Monday, March 31, 2008

Video: Main-O- Be Me

Brand new joint from Brooklyn's newest bad guy Main-O. Complete with dope premise Main-O shows and proves on this surprisingly honest ode to succumbing to one's own true self. An underlying message is also delivered in this Vid as well, one that directly states that more artists should be themselves and only that.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Percee P - Perseverance: The Instrumentals LP

True to his tireless work ethic Madlib drops a new project on the heads of his loyal fans in the form of yet another dope instrumental tape. It's a little disappointing that there's only a portion of the Perseverence instrumentals on here, but I am impressed with the ones he chose to put out. Joints like "2 Brothers From The Gutter" and "Ghetto Rhyme Story" make this well worth the effort. These beats are more than just beats man, there a fucking throwback to when hip-hop was about more than just dollars and cents, to a time when it was art and expression in the highest form. Don't be a sucka, grab that new Percee P record produced entirely by Cali Production extraodinaire Madlib and grab this.


01. The Hand That Leads You (Remix Instrumental) 02:39
02. Legendary Lyricist (Instrumental) 02:38
03. Who With Me? (Instrumental) 02:41
04. Ghetto Rhyme Story (Instrumental) 03:24
05. Mastered Craftsman (Instrumental) 02:33
06. The Man To Praise (Instrumental) 03:29
07. 2 Brothers From The Gutter (Instrumental) 02:58
08. The Dirt & Filth (Instrumental) 03:34
09. The Woman Behind Me (Remix Instrumental) 04:24

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Breaking News: Beanie Sigel Sentenced To 3 Months In Prison

A federal judge in Philadelphia sentenced Beanie Sigel to three months in prison on Friday after he gave a false urine sample to probation officials, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Sigel also reportedly tested positive for Xanax and Percocet this month.

After violating supervised release, Sigel had been serving a six month term in a halfway house.

Sigel told the judge that he is an addict and relapsed when he was sent to the halfway house. Sigel added that being confined to the halfway house and not being able to travel for big income shows triggered the relapse, and that he was feeling a large amount of financial pressure and feared losing his home.

U.S District Judge R. Barclay Surrick was not sympathetic.

"I told you the last time if you didn't toe the line, jail was the only option," Surrick told Sigel.


Breaking News: KL of Screwball passes away

There’s sad news in the hip-hop world as KL of the underground favorite group Screwball passed away Thursday night from an asthma attack.





Friday, March 28, 2008

40 Cal- The Yellow Tape

Our main man and Dipset's lyrical front runner 40 Cal returns minus any of his Dipset bretheren with his new Koch records release The Yellow Tape. It always sort of stoopified me as to why the Dips never tried to slide 40 Cal into a more focal position within the crew. He's consistently been one of their only legs to stand on in the real underground realms of New York city for some time. In other words, 40 is one of the last real cats in Dipset. With the exception of A Mafia, Jay Bezzel and Tom Gist (who all coinsidently are now no longer really functioning as "official" Dipset members)40 is the only one of the Dips that I routinely still see and hear making the rounds at the Fight Klub, beating down Bad Boy artists in barbershops and above all else, creating some seriously worthwhile verses. 40 has become one of the few beacons of hope for the Dipset brand, but the catch is that he isn't exactly as warmed up to the idea of being just another guy waiting for his turn on a flustered label that has it's two top leaders fueding and their former hype man putting out mixtapes...It's sad really, I know I was one of the many people who realized how talented 40 was when he dropped his first two tapes, Trigger Happy and and Broken Safety and I really hoped that he would try his best to forge thru all the industry bullshit and rise above, but the sad reality is that 40 might be doomed to a life of obscurity and the massses may never know one of Harlem's best new lyricists the way they should or at all. Until then enjoy this lil' piece and be sure to support 40 in the future. Standout tracks include "40!", "So Gutta" and "If You Want It".


01. Young Skeme (Feat. Young Ace And Young Skeme) 03:50
02. Harlem Gangsta 03:27
03. Blowin Mine 02:25
04. Shut Down (Feat. Sudaboss) 03:03
05. Put In Work (Feat. Ru Spits) 03:05
06. 40! 02:28
07. Gun Smoke 02:41
08. Swagga Jacka 2 03:17
09. Yacht Music 02:54
10. Heat 02:28
11. Time Out 02:55
12. If You Want It 03:53
13. So Gutta 03:06
14. Hustle Skeme

Rapper Max B in critical condition, shot 2 times in Long Island

Joli Adore says her client, Max, was shot twice last night. Once in the arm, once in the side. And that he fled the scene, sought medical attention but then opted to go home, rather than stay in a hospital. She emphasized the fact that he is currently in critical condition (which doesn’t seem safe or sterile). When I asked if the shooting was related to those earlier attack reports, Max (via Joli) said that the incident happened in Long Island, not Queens, and again denied that he was robbed. Max did want to assure his fans that he is alive and said, “look out for Domain Pain, the mixtape.”

- Hot 97's Miss Info

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breaking News: Remy Ma Found Guilty

Grammy nominated rapper Remy Ma awaited her fate in Manhattan's Criminal Court today (Mar. 27) as jury deliberations came to an end with a guilty ruling. Remy stood trial for shooting former friend Barnes-Joseph in New York City's Meatpacking district, last July. The incident occurred after Remy discovered $3,000 missing from her purse and accused the plaintiff of stealing the money.

Remy faces up to 25 years in prison. A sentence date has not yet been determined.

DJ JS-1- Ground Original

This album comes to us courtesy of Rocksteady Crew's own DJ JS-1 and it's a great hip-hop offering, combining sick production with an occasional glimpse into his cutting skills, JS-1 cements his status as a true upholder of the culture as he assists some of the game's loftiest and most notable underground acts drop some very worthwhile material. Ground Original initially snuck by me...apparently it was released in 2003, and well, I can't front, it flew waaay under my radar. There's so much quality material on this release tho, I really am ashamed that I hadn't copped this back in the day. From the Intro on, your served with great boom bap infused joint after another. JS-1 and his close collaborator Rahzel shine throughout this joint, specifically on the aforementioned intro and on songs/freestyles like "Spontaneous Combustion" and "Essentials". Plenty of Hip-hop's favorite underground non conformists stop thru also and contribute to the non-stop cypher that is Ground Original, and while some dazzle as soloists don't overlook the collaborative pairings that are built like a back packer's fantasy draft. This is truly a "gem in a haystack" type of find, and it's well worth the 15 bucks if you see it in stores, but the main reason I'm dropping it for free is because it's usually an oddity at record stores. I can recall only bumpin into it a couple times in my long, illustrious career of digging in record stores and CD shops across America. So enjoy and spread the word, and for the record I went to a JS-1 and Rahzel concert this past year and dropped them my 22.50 for a ticket, so don't try flashing on me in here wit the self riteous comments. I support 90% of the artists who's shit I post on here in some form or fashion, whether having bought a concert ticket, mixtape, Wax, a T-Shirt off they online store, or their latest Lp, and I encourage all of you to do the same.


01. Intro
02. Evidence, C-Rayz Walz, Pep Luv, & React - Nowadayz
03. KRS-One & Rahzel - Essentials
04. Akrobatik - Ak Like U Want It
05. DJ Ody-Roc & Royce Da 5'9" - Lights Out
06. Ill Bill - License 2 Ill
07. Masta Ace - What Am I? Pt. 1
08. Planet Asia & Percee-P - Unstoppable
09. Trez & Tragedy Khadafi - Crossbreed
10. Kool G Rap - Take A Loss
11. Casual - X-Posed
12. Punch N' Words - Turn It Up!
13. Big Daddy Kane - Puttin In Work
14. Special Ed - What Am I? Pt. 2
15. C-Rayz Walz & Breez Evahflowin' - Drugs In My Vein
16. Professor X Interlude
17. L.I.F.E. Long & Immortal Technique - Audio Technician
18. Prince Poetry - Dirty
19. O.C. - Beyond
20. Substantial, Tonedeff, PackFM, & Rise - Arrogant
21. Dice Raw & Rahzel - Spontaneous Combustion
22. Skoob Of Das Efx, Strick, & React - Rest Assured
23. Outro

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scramatix- The Best Of Scram Jones Hosted by Clinton Sparks

I think the first time I heard Scram's stuff was in about 1998 or 1997 I believe, and I noticed instantly that he was a real talent, capable and precise with great drums and a nice east coast sound that had originality. I think it was a joint by Nature I was bumping when I heard Nate shout out the producer of the song; "Scram Jones". The beat was ill and I was impressed so I took a mental note to remember the name. Over the next few months I would be taking several mental notes about this "Scram Jones" fella. More and More I was hearing his name, I even remember him being featured in the Source's "Unsigned Hype" section once. I read the article and the Source writers seemed to share my taste. They were saying the same things; complimenting his production, his taste in samples and making comparisons to established New York based producers. One thing that the article also mentioned was that Scram was a really great freestyle emcee as well. I would soon find myself scowering the record stores and the internet in search of stuff from Scram, eventually running into a few loose MP3's. Indeed, the young man could also hold his own behind the microphone. He had a freeestyle called "ABC's" or somethin' like that....the joint was insane.....he kicked a few bars from every letter of the alphabet A thru Z, a la Papoose on "Alphabetical Slaughter", wielding effortless breathe control and showcasing an ill vocabulary. Since that time on I've been a huge fan and supporter of his work, picking up his retail compilation album "Loose Cannons" and checking for all his production credits. He's worked with a lot of the east coast's biggest names and provided them all with great beats. Seldom does he strike out and just drop a totally wack beat. Over time I've come to realize that he really has a talent for flipping classic Rock samples. I've enjoyed many of his compostions that have utilized an obscure guitar riff or vocal loop courtesy of a 80's Hair band and I feel that he's the best in the business when it comes to doin that next to Agallah and Alchemist. He also is great at flipping Dancehall and Raggae samples as well. One of his biggest records came courtesy of a Dancehall sample in "No, No, No"; the infectiously groovy and commanding rythym he concocted for upstart Harlemite Jae Mills. Scram is one of the more worthwhile producers to come around in the 2K and he deserves a lot more recognition than he gets. He's a hard worker and once gave an interview saying that he makes 3 beats everyday of his life. That's dedication, and I wish more producers still had that kind of drive. This is a relatively good "best of" tape, but there's still tons of stuff out there from Scram that didn't make it on this joint, particuliarly the earlier stuff. The high points on this definitely are the Saigon joints "Desperado" and "The Color Purple", but those two have worked together extensively and they have better material out together, still the vocal sample on "Desperado" is crazy. "The King Is Dead" by Haffa is one of the more hard to find and obscure tracks on here, and is a great tribute joint to the late great King Of New York. The completely bananas "Heavy Metal" featuring Kool G Rap and "Stained" by Joe Budden are great componants of scram's extensive resume and showcases his aforementioned knack for turning out rock samples. All in All this is a positive for Scram, but there are a few mis-steps that I think should be omitted when it comes time to extract the files. Namely, the sappy and un complimentry Mariah Carey joint "You Girl" that features Juelz Santana and Cam'ron at their worst. Other good productions with noted artist flops that you should ignore on this are "Work Magic" by Lloyd Banks and Remy Martin's "Lights,Camera,Action". All in all a good download and a great insight into a worthy producer's work.


1. Clinton sparks-intro
2. Scram jones-radio freestyle
3. Scram jones styles p kool g rap tragedy khadafi-the line up
4. N.o.r.e. feat. jim jones and nature-glass of sizzurp
5. Maino-bedstuy anthem
6. Scram jones feat. nas-jonesin
7. Fat joe feat. remy martin-yeah yeah yeah
8. Scram jones-abc freestyle
9. Doo wop feat. scram jones and nature-memory lane 2007
10. Saigon-the color purple
11. Grafh-get it
12. Raekwon feat. tragedy khadafi-guerilla shit
13. Black rob-ready (hes black rob)
14. Scram jones-freestyle
15. Haffa-the king is dead
16. Saigon-desperado
17. Scram jones feat. saigon grafh curtains l.g.-when animals attack
18. Scram jones-doo doo
19. Scram jones feat. kool g rap-heavy metal
20. Kool g rap-playas play
21. Peedie crack-dont stop
22. Notorious b.i.g. feat. clipse-just a memory
23. Busta rhymes feat. papoose and raekwon-address me as mister
24. N.o.r.e. feat. beanie sigel-bad man
25. Lloyd banks feat. young buck-work magic
26. Fabolous-city of ny
27. Jae millz feat. camron and t.i.-no no no (remix)
28. Scram jones and green lantern-freestyle
29. Scram jones-notorious freestyle
30. Mariah care feat. camron and juelz santana-you girl
31. Clinton sparks-outro
32. Remy ma-lights camera action (bonus)
33. Joe buddens-stained (bonus)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Drama Kings Presents The Best Of Sauce Money

This is a real treat for all the hardcore Sauce Money fans that have been longing to hear some new stuff from him. The one time running partner of Jay-Z, Sauce Money dropped his solo debut in 1999. "Middle Finger U" recieved some critical acclaim and he was almost instantly recognized as one of the better street lyricists on the east coast and one of the pioneers of the "punchline" style of rapping. Then Sauce sort of disappeared. Rumors of a falling out with Dame Dash and Jay-Z sparked some whisperings of Sauce being industry blackballed. Unfortunately, Sauce's presence on the hip-hop scene continued to dwindle. He and Jay never collaborated again and Sauce's glory became a memory. Contrary to many people's beliefs Sauce has continued to record music and never had a fued with his old friend Jay-Z. Jay even had Sauce perform with him live onstage at the now legendary "I Declare War" concert. In 2003 Sauce again resurfaced momentarilly on DJ Kay Slay's debut album for a track titled "Coast To Coast Gangstas" alongside Joe Budden, WC and Bun B, whom he gave all a run for their money. Still, finding Sauce's music has been a little tricky seeing that he now mostly just does ghost writing for several big name artists. Thus I am bringing you a great collection of this very influential brutha's best work as well as some unreleased and rare joints from him too. Be sure and grab this!


05-sauce money-westside_story_ft_biggie_lil_cease



Planet Asia- Still In Training

Today I bring you the often overlooked Planet Asia album "Still In Training" that I always found to be one of his most balanced and well thought out Lp's ever. I love the production on this joint, the samples are most def. top notch. Ranging from Very dusty and eclectic to organic and soulful, the production on this joint is a highlight for any fan of that beautiful, vintage boom bap sound. There's a healthy dose of scratching on this record as well, and it comes courtesy of some of the best in the game. DJing legends Mista Sinista and DJ Revolution lend some cuts to one of the busiest and best west coast MC's out there and really add some depth to his album. Planet Asia dropped this record in 2002 and it's amazing how a lot of the subject matter is still very relevant. Planet Asia warns all the rude boy wanna be's to steer clear of the vices that the streets promote on "Me Nuh Lef It", and then turns around and reflects on the organic nature of his music and life in the soul drenched "Doin What We Do" and even drops a bonus remix of the same cut at the end of the album that is just as effective. There's a ton of great material on this to talk about but the obvious highlight tracks are the moody, Piano riff driven "Fresno State Of Mind", The Quasi melodic, G-Funkish' "Rock The Mic" and the resonant, politically charged "Keep Movin'". Definitely download this and then go buy it, If you can find a copy (this one can be a little elusive in stores), "Still In Training" is one of Planet Asia's many overlooked masterpieces.


1. Intro 0:20
2. Rock Tha Mic (Scratches by Walt Liquor) 3:37
3. Charcoal (Scratches by DJ Revolution) 4:31
4. Breakin' Shit Down [Explicit] 4:34
5. Fresno State of Mind (Scratches by Mista Sinista) 3:36
6. Keep Movin' 2:54
7. Keep Ya Ass Shakin' 3:12
8. Good Music 3:18
9. M-16 Ammunition 3:48
10. On Tha Block For Ya (Featuring Kubiq) 4:15
11. Mi Nuh Lef It (Featuring Madd Dogg) 5:10
12. I Spit Flows 5:00
13. Doin' What We Do 3:55
14. Outro 0:22
15. Doin' What We Do Remix (Featuring Erik Rico) 4:27

Video: DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken ft. Cynic- Land Of Shadows

This joint is a true morbid masterpiece that Rob Zombie himself would be proud of. This stark look at what happens in "The Land Of Shadows" after we die is brought to us by Sick Jacken the verbally gifted, L.A. based MC, who sends chills up ya spine with grim verses. The imagery in this video is spectacular, I especially liked the old automobiles that they used, that was a nice touch. Check this out, and if you haven't already, check out that Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken album, it's equally as dope.


Video: Hi-Tek Feat. PUSH! Montana - Kill You

New joint from the widely respected beatsmith Hi-Tek featuring one of NY's up and coming rhyme artist's Push! Montana. I first heard Push! a while back in the freestyle circuit, he's a worthwhile artist and this joint rite here was one of the better cuts from Hi-Tek's newest album Hi Teknology 3. Sal green directed this and he put together a really good, minimalistic type vid that really gave Push! a chance to tell the story without distractions. And it is a great story telling joint. This is a good resume buffer for both Push! and Hi-Tek, good stuff.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Video: Talib Kweli- Hostile Gospel

This joint right here is truly dope, visually and conceptually it's just really really a great look from one of my favorite MC's Talib Kweli. It's shot mainly in Lagos, Nigeria, a dazzling back drop and visually tentalizing for anyone, hip-hop fan or not. Please stop and take some time to peep this joint it's a great song and it has a dope "outside the box" type video to accompany it, a rare combination for any idea in music that you don't usually come up on in the hip-hop genre anymore. Thank god for Kweli and his Hostile Gospel.


Smoothe Da Hustler- Violenttimes Day

Smooth Da Hustler is back hittin us with some new shit. I've always been a fan of Nexx Level Click stuff and when I saw this I had to put it up for ya'll man. I wish I had more info on this yo, like if any of the tracks were produced by the legendary D/R Period. Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot about this release and I'm actually kinda late gettin up on it because I guess it was released in Feb. and here it is the end of March and I'm just now gettin up on it. Anyway, I know the quality of the shit that Smoothe puts out and I'm sure this won't disappoint. Like I said this is brand spankin new to me, so I'mma go bump this, I'll come thru wit the review a little later when I know more....


01. Violenttimes Day [ 02:23 ]
02. Brooklyn (Im From Ny) [ 04:19 ]
03. Nothins Gonna Stop Me [ 03:27 ]
04. Way Back (Pioneer Tribute) [ 04:27 ]
05. Pay Up [ 02:34 ]
06. Street Shit (Feat. Dv Alias Khryst) [ 04:02 ]
07. Put it on Your Bitch [ 00:39 ]
08. Paper Chasin [ 02:49 ]
09. Lay Ur Troubles Down [ 03:52 ]
10. About My Bread [ 04:05 ]
11. All Day [ 03:04 ]
12. Rap Game (Feat. Trigger Tha Gambler) [ 03:43 ]
13. Heartbreaker [ 04:34 ]
14. Home of the Brave [ 04:12 ]

Little Vic- Each Dawn I Die

Little Vic has been on my radar ever since he dropped that dope ass "The Exorcist" single with DJ Premier a couple years ago. Since then he's kinda been a little inconsistent with keeping that well deserved buzz alive. He drops this new joint "Each Dawn I Die" that I can assure you makes up for his somewhat lost time. I knew the kid had to be special if Premier was gonna take a chance on him, Premo stopped messing with average MC's when he let Big Shug into the Gangstarr Foundation Crew. The cover is already one of my favorites; loaded with intricacies and reminiscent of a 1950's newspaper it quickly grabbed my eye. The music on this joint quickly grabbed my ear. Little Vic was already a dope MC, he doesen't need much to enhance his music, but when he does have the right production it only makes it that much better. Enlisting the help of mostly no name producers Little Vic wields his usual messages of tough and rugged street life. The aforementioned "The Exorcist" is featured on here as well as the standout track "The Evil That Men Do" produced by another legend, D.I.T.C.'s own Buckwild, but after that the list of big names pretty much desenegrates. I really respect any solid MC that comes in and stands on his own two and gives a few up and coming beatsmiths the chance to rock on his project. This joint is a great stepping stone for Little Vic, who is following in line with a relatively short list of Italian American rappers who were worthwhile and co-signed by established artists. JoJo Pellegrino, Johnny Blanco, Genovese and Don Scavone and thats it man...that's it. Short but very skilled man, very skilled. I personally think that Little Vic is very much in the same vein as Don Scavone content wise, minus the aggresion. Any 12" fanatic knows that's high praise. Little Vic definitely excites on "Each Dawn I Die" and he definitely takes you back to a time when hip-hop was a lot more serious. I sincerely hope the kid keeps putting out new stuff.


1. Each Dawn I Do (Prod by Lunatik Mind)
2. Its My Turn (Prod by Velotz)
3. The Evil That Men Do (prod by Buckwild)
4. Dying Slowly (Prod by Double Shots)
5. This is What It Sounds Like (Prod by Double Shots)
6. Love Hurts (Prod by Double Shots)
7. The Exorcist (Prod by DJ Premier)
8. After All I've Done (Prod by Velotz)
9. Caked Up feat Kool G Rap (Prod by Big KO)
10. Sister Morphine (Prod by Sly Vest)
11. Carry the Weight (prod by Double Shots)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

J-Love- Acknowledge The Takeover pt. 2

J-love delivers the second installment of his "Acknowledge the Takeover" mixtape series, after the first one proved he was still putting together tapes according to his mantra of "playing whatever the fuck he wants to". His tried and true formula of giving us all the hottest, underground, east coast singles that typically elude most of Hot 97 and Powr 105's playlists is once again on full display here. J-Love brings the kids a heap of really great tracks that I think are being unjustly ignored right now, namely the intensly good "2 For The Money" feat. OC and AG, the head shot diss toward their former leader "Moment of Truth" which features Cuban Link, Remy Martin and Triple Seis and the insane solo cut from Billy Danze "Savages"....yeah, this tape is just about the best to drop in months as far as the content goes. J-Love is always good about providing variety on his tapes as well, making sure to hit his fans and mixtape fans in general wit some of his work as well. Yep, the usual presence of his trademark Intro beat is on here as well as a couple new joints from him where we find J-Love rhyming ("The World Is Mine" & "300") and showing some real improvement. On "300" the super duo of Killa Sha and Meyhem assist J-Love in making one of the illest tracks on the whole tape! Lemme be one of the first to say that J-Love's team; The Outdoorsmen...they are fuckin sick. The only small few drawbacks to this tape are the ubiqutious inclusion of 50 Cent's latest radio appeal "Mechanic", a random joint from that clown Rick Ross (SMH, why'd you do it J??) and the lack of any new J-Love production. Other than that this tape is dope as shit, as usual. Be sure to check out the rare Nas joint "Curse" and the "Wasting Time No More" joint from ODB, that is pretty new to me and ill as shit.


01. J-Love - Intro 01:16
02. J-Love - The World Is Mine 03:11
03. Meyhem - Clockwork 03:50
04. J-Love - 300 (feat. Killa Sha & Meyhem) 03:22
05. Rakim - Word On The Street 02:57
06. Nas - Let's Go 01:12
07. Mobb Deep - Things You Should Know 02:08
08. Billy Danze - Savages 03:39
09. Jadakiss - Ya Niggaz Suck 02:14
10. Jay-Z - Your Welcome (feat. Mary J. Blige) 04:33
11. Common - The Light 03:59
12. O.D.B. - Wasting Time No More 02:51
13. Cuban Link - Take A Look At Me Now 03:58
14. Rock Maricano - Thugs Prayer 02:21
15. Rakim - Hip Hop 03:59
16. M.O.P. - Get Rich 02:50
17. Rick Ross - Maybach Music (feat. Jay-Z) 02:31
18. Nas - The Curse 01:22
19. Method Man & Redman - Broken Language 02:18
20. OC & A.G. - 2 For The Money 02:07
21. Joell Ortiz - Here The Next 02:07
22. Lloyds Banks - I Am Legend 02:28
23. 50 Cent - Mechanic 04:01
24. KRS-One - Criminal Minded 08 03:27
25. Nino Bless - Hard Times (feat. Joe Budden) 03:43
26. Cuban Link - Moment Of Truth (feat. Remy Ma & Triple Seis) 05:09
27. Q-Tip - Fever 02:13

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Focus- Dedicated

This is a really ill look from Aftermath records rite here man. Recently they put up in house producer Focus's debut album "Dedicated" for free download on their website. That's right, the machine is giving away free music now. Ironically the music they're giving away should be the music they try and sell. This is a dope lil' album that Focus put together and produced entirely...gots joints featuring Stat Quo, Busta Rhymes & Bshop Lamont, Littler Brother, Raphael Saadiq, Chino XL and DJ Revolution. Not only is Focus pretty decent on the boards (especially if your into quasi Dr. Dre soundin stuff) he can carry a rhyme or two....all in all this a real good look, basically your getting a brand new artist's debut album for free.


01. Introduction
02. Shine (feat. Busta Rhymes, Bishop Lamont)
03. Music Grinder (feat. Jay Sol)
04. It’s Not So Hard (feat. Stat Quo)
05. Rule #4080 (skit by Ronnie Jordan)
06. S.T.M.S.
07. I Ain’t Gone’ Do It
08. Back When… (feat. Lil’ Brother, D.J. Khalil)
09. Mom’s Message
10. 8.18.01 (feat. Teena Marie)
11. Feels Good (feat. Mike Ant & Taurie)
12. 4 The Luv (feat. Illa J., Denise Thompson)
13. Weekend (feat. Rafeal Saadiq, DeRay Davis)
14. Whatchu’ Workin Wit
15. Flight 1172 (skit)
16. Dedicated (feat. Ya’ Boy, PhD.)
17. Affairz (feat. Denise Thompson, Kida)
18. I Rock It (feat. Big Rapper Pooh from Lil’ Brother)
19 We Do This (feat. Mami Montana, Epik)
20. Let’s Go (feat. Chino XL, D.J. Revolution)
21. Final Words (skit by Filltrate)

Video: Krs-One- Criminal Minded 08'

The Teacher hits us with some new shit! This is wassup man, vid is real minimal, but still very engaging. That red tint that they use throughout is a nice touch, don't know who directed this, but they get props for that. Mainly the focus of this joint is just real hip-hop; Kris spittin' and Premo cuttin on records are pretty much the subject matter. Another great joint for Hip-Hop....although I was a lil' put off by the Smirnoff Vodka ad placement at the end there (gotta get the budget money somehow) lol, still a dope look, I'll never complain about Kris and Premo gettin together to do stuff...Kris don't sell out tho!! I heard about the Nike deal too!! Well anyway this is ill check it out, Premo also produced this.


DJ Soul Presents....Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group

For a long time now one of my favorite underground groups has been Tanya Morgan. Often when I would mention them to my peoples they would ask me to repeat the name a few times, lol. Making light of their somewhat curious name in the title of this new mixtape is Tanya Morgan, collectively. Comprised of Donwill, Ilyas (Cincinatti, OH) and producer Von Pea (Brooklyn, NY) Hip-Hop's newest concious rappers team with DJ Soul to showcase some of their best stuff reworked for the new year and a few goodies you haven't heard yet. In this creative take on their "so far, so good" career's they supply you with among other things a new persepective. Their music is uncontrived, soul and drum driven reality based hip-hop. These guys have talent beaming thru their solicitous verses and have already won just about every serious "new talent" type of rap contest the western hemisphere has to offer. The bottom line with Tanya Morgan is this; They make really worthwhile music for thoughtful listeners. So why are they wasting their time with the current state of hip-hop? Well, one would debate that they are hip-hop fan's exclusively. Their fanbase has got to be one of the most diverse since De La Soul first started using flower power to sell their records. Truly, it's also something that has continued to fascinate me as well. Just the other day I saw some Cazzelle glasses wearin', wool jacket sportin, Jew fro havin', Italian boot stompin', Silk scarf draping, quasi intellectual type of cat walkin out the record Store with Tanya Morgan's first Lp "Moonlighting" underneath his arm. Under the "Moonlighting" record was about two or three alternative rock group records. That was my proof in the pudding. These guys are doing what some of Hip-Hop's most progressive groups did in the 90's. They were managing to reel in fans of other genres, that at this point could be considered a little bit more artistic. That's good tho. They are keeping the spirit of groups like De La and A Tribe Called Quest alive in the sense that thay're thoughtful and the average, everyday wierdo or whomever can seem that much more interesting when they cop their music. At the end of the day hip-hop needs variety. Variety is always good. That's why supermarkets thrive get to choose baby. What kinda cereal do you want? Frosted Flakes or Fruity Pebbles? Non Fat milk or Whole milk? It's a choice, and Americans love having choices, no matter how false or real they may be, we love having a smorgasboard to choose from, especially when it comes to music. Tanya Morgan is both the Choice and the variety, which is also what helps make them great and unlike most hip-hop groups of today, in the fact that they are accessable to more than just one type of person with one type of musical taste.


1. Dirt Weed (Intro)
2. Waiting For You (produced by Suburb)
3. You Should Know feat. Naledge of Kidz In The Hall
4. Shake It Off feat Kam Moye & Torae (produced by Brizzo)
5. Got Fans (produced by Eric Lau)
6. So Sweet
7. Walk My Way (produced by Aeon)
8. Killa Tape Interlude
9. Stay Tuned
10. She Moved Outta Cincy (08 Mix)
11. Four Men feat. Kay (produced by Dj Cozmos & King Midas)
12. Golden feat. Elucid
13. Hello Brooklyn feat. Jay-Z & Lil Wayne (Von Pea Remix)
14. Go To Get It feat. Median
15. Che Tanya (produced by CJ)
16. Brazilian Wax
17. Bathtub (Interlude)
18. Come Here Shawty feat. Ink Floyd (produced by H/R)
19. Kim & Cookie Interlude
20. Take The W (produced by 88 Keys)
21. Bout To Be Some (produced by Khrysis)
22. You May Die Now Interlude
23. Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group
24. And You Say feat. Che Grand

Ali Vegas- Leader Of The New School

Fresh off his last great offering to the masses "America's Prince" Ali Vegas returns with arguably the game's hottest mixtape DJ Statik Selektah to bring you "Leader Of The New School", a mixtape that is comprised mainly of new, exclusive freestyles. Ali picks up right where he left off on AP, and continues to wield lyrics in that raspy, back-of-the-neck, New York Circa 1996, style that has become his trademark. The tape has a few exclusives on it, none better than the DJ Premier assisted "Everyday Is War" track. Vegas goes back and forth with himself a la DMX and Damien on the track flexing his lyrical muscles and showing his true modus operandi; make dope shit for the masses with an ill ass beat playing in the background. Another highlight of this tape (that I was sure was gonna hapen)is the collabo Vegas does with Statik Selektah's homeboy from Lawrence Massachusetts, Termanology. Perhaps you've heard of him, lol. The track is called "The Future" and Statik also lended his hand in producing it. Make sure you get up on that joint, it's pure crack man...I mean mashed up between Columbian Narco traffickers feet in 100 degree heat, somewhere outside Bogata in the Jungle type cocaine people...check for that man. This tape is a cut above the rest rite now as we begin to see the formats of mixtapes start to return to that of their hayday (lots of solid freestyles, mixed with new material, hosted by a dope DJ), Ali sets a new standard with this project indeed...Can't wait for that new album.


1. Intro
2. Everyday Is War (Prod. by DJ Premier)
3. That's Nothing (Snippet)
4. The Future feat. Termanology (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
5. The Town Bought It feat. Dre (Prod. by Cool and Dre)
6. Be There
7. Av Freestyle
8. Cold Steel Freestyle
9. Geto Boy Freestyle
10. Point Blank Freestyle
11. You Know My Steez Freestyle
12. MCs Act Like You Know Freestyle
13. That's Where I'm From
14. Can't Believe It
15. In Love
16. Faithful Freestyle
17. Breakadawn Freestyle
18. Check The Rhime Freestyle
19. Paper Thin Freestyle
20. No Money feat. Poppo
21. Creole Freestyle
22. Lack Of Respect feat. Mala Reignz
23. What's Goin' On
24. Ali Vegas Outro

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Developments in Pac's Shooting at Quad Studios in NYC in 1998 emerge

Chuck Phillips is back at it people. This time the L.A. Times staff writer isn't writing up a story about Biggie possibly being in Vegas the night of Pac's assasination and paying Crips to kill Mr. Shakur though. Nooo, this time he's actually started doing some real journalism. He's uncovered a link between Sean "Puffy" Combs aka P Diddy, Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond aka The head honcho over at Czar Entertainment, Walter Johnson aka King Tut, Jaques Agnant aka Haitian Jack and a James Sabatino aka I'm a son of a Mafia Captain in the Columbo crime family. Sabatino is the new, very intriguing key to Phillips's new research. So this very detailed story that is mostly already known just never before supported covers the sapposed real happenings that night at the Quad Studios. It covers how Pac wasn't really shot 5 times by "random" stick up kids and how his subsequent rampage of accusations toward Biggie and Puff knowing something about it might have been a lot more credible than we thought. Many times in the future I would hear the names "Tinard" and "King Tut" thrown around when Pac's assailants from the Quad Sudio shooting were brought up. What Phillips would have us believe is that it was actually Sabatino, Hatian Jack and Henchmen who would conspire to have Pac robbed and beaten, and not by just any old thugs...rather, by Mafia cronies who were friends of Sabatino's. Phillips also points out that the fact that Pac actually was shot turned out to be a knee jerk reaction from one of the stick up men when Pac reached for his weapon. Phillips supports his new findings thru previously sealed FBI documents which site an unknown informant as a witness to all of the above. This new info is truly mind blowing, especially since Tut is still locked up and Haitian Jack I believe is as well. Interesting read indeed, check out the whole story at the L.A. Times website here:,0,639629.story?page=1


Video: La Coka Nostra- That's Coke

New shit from our favorite hardcore whiteboys La Coka Nostra! Man a lot of rappers should be ashamed of themselves man.....these guys are doing real hip-hop and not compromising artistry or none of that and still maintaining. They got a crazy joint rite here and while the video is kinda minimalistic (really it just shows them rapping) it's still one of the better new ones out there. Everlast, Ill Bill and Slaine all drop dope, hardcore verses that are very much aimed at the underground heads seeking out quality uhhhm,, uh...."stuff"....check out Danny Boy and Sick Jacken doin the cameo thing!


Video: AZ- Undeniable *World Premiere*

I guess life is clearly not a bitch no more, lol. We find our favorite underground street soloist AZ premiering his newest single off his upcoming CD of the same title. At first I really wasn't too into this for classic back pack reasons (the use of a clap in the beat rather than a snare etc., etc.) but I was still taken by the fact that AZ was still employing his vicious rapid fire flow and if this was as commercial he was gonna get for the new album, I could handle that....all in all a good effort, but I hope he decides to drop a new video as well....this shoulden't be the only visual representation of the album, he has much more worthy joints on it yet to be processed into vid's.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Video: Pete Rock- Til' I Retire/Best Believe ft. Redman

Aiight, lets get back to the new stuff....fresh off the release of his new album, Pete Rock aka The Chocolate Boy Wonder aka The Soul Brother no.1 drops a new double feature style video for your viewing pleasure, this joint is dope too...really shows you just how far PR has come and judging by that new BMW, that he's still doing pretty good....lots of dope visuals here, Pete diggin thru records and rockin on stage with DMC and Redman.


Video: AZ- The Come Up

This joint is a lil' bit older....think I first heard it in late 06' early 07' maybe, just now found the video and it's like all the other vids i've posted; too ill'....I'm feelin the way this was shot in black and white, and for a low budget joint AZ does pretty well as the focal point of the vid and getting everything lookin legit...all in all a video that was way below everyone's radar (even yours truly) but is now here for your viewing/listening pleasure. This was a monster joint after all, produced by Premier himself. Oh yeah check out Young DJ Absolut on the 1's and 2's!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Video: EMC- What It Stand For

More real hip-hop coming to you coutesy of Stricklin, Wordsworth and the legendary Masta Ace as they form the super group EMC! This Vid i'm sure is being heavilly slept on by many within the game and underneath it, but stop, sit down and listen to these bruthas man....they got together to make a near classic album for the real heads!! Beat produced by the Dutchmaster himself, Nicolay.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Best Of Madlib mixed by DJ Jayceeoh

Here's a lil' somethin for all my Madlib addicts. This is a really dope mix of some of his finer material, put together flawlessly by none other than turntablist veteran DJ Jayceeoh. "The Best Of Madlib" features stuff from when Madlib was runnin with Lootpack, reprising his alter ego as Quasimoto, remixing classic joints and of course collaborating with Doom and Dilla. I haven't heard too many mixes dedicated to the Oxnard, CA beatsmith, but this one was very well put together and right on time. It even features a few really dope interviews with Madlib. This is a fitting mix for Madlib considering he is a tremendously gifted artist and MC. The tracklist truly was well thought out and deliberated over and I think most hardcore Stones Throw fans will agree it's a great run down of the man's best work to date, excluding "The Red", which he did with Dilla, that should be, but ain't on here...damn!. Standout tracks to check for if you haven't already are: "Special" featuring Erykah Badu and Medaphor, "Raw Addict" and "The Exclusive" featuring J. Dilla.


1 - JayCeeOh - Intro
2 - Jaylib feat. Talib Kweli - 'Rawshit'
3 - JayCeeOh - Most Blunted Scratch Interlude
4 - Medaphoar - Cant Hold On'
5 - Wildchild - 'Secondary Protocol'
6 - Deck Demons - 'Strapped'
7 - Lootpack - 'Whenimondamic'
8 - Quasimoto - 'Fatbacks'
9 - M.F. DOOM - (Madlib Remix)
10 - Jadakiss - 'Put Ya Hands Up (Madlib Remix)'
11 - Raekwon - (Madlib Remix) -
12 - Wildchild feat. Planet Asia, Spontaneous, Aceyalone - 'Bounce'
13 - Medaphoar feat. Erykah Badu - 'Special'
14 - Defari - The Mission Interlude
15 - JayCeeOh - Strange Ways Interlude
16 - Quasimoto - 'Microphone Mathematics'
17 - Roots - 'Don't See Us (Remix)/ Distant Land (JayCeeOh Mix)'
18 - Lootpack - 'Likwit Fusion'
19 - Madlib - Interview (Part II)
20 - Nas - 'It Ain't Hard To Tell/ AstroBlack (JayCeeOh Mix)'
21 - AZ - 'Whats The Deal/ Hands Up (JayCeeOh Mix)'
22 - Jaylib - 'The Official'
23 - Lootpack - 'Why Do We Go Out Like That?'
24 - Madlib - Interview (Part III)/ Yesterdays New Quintet - 'Windy C'
25 - Madvillian - 'Fancy'
26 - Lootpack - 'Cratediggin'
27 - Madlib - Interview (Part IV)
28 - Quasimoto - 'Basic Instinct'
29 - Madvillian - 'Figaro'
30 - Madlib - 'Raw Addict'
31 - Oh No - 'Green Tree'
32 - Common - (Madlib Remix)
33 - Lootpack - 'Anthem'
34 - JayCeeOh - Yo-Yo Interlude
35 - Lootpack - 'Stylewild'
36 - J-Dilla - 'The Exclusive'
37 - Inspectah Deck - 'City High (Madlib Remix)'
38 - Sheek & Redman - (Madlib Remix)
39 - AZ, Cormega, Nas, Foxy Brown - 'Bizness (Madlib Remix)'
40 - Lootpack - 'Innersoul'
41 - Quasimoto - 'MHB'
42 - Medaphoar - 'Set Me At Ease (Remix)'
43 - Madlib - 'Montara'

Video: Buckshot & 9th Wonder- Go All Out

Buckshot and Charlie Murphy both stop thru to shed a lil light on the "Back pack" rap movement, the origins of their friendship and what it means to go all out. This is a dope tune, 9th is all over this one, and Murphy adds some serious hilarity to the video. Enjoy!!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creative Juices presents Endless Varieties Vol. 2

This right here is an underground head's wet dream man. I first started checkin for the Creative Juices crew awhile back, when I was given a free sampler of theirs at a show. Right away I liked that man IDE's production a lot. It was real precise, yet it still had that dusty, authentic sound that you get when you add 1 part vinyl, one part good mixer and one part MPC 2000XL. I liked Alucard as well man, he was a very capable MC, and he would often suprise you lyrically, but in all truth his rawness was the real reason I dug his joints. The only cat I really can't build with a whole lot in the crew is Jak Progresso. Nuthin' against him personally, I just ain't feelin' dukes style, that's it, no disrespect to his art. Other cats in Creative Juices are a lot more agreeable to me, Iron Soloman, Swave Sevah and so on....their nice. Plenty of well thought out and solid rhymes when you listen to them, and their deliveries are ill too. They ain't afraid to spit into a mic, which is somethin we need to hear more often man. Ain't no timidness in they voices tho, not at all. Although I've dedicated a little bit of time to hype up the stable of in-house Creative Juices MC's, on this project it's the slew of well known and established talent that comes thru that really steals the show. From the jump this project is blessed by the talents of some serious vets. On the intro is none other than Mista Sinista, so from jump things pop off correctly. Sinista was also good enough to mix the whole project, so you actually get to enjoy his talents the whole time. From this point on, you know that Endless Varieties is going to live up to it's title. From Thistin Howl, Prince Ali, Ill Bill, Breez Evahflowin', Brooklyn Academy, Steele from Smif & Wessun, Prince Ali, Shabaam Shadeeq, Kieth Murray, Casual, Planet Asia, UG of Cella Dwellas, Necro, Mainflow and Little Vic, this compilation is littered with worthwhile underground artists rockin' to some crazy beats. This is a really good look for Creative Juices man.....and a great way to jump in the game as well might I add. A lot of underground cats get with a nice producer and release a few 12" inches and think that they are automatically some dope underground cats. Nope. Sorry man. I've heard too many bad Eyedea and Craig G impressions to rock with that. I like the way IDE and his boys is steady building momentum into the game. I checked out the first Endless Varieties, and while that was very dope, I can already tell that it'll be totally eclipsed by this joint. Not even close. The Intro gave that away. Every fan of real, poignant, well done, underground hip-hop should check this out, and while you at it check these cats out on Myspace too.


1-Mista Sinista - Get Loose Intro (prod. Kryptonite)
2-Breez Evahflowin - Ongoing (prod. IDE)
3-Ill Bill and Brooklyn Academy - I'm From Brooklyn (prod. Al'Tarba)
4-Alucard and Savage Messiah - False Idols (prod. IDE)
5-Thirstin Owl The 3rd - Thirsty Thirsty (prod.Anger Banger)
6-IDE, Alucard and Critical - Coffin (prod. Kryptonite)
7-Yah Yah - New Skit
8-Steele,Casual,UG and Prince Ali - My Soldiers (prod. IDE)
9-Little Vic - Sister Morphine (prod. Sly Vest)
10-Shabam Sahdeeq - Old Beginings (prod. Kryptonite)
11-Alucard and Critical - Dark Arts (prod. IDE)
12-MAN N ROCK and Jade Foxx - Overqualified (prod. Real6)
13-Block Mcloud, War Bixby and Fresh Jones of Lost Soulz - U-N-I Verse (prod. IDE)
14.-Abnormal, L.I.F.E Long, Lush One, Iron Solomon, Mazzi, Swave Sevah and Jise 1 - Raise It Up (prod. IDE bass by Whitey Mc Kracker)
15-Prince Ali, Keith Murray, Casual and Planet Asia - The Majors (prod. Skavengers)
16-Many Styles - Day By Day (prod. IDE)
17-Savage Messiah and Invisible Hands - Uptown Saturday Night 02 (Dusty Mix) (prod. Savage Messiah)
18-UG Freestyle (prod IDE)
19-Necro (prod Necro)
20-Ide Alucard and Jak Progresso - Hellbent3 (prod. Jak P and IDE bass by Getty Free)
21-L.I.F.E. Long, Respect and Star - G.O.D. (prod. IDE)
22-Mainflow - Creative Juices (prod Kryptonite)
23-S.O.U.L. Purpose - Dip Dip Dive (prod IDE)
24-IDE and Alucard - Unlike The Rest (prod. Influence)
25-Dark Water (of The Society Of the Invisibles) - I before You (prod . The Premonist)
26-Armored Chest Architect & 2 Ugli - Cali Culture Chiefing (prod Malakye)

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Astonish- From Now Until Forever

I am always a cat that is on the lookout for new, worthwhile talent, and when I first heard Astonish, my "worthwhile meter" went sounding off. I was immediately taken by his skill and his knack for picking good beats, lol...he's backed up by none other than The Molemen, the legendary Production and hip-hop crew outta Chi-town. After the first 2 or 3 tracks you'll understand why. He's a return to the days of when MC's were a lot more sustained by their focus on fundamentals (good delivery, good pitch, good flow, good lyrics) and a knowledge of the history of hip-hop. He doesen't disappoint, and recruits the talents of Boston Phenom Termanology for the perhaps the tape's best joint "Life Ain't Sweet", a cut that has been seeing some circulation on the net as a single already.


1.Can You Hear Me
2.The Interview
3.Problems (ft. Scheme and Decay)
4.Broken Dreams
5.Panik Attack
6.Microphone Check
7.Life Aint Sweet (ft. Termanology)
8.No Patience
9.Light Em' Up

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DJ Law - Best of Boot Camp Clik Post-2000

Everyone that is currently bumpin Hip-Hop groups like Dipset and Dungeon Family should stop and pay respects to the original cats that formed a huge collective of rappers and do they thing. Boot Camp Clik was the first super group that pre dated even Wu-Tang. The Bucktown soldiers always put it down man, and always did their thing for the streets. In the 90's they were pretty much household names in hip-hop's underground scene and also broke thru to be featured on many mainstream outlets, such as Rap City and Hot 97. Yes, the 90's was a great time for BCC members indeed. It saw them release a large amount of debut and follow up Lp's as well as do an obscene amount of guest feature spots. Comprised of Black Moon, Smif & Wessun, OGC, Heltah Skeltah and a few affilliate groups/members, Boot Camp was heavy in the streets and had a cult like following in their hay day that stretched all over the world. While members like Buckshot, Sean Price and Smif & Wessun have managed to stay relatively busy in the 2K, many of the other BCC members have been harder to track down. Despite their lack of public appearances, many BCC members have been workin on music consistently and touring. This mixtape is a wrap up of the best joints so far from this decade by BCC cats. For many of us there will definitely be some joints in here that were slept on, and then for others who have stayed pretty updated on the Camp's moves, this tape is simply a refresher course. Enjoy. And shout outs to Dru Ha! The best independent manager/Label owner/A&R and Promoter in the fuckin game, a huge part of BCC's continued success in the 08'. Keep doin it kid!


Smif n Wessun - Number 1 Sound
Buckshot - Food for Thought
BCC - Daddy Wanna
BCC - And So
BCC - Think Back
BCC - Let’s Get Down to Business
Black Moon - Looking Down the Barrel
Buckshot - Lucifer Dub
Sean Price - Solidify
Sean Price - Boom Bye Yea
Black Moon - What Would U Do
Sean Price & PXO - The Jackal
Black Moon & Smif n Wessun - That’s The Way Shit Is
Cocoa Brovas - Super Brooklyn
Sean Price - 60 Bar Dash
Sean Price - The Shakedown
BCC - Casualties of War
Sean Price - Frankenstein
Black Moon - Stay Real
Sean Price - Onion Head
Black Moon - The Way
Sean Price - Peep My Words (rmx)
Buckshot - Go All Out
BCC - That’s Tought
Sean Price - P Body
Buckshot - Who Got The Props 2008
Black Moon - Why We Act This Way
Smif n Wessun - Gunn Rap
Sean Price - Heartburn
BCC - The Hustle
Sean P - Mess You Made
Smif n Wessun ft. Heltah Skeltah - My Timz Do Work
Buckshot - Slippin

Mick Boogie and Talib Kweli- The MCEO Mixtape

yes! Finally Some new Kweli people! I had been anticipating some more new stuff from him now that he has this whole Blacksmith Records movement in full swing. So in true Kweli fashion he has linked up with one of the more respectabe DJ's out there right now in Mick Boogie and brings along Strong Arm Steady and super female MC Jean Grae. I guess it's a little wierd that he chose a DJ from Cleveland to drop his tape, but whatever, I guess Clue and Kay Slay are busy doin....uh...well...sucking. At any rate this tape is well worth the time, it's all basically exclusive, there isn't too much on here that's being reused and that's always a plus. The tape has a few interesting guest spots, namely that of a newcomers Idle Warship, who I believe are also Blacksmith Records artists and the great Cornel West. Pay attention to the interlude that Mr. West is featured on kids, he kicks nuthin but pure knowledge. Jean Grae is featured on a good portion of the tape and as many would expect dazzles with her lyricism. The only mis-step she suffers on this tape is the utterly wack remix of a Ne-Yo song she does toward the end of the tape...ehhh, fuc, don't know why she tried doin that, but the rest is pretty ill, she gets down on this one man, joints like "Think About It", "Love Thirst" and "The Number 8" all will resonate with ya, and you'll wanna bump em' more than once. Talib has a pretty decent outing this go round' as well. Not only does he wreck shop on a lot of new joints with SAS and Grae. One of the iller cuts he drops on us is the "Hostile Gospel" Remix that features the sultry latina duo Nina Sky, L.A. based rhyme architect Blu and the latest Pun Protege and Aftermath reject Joell Ortiz. They all really meshed on the remix and Kweli once again shows that his pull within the underground is still intact. Good tape rite here, I for one hope that more heads start checkin for Blacksmith records man, they really have a lot great talent in the stable and their boss/leader is a real down to earth legend!


01) Mick Boogie and Talib Kweli: Intro
02) Talib Kweli f/ Busta Rhymes: Follow The Leader
03) Talib Kweli: Independent (Amadeus Remix)
04) Jean Grae: Think About It
05) Talib Kweli: Hard Faces
06) Interlude: Origins Of Blacksmith
07) Jean Grae: Mean
08) Strong Arm Steady f/ Planet Asia: A Problem
09) Talib Kweli: D’Evils 2008 (Produced by 6th Sense)
10) Talib Kweli f/ Fly Union: Say That Again
11) Talib Kweli and Buckshot: Hold It Down
12) Interlude: MCEO Breakdown
13) Talib Kweli f/ Krondon and Phil Da Agony: Hunters
14) Jean Grae: Love Thirst
15) Talib Kweli and Phil Da Agony: Dat Piff
16) Interlude: Kweli Speaks on Strong Arm Steady part 1
17) Strong Arm Steady: Stack It
18) Krondon: Big Homie
19) Interlude: KRS-One Speaks
20) Talib Kweli and KRS-One: The Perfect Beat
21) Talib Kweli, Nina Sky, Blu & Joell Ortiz: Hostile Gospel Remix
22) Interlude: Kweli Speaks on Idle Warship
23) Idle Warship f/ MC Chris: Screamin’
24) Talib Kweli and Jean Grae: Thas Wassup Now
25) Interlude: Kweli speaks on Jean Grae
26) Jean Grae: Number Eight
27) Talib Kweli, Jean Grae and Ne-Yo: Hot Thing Remix
28) Talib Kweli and Dr. Cornel West: Bushonomics
29) Talib Kweli & Novel: I Am
30) Idle Warship: Industry Diary
31) Talib Kweli f/ UGK: Real Women
32) Talib Kweli: Outro

More From WNYU's 10th Anniversary Show.....

more raw footage from WNYU's 10th anniversary show, this clip has none other than Supastition, Reef The Lost Cauze and AG and the second one blesses you with some freestyles from Apathy, Torae and Emilio Rojas....once again Premier, Alchemist and Marco Polo providing the exclusive sounds son!!!

Footage from WNYU's Halftime Show's 10th Anniversary Show....Classic

This people is why the real heads can rest assured that real Hip-Hop is not dead. This no doubt will become classic archive footage in the years to come, but it's already classic material to those who know wassup...First Masta Ace blesses it, followed by a sort of hap hazard off the dome freestyle by Craig G, then AG finishes strong.....dopeness.....and this was only a portion of the show which featured about 15 more MC's and exclusive beats from Alchemist, Evil Dee, Premier and Marco Polo...go download the whole show man, straight up, otherwise I'll take away ya Hip-Hop card.....


Monday, March 10, 2008

The End Of An Era.....

Aiight, so I like many other loyal followers of The Wire am still digesting the series finale and all it's little intricacies. I'm still reeling from the pain that I felt when Kima turned her back on Mcnulty and Freemon, and consequently got them thrown off the Homicide division. I just coulden't understand why her character had to go out like that. I didn't like what they did in the end with Lt. Daniel's character either. They relegated him back to the life of a lowly attorney after he had risen meteorically through the law enforcement stratosphere. After Stringer Bell was killed he and Omar were the 2 biggest beacons of Baltimore strength, hunger and courage on that show. I would've liked to see him sling a little mud at Nareese Campbell and the city council and then we woulda finally found out what misdeeds he committed and covered up all those years ago in the Eastern. It didn't happen tho. We only got to see him smiling at Rhonda Pearlman; the self- serving, razor sharp prosecutor who actually managed to move up with her career, only after begging Daniels not to speak out against the corruptness that the both of them were embroiled in. I felt like Daniels made another selfless move for someone he cared about, so I take solice in that at least. One thing about the finale that I was actually discussing with my boy was the fact that we never got any resolution on Cuddy AKA Dennis Wise. While Bubbles finally seemed to get his shit together, our main man Cuddy was left out of the finale. I guess we're all just sapposed to assume that he's in west Baltimore teaching kids kids how to squab. I was surprised that Weebay got a smidgen of camera time there at the end. He deserved more though, he was the coldest gangster on the show next to Marlo. Therein lies another paradox as well. The whole thing with Marlo getting off and then rushing back to the street almost getting his head blown off. I'm not sure I know what the writers were trying to say with that. Maybe that Marlo was untouchable, maybe that anyone can be touched in a heartbeat, Maybe they just were showing that he still possessed the mentality of "the boss", despite having to give up his crown facing a trial. I don't know, all I know is that Jaime Hector is a steller thesbian, whom I hope will be given chances in the future to be apart of good, thought provoking and big budget projects like this one and in Hollywood. As for my other favorite character's like Herc and Carver, I definitely hope that they continue to set it off in Hollywood and New York as they have been for years now. It's all very sad to me truthfully. I always thought that The Wire woulde become universally recognized as the best crime drama on Cable, but the facts were that even at the height of the show's popularity, the ratings never were that impressive. Even though it was masterfully written and the plot was as deep as the soul of Baltimore itself, the show always struggled to appeal to those who weren't willing to think in order to entertain themselves. The Sopranos I always felt was a runaway hit because the public has always had a love affair with the mob and it's activites and like The Wire it had characters on it that were so strongly and well written that they just came to life and resonated with the viewers. Still, the Sopranos was very, very unrealistic. From the enormous amounts of laundered money that went undetected to the 12 or so some odd murders that the boss Tony Soprano committed himself, that he surely would've been implicated in at some point in real life, (but then again in real life the italian mob bosses never wacked people themselves) The Sopranos got at times as cheesy as a lot of these daytime soap operas. The Wire was based on countless real events. From the phone codes the drug dealers used to confuse the police, to the scandels that routinely took place at the docks in the 90's, The Wire was a much greater work of fact than The Sopranos ever was and it relayed the stark and gritty realities of the the world of Baltimore in a completely honest light. From the drug laden street corners and the hoppers that operated there to the addicts and recovering addicts, the politicians, the city council members to even the people that work within the church, the show was able to bring Baltimore to your living room every sunday night. No other show on Television was ever as good at putting you right in the middle of the hood or the holding cell as The Wire was. Yet and still, the respect and the accolades seemed to escape this wonderful series. The awards and the off hand refernces never manifested. Why didn't The Wire jump off like The Sopranos did? Why did it only seem to amass a cult following instead of a huge, broad one? I'll tell you why. It was because The Wire was comprised of a cast that was 70 percent black and the storyline revolved around a predominantly black city's problems and political corruption. The show served as a reminder to white folks that they are still very much to blame for a lot of the struggles that poor blacks endure. Those facts are inconvenient for white folks, and something they'd rather not deal with. They love when Tony Soprano flips out on his daughter Meadow for dating a black guy in college or when he lovingly refers to them as "shines" or "butter heads" though. This country time and again exposes it's racism in many different ways, and sadly The Wire was another way that racism and white peoples total disconcern for social problems within the black and latino communities don't interest them. Not even for entertainment value. So we close the book after the final chapter, a great show with the finest actors from all backgrounds has concluded, perhaps never to be duplicated ever again. Only to be sorely missed by myself and I'm sure many other fans.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Video: Evidence- Chase The Clouds Away

Prolly the illest west coast video to drop in a long, long time man...Evidence grabs a completely ridiculous Alchemist beat and constructs a dope song and video that showcases everything from his crazy sneaker collection to some of Venice beach's famous landmarks....go head' Ev....peep out the DJ Lady Trybe cameo as well!

Video: The Roots- Get Busy

Another dope video from Philly's finest and the greatest hip-hop band ever The Roots! Stellar Video production coming to you courtesy of Rik Cordero. Vid features Peedi Crakk and Dice Raw, but more importantly Quest Love on the drums baby!!

Video: ST. Da Squad- It's The ST.

Aiight I'm starting a new trend on tis blog....I'm going to bring you guys the illest videos as well, and to start things off I'mma give you one that is brand spankin' from Termanology and his ST. crew....this joint is crazy man...Statik Selektah on the beat, and he in the shit outta Boston...

DJ Deadeye presents...ST. Da Squad

There has been a littany of new east coast based Latino MC's flooding the game post Big Punisher that have staked their claim to his throne. None, I repeat none, have churned out as much quality music as Boston based (Lawrence, MA actually) Termanlogy. The half French, half Puerto Rican lyrical phenom has worked with everyone on the east coast scene that matters, in Boston or New York. He's traded verses with Bean town underground legend Edo G. He's done mixtapes with New York's piecemaker himself Tony Touch. He's grabbed beats from the likes of Buckwild, DJ Premier and Fizzy Womack. He's gone toe to toe with lyrical legends like Canibus and Blaq Poet. He's been featured on a plethora of mixtapes as a guest MC and he's pumped out 5 volumes of his own critically acclaimed mixtapes "Hood Politics". Those mixtapes are most likely the place where you first heard some of Term's good friends who go by ST. The Squad collectively. Comprised of about 6 MC's and 2 producers, ST. Da Squad is a formidable force. Every one of those MC's has brought it everytime I've heard them. None of em' are in any way corny or over the top, this is real hip-hop with real lyrics and the hardcore production to back it up. Speaking of the production, the 2 resident beatsmith's, Artisan and DC The Midi Alien are definitely a cut above the rest. Having lent their talents to Termanolgy many times I've become very acquainted with both of their styles. They got heat bottom line, and they both are a return to a time when sample based production was solid and creative. I would say that DC has the upper hand tho, being that Term and him have done so many ill joints together that they decided to compile them and release a retail mixtape called "Out The Gate", check that out, it bumps. This self titled mixtape/street album is the first time that ST. Da Squad will be on full display for the masses as they proudly rep their home "Law Town" aka Lawrence, MA. After hearing this you'll only be more enamored with the brand of street- hop that they're producing up there in Law town. This tape features ST. spitting vicious, sharp and witty line after line and garnering beats from a host of big time names like Don Cannon, Fizzy Womack and fellow Lawrence bretheren DJ Statik Selektah. This is a great look for ST. as a whole in terms of exposure and for Term, who kindly steps aside and lets his homeboys do their thing as he always promised he'd do, showing his loyalty as well as his humility. The ST. Squad takes the reins and doesen't disappoint their leader, while they prove they might be the most lyrically hardcore inclined group since early Terror Squad (the real Terror Squad). This is dope don't pass it up and don't pass up Termanology's debut album due out sometime later this year.


01. DJ Deadeye - Intro 01:11
02. St. Da Squad - It's The St. (Produced by Statik Selektah) 03:25
03. Termanology - The Music Industry (Produced by Fizzy Womack) 02:55
04. St. Da Sqauad - It's Our Time (feat. Jazz) 04:08(Produced by Cyrus Da Zine)
05. Snuk & Clip - I Got You (Produced by DC The Midi Alien) 02:54
06. Ea$y Money & Termanology - Has It Ever Occured 03:42(Produced by Don Cannon)
07. St. Da Squad - The Burial (Produced by Fizzy Womack) 04:50
08. Stalion, Ghetto, Hectic & Ea$y Money - Bout My Bread 03:37(Produced by MGI)
09. Termanology, Ghetto & Ea$y Money - Hold Up (Wait) 04:24(Produced by Dr. Sixshot)
10. Ea$y Money, Stalion & Snuk - Hennessy (Produced by MGI) 05:16
11. Termanology & Ea$y Money - Welcome To The Machine 03:33(Produced by Artisin)
12. Artisin, Clip & Hectic - Life You Chose 03:51(Produced by Artisin)
13. Stalion - Who Am I? (Produced by MGI) 03:19
14. Snuk, Termanology & Hectic - Where You Are 04:18(feat. Nigel Hall) (Produced by Green Tank Productions)
15. Ea$y Money & Termanology - Fly Again (feat. Lee Wilson) 04:26(Produced by DC The Midi Alien)

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Best Of Doo Wop Freestyle Sessions Vol.1

Alright, everyone that know me knows I'm a fuckin fiend for classic, 90's era New York mixtapes, groups and production. One of my favorite DJ's from the 90's and all-time is that man Doo Wop, one half of the Diaz Brothers and perhaps the most skilled and versatile DJ's ever, as he proved time and again that he could actually rap a little bit too. He's never disappointed me as far as his tapes go man, he's always had the knack to put together really solid efforts chalk full of exclusives and most importantly freestyles from the illest in NY's underground rap scene. Although it's been awhile since he last dropped a new tape, when he was dropping them frequently he always made sure to get someone who was supremely skilled like Az or Raekwon to drop a freestyle that was sure to get recorded and dubbed a thousand times over by all his consistent fans like myself. See, we all knew what we were getting when we recorded those freestyles man, we were getting something exclusive and classic at the same time. And this was the era when a freestyle was a fuckin freestyle man; you got an ill MC in the booth and threw on the instrumental of a joint that was Johnny fuckin' Blaze, like Iced Down Medallions or the Wu-Gambinos beat for the MC to kick a verse or two over, most of the time the verse being completely off the top of the dome or new. Wop mastered this technique and a lot of these new kids today should take some fuckin notes...shit they don't even take the time to record freestyles anymore man, a lot of these new DJ's is microwave, digital, no talent required, button pushers man. They can't spin, they can't rap, they don't got a mic for MC's to spit somethin' into and they can't mix....damn shame man...the old vets like Wop were trying to pass some history down to these kids but they just don't seem to be catching on. This tape right here was released some time ago, I believe right after or before 95' Live, it features, well, almost every worthwhile MC that was in the tri-state area in 1995, as well as a few of Wop's Bounce Squad cohorts who were also pretty fair on the mic as well. This is a masterful example of what Hip-Hop has lost man, I wish that there were some DJ's out now that took the time to get 20 crazy MC's in a room and just record all night and drop an ill ass tape like Wop did man, I really miss the golden age of mixtapes and hip-hop in general, but every now and again, well who am I kidding, everyday I pop in a tape like this and teleport myself back to the 90's, the time when hip-hop had a great DJ that hailed from the Bronx but was steady up in Brooklyn, lol...inside joke for all the Doo Wop fans there, anyway... get em' Wop.


01. (00:00:36) Doo Wop - Intro
02. (00:01:16) Keith Murray - Freestyle
03. (00:01:04) Q-Tip - Freestyle
04. (00:02:13) Busta Rhymes - Freestyle
05. (00:00:59) Rampage The Last Boyscout - Freestyle
06. (00:01:28) Fat Joe - Freestyle
07. (00:00:54) Uneek - Freestyle
08. (00:02:04) M.O.P. - Freestyle
09. (00:01:30) Guru - Freestyle
10. (00:02:03) Raekwon & Carlton Fisk - Freestyle
11. (00:02:48) Ill Al Skratch - Freestyle
12. (00:02:31) Shabba Ranks - Freestyle
13. (00:02:52) Tragedy Khadafi & Don Black - Freestyle
14. (00:02:29) Smoothe Da Hustler & D.V. Alias Khrist - Freestyle
15. (00:04:43) Doo Wop, Fat Joe, Akinyele, Pretty Boy Floyd & Lord Tariq - Freestyle
16. (00:01:43) Doo Wop - Freestyle
17. (00:01:16) KRS-One - Freestyle
18. (00:01:07) Treach - Freestyle
19. (00:03:59) Keith Murray & Redman - Freestyle
20. (00:03:11) Mobb Deep & Big Noyd - Freestyle
21. (00:00:51) AZ - Freestyle
22. (00:02:38) Lost Boyz - Freestyle
23. (00:01:11) Uneek - Freestyle
24. (00:02:19) Cocoa Brovaz - Freestyle
25. (00:02:38) Mad Lion & KRS-One - Freestyle
26. (00:01:24) Channel Live - Freestyle
27. (00:00:49) King Just - Freestyle
28. (00:01:53) Buckshot Da B.D.I. Emcee - Freestyle

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pete Rock- NY's Finest

Finally! It's here! After waiting about 6 to 10 months from the time he first announced that he would be dropping a new album the Chocolate Boy Wonder brings us NY's Finest. It coulden't have come at a better time, sheesh...the radio and BET are just goin' into self destruct mode man...there's nothing worthwhile out there at the moment, and it's definitely been awhile since PR blessed us with something new. I had heard a few joints off this prior to it's release and they only got me more excited. "914" with Styles and Sheek, "We Roll" with Jim Jones and Max B. and "Til I Retire", which finds PR rhyming solo. Most of the pre-release buzz surrounding this album unfortunately was for the "We Roll" single which features a lazy and uninspired verse from Jim Jones and a hap hazard and bearly comprehendable chorus from the frogman aka Max B. The highlight of the joint is the wonderfully constructed instrumental that Pete blessed these 2 clowns with, Jesus! Why wasn't that beat handed to someone who would've done it justice? Why? That I don't know, but it's tragic when beats like that are handed off to individuals who just aren't lyrically worthy. There are other shining moments on the album however, despite the mediocrity of some of the talent Pete decided to recruit for this album there's mostly just credible and long sought after people on this; Royal Flush, Raekwon, Masta Killa, Redman, Little Brother and The Lords Of The Underground all come through and drop some serious heat. Another highlight is the only joint that wasn't produced by Pete, but rather by Green Lantern called "Ready Fe War", an incessantly dope Reggae cut featuring Chip Fu and Renee Neufville that is probably second single material. All in all I gotta be honest. I felt that this album was really lacking that great Pete Rock sound man. I contribute this to the fact that Pete is primarilly using the MPC 2000 for his production these days, and you can tell...the tracks don't have the same warmth as the joints he did back in the day on the SP-1200, and the result is that the feeling just isn't the same. Now I ain't sayin the tracks ain't dope, not at all, Pete came through and gave all these new producers that use the MPC a fuckin lesson, but what I am saying is that it's definitely not the same feeling as older PR records. Still this project is miles ahead of most of the stuff that is currently dropping and actually has a lot of replay value. Unfortunately this album was subject to a lot of pre-release bullshit, that tragically saw the songs that MF Doom, Roc Marciano, Lupe Fiasco and Method Man turned in being cut from the album, that I think is another reason NY's Finest sort of feels incomplete. On the bright side of things Pete has said he will eventually release all those records and that he has a couple more new albums coming soon. Til' then I think this will be enuff to compensate my hunger for raw Hip-Hop from a top 10 east coast producer.
01 00:53 Pete Intro
02 04:10 We Roll (featuring Jim Jones & Max B)
03 04:17 'Till I Retire
04 04:22 914 (featuring Styles P. & Sheek Louch)
05 02:28 Questions (featuring Royal Flush)
06 04:38 Best Believe (featuring Redman & LD)
07 05:56 Ready Fe War (featuring Chip Fu & RenΘe Neufville)
08 04:02 Don't Be Mad
09 03:57 Bring Y'all Back (featuring Little Brother)
10 04:38 The Best Secret (featuring The Lords Of The Undergroun
11 04:55 That's What I Am Talking About (featuring Rell)
12 04:44 The PJ's (featuring Raekwon & Masta Killa)
13 04:24 Made Man (featuring Tarrey Torae)
14 02:06 Let's Go (featuring Doo Wop)
15 03:27 Comprehend (featuring Papoose)

DJ Green Lantern and Cutmaster C present Uncle Murda- Hard To Kill

I know I'm gonna take some heat from my blogging bretheren for supporting this guy's music, and I know a lot of the culture's purist's regard this guy as a parasite and just flat out ignorant and annoying. But before you judge Uncle Murda, lemme tell you a story.....The year was 2004, I was off at college far away from home, and I wasn't adjusting well to my new, very hickish surroundings. I was a city kid that all of a sudden was thrust into an environment that was borderline desolate. There was nuthin in town at all; a few restaurants a Kmart and that's about it. I was only there because a fraudulant football coach promised me playing time, but when I showed up I found out my scholarship had been reduced because he left the school. Here I was, not practicing, a freshman, in the middle of a horrid state with no places to cop music. None. Then my roommate got a package from back home. The shit was filled with new mixtapes, we rolled up a few blunts and got to it. Among the tapes there was a new Cutmaster C joint. I forget the title, but on the tracklisting there were a few joints by a cat named "Uncle Murda". I didn't recognize the name, and actually I thought it was dope, like a throwback to a lot of the stage names underground NY cats used to use in the 90's like Finsta Bundy, Kukoo Da Bag 'a Bones and The Gunslinguz. So we started listening to one of the joints on the tape and it started out with a skit about how Murda got kicked outta Hot 97 for cussing on air. The skit was funny and made it's point. You had a ranting Uncle Murda goin on about how he does his music the way he does his music and theres no changing that. I respected that. The song was ill too. It was ultra violent, so much so that it was almost comical. It was like watching a really violent movie tho, it was so over the top you knew there was no truth to any of it, but it was done artistically and stylishly. From that moment on I always checked for duke's music because truthfully, I dug it. It's just like how I always checked for a lot of Jean Claude Van Damme's movies when I was a kid. It wasn't to see that man act, lol, hell naw son, it was to see him do a double round house into someone's face. The same applies to Uncle Murda's music man, I don't listen to it to hear him break down the ills of the hood, nah, I listen to hear him talk about how he bucked off his 380 at some police officers in East New York. At the end of the day it's about entertainment, and he's a good entertainer to me he over the top sometimes? Yeah I think it's safe to say he is, but he is someone who I think puts a lot of time into his craft even though his craft is kind of blunt and kind of rugged. If your a fan, than your a fan, if not than keep it movin' simple and plain. If you like your hip-hop with a little bit of edge to it, than this is the cat who's music you should check for. If you don't like to hear shit that could be misconstrued as being a lil' ignorant than once again, I urge you to just keep it movin'. He's raw, he's insane, he ain't scared, he got Green Lantern's support and now he's on the Roc baby! He's Uncle Murda; this tape really can't be broken down as anything more than, well...entertainment, so enjoy.


1. Uncle Murda - Intro 2:25
2. Uncle Murda - Hard To Kill 3:19
3. Uncle Murda - Worst Nightmare 3:19
4. Uncle Murda - For Music 1:44
5. Uncle Murda - Bad Ass Bitch 3:18
6. Uncle Murda - Sucker For Love 2:13
7. Uncle Murda - Die For That Shit feat. Billionz, Big Bo & NickGunz
8. Uncle Murda - Take A Journey With Me feat. Bleek 2:14
9. Uncle Murda - They Dont Wabt It feat. Billionz 3:17
10. Uncle Murda - 187 3:03
11. Billionz - G Up 2:46
12. Uncle Murda - Beef 4:25
13. Uncle Murda - You Ready feat. GMG First Lady 3:17
14. Uncle Murda - Record Deal 2:54
15. Uncle Murda - For That Money 2:49
16. Uncle Murda - He Scared feat. BP 4:31
17. Uncle Murda - Children Story 2:33
18. Uncle Murda - Murder On Me feat. Billionz 1:37
19. Big Bo - Keep It 100 4:15
20. Uncle Murda - On My Dick 3:17
21. Uncle Murda - Bonus 4:31
22. Uncle Murda - Bonus 2:48

Erykah Badu- New Amerykah

Look, I never, ever, fuckin' buy music anymore man; If I'm in the record store (which frequently I am) I'm there copping Vinyl or buying tickets to a show. However as soon as I knew that the queen, the goddess, the soul sista no. 1, Erykah Badu was set to drop her new joint, I had no choice but to waltz into my record store and cop it. See the reason I don't buy music anymore is.....well, if you don't know why then where the fuck have you been since 2000 man? It all fucking sucks...especially hip-hop. The radio and the corporations done got ahold of our asses and now we sellin our souls. On a sunnier note however, Neo Soul is still producing a lot of great albums and new artists. Meanwhile it's retarded cousin hip-hop is selling big macs and making all male line dancing urban. At any rate I feel semi-fucked up for putting this woman's album up, but being that it is an experince and true art in it's highest form, and I believe that things like that are never "sold", only consumed by your spirit, you lucky bastards are gonna get it free. This is a real treat too.....Badu is once again in rare form, hypnotizing her listeners with her sultry voice, soothing us with her wisdom and connecting to us with her limitless soul. The main reason I think most people should get into the industry is so that they can put out musc as good and as honest as Badu's man...she's truly gifted. Enjoy this right here man, there's also some really dope production to go along with Badu's masterful writing and singing.
1. Amerykahn Promise 4:16
2. The Healer 3:59
3. Me 5:36
4. My People 3:25
5. Soldier 5:04
6. The Cell 4:21
7. Twinkle 6:57
8. Master Teacher 6:48
9. That Hump 5:25
10. Telephone 7:18
11. Honey 5:21