Saturday, October 31, 2009

Video: Stretch Gots A Story To Tell

In a stroke of random luck the good folks from NYM/Gasface were returning from a previous video shoot in Harlem when they bumped into Stretch Armstrong smack dab in front of his old stomping grounds of Columbia University AKA WKCR; the college's radio station where Stretch got his start. For those that didn't know, the gangly, bearded guy sporting designer reading specs in this vid is one of Hip-Hop's most celebrated radio personalities and DJ's ever and a huge influence on ya boy.

In the 90's Stretch and his mans Bobbito held down "The Stretch And Bobbito Show", and used it to break in just about every viable Hip-Hop act you can think of from NYC. The show is an institution in Hip-Hop radio and to this day fans of it recall the legendary lore, laughs and exclusive freestyle sessions that went down.

As you listen to Stretch speak you'll get an idea of how prolific the show was and still is to many. Speaking momentarily about a 16 yr. old Nas dropping off his demo in "Shorts" and snappin' on Kool G Rap in the studio we get some more golden tidbits of the goings on back then at KCR....


Lil' Cease & DJ Dels Presents Junior M.A.F.I.A. The Lost Files

The childhood friends, protege's and in the case of a certain Kimberly Jones, lover's of the late, great Notorious B.I.G. were once known collectively as Junior M.A.F.I.A. and admittedly were one of my favorite groups growing up. Don't believe that this well spoken, devestatingly handsome and tremendously bright blogger was once down with the Bed-Stuy Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes? Just peep both my worn down CD and Cassette copies of "Conspiracy"

An understated crew that without a doubt was overshadowed most of the time by their ring leader's masterful performances, the M.A.F.I.A. in my eyes was always solid. Even though everyone except Biggie and Kim was geared more toward unforgivably hardcore rhymes based on their lives coming up in the Stuy and were by no means lyrical dynamos, the chemistry was there and I always felt that they expanded very well on Big's earlier, edgier music.

Unfortunately, "Conspiracy" was the singular height of their group offerings and Junior M.A.F.I.A. would disband in 97' after the tragedy that ensued in L.A. that ripped their friend and mentor violently from them. Coming together briefly in 2005 and 2007, three of the original seven members (Lil' Cease, MC Klepto and Larceny) would release two more albums, with neither really creating much of a stir.

Today, one of the crew's better known member's and Biggie's closest cousin Lil' Cease has managed to keep himself somewhat afloat within' a vastly different Hip-hop landscape. Not one to really pop up on mixtapes anymore in any capacity, Cease surprised me by letting go of some previously unreleased music with DJ Delz from the original Junior M.A.F.I.A. members that dates circa 02'-05'. I guess that time period is a more accurate window of when they all were deciding to call it quits and splintering into different directions. Alongside Delz, Cease drops some unreleased cuts that regretfully never saw the light of day and gets his hosting duties on, chiming in several times throughout.

There are some tracks that I can remember bumping into on some older, underground compilation albums (what ya'll know about the "Anti Backpack Movement?!) like the F.T. assisted "Money All The Time" and some joints that were present on the mixtape circuit ("Come Get Me"), but for the most part, yeah, these are all definite exclusives that I haven't ever heard.

Wih appearances from Prodigy, Bun B, Method Man, Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel this was interesting to hear, no doubt, but after you run through everything I think it's obvious why they ultimately didn't put these out. Whether it was Kim's god awful hook in the beginning of "Good Times", the cheesy bounce on the production for "That's What It Is" or the dumbfoundingly bad Rodger Troutman appearance (or impression) on "Nothing Wrong", I kinda had to go back and bump "Conspiracy" just for the sake of preserving my view of the group in their heyday.

Standout tracks: "Everyone's A Snake" and "Get Up Stand Up".

A standoffish 5 1/2 outta 10 purehip-hop rating....


Video: Jay-Z Responds To Beans In Montreal Canada

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from la rue du hiphop on Vimeo.

Well, as I expected the response was swift, but very tempered. You can tell even though Beans has thrown some major dirt Jay's way, Jigga still respects him a great deal. That said, he did a good job of pointing out to that journalist just how much he did open the door for Beans to make moves...

Accountability can be a bitch sometimes. When things fall apart and they always do, I feel like we, as humans, absolutely need to be able to have something or someone to blame.

At the end of the day Sigel had his shot, his run, his whatever you wanna call it and really, musically I'd say he did a hell of a job. Hands down, one of the best from the city of brotherly love to ever drop science on a mic, no question. Considering that puts him in the company of people like Black Thought, Steady B, The Last Emperor, Mr. Pinkett and Bahamadia you'd think his career (which isn't over by a long shot BTW) would be enough for him to hang his hat on. I mean he didn't exactly go broke doing any of this. Beans was always holdin a lil' somethin' monetarily and yeah, he lived that dream; was all up on the TV screen, made movies, went on tours, partook in the groupies and fine weed, all that and it still wasn't enough?? Oh, and wasn't that Jay there supporting a certain defendant during his attempted murder trial all the way up to the acquittal?

Alas, another huge portion of the human condition is ego. It makes us all hold on past our primes, act out foolishly and yes, even sometimes turn our back on people we love. Beanie, by no means is wrong for expressing some regrets about maybe not having certain things go down for him in his career, but the reason for those things not happenin' ain't cause' of Sean Carter.

The man in the mirror Beans, the man in the mirror....


Friday, October 30, 2009

Single: Beanie Sigel - What You Talkin Bout?

A lot of kids are running around labeling this as a diss toward Jigga....I gotta say, for the most part they're right, but it's also far deeper than that.

For whatever reason Sigel has unleashed a new joint called "What You Talkin Bout?" that has a few lines in it that definitely give off a hint of his huge bitterness....

The 7 minute track finds The Broad Street Bully posturing as if he knows things about Jay; "I could say shit that could make B look at you different".....and that ain't all. Fast forward to the end of the track when Beanie is just venting:

"Many people gon walk in and out your life, but only real friends leave footprints on your heart. I think yours is fading in the sand…

The richest man ain’t the one with his first dollar, it’s the one who still got his first friend."

Intriguing? Hell yes...Beans is literally the only cat from back in the Roc-A-Fella days that we could take serious issuing a few insulting remarks toward Jay. We looked the other way when Dame said his piece and dismissed guys like Peedi Crack, now we are forced to stop and examine.

Will Mr. "Run This Town Tonight" attempt any damage control before Sigel decides to go full mode with his attack? Doubtful... Judging by his call-in this morning to Mike And Mike on ESPN rather than any Hip-Hop radio stations, Jay's either not too concerned or unaware. The biggest news in his life right now is that performance last night in the Bronx for the Series, not his past label mates and underlings beefin' so we'll give him 24 hours to soak this in. When He does hear Beans though, no question some feelings will come up. If this does explode into a battle, it has the potential to be the best one Hip-Hop has seen since Jay and Nasir were going at it.


Video: ODB X Chris Lighty X An LL Cool J Platinum Plaque X Urination....

Yeah, you read that title right.....Right when we thought we'd heard just about every freakin' story there was to hear about Big Baby Jesus, here comes renowned Hip-Hop manager and producer Dante Ross with another one for the books.

This time around the late great Son Unique and his boy "Crazy Sam" go R. Kelly on a LL Cool J platinum plaque hanging up in Chung King studios, while Chris Lighty looked on in horror and bewilderment......LOL, actually it sounds like Lighty was pretty angry, but it is what it is....Shouldn't have been tryin to rush the Dirt Dog!

Story has been floating around the net in print version (I myself first saw it on Dante Ross's blog) for a few days, now there's an actual video for it...

R.I.P. Dirty...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Single: Cunninlynguists - To Be For Real (pord. by Kno)

Here's the latest single from Cuninlynguists, complete with stirring production from Kno and sharp emceeing from Deacon The Villain and Natti.

What can I say other than if you sleepin' you need to wake up, hands down these cats is the illest southern Hip-Hop collective in a long, long time....

No one is attacking the minds of the youth like this right now and letting them know that they should seek out substance quite like they are here either, southern or otherwise. Hopefully they continue on this hot streak they've been on...The new album is as good as copped as far as I'm concerned....

"To Be For Real" is off their forthcoming "Strange Journey Volume Two" which drops on Nov.3rd


Checc In...Battlefield Funk Radio Is Back Tonite

Video Interview: Last Stop On The L Train (Coach Ace)

Last stop on the L train from Gasface on Vimeo.

The good folks over at Gasface drop another ill video on us, this time featuring an all time great MC, Masta Ace AKA "coach Ace" in a much different medium than what your used to seeing him in.

If you haven't ever heard "N.F.L." track than you might've never known that the Brooklyn MC is a serious football head, who in his spare time coaches the Canarsie, Brooklyn High School team.

Ace breaks down why the kids get in trouble if they bring up his music career and how Marley Marl was five hours late for that first faithful meeting of theirs because he was buying a new Mercury Cougar?


Review: Apathy - Wanna Snuggle?

Returning to drop his sophomore album three years after releasing his much awaited debut, the one time shelved Atlantic records artist Apathy has unleashed a bevy of new work that not only showcases his ample talent as a hardcore narrator, but also introduces you to his skills in the field of production.

“Wanna Snuggle” is a twenty one track opus that Ap can truly hang his hat on. Clearly displaying that he’s here to make high brow Hip-Hop and nothing else, the direction of the LP is always pointed toward delivering a message and conveying dope music with feeling. Behind the head nodding production lineup and a minimal list of worthy guest MC’s we’re given the life story of a independent rapper from somewhere in Connecticut, who’s only real agenda seems to be leaving his mark on the game forever, an accomplishment He’s getting dangerously close to….

Early on we hear exactly how Apathy has managed to carve a name out for himself in the business. Joints like “Money Orientated”, “On And Off The Mic” and “Shoot First” all have that unmistakable Golden age swing and sample manipulation in an rejuvenated format. Featuring Ap alongside both a promising young wordsmith in Blacastan and a wily old vet in B-Real, there’s no question that the updated, hardcore, boom bap sound that many a 90’s head has been seeking out will power this LP. Or is there?

Read the rest here:

Single: Bekay - Bloodsport (prod. by Shuko)

New banger from Brooklyn MC Bekay, who's debut album "Hunger Pains" is almost upon us.....

Produced by German beat wiz Shuko, "Bloodsport" has a nice lil' bounce to it and is the perfect canvas for Bekay's ranting, punchline driven raps...

The Coalmine records artist is definitely turning heads with his consistency lately...He's yet to leak anything wack in preparation for the new LP, which is a promising trait in the modern Hip-Hop climate.

"Hunger Pains" should be hitting a store near you on Nov. 10th...It will feature guest spots from RA The Rugged Man, Dilated Peoples, Wordsworth, Saigon and Heltah Skeltah as well as production from Marco Polo, Illmind, DJ Babu, The Returners, Alkota, The Alchemist and a couple other joints that Shuko blessed.


Pure Hip-Hop Picks Vol.1

As a special treat for all of ya'll that enjoy a good continuous mix every now and again, (and since every other blog has their own mix series) I threw this together today...LOL, sorry the artwork isn't much to speak of, but I did supply the track list and I did give ya'll the high quality .wav file...

Everything on this mix is from 2009, I just sorta wanted to look back at some of the better joints off some of the better albums/projects that dropped this past year.

Contained is 90 minutes (1:28:58 to be exact) of continuous, dope Hip-Hop, no talking or anything like that and all tracks are mixed and selected by ya boy BIG D O, peep it out, maybe throw it up in ya MP3 if you got one....


A&E - Pass The Mic ft. KRS-one (prod. by Double O)
Cormega - Define yourself ft. Tragedy and Havoc (Prod. by DR Period)
Apathy - The Formula ft. J-Live (prod. by Apathy)
DJ Spinna - More Colors ft. Elzhi (prod. by DJ Spinna)
Camp Lo - Uptown (prod. by Ski)
Fashawn - Bo Jackson ft. Exile (prod. by Exile)
Kam Moye - Life Line ft. One Be Lo (prod. by Jake One)
Snowgoons - The Ill Bunch (Tribeca & Nut-Rageous Verse)
Big Twins - When I Say G (prod. by Jake One)
Brother Ali - Slippin' Away (prod. by Ant)
Sha Stimuli - I Believe (prod. by TheRealFocus)
Kurious - Take What Is Given (prod. by Dame Grease)
Dynas - The Apartment (prod. by J. Dilla)
J. Dilla - Smoke ft. Blu (prod. by J.Dilla)
Raekwon - 10 Bricks ft. Cappadonna (prod. by J. Dilla)
Kev Brown - Random Joint (prod. by Kev Brown)
DJ Honda & Problemz - Crookz Give Back (prod. by DJ Honda)
DJ JS-1 - Rediculous ft. OC & Pharaoah Monch (prod. by JS-1)
Sean Price - Street Shit
Freestyle Professors - The Lords Prayer (prod. by Buckwild)
Marco Polo & Torae - Danger (prod. by Marco Polo)
M.O.P. - Forever & Always (prod. by Statik Selektah)
Jay Are - 1 Of The Greatest (prod. by J. Rawls, B-Jazz & Rob Riley)
60 Second Assassin - No Face
Black Thought - Philly Boy (prod. by Benzilla)
KRS-One & Buckshot - Runnin' Away [Immortal Technique Verse] (prod. by Black Milk)
Krumbsnatcha - Mind Power (prod. by Large Professor)
Skyzoo - Metal Hearts (prod. by 9th Wonder)
Mos Def - History ft. Talib Kweli (prod. by J. Dilla)
Sadat X - Nuthin (prod. by JS-1)
Termanology - Hold That (prod. by Pete Rock)
Raekwon, Cormega & Sean Price - Radiant Jewels (prod. by Fizzy Womack & A. Kelly)
Blaq Poet - Never Goodbye (prod. by DJ Premier)
Quite Nice - Jazzolution
Tanya Morgan - Plan B (prod. by Brick Beats)

Pic: Shyne Po Is Free Again....

First shot of a free Shyne being released from Immigration custody and on his way to Belize...

Sad that he's being deported so immediately, but overall I'm encouraged that the brutha is free otra vez and I hope that eventually he will gain some semblence of a normal life.

Where exactly that new life will be in the long term is largely still unknown, but of course we're all hoping he finds his way back to the states and resumes that recording career...In the end however he should just do whatever makes him happy and catch up with his family...

*holds up a man sized vat of Hennessy and Coke* here's to you Mr. Leviy, you done made it through an extremely rough stretch....Welcome back to the world.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Single: The Juice Crew - Mr. Magic Tribute

Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan, Craig G, Roxanne Shante, Marley Marl, Biz Markie & TJ Swan AKA The Juice crew all reunite to pay respect to the man that made their career's all possible and made Hip-Hop on the radio possible, Mr. Magic....

Despite a noticeably absent Kool G Rap and Masta Ace, this tribute is pure heat. Over a familiar Patrice Rushen sample all seven MC's bid farewell to their mentor in true Cold Chillin' style. Between Biz's, Kane's and Shan's verses I'm freakin' ready for a new album! I have no clue why Kool G and Ace weren't on this...maybe they are planning separate tributes, maybe they missed a bus or something, either way it looks kinda sideways when Roxanne Shante, fresh off of being exposed as a liar in all those DVD's and news interviews showed up (and killed it too) and they didn't. Damn...

In any case, this beautiful and 100% Hip-Hop ode to the late, great Sir Juice is the most fitting way to send him off. I'm sure wherever he is now he's heard this and is getting ready to spin it back 5 times in a row....


Video: A&E (Masta Ace & Ed O.G) - Ei8ht Is Enough and director Court Dunn wrangle up two legends for the latest installment of their "One Shot" video series and supply the rest of the world with another dope video/song that will build anticipation for what I'm sure will be one of the best albums of 09', "Arts & Entertainment".

I am really surprised by how a simple idea could make such a dope video. "Ei8ht Is Enough" features Edo and Ace going back and forth and the visuals for some reason are really capturing even though they're just head shots of the 2 MC's next to each other that rotate from color to black and white...

"Arts & Entertainment" drops Nov.3rd....


Video Interview: Apathy Sits Down With Van Styles Of UGHH Pt.2

Here's Pt.2 of Apathy's interview with Van Stylez of the concluding second half Ap talks about "the mean streets of Connecticut", some of his 9 to 5 jobby job's before going full time with rap, his friendship with Vinnie Paz and how his uncle first got him hooked on the culture.

Also featured: Apathy breaks down some of his new projects with Demigodz and Scoop Deville.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chace Infinite - I Would Have Killed This

One half of L.A.'s most slept-on group Self- Scientific, Chace Infinite, releases his brand new mixtape "I Would Have Killed This", a mixtape that's title reveals a pretty obvious theme.

Going in over a bunch of beats that for some reason or another DJ Khalil slid to other folks first, this is an incredibly innovative idea for a mix IMO....Just imagine how this concept would play out if applied to say Premier and Guru or Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth...No matter what you think of them two as MC's it would definitely be interesting, as is this mix.

So how specifically did the formula fare? Very well actually. Between Chace's always interesting flow and some good guest spots from Fashawn, Joe Scudda and the west coast's newest crooning sensation Kobe, this is well rounded indeed. Don't feel like you won't hear anything completely original and new either, three new Self-Scientific joints also debut on this tape as well.

Shining moment: You don't have to listen long to hear how talented Chace is. On the first track "Personal Religion", Infinite devastates the beat that Jigga eventually used for "Mama I Made It". Even without a hook Chace's version is a force...


01. Personal Religion
02. Oil & Sand
03. Money In My Hand feat. Kobe
04. 730 feat. Fashawn & Curtains
05. The Path feat. Kobe
06. Hostile Gospel 2.5
07. Black Rockstar feat. The New Royales
08. Its My Year
09. Devil's Disguise
10. Screwface Villains feat. Joe Scudda
11. Of Our Own (Bonus)
12. It's On (Bonus)
13. Heavy feat. The New Royales (Bonus)

Video/Singles: DJ J-Rocc Spins New Madvillain (DOOM & Madlib) Records Live On East Village Radio

"do a show @ the same time watch it and guaranteed to give more than just hock spit"

Whoa! This came up outta nowhere didn't it? Well, it's a nice lil' treat considering that new compilation "Unexpected Guests" from DOOM was kinda, well, expected.

Gotta give J-Rocc some serious props for gettin down like a real DJ and breaking exclusive records via the radio...The Beat Junkie continues to drop heat in any and every format...always can depend on him to come wit the real deal...

Both joints are fierce and got me ready for that new Madvillain album that's due out sometime in 2010...


Video: Rakim Has "Mixed" Feelings About Nas's "U.B.R."?

Jerry Barrow of recently sat down with Rakim to talk about the much celebrated and heavily clamored-for MC's new LP "The Seventh Seal". Then Barrow got crafty and asked a good

Barrow said:
I had to ask one of the most influential MCs ever how he felt having his life story turned into a song (“The Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim” ) by the one many said was his heir apparent back in 1994.

Rakim's answer wasn't nearly as ingratiated as Nas's ode. Paying tribute to someone always can be tricky. Usually the bigger the ego, the bigger the likelihood that they'll find something to nit pick at with how you give them props. Some say it's just those old instincts that got them to the top kicking back in...others say most superstars in any medium, in general are just assholes...We'll give Ra the benefit of the doubt on the latter.

I can understand Ra not diggin his kids names being put into the song, but c'mon, it's not like Nasir was dissin em' or anything, and believe me that type of info was already out there if someone really wanted it. So yeah, The Microphone Fiend being miffed by Nas, one of the best ever in his own right, taking the time to pay homage and show respect to him is somewhat puzzling...


Single: Session ft. PackFM - This Year (prod. by Kno)

Today the NBA season tips off and if you have the opportunity be sure you check into TNT's opening night double header...In game one your gonna get the Cav's vs. The Celtics and in the night cap you'll have to suffer through a Blake Griffin-less LA Clippers vs. the Lake show led by a well rested and healthy Kobe Bryant.

If your like me you watch most of the games with either your music bumpin' or headphones on (unless Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy got the call) and so this new single from three of the QN5 roster's best should be included in your playlist tonight.

Over a sufficiently dope production from Kno of Cunninlynguists, Session and PackFM give you some b-ball inspired rhymes and feelings that are always on the minds of every fan who's got high hopes for his squad.....

Go Nuggets!!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Video: Fredro Starr’s Tales of the Industry Ep. 1: Club New York Shooting

Okay, so this video is making some heavy rounds around the net today and I'm sorry, but I gotta speak on this foolishness...

First off, why the hell is Fredro Starr all of a sudden just spilling the beans on his experiences in "the industry"? I mean, I think that divulging some of these things in your music woulda been a better approach, not to mention in much better taste.

Secondly, what the hell did Mr. Firestarr really reveal here? Basically this account of what went down amounts up to being nothing more than another Black Rob story and not even a great one at that...So ya'll was in the back of the club smoking trees when things popped off that night with Shyne...big deal. If you followed the trial in the paper you got more details than that. Shorty Doo-Wop ain't tellin' ya'll nuthin' new at all....

And finally, man, why is this guy vlogging? It's bad enough that just seeing him behind a camera again reminds me of his acting career that was used up playing the same freakin' stereotypical roles again and again, but damn you'd think maybe at the very least he woulda picked up a thing or two from being on those movie/sitcom sets...namely the concept of lighting.

Seriously though Fredro, I'm sure you got thousands of stories to tell, I just think you should do it on a new album or maybe write a book...


Video: Cormega - Journey

If you still haven't picked up Mega's new album "Born And Raised", make it a point to do so, it contains many gems just like this one, that's finally had the visuals added to it...

"Journey" is a dope lil' vid, complete with some splendid green screen effects (thought the picture of Cory rhymin' on the train car was ill) but it still only pales in comparison to the actual music....the "wide version" of this vid does have a special charm to it however...

Hopefully Mega includes this on his next DVD release...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rap Radar: 10 New Albums To Check For

Pictured below are 10 New LP's that will be dropping soon that ya'll definitely need to be aware of upon their release. I took the liberty of including their release dates just to make sure your on your toes and have the scrounged up the change to make the purchase of at least one of em'....


Slug & Murs With Production By Aesop Rock - Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez (Nov.17th)

Diamond District - In The Ruff (Oct. 27th)

Jaysaun (of Special Teamz) & DJ Revolution - Game Of Breath (Nov.17th)

Gift Of Gab - Escape 2 Mars (Nov. 3rd)

Cunninlynguists - Strange Journey Volume 2 (Nov. 3rd)

Sha Stimuli - My Soul To Keep (Oct. 27th)

Kam Moye - Splitting Image (Oct.27th)

A&E - Arts And Entertainment (Nov.3rd)

Black Dynamite - The Original Score (Oct.27th)

Snowgoons - The Trojan Horse (Oct. 27th)

DJ JS-1, DJ Skizz & Hosted by Rahzel - Heavy Rotation Vol.2: Reprogram

Brand new mix from three of Hip-Hop's greatest champions....Handling the mixing we got the Halftime radio show's DJ Skizz, on the cuts and scratches it's the Rock Steady Crew repper JS-1 and adding some of his beat box hosting flavor, the legendary Rahzel is on board too...

"Reprogram" is hands down one of the more thoughtful and dope mixes that's been put out as of late. JS and Skizz pack the track listing with 90's gems and registering at a healthy 59 cuts deep and an hour and 20 minutes long, this tape is a force. There's an overt taste for New York artists throughout, but hey, when you think about it when was the last time NY cats was really dominating? Makes sense to me, but as a big fan of how the West contributed greatly to the 90's it woulda been nice to see a lil' Pharcyde, Pac, Dogg Pound, DJ Quik, Ice Cube or Ras Kass on this...

Some of my all time fav. 90's joints managed to make the cut, specifically D.I.T.C.'s "Day One" ("Worldwide" was an excellent album), Nas's "Villian" demo and The Beatnuts "Reign Of The Tec". Also featured are a bunch of remixes that remain understated, i.e. Pete Rock's remix of Das Efx'x "Real Hip Hop" and the Vibesmen Remix of Nas' "The World Is Yours". I must give up huge props for JS, Skizz and Rah showin love to Biggie's verse off "Cunt Renaissance"as well; the assist Biggie provided to RA The Rugged Man on that to ths day is still one of his most obscure/dope guest spots.

Excellent mixing and time management on this sure to grab it...


01. DJ JS-1 - Reprogram Intro
02. Channel Live - 'reprogram'
03. The Legion (Dres Verse) - 'jingle Jangle'
04. Biz Markie - 'girl Named Kim'
05. Kool G Rap - 'it's A Shame (Remix)'
06. KRS - One - 'mad Crew'
07. Busta Rhymes - 'everything Remains Raw'
08. K Def & Larry O - 'real Live'
09. Live 'N Effect Posse - 'I Get Physical'
10. Craig Mack - 'zoom (Get Retarted)'
11. Hard 2 Obtain - 'LI Groove'
12. Bassblasta (Guru & Smooth B Verse) - 'down The Line'
13. Maestro Fresh Wes (Showbiz Verse) - 'fine Tune Da Mic'
14. Chi Ali (Phife Dawg Verse) - 'let The Horns Blow'
15. Trends Of Culture - 'off & On'
16. Doo Wop - 'bounce Master'
17. Masta Ace - 'four Minus Three'
18. Kool G Rap - 'symphony 2'
19. Craig G - 'live 'N Direct From The House Of Hits'
20. Dr. Dre - 'deep Cover 187 (Remix)'
21. Fat Joe (Diamond D Verse) - 'watch The Sond Remix)'
22. Method Man (Of Wu - Tang Clan) - 'method Man (Remix)'
23. Nice & Smooth - 'how Many Blunts Break'
24. Positive K - 'nightshift (Remix)'
25. Lil Shawn - 'I Made Love Break'
26. 3rd Bass (Pete Nice Verse) - 'gass Face Remix)'
27. Nas - 'villain Demo'
28. Gza/ Genius (Of Wu - Tang Clan) - 'life Of A Drug Dealer'
29. Powerule - 'smooth'
30. Papa Chuk - 'funky Science Break'
31. Nice & Smooth - 'cash In My Hands'
32. Naughty By Nature - 'it's On'
33. Erule - 'listen Up'
34. Common - 'soul By The Pound (Remix)'
35. Showbiz & A.G. - 'next Level'
36. Mad Flavaz - 'shadez Of Lingo'
37. O.C. - 'constables'
38. Mad Skillz, Large Professor (Of Main Source), Q - Tip
(Of Tribe Called Quest) - 'extra Abstract Skillz'
39. Frescho & Miz - 'ain't U Frescho?'
40. Mos Def, Q - Tip, Tash (Of Tha Alkoholiks) - 'body Rock'
41. Das EFX - 'hard Like A Criminal'
42. Das EFX - 'real Hip HOP (Pete Rock Remix)'
43. Top Quality - 'magnum Opus'
44. Big Noyd Feat. Prodigy(Of Mobb Deep) - 'recognize And Realize'
45. Beatnuts - 'reign Of The Tec'
46. Notorious B.I.G. - 'cunt Rennaisance'
47. KRS - One - 'the MC'
48. Black Attack & Problemz - 'correct Technique'
49. Nas - 'the World Is Yours (Vibesman Remix)'
50. Nas - 'it Ain't Hard To Tell (Remix)'
51. Large Professor - 'spacey'
52. D.I.T.C. - 'day One'
53. Chubb Rock - 'beef'
54. Cella Dwellas - 'land Of The Lost'
55. Ten Thieves - 'no Matter Who You Are'
56. Saukrates - 'father Time'
57. Mic Geronimo Feat. O.C., Royal Flush - 'men Vs. Many(Hook)'
58. Tragedy - 'funk Mode'
59. Mobb Deep - 'shook Ones Pt. 1'

Single: 9th Prince ft. The Rza - I Will Rize

Dropping the single "I Will Rize" for his new project "Revenge Of The 9th Prince", the Killarmy front man recruits his much famed older brother The Rza, to assist in the lyrical debauchery....The former Boxing prospect scores a knockout here, no doubt...

Over excellent horns, strings and moaning female vocals 9th lays in to this powerful sound clave that aptly displays the family trade for unapologetc, razor sharp rhyming:

"catch me in the 40 duece, sippin on hennessy and juice, I had to smack this cat in a hat lookin like Dr. Suess..."

LOL, you know you need to grap this....may be one of the very rare times 9th outshines his brother on a track.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Singles: Jay Electronica - Defcon 4, Uprock & Shut Shit Down ft. Orianday

Update: Turns out, yes We've been duped..."Uprock" isn't Jay Electronica at all, and the other two joints are from 2001...damn, got played on that one eh? Still, I stand behind the staements about the tracks, whoever the F@#$! made em'....

I'll leave this post up for a few more hours for everyone that wants to grab "Defcon 4" or point and laugh....


Defcon 4


Big Dame ft. Orianday & Jay Electronica

Video Interview: Apathy Sits Down With Van Styles Of UGHH

In Part. 1 of what I'm sure will be a few vids,'s Van Stylez links with Connecticut MC Apathy and asks the multi-talented and uncompromising underground force about his new album "Wanna Snuggle", industry politricks and gettin' your indie hustle on in today's withering music label climate...

As usual Ap keeps it 100, and reveals perhaps surprisingly, that unlike the myriads of other Hip-Hoppers who promote "living green", so to speak, he actually doesn't smoke. Another interesting highlight is when the Alien Tongue talks about getting the opportunity to produce a record on Cypress Hill's new album (don't sleep, he's nice) and just his production skills in general.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Video: BIG D O's Tape Collection....

Being that I was crazy inspired by J-Zone's new vid dedicated to his wondrous stash of cassette tapes, I went ahead and decided to chronicle my own...

I know it always seems a tad bit self absorbed when a blogger posts up vids of himself on his own blog, but this is 100% about my love affair with Hip-Hop tapes ya'll, I promise I will become the shadowy figure that runs Purehip-hop once again after this lil' indulgence....

In case anyone was wondering about the instrumentals they're from Cunninlynguists, The Beatnuts, Copperpot, DJ Eclipse, Will.I.Am (90's Will.I.Am) and J-Zone...

On a side note how silly do I feel for not shouting out Pure Hip-Hop blog man? Jeesh...what an amateur.


Video: Affion Crocketts Hip-Hop Dishonors

In recent posts ( I had to vent my extreme displeasure with how the latest edition of VH1's Hip-Hop Honors show unfolded...

While I was dissatisfied with how the overall thing was produced and planned, I had to give it up for the moments and tactics used to promote it...One of the methods employed was sitting down with Def Jam's two founders Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin and gettin all nostalgic for the fans. See, I knew I wasn't the only one that found these two to be hilarious during that interview....

Affion Crockett, (yeah the guy that used to be on the lil' Nick Cannon Hip-Hop comedy show) has been doing some viral promotion of his own lately and his newest victims were the two trailblazing, former Hip-Hop record execs who he chose to spoof while simultaneously shitting on the show for many of the same reasons I did.

Sit back and watch the hilarity ensue...that Russell Simmons impression is dead on, lol....

"I never had no fucking fake Rolex!"


Sid Roams Remix Archive...EP Circa 1998-2003

Happy Friday everyone, celebrate it with this brand new remix project from production duo Sid Roams.

Made up of Tavish "Bravo" Graham and Joey Chavez, whom you should initially recognize from their extensive work in L.A.'s underground scene throughout the late 90's, having produced bangers for the likes of Defari, Planet Asia, Rasco, Dilated Peoples, Phil da Agony, Encore and many others.

I first bumped into a lot of their work via my obsession with ABB Records and Battle Axe Records releases. The pair has long been hailed as two of the most slept on in the game and a couple years back they decided to capitalize on that well deserved reputation and formally start putting out projects and producing as a group.

Coming together to form Sid Roams, the two beat makers have already released one highly touted group beat tape/album in "Strickly Nstrmntl" adding to their already padded resume. Post 2006 they've lended their music to names like Agallah, Vordul Mega, Infamous Mobb, Prodigy, Papoose and many others....

Coming together for a grip of really dope Remixes from a lot of the artists I've already mentioned we now have their Remix archive that spans the six year period between 1998 through 2003 ....Props to for the link and if you were wondering what the two have been up to lately peep the interview did with them here:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Video Interview: Melle Mel Speaks On The State Of NY Hip-Hop, Female Rappers And More..

One of Hip-Hop's fore fathers dropped by a radio station recently and did some serious venting on among other things, NY's stale Hip-Hop scene, the absence of worthwhile female emcee's in the game now, cats from New York gang bangin' and the raw deal a lot of bruthas catch for choosing to be intelligent and positive rather than negative and full of crap....

Some of my favorite quotes from Melle during this interview follow:

“Rap stopped being rap after Rakim. Everything else was kinda like downhill.”

Don't know if this is true 100%, a lot of dope NY artists came after Ra did, but I feel what he means...NY hasn't had an MC like him, that had massive influence like that and managed to maintain their artistic credibility throughout the duration of their career in a minute. Then again Ra was pretty much one of a kind....

“Cats just stopped really New York rappin', being the real rapper's rapper cat, and started doing the East Coast version of West Coast shit.”

No doubt here...NY lost a good deal of it's true identity chasing trends...They used to set em', but now they follow the leader and it's gettin cornier and cornier by the day...seriously, who really thinks that the guy from the Bronx who speaks like he's from down south, dresses like he's from the suburbs and behaves like a middle aged white woman is cool? Riiiight....

“That's not lady-like. Let a woman rap about having kids or say something that all women can relate to. All women can't relate to sticking a fuckin soda can in their mouth and all that ole weird shit. That transformed women and how men relate to women and women relating themselves into something else.”

Word...It's long been debated that we don't love our femcees enough in Hip-Hop, and if the saying you never miss a good thing til' it's gone ever rang true it does so here--what I wouldn't do for a new school version of MC Lyte, Heather B, Lauryn Hill, Roxanne Shante or Queen Latifah...Instead we got an unrecognizable, surgery maimed Lil' Kim, Nikki whatever who is basically a video girl with a mic in her hand and Trina...SMH...

“The main problem with Hip-Hop is that it took Black people away from ourselves. We ain't even who we used to be anymore…We chasin' money. Niggas wanna get designer shit, like wearing $1,000 worth of shit, and they look like they wanna rob a liquor store. They wear Timberlands and you not gonna climb a mountain. It took us out of ourselves.”

I love my Timbs, but this is pure truth....I know a few people who stay rockin brand new Jordans but ain't taking care of they seeds...Stay with a sack of tress but don't have a job. It's sad and it shows that in some fashion we have lost perspective. The music is a reflection of that too. All these kids are just so enthralled with the accumulation of things man...They don't care about the culture, it's just another way to make or take money.

Sadly, mostly what I see within these new children is an attitude that screams they feel badly alienated and left out. Thus, they don't much care for this thing of ours and don't care if a walkin, talking, living, breathing legend is on the radio giving them the blueprint for longevity and respect. Melle Mel is just some "old nigga" to them. His views are irrelevant compared to what clothes Lil' Wayne was rocking on his walk into court...SMH...and that's why we have all of these horrible, dumb, ig'nant, and silly trends pervading through Hip-Hop now. This new generation doesn't wanna learn, doesn't wanna stand up or get down, they just wanna zone out in front of Myspace, scheme on how to come up with the dough to buy some gaudy jewelry, download a Young Jeezy or Gucci Man single off iTunes and downright just let huge corporations dictate to them what's cool. There aren't many true Hip-Hoppers left anymore, we've been replaced by the Hipsters and the "Youngs" and the "goons"...the fake trappers and women who are just fine being objects rather than people.

Lawd help us...


Video: Alchemist, B-Real and Evidence In Temple Studios

Zone out with Alchemist, EV and B-Real as Mr. Maman runs through a few beats for B-Real at Temple Studios....Go with the last one B!


DJ Pos2 - Flexi Wit The Tech Vol.1

Ohio deejay Pos2 has an impeccable taste in old school mixes and recently dropped an excellent mix of his own "Flexi Wit The Tech Vol.1"

Done completely live and featuring some of the the illest Hip-Hop that's been released lately, this is a can't miss. From new Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson and Jay-Z to slept-on bangers from Ali Vegas, Cormega and Joell Ortiz, peep out this highly enjoyable tape and also be sure to peep out Original Underground Hip-Hop for all your favorite's in yester year Mixtape gems:


01. Mr. Cee tribute to Mr. Magic intro
02. Cormega - Make it clear
03. J. Cole - Dead Presidents 2
04. K-V f/Royce Da 5'9", Pace Won & DJ Noize - 5'9 Won
05. skyzoo - penmanship
06. Guilty Simpson - Stress
07. vandalyzm & finale - watch n***as
08. sha stimuli, Freeway, Young Chris - Moveback
09. De La Soul - LA LA LA
10. Keyel - Cold Soda
11. Busta Rhymes, J. Holiday - Hits for days
12. Jay Z - Thank You
13. Royce da 5'9 - Oct. 20th
14. Ali Vegas, Torae - Lost
15. Raekwon - Walk with me
16. Fly Union, Willie da Kid - Great
17. Joell Ortiz - 50 for the people
18. Ghostface - not your avg. girl
19. Freeway - Blogger
20. Beanie Sigel - All for it
21. ARES - Ain't no way
22. Zero Star - Like me
23. Kam Moye - Lets be honest
24. Greenhouse Effect - Getting There!

Video Interview: J-Zone "Real G's Rock Tapes"

Real G's Rock Tapes from richdirection on Vimeo.

If you know me than you know how much I adore my cassette tape collection and if your lucky enough maybe you've feasted your eyes upon my extensive racks in all of their propped up and polished glory...

I can't say why exactly I have so many tapes or why I continue to add to the collection, but one of the big reasons was/is that back when I was buying a lot of music I had to be selective and frugal at the same time. See, back in the day the prices of new albums descended with the medium you copped. The most expensive medium of course being Vinyl, then CD and finally Cassette tape, so you could always find some dope deals on tapes. Back then I would get into the thrill of the hunt big time...

So, for a lot of joints that I really wanted and had to have I copped on CD no doubt, but when I was dead broke I would still grab somethin', it would just be on cassette and that's how my ravenous habit began. I think specifically it was like 1997 and I was in this music warehouse store looking around...I went over to where they kept the tapes and seen the Fugees "The Score" (which was still hugely popular at the time) for sale for like $6.99...I grabbed it up quick and made the purchase, knowing that I got a steal, because the CD was still going for like $12-$14bucks in stores like Sam Goody and Tower Records.

It made real sense for me to be grabbing tapes too, back in the day I had a Taurus (the vehicle, not the pistol) and it came equipped with only a tape player so I was always scavenging for new tapes to bump...LOL, tapes usually don't sound too wonderful coming out of your Walkman headphones, but yo, I promise everything sounded correct coming out of that Taurus stereo system.

but enough of my reminiscing...

Here's a new vid from my fellow tape head J-Zone that sparked all of my harkening back to my genesis with tapes. The rapper/producer has long been a huge advocate of the Lo-fi culture and takes a minute to show off his extensive collection of hard to find albums and self made mixes, much to the delight of all the weirdos like me who've always wanted to peep out his stash....

Among the nugs; A mint-looking copy of Willie D's "Goin Out Like A Solider" and Freddie Foxxx's debut "Freddie Foxxx Is Here". Two tapes you just ain't gonna bump into anymore.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Single: Emilio Rojas - Tic Toc (prod. by M-Phazes)

Emilio hits us with an incredibly honest and heartfelt banger aimed at highlighting the eternal timetable that so many of us and the world as a whole seems to be on...

Weaving unfortunate and all too common tales of the falsely incarcerated, unfaithfully loved and those burdened by terrorism in their homeland all together over an insane M-Phazes production, Rojas takes us on a somber lil' journey through some gigantic, universal struggles. Indeed if your afflicted by any of the situations described it likely will subtract some time from you. Rojas' verses and cadence is absolutely perfect for the beat selection and really this song is just an uber great example of conscious emceeing and powerful production.

After his last mixtape "Recession Proof" raised some considerable red flags in terms of the direction Emilio's music would take, it's refreshing to hear him get back to his true roots...

"Tic Toc" is taken from Rojas' new mixtape "The Natural" that features DJ Green Lantern on the presentation/hosting tip and that has been minorly delayed, but will soon be released on the 28th....Sign me up for a copy, I been ridin with this kid's music since he was going by the tag Raks One. Just do a search and you'll find some of his ill past work on here....


Video: DOOM - Unexpected Guests Trailer

New trailer for DOOM FKA MF Doom's new project "Unexpected Guests", which he'll be releasing here shortly....

Trailer features a few of the joints that will be included on the new release, which is being billed as a "collection of non-album tracks, guest features and exclusives selected and sequenced by the Super villain himself"....

As a huge DOOM fan my hopes are high...I definitely am geeked by the music on the trailer, specifically that last joint. Exactly the typa ish' I wanna hear DOOM droppin' mayne!

"Unexpected Guests" drops next month on Gold Dust Records....


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News: Nas In Trouble With The IRS?

According to a few sources around the net Nasir could in fact be in big time debt with uncle Sam for failing to pay his taxes in 2006 and 2007.

The exact figure? A reported 2.5 mil worth of back taxes....

This news only adds to the QB lyricist's latest money woes; we've all heard the enormous figures associated with his child support commitments...

Nas hasn't commented publicly on his debts just yet.


News: Shyne's Immigration Hearing To Be Decided By Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree

Recently more news regarding Shyne's legal status in America surfaced and it would seem that the oft-embattled rapper's future hinges on Obama administration friend and associate, Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree.

Upon Shyne's pending release, he was detained by immigration officials and has been sitting stagnant while his lawyers work with his father, the prime minister of Belize Dean Barrow and uncle Michael Finnegan (a member of the country's Parliament) who petitioned to New York Governor David Paterson for a pardon.

The petition was transferred to Ogletree who now in essence holds the key to Shyne's future in America, if he is to have one.

Rumors have already broken that Shyne is all but set to be deported back to Belize upon being released from immigration custody despite Ogletree and his legal team advocating that he remain in New York where he's lived since he was 13.


News: Saigon's Mother Passes Away

Instead of making his planned appearance at's social lounge today, rapper Saigon is mourning his mother, who passed away yesterday, reportedly before the age of 40...

The details behind her death are sketchy right now, but apparently they were medical in nature. Saigon released these statements via Twitter and took time to say thanks to all his well wishers and reflect on some tragic irony:

"I wanna thank everyone for all of your kind words and prayers!! My mother went to heaven today around 1 P.M, I've been through alot hardships in my short life, but this is the most devastating thing I've ever ever had to endure!! Thanks everybody!!! My Mom is looking over all of you.. Its just the kinda person she was and the angel she is now!!! Thank You All,

"What A Life.... I lose my mother yesterday and today is my first child's first birthday.... Happy Birthday Rayne Dior.... My baby is 1..Wow."

Saigon and all his loved ones are in my thoughts and Purehip-hop blog wishes him the best in these challenging times....


Single: Los Carolina (DJ Babu & Sean Boog) ft. Erica Thompson & Khrysis - More Than Okay

Coming together to form the latest cleverly titled collab group, L.A. DJ and Beat Junkie extraordinaire Babu takes the first word of his hometown and links with North Click native Sean Boog who takes the last word from his hometown and viola! Los Carolina, a place that sounds like it would have really hot weather is born.

Actually what's born, is a new group that takes one of the 2K's more slept-on southern lyricists and combines him with an excellent veteran DJ...always a potent combination IMO...

Also along for the ride are the sultry vocals of Erica Thompson, who issues a hook that's almost as stunningly bright as her beauty. Boog's usual partner in crime, production wiz Khrysis is featured gettin' his rhyme on a lil' bit here, a somewhat new medium for him, but you wouldn't be able to tell from his verse....Sounds as if he's been a double threat for some time...

"More Than Okay" serves as a really laid back track that finds Boog and Khrysis falling into their old Away Team/Justus League rhythm and creating a dope lil' banger that would go perfect with a strong Henn and Coke and/or a cigar....

The "Los Carolina EP" is on it's way....stay tuned...


Fashawn - 21 To Grow On (His Best So Far) Mixtape

Today Fresno CA's newest talent and a genuine force within Hip-Hop AKA Fashawn is releasing his new album "Boy Meets World" and trust me it will register as one of, if not thee best Hip-Hop LP in years....

Celebrating and paying proper respect to the vivid young rhymer, the good folks over at put together 21 of Fash's best joints previous to the new album...

Pretty hefty praise to have folks compiling your work before you even turn 21 years old (his born day is later this week) but then again "The Phenom" has been over achieving and on his grind for some time now...Never the one to slack off, even the week of his album release his schedule is full, touring with Ghostface and prepping for a CD release show with Talib Kweli on Saturday. Way to get it in huh?

His efforts reflect highly in his music, where the thoughtful and witty bars he pens and spits with great fluidity have made him the under study to two of L.A.'s all-time best producer's in The Alchemist and Exile, the latter of whom produced the entirety of "Boy Meets World" (and did a smash bang job BTW).

All the tracks on "21 To Grow On" are intricately picked from Fash's mixtape catalog and truly reflect why all of us writers, critics, journalists and bloggers are billing this young Cali kid as perhaps the heir apparent to a clearly vacant seat as the next great lyricist in Hip-Hop. While I like this lineup of mixtape goodies a whole lot, I must also say that few of the tracks even scratch the surface of what Fash achieved on his debut...

Go grap "Boy Meets World" today...


1. The Phenom
from: "The Phenom Vol. 1," 2007
2. The Phenom 2.5
from: "The Phenom Vol. 2," 2008
3. Streets of Fresno
from: "Grizzly City Vol. 1," 2006
4. F.A.S.H.A.W.N.
from: "One Shot One Kill," 2008
5. The City is Mine
from: "The Phenom Vol. 1," 2007
6. F.C. (feat. Planet Asia & Turbin)
from: "The Phenom Vol. 2," 2008
7. Prima Donna (feat. Bravo)
from: "Grizzly City Vol. 1," 2006
8. King of Grizzly City
from: "The Phenom Vol. 1," 2007
9. Pretty Thing (feat. Diego Redd)
from: "The Phenom Vol. 1," 2007
10. Strange Love (feat. Rob the Voice)
from "Grizzly City Vol. 2," 2007
11. Wall to Wall
from "Grizzly City Vol. 2," 2007
12. Come on Baby (feat. Planet Asia)
from "Grizzly City Vol. 2," 2007
13. Fash Plays it Cool
from "The Antidote," 2009
14. Got It Sewn
from "The Antidote," 2009
15. Back to the Block
from: "The Phenom Vol. 1," 2007
16. Relax (feat. Thurzday)
from: "One Shot One Kill," 2008
17. Missing You
from: "The Phenom Vol. 2," 2008
18. Day 'N' Nite
from "Higher Learning," 2008
19. Sunday Morning
from "Higher Learning," 2008
20. Shut Up and Let Me Go

from: "One Shot One Kill," 2008
21. We Taking Over (feat. Planet Asia, Diego Redd & Shake Da Mayor) from "Grizzly City Vol. 2," 2007

Monday, October 19, 2009

Video Interiew: Mixtape Legend G Bo The Pro Talks With Grand Groove TV

One of the men who helped spring board the art of blending in mixtapes G Bo The Pro of Spanish Harlem NYC takes a moment to speak with Gran Groove TV's Big Jax...

Before we get the interview another Latino Hip-Hop luminary Frankie Cutlass (if you don't own "Politics And Bullshit" your frontin'!) big ups G Bo and what he did for mixtapes...

Afterward, G Bo gets into lettin' the people know the secret behind his ill blends, the legacy of Jelly Bean Benitez, the props that he got when he met Kid Capri and the influence that the Latin Rascals had on his music....peep this and pay ya respects!


Single: David Banner & 9th Wonder ft. Twista, Naledge, Rhymefest, Skooda Chose - Something's Wrong Remix

Unleashing a poignant and sobering remix of their "Something's Wrong" track, 9th and David Banner link up with a who's who of Chicago's rap scene (Common where the fuck you at?!?) so that they may speak on the downward spiral that many of the youth are encroaching upon and the tragedy that was the murder of Derrion Albert.

Everyone drops a weighty verse and frankly I'm downright impressed with the subject fodder on this track. Rhymefest and Banner would have to get my nod as having the two most prolific views, but every MC made some great contributions...I urge you to take a few moments and listen to this, the message is heavily in need.

Once again R.I.P. Derrion Albert....


Sunday, October 18, 2009

News: DMX Prevented From Performing In Colorado

I've done quite a bit of news for Pure Hip-Hop, but seldom does it strike so close to

What I'm referring to is the incident that took place in my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO, (40 minutes south of Denver) Saturday night at the Phil Long Ford Expo Center. What was supposed to be a concert showcasing some local opening acts and hosting DMX as a headliner quickly turned ugly as the rapper showed up 2 and a half hours late and was for some reason being denied access to the stage by security. Even though most of the capacity crowd had filed out hours earlier, many faithful fans waited it out to see one of their hardcore rap icons take the stage, in much of the same fashion that most fans do at most concerts...

When X arrived he was met quickly with a mass of people attempting to bar him from getting on stage, all the while remaining calm and nonabrasive. Helped only by the people who were performing before him, who coincidentally were also the ones who put this whole concert together, X is shown in the video struggling with security and being pinned up next to the stage while tons of folks holler about god knows what and a security officer attempts to cuff him.

When finally given clearance onto the stage he was aided by my neighbor and local talent Spider Man (the kid in the red Rockies cap) in getting a microphone. Then the embattled rapper pointed out the looming police presence that apparently "was waiting to lock him up" afterwards. I haven't spoken to my neighbor about the incident yet, but I'm sure he'll be amused that he made Worldstar.

Not really sure what the actual problem was last night or why X was being accosted. I had a theory that maybe police got word he was in town and wanted to serve a warrant from a number of years ago that X caught in Denver. Then again the authorities might of just wanted to escort him off the property and close the venue before a riot started. Hopefully the latter.

I respect X for getting up there and possibly risking a probation or parole violation so he could keep a promise to the kids that waited. On the other hand though, why couldn't he just be on time? If he wants folks to take this comeback serious maybe being on top of his business a lil' better could help him avoid situations like this...To be fair, the CSPD is known to harass Hip-Hop events and be really ticky tack with their policing of them. This isn't the first time a major artist came through to The Springs, attracted a large and mostly minority crowd only to have things get shut down for some reason that no one knew...


Video: Jern Eye - Beautiful/Something's Wrong

New Double vieo from L.A. MC Jern Eye directed by Charles Barcelona and Lorenzo Escalante....

Flaunting the insanely nice beatwork he got off of continually in-demand producer Illmind, Jern Eye lets us peep out his new double vid for "Beautiful" and "Something's Wrong". I liked both a grip, but I'm way more partial to "Beautiful"...Musically and visually this is what I look for from new artist's. Honest, true to life lyrics and a relatable, non-raunchy way to show off a beautiful woman....

"Something's Wrong" has it's own charm....I always dig gritty compositions and the idea to take the filming to a graff laced section of town near some train tracks is a nice touch...Overall this is was a great look, I'm an instant fan and will be searching out Jern's stuff with more regularity.

Jern's sophomore album "Vision" is available now...


Video: Finale - The Senator

New ish' from Detroit MC Finale off his new album "A Pipe Dream And A promise" that highlights The Wire series character Clay Davis and also utilizes a sample from the fictional senator as well....

Okay, lemme first say if you didn't peep out HBO's last truly great series The Wire over the course of it's 5 seasons than well, you might not follow what's happenin' here too well....I'll try my best to break it down for ya'.

The show is basically a realistic and unapologetic look at Baltimore's streets from the view of several colorful street cops, politicians, drug addicts, stick up men, union workers, teachers, public school students and drug peddlers. These characters often find their worlds colliding and producer David Simon's well written and cagey direction really offers a glimpse into the complicated world that is west Baltimore.

Now even if you didn't watch the show I'm sure you've heard the names Omar, Snoop and Stringer floating around in association with it occasionally. One other name that grew to be one of my personal favorite characters was Senator Clay Davis; a money hungry, corrupt and well connected downtown politician who served as a middle man between street minded drug traffickers and the city's many equally venomous developers.

Davis' verbal calling card; "shiiiiiiieeeeeet", lends it's contemptuous tone to Waajeed's production skills as he integrates it into the beat while Finale details the mindset of Davis perfectly...

Neat video and great to see that The Wire hasn't been forgotten.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

DJ ReMike & S.O.U.L. Productions Presents Stetsasonic The Original Hip-Hop Band Mixtape

This is what I like waking up hungover to on a Saturday afternoon...No, not Notre dame losing to USC, but rather a new mixtape commemorating and paying tribute to one of Hip-Hop's most important early groups, Stetsasonic.

DJ ReMike takes us on a stroll through memory lane as he puts together a "best of" from the landmark Brooklyn group, who are remembered fondly for using a live band and jump starting both the careers of lead MC Daddy-O and producer legend Prince Paul during the mid and late 80's.

If you children aren't familiar please grab this and commence to do ya homework... Stetsasonic was an integral part of Hip-Hop's beginnings and many of it's members went on to help continue mold the culture as well.

Spanning their 6 year odyssy as a group, we get to hear a lil' somethin' from everywhere in their catalog....

Prop's to ReMike for doing this tape and making it available for free for all heads to consume and props to Prince Paul, Frukwan, Wise, Daddy-O, DBC, MC Delite and Bobby Simmons for all of their extensive work within Hip-Hop as Stetsasonic and otherwise..


Friday, October 16, 2009

Video: Kev Brown - Another Random Joint

Another Random Joint - Kev Brown from Humble Monarch on Vimeo.

New video premier from DMV producer extraordinaire and Maryland native Kev Brown titled "Another Random Joint" marking the release of his new EP "Random Joints"...

Really love the way this was shot...Not much info on where/when it was put together, but as always, Kev's smooth jazz tinged, boom bap beat crafting and honest narratives take you on a journey. LOL @ the firemen boppin they heads up and down to the beat....Wonder how exactly he approached them about that...

"Random Joints" is available now through Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody and more....go get that!


Video Interview: The Rza On The Colbert Report

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMichael Moore

I'm kicking myself for missing this episode man...I've been good about watching all my late night shows recently despite a killer schedule, but for some odd reason I been burning the midnight oil writing reviews the past couple of days and didn't look at my usual Current Tonight, Conan O'Brian, Jimmy Fallon, Daily Show and Colbert Report lineup...What I missed was a pretty cool sit down between two people whom I consider very good at what they do and have followed for years, respectively.

The Rza was promoting his new Book "The Tao Of The Wu" and Stephen was wearing cowboy boots asking him about truth, mathematics and the way of the Wu....There were a lot of funny moments but I can tell when Colbert respects someone and when he don't, and it seemed like he dug Rza's message.

As for this new book, I think there's a good chance I will do to it exactly what I did with the "Wu Manual", that being spend 6 hours in a Barnes And Noble reading it and then promptly dropping the 20 bucks to add it to my book collection.

As always I gotta hit ya with the link so you can support:


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Single: Greenhouse Effect (Blueprint & Illogic) - Gettin There

Combining to form a super hero themed group, two of Columbus, Ohio's most underground sons, Illogic and Blueprint get together and drop a new single off their forthcoming project....

"Getting There" is a brooding and mysterious sounding new banger from the duo's newest project The "Electric Purgatory" EP. Before you get all giddy over that project though be sure to keep November 24th on your radar because that's when these two are releasing "Columbus Or Bust" their brand new album....