Friday, August 31, 2007

The Beatminerz- Unmarked Music Vol.1

One of the best production crews returns with their latest release Unmarked Muisc Vol. 1. Not to disappoint the hardcore Beatminerz fans, this release is 16 tracks deep, and then is a loaded up with 16 more tracks that are remixes of the remixes so to speak. There are few Lp's that will be released this fall that will have the replay value that this one does. Far too many of todays producers focus on the shallow components of beatmaking; things like the sample and the hi-hat pattern dominate many of today's top beatsmith's "things to do well list". While on the other end of the spectrum we have the Beatminerz, who are, and always have been devoted to the more worthwhile intangibles of beatmaking that has made them houshold names. Things like basslines, thick snares and of course their trademark "static" are all elements that the Beatminerz have always had a firm grip on. These days there isn't much difference from their storied work on monumentous projects like Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage" and "Full Eclipse" and their newer projects like "Fully Loaded with Statik", except for their use of newer workstations that have a much longer rate of sample time. The great thing about the Beatminerz is that even though they have the new equipment available to them (Mpc 2000, 3000), they often still use their older equipment (Sp-12, Sp-1200), such is the case for their 2001 release "Brace For Impak", where many a beat- head, would read through the production credits and find out that some of the rawest joints on the album were produced using machines that first came out in the late 80's. The progression in the Beatminerz sound is somthing that you can relate to a fine luxury line of cars. For example the Corvette. When it first came out, it was a revolutionary design that quickly became a favorite amongest consumers. The Vette continued to be a quality line of automobile, evolving in design and style over the years, but maintaining the basic principles of it's original model, pleasing the older heads who were around when it first debuted, yet managing to reel in new, younger fans as well. The Beatminerz unlike the Corvette probably would have never needed to evolve, but I think they wanted to push ther creative proces in order to stay relevant. Of course they'll always have die hard fans that will support whatever they drop, the Beatminerz are a group that trys to invent new sounds, yet still preserve the true esthetic of Hip-Hop. They manage, quite easily to do just that with Unmarked Music. Enjoy.
-Dominick L.
01. The Halftime Show Intro! 01:52
02. The Loot! 05:20
03. Healthy Mighty 03:15
04. Continuing Tha Saga 03:22
05. Chickenology 02:02
06. Action (That Is Affirmative) 03:54
07. I Dont Know You 04:55
08. Settin It Up 02:34
09. 1 Minute Of Torture 01:19
10. Knuckle Up! 04:00
11. Knowledge Of Criminals 02:03
12. Do What We... 03:33
13. Locked 04:18
14. Kept Thoro 02:44
15. A Letter To Mama 04:11
16. Youngest In Charge (Terrel Rockwell Outro) 05:37
CD 2
01. The Halftime Show Intro! (Remix) 01:52
02. The Loot! (Remix) 05:20
03. Healthy Mighty (Remix) 03:15
04. Continuing Tha Saga (Remix) 03:23
05. Chickenology (Remix) 02:03
06. Action (That Is Affirmative) (Remix) 03:59
07. I Dont Know You (Remix) 05:12
08. Settin It Up (Remix) 02:33
09. 1 Minute Of Torture (Remix) 01:20
10. Knuckle Up! (Remix) 03:59
11. Knowledge Of Criminals (Remix) 03:40
12. Do What We... (Remix) 03:33
13. Locked (Remix) 04:18
14. Kept Thoro (Remix) 02:44
15. A Letter To Mama (Remix) 04:11
16. Youngest In Charge 06:13 (Terrel Rockwell Outro) (Remix)
props to Kawz!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top Shelf 8/8/88

"Introduction: 17 years ago a small recording studio, TOP SHELF, located in the basement of a brownstone in the East Village section of New York, was looted during the Thompkins Square riots of 1988, displacing the recordings of many soon-to-be Hip Hop stars. The studio had been the meeting place for many rappers, neighborhood kids, and producers that would later be responsible for the greatest period of the Hip Hop age, "The Golden Era." A search commenced soon after the recordings were lost, but nothing was ever found. So sought after were the tapes, they soon acheived Holy Grail status amongst Hip Hop circles. Despite years of searching, and dozens of hopeless crusades, the tapes remained lost. No one was quite sure who took them or where they were... until now.After an extensive investigation and search that lasted two years, the recordings have finally been recovered by Fab 5 Freddy and myself (Benjy Grinberg). They were found dozenss of miles from the site of TOP SHELF in an abandoned strage faciilty in North Jersey. ...We sought after the lost recordings of TOP SHELF because they were rumored to be among the hottest songs from that era, and we thought it was a tragedy that the world never got to hear them. It turns out that these two-inch tapes are truly a treasure chest--a time capsule of the energy and excitement of 1988 Hip Hop."

1. Fab 5 Freddy - Intro
2. Black Sheep - I'm The One
3. Big Daddy Kane - Like That, Y'all
4. Biz Markie - My Name Is...
5. MC Lyte - Listen Up
6. Grand Puba - Let's Go
7. Smooth B Of Nice & Smooth - I Want My Money Back
8. Graig G - Catch A Lyrical Beatdown
9. Chubb Rock - Chubb Rocks The Party
10. Special Ed - This Mic
11. Doug E Fesh - It Ain't Nothin
12. Jungle Brothers - Back In The Jungle
13. Just Ice - I Run The Streets
14. Melle Mel & Grandmaster Caz - The Battle Is On
15. Master Ace - Revolution's 'Bout To Start

Cornel West & BMWMB ....Never Forget: A Journey Of Revelations

"Dr. Cornel West, one of America's most prominent black intellectuals, has teamed up with Hidden Beach Recordings to produce one of the most important and socially-conscious music projects to be released in 2007. On the heels of the Don Imus controversy, topical debates on the political and sociological effects regarding the use of the N Word and America's searching for answers to the question "Now What?" all are addressed in the context of this CD. This compelling body of work features Cornel West as a conductor who orchestrates a symphony of hip-hop and r&b recording artists and producers in the delivery of a resounding message that offers music as a positive force to effect change, awareness and solidarity. Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations is a riveting, thought-compelling approach to raise the consciousness of the mainstream music consumer through a positive lyrical approach. It exemplifies a level of love, unity, solidarity, and loyalty designed to the give the world a force of good in the form of music, especially Black music, in these bleak times. "
1. Bushanomics (Talib Kweli)
2. America (Black Thought, Rah Digga, Iriz & Lucky Witherspoon)
3. Still Here
4. Dear Mr. Man (Prince)
5. 911
6. N Word (Tavis Smiley & Michael Eric Dyson)
7. Welcome to Chi (Rhymefest, Neo Abassy & Malik Yusef)
8. Mr. President (KRS-1 & M-1)
9. Keepin It PI (Killer Mike, Doey, Roc & Lucky Witherspoon)
10. Chronometrophobia (Andre 3000)
11. Gonna Be Alright (Dave Hollister & Chuckii Booker)
12. Matter of (Lenny Williams)
13. Soul Sista (Daryl Moore)
14. The Man's Gonna Getcha (Gerald Levert)
15. Man Gonna Getcha (Gerald Levert & Waynee Wayne) (Bonus Track)
16. What A Matter Of (Lenny Williams) (Bonus TracK)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

J-Love presents Big L In Memory Of Vol 2.1

01. Dangerzone Produced By J-Love 03:26 ̦
02. Ebonics DJ Premier Rmx 03:00 ̦
03. Way of Life Feat Fat Joe 02:36 ̦
04. Now or Never (Unreleased) 03:23 ̦
05. Games Females Play (Unreleased) 03:27 ̦
06. Who Slidin With (Original Version) (Unreleased) 03:42 ̦
07. Thick Feat A.G. & O.C 03:34 ̦
08. Fall Back Feat Kool G Rap 02:45 ̦
09. Where You At Feat Big Pun (Unreleased) 02:18 ̦
10. Platinum Plus Feat Big Daddy Kane 03:36 ̦
11. Flamboyant (Unreleased) 02:31 ̦
12. Back In My Hood Feat Party Artie (Unreleased) 02:11 ̦
13. Hit It (Unreleased) 03:34 ̦
14. The Nicest Feat Big Pun 2 Pac Notorious B.I.G (Unrel 03:13 ̦
15. Live At The Spot Feat Royal Flush 01:18 ̦
16. All Love Feat Fat Joe Lord Finesse A.G. 03:23 ̦
17. Stand Strong Feat Ditc 04:14 ̦
18. Dignified Soldiers Feat Ditc 04:00 ̦
19. Shit Is Real Freestyle (Unreleased) 02:08 ̦
20. Fucking With Rmx Feat Ditc 02:42 ̦
21. Uptown Kids Feat Mcgruff Mase Camron 06:52 ̦
22. Get Your Feat Ditc 04:08 ̦
23. Fed Up With The Bullshit 02:49 ̦
24. You Know What I M About Feat Lord Finesse 04:30 Ì

Saturday, August 25, 2007

DMX House Raided.....12 Pitbulls, Weapons found...

Just when we thought X was ready to stop with the bullshit and turn over a new leaf, he runs into adversity once again. Many believed that X was finding a new way out in his new hide away in Cave Creek, AZ.....but it now seems he was up to somthing a little bit more reminiscent of his destructive past.

Maricopa County Sheriff deputies reportedly rescued 12 distraught pit bulls from DMX's Cave Creek, AZ residence on August 24th.

DMX was not at his home when the raid occurred, (thankfully). Sources tell 12 News deputies also found a large cache of weapons, another twist and perhaps damnning fact for the Yonkers NY, native.

-Dominick L.

Grandmaster Roc Raida - Beats, Cuts, Skits

The Grandmaster returns! If you love authentic, crafty, and unabridged turntable showmanship than Roc Raida and his latest release "Beats, Cuts, Skits", is pretty self explanatory, but very understated...he should've added a superlative adjective in front of the title, somthing like "dope" or "nasty". This tape is far too ahead of the game, and yet still reminds us of a better time in hip-hop; a time when your skills spoke for you, and you coulden't get in the game unless you had some. This release drips with hip-hop authenticity, it's even all mixed down into one MP3 file, today's CD equivalent to yesteryear's Cassette Tapes, that were continous in play. If your an old head searching for an album that has somthing worthwhile, a creative structure, filled with great production, drop in's from some of the best in the game including DJ Premier, Smif & Wessun, Saigon, De La Soul, Fat Joe, M.O.P., Black Thought, and of course his X-men bretheren Mr. Sinister, then this is for you. For the hardcore Raida fans expect another worthy effort outta this album, he once again bypasses the allure of gettin' paid, and avoids putting anything on this compilation type album that would sully his dignified underground existence. In other words, Raida kept it real, no commercial bullshit on this joint either folks. Some joints that you will recognize on here are "Hip-Hop 101" by Aasim, "The PJ's" by Ghostface, Trife & Black Thought and "Let It bang" by M.O.P., and perhaps a few others depending on how down you are these days, but either way, now all them crazy joints is all in one place courtesy of Roc Raida.

-Dominick L.

01. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Intro (Think It Over)
02. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Raida's Theme
03. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Hip Hop 101 (feat. Aasim)
04. Grandmaster Roc Raida - The Truth Remix (feat. Fat Joe & Aasim) 05. Grandmaster Roc Raida - The Truth (feat. Smif-N-Wessun)
06. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Break The Style Down (feat. Party Artie & AC)
07. Grandmaster Roc Raida - How U Want It (Remix) (feat. Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A.T.C.Q.)
08. Grandmaster Roc Raida - The What Gong Show (Skit)
09. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Let It Bang (feat. M.O.P.)
10. Grandmaster Roc Raida - X-Ecutioners Style (feat. Black Thought) 11. Grandmaster Roc Raida - No Joke (feat. Saigon & Grafh)
12. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Hey Thug (Skit)
13. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Live From The PJ's (feat. Ghostface Killah, Trife Da God, Black Thought)
14. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Back To Back (feat. Scram Jones)
15. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Another X-Excution (feat Dilaed Peoples) 16. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Burn That Ass (feat. Wayne-O)
17. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Hip Hop Shit (feat. UTR)
18. Grandmaster Roc Raida - I Got You (feat. Aasim)
19. Grandmaster Roc Raida - The Regulators (feat. Roc Marciano & Sly Boogie)
20. Grandmaster Roc Raida - The Thug Vs. The Backpacker MC Battle (Skit)
21. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Funky Piano (feat. Wayne-O)
22. Grandmaster Roc Raida - Ill Kick Your Ass


password: gr1mma

Friday, August 24, 2007

Remy martin- The BX Files

Here she is, fresh outta lockup after alledgedly poppin a former associate over a missing check from her purse in front of a's the first lady of Terror Squad. While I in no way, shape or form support what Remy is accused of doing that night, I will say this.....she's always handled her business, both in and outside of the booth, it's just a damn shame that she took it upon herself to go to the extreme..alledgedly.....anyway, I just hope that wasn't her that pulled the trigger, but at the same time I do realize that this chick stole from her. Took over a grand man....I know guys that would do much worse for less than a c-note. Anyway, on to the music.....Remy is serving up a much grittier album for her street hop heads with the BX Files, and I'm not surprised that this is a lot better than that farse of a debut album she put out over a year ago. It seems to me that when Remy goes hardcore in her music, it just comes out so much more natural and uncontrived....she sounds so at home rapping about the bottom, rather than the top, an ironic fact considering she went thru hell to get there and despite recent events, shows no signs of returning to the bowls of the unforgiving Bronx ghetto she was raised in. While most of this album is a true reflection of Remy's lyrical capabilities, some tracks are dated, making an already short Lp, even shorter. All in all it's a pretty worthy effort tho, Remy still has a knack to reel in many listeners, male and female alike into her world thru her music, and holds her own on various cuts alongside some of the premier street artists of today in Papoose, Main-O, Jae Millz and Murda Mook. This is a great introduction to Remy's work, if you haven't heard of her, but if your familiar with Reminisce Martin, you proabably won't be overly impressed.

-Dominick L.

01. Remy Intro 01:31

02. Where My bi*ches @ 03:07

03. No Bet Chill 03:38

04. Tek 9 (feat. Murda Mook) 04:08

05. Rapid Fire 01:13

06. Influentials (feat. Papoose) 02:36

07. Get Money, Stay Fly (feat. Jae Millz) 02:30

08. So Hot 03:02

09. Loadin' Clipz (feat. Maino) 03:49

10. Let's Get It On 03:56

11. Y'all Don't Really Want It 04:00

12. Me 02:48

13. Outside Lookin' In 03:24

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Clinton Sparks and Talib Kweli- Get familiar The Blacksmith mixtape street album

The mixtape king of Boston has teamed up with the lyrically conscience voice of Brooklyn people! Yes Clinton Sparks and Talib have joined forces to bring the people an exclusive look at some of the material Talib has been steadilly working on for his new imprint Blacksmith Records. Taking the mixtape circuit on very quietly, yet full of potent music don't be surprised if you hear some classic mixtape material from both of these two's storied underground careers, including some older collaborations from the two. All in all this tape is not hugely based on exclusive cuts and mixing, but rather just some good drops and an outstanding music selection from Clinton Sparks. If your looking for rampantly good production, this tape is also for you. Don't miss Mr. Sparks contibutions as well as a look back at a classic track from Hi-Tek's "The Chip" album produced by the Cincinatti beat king. All in all it's a healthy dose of Talib, right when you need it...(his new album ain't my cup of tea) we all wait for his future Blacksmith projects with labelmates Strong Arm Steady and Jean Grae, who'll you'll also get a chance to "get familiar" with on this tape if you haven't already.

-Dominick L.

01 . Talib Kweli - Intro (Produced By Clinton Sparks) [ 01:20 ]
02 . Talib Kweli - Go With Us (Feat. Strong Arm Steady) [ 03:54 ]
03 . Talib Kweli - Man On Fire (Produced By Clinton Sparks) [ 02:54 ]
04 . Talib Kweli - The Level (Feat. Styles P) [ 03:21 ]
05 . Clinton Sparks - Interlude [ 00:53 ]
06 . Talib Kweli - Bobby James 2007 [ 03:13 ]
07 . Talib Kweli - Young Fresh & Clean [ 02:51 ]
08 . Talib Kweli - The Ones (Feat. Jean Grae) [ 03:06 ]
09 . Clinton Sparks - Interlude 2 [ 00:34 ]
10 . Talib Kweli - Lie A Lot [ 03:48 ]
11 . Clinton Sparks - Buy You A Drank (Stumbles Mix) [ 03:39 ](Feat. Talib Kweli)
12 . Clinton Sparks - Interlude 3 [ 00:35 ]
13 . Strong Arm Steady - One Step (Feat. Talib Kweli) [ 06:01 ]
14 . Hi Tek - Let It Go (Feat. Dion & Talib Kweli) [ 03:37 ]
15 . Clinton Sparks - Interlude 4 [ 00:31 ]
16 . Talib Kweli - My All [ 03:02 ]
17 . Clinton Sparks - Interlude 5 [ 00:25 ]
18 . Talib Kweli - Bossin Up [ 01:57 ]
19 . Talib Kweli - Outro (Produced By Clinton Sparks) [ 01:44 ]
20 . Talib Kweli - Kweli Says Go [ 01:16 ]
21 . Clinton Sparks - Get Familiar [ 00:57 ]

Raekwon presents ICEWATER: Polluted Water

The Chef Brings you his latest shaolin protege's debut album in Polluted Water, a thugged out, no holds barred journey into Staten Island's wild side. Sure to please any hardcore officionado, this release is packed with great production as Raekwon extended his hand to some of his connections, enlisting help on the boards from street sound molders like Emile, Ez Elpee, SC and Mizza. The Icewater cats are pretty saavy on the boards themselves as they lean on their own camp (Icewater Inc. Productions) for production duties on 2 songs as well. This is a far cry from Rae's first group The American Cream Team, but judging by most of Icewater's lyrical ability and unwavering commitment to hardcore verses, I can see why Rae decided to get down with them. While this release does have a few missteps in the forms of guest spots, it's still an overall worthy effort.....

-Dominick L.

01. Ice Water - Animal (Produced by Scram Jones) 03:49
02. Ice Water - Do It Big (feat. Raekwon & Busta Rhymes) 03:59 (Produced by Dready)
03. Ice Water - Actin' Fly 03:40 (Produced by Kenny Whitehead & Karriem Roulette)
04. Ice Water - Ice Water (We Still Runnin') 03:53 (Produced by Domingo)
05. Ice Water - Hip-Hop Tribute (feat. Raekwon) 03:54 (Produced By Emile)
06. Ice Water - Love Don't Cost A Thing (feat. Method Man) 04:08 (Produced by Mental Instruments)
07. Ice Water - Let's Get It (feat. Raekwon & Three 6 Mafia) 03:24 (Produced by SC)
08. Ice Water - Click Click (feat. Raekwon) 04:45 (Produced by Jamie Franks)
09. Ice Water - Mercy Me (feat. Flo) 04:31 (Produced by Ice Water Productions)
10. Ice Water - Gangsta (feat. Flo) 03:42 (Produced by Ice Water Productions)
11. Ice Water - I'm A Boss (feat. Raekwon & Rick Ross) 03:46 (Produced by EZ Elpee)
12. Ice Water - Knuckle (feat. Raekwon & Pimp C) 04:32 (Produced by Trife)
13. Ice Water - Murda (Produced by Fury) 03:59
14. Ice Water - All Night (feat. Jagged Edge) 03:15 (Produced by Kiri Grazes)
15. Ice Water - Move (Produced by Focus) 03:05
16. Ice Water - Tell Me How You Like It 03:27 (feat. Raekwon & Remy Ma) (Produced by Supa Dave West)
17. Ice Water - Baby Love Me (feat. Flo) (Produced by Mizza) 06:17

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Foxy Brown Sent To Jail

Foxy Brown appeared in court today (August 21) and was sentenced to a stay in prison by Judge Melissa Jackson, for violating her probation.

Brown, born Inga Marchand, was ordered to prison until her next hearing, which takes place on September 5.

Her incarceration stems from an incident that took place in July, in which Foxy slapped her nieghbor smack dab in her grill piece with, of all things, a cell phone (August 15). Foxy's bad luck didn't end there....the next day she was stopped by police and was arrested for alledgedly giving authorites a fake name and driving on a suspended license and a suspended registration.

Foxy just also recently announced that she was pregnant and engaged to be married. Good Luck Foxy, keep your head up ma!

-Dominick L.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strong Arm Steady- Deep Hearted

For many hip-hop fans that reside in the city of angels, there is only one group that truly combines the history, skill, talent and connections to properly represent the coast. Enter in Strong Arm Steady; a collection of now only 3 mc's (one time member Xzibit has left the group) that are all a true cut above the rest when it comes to the music. Comprised of the street saavy and straight forward San Diegan Mitchy Slick, the half latino, half black, pot- enhaling, lyricist Phil Da Agony, and the lurching, Cali raised, Brooklyn educated, albino Krondon. I really haven't been excited about any particuliar group in a long time, especially any from Cali, but as soon as I heard that these Likwit and beat Junkie affiliates were gonna drop as a collective I was instantly intrigued. While both Phil and Mitchy have already released solo albums this is the world's first look at the somtimes awkwardly recieved Krondon. Although he's the heart of the group in my opinion, many heads don't check for S.A.S. simply because of his appearance...a fact that doesen't phase them in the least, they just keep making solid music. At first the only time most of their loyal fans could get in tune with their unique brand of music that is 1 part pure hip-hop, 1 part Cali gangsta music, 1 part stoned frenzy...was when the trio dropped their now legendary independent mixtapes.....the group has also been heard doing many guest features alongside the underground's elite. Collaborating on Talib Kweli's Beautiful mixtape series as well as working with Hi-Tek for his sophmore album has proven to be a big payoff for S.A.S., as they now find themselves releasing their fist retail album comprised of some of their biggest mixtape bangers as well as serving up a healthy dose of new material.....the sky is the limit for these guys now, as most of L.A.'s underground hip-hop scene is becoming more and more familiar these "Gold Chain Music" maker's are sure to bring a smile to any enthusiast's face, and with production on this project coming from the likes of Madlib, DJ Khalil, Da Riffs, DJ Babu and Evidence, S.A.S. is putting their stamp on the game right now.

-Dominick L.

01. Intro (feat. Jack Nicholson & The Game) (prod. by Dubb Knox) 01:48

02. The Movement (feat. Planet Asia) (prod. by Thayod Ausar) 04:17

03. U Ain't Me (feat. Chamillionaire, Ras Kass, & Xzibit) 04:44(prod. by Da Riffs)

04. Bloody Money (feat. PnB & Jelly Roll) (prod. by DJ Khalil) 04:25

05. Co-Operation (feat. Dilated Peoples) (prod. by DJ Babu) 04:09

06. Clean Up (feat. Saukrates & Black Thought) (prod. by Madlib) 03:26

07. One Step (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. by Blaqtoven) 03:33

08. I Can't Wait (feat. Tha Liks & Stylistic Jones) 04:01(prod. by Thayod Ausar)

09. King In The Deck (feat. Planet Asia) (prod. by Da Riffs) 04:18

10. Come & Get Me (feat. Ina Williams) (prod. by DJ Khalil) 04:57

11. My Homies (feat. Blaqtoven) (prod. by J Thrill) 04:15

12. Streetlights (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. by Evidence) 04:36

13. On The Grind (prod. by J Thrill) 03:40

14. Wreckless Words (prod. by DJ Khalil) 03:5115. Dirty Dirty (feat. Juvenile) (prod. by J Macc) 03:21

Friday, August 17, 2007

C.L. Smooth- The Outsider

A new dose of none other than Mr. C.L. Smooth, where we find our hero in a reflective process and definitly in a transitional point in his career. Filled with some new oddities (a track with J.R. Writer of Dipset) and some great moments that remind us of the past (a live performance of T.R.O.Y. in holland) there is little left to be desired from C.L. after this new retail mixtape is over with except........a new project with his old buddy Pete Rock. Make sure you check for "War Of The Roses" and the "Heaven Only Knows remix".
-Dominick L.

01. C.L. Smooth - Intro...All We Ever Know
02. C.L. Smooth - I Need A Boss (Remix)
03. C.L. Smooth - No Justice
04. C.L. Smooth - Impossible (J. Period Remix)
05. C.L. Smooth - I Gotta Love (Live! In Holland)
06. C.L. Smooth - Down With The Kings (Live! In Holland)
07. C.L. Smooth - Warm Outside (Drawzilla Remix)
08. C.L. Smooth - Gorilla Pimpin'
09. C.L. Smooth - Is It Really You?
10. C.L. Smooth - The Outsider
11. C.L. Smooth - Get Back
12. C.L. Smooth - Straighten It Out (Live! In Holland)
13. C.L. Smooth - Love Is A Battlefield
14. C.L. Smooth - War Of The Roses (feat. Butter Verses)
15. C.L. Smooth - Smoke In The Air (Live! In Holland)
16. C.L. Smooth - Who You Gonna Trust?
17. C.L. Smooth - Mezmorized (feat. J.R. Writer & Scales) (B Rock Remix)
18. C.L. Smooth - Heaven Only Know (John Legend Remix)
19. C.L. Smooth - American Gangster (feat. SJ & Young Bred)
20. C.L. Smooth - American Me (Live! In Holland)
21. C.L. Smooth - T.R.O.Y. (Live! In Holland)
22. C.L. Smooth - DJ Shakim (Outro)

Blu and Exile- Below The Heavens

A breathe of freesh air into the game, MC Blu serves up a raw and unadultered glimpse into his 22 year old life. From tales about boyish crushes to fighting back tears at his own grandmother's funeral, this album is as expressive as it is poignant. Infused with many thoughtful and infectious beats, Blu's running mate Exile of Emanon (Just Exile for short) is a new breed of producer, providing soundscapes that have both character and mood, this album's catchiness is 50 percent to blame on him. A can't miss for story lover's and real heads, make sure you check out this wonderful and exciting new look at what the world is today......below the heavens.

-Dominick L.

01 blu & exile - my world is.. 03:41
02 blu & exile - the narrow path 05:09
03 blu & exile - so(ul) amazin' (steel blazin') 04:39
04 blu & exile - juicen' dranks (ft. taraach) 03:45
05 blu & exile - in remembrance of me 04:04
06 blu & exile - blu colla workers 04:31
07 blu & exile - dancing in the rain 04:26
08 blu & exile - first things first (ft. miguel jontel) 03:50
09 blu & exile - no greater love 04:15
10 blu & exile - show me the good life 05:23 (ft. aloe blacc & joseph)
11 blu & exile - simply amazin' 03:30
12 blu & exile - cold hearted (ft. miguel jontel) 03:12
13 blu & exile - the world is (below the heavens..) 04:27
14 blu & exile - you are now in the clouds with 03:49 (the koochie monstas)
15 blu & exile - unlisted bonus track 07:26
16 blu & exile - unlisted bonus track 03:00
17 blu & exile - unlisted bonus track 04:36

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nas presents Nashawn Mass Destruction

There's been a quiet buzz going for Nashawn ever since he dropped his first rhyme in the game. Many would contribute Nashawn's new found popularity to riding the coattails of his cousin, Nas....who just so happens to be considered by many as the greatest street poet of our time. Well, it looks like many "people" are just going to have to fall the fuck back after they listen to Nashawn's latest offering Mass Destruction. A new helping of his somtimes hard to find, but always entertaining and head nodding music. Nashawn is a skilled Mc, and many have been patiently waiting for him to put something new out. Known mostly for his Infamous "Write Your Name" track, where a brash Nashawn finds himself dissing Cam'ron and company oh so viciously, Nashawn is now whispered amongest many to be the true heir apparent to Nas's throne. Re appearing from his past endeavors as "Millenium Thug" (Nashawn's old monikor) many were expecting the same old thugged out, over the top block music on Mass Destruction, however you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that Nashawn's range is vastly improved. Be sure to check out "Take A Picture" feat. Nas, "A Huned" and "All Summer Long" feat. Jungle and G-Wiz. He's grown, but many of his hardcore fans will find Nashawn hasn't totally jumped of the bridge, far from it to be exact, keeping most of his work firmly embedded in the street.
-Dominick L.

01. intro 01:25 ÛÛ

02. number 1 02:30 ÛÛ

03. slow it down 02:58 ÛÛ

04. somebody gotta die featuring jungle 02:44 ÛÛ

05. bossed up featuring nas 02:58 ÛÛ

06. understand 02:25 ÛÛ

07. a huned 01:41 ÛÛ

08. in jail 03:57 ÛÛ

09. we gittin it 03:15 ÛÛ

10. follow me 03:01 ÛÛ

11. my style 02:17 ÛÛ

12. da carlot 02:31 ÛÛ

13. that money 02:44 ÛÛ

14. rat ass niggaz 04:26 ÛÛ

15. fait ball 02:34 ÛÛ

16. take a picture featuring nas 02:33 ÛÛ

17. all summer long featuring jungle and g-wiz 03:37 ÛÛ

18. its true 03:43 ÛÛ

19. hustlin 03:10 ÛÛ

20. bring it 02:39 Û

Thursday, August 9, 2007

DJ Cuzzin B presents 9th Wonder Leaky Beat Vault Hosted by David Temple

It's no secret that one of the most prolific underground producer's of our time is 9th Wonder. Whether it's the fact that he eventually ended up doin tracks for Jay-Z after coming up using no really expensive equipment, and just one measly software program, that well, is more commonly associated with mediocre techno compositions rather than soulful, infectious, head nodding hip-hop beats. But that's 9th Wonder for you, continually proving that old addage "It's not ya pencil, it's how you write your name". Many producers today have taken a page from his book and tried to imitate his signature soulful loops, but few ever really capture his amazing knack for being consistently on the scene....meaning you never have to wait too long for a new 9th Wonder project or for him to do some work on someone else's project. In between all the work 9th has been known to let a few jewels fall between the proverbial "cracks", and DJ Cuzzin B has brought it upon himself to bestow upon the masses many of those amazing beats that 9th had hidden away or that just didn't make it on to your radar. As an added bonus Cuzzin B mixes all the tracks down to one file in the new age style of old school mixtapes......this is a great collection of 9th beats, a can't miss for true 9th fans.
-Dominick L.

*Sorry, No Tracklist*

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Boot Camp Clik- Casualties Of War

Back with another dose of that good ole' boom bap, thugged out, buddha laced hip-hop fury, is the great 8 aka BCC fuckas! Casualties of war is a compilation of tracks that didn't meet the team's first album of 07'; Last Stand's final cut. But don't dispair, this is far from just a bunch of dusty half ass throw aways. Quite a few of these tracks are brand new and being released simply for the fun of it. Sure to please all the hardcore BCC enthusiasts and back packers alike, Casualties packs a serious punch. With production from Dan The Man, Nottz, Coptic, Marco Polo and Soul G amongest others, this album's sound is rooted solidly in the bowels of the underground, which is a fact that is sure to please. Track's to check for are the 9th Wonder produced "I Need More" and "I need Mine" prod. by the canadian sensation himself, Marco Polo.
-Dominick L.

01. Intro (Preformed By G-Tang)
02. The Hustle (prod. by Coptic & Soul G)
03. Bubblin' Up (prod. by Nottz)
04. What You See (prod. by Dan The Man & Fred Bear)
05. BK All Day (prod. by Dan The Man & Chris The Four)
06. My World (prod. by Marco Polo)
07. I Need More (prod. by 9th Wonder)
08. Jail Song (prod. by Jaywan Inc.)
09. A-Yo (prod. by Coptic & Soul G)
10. Casualties Of War (prod. by Marvel)
11. I Want Mine (prod. by Marco Polo)
12. Everyday Shit (prod. by Soul G & Coptic)
13. Words From TEK (prod. by Moods & Vibrations)
14. Yesterday (prod. by Dub Z)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Joe Budden- The Album Before the Album

While many have since dismissed Joe Buddens as a real priority over at Def Jam, many others who follow the underground mixtape circuit know the tremendous un tapped potential that Budden possesses. Too many heads in Jersey already know that as far as mixtapes went Budden's Mood Music part 2 was relatively untouchable in terms of how far ahead of the pack he was with his lyricism and story telling on MM3. Budden has since developed into a true urban legend; scarcely appearing in public, only droppng a new track or blog entry once in a blue moon and maintaining still, his crown as the best on the east coast. While I liken him to being the east coast version of lil' Wayne, I think most will agree that the two share many of the same qualities at this moment including a die hard loyal fan base and perhaps some over hyped mixtapes. Either way you look at it Budden is a definite problem for those that underestimate him. The labels that turned their backs on him early on watched as he crafted radio friendly club bangas like "Pump It Up". Many of those who thought he was through as a true lyricist and thought he coulden't duplicate the oral prowess that he displayed on his early tapes were left with their jaws on the floor as the nation rejoiced in Mood Music 2. Budden always seems to bounce back and turnm the tables, as he walks toward a new album and most likely many new mixtapes before he drops, we are left to wonder whether or not if Budden will ever truly blow, or just remain a solid underground threat.
-Dominick L.

1. Im Back 3:55
2. What Would Happen Ft. Stack Bundles 4:20
3. The Future 6:20
4. Cold World Ft. Musiq Soulchild 4:52
5. I Keep That 3:26
6. Outcast 3:03
7. The Pump 3:39
8. Stained 5:04
9. Only You 3:14
10. Pop Off 4:42
11. Suntin Ft. Coke 5:24
12. This Is For 4:01
13. Is This My Life 2:47
14. Three Sides A Story 8:29
15. Bullshit Rappers & Metaphors 3:56
16. Bonus Track 7:07

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Guns-N-Butter present Raise The Hammer Vol.3 Hosted by P-Cutta

There hasn't been a compilation for me to rave about in awhile, I don't knoiwif this is due to the fact that most camps are stagnant these days, the culture of the game is to go for yours alone or the fact that most good compilations take awhile to put together.....whatever the reason, I really haven't been singing the praises of any one particuliar camp in that regard. Then like all things music, you discover somthing that restores your confidence just when your faith was leaving you the most. I stumbled upon this while aimlessly on one of my favorite websites (props to that man Frak for rippin this) when a cat known for handing out ill shit put this up. What a find it was man....from top to bottom, start to finish this is easilly one of the best joints i've bumped all year. Focusing on Starr Blazz, K-Beta and William Cooper, these Guns N Butter Bretheren rip down every track with much ferocity and reckless abandon. The production is insane, my next mission is to find out who did some of these tracks, namely "A- Alikes pt. 1", "Walk The Pavement", "No Retreat" and "Outta Jail" because those track inparticuliar are stellar examples of great gutter hip-hop production. Providing sounds back drops that ranged from heavy soulful Rock sampling to good ole' original concepts (someone in the Guns and Butter camp is nice on a keyboard). It's a hardcore release. All of the tracks touch on the struggle, the pain, the grittiness of hip-hop. Many who think their bumpin somthin hard when they pop in their lil uncle murder cd's need to check this out, they ain't heard shit yet. Check for guest spots from Nore, Nature, Timbo King, Cashmere, Tragedy Khadafi, Dre Robinson, Bad Seed, Bronze Nazereth, The Wisemen and Blue Raspberry.
-Dominick L.

Intro- Theme Song

Alkaline Minds- Starr Blazz

Live llegal- K-Beta

Walk The Pavement- Smif & Wessun IllNoise

Somthings Wrong- Akir & TK Rose

Theme Song Interlude

Nothing To Hide- Bronze Nazereth & The Wisemen

A- Alikes pt. 1- Bloodsport, Majesty and William Cooper

Easy Now- K-Beta

Hip-Hop Is Outta Control- Ankh Amen Ra

Hands Of Change- Starrblazz

Can't See Me- Digga

Ain't Nobody- JR Get Money and Dre Robinson

Piece Of My Thug- Starrblazz

The Grimiest- Nature & Nore

Raise The Hammer- Sketch & K-Beta

Eat Em' Alive- Illnoise

You Won't Win- Starblazz

Guns n' Butter Interlude

Smoke Witcha- Bad Seed

Straight Death- Tragedy Khadafi & Starrblazz

Ice Journals- Starrblazz, Timbo King, K-Beta and William Cooper

Outta Jail- Cashmere

No Surrender, No Retreat- Starrblazz, Blue Raspberry & William Cooper

Click, Clack- Jake The Snake

Ain't No Killa- That Boy O

Had A Dream- Illnoise

Another Day- K-Beta

Where I'm From- JR Get Money

Credits- (Beatz by Stu Bangaz)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

HalfTooth Records presents Median's Relief In The Making Mixed by DJ Low Key Hosted by 9th Wonder

Justice league fans rejoice! Median is droppin an ill ass mixtape all up on ya heads. The Carolina native and emcee extraodinaire is prepping all the hardcore J League fans for his upcomming album set to drop real soon. Til then there's plenty right here to keep even the staunchest Justus League fan calmly take a seat and begin to nod his head in approval and anticipation. And while quite a few of these gems you've already heard, keep ya ears open for a few new remixes and a few exclusives. I mean when your lookin at a production lineup that has 9th handling 13 tracks, Khrysis doin 4, Nicolay doin 5 and M-Phazes, Von Pea and Marshall Law chipping in some serious bangas, there's little doubt people will find a problem with the sound of this tape. Take my advice and just let the man Median guide you through a verbal tour of his mind, soul and what's coming up next from him. This is a solid effort, and a must grab for any Median/9th Wonder/J League/Khrysis/Nicolay supporter.
-Dominick L.
1. 9th Wonder Intro
2. Median - Comfortable (prod. by 9th Wonder)
3. Foreign Exchange - All That You Are feat. Median (Original Mix/Nicky Van Halen’s 1987 Monsters of Rock Tour Remix/Nicky Fagan’s Eye Should Know Better Remix) (prod. by Nicolay)
4. DJ Low Key - Mixing In Action #1 Freestyle feat. Median
5. Median - Doing Dances (prod. by 9th Wonder)
6. Median - Rize feat. LaDehra (prod. by Khrysis)
7. Big Pooh - Scars feat. Median (prod. by 9th Wonder)
8. Median - Golden Ticket feat. Tanya Morgan (prod. by Von Pea)
9. Von Pea Guarantees A Classic
10. Median - Powershift (prod. by Nicolay)
11. Median - M.A.D. (Median Alleviates the Drama) (prod. by 9th Wonder)
12. Cesar Comanche - Get Ready feat. Median (prod. by 9th Wonder)
13. Edgar Allen Floe - The Great Adventure feat. Median & L.E.G.A.C.Y. (prod. by 9th Wonder)
14. Spectac - Life Ain’t Easy feat. Median (prod. by FortyI)
15. Median - Personified (Remix) (prod. by Khrysis)
16. Median - How Big Is Your World? (prod. by 9th Wonder)
17. Little Brother - Shorty on the Lookout feat. Median (prod. by 9th Wonder)18. L.E.G.A.C.Y. - I’m A Star feat. Median, Chaundon & Joe Scudda (prod. by Khrysis)
19. Kenn Starr - Back At It Again feat. Median (prod. by M-Phazes)
20. Median - Balance (prod. by 9th Wonder)
21. Median - Yeah Right (prod. by Khrysis)
22. Jean Grae – Stories feat. Median (prod. by 9th Wonder)
23. Median - What Would You Do (prod. by Ant B)
24. Median – Straight N Narrow (prod. by Marshall Law)
25. Foreign Exchange - Be Alright feat. Median (Easy Breezy SundayAfternoon Remix)(prod. by Nicolay)
26. Median – Maglite (prod. by 9th Wonder)
27. Median - Visionary (prod. by 9th Wonder)
28. 9th Wonder Outro
29. Median – If Then Statement

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Agallah- Fuck A Purple Chain

Agallah has long been one of my faorite hardcore underground cats. Both his beats and his rhymes are poignant and hard hitting, a quality that a lot of producer/emcees lack. Although I would have to give his production the edge over his rhymin' these days, Ag manages a good effort more often than not in the category of energy. This tape is a treat for real Ag fans, as he blesses us with 24 all new bangas on his new imprint Comin Up Clutch Ent. No freestyles, no filler, just great music all from the Brownsville born, Harlem transplant. This tape also seems to serve as somwhat of an explanation for recent occurances, Namely the beef between Ag and Tru-Life and the story behind the alledged jacking of Ag's Purple City Byrdgang chain. Two tracks are devoted to letting Purple City head honcho Shiest Bubz and Dipset frontman Juelz Santana air their feelings out about the situation. The interviews are more than surprising. Fortunately for the real fans there's also plenty of music on this tape that far outweighs the childish beef interludes. Some of the tracks are pure, uhhhm, how would Ag put it...."Cocaine Piff". I'm happy to report his hi hat patterns are still mean as hell, his kicks are hitting harder than ever, and of course the sample game is still inspirig many a producer to get out there and start diggin'. This tape is a can't miss for all those fiendin' for Ag's best shit, and a great pacifier til' he drops another Lp on our heads. Be sure and check for "86' Era", "Lord Behold" and "Are You Real" with The newest BK standout St. Laz. This is a surprisingly good look from our favorite emcee and producer The Don Bishop Agallah, and a great look at the current pavement pounding direction he's taking with his lyrics and production. Make sure you peep this, mixtapes just aren't this good nowadays, as Ag provides what could easilly be the best Purple City mixtape ever!
-Dominick L.

1-Intro-The God of War
2-Respeckt Tha Jux
3-Last Man Standing
4-Juelz Speaks
5-Enemies Eyes
6- Imma Gangsta
7-Lord Behold
8-86 Era
9-Not Ready feat Shiest Bubz
10-Are You Real? feat St Laz
11-Ohhh I Wanna 12-O.T.
13-Dollaz Circulate Feat. Ike Eyez & Shiest Bubz
14-Celebrate feat Shiest Bubz
15-Shiest Speaks
16-My Lifes Tha Shit feat Shiest Bubz
17-Prisoner feat Ike Eyes
18-Confessions of a Don
19-Gingerbread Man
20-Its My Block (Remix) Feat. Tupac (R.I.P)
21-Slowin Up
22-Recognize Tha Voice
23-Hoods and Macks feat D Doubler (RIP)
24-Brand New 25 -M.A.S.T.E.R. P -Sean Price feat Agallah (Bonus)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3