Saturday, April 30, 2011

Single: Edo G. - Fastlane (prod. by DJ Premier)

For the 2nd leak off his new album, "A Face In The Crowd", Beantown legend Edo G. teams up with perhaps the most legendary producer ever to come up outta Texas New York in DJ Premier for a subdued harmony that only these two vets could pull off so well...Kinda ironic they chose to name it "Fastlane", it reminds me much more of just cruising in the slow lane, vibing out wit ya own thoughts.

May 17th, "A Face In The Crowd" needs to be on ya coppin' list...


Edo G. - Fastlane (prod. by DJ Premier)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Single: Brown Bag Allstars - Crumbling Down (prod. by Mr. Green)

The Brown Bag Allstars are back and they're gearing up to finally give all of us fans that have been anxiously awaiting, a debut album. Thing is though, before they drop that sometime next year, the collective of producers and emcees are gonna keep us at bay with "Brown Bag Season Vol.1", a collection of proverbial rare and unreleased joints that the group has amassed thus far.

The first loosy that BBAS is droppin' off this project, which you can swipe up on May 17th, is "Crumbling Down", produced by NJ's own Mr. Green....


Brown Bag Allstars - Crumbling Down (prod. by Mr. Green)

Single: Quite Nyce - Cautious (prod. by The Soulslicers)

I'm a tad bit late on this heater, but it's really that deal, so I wanted to get it up...

You'll recognize Quite Nyce from being one half of underground duo Radix, but make no mistake he's a force as a solo emcee as well and he proves it here yet again as hi goes in for "cautious", one of the three tracks put out on the production team The Soulslicers' "Before The Album" release...

I'm used to hearing Quite compliment beats that are a lot more soulful and abstract, hearing him mangle this up tempo head nodder is a different, but welcomed twist for him...


Quite Nyce - Cautious (prod. by The Soulslicers)

Single: Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point

The lyricism on this was so string I looked past the pop-y sounding hook and the bit of voice synthesizing...

Upstate NY rhyme artist Emilio Rojas goes on a tear in his new single "Breaking Point". He's found in an embattled state, unafraid to state his major qualms with makes for great rap song fodder and now it's here for you...

Emilio has a new EP that's set to drop sometime in the future and "Breaking Point" is it's lead single...I'm officially curious..

via AboveGroundMagazine


Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point

Video: DJ Deadeye ft. Slaine, Esoteric, Krumb Snatcha, Ea$y Money, DC the MIDI Alien - Livin' Lost

DJ Deadeye is fresh off releasing his debut record "Substance Abuse", which I must give the stamp of approval in terms of bumbability...Seriously, I ride around playin that jawn in my whip's a hot lil' record...

Today, Deadeye brings the masses the video for one of the better joints on the record in "Livin' Lost", that features Esoteric, Slaine and Krumbsnatcha as well as Ea$y Money and DC The Midi Alien in the vid. Another example of how to properly make a dope joint with a smaller budget...directed by Doug York.


Single: Mr. J Medeiros - Nothing Without Providence

This Summer emcee, singer, songwriter and all around just general champion of great underground music and conscious thought Mr. J Medeiros will be releasing his latest record titled "Saudade", and as the new custom is now, he's released his first single for the record, which I must co-sign, is hella proper.

Stunning wordplay teamed with an undercurrent of activist and independent thought and an ascending beat that builds itself up and down masterfully all come together to form "Nothing Without Providence", a heartfelt, authentic piece of Hip-Hop from the Cali-based Medeiros.

You can listen to it as many times as you want here and purchase here.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DJ Inform - The Fair Use Project

It's been a lot of friggin' Hip-Hop going on around here lately and that's fine b/c you kiddies know that's how I like to do my thing, but if you been following this blog for awhile you should also know that I gives it up for Vinyl/Record diggin' and turntablism culture to the fullest as well....

Seeing as how that culture is a huge component of REAL Hip-Hop, it's high time I get back on track and start throwing you wax fiends something you can chew on...

Insert DJ Inform, a seminal talent on the 1's and 2's comin straight outta the sun washed streets of San Diego who is wildly creative and has a new mix called "The Fair Use Project" that needs to be shared and bumped by YOU...

You'll hear all your favorite breaks and grooves here as well as a few blends, some dope samples and precision scratching all melded into one perfectly fuzzy and funky mix....This guy is nuts with it chitlins, dig in.

Below is Track 1 of 5, but I posted a link to Inform's Bandcamp where you can hear the other 4 tracks and buy/purchase the whole project.


Listen To The Full Mix Here

Video: MED - Superman (prod. by J-Rocc)

One of the more slept-on releases that dropped today was MED's "Bang Ya Head Vol. 3", a new album that the southern Cali, Stones Throw rhymer has been some awesome promo for, in the the form of releasing on it one of the illest joints I've heard in all of 2011 so far (see the link) in "This Is Your Life" feat. Blu....

Today as one final push for the LP MED lets loose this dope lil' visual for "Superman", another banger off the same album....

Go out and cop this man's music, sheeit, stay in and PURCHASE it off iTunes or Fat Beats, but make sure you grab this....I def. smell sleeper all over it.

Directed by UnXpect and featuring a cameo from Beat Junkie DJ master, J-Rocc...


Single: General Monks (Planet Asia & TriState) - Standing Ovation

They already gave us "Trouble", now Planet Asia and TriState AKA General Monks are loading us up with the hardcore goodness that is "Standing Ovation"...

This is butter, from the production to the chemistry that TriState and P.A. show together it's just the right sound man..right and right on time...

If you like what you hear than you best be ready for "Each Step Becomes Elevated", the forthcoming digital project from P.A. & TriState...for now however just hit the jump and blast off w/ this...


General Monks (Planet Asia & TriState) - Standing Ovation

Single: Vakill - Armorgeddon (prod. by Jake One)

Man, after you play this I recommend you stay 50 feet away from anyone that you don't be feelin' like that...otherwise, you might just slap the shit out they ass.

Vakill is prepping his new album "Armor Of God" for release on May 14th and here's one leak off it, the Jake One-produced, completely bangin' "Armorgeddon".

Sporting some crazy horns and Vakill straight up plundering his verses, you can imagine what the whole project will be like....Chi City stand got a true vet gettin' down for y'all, still makin heat.


Vakill - Armorgeddon (prod. by Jake One)

Kaimbr & Kev Brown Alexander Green MegaMiniMixx by DK Mekalek Hosted by Peter Rosenberg

All my Kev Brown fanatics that need more, more and more of the champion beatmaker's stuff, check this out...

As y'all may or may not know, Kev's new record with Kamibr, "The Alexander Green Project" was released today and while you should wholeheartedly know that it's finna be loco bananas, here's a quick lil 11 minute preview of how dope the LP really is...

Mixed by DJ Mekalek and hosted by Peter Rosenberg this is a proper warm up for the album, which y'all need to go check out and hopefully purchase.


Kaimbr & Kev Brown - Alexander Green MegaMiniMixx by DJ Mekalek hosted by Peter Rosenberg

Single: Termanology ft. Sean Price - Another Level

This needs no hype....

You know how the Latin from Law Town get down and you know all about how Sean P slaps people upside they head with verse after verse every time out...It's just known playa....

Right here the two powerhouses meet for a memorable outing on "Another Level", a sampling of Term's upcoming "Cameo King II", dropping on May 24th.


Termanology ft. Sean Price - Another Level

Self Scientific - Tales Of The Blackhearted EP

Yo, there are few duos in rap that get overlooked more so that west coast tandem Self Scientific AKA Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil....

For over a decade and a half Chace has been lacing Khalil's expert productions with his witty, biting and all too truthful brand of knowledge based rhyme for you to enjoy. They've got a ton of albums under their belts and today, for free their adding a new album that finds them once again unleashing that bonafide brand of revolutionary wisdom meets boom bap and west coast demeanor on us...Tune in to the "Tales Of The Blackhearted EP"

Names you'll catch on here are The Game, Talib Kweli, Freddie Gibbs and Big K.R.I.T.


Self Scientific - Tales Of The Blackhearted EP

Monday, April 25, 2011

Video/Snippets: Tony Touch and D-Stroy Vinyl 94' Demo EP Promo

Holy shit this is ill....

You yearning for a time machine back to the glorious Hip-Hop era that was the mid 90's? Don't we all...Fact is, us 90's heads are getting further and further away from those wonderful times when Hip-Hop was golden and beats and rhymes trumped all else.

Look no further, and ready your anticipation for this however...Tony Toca and D-Stroy (Of The Arsonists) are releasing their Demo EP from 94' on limited edition vinyl and this is the promo for it people...

On top of the joints being superb (and I mean that in every sense possible) this promo includes some wild dope archive footage from the 90's of Touch and D-Stroy doing everything from riding around the city, touring, chillin and cold rockin shows....

I'm really excited about this release man, and after you hear and see this promo you will be as well. You can get ya order on now over at Chopped Herring records..I suggest you do so post haste, this vinyl only release is limited.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prodigy - Audio Excerpts From "My Infamous Life" Book

Okay, so all this week online there's been a heap of buzz over the excerpts that were leaked from Prodigy's upcoming book "My Infamous Life". Also this week Prodigy let some new music go and has been corresponding heavy with Complex Mag....

As a part of his on-going promo for the book and week long correspondence with Complex P put together some actual audio excerpts from "My Infamous Life" for the good people to actually hear in his own words...

With all the hub bub that's been created behind some of his claims in the book I think this is proper fuel to the fire, but hey, it is what it is...should generate some proper sales too.


Prodigy Talking About The Incident At Def Jam W/ Havoc

Prodigy Talking About Confronting Jay-Z At Justin's

Prodigy Speaking About Incident On The Boat

Single: T3 - 3iLLA

New look from T3 of Slum Village fame....

Really dope backdrop on this one...and T3 is in really dope form over it as well...and it's got a crowd participation chorus so I better hear DJ's bangin' this one in they sets....

On a side note, I'm really happy to see T3 still out there makin music even though SV is kinda on the outs right now...hopefully in coming months we get a tape or more leaks...Some would wager that he's not the same w/o Dilla and Baatin or even next to Elzhi, but I've always liked what T3 brings.

link via KidNice


T3 - 3iLLA

Coalmine Records - Can You Dig It (Entire Album Stream)

Has it been 5 years already?

Indeed it has and in honor of them reaching this milestone in their burgeoning and admirable path, the good ole' folks down at Brooklyn-based, Indie label Coalmine Records are releasing "Can You Dig It?"; a compilation style album that features 15 of their best single releases ever.

You can listen to all of these joints here, some of which feature the likes of Supernatural, El Da Sensei, Skyzoo, Bekay and more...


Friday, April 22, 2011

Single: Elzhi - Detroit State Of Mind

How ill is this new "Ellmatic" mixtape that Detroit emcee Elzhi is putting together ffixin to be man?

Here's ya first clue....a stunning freestyle over Nasir's original classic record, with a distinct Detroit twist and a lil' bit of polish added to the beat. Enjoy and get ready for when "Ellmatic" drops next month on the 10th.

link via Nahright


Elzhi - Detroit State Of Mind

Kev Brown - Classic Joints

Look, I talk about this cat all the time...When ppl bring up convo's about who's the next really great producer,  who's the guy out there that deserves all the recognition as being a genius, I always ring off at least 3 or 4 names, but at the beginning of the pack it's Kev Brown.

The reasoning behind my praise? Just take a listen to "Classic Joints", this band new and free mix that Kev is lettin the world grab gratis should explain a few things.

Selecting a number of his all-time favorite favorites from the past 10 years as well as some fan favs and an unreleased joint or two, Kev proves my point to a tee.


Kev Brown - Classic Joints

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video: Pete Rock & Camp Lo - Mic Check

Kind of expected a lil' somethin more soulful...still, diggin' this..kinda...

The incomparable Pete Rock gets up with Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba for the first single/vid off all three's upcoming new LP, "80 Blocks From Tiffany's".

We got the mixtape (which was puro dope and also where we heard "Mic Check" first) a while back, now we wait for the album, which is due out...soon, lol...

Directed by Court Dunn...dunny.


Singles: Will Vill ft. Roc Marciano - Not A Game B/W Ashes (prod. by Lord Finesse)

I been pumpin Will Vill since last year.... heard something special in his bars and liked how he kept it NY it seems he's getting a few other names to co-sign him and trust, they'll prolly be more convincing than mine....

2 joints. first one, "Not A Game" features Roc Marciano (hook duties only), who has in all honesty been beasting something outrageous the past couple of years and the second one, "Ashes" is produced by a New York beatmaking legend and the formulator of DITC in Lord Finesse...

Dig in ya fuckin pockets and break this man off some loot for his efforts, he deserves it...I always put up free shit, rarely do I only do the stream only joints and link to the iTunes page for y'all to cop, but we gotta start supporting cats and encouraging them to keep making real shit...sometimes money just talks.


Will Vill ft. Roc Marciano - "Not A Game" (prod. by Chaze Of Grim Team)

Will Vill - Ashes (prod. by Lord Finesse)

Video: Raekwon - Ferry Boat Killaz

Is LRG making a play to really get down w/ Hip-Hop? They seem to have been collaborating a lot lately with a bunch of heady, worthwhile artists....the latest being Raekwon....and collaborating well might I add...[insert shameless ploy to garner free gear here]....

Adding visual aid to his "Ferry Boat Killaz" opus, this is just really, really sharp...what kind of friggin' camera are they using damnit and where can I jack one? That's that big time fashion loot at work baby, my compliments on the excellent clarity...

Ill vid, iller song, Rae's new album "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" is available n' go get that...


Video: Neek The Exotic and Large Professor - Still On The Hustle

Guess who hittin you upside ya head yet again wit some ill Hip-Hop?

Queens-bred emcee Neek The Exotic is following up his lone album from 03' "Exotic Raw" with a new album titled "Still On The Hustle"...and oh yeah, it's a collabo joint with Large Pro...LOL, you know you clickin' play!

This is the title joint from said album, that will be available May 17th and will be dropping on Fat Beats Records and is set to feature Joell Ortiz and production (aside from Large Pro's) from Marco Polo, Carnage and Lord Finesse.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Single: Blaq Poet - Hood Talk (prod. by Stu Bangas)

What would ya block say to you if it could speak? You ever think on that? Do you even have the creativity to fathom something like that? Imagine rapping about something like that, and like, doing it really well...If you can picture the latter, than you should be able to understand what Blaq Poet has in store for us with his new joint, the aptly titled "Hood Talk"...

It's the first leak off his upcoming June release "Blaq Poet Society", which I cannot wait for's set to feature a host of the best, including RA The Rugged Man, Reef The Lost Cauze, Celph Titled and more

Stu Bangas on the fierceness that is the beat backdrop...that man has the goods yo...steady grinding out hardcore canvases for these correct heads to rock to...he'll be on "The Black Poet Society" as well.

link via Bloggerhouse


Blaq Poet - Hood Talk

Single: Action Bronson - Consensual Rape (prod. by Tommy Mas)

Bronson continues his assault of your brain's ability to compute lyrics....and yo, real talk, another straight heat rock from Bronson's go to beat man Tommy Mas...

Wild ass title aside..this is flames, I mean real good what you do and click that link bruddas and sistas....

link via Nahright


Action Bronson - Consensual Rape (prod. by Tommy Mas)

Curren$y & The Alchemist - Covert Coup

Can't really say I check for Curren$y...but damnit, anything new that our boy Al drops you know is an instant post.

I actually really dig when Alchemist works with the new jacks too...So, just like 09's "The Antidote" that he did with burgeoning standout lyricist Fashawn, Alchemist gets with Curren$y; the, uhh, current new kid who's livin the "jet life til' the next life" and is quickly breaking the label of being just another "weed rapper"....So here we are with "Covert Coup".

Check this out, it's completely free...P.S. "The Type" is loco banana slices...had to get that out...okay, proceed...


Curren$y & The Alchemist - Covert Coup

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Complex Mag Presents...Prodigy - The Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson EP

Gangster P is back and he's got a brand new EP for ya....

Fresh off that scathing and bluntly raw new interview w/ Complex Mag, P goes ahead and gets up with them again for his first lil' release post his release from the state penitentiary. It comes in the form of "The Ellsworth 'Bumpy' Johnson EP" and I gotta say, P sounds pretty sharp this time out. Pretty sharp indeed.


Complex Presents...Prodigy - The Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson EP

Video: JR & PH7 ft. Torae - Do It For You

JR & PH7 are two of the best new producers out there man...period. I don't care if we talkin euro cats that cross the pond, over there, here, where the fuck ever, these two deserve a heap of friggin' respect. You think I'm spittin that booty chatter peep their sophomore LP, "The Update", that was released last year and still is in my rotation...If your feeling real ambitious peep their prior work as well which is just as insanely dope if not doper...

Right now JR & PH7 got a new video for us, highlighting one of the better joints on an album full of better joints in "Do It For You", that features a poised Torae manning the mic. Video is cool, everything looks really sharp, but to me the story is the music with these guys...always.

Directed by M. Gudczinski...


Video: Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One - Rent (Remix)

This Kyle Rapps kid is basically one of my favorite new young emcees out there bruh....kid just gets it....

His brand new EP "Re-Edutainment" is available now (the entire thing is produced by Kev Brown, go get that) and he's really showing a lot of promise...I mean, you gotta be about something to get the KRS co-sign right? Here the Princeton, NJ native teams with one of the all-time greatest for a great remix and a great vid...and remember "The rent's too got damn high!"


Monday, April 18, 2011

Cover Art: Vakill - Armor Of God

Chi town lyricist Vakill is nearly set to drop his 4th LP, "Armor Of God", which will feature production work from a host of the illest out there including Jake One, Panik and Memo (Of The Molemen) and Bluntologist as well as Va's consistent brand of hard-hitting, technically dexterous wordplay.

If you've yet to hear this crushing talent, you need to do some research, Vakill has quietly built a solid resume for himself and I fully expect him to expand upon that on June 14th when this drops...


Interview: Prodigy For Complex Mag

Highly provocative new interview that the recently released Prodigy did for ToshiTaka Kondo of Complex Mag here...

How provocative you ask? P speaks his mind on everything from why he thought Biggie was "corny", Capone snitching, him being the originator of the whole "it's okay to rock pink" movement that Cam'ron ran with, once upon a time jumping Nore, giving Jay-Z a pass in Justin's and reconciling with Nas immediately after being set free from prison--all of which are things that he references in detail in his new book that is also a topic of discussion.--Whoa, that's an ear full...just read up kiddies...

Anyone else have a sneaking suspicion more than a few rappers we know of will be chiming in soon to voice some choice opinions?


TK: In your book you talk about a lot of different incidents involving Nas from him hating on you when you first rapped for him, to Mike Delorean from Bars-N-Hooks choking him at Sony Studios, to the brawl backstage at Nas’ Central Park concert, so when you guys spoke, did you guys talk about him being in your book at all?
Prodigy: Nah, I think I told him I had a book coming out, but basically the book is about my life story and Mobb Deep’s story, so everything in there is real. I’m not going to go around, and tell everybody, “Yo, I put you in my book. Yo, I mentioned...” Nah, you’ll see. It’s my story, so real shit is in there.

TK: You also speak on Capone taking the stand to testify against Havoc’s brother, Killer Black. That’s the kind of thing that would end most rappers’ careers. How did this not come out sooner?
P: People were upset, but that was just one of those things that just never came out. It just never happened. I can’t tell you why.

TK: When Havoc was talking about producing “Last Dayz” in the book and he was telling you to get on it, I was surprised that your reaction was that Biggie was corny.
P: A lot of people was feeling him, I just wasn’t feeling him. Another thing is that, I used to take things real personal. I was real serious when it came to rapping. I still do, but even more so when I was real young. I was on some other shit dun. I wasn’t fucking with nobody else but Mobb Deep. I had tunnel-vision, straight up. I ain’t see nothing but Mobb Deep. I ain’t hear nothing but Mobb Deep. And niggas can’t fuck with Mobb Deep. That was my opinion, how I was thinking, and my life. Mobb Deep, fuck everybody else. So when I used to hear certain shit that Biggie used to say, he used to take some of my lines from my lyrics, and use them. That used to piss me off, because I was like, “Damn, this nigga just bit my shit.”
Read The Rest Here

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Video: Action Bronson Performing "Barry Harowitz" Live @ Southpaw

"Nah, that's a fuckin lie, I'm like 280!! [lbs]"....

Rap's next great lyricist (yeah, I said it) was doin what he does best over @ Southpaw on Saturday night, dazzling folks there to take in the Generation Next performance with a live rendition of "Barry Harrowitz", one of the illest joints off his new LP "Dr. Lecter" ....

Y'all ain't ready....

P.S. I reviewed "Dr. Lecter" recently for AboveGroundMagazine, check said review here


Single: MED ft. Blu - Your Life (prod. by Exile)

Jesus, this man Exile is a muthaf#%$in' fool for that beat...lawd...

Giving us a new single off his upcoming "Bang Ya Head III" Independent album, that is set to drop on April 26th via Fat Beats, MED supplies the coldest jam I done heard in a minute...not only is Exile's production really exhilarating on here but MED and Blu supply some great vocals as well...just a great piece of work...Can't wait for the new release and MED's upcoming full length album that's due out sometime this Summer (crosses fingers)

link via GoWhereHip-Hop


MED ft. Blu - Your Life (prod. by Exile)

Video Interview: Slug For URB Magazine

While Sluggo was out and about in L.A. he had a chance to sit down with URB Magazine/LizLopez to talk about the school of Hip-Hop that he comes from (braggin' and boastin') as well as Atmosphere's new album "The Family Sign" which dropped last Tuesday among other things...peep it out.


Green Street - Don't Look Down

If your being struck by the Jazz-rap blues and you need somethin to set ya mood, be sure to scoop up this new mixtape/street album from Brooklyn collective Green Street.

Originally hailing from Boston, the group aims to "inspire people to follow their dreams"...I'd say yeah, this is a nice lil' 14 track way to do that indeed....All production comes from in-house beatsmiths Ken Ross and Renaissance...

link via DJBooth


Green Street - Don't Look Down 

Single: O.C. - Who Run It (Ruff Remix)

Ahhhh, smells like tax season ight....brand new week comin', let's jump it off with an excellent remix jawn from one of the best beatmakers in D.C. lending his wondrous chops to one of the game's all-time best underground champs in O.C. of DITC fame...

Resounding keys, a horn that pans from left to right, some insane drums, wow, one of the few times a remix may just out do the original...

Actual Instrumental stems from Damu's "How It Should Sound Vol.1 & 2", available now....


O.C. - Who Run It (Ruff Remix)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Single: Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPoWeR (prod. by J.Cole)

Y'all know how little I give it up for the new this case Kendrick Lamar has forced my hand...well done young man, well done....maybe Hip-Hop can back to where it needs to be once again...I mean, Bobby Seal, Marcus Garvey, Fred Hampton all referenced in the same joint? And he's how old? Yes...yes...yes!

...and oh yeah, J.Cole, fuckin did his thing on this beat...

HiiiPoWeR!! Kendrick's "#Section80" LP comin soon....


Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPoWeR (prod. by J.Cole)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video: Vast Aire - Nomad

One half of Def Jux's all-time most popular group, Cannibal Ox, Vast Aire has popped up with a new vid and a release date for his upcoming record "OX 2010: A Street Odyssey".

Mostly a commando-style video, but "Nomad" is still really dope and don't anything like a small budget hold it back...I like a raw, street shot vid with a cat's homeboys every now and again, esp. when they're not overdone.

Directed by RML...

"OX 2010: A Street Odyssey" drops May 31st....confirmed guests so far include Cappadonna and Guilty Simpson while some of the production duties will be held down by Ayatollah and J-Zone. Also, rumors are swirling that Vast may in fact have a joint with his former group mate Vordul Mega.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Death Anniversary: Proof

(Oct. 2, 1973 - April 11, 2006)

While many of the circumstances surrounding that fateful night that DeShaun "Proof" Holton engaged in a heated argument and then some sort of a gun battle, more details are still needed IMO to determine the true root of why he was taken from us and his family all too soon....

In the meantime, we miss the man that was just as much as responsible for the career of one of Hip-Hop's all-time icons as anyone else and who in fact was a gifted artist himself.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Single: Jelani - OK, You're Up (prod. by Durkin)

Meet Harlem emcee Jelani....he's about to make you bob ya head and listen up....

Indeed this new track from Jelani, masterfully produced by Durkin is something proper and a truly nice look for anyone that is seeking out some real Hip-Hop that isn't lame, emo, silly or overly gangster-postured...this is just good music man...

link via PIMB


Jelani - OK, You're Up (prod. by Durkin)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Single: J-Ro - Pay The Price (prod. by Devastate & Don Mario)

New single from one third of The Liks, J-Ro...

Nice to hear this man bringing that innate, very recognizable west coast bounce back out to heads...lord knows they need that. All together this is a strong new effort from him to come back out with..cause' I'll be honest, it's been awhile since I heard him and the last Liks album, well, I wasn't thrilled with and I'm a hardcore Liks fan yo...word to their first 3 albums.

"Pay The Price" is the title track off J-Ro's new EP  that will drop April 15th...

link via KnowXOne


J-Ro - Pay The Price (prod. by Devastate & Mario)

Video Interview: Pete Rock For Grind Music Radio

It's been a lil' minute since The Chocolate Boy Wonder did a really dope interview...Guess we can thank Grind Music Radio for tracking him down and asking all the proper questions...

Contained in this interview is Pete's take on his accidental step into a radio gig, working with Heavy D and Marley Marl at the age of 15, the origins of the original Juicy instrumental was discovered (and how the way it was portrayed in the Biggie biopic totally fucking wrote out the truth) and his top 5 favorite producers of all time...

also: Pete debuts a lil' peek at his new T-Shirt/clothing line, 'Push'...

via KarmaloopTV


Video: Dopplegangaz - Doppel Gospel

You know that bullshit ass, wack, quasi-Horrorcore rap that these Odd Future cats is blowin up for right now? Yeah, this is how it's done properly....Lemme re-introduce y'all to The Dopplegangaz...

Back in 09' I put y'all up on their debut and excellent EP, "Ghastly Duo", which Matter Ov Fact and EP then followed up with the critically acclaimed "2012: The New Beginning"...Now the duo is gearing up to drop their  sophomore LP, "Loan Sharks" and predictably the 1st single is dark and as good as it possibly could be. The vid is just an extra bonus...

Directed by The Dopplegangaz themselves...."Loan Sharks" drops this Summer....


Single: J Rawls ft. Kev Brown, Oh No & Diamond D - Best Producer On The Mic

Well, this is indeed one of the most star studded posse type collab's I've seen in a hot minute...

J Rawls has assembled some of the best producers around that in addition to being expert beat men, also can kick a damn good rhyme or two as well... Kev Brown, Oh No, J Rawls himself and oh yeah, and did I mention that probably the consensus all time best producer/rapper, Diamond D is on here too? This is too hype...I mean, that beat, that chorus, maaan, I'm breaking out the old 'Single of the weekend' status for this one!!!

There needs to be a remix of this ASAP with Pete Rock and Large Professor added....

"Best Producer On The Mic" stems from J's new record "The Hip-Hop Effect", which drops on May 17h...


Bulletin: Raekwon US our Dates

See y'all and The Chef on May 11th....

*click on the pic for larger view*


Snippets/Video: The 49ers - Mosiac Album

The 49ers have long been some of the most slept-on, up and coming Jazz rap stawarts around...This may be true right now, but when they drop their new album "Mosiac" on April 27th, I expect that to change....

Peep out their new snippet video for "Mosiac" here and now kids, and get familiar with some really good Hip-Hop...and more importantly come out ya pocket on the 27th...


Bulletin/Video: Blue Sky Black Death NOIR Tour dates

Now this is how you put out some tour dates....

Lock in and peep out if the San Fran based production duo will be hittin your town or one near yours along with CuninLynguists and Homeboy Sandman on the NOIR tour...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Video Interview: Phonte Speaks On 9th Wonder (Excerpt from The Wonder Year Documentary)

LRG and Kenneth Price have teamed and are going to be putting out a new documentary called "The Wonder Year", about who else? None other than the best beat maker/Duke professor/NAACP represenative to ever come up outta Durham, N.C.; 9th Wonder....

In this excerpt of the doc, 9th's former group mate and recently reconciled friend Phonte speaks about the 4 years in which him and 9th really weren't talking, how they buried the hatchet through just sharing a laugh again, 9th's style of production and what's next for him and 9th...(spoiler alert: doesn't sound like a new LB album -_-)

Little Brother fans you can get this doc on 4/20/11...


DJ JS-1 - Wikibreaks

New mix of little known breaks thrown together masterfully by DJ JS-1.....Description/rant included...

I'mma let JS tell it tho:

The “WikiBreaks” mix is a lil’ over an hour of breaks from funk, disco, re-edits, and some hiphop tracks that are not the most popular. I made most of the mix using two turntables, and then added some scratches & phrases from movies, pop-culture, commercials, etc… As you download yet another free mixtape i give out, i do hope you realize and appreciate the value of a good mix. There is an over-abundance of wanna-be djays: posers, strippers, clowns, reality tv losers, athletes, d-list celebs, promoters, anyone with a laptop, and even the coat-check chick spins… With all these djays you would think there would be more incredible mixes to listen too, more than there was 15 years ago when there was less djays? Yet, there is not many today, but i have dozens of cassettes from the 90′s with great mixes. Perhaps it’s because even the djays capable of making great mixes, don’t really do that anymore. There’s very few. It takes more than just playing what people know and like, or playing some exclusive detox tracks that are HORRIBLE and no one gives a shit about anyway, or just scratching really fast, or just “mashing up” any two different songs, or having “catchy” artwork, or playing an electro song that sounds like its 98 minutes long, etc… It takes a whole lot, that apparently most djays lack, or are simply lazy and ONLY do dj for $ not for the love of what it means to be a DJ. So whenever any DJ puts together something that obviously took time and dedication, we should appreciate their effort to keep the true mixtape essence alive, although it’s all downloads and digital 1 & 0′s… I guess we can try to keep the quality on par while most fell off or missed the boat. “Tradition means that we need to end what began well and continue what is worth continuing…” Well, I’ll continue to keep making really dope mixes with good music, over here…WINNING!!! – DJ JS-1

Couldn't of said much more than that right? Enjoy this...JS is in a class all his own when it comes to mix sets...


 DJ JS-1 - Wikibreaks

Complex Mag presents...A Complete Guide To Seinfeld's Sneakers

Another pretty dope list courtesy of the folks over @ Complex Mag...

Growing up (in high school) I would occasionally watch Seinfeld (I was a Kramer fan, SMH) and I definitely peeped out over time that Jerry's shoe game was a lot meaner than my own, especially when it came to low top Nike trainers....

Take a peek at this really well put together list that includes the sneaker model and the year that they were on the show...


Read the rest here

Single: EDO. G - Righteous Way

The greatest emcee in the history of Boston Hip-Hop drops off a fresh new joint....

Soul diggers will definitely recognize the sample on this joint, where EDO kicks real life rhymes about his life's odyssey and the ups and downs that come along with livin'....

Pure EDO. G here, his longtime fans will be pleased. Do note, He's got a new album titled "A Face In The Crowd" droppin' May 17th and it's set to feature some great guest spots and production credits, including DJ Premier, M1 of Dead Prez, Chali 2na, Slaine, M-Phazes and Statik Selektah among others.

link via DankIdeas


EDO. G - Righteous Way