic - Pure Funk Mode

The last time I brought you some DJ Rhettmatic it was on the 2nd edition of Khrysis's beat series "On The Boards With Heat", where we got to sample a small taste of his world renowned mixing prowess. Today you guys are about to see that same prowess on full display as I give you "Pure Funk Mode", a 30 minute mix that Rhettmatic dropped early last month in conjunction with some new website's opening....believe it was, not 100% sure tho.......

At any rate here's a dope lil' mix from one of the illest members of the Beat Junkie crew that is sure to get you up outta your seat. Don't be fooled by the title, this ain't a straight up funk mix, but there is some funk (Kashmere Stage Band) sprinkled in with some dope soul records (James Brown) as well as some classic (Queen Latifah, Big Daddy Kane) and new underground (Percee P, Jurassic 5) Hip-Hop....

I gotta give it up to the west coast veteran for puttin' that "Day At The Races" from J5 on this...that track is too ill and really when I see guys doin mixes these days, not enough love is given to Jurassic 5 man....was bogus to see them break up like that....on another note Charlie 2na's new LP is comin soon!

....make sure you grab "Pure Funk Mode", it's the perfect early morning mix to jump start your day, minus the "Jingling Baby" remix joint, this gets a full co-sign ova here....


01. Orgone - Duck And Cover [1:14]
02. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Brass In Africa [1:51]
03. The Budos Band - Ghost Walk [3:01]
04. The Kashmere Stage Band - Super Strut 1 [1:23]
05. The Kashmere Stage Band - I Wish [3:26]
06. Percee P - Reverse Pt. 2.5 [2:04]
07. Jurassic 5 - Day At The Races [1:40]
08. James Brown - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose [4:19]
09. The Roe-O-Taion/Quasimoto - Special Category/Rapp Cats Pt. 3 [1:07]
10. Big Daddy Kane - The Wrath Of Kane [0:58]
11. LL Cool J - Jingling Baby (RMX) [1:31]
12. Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine [3:06]
13. Booker & The MGS - Melting Pot [2:35]
14. Alvin Cash - Keep On Dancing [1:41]
15. Queen Latifah - Dance For Me [1:14]

J.Period & Q-Tip - The [Abstract] Best

Finally here, the new J.Period mix dedicated to all things Q-Tip has dropped and it's quickly becoming one of the more sought after downloads on the net right now. LOL, as a matter of fact so many peeps were on J.Period's site trying to grab "The [Abstract] Best" that when he first put the links up for it on his site, his server crashed! If that don't tell you the type of demand Period's stuff is in I don't know what does....

I gotta say, the excitement and frenzied response for this release is indeed warranted. Dripping with exclusive tributes and absorbing remixes "The [Abstract] Best" is well worth the download friends. On top of all the never before heard goodies, J.Period runs through quite a bit of Tip's best production efforts, classic tracks and has Tip himself break a few things down.

The list of renowned guest artist's contributing here is nuts.....featuring Prince Paul, Consequence, Questlove, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Skillz and Dres of Black Sheep, I just can't say enough about all the tribute mixes. J.Period has truly done it again with this tape, as I expected. A true classic that dare I say might rival those early Lauryn Hill Mixes as his best ever. Pretty hefty praise I know, but just listen to the hazy re-worked goodness of the "Give Up The Goods" Remix, or the great lo-fi sound scape of the "Jazz pt.2" tribute featuring Dres and there's no denying it, this tape is where teh spirit of Hip-Hop lives. Even the somewhat lopsided pairing of often mis-lead newcomer Kid Cudi and wiley old vet Consequence on "Buggin Out" is a home run hit out of the park as the two go rhyme for rhyme over some magnificent vintage production. Don't even get me started on the crazy verse that Skillz came through and dropped on "What" either.....straight up classic man....and it goes on like this for an hour and a half.

While many would attack the fact that J.Period could only secure Big Daddy Kane for a mere vocal drop, I thought that the drop itself, was executed well....lifted from a phone message and put over an intoxicating sample piece. Another big highlight of the tape, for me; the quintessential rap nerd supreme, was the "Behind The Scenes" interludes. Taking time to explain how he feels about the music, The Tribe, the origins of his musical inspiration and just some cool, funny ass stories about his life and career, Q-Tip shares some incredible insights on a few things you might be wondering, my favorite being the story behind how he mis-pronounced a Yiddish term in one of his joints, lol.

J.Period really brought the essence of Q-Tip alive here and this effort is incredible.....You'll find few tapes this year or in the future that are so jam packed with excellent material and that are so concisely pt together. J.Period is still on top of his game and his brilliant and innovative mixing highlights the many reasons why Q-Tip should be considered the [absolute] best...


1. J.Period f. Prince Paul, Questlove & Randy Watson– Rhythm (Scratch Intro)
2. Cannonball Adderly / Excursions Intro
3. J.Period f. De La Soul – Excursions (Tribute Remix)
4. Aquarius Interlude #1: Welcome
5. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – Getting Up (DJ Scratch Remix) (The Renaissance)
6. Behind the Scenes: Ghetto Origins [Produced by J.Period]
7. What the Fuss f. Stevie Wonder (Shook Remix)
8. Queens Represent (Interlude)
9. Mobb Deep f. Nas & Q-Tip – Give Up the Goods (J.Period Remix) [Produced by Q-Tip]
10. Apache – Gangsta Bitch [Produced by Q-Tip]
11. ATCQ – If the Papes Come (Intro)
12. ATCQ – Check the Rhime
13. Behind the Scenes: Don’t Walk Away (Interlude)
14. ATCQ –Award Tour
15. Behind the Scenes: Award Tour (Interlude)
16. Hot Butter (Interlude)
17. J.Period f. Dres - Jazz Pt. 2 (Tribute Remix)
18. Behind the Scenes: We Got the Jazz (Interlude)
19. J.Period f. Blu– Jazz (Tribute Remix)
20. Skypager: Bob Power & Big Daddy Kane (Interlude)
21. Q-Tip f. Jay Dilla – Let’s Ride
22. Behind the Scenes: Bob Power You There? (Interlude)
23. Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing (Remix)
24. Q-Tip – Move (The Renaissance)
25. Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop (J.Period Remix)
26. Respect to Phife Dawg (Interlude)
27. J.Period f. Consequence & Kid Cudi – Buggin Out (Tribute Remix)
28. ATCQ Consists Of…
29. Behind the Scenes: The Native Tongues (Interlude)
30. De La Soul f. Jungle Brothers, Q-Tip, Monie Love & Queen Latifah – Buddy (Remix)
31. Respect to Ali Shaheed Muhammed (Interlude)
32. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – N.T.
33. A Message From Talib Kweli
34. J.Period f. Questlove, Talib Kweli & Randy Watson – Youthful (Tribute Remix)
35. Q-Tip f. Amanda Diva – ManWomanBoogie (The Renaissance)
36. Chris Rock: Men vs. Women (Interlude)
37. De La Soul f. Q-Tip – Saturdays
38. De La Soul f. Q-Tip & Phife – Saturdays (Remix)
39. Q-Tip – She Likes to Move (J.Period Remix)
40. Dee-Lite f. Q-Tip – Groove Is in the Heart
41. Beastie Boys f. Q-Tip – Get it Together
42. Behind the Scenes: What Is Kapelka? (Interlude)
43. J.Period f. Skillz, Questlove & Randy Watson – What? (Tribute Remix)
44. Behind the Scenes: Busta Rhymes / Scenario (Interlude)
45. Busta Rhymes – Scenario (Unreleased Demo Tape)
46. Behind the Scenes: Hood R.I.P. (Interlude)
47. Hood – Scenario (Remix)
48. Aquarius Outtro
49. Behind the Scenes (Bonus): Reinvention (Kamaal the Abstract – A Million Times)

News: Ma Dukes Needs Our Help!

In honor of it being Dilla Month and in light of the fact that she needs and deserves it, I wanted to alert all my readers about a new T-Shirt that is being sold by Stones Throw, for which all of the profits will be donated to Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey, the mother of the late great J Dilla.

The reason she needs the dough right now is because she is battling Lupus just like her son did, she's going through far too much red tape concerning her son's much coveted estate and there is an unpaid debt to the IRS that she needs to pay. These things make for some pretty hefty bills that Peanut Butter Wolf and all the good folks over at Stones Throw Records wanted to help Ma Dukes out with. So they're releasing the "Raise It Up For Ma Dukes" T-Shirts on their site (see the link below). I wanna say thank you to Parra, the designer that stepped up to the plate to make this happen after he read that Vibe article that came out awhile back that outlined how Mrs. Yancy was getting shafted in her requests to establish a foundation in her son's name and to use his music and likeness to support the two little girls he left behind after he passed......

I think what Parra is trying to do is very admirable and very much so needed.....that being said, if you've ever used a heaping handful or maybe just one or two of the many beats Dilla left behind totally gratis for your mixtape or album or freestyle or whatever, hey, do what's right and pay your debt to that man's memory and family.....Dilla was a shining star that brought forth real Hip-Hop to so many in this country and world.....and even greater than that he's left behind a musical legacy that is so easily accessible to so many....his mother nursed him when he fell ill and she is very much so apart of that legacy.....She deserves far better than this.......Hip-Hop is a giant family and we don't turn our backs on our own when they need us, and right now, Mrs. Yancey needs us.......dig in ya pockets and find the scratch to help her try and make it through these tough times....


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phil Da Agony, Chace Infinite, Planet Asia and Affion Crockett - Black History

Strong Arm Steady feat. Chace Infinite, Planet Asia & Affion Crockett - "Black History" from tunji balogun on Vimeo.

New illness featuring Phil Da Agony of Strong Arm Steady, Chace Infinite of Self Scientific, Planet Asia of Cali Agents and Affion Crockett, yes that Affion Crockett, the kid from a host of TV shows and movies that does the killer Jay-Z impression. LOL, and homie held his own on his verse!

This Vid truly is thee definition of ill and I wish more L.A. heads dropped concept tracks that mirrored the artistic worthiness of "Black History". I also wish that vid's like this got some spins on television somewhere....but no...they'd rather show you a pack of broads acting like idiots over Ray J's ig'nant ass and faux reality dating shows....*sigh*......Thanks Blacksmith Records...I see what you guys are trying to do, I respect it highly and I'm riding with ya....even if the major corporations are doing everything possible to make music and video's like this disappear.

The central theme for "Black Hstory" is the lineage of our emcee's family tree's, broken down themselves through rhyme. I have to say tracks like this make me proud to be a Hip-Hop head and more specifically an L.A. Hip-Hop head. Each verse is magnetic and powerful images recurring throughout make a great visual w/o any huge effort. Hopefully A remix that features more great verses and artist's can be worked out...wouldn't it be great if we had like 50 verses for this joint?


Monday, February 9, 2009

HHG Interview: Cormega 2/9/09

Brand new interview from Cormega, conducted by Brian Kayser for Read up and enjoy.....anyone else totally geeked for that new album!?!?


We’re all waiting for your new album Born and Raised. How much longer are we gonna have to wait?

You’re not going to have to wait much longer. Right now I’m in the studio putting the final touches with Large Professor. Say Whaddup, Large.

Large Professor: What up, B!

Cormega: That’s Large Professor!

When we first talked about your new album Born and Raised you talked about enlisting some of the best producers in hip-hop and it sounds like you did just that. Are you looking at this album as an event?

Looking at this album and all the work that went into it, anything less than an event is a failure due to the producers and the time it took to make this album.

What was it like working with guys like Large Professor and Primo again?

It was great. It’s always great. Every time I work with guys like that it’s always a learning experience.

Are you most proud of this album in your discography so far?

I’m proud of all my albums. Every album I’ve ever done is like a child. Your albums are all like a kid. One kid might achieve more than the other one but you love them all. The Testament, that was my first album when I was really making it and it never materialized when I was supposed to make it but I have so much good memories form that album. The Realness, I’m proud of that album because that was my first debut and that showed people that I could make an album.

And then The True Meaning, that album got me a Source award and an Impact award and it showed growth. That was the first album where I got to work with Large and Buckwild and a few other producers that I always wanted to work with.

So every album holds a special part in my heart but this album holds a real special part in my heart because I got to work with some producers that I never got to work with that are dope producers and then I got to reunite with some of my favorite producers and then I got to work with some of my favorite artists ever.

Like the song “Fresh,” I didn’t make that song for radio and it might not get no radio spins and it might never blow up but it’s a song that I’m going to be proud of because I remember the days when I had Kane’s poster on my wall and I had CDs and cassettes and KRS-One records. Those are people that I always look up to so for me to do a song with Kane and KRS-One and Puba and P.M.D. and then have Red Alert on it, that’s one of those proud moments for me. I’m not saying that song’s going to change my life. I’m not saying that song’s going to keep the lights on in my house. I’m not saying that song’s going to make me platinum but that song, I could be 60 years-old and I can say that I worked with Kane and KRS-One. That’s one of those songs that I can look back on and be proud that I worked with these dudes.

I’m a rapper and I’m trying to pave my way and these dudes are solidified greats. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. That’s the thing that’s special about this album. I got to work with solidified greats. I might never reach the level that they’re on but just me working with them, I’m proud of it. It’s like you might not be a starter but you were on a team with Kobe or Jordan. I was amongst greatness and greats on this album >That’s what made me so proud about this album as opposed to all of the other ones.

You haven’t released a lot of new music lately. Do you have some coming?

Yeah. I’m going to start leaking out shit. I’m working on a mixtape now. I’m just going to do a lot of freestyles and start leaking them and then I’ll start leaking songs slowly but surely. I usually don’t agree with the free download thing but necessary times call for necessary measures.

One thing I’m going to do is have a show at S.O.B.’s on March 19 where I’m performing the entire ne album so that show is goingot be an indication of how good or bad my new album is. If I wasn’t confident about this album there’s no way I’d do that show.

Are you concerned at all about the sales for Born and Raised?

I’m more concerned than ever because unlike my other projects, this album was entirely me. It wasn’t funded by a distributor and the climate for music sales has changed. I can just hope for the best and hope my fans are there.

How did you get all these big producers and MCs on the album with no major label budget?

Three things – money, relationships and luck.

You could have easily gotten beats from up-and-coming producers for a much cheaper price. How important was it to you to have legendary producers on Born and Raised?

A cheaper price isn’t always the best value and I give new producers the intro on my solo albums. But a man is judged by the company he keeps so if I’m in the company of greatness and they live up to their names we have a great product! I helped a lot of up-and-coming people in the industry and only three showed me love back – Sha Money XL, Maino and Choke No Joke. Somebody showed me an interview where Sha Money said I was the first person to give him a chance and that he would give me a beat for free. At a rap convention he said the same thing so I was touched by that. People always tell me Maino shouted me out on the radio so I’m not surprised because real niggas do real things. Choke No Joke had me on BET recently and he called me to be in movies with big actors a few times but I was just busy so I missed out but I never forgot, so in some ways, I don’t care about up-and-comers because a lot of people showed me their true colors when they got on!

You’ve always made it a point to give shine to new producers and artists on your projects. For example, you had Maino on your Legal Hustle compilation before anyone knew who Maino was. What new artists are you working with?

I fucked with a lot of artists before people were up on them but it’s fucked up that a lot of people don’t see artists for what they are. It’s hard to get on nowadays. It’s hard to be a new artist. When’s the last time you heard a brand new artist from New York blow up that’s not affiliated with somebody? It’s hard to be a new dude and just get right in the City.

What did you see in Maino back then?

I respected his hustle. I think I met Maino in 2003 and at the time I met him he was making mixtape after mixtape after mixtape. How can you not respect that grind? This is before I even heard him. I just respected his hustle so much. And I met him who a friend who’s a real nigga. Mo Dawg, who I was locked up with and is a real nigga, was locked up with me and he was fucking with Maino. If he’s trying to get on and I’m in a position that I can maybe help him get on, it’s only right that I do that. That’ show it is. You show love and you get love. Most of the time it’s reciprocated and sometimes it ain’t. But it is what it is. That’s the type of person that I am.

Dona was another talented up-and-coming MC you featured on the Legal Hustle compilation. Whatever happened to her?

She had a baby recently. I think last year she had a daughter. She’s still out there. I spoke to her recently. She had to go through growth. She was running around and sometimes people have to go through adversity to learn. Struggle builds character or it could break you. She had to go through what she had to go through to learn about the industry.

Are you happy with the Knicks’ play so far this season?

For one, I think D’Antoni is a good coach but I think he’s too stubborn. I think he has to really learn how to master defense. I think they’re overrated. There’s no team in the whole NBA where Nate Robinson would shoot 22 shots. We’re giving this little nigga 22 shots! He was 9 for 22 the other night! Kobe doesn’t shoot 22 shots! Iverson doesn’t shoot 22 shots! That’s the reason why the Knicks needed Stephon. They needed the superstar. He’s going to bark on a player like Nate Robinson. I love Quentin Richardson’s heart. He’s a vocal leader but we don’t need a vocal leader on the Knicks. We need somebody to lead in the stats department. He’s inconsistent. Then you got David Lee. I like David Lee because he hustles. He hustles. He just has to play a little more D.

I think the biggest mistake they made is trading Zack Randolph. They traded him so they could get under the salary cap and they could get a new power forward but who’s going to be available? There’s Amare or Bosh. They’re putting up the same numbers as Randolph! He’s a 20 and 10 guy! We don’t have nobody that can bang with the big boys. David Lee is dope but if you look at him with any game with a big center or power forward, he gets handled. I like Wilson Chandler.

But a lot of players on that team are suspect and the GM made a lot of bad decisions like keeping [Anthony] Roberson, that was a terrible decision. You said he could shoot and now he’s not even playing. The GM’s decisions were stupid. You might as well sign Patrick Ewing’s son for two reasons. One, he plays defense and two, he’ll be a fan favorite because his father is one of the most beloved Knicks of all-time. They should sign Patrick Ewing’s son out of respect and to win the fans over. The Knicks are stubborn.

D’Antoni, another mistake he made was he’s not consistent with what he says. When he first got here, him and Walsh said that everybody there gets a clean slate. Every Knick fan knows that. How are you going to give everyone a clean slate and then not play some of them? Stephon is still the most talented Knick and if they’re getting a clean slate they should be forgetting about the past.

When they did that look at them now. Duhon is hurt and I didn’t like him but he earned my respect but when Duhon’s out, we don’t have a point guard because Nate Robinson is trying to get his stats up. We’re fucked. I’m keeping it so real. I was at a Knicks game last month and I wanted to leave. The only reason I didn’t leave is because I was with people and they didn’t want to leave and they were friends with a player on the other team so they wanted to stay for the game and kick it with him. But I’ve never wanted to leave a Knicks game, ever. That’s what it is.

What’s the next move for Mega?

A lot of work. The Queensbridge album is almost done. The Cormega album is done. We’re just doing the tweaking and then it’s going to mastering. The Queensbridge album is almost done. It’s very raw. It’s very fucking raw. There’s artists on there that aren’t even the top artists. They’re known but they’re not really that known but they have some of the hardest records on it. There’s underdogs on there that’s kicking ass on it. Screwball has a song that’s going to fuck you up and a lot of people aren’t even up on Screwball like that. And Havoc has some beats on there that are tough. And my man Jaguar is doing some production on there. He’s making his debut on there. He did like three joints on there.

I’m working on a Legal Hustle Volume 2 soon after that. I’m going to start on that probably next month. I’m just going to be doing a lot of work, man. I’m going to make up for all the years that I was gone.