Monday, May 31, 2010

Reviews: Chali 2na "The Fish Market Pt. 2" & PackFM "I F*cking Hate Rappers"

A fish market often can be a place to find nourishment that not only will be healthy, but also expose you to new sources of nutrition that can become longtime favorites. It can be a smorgasbord of various things, none of which really are good or bad, but just varying. In knowing that, it’s fitting that Chali 2na’s newest release is called The Fish Market Pt.2. Undertaking a variety of musical textures and paths, the former Jurassic 5′er flexes some of his more diverse offerings on the second “Fish Market” mix, and just like some of the aroma’s you might encounter in a real open air market, at times you’ll be attracted and at other times you might choose to steer clear of what’s laid before you.

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As ballsy as it is to include a curse word in your album’s title, some things just need to be said. As many a purist would, I wholeheartedly concur with the sentiments evoked in said title of PackFM’s new album I F*cking Hate Rappers. It’s long past the time for someone, anyone, from the Hip-Hop community to speak on the utter silliness and off-putting practices that are now invading virtually every facet of Hip-Hop. Attempting to tackle these new found desecration’s toward the culture is a longtime underground hero from QN5’s well stocked stable; Brooklyn wordsmith PackFM…

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Single: Marco Polo ft. Grand Daddy I.U. - The Veteran

This joint actually is from Grand Daddy's 2007 LP "Stick To The Script", but by now you should know that MP is putting together a new compilation album that will run through a bunch of his lesser known productions (like this one) and maybe even highlight a few new ones...

As for the the song itself, it was a banger when I heard it 3 yrs ago and it still is today...the more it proliferates the better...

"The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo" drops June 29th...


Marco Polo ft. Grand Daddy I.U. - The Veteran

Video: Shad - Rose Garden

Wildly dope new visuals from one of Canada's illest new artist's Shad...

I love the videos that seem like they're being re-wound...I also love when Hip-Hoppers take shots at Glen Beck's dumbass...Don't be confused though, what mainly steals the show here is Shad's personality and natural charisma...he carries shit...on a brief sidenote, can we please get back to sampling sweet soulful music like this?? Please, can we??

Step into his "Rose Graden" and remember his new album "TSOL" is availabe now!

P.S. in case any of you were wondering the female that hooks up those beautiful vocals there at the end was Lisa Lobsinger...go do the knowledge, shorty is skilled.


Interview: Homeboy Sandman For

You absolutely gotta read this....Homeboy Sandman might just be one of the most important new emcees to come along in the past 3 or four years...A relentless lyricist with a streamlined flow that never hesitates to speak his mind on any subject, be it native to his home of NYC or world politics.

Tyler Hakes AKA the cat that lets me get my review on over at, conducts this interview with Sandman and asks him about a range of things, including his songmaking process and his latest album the dynamite "The Good Sun".


aboveGround Magazine: Let’s talk about the new album, what was the process like? Almost 2 years recording time?

Homeboy Sandman: Well, I wasn’t recording this album for 2 years. After Actual Factual Pterodactyl came out I was recording other stuff. The first song on this album I think I recorded at the beginning of last year. I didn’t even know it was gonna be on this album but it kind of set the album in motion, a song called “The Essence”, but I used it for my video that came out around the same time, so when that Vimby video came out is when this album really started.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Born Day: Big L

(May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999)

Harlem's finest woulda been 36 today....

One of the greatest of all time took is first breathes today when he was born in his native of Harlem NYC.

Roye Da 5'9" Presents The Bar Exam 3 The Most Interesting Man

Since I'm wallowing around the office on the weekend you guys will get this post early, as opposed to tommorrow, when I'd normally hook it up....

As mentioned, this is early, by two days I guess...Personally I only can spot a few tracks that will be a definite listen for me, namely "Real Hip Hop" (Feat. Black Milk & Elzhi)...Sorry if I don't sound super thrilled, but with the exception of Friday's single of the weekend, Royce been pretty hit or miss...mostly the latter really...that combined with the fact that I've significantly cooled on liking anything Whoo Kid has put out since the early 2K's, well, you might see why I'm not super elated over this...

In any case, enjoy and don't let my skepticism get to ya. props to NahRight on the link.


Roye Da 5'9" Presents The Bar Exam 3 The Most Interesting Man

News: Infamous Mobb Breaks Up

Last week Big Twin AKA Twin Gambino announced via his Facebook page (lol) that one of Queensbridge's and NYC's hardest acts ever would officially be disbanding after 3 studio album efforts and over a decade working together.

Ty Nitty seems to be only concerned with clearing the name of a one Vinny Thunn; a manager type, and promoting his new venture Love & Loyalty records. No word from G.O.D. Pt.III, as usual he's in the wind and hard to find.

The IM3 discography included the "Special Edition" in 2002, followed by "Blood Thicker Than Water Vol. 1" in '04 and "Reality Rap" in '07.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Single: Black Sheep (Dres) ft. Q-Tip, Dave (of De La Soul) & Mike Gee (of Jungle Brothers) - Birds Of A Feather

Coming together to give all the purists a sweet wiff of that 90's essence that the conscious collective known as Native Tongues exuded by the barrel, Dres (who operates as Black Sheep, despite being a solo act now) gets up with his bretheran for "Birds Of A Feather".

Getting up with the elusive Mike Gee of The Jungle Borthers, De La Soul of De La Soul and Q-Tip who's reppin' ATCQ we get a concoction that is a bit more hardcore than these fellas' past bubbly and bohemian-inspired works. Nevertheless, the product here is insanely good and I know I'm not the only one who after listening instantaneously wished somehow a Native Tongues project could get done. Even the footage of Dres and Gee working together in the studio kinda gets you amped...

We prolly will never get a new Native Tongues compilation, but in the mean time and in between time check out Dres' new LP, from which this is plucked, titled "From The Black Pool Of Genius", it drops on June 29th.

link via Pictchfork


Black Sheep (Dres) ft. Q-Tip, Dave (of De La Soul) & Mike Gee (of Jungle Brothers) - Birds Of A Feather

News: Lost Boyz Producer Mr. Sexxx Passes Away

In case your a bit hazy on who exactly Mr. Sexxx was, don't let his name fool you, dude was a dope producer that helped define the sound of one of the game's nicer acts from the 90's.

His most well known productions would have to be joints like "Renee", "Get Up" and "Love Peace & Nappiness" amongst other really memorable joints...He was definitely an unsung talent that should be given a nod more often.

The member of the Lozt Boyz fam passed on this morning due to word yet on his offical age.


Video Interview: Ice Cube On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Ya know, initially I wasn't into the Jimmy Fallon show for much other than the Roots, but after some time I think Fallon has really found a good stride and is running strong into the future as a new host that the millenial generation can identify with...Hey, i'll concede it; he's kind of funny in a quirky way.

Last night Fallon had the consensus pick for all time greatest west coast MC ever on his couch, reciting some of his classics...great interview, Cube seems to be in a good space in his life at the moment which is always a great thing to see.

"I Am The West" drops July 13th...


Friday, May 28, 2010

Raekwon & The Brinks Boyz Presents - Cocainism Vol.2

I know that many might think that Rae is doing 4 much by over-saturating the market, but really, going into the new decade the motto of any MC--young or aged--needs to be "a busy artist is a good artist". Don't get me twisted, I understand full well that knowing our fav. emcee's every move via Twitter and web vlogs has sort of taken a lot of intrigue outta the game, and not to mention helped cut down/cut out many a rap print publication and that a new mixtape getting album treatment is sort of dismal going forward, but sometimes the mixtape hustle mentality is a good one to have readily at your disposal...

For his latest tape effort, that comes directly on the heels of hitting us with new tracks every week since he dropped his highly lauded "Only Built For Cuban Linx II" album, The Chef delves into one of his favorite topics; Cocaine...and specifically "Cocainism". For many longtime NY Hip-Hop heads I'm sure the 20 piece offering will be just that. Rae was good enough to get beats from The Alchemist as well as NY production legends DJ Scratch and EZ Elpee, the latter of whom would have to register as one of the most slept-on NY beat crafters ever as well...Oh and did I mention he also links up with Mobb Deep for a lil' number called "Road To Riches"? LOL, there's really no need to try and sell this to ya'll.

Props to for helping facilitate Rae getting this out to the masses...


Raekwon & The Brinks Boyz Presents - Cocainism

Single: Ras Kass & Royce Da 5'9" - Attitudes 2010 (prod. by CSIK & Sick Jacken)

Now this is what the game need!

Teaming with one of the 1st Detroit City superstars in Royce Da 5'9", Ras Kass gives us the latest single and first video from his new "A.D.I.D.A.S." (All Da I Dream About Spittin) project w/ DJ Rhettmatic...

Razzy sounds more focused than ever, and his penchant for naming names and placing places doesn't go un-noticed here....Nickel Nine adds his usual 2 cents, but I'm sorry, what Mr. Austin came with was simply unfuckwitable.

Dedicated to Hex Murda, one of Detroit's many soldiers, a renowned manager and a Twitter giant, who recently overcame some daunting health issues to remain active in the sport we all love and know as Hip-Hop, there's a dash of understanding in why the song is so's for someone who deserves it!

As for "A.D.I.D.A.S.", we were promised it awhile back if my memory serves me correct, but obviously we're being made to wait longer. This joint isn't produced by Rhett, but I'm sure he didn't mind, because the beat CSIK and Sick Jacken hooked up was a perfect canvas...

It's your single of the weekend, blare it proudly...


<a href="">Attitudes 2012 by Ras Kass</a>

Single: Famo$o - At Odds

Pretty much encapsulating the situation, feelings and outright desperation that many in this nation are currently feeling in a huge way, Hard Times Records artist Famo$o gives us a raw look at our so-called American paradise with "At Odds".

Showing off a dual talent for singing a bit, the Brooklyn Puerto Rock engages our misery and flexes his lyrical talents...A solid piece of work no doubt, but don't ya dare listen if you've been feeling down lately, lol, it'll likely just further your anguish...


Famo$o - At Odds

Video Interview: Immortal Technique Discusses Hip-Hop's Political And Party Content

If you still haven't picked up How To Rap: The Art And Science Of The Hip-Hop MC by Paul Edwards your truly missing out...

The book gets insight from over 100 of the culture's best MC's ever, on the art, the ins and the outs of emceeing as well as the business of Hip-Hop too. Back when wind of this dope piece of work first was getting ready to drop last year, I took it upon myself to feature the forward by Kool G Rap.

Here, we get an audio excerpt that was used in the book from Harlem, NYC MC Immortal Technique about the duality of Hip-Hop's subject matter...


Single: Black Milk - Don Cornelius

When you pompously title your upcoming release "Album Of The Year", this is exactly the kind of music I expect you to have floating around the web...

Weaving intricate, hindsight rhymes about his path through the game, producer and able rhymer Black Milk has unleashed "Don Cornelius" on us...Complete with buttery soul sample work (Milk's calling card) this joint is friggin' magnetic...

"Don Cornelius" won't be on the upcoming and aforementioned "Album Of The Year", but if this is the type of shit Milk is letting go gratis, I can only imagine what he has in store for us on a retail release.


Black Milk - Don Cornelius
<a href="">Don Cornelius by Black Milk</a>

Cover Art: Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son Of Chico Dusty

Wit the new vid for "Shutterbug" circulating nicely by now, Big Boi picked an opportune time to let us see the cover for his newest album...

Nothing to over the top at work here, just a fidora, some aviators and one of the south's best of all time...

Substance>>>>anything ya got on ya cover...

July 6th we get this...


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Perry Porter - Tribute To Nujabes...NuJams

It's been about 2 months and some change since we lost the towering beatmaking talents of Japanese producer Nujabes far too soon and before his scheduled time to check out...

As sad as his passing made us all feel, here, Tacoma, WA artist Perry Porter pays tribute to our fallen comrade via this 7 track EP that's full of jazzy, soulful, bright, lighthearted and enlightening music--in other words everything Nujabes was and loved.

Gone, but never forgotten...


<a href="">Open (scarborough) by Sleep Steady</a>

Milano - The Hurt Locker Mixtape

As someone who friggin' loves D.I.T.C. and desperately wants one last official group album from the iconic NYC crew, Milano's emceeing holds a special spot in my heart...

One of the diggin crew's best offerings will always be their self titled debut LP, which has over the years taken on the monikor "Worldwide", thanks to the cover. Milano was lucky enough to be featured on two of the tracks "Where Ya At" & "Hey Luv") alongside fellow noteworthy Diggin affiliates Big Pun and Cuban Link. He did a great job holding his own and would forever be someone I always thought really should've tried more aggresively to get their music out there for heads to consume. He's popped up here and there over the years, most recently on that Grim Team album, his long awaited debut "Sidewalk Stories" in 08' and that ill ass P Brothers album "The Gas" from last year, but nothing really ever touches the ish' he collab'd on with D.I.T.C. back at the end of the 90's.

Now a full blown official member of the oft splintered and inactive crew and sporting his new add-on alias, Milano "Constantine" hits us in the head w/ some of his more recent material on his brand new tape "The Hurt Locker". If we're lucky than hopefully this jawn will pack as much power and depth as the actual movie, which took home 6 Academy Awards last year and registered as one of my favorite flicks ever.


Milano - The Hurt Locker Mixtape

Single: Mark Ronson ft. Q-Tip & MNDR - Bang Bang Bang

English guitarist and music producer Mark Ronson is back from his successful Hip-Hop hiatus and is once again collaborating with some of the rap game's biggest names, but this time he's splicing genre's a good bit more...

Before the Londoner brought home a Brit Award for his sophomore album "Version" that had a heavy indie rock influence, he dropped a debut called "Here Comes The Fuzz" and was working alongside rap vets like Nate Dogg, M.O.P., Ghostface and Q-Tip.

One of the first singles Ronson is leaking off his new effort "Record Collection" (that's the illest title I've heard in a minute) is "Bang Bang Bang"; a bouncey lil' electro-hop tune that features him reuniting with ATCQ frontman Q-Tip, who handles the emceeing here while synth songstress/beatmaker MNDR AKA Amanda Warner spices things up with her continuous brand of syrupy ghettotech vocals...It's a nice, eclectic meld..not quite club music, not quite headphone or whip material either.

"Record Collection" drops later this year..


Mark Ronson ft. Q-Tip & MNDR - Bang Bang Bang

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cover Art/Pic: Boogie - It's All Good (Picture Essay/Book)

When done well in Hip-Hop and urban settings, photography can speak volumes....In his new picture essay "It's All Good", photog Boogie takes your cornea's on a journey through some of the roughiest locale's in NYC, including the Bushwick section of Brooklyn and home to the largest projects in the world, Long Island City Queens' Queensbridge Houses.

Dogged and forthright, Boogie's black and white flicks evoke a certain type of beauty and realism that few people ever get to capture and millions see everyday around them...

Do yaself a favor and pick this joint up, it's available via Powerhouse Books NYC here

spotted by one of the culture's true contemporaries and my fellow record diggin' fanatic Drasar Monumental


Video: Willy Northpole - Back To Mexico

Okay, It's gettin serious!

In times prior to this release I probably would've been reticent to big up Mr. Northpole's music on account of the fact I've never heard much of it and judging by his stage name I doubt it'd be quite in my lane...

However, after viewing this uber-truthful new song/vid he's done that directly criticizes the recent fuckery that is the new Arizona immigration law and subsequent moves in "education reform" that are equally hate filled, I must say Willy done stepped up and said a whole hell of a lot more on this subject than some of the emcee's I hold in the highest regard who remain silent....

If I don't know where you stand, then chances are you don't either...

I know Willy got our back though....


Interview: Murs For

This man has been flat out owning ish' these past three or four years and personally I always find his interviews a dope read...I got a chance to see him live earlier this month so hearing him expound on some of his times on the road w/ the Paid Dues festival is interesting...He also goes in and breaks down a bit of his and 9th's new record "Fornever"


URB: As you reflect on this year’s Paid Dues Festival (5th Annual), what were your fondest memories from this year as well as from the previous installments?

Murs: My fondest moments every year is knowing kids were able to get out have a good time and make it home safely. As far as personal fan of rap moments, I got to meet Lady of Rage this year. I got to shake her hand, which was awesome. Other than that, I can’t say too much because I was busier this year than any other year. I got to see the first two acts that went on, but other than that I was working.

Read the rest here

Single: Madvillain - Papermill

Just dope ass Hip-Hop music....

What you thought the Madvillainy wasn't comin' back at you in 2010??? Here DOOM and Lib hit us upside the head with the initial 1st single from their upcoming sophomore Madvillainy album that they've been crafting for over a year now...

Props goes to Adult Swim for getting this out there...


Madvillain - Papermill

Single: Sean Price - Snow II

There is little in Hip-Hop these days that can be as wildly engaging or laugh out loud entertaining as a Sean P verse...

Here is the Boot Camper yet again twisting verbs into pretzels, and stacking rhymes with complete, master builder ease and staggering accuracy...

"Snow II" stems from that PF Cuttin Tribute mixtape for Guru I posted a few days back.

via TheCryptOnline


Sean Price - Snow II

Recently Released Album Radar

Apollo Brown - "The Reset"

PackFM - "I Fucking Hate Rappers"

Homeboy Sandman - The Good Sun

Esoteric - Fly Casualties

Here's several album releases that all are now available and that ya'll should be out spending ya duckets on....

Are my reco's slanted and bias? Hell the fuck yeah they are...I discriminate harshly when it comes to co-signing shit for you guys to go purchase, so please believe that every album listed here is well worth ya time...I've included hot links to spots where you can cop each one too so no excuses unless your eating out of a trash can or somethin', which in that case WTF are you doin on my blog, go out and knock over a Piggly Wiggly or somethin..........but yeah, no, don't really do that...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Single: PackFM - I Fucking Hate Rappers (prod. by Tonedef)

Today QN5 emcee and longtime Brooklyn underground wordsmith staple PackFM released his new record "I Fucking Hate Rappers", which I'm happy to say is a wonderful album...perhaps one of the best and most introspective of the year.

Full of hilarity, Pack does a great job on the new album of turning all these bullshit trends and over saturated "promo" tools on their ears while simoultaneously flexing his ample lyrical skill. A great release with knee slapping humor...

Right here we have the title track for ya free consumption....

Go cop this, you won't be disappointed, especially if the past 3 or 4 years have left you scratching your head wondering how things like social networking, skinny jeans and the word "swagger" have replaced substance in Hip-Hop...


PackFM - I Fucking Hate Rappers (prod. by Tonedef)

Bulletin: 2010 Rock The Bells Lineup

With all of the Lauryn Hill headlining rumors now laid to rest, here's the official 2010 Rock The Bells lineup children....As always, looks like an absolutely killer lineup, well worth the bread...

only 3 states and 4 shows this year kiddies:

Saturday, August 21, NOS Events Center, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, August 22, Shoreline Amphitheatre, San Francisco, CA

Saturday, August 28, Governor’s Island, NY

Sunday, August 29, Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD

more info here:


The Strangerz - 2nd To None Album Sampler

The Jazzy, love lorn vibe that so much of past Hip-Hop glory owes it's fond memories to is indeed missing in a big way nowadays so I figured it's time to highlight some new stuff that highlights that beautiful old soul the game used to have by the boatload...

Don't let the album cover fool you, the music contained on The Strangerz debut album "2nd To None" is 100% pure laid back boom bap...on May 4th via Digi Crates/Domination Recordings the duo that is Hus and Smoovth released this record and garnered many a purists' authentication and love...Sounds like an absolutely dope record...

If you like what you hear go cop it here


The Strangerz - 2nd To None Album Sampler

Review: Apollo Brown - The Reset

As the city of Detroit continues to reel in awe-inspiring deficits, finding itself in dire economic peril while simultaneously owning some of the most dismal high school graduation, unemployment and murder rate's in America, the troubled metropolis has seen something new and wonderful begin to grow in it's vast musical department....

Read the rest here

Video: Toki Wright - By The Time I Get To Arizona 2010

Awhile back I brought you freedom fighter emcee Toki Wright's re-make of Chuck D's classic song that deplores the insanely racist and xenophobic new Arizona Immigration bill, today I'm catching up to the video Toki did up for the joint...

Just goes to show you Toki ain't no arm chair Quarterback...he's out there marching and showing solidarity his damn self...Chuck would be proud man...I know I am...



Interview: Necro For

New sit down with the brutal one...

As always things are interesting, but the real prize lines here come when Nec discusses throwing Raekwon a beat 100% gratis out of the respect and esteem he holds him in...

Jake Paine of does his journo thing big time here, and not to mention also does some serious transcribing (respect) sure to read this, and go swoop Necro's new album "Die!" it's now available.


"I gotta be a persona, 'cause if I'm not a persona, then there's nothing to back up the shit. If I'm gonna rap brutal, I have to be somebody that's willing to punch somebody in the face, or else it holds no weight....I gotta go out there and I gotta talk shit and I gotta generate interest. And I gotta back up all that Necro shit that [I'm] saying"

Read the rest here

Single: Nas - Hey Young World (prod. by Green Lantern)

Levi's jean company has recently been tapping some of today's best musicians to re-craft the work of those creative minds that inspired them and are fittingly calling the ad campaign Pioneer Sessions. Here we see what happens when they got up with Nasir Ben Alu Dara...

While I would've thought that Rakim's style was much more akin to Nas and maybe would've been a broader influence, there is no doubt that the all-time GOAT status as a master storyteller that Slick Rick wielded his whole career (and still does whenever he pops up here or there) had to of rubbed off on Esco too...

Great re-make of Rickey's luminous classic and Green 100% gets busy with the beat need a whole album worth of shit like this from Nas man...someone get Levi's to reach out to this man every week!


Nas - Hey Young World (prod. by Green Lantern)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Video: Mr. Cartoon Collabs w/ Nike For The 2010 World Cup

With June 11th creeping up quickly, soon the world's eyes, for better or worse will shift momentarily from things like oil spills, high global tensions, a dauntingly weak economy and the lingering remnants of tragedy in Port Au Prince to focus in on the country of South Africa, which will be hosting for the 1st time ever the Fifa international football tournament; known the universe over as the World Cup...

The Republic located on the southern tip of the African continent will have 10 different venues when it hosts the tournament and amid controversies that allege evictions of so-called "shackdwellers", most of us still will tune in and tune out of the real world for one fleeting month of carefree bliss as we tribally cheer on our homeland's squad.

Mr. Cartoon; a visionary tattoo/graff and clothing artist of Mexican-American (Chicano for all you insulated fools) descent, who hails from L.A. is going to get to accomplish some serious dreams in coming weeks...take a look at his latest collab with Nike where he humbly tells us about his opportunity to rep Mexico and America through his art and design skills. Surely, this is one of his life's biggest thrills and proudest moments balled into one. Muy bien Carnalo, muy bien...



Single: Pigeon Hole (Dusty & Marmalade Of Sweatshop Union) ft. D-Sisive - Light Show

Two (Marmalade and Dusty) of the four Canadian cats that comprise Vancouver based, conscious minded group Sweatshop Union are officially banding out to do a lil' somethin on their own, taking on the group monikor Pigeon Hole and giving us the first taste of their new project "Age Like Astronauts"...prepare yaself...

"Light Show" is an enjoyable, groovy lil' romp, that comes complete with an assist from fellow Canadian emcee D-Sisive. Everyone contributes an ill lil' verse, word to the Digable Planets pick reference.

One other thing that sticks out--a strong chorus. It's a simple one, but sometimes that's all ya need man...well executed joint the whole way round'...

Go grab "Age Like Astronauts" on June 15th, when it'll drop via URBNET Records.


<a href="">Light Show - Pigeon Hole ft. D.Sisive by Pigeon Hole</a>

Single: Chali 2na ft. J-Live - Across The Map

Tryin to flip up or rock over an Oriental/Asian sample has long been a practice only either the most or least skilled in the game undertake...Lol, literally, I've never heard just an okay sounding joint that has a sound like either gon' hate the shit outta the record or dig it tuff...this time out J-Live and Chali 2na provide us with a track that's more of the latter...

Be sure to check this...Live goes in somethin fierce when he starts speaking on demographics in underground Hip-Hop...the baritone former J 5er showed up too, but sorry, J owned this one...

Chali's new "Fish Market Pt. 2", from which "Across The Map" is plucked, drops June 8th.


Chali 2na ft. J-Live - Across The Map

Video Interview: Bambu For Davey D TV

As someone who grew up with a grip of Filipino-American homeboys (shout out to Keisey, Bautista & Dane) it does my heart well to see someone like Bambu reppin them well...

Back @ SXSW this year, renowned Hip-Hop journo Davey D had a chance to stop and speak with Bambu; perhaps not the 1st Filipino emcee to ever get down, but definitely one of the more worthwhile ones...

The Cali native talks L.A. gang life, being more inclined toward emceeing rather than DJing and his past affiliation with Native Guns.


Cover Art: Eminem - Recovery

Solemn, kinda detached and maybe even a bit optimistic in a bleak kinda way?

I'm starting to read into things far too much...

This be the new artwork(s) for all you Shady nuts...

The road to "Recovery" starts June 22nd...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

News: Rhymefest To Release "El Che" On Cassette

In an unprecedented and savvy move that hasn't been done by Hip-Hop artists since the early 2K's, Chicago emcee Rhymefest will be releasing his upcoming album "El Che" on special editions red and clear, prison-approved cassette in addition to CD and digi-download. Of course this move resonates highly with me, b/c I am a HUGE tape head, but it goes further than that...Rhymefest actually understands what type of feelings will manifest when Hip-Hop fans from the 90's and 80's hear about this.

Really hope that releasing albums via cassette catches on again, but even more so I hope that all you snarky muthafuckas that are already bemoaning this idea b/c it infringes on your delicate MP3 sensibilities wake up and start collecting your music as apposed to incessantly just downloading everything for free. Have some pride in ownership people, physical albums have so much more intimacy to them, just ask anyone with a dope CD, Vinyl, 8 Track or tape collection...

You can cop "El Che" in either tape edition, on CD, or digitally (sigh) here, as well as read up on the release and maybe even cop one of those ill ass shirts...

P.S. Yo Rhymefest if one of those Red tapes finds it's way to my crib I ain't gonna be mad! LOL...For real though someone hook it, I know that was just shameless as hell.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Video: The GreenGhostDOOM Invasion

Bwahahahaha, this man Dallas Penn is a wild, hilarious and slightly disturbed dude...If you ain't believin me peep out this short documentary film shot by Terrence Elenteny that follows the exploits of Mr. Penn during the "The Green Ghost Project" release party @ The Highline Ballroom in NYC earlier this year.

Along with Penn buggin' out and doing jean checks on dudes standin in line (LOL!) you can peep some performance footage from D-Block and Sean Price...all set to some of DOOM's classic joints...HOW BOUT THAT INTERNETS?!?!


Single: Talib Kweli - Papers Please

Damn...Is this some real speak or is this some real speak?...

Although this is a highly affecting freestyle, I can't help but wish that Kweli woulda had somethin like this in store for us on that new and somewhat lackluster "Revolutions Per Minute" album.

In any case..."Papers Please" touches on many a factual truth regarding the recent passing of that abhorrent Immigration law in Arizona that has basically made it feasible for hundreds of thousands of Latinos to be profiled and harassed by law enforcement based simply on their appearance...and the kicker? If said Latinos can't produce their "papers"; which is just old school Latin lingo for a green card, temporary work visa or whatever draconian document this country was using at the time to discriminate against us, they are rounded up like cattle and taken to a detention center or held in custody. SMH, all this while we built their cities and waited on them hand and foot for peanuts...

It truly does my heart well to see Talib, and really every Hip-Hop artist that has, stand up for their Hispanic cousins. We need more of this unity ppl...MAS!

This joint and the Hollyweerd jumpoff are gonna share the single of the weekend honor...doubles baby!


Talib Kweli - Papers Please