Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DJ Eclipse's Rap Is Outta Control Uncle Howie Tribute Show 3/28/10

4 Days ago DJ Eclipse paid tribute to the uncle of his good friend and former No-Phixion groupmate Ill Bill by dedicating an entire show to the late Uncle Howie Tenenbaum who recently passed on after a lifetime worth of adventure, loss and addiction.

I'm sure the show was bitter sweet for Eclipse...


Rap Is Outta Control Uncle Howie Tribute Show 3/28/10 Part 1

Rap Is Outta Control Uncle Howie Tribute Show 3/28/10 Part 2

Video: Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi – Tight Rope

New one from Ms. Monae, who takes a nice assist from Big Boi and scores....

I like this, but even moreso I like the fact that Ms. Monae is out in the Metropolis doing her, making things happen...She deserves all her success and then some, girl is an unbelievable talent and her new album "The ArchAndroid" (due out May 18th) promises to thrill...


DJ K.O. Presents Living Out A State Of Mind Vol. V

Fifth installment of Elementality Productions' DJ K.O.'s year long, on-going EP series; "Living Out A State Of Mind Vol. V"

Features new music from Silent Knight , Wordsworth and Madkem.

Boom bap, lyricist lover's check in on this one, it's only 5 tracks deep but it's well worth the DL...

If you wanna peep out the other LOASOM EP's peep these links:

Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4

Props to 2DopeBoyz on the overall linkage...


DJ K.O. Presents Living Out A State Of Mind Vol. V

Video: Trailer For Distant Relatives

So albums get trailers now eh?

Here it is, the official trailer to get you amp'd for Nasir and Jr. Gong's upcoming "Distant Relatives" record, complete with Oliver Stone smoking a a giant doobie kicking knowledge and Nas babbling wildly in many a studio session...


Album drops May 18th...


Death Anniversary: Selena

(April 16, 1971 – March 31, 1995)

The Mexican American, Cumbia and Latin pop starlett would have been 39.


Video: Reflection Eternal Freestyle On Toca Tuesdays

Recently, Kweli and Hi-Tek came through to Tony Touch's Shade 45 mixshow Toca Tuesdays and ripped things down. And yes, Tek and Tony rhymed as well...

This be that real Hip-Hop ppl...

Touch we haven't forgotten about those promises of a new 50 MC's tape...get that done sir!

May 11th we get "Revolutions Per Minute"


Single: Dwele - What's Not To Love?

New one from Detroit Neo-Soul force Dwele, who's actually getting ready to drop another new record...

This time out we get another thoughtful and smooth offering from him, which is pretty much becoming the trademark of his sound...

Really worthwhile artist ppl...slide "What's Not To Love" into your rotation immediately.

Dwele's new album "W.W.W. (W.ants W.orld W.omen)" drops on June 29th!


Dwele - What's Not To Love

News: LL Cool J Denies Interview W/ Sarah Palin And Fox News

My faith in Hip-Hop legend LL Cool J was tested recently when news broke that Uncle L was rumored to be appearing on the fuck up fairy's Sarah Palin's Fox News show....I was a bit surprised, but chalked it up to pretty much the fact that there are a lot of bruthas (some even in the urban music industry) that flock with the venomous republican party.

Much to my chagrin however, it seems that the good ole' boys over at Faux News are merely up to their old tricks and LL ain't down with the darkside.

Here's what James Todd Smith tweeted about the matter...:

Ha! The verdict is still out on those ab shaping surgeries and his last 4 albums, but when it comes to riding with progresives and denouncing hate mongers like Palin, LL didn't let us down...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Born Day: DJ AM

(March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009)

Woulda been 37 today...

Video: Raekwon - Canal Street

On the day that his album with Meth and Ghost drops Rae lets loose a new vid for a joint off his latest release, the much heralded (and Sade co-signed) "Only Built For Cuban Linx II"...

The Chef got together with XXL and Larmarck films to bring ya'll this no to NY's famous shopping out for the bootlegs kiddies!


Interview: Lil Eazy For MTV

In a candid sit-down with MTV the evil empire, the son of legendary west coast rapper Eazy E talks his late father's personality and the possibility of a biopic in the future among other things...


Lil' Eazy:

"People don't understand, he was a father, my grandmother, I was raised by her. Weekends, I got picked up by my father. He picked up all his kids. My father had a lot of kids. Everything was jokes. We'd be over at Grandma's. He took us on Disneyland trips. That's when you realize you're really somebody. All these [other fan] kids? We're supposed to be having time with daddy. All these kids and all these families wanna take pictures. He bought me anything I wanted. He was a great daddy. He had a lot of time for us."

Read the full interview here

Monsta X of Monsta Island Czars and DJ Iron Lyon Present X Factor

New mix from one of Hip-Hop's and NYC's most slept on collective of emcee's the Monsta Island Czars.

In case your wondering who in the bloody hell the Monsta Island Czars are/were, they pretty much were the group where noted names like MF Doom, MF Grimm, Kurious and Jun Classic came together for the first time in the late 90's and early 2K's. Since then the M.I.C has splintered somewhat and everyone seems to be going all out for their own...

Today with the help of DJ Iron Lyon we get one of those ventures into going all out for yours from Ntrospekt Monsta X with his new mix "X Factor". Really comendable material on here and X keeps things sharp with the pennings...A few features from his M.I.C. fam as well as Sean price make this a must DL...


Monsta X - X Factor

Video/Single: Doitall - Surrender (prod. by Pete Rock)

Who remembers MC Doitall of the Newark, NJ group Lords Of The Underground?? Well, if you don't go get ya education and then come back...meantime the rest of us that didn't sleep during the 90's will enjoy Doitall's comeback track "Surrender", produced by production legend Pete Rock...

Included is the official vid for the former L.O.T.U.G. member's new joint, which BTW bangs! Single is included below...

Spotted ova @ TheMessageBlog


Doitall - Surrender (prod. by Pete Rock)

ear2ear Presents Saukrates - Preseason Mixtape

In anticipation for his upcoming and long coming sopohomore album "Season One", the T.Dot's best emcee (no disrespect to Choclair or Kardinal Offishall) has some of his rarest music thrown together by ear2ear of EverythingThat' for a 75 minute mix of music...

On here you'll find remixes as well as some of Sauk's early (and best) production work and guest spots done over the years with the likes of K-Os, Pharoahe Monch, Kardinal Offishall, Xzibit, King Reign, Melanie Fiona, Choclair, Common and many others...


ear2ear Presents Saukrates - Preseason Mixtape

Interview: DJ Premier Sits Down With DJ Semtex

Been a lil' while since we've heard from Premo, especially if you don't check into his satellite radio show...

Recently he got up with DJ Semtex for a lil' bit of Q&A action...

Covered in the convo is Preme's feelings on his new artist Nick Javas as well as him wanting to work with Drake? SMH...

Also covered: Nikki Minaj and Diggy Simmons....

Careful Premier...even legends can get labeled sellouts.


DJ Premier Interview w/ DJ Semtex (Audio)

Review: Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon - Wu-Massacre

The 9 man (or so) clan known the world over as the Wu-Tang is one of the most respected names and brands in Hip-Hip culture and in the 90’s they pretty much peaked creatively. Sure the aughties provided some moments where a few of the clansmen re-discovered that past unflappable direction, but for the most part, the broad majority of the brotherhood suffered. Guys were driving taxi’s in Baltimore to make ends meat, bickering aimlessly about monies owed, releasing sub-par projects with their dreaded “affiliate” groups and bottom line, their three group albums that were released in the 2K’s came nowhere near 36 Chambers and Forever. By the end of this year I’d all but given up on the Shaolin spitters as a collective.

Read the rest here

Video: Joell Ortiz - Project Boy

New one off Joell's much, much, much anticipated "Free Agent", produced by none otha than the best eva....

Another black and white jumpoff, shot and directed beautifully by The iCU.


Monday, March 29, 2010

News: New Dr. Dre/Jay-Z Single This Week?

Don't look now but it seems that Dre might actually be gettin serious about Detox...

According to many a site around the web and yes, Mr. Yo here, Dr. Dre and Jiggaman have collab'd on something new and will be dropping it sometime this week for us...

Also floating around out there; the record is a lot more uptempo than you might think....

Don't know bout that one, but if in fact there is a new joint out there to be heard this week you can bet I'll be all over it.


Single: O.J. Simpson (Madlib & Guilty Simpson) - Cali Hills

1st single off the new collab project ("OJ Simpson") between these two!

Pretty interesting enthralling production, perfect canvas for Guilty to get into the story telling that is the connection between him, Detroit, Dilla and the Land of Lost Angels...

This is Hip-Hop.

The OJ Simpson group/project once again continues to gain my interests...On May 18th they'll have my money most likely.


OJ Simpson - Cali Hills

News: Slaine Goes In On Sam Adams

You heard of this new hipster fuck from Boston by the name of Sam Adams that's getting way too much press and putting out bad music?

I hadn't either, but apparently the big homie Slaine (of La Coka Nostra and Special Teamz) has and don't much appreciate how this lame ass is reppin' his city.

So, like any person with a lil' bit of clout around his town (lol) he took to the Forums to vent his frustrations and really just air this kid out, lol..Oh and just for good measure he went ahead and spoke on Clinton Sparks as well...

I feel what Slaine is sayin 100%, but some of the "promises of violence" and so on was mad over the top...

here's what Slaine had to say exactly:

“Fuck Sam Adams. Why isnt his record called Waylands Boy? You cant not pay your dues and faggot your way in with no respect for the culture and no love from the streets. Sorry. Im gonna have a good time torturing this cat. “

“and really….Fuck Clinton Sparks too…fuckin dickhead. Dudes are about to start getting punched in the fuckin head this year. This aint Boston shit…..Get Familiar. Im coming to get you cats. Nobody from here is feelin these cats whatsoever. I am in a position to start crushing these fakers….so I have to. Goodbye…. Im about to start frying you preppy pretty boy Fa—–. Real Boston is Dorchester, Southie, Roslindale, Roxbury, Mattapan etc…. dont step on our shit and act like its you.”

and finally, some much needed and hilarious threats...:

“I think over the years you can see Im not a hater… but this dude is actually a threat to the foundation of real hip hop street music. Never paid a due…. has no respect or knowledge of the culture…. If this is hip hops new direction we are in trouble. And he is about to get backed by the biggest powers in the game. He seems like a nice kid…. but on principle… I gotta cut his head off. Sorry Sammy. Bostons boy is about to get banned from Boston. Im Bostons Boy faggot. Go back to college and do some homework. And tell your alamo rent a car investor he can get his face kicked in too. Wrong time to fuck with me. Be very afraid. Im gonna show up at your shows and make everything hard for you pussy. Say somthing about it and watch the temperature get way too hot for you.”

spotted ova @ JTTS


Single: Roc Marciano - Raw Deal

2nd leak (that I've posted) off the forthcoming "Welcome To Marcburg" from Roc Marciano..

Nuthin but hardcore goodness here...I'm getting flashbacks of the NY scene circa 1993...

Roc's got an EP coming soon for us, then the actual album, so stay posted...


Roc Marciano - Raw Deal

Video: Cypress Hill - Rise Up

Several posts back we got to hear snippets of Cypress Hill's new album "Rise Up", today we get the official vid for the title track, complete with guest guitar thrashing from Tom Morello...

Love the look of the vid, graphics are sharp and love the subject fodder even more...first lil' scene with the girl wearing the gas mask in fron of the tube is magnetic and sinister all in one..

Right about now I think Hip-Hop needs a lil' bit more aggression in it's music toward the establishment...what about you?


DJ G.I. Joe - I'm Going In The Mixtape

It's with great confliction that I bring ya'll this new tape...on the one hand I'm happy we've got a new mix from DJ G.I. Joe, but on the other it is a somber moment because the tape is being put out basically to let ya'll know that he's going to be away for a lil' bit.

Indeed...Joe is already locked down right now, serving a 6 month bid in federal prison. The tireless Turntable Annihilist caught a case and now is suffering the consequences of his choices (I assume, don't have any details behind his conviction), but got damnit that don't mean we gotta like it or that we can't help him out in this rocky patch of life.

Included on this new tape are some exclusives produced by Joe himself as well as a bunch of new SolidConnect material, but the real show is of course G.I. Joe's mixing and cutting...

Below is the address for G.I. Joe if you wanna send him a kite, and if you want you can even visit this link to put a lil' money down on his commissary/books...

Joseph P. Rivera
Reg# 76899-053
MDC Brooklyn
P.O. Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

See ya in 6 Joe...


DJ G.I. Joe - I'm Going In The Mixtape

MF Grimm - You Only Live Twice The Audio Graphic Novel Snippets

The warrior that is MF Grimm is prepping to drop his new project "You Only Live Twice The Audio Graphic Novel", which will include a 13 page comic book on May 18th...

Today you get to hear some snippets of the music that will accompany the new project and like always, expect Grimm to come correct...


MF Grimm - You Only Live Twice The Audio Graphic Novel Snippets

Video: Strong Arm Steady ft. Phonte - Best Of Times

Brand new one from the Steady Gang off their latest LP, "In Search Of Stoney Jackson"....

Ya'll know I'm a sucker for the black and white vids, and the concept is chillingly close to what so many of us are going through right about now too...yours truly included. Masterfully relevant and artistic stuff.

Gotta nip this desperation in the bud America...Don't ask me how though.


Single: Brother Ali ft. Fashawn - Breakin Dawn Tour (prod. by BK-One)

Okay, lets start off the week correct...

I'm always in the mood for some Brother Ali and Fashawn these days...thought it woulda been a lot longer before they collab'd let alone went on tour together but to my surprise and satisfaction it wasn't...

Here the 2 lyrical monstas go in for a perfect jumpstart to their Breakin’ Dawn Boys Tour w/ a new joint of the same name. This is funky, real Hip-Hop...they need to go on tour more often if this is what we get in exchange. BK-One (who's also on the tour) laced em' with some funky, true school production while Ali and Fash handle the rest...


Brother Ali ft. Fashawn - Breakin Dawn Tour (prod. by BK-One)

Video: Kelis - Acapella

Are you kidding me? The only reason your still getting facetime on PHH is b/c I'm forever in-debted to you for putting out "Baby I Got Cha Money" too much dance floor rubbin to that back in the day...

Kelis continues on her spending of Nasir's outrageous child support payemnt and drops this rediculous (no, not the good rediculous either) visual for her latest single; "Acapella". When did she lose her fuckin mind you ask? I don't know, all I know is that this ain't Hip-Hop and if whatever it is don't pop off with the snots that hang in the Techno clubs that do pills by the bottle load her career clock is ticking that much closer to midnight..

... and I thought I wouldn't see anything sillier than this bullshit tonight/today.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dominique LaRue - HerStory FreEP

Thoughtful, beautiful and witty...Columbus, Ohio native and Hip-Hop force Dominique LaRue is thee total package when it comes to a femcee and you need to hear her latest music.

Getting up with soulful music creator Idasa Tariq for her latest project; a free 6 track EP, I think I might smell a lil' bit of greatness lurking around Ms. LaRue...

Stay tuned...


Dominique LaRue - HerStory EP

Video Interview: Nas & Damian Marley For Vevo

The "Distant Relatives" sit down for a candid Q&A with Vevo AKA the ppl that are single handedly out to ruin your youtube music experience, while they were at this year's SXSW music conference.

I kid of course...pretty cool interview, I'm ready for the album!


News: Say What? Jill Scott Edition

Recently Ms. Scott made (in my view) some questionable remarks regarding interracial dating to Essence mag and just like when I had to call out Mr. Mayer for his backwards ass speech, I gotta raise a few Q's for Ms. Scott too...Now don't get it twisted, Ms. Scott's comments are nowhere near as un-articulated and classless as Mayer's were, but they still garnered enough of an eyebrow raise for me to speak on em'

So to paraphrase the commentary she gave to Essence, she's butt hurt cause a brutha who's seemingly intelligent and successful is married to a white gal? Going in on this whole blithely poetic rant that attacks said brutha's "soul" for simply being with a white woman, I think we get a peek into some of her insecurities. Even trying to bring up the very true historical context of the white woman being placed on a pedestal by white slave owners and drawing an inference to a time when white chicks were forbidden fruit so to speak she comes off bitter for no reason. She's 100% historically accurate, and yeah, there's prolly some ingrained pain there when she see's black dudes wifing up snow bunnies, But Should there be? I mean, your married right? Two times right? Why are you all of a sudden worried about what another man is doing with his affections?

Okaaaaay, not that she didn't make true statements about how fucked up slave owners and basically just white America in general was and in many ways still is in it's views of black men and their precious white women, but come on Ms. Scott, that old and frankly outright un-true stereotype of the black woman who loathes the black man who dates outside his race is too too tired...And yes it is a stereotype. Most sistas I know have zero problems with seeing black dudes (especially ones they don't know) date outside their race and in general have zero problems seeing interracial dating of any type go down. They don't feel some "inner pinch under their Summer dress" when they see a white girl with a black guy or a sista with a white guy or whatever the combination may be...

I think YOUR the one, Ms. Scott who has the problem. Maybe it is a bit troubling that some successful black dudes might have more of a inkling toward fairer skinned Caucasian chicks, but for me it's no more troubling than lets say, when an Asian man loves Middle Eastern women or an Italian chick digs strictly Latino men, or a woman from New Guinea only will get with Canadians or whatever else. Just remember for every one that doesn't, there's one that do, and you can bet on that. You are trying to assert that if someone does wanna date outside they tribe it's an epidemic or something to be ashamed of, and really it's just not. Now maybe I could hear your argument out if you were talking about someone that was just out there boning every piece of white tail he could, while his sista was at home or something, but you said yaself that wasn't the case. Ole' dude you talking on is marrying this woman. Now I'm no huge advocate of marriage and a ring definitely don't equal love, but if dude is as intelligent as you said he was than why not believe he's got genuine feelings for ole' girl and just let them ride into the sunset, for better or worse?

It's 2010, and trying to discourage anyone, of any color, from getting with anyone else of any other color that they're atracted to or in love with is fucking backwards as shit. I don't care how subtle you are with your complaint or "observation". Why the fuck do you care is my question? Your incredibly talented, but comments like; "We dig that the world is full of amazing options. But underneath, there is a bite, no matter the ointment, that has yet to stop burning.", just aren't true. Their blanket statements that you make about all the rest of us to legitimize YOUR hang ups about interracial dating. Most of the time it's hard to catch you not doing or being attached to something positive and promoting progressive love in all of it's imperfections, so this borderline intolerance kinda comes as a surprise.


Single: Ransom - Answers

Haven't heard dufflebag Ran in a minute, here's some new, highly lyrical stuff from him in the form of a joint where he asks and answers a few questions for himself....

The New Jeru rhymer addresses rumors, legit questions about his career and the status of former partner Hitchcock, all while keeping thing in tune with his usual deadpan, no frills style...I'm glad that Ran returned to more suitable production and hope that he continues to dig out beats like this...

DJ Diggz has a new tape comin later this year with the former A-Team member, be sure to ask ya local tape hustler to have that in his inventory when the time come.


Ransom - Answers

News: Uncle Howie Passes Away

As recently reported the man known as "Uncle Howie" AKA Howard Tenenbaum, who served as an inspiration and quasi-mascot for his nephew Ill Bill and Necro's recordings and companies recently passed on after years of battling addiction.

The cause of death is still unspecified, but Bill did confirm via Twitter late last week that Tenenbaum had passed:

"Uncle Howie RIP - Rest in power my G,"

PHH sends out it's thoughts to Bill, Necro and the entire Uncle Howie Records Camp.


Video: Phonte Speaks On Little Brother/9th Wonder

I knew this day would come....

After parting ways in a pretty civil manner a long while ago, the men of Little Brother (Phonte & Pooh) seemed to be adjusting well to their new recording careers in the wake of the absence of uber talented former in-house producer/DJ 9th Wonder.

Well, leave it to the latest in social media fuckery AKA Twitter to ignite some silly shit between men who usually would have no part in it.

I was on Twitter last night when a good bit of this minor back and forth between Phonte and 9th was going on and I gotta say it was discouraging.

Apparently this whole mess started after Phonte released "Star"; a new single off of the upcoming Little Brother album, and maybe said a lil' too much in it's regards.

Here, we get Tigalo's telling of how things fell apart with LB.


Death Anniversary: Freaky Tah

Eleven years ago today outside a Queens Sheraton, Lost Boyz member Freaky Tah AKA Raymond Rodgers was shot in the head by Kelvin Jones....Tah clung to life for awhile, but was pronounced dead at 4:20 AM....He was all of 27 years old. Jones would later be convicted for the murder.

The Jamaica Queens bred MC and promoter was a driving force behind the success that was the 1990's Hip-Hop group The Lost Boyz and to me they never were the same after his passing. A lot of times we forget to remember guys like Tah, who weren't super well known, but still had a hand in crafting some really memorable, if not classic music...

We haven't forgotten you this year Freaky... R.I.P


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Video: Erykah Badu - Window Seat

Two words:

Yassssss Laaawwwwwd!

Okay, now that that's outta the way, lemme just say that while Mrs. Badu (yes, she's a Mrs. fellas) definitely had my attention the moment she started peeling off clothing in this, don't let that take away from the fact that the music, yes the music is actually just as incredible as her lovely body.

Got damn Jay Electronica is a lucky, lucky man...

Go pick up her new album this Tuesday!


Video Interview: Cypress Hill Breaks Down "Rise Up" Track For Track

The legendarily funky Latins from the South Gate section of L.A. better known as Cypress Hill take a moment to talk their new album "Rise Up".

Sen Dog, BoBo and B-Real get into the overall sound on the new record and break it down track for track, and yes you do get to hear some snippets...

Okay, let's dole out some propage...First, props to B-Real for showin' The Teacha some respect and citing him as inspiration. 2nd, I must give overall props to The Hill for recruiting Rocker extraordinaire Tom Morello to collab with, dude is nasty and if your too closed minded musically to hear that, shame shame. 3rd, more props to The Hill as a group for having the balls to recruit usual Miami club hit crafter (and the asshole who got rich for producing Wayne's "Lollipop" record) Jim Jonsin to flip that Crosby, Stills & Nash record for "Armada Latina", which all playa hatin' aside might just might be my personal anthem gong into Spring and Summer time...

... yes muthafuckas, you will be hearing me rolling around in the whip playing that shit loud as fuck and singing along with the chorus in Spanish. What!?!

Of course The Pete Rock joint is crazy too and I can't wait to play that "Pass The Dutch" joint while uhh, doin somethin' else at the same time, but all things considered, there was only a few tracks I didn't dig and surprisingly the ones with Mike Shinoda and Everlast weren't included in that lot...Go figure eh?

On the real, this album seems like it'll be dope and full of energy...While I was a lil' skeptical about B-Real doing a lot more of the production this time out, I think he came correct for the most part. I'm excited to hear it all and pleased just to see that the stoned raiders are back!

I mean who else can get Cheech & Chong to hop on they record? GOAT status for a Latino Hip-Hop group man...GOAT status...

"Rise Up" hits stores on April 20th...go purchase it!


Single: Prodigy - The Phone Tap [Welcome To State Prison] (prod. by Sid Roams)

Get your state greens ready, I got your single of the weekend right here and we're a going to the hoosegow to get it...

Still being locked down hasn't thwarted the H.N.I.C. from getting us some new music and in true X-Raided and Shyne style, he goes in over an insane Sid Roams concoction via the prison check homie!!

Be forewarned, the phrase "Godzilla balls" is worked into this 7 minute (yes 7 friggin' minutes) jawn... I guess this is better than another conspiracy-laced kite....

Come home soon P...


Prodigy - The Phone Tap (Welcome to State Prison)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Teaser: Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

Like I stated before I'm gonna make sure this man; a real artist, gets his due when it comes to hype and promo.

I never, ever usually post up teasers for upcoming vids..I just don't do that shit man, I wait for it to drop in whole than I post, but I had to make an exception for this, mainly b/c it's actually worth having a teaser for.

You can hear "I Need A Dollar" every Sunday night as it plays during the opening credits for the new HBO series How To Make It In America and pretty soon the magnetic and soulfully brilliant track will have it's own video...Til' then, let this clip that clocks in at just over a minute long satiate your interest. Soon come...soon come...


Video: Blue Scholars - Paul Valéry

New Somewhat new visuals from the duo that is Sabzi and Geologic...

Nice spacey vibe here, some montage footage paired with footage of the Sabzi and Geo walking around what looks to be Seattle in the winter as well as performing onstage...

This is some new age hippie typa stuff and I digs it tuff...

Blue Scholars 3rd full length album due out later this year kids!!


Reviews: Basic Vocab's "A Better Way" & Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx's "The eXXecution"

I'm back on my review grind over at and I've got two new critiques of two excellent new albums for ya'll...

I'm not gonna waste anymore of your time talking, the links are right below, get ya read on!


Read BIG D O's Review for Basic Vocab's "A Better Way" Here

Read BIG D O's Review for Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx's "The eXXecution" Here

Video: Supreme Goes To Church

Bwahahaha, this is why golden age heads are my fav. type of Hip-Hop people.

Supreme; one of the longtime beat men for the Wu affiliated group Sunz Of Man hits us with a new beat making vid, that is to say the least entertaining and full of his 1 of a kind personality.

Sit back and watch an old school vet break down "sample snitchin'" and construct a quick beat utilizing "church music" and a drum break I'm currently fienin' over.


Video Interview: TRUTHLiVE Talks About His New Album W/ Jake One

Interdependent Media founder and fresh emceeing face TRUTHLiVE takes a moment to discuss his new album "Patience" that is produced wholly by Seattle beat man of the moment and future; Jake Uno.

TRUTH reveals that the album's creation was a more organic process and you'll get to hear a few snippets.

If you haven't grabbed the free "Unlearning EP" that TRUTHLiVE dropped earlier this month to promote the new new do so now!


Single: Rakaa - Delilah

West coast lyrical force and 1/3rd of Dilated Peoples , Rakaa is prepping his long awaited solo debut "Crown Of Thorns", which presently is set for release later this year.

Turning to fellow groupmate Evidence for a sufficiently bangin' beat, Ra gets his 1st single off the ground in dope fashion.

Heard this a week or so back thanks to an ill DJ Eclipse the linkage via Spine Magazine


Rakaa - Delilah

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Single: Fashawn ft. Talib Kweli - Life's A Bitch

The 20 year old that I've officially dubbed the "next one up" hits us with a sample of his new "Ode To Illmatic" project...

Getting up with Talib Kweli , Fresno, CA native Fashawn drops "Life's A Bitch", a re-working of Nas's seminal classic with Kweli playing AZ to Fash's Esco...

Great stuff....


Fashawn ft. Talib Kweli - Life's A Bitch

Single: Eternia & MoSS ft. Joell Ortiz - It's Funny

Stone cold new banger from standout boom bap producer MoSS and Canadian born, NY dwelling femcee extraordinaire Eternia, off their new and highly anticipated collabo album "At Last"...

Along for the ride over MoSS's raucously good beat is none other than 1/4th of Slaughter House and recent hater of all things E1 Music related; Joell Ortiz, who contributes his own bruising verse but fails to shine as brightly as our main hero, Eternia.

She might just be one of the best emcee's out there man, bump the whole 'femcee' tag...lawd jesus!

"At Last" drops June 15th on Fat Beats Records


Eternia & MoSS ft. Joell Ortiz - It's Funny

Damu The Fudgemunk - How It Should Sound Promo EP

Nice lil' Thursday treat for all the beat heads and just plain lovers of real Hip-Hop being made in 2010...

After hitting us with a couple promo vids, the D.C. area beat master (and I wholeheartedly mean that) drops off a 6 track promotional EP that oozes with funky drum breaks, static filled loops and gloriously smooth grooves...

Do remember that Damu is releasing his 2 volume, 27 track retail release of "How It Should Sound" on April 13th via

Got damn these beats is so on-time it ain't even funny...I gotta start diggin where Damu be diggin at...


Damu The Fudgemunk - How It Should Sound Promo EP

Video: Ras Kass Updates Us On A.D.I.D.A.S.

From in front of the Psycho Realm Studios Razzy gives us an update on his upcoming "A.D.I.D.A.S." record with DJ Rhettmatic....

Things sound like there moving along well...Don't know about a record with David Banner, although I will admit in small doses and over some 9th Wonder production I can tolerate duke....

You can pre-order this full length (18-20 tracks) up until April 18th kiddies, it's avialable on CD and vinyl...

Hit up the Ras Kass website here to make your $2, $5 or $15 pledge.

Save The Ras Kass!!!


Single: Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto

Now this is what I call taking a freestyle to the next level...

Over the classic Milkbone beat for "Keep It Real" Freddie talks about his evironment...Standard ill s*#@ from Gibbs, who continues to carve out his niche in the game as one of the better and more relatable new hardcore MC's throwing his hat out there...

Going back to Milkbone for a second though, I always felt bad for the guy. He was a more than decent MC and his production stayed laced..he really shoulda been the 1st white Hip-Hop superstar IMO...Last I heard he's not messin with rap much anymore and still resides out in New Jersey where he works and is something of a body builder now.


Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto

Single: Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away (Get Money)

2nd leak off Mrs. Badu's upcoming "New Amerykah II: Return Of The Ankh"...

Who else could re-do a track over this all-time classic sample so wonderfully?

For all you youngins that don't know this sample was most notably used by Junior M.A.F.I.A. for their 1995 hit record "Get Money"..shit was simply one of Biggie's best verses eva...eva...

The sample that EZ Elpee flipped for that classic record was none other than "You Can't Turn Me Away" by Sylvia Striplin...Interestingly enough, at the beginning of that record Mrs. Striplin sounds a lot like Erykah when she's sangin...


Erykah Badu - Get Money

Little Brother - LeftBack Album Sampler

It truly is a shame that these two are (supposedly) callin it quits after this album...I mean honestly, there isn't another southern Hip-Hop group I enjoy more, past or present.

Of course w/o 9th's production for this and the last jawn it's been a lil' bit different for Phontigalo and Pooh, but they always seem to come thru regardless, even if they've started drifting further apartt from working with each other...

I'm already thinking about the reunion album that might happen some years down the road...

Give this sampler a listen and go buy the album when it drops on April 20th.


Little Brother - LeftBack Album Sampler

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vitamin D - The Born Day EP

A few days back on his birthday (March 22nd) arguably Seattle's The 206's best and most legendary producer (all due respect to guys like Jake One and Sir Mix A Lot) Vitamin D, dropped and constructed an entire EP...That's a really dope idea for a birthday activity, and although I'm late putting up the link, the joint still bangs...

D hasn't lost his touch on the production at all and his rhyming continues to get better everytime I hear it.


Vitamin D - The Born Day EP

Single: Frankie Krutches ft. DJ Kay Slay - I'm Here Now (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

Brand new one from BKNY character Frankie Krutches ....

My diet of crack and gun rap artists is extremely low these days...I need some reckless lyrics, head nodding production and gratuitous language pronto!

Enter in Frankie Krutches, a hardcore taste maker and leg amputee with ties to the bloods that was hitting the mixtape circuit pretty hard back in the mid and late 2K's, but has always been a fixture in and around the New York rap scene, whether hanging at the famed Tunnel, or running with a burgeoning crew out of Harlem that called themselves the Taliban Diplomats, whom I used to dig on certain levels...

One reason The Dips held my interest for awhile was no doubt due to their production, i.e. the beats crafted by The Heatmakerz; the cats Frankie has now gotten up with for this new single "I'm Here Now".

This joint ain't gonna get you to reflect too deeply on the human condition and Kay Slay's presence def. ratchets up the talk shit O' meter to dangerous levels, but Frankie's charisma and go get em' attitude coupled with that sweet Heatmakerz sound makes this worthy of gracing PHH.


Frankie Krutches - I'm Here Now (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

Interview: Aloe Blacc For Complex Magazine

The dually gifted (rappin' and sangin') west coast crooner known as Aloe Blacc is having a pretty decent year thus far. His soulful banger "I need A Dollar" (if you ain't heard it yet you need it!) is the theme music for the opening credits of the new HBO breakout hit series How To Make It In America and he's just wrapping up a recent trip to Australia.

Yeah, I'd say right about now things are going his way...I remember when he was just an underground cat doing his thing on the L.A. scene. Looks like bigger and better things are on his horizon, at least I hope they are...I been a fan for a minute, so I'mma try my best to contribute to his upward mobility in the game. Here Aloe chops it up with Complex Magazine's Toshitaka Kondo.


Complex: When did you make “I Need A Dollar”?
Aloe Blacc: I started writing the song when I was driving in L.A. in 2005. A lot of my songs come to me when I’m driving, ’cause there’s so much traffic, my brain just goes into a mode. So I started coming up with the song, mainly the chorus. The way I write songs often, I come up with an idea and I record it into my phone. I just let it sit for a little bit and then I come back to it. So I had the chorus and I was thinking, “What could I do for the verses?” One of the first verses that came to me was the “Whisky And The Wine” verse, even though it’s buried in the song. Fast forward four years and I produced an entire album here in L.A. at a studio called West Lake Studios. This is where Michael Jackson recorded Thriller and Off The Wall. I turned that album into the label but [Peanut Butter] Wolf said it was too commercial and wasn’t the right fit for the label. Egon said, “Okay Aloe, are you open to working with some producers on another album?” And I said, “That’s fine.” So the label sends me out to New York to work with these producers, Truth & Soul, in February 2009.

Complex: At that point in time, you had written the hook and a skeleton for a song, but you didn’t have the music to it?
Aloe Blacc: Exactly. I had about five or six songs in my head, two of them were just lyrics. The other ones I had demos of the song with my keyboard or whatever. So I went to the Soul Fire studios in Williamsburg with Truth & Soul. They had instruments in the studio like drums, keys, bass, and the guitar. “I Need A Dollar” came about because they started jamming and when they finished I was like, “Wow, this song that’s in my head fits this jam.” The chord progression fit right with the lyrics I already had.

Read the full Interview here

News: Suge Knight Wanted For Robbery And Assault Of Rapper Yukmouth

Seems like good ole' Suge AKA Marion Knight cannot stay out the old life that once saw him serve the better part of the late 90's and early 2K's behind bars.

In some unfortunate news, Knight is reportedly wanted by police for the beating of rapper Yukmouth on March 22nd at a San Fernando Valley Ralph's Supermarket, with 10 other (yeah right) people and robbing him of $92,000 (even bigger yeah right) worth of jewelry.

It doesn't help that Suge already has a pending outstanding warrant and is facing his third strike.

Presently, Suge is still at large.