Monday, February 28, 2011

Single: Big Pooh ft. Carlitta Durand - Freebasin' (prod. by Mell & D)

Seems like I'm always writing on 9th and Tigalo', got damnit, wassup wit some new Big Pooh!

Here the Fat Boy Fresh, North Click emcee goes in over a killer head nodder, backed up by one of the the most slept-on songstresses in the game, Carlitta Durand. Don't get it twisted, the actual content and the joint's title are not one in the same..they ain't gettin high, they get you high ya dig...

Pooh's new mixtape "Fatboy Fresh Vol. 1: For Members Only" drops on April 5th mayne...

link via DotGotIt


Big Pooh ft. Carlitta Durand - Freebasin'

Say What?? Charlie Sheen Edition

Damn homie...the two lead stories on most news channels are about two men that aren't dealing with reality--one is Mummar Gadhafi; the tyrant leader of Libya and the other is Charlie Sheen...

I don't need to write a huge amount on this...we've seen the interviews..shit, we've seen Charlie's face...good lord man, reel it in, reel it in! It's one thing to live an epic party life, filled with fast times, even faster women and lots of drugs (according to him only cocaine [insert my muthafucka please face here]), and it's a whole other thing to let that lifestyle take hold of you and ruin ya ship's course. I saw it ruin Shawn Kemp, I saw it absolutely ruin Whitney Houston and remember what Courtney Love was like before, well, never mind...

Yo, I like Charlie Sheen for the most part...most of the flicks he was in was hits when I was growing up...from Apocalypse Now, Wallstreet, Young Guns, and Major League to Hot Shots! and even my personal fav Money Talks, this cat is talented no question...I ain't tryin to see Bud Fox go out like this..

Get ya shit together man...


Sign Petition To Have Street Named After Big Pun

It's bad enough that Big Pun is criminally left out of most convo's about who was the illest emcee of all-time, we need to make sure that at least his memory is kept alive and well in the boro he called home...

Currently there is a new petition being helmed by the late rapper's sister, Nicole Rodriguez, to re-name Rodgers Place near 163rd in the Bronx, NY to "Big Pun Place"...I wholeheartedly believe Pun deserves this honor..He was the first Latino rapper to ever go platinum man...that's music history! Now give him his respect  and his honor...even posthumously, Pun's kids and family alike should be able to go somewhere and see that their beloved 'Chris' will always be on the streets he rhymed about so brilliantly.


Sign The Petition Here 

Peter Rosenberg & Havoc's Welcome Home Prodigy Mixtape

Yo, when the news broke that this man Prodigy would be havin' to serve this current stretch he's on, the whole Hip-Hop world collectively was disappointed...Today is a new day however and guess what? That's right, P is gettin dangerously close to release..

I fully expect P to possess a new inner strength and 5 album's worth of written material, but whether he does or not don't really matter...we're all just happy that this man is gonna be back in the world with his fams and fans...Also pretty happy about his eminent return is his longtime partner in rhyme Havoc and Hip-Hop personality/industry big wig, Peter Rosenberg. Together Rosenberg and Hav constructed a welcome back tape of some of P's nicest stuff in celebration of him touchin down in the near (crosses fingers) future...



I had pulled a bunch of M-O-B-B out the stash a couple of weeks ago and went through damn near the whole catalog for old times’ sake. I think P’s 2 verses on “Hell On Earth (Frontlines)” gotta be one of the most gully arrangements of nouns and verbs ever committed to record. That shit is a perfect encapsualtion of that era P and Hav personified.

Peter Rosenberg & Havoc's Welcome Back Home Prodigy Mixtape

Video: Nice & Smooth - No Delayin'

This joint right here gives a whole new Hip-Hop meaning to the saying 'better late than never' ....

Nice & Smooth was basically runnin' ish' in NYC during the late 80's and 90's and if any of your current, fav. new rappers incorporate mad energy in their performance, chances are they're disciples of Greg Nice and if they wanna be any type of a cool operator on that mic, than Smooth B should be garnering some of those royalties...

Here, the two legends get up and finally put out a video for their 1989 track "No Delayin'", off their debut, self titled album from the same year...Man, these two brothas still got more charisma and presence in they lil' pinky's than the whole game as a whole right now...Thankyou for this...

p.s. How ill was that Kane cameo in the beginning??!


Interview: Lupe Fiasco For Complex Magazine

Man, there's little new to report about Lupe Fiasco's trouble with his label Atlantic Records...I mean, it's the same old song and dance...they try and pimp you, twist ya music for their monetary gains and you as an artist will have to make a decision about whether or not you gonna be havin that.

As his new album "Lasers" leaked today and the entire internet rap world chimes in about how they don't really dig Lupe's new direction, this interview that the embattled emcee did with Complex mag will probably have you looking at the new album in an entirely different light...


On why he hates "Lasers": 

“One thing I try to stress about this project is, I love and hate this album. I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs. But when I think about what it took to actually get the record together and everything that I went through on this record—which is something I can’t separate—I hate this album. A lot of the songs that are on the album, I’m kinda neutral to. Not that I don’t like them, or that I hate them, it’s just I know the process that went behind it. I know the sneaky business deal that went down behind this song, or the artist or singer or songwriter who wrote this hook and didn’t want to give me this song in the first place. So when I have that kind of knowledge behind it, I’m just kind of neutral to it like, ‘Another day, another dollar.’ As opposed something like The Cool, which is more of my own blood, sweat, and tears, and my own control. With this record, I’m little bit more neutral as to the love for the record. 
When I think about everything that I went through on this record, I hate this album.
“I don’t like the process behind Lasers. The music is dope but I just don’t like the process. We were literally at the point where all this music was done except for a couple songs that we did after the protest. So the bulk of the album was done. And we were talking about shelving the album and going to another label, that’s where we were like, ‘If you put the record out, put it out. Either move on to another album or can it and we’ll do other records at another label.’ The business of it got solved. I’m happy for the fans, this is their album. This is the album that they fought for and that’s what made me do songs like ‘Words I Never Said’ and ‘All Black Everything.’

Read the full interview here 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Single: A.G. - Where Ya been?

Ya'll didn't forget about A.G. did ya?

Giving us a laid back rhythm to listen to, Andre The Giant drops a dope lil' cut where the original DITC member rhymes about re-connecting with an ex-shorty who's gone on to do other things with her life...

Ya should know what he's talkin about here if your over the age of 25, b/c by that time you usually have about 3 or four of these types that you bump into on occasion...Some are married with kids, some are doing big things in far off cities, some are strippin on weeknights and some really ain't doin shit...It is what it is.

Get ready for "BerriTV", it drops later this year...

link via KnowXOne


A.G. - Where Ya Been?

Video: Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson - Typhoon Rap

New one from Meyhem Lauren, off his brand new, double CD; "Self Induced Illness"...

Skill, A woman being attacked by a bear, Action Bronson with his shirt off for about 90% of the vid and more skill is all "Typhoon Rap" is man...dig in and stare in awe as the Outdoorsman crew shows you why they're next up...


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Diamond D - Songs, Samples & Snippets Mixed by DJ Hedspin


Any way ya wanna slice it, Diamond D is probably the game's best rappin' producer/DJ...It's just as simple as that...No disrespect to other greats like Pete Rock and Large Pro or even some of Diamond's DITC brethren, but the man been nice on the mic, the wheels of steel and on the boards.

In honor of the dopeness that Diamond has exuded and created over the years, DJ Hedspin went ahead and threw together a monster mix of some of the best ish' Diamond's ever blessed...Look at the title, it's all there, from some of the sample sources Diamond's flipped to his best solo joints and headiest production looks, this mix is a must hear for any of his hardcore fans.


Diamond D - Songs, Samples & Snippets Mixed by DJ Hedspin

Video: Q-Unique - Green Grass

Prepare to see NYC force Q-Unique take over the body of a London bloke who loves to toke and stroll down some city streets to a nasty beat...

Creative and the tune is killer, what else you need to know? Far more than just ya run of the mill smokin' weed anthems too..this is a nice lil' joint..a proper ganja tribute..

In case your wondering, "Green Grass" stems from Q's latest album; last year's "Between Heaven And Hell"'s still available and you need that in ya life.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Video: Mike Bigga Discusses Black History Month

Killer Mike Mike Bigga is by far my favorite southern emcee these days outside of Kam Moye and one of those bruthas in Cunninlynguists....

One of the many reasons why I feel Mike's music is because he always conveys a lot of truth and frequently historical perspective...In this new interview Mike gets up with 3 Little Digs to talk a lil' bit about Black History Month... What happens however is that he ends up schooling us...This is the 2nd of two vids, if you wanna peep the 1st one hit the link here...

Hey, I didn't know that about Liberia, did you?


Video: Cormega Speaks On His New Album

After a blisteringly dope live freestyle, Mega Montana breaks down what his next release, titled "Cormega Raw Forever" is gonna be....

A mixtape with a live band? 2 CD's? Hmmmm...Sort of want..I think the best news was that for his actual next studio album he got Large Professor to do up the single...can't wait for that...


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emilio Rojas - Life Without Shame (untagged version)

All you Emilio Rojas supporters can rejoice, he's finally re-released "Life Without Shame" in a tagless format.

We all love the nostalgia of DJ tags, but sometimes, when your strolling across the quad at 8 a.m., freezing ya ass off, with ear buds that got nuthin but high end on, the last thing ya wanna hear is some pointless, redundant DJ puttin his stamp all over ya fav. tune...

Here, Emilio Rojas gives us his release from last November that features a host of his young, talented counterparts in Laws, Mickey Factz and Mike Bigga among others.

link via


Emilio Rojas - Life Without Shame (tagless)

Single: Fashawn, Buff1 & Scheme - Theme Music (prod. by DJ Babu)

Man, over the last few years Babu has really developed into one of my favorite producers and a guy that's always workin with the sharpest talent...for this posse style jumpoff it's just more of the same from the world famous Beat Junkie.

Linking with Detroit's Buff1, Chicago's Scheme, and Fresno's Fashawn, Babu provides an exellent lil', sinister banger for these young guns to get loose over.

If you dig this, than be sure to peep it's source when it drops, that being Ruby Hornet's "Closed Sessions: The ATX Project"; an album mini-doc that will drop on March 15th.


Fashawn, Buff1 & Scheme - Theme Music (prod. by DJ Babu)

Single: El Gant ft. Tek & J57 - Problems

Ya'll remember El Gant right (cat that was like, a 4-time battle champ or somethin on MTV)? Well if you do, here's a long awaited new one and for everyone that is a lil' fuzzy on the name peep the man out...

Teaming with J57 of BBAS, who produced this banger as well, and one half of the Cocoa B's Smif N Wessun in Tek, this is a nice lil' slap-a-cat in the mouth and call him "Sally" typa cut...We need more of this frankly.

"No One give a f*ck if the top lonely, keep ya props to yaself homie"


El Gant ft. J57 & Tek (Of Smif-N-Wessun) - Problems

Video: Sha Stimuli ft. Prince EA - Effortless

New one from BK's best kept secret, Sha Stimuli...

Sha's been steadily whittling away the underground comp and just released his latest project "Unsung Vol.1: The Garden Of Eden" and well, you should of been been checking for this brutha...

Right here he shows you how "Effortless" the flow is and really showcases the talents of newcomer Prince EA.

link via the lovely ZoiTheFemcee


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video Interview: M-1 For Russia Today

New interview with M-1 of Dead Prez about the very real nature of our so-called "democracy".

Sitting down w/ Anastasia Churkina of Russia Today, M-1 speaks some pure truth that hopefully some of you will soak in...As far as his assertions about America being "ripe" for protests'uprising the likes we're seeing in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya among others, I think he's 100% correct, the real question in my mind isn't whether the conditions are ripe however, but rather whether the will's of the people is.

"The media is the right hand of the ruling class" -M-1


Single: Sene ft. Blu & Co$$ - Motive Part Deux

New one from Sene as well as his equally dope cohorts in the underground, Indie arena, Co$$ and Blu....

The trio goes in over a very 80's pop sounding loop and rhyme about their come up's and overcoming and all that good stuff...You can listen to the track below, but I also would urge you to go ahead and cop it for $2 bones..the reason? Peep the info release that Sene put out along with this track underneath:

Meet Michael Mekhi Holloway, 6. Currently, this happy kid we call Mekhi is living at Mattel’s Children Hospital at UCLA. He’s been living there for about three months while waiting on transplant lists for multiple organs. While on a visit to LA recently I got to catchup with little guy and his mom. While it is a rough time for everyone nowadays, things are extra rough on this single mother family. Alma, his mother, has not been able to work as a result of her presence daily in the hospital. 
The story goes on..but rather than taking you through the rest of the gut wrenching story; here is how you can help.As most of the music this group hits you with is free, this remix will be for sale at Sene’s bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Mekhi and his family to aid in this rough time.

Pretty noble cause man...go ahead and do somethin' nice this Tuesday and cop this joint on Sene's Bandcamp and help out tough lil' dude who's family is just tryin to make it right now...


Video: 9th Prince - Concrete Jungle

Brand new, thoroughness from that man 9th Prince...

Quick 3 minute joint that features a bunch of dope, commando-style shots around the apple...from the PJ's to the subway, this is a nice lil' official, street type look...I dig it, and more importantly, 9th Prince is promoting that new album of his "One Man Army" which is currently available on iTunes.


Single: Fat Joe ft. Raekwon - Pushing Keys

Man, it an't often anymore that Joey Crack gets featured here on PHH (aside from an occasional reference to his awesome shoe game and past glory) but damnit, Joe The God got a new one out and I must's that deal...

Teaming with another '90s stalwart who unlike him has stayed far truer to his original, hardcore roots in Raekwon, the both of them go in over this insane track and give ya some good ole' New Yawk shit talkin'....All well and good, but yo! Joe, can we please get a whole album's worth of joints like this? Nevermind...

link via YouHeardThatNew


Fat Joe ft. Raekwon - Pushing Keys  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Single: Mohammad Dangerfield ft. Immortal Technique - Break Of A Star

Brand new underground duo Mohammad Dangerfield links with the cat that I pretty much (next to Dead Prez) feel is the nicest political-socio-hardcore cat out there....Harlem's own, Immortal Technique.

Comprised of Hasan Salaam and Rugged N' Raw, Mohammad Dangerfield introduces you to their weighty and witty style via this banger; "Break Of A Star", that features excellent production and them trading barbs with the Peruvian revolutionary about the shithole we create for ourselves to live in and the hell that others live in.

Don't sell ya souls kiddies....

Mohammad Dangerfield's new, self-titled album coming later this year tomorrow baby!


Mohammad Dangerfield ft. Immortal Technique - Break Of A Star

Single: Reks ft. Styles P - Why Cry (prod. by The Alchemist)

Look, in case you ain't heard, that man Reks' upcoming album is currently being hailed as the next ish' to help bring Hip-Hop back man...Maybe u believe that or not, but from what I've heard so far, It def. sounds like it could be somethin' like a classic.

The Boston bred rhyme man gets up with SP The Ghost and Alchemist here for a lovely, eerie and appropriately emcee'd track in "Why Cry"...Al is currently droppin' that heavy heat on the boards again and Styles comes through and blesses the guest spot...

"R.E.K.S.(Rythmatic Eternal King Supreme)" drops March 8th homie...

link via Nahright


Reks ft. Styles P - Why Cry (prod. by The Alchemist)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Singles: Damu The Fudgemunk ft. Buff1 - When The Winter Comes B/W Truly Get Yours

Now this is Hip-Hop music.....

Finally, this man Damu The Fudgemunk is reaching out to more talent to rhyme over his beats, which, in case you ain't know are fucking insane...

For the first joint in this digi single doublepack we got "When The Winter Comes", a glorious beat work that Detroit emcee Buff1 blesses correct an that was actually recorded back in 2009...On the B-side we got yet another one of Damu's memorable instrumental pieces of art in "Truly Get Yours", which also features Buff doin the damn thing, but is a new recording...

By now you should be wondering about where these two great tracks stem from and the answer is a new 7" vinyl release that will be released via DWG very on the look out for that..


Damu The Fudgemunk ft. Buff1 - When The Winter Comes b/w Truly Get Yours

Single: Keith Murray ft. Letia LaRok - Strange Encounters (prod. by WMS The Sultan)

Lil' bit of a new sound on this one for Keith Murray, but strangely it works...

Prepping for his upcoming release, "The Beauty Of It All", the Def Squader drops "Strange Encounters", which features a nice lil' chorus assist from Beantown songstress Letia Larok and a bouncy, futuristic production look from WMS The Sultan...I dig it and I will def. be checking for Keith's new album, due out later this year.

link via KevinNottingham


Keith Murray ft. Letia LaRok - Strange Encounters (prod. by WMS The Sultan)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

News: Blake Griffin Wins 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

So there it went baby...Blake Griffin holds the crown in his town and somewhat lived up to his top billing, closing things out by hopping over the hood of a brand new Kia while a baptist choir and Kenny Smith backed him up...What a finish right? (Unless your Demar DeRozan, who had a legit beef for not gettin in that final round)

At the end of the day though, as a whole the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk contest was a success and came back in a big way. It was monumentally better than it had been in the past few years and proved that if the contestants are willing, they can push the envelope that much further...word to Daryl Dawkins' suit and Dr. J stealing a kiss from Mama Mcgee...


Video: Jadakiss - I Love You Mixtape Trailer

J to the Muah is prepping a new mixtape titled "I Love You" and yes, there is a trailer.

Dedicated to the fans? I like this idea...and, well, it's been a minute since we heard some new Kiss...

If you wanna peep some of what's gonna be on the tape head over to ....


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Video Interview: Michael Rapaport On The Carson Daly Show Talks ATCQ Doc

Michael Rapaport swings by the Carson Daly show to talk a lil' bit about his new ATCQ documentary that a lot of people have been talkin about...

Daly, at one point suggests that while he was filming the Doc, that old frustrations within the group might've once again bubbled to the surface. Hmmmm...he also talks about how Q-Tip is now distancing himself from the film and the reaction the film got at Sundance.

I fully expect the hype surrounding this film to be out done by the final product. Say what you want about Rapaport, but I think he may have something real here.


News: Tru-Life Takes Plea Deal For '09 Murder Case..Recieves 10 years

Former Roc-A-Fella recording artist Roberto Guzman "Tru-Life" Rosado was sentenced to 10 years in prison yesterday after accepting a plea deal for a 2009, second degree murder charge, that allegedly had Tru and several of his associates stabbing 30 yr. old Jason Black to death in a Manhattan area apartment complex.

Roosado's brother, Marcus was sentenced to do 12 years in prison for his involvement as well.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video Interviews: Muggs And Bambu Talk Paid Dues Festival 2011

Couple of brand new promo interviews's that Bambu and DJ Muggs did for Paid Dues 2011 that I found interesting....

I really wish these two would do a "Vs" album together...I realize that B-Real has next on that officially, but yo, the promise that we got from just one tape was enough to really hype me up man...


Single: Strong Arm Steady ft. Jelly Roll - Hand Guns

In case ya ain't know, Steady Gang got a new album droppin this coming Tuesday (Feb. 22nd) called "Arms & Hammers" and if their last couple are any indication it should be pretty damn proper...

"Hand Guns" is a joint that DIDN'T make the album, and wow, that's surprising b/c this is nasty...features west coast beatmaking legend Jelly Roll rhyming and producing as well...dig in...


Strong Arm Steady ft. Jelly Roll - Hand Guns

Fashawn - Higher Learning 2

Brand new mixtape from one of the brightest and best out west....

Fresno, CA's Fashawn hits us off with "Higher Learning 2" his latest and greatest tape that clearly flexes his supremacy amongst the underclassmen out west, and perhaps throughout the states. 21 tracks, and while I don't think he totally went all out on this go round I still value his potential as an artist mightily and as far as actual albums go, he's 1 for 1...

link via


Fashawn - Higher Learning 2

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Death Anniversary: Big L

May 30, 1974 - February 15, 1999

The Devil's Son is surely chillin' in heaven son...Harlem's finest!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Torae - Heart Failure

I promise this'll be the only Valentines Day themed up of the day....

Coney Island, BK repper Torae teams up with DJ Blazita for a new tape that will help you do a lil' extra relationship reflecting today....

From make ups to break ups, dating and even true love, it's all covered here by Tor, in an innately Hip-Hop way...


Torae - Heart Failure

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drasar Monumental Vs. Mobb Deep - Remix Weaponry

All you fuck DJ's and producers that claim you really Hip-Hop and you really know how to mix and make ill beats and yada, yada, yada, ya break is dude Drasar Monumental is back wit a new tape that's guaranteed to watery shit all over whatever dog crap Mobb mix you think you killin it with.

If you dig wonderfully constructed, break beat driven production, a ton of ill sample sources being flipped and  some of ya favorite Mobb Deep acapellas being set to all of that, check in for this 49 minute mix that explores all types of Hip-Hoppery, right in time to kill the bullshit mood that a certain fake ass holiday tomorrow will usher in....yeah, that's right, I'm sayin it, if your puttin out a fuckin' love mix tomorrow go swallow a katana sword, we don't need another one of those floating around....we need ish' like this.

This shit is insane and I ain't just sayin that b/c I know duke...I'm sayin that b/c this shit is done up proper...fuckin 50 minutes of completely sampled drum pack kits, no pre-loaded synths, just this man, his MPC and a shitload of records that any respectable digger would likely cream in his drawls over and  the time honored, hardcore inspiration that is Havoc and Prodigy.

link via HipHopBattlefield

P.S. There's 3 different versions that are available for you to peep...First two are supposedly un-mastered (shits sound great) and the third is mastered (sounds dope as well)...

-BIG D O  

Drasar Monumental Vs. Mobb Deep - Remix Weaponry

Drasar Monumental Vs. Mobb Deep - Remix Weaponry (Mastered Version)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soul Assassins Radio 2/7/11

The latest edition of Soul Assassins radio, complete with guest studio appearance from Bambu, who drops in to talk all about his collaboration work with DJ Muggs and what the two have planned for Paid Dues this year...

The second half of the show is dedicated to them Strong Arm Steady boys, and their unreleased album, which Muggs plays in it's entirety.


Part 1

Part 2

Video: Raekwon - Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang

Animation. Karate flick soundbite samples. The Chef. What else I need to say?

Raekwon goes in and delivers the video for his new album's title track....Scram Jones handles the beat work and well, the rest is just left up to us as we continue to anticipate just what this new record will sound like really. I know a lot of cats weren't feeling some of the the guest features on it, but I'm holding out hope...

"Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" drops on March 8th..


Video: Boola Makes The Beat For Pusha T's Funk Flex Freestyle

Quick 1 minute shot of former Roc-A-Fella go-to-guy for insane instro's, Boola, constructing the beat for what would become this, more than correct freestyle from Pusha T for Funk Flex...


Cover Art: Atmosphere - The Family Sign

Take a peek at the cover for Slug and Ant's next one...

Undoubtedly it'll be dope and then get slept on...

link via HipHopDX, where you can also peep the tracklisting. Keep in mind this joint drops on April 12th...


Friday, February 11, 2011

Single: NYOil - I Wish I was Never An Emcee

The frustration of an extremely talented emcee vents fully in this joint....

NYOil breaks down the plight of a radically conscious MC who's gotten a lil' fed up...Nuthin but real talk running through this jawn, belee that...From the "Space Cadets" and all the other lames that hold the game back, NYOil lets em' have it as only he can...Righteously good shit here...beat is on some nastiness as well.

I hate when it comes to this, but yo...REAL TALK!


News/Pic: Egypt Is Free?

Egyptians get my full respect for taking to the streets, starting a revolution and forcing that massively corrupt dictator to step down...Still a few questions remain...

After the fireworks clear and the jubilation subsides what then? Elections? The Muslim Brotherhood sinks their teeth in? The Military flubs up being a good government? What exactly will go down and when? Big time question with many complicated answers I'm sure...

For now, let the Egyptians enjoy their "W"......Freedom and History, you just witnessed it.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Single: J-love ft. Cormega, Kool G Rap & Roc Marciaano - Tricks Of The Street

Seems like J-Love is currently one of the best DJ's in the game as far as consistent drops of hardcore wonderment...but in reality if your like me and you been following him since the late '90s than you realize that he's been nasty with it....

Brand new banger from J-Love where he pairs, wait, get ready for it, Kool G Rap, Cormega and Roc Marciano...Produced by Blunt & ENG, these three hardcore surgeons deliver the track that I'm guaranteed to be blasting outta the trunk all weekend.

As always I usually weigh in with these super collabs about who had the nicest verse, but this time out man, its a crazy hard decision..G Rap really, really brought out some intricate gangster shit about avoiding ya number gettin punched and Mega had some wild slick lines (the LeBron one was nasty)...I dunno...toss up I guess. I will say this, props to that man J-Love for not being intimidated to rhyme alongside these giants man...not a lot of cats would have the balls to lay they verse after Mega and before Roc...

This is off J's upcoming "Egotistical Maniac" record, droppin on March 1st.


Video: Kidd Russell - Backyard Heroes

Who can't relate to this joint right here man? I know I can...used to be out at night shootin hoops wit my boys til' that street light came on son...

Chicago artist Kidd Russell brings the all too familiar, American coming of age tale to life in his new video "Backyard Heroes". Visually Russell takes you on that journey of many a Fall or Winter day, when you would wake up, lace up and head outside with your crew to burn the daylight away playing football with friends.

The chorus rings oh so bitterly true don't it? Those backyard and park battles teach you a whole hell of a lot about yourself as a man...and there's always a few moments that you'll never forget. Russell actually made it out of the backyard and played ball collegiately for awhile, and his boy, Aaron Moorehead actually played in the league for 6 years with the Colts...all of which is sort of referenced in the song.

I dig this..nice, classy joint....Be sure to keep those glims peeled for Russell's upcoming album of the same title...


Single/Peep The Threads: Chace Infinite - Africa

Chace Infinite re-work's a D'Angelo standard in conjunction with a special T-shirt and wood piece necklace release with Akomplice and Good Wood NYC...All for what? Raising awareness about the struggles and plights that Africa is currently embroiled in...More info down below....

The project aims to promote change and education in the world’s global water and sanitation crisis. The unique collaborative pack will release at 7PM on February 11th, 2011. Limited to 65 pieces total and only available on the Akomplice and Good Wood NYC websites. The collaboration package (retail $69.99) consists of an exclusive track from Chace Infinite which is a flip on D’Angelo’s song “Africa,” a handcrafted box set containing an intricately carved Africa necklace from Good Wood, and an original t-shirt from the fellas at Akomplice. 100% of the package’s profits will be donated to Pump Aid, an organization which has developed a cost-efficient water pump for sustainable water production in impoverished African communities. Akomplice’s Africa t-shirt will also be offered alone later this month. The T-shirt will be available in red, white, green and black. The design features a text-formed image of Africa on its front, enumerating sociopolitical issues affecting the continent; its back is brandished by each collaborator and reads “Donate 2 Africa.” The shirt is more than a fashion statement – it represents courage, cohesion, and change. It is a tangible symbol of this project’s support for Africa.

find out more here, and remember the continent that gave you life!!


 Chace Infinite - Africa

Single: Phonte & 9th Wonder - Paper Lines (Unreleased)

This be the illest unreleased gem you'll hear all week...word up...

Phonte was on his SwiftFM account last night going bananas droppin unreleased goodies of his, and the last jewel he blasted off was this, "Paper Lines" a track that he purports is the first joint him and 9th Wonder ever recorded together around '99 as the group G.I.M.M.E..

LOL, sounds pretty polished for a first ever recording, but I'll take Phonte at his word...

This is a magical joint and it really just makes me want a new Little Brother project all that much more.

link via Rawdrive


Phonte & 9th Wonder - Paper Lines (Unreleased)

Video: Five Steez - Yard N*gga Rap

I got a new cat ya'll need to peep right quick...Irie...

Five Steez is a Jamaican emcee/producer who's fast been climbing his way through the game and turning a head or two...The versatile Kingston-bred rhymer recently put the final touches on a new video, brutally titled "Yard Nigga Rap"...

The innately boom bap sounding tune has a certain something that I can't put my finger on, but that I like a good, I always dig black and white vids....

Directed by Primo Archer


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Album Watch: Bazooka Joe - Pressure Busts Pipes

Yo, I think I just found this year's equivalent of of Apollo Brown's smash remix project "The Reset"...

DJ and producer Bazooka Joe like Brown has amassed some of his nicest beats (and I mean nice) and set them to a host of acapellas, a few original works and composed a brand new album that is certified dopeness...Featuring music from names like AG, Lil' Fame, Blaq Poet, Roc Marciano, Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, King Phaze, Dirt Platoon and many others, you'll be dazzled at the composition of this banger...sounds like it was recorded in D&D back in 93', word is bond...

Below is Joe's rundown of exactly what "Pressure Busts Pipes" is all about as well as a link to where you may purchase it...go get that, trust me, it's worth every penny, especially if your a hardcore, boom bap, 90's enthusiast...


Bazooka Joe:

Pressure Busts Pipes” is a conceptual mixtape/album project I put together to showcase some of my production. The project came about after becoming frustrated with the traditional beat shopping process and trying to find a more creative way to showcase my beat-making skills and prove to myself (if no one else) that I could produce an album all the way through, song for song, with a cohesive sound and a cinematic concept that is consistent with the sound of the albums I came up on as a native NY 90’s Hip-Hopper and in line with the music I have supported throughout my 15+ years as a DJ. A few of the songs are straight accapellas I found on the web or in my record collection, but most of them were exclusively sent to me by the artists themselves with a green light to remix and 2 or 3 are original studio recordings. The goal with everything I do is to craft a sonic experience more than just a mixtape or remixing a few songs, so I hope you download the whole thing and listen from start to finish as it was intended

You can purchase "Pressure Busts Pipes" here

Big Pun Tribute ...Mixed by DJ Soul

His death Anny' was this past Monday...lawd, we still missin our brother from another....11 years.

DJ Soul puts together a masterful mix of the late, great Big Punisher's best tracks as well as adds in a bit of new flair that die hard heads will be thrilled with (i'm not giving away the surprises).

34 tracks deep, this mix contains some of Punny's illest moments behind the mic as well as his some of his most bruising 16 bar performances...Whether your a longtime fan or a newbie to Pun, check in, you def. wanna hear this incredible mix that DJ Soul did such a great job on.

P.S. be sure to check for this on iTunes in the future for purchase...all proceeds will go to Pun's fam.


Big Pun Tribute (Mixed By DJ Soul)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Video: J Dilla: Still Shining Documentary

Just in time for Mr. Yancey's birthday the forthcoming documentary that chronicles his life "Still Shining" has been put out there for all of us to enjoy.

Created at the time of Dilla's funeral and then completed around 2006, this is a raw and touching look at the man that helped define a culture and a sound. Featuring interviews with some of the giants of the game, his personal friends, family as well as some never before seen photos & rare video, this doc is a must watch for any real Hip-Hop head or die-hard Dilla fan. Detroit stand up...


DJ Rhettmatic - Dilla Tribute Mix

While today marks the death date of Big Pun, it also is somewhat bitter sweet as it doubles as the day that J Dilla was born...

The insanely gifted, multi-talented producer/emcee who also quite sadly has already left us as well came into the world today back in '74 and what can I say about his contributions to the game? Just a man who had a bunch of towering achievements and represented The D wonderfully.

Today, L.A. beatsmith and dejay extraordinaire DJ Rhettmatic lends a hand to create a 35 minute tribute mix for his old friend and cohort. Great mix...some of which is comprised of joints Jay Dee produced, other parts of it are just some rare Donuts....Also included, a live performance from Dilla in Paris, France.


DJ Rhettmatic - Dilla Tribute Mix

Action Bronson - The Program EP

If you ain't heard about that man Action Bronson yet, time to get acquainted...

The lyrically dexterious, Queens bred, heavyweight emcee that is apart of J-Love's Outdoorsmen collective is wildly talented and def. one of the next ones to watch. With a rapid fire flow that is straight outta 96' and some writing chops that are considerably up to par, he's a fresh face that has people buzzing with excitment. Personally, all I needed to hear was "Shiraz" and I was sold...

Check out this brand new, 4 track EP that Action has circulating the web...

link via Grandgood


Action Bronson - The Program EP

Video: Nas & Damian Marley - Patience

Brand newness from Junior Gong and Nasir ya'll....

While I definitely had my qualms with the actual "Distant Relatives" album, I can't front, there was definitely a few bangers on it. Under the direction Nibil Elderkin, the duo's joint "Patience" is brought to life in a magnificent typa way and we get a visual that is awesomely engrossing...word to that last shot with everyone walking in a line in front of the moon...


Death Anniversary: Big Pun

November 10, 1971 – February 7, 2000

Every year around this time a bunch of bullshit within Hip-Hop gets reported and a bunch of names continue to be debated as the "greatest ever". All of this goes down while the memory of the late great Chris Rios AKA Big Pun gets overlooked. Pun WAS thee greatest Latino rapper of all-time and still is...bigger than that though he was simply one of the greatest emcees of all-time period, regardless of his ethnicity.

Pun woulda been about 40 yrs old this year if he were still alive and I've no doubt that if he were still walkin around destroying tracks with a multi-syllibic flow that was next to no one's cept maybe G Rap, that the game would be just a lil' bit different.

Rest In Peace....


Friday, February 4, 2011

Snippets: John Robinson + Robert Koch - Robot Robinson

Berlin based producer Robert Koch (of Jahcoozi) is linking with all around, NYC undergrounder Lil Sci John Robinson (Scienz Of Life) for a new album they're releasing called "Robot Robinson" and the duo has made the sampler available for everyone to check out...

It's wonky, it's zany, it's different, it's good. I think this might be a great new avenue for Hip-Hop to take man..who knows where it could go combining things like this...JR has long been one of my favorite emcees and he's coming off last year's triumphant collab release with Lewis Parker in "International Summers"

"Robot Robinson" drops March 4th on Project Mooncirlce ...They will be releasing this on vinyl as well...


Single: J The S ft. Emilio Rojas - Last Tickets For The Bandwagon (prod. by Keleay)

New joint from Jake The Snake  J The S...

Boston bred rhyme artist J The S teams with longtime undergrounder Emilio Rojas for a very consistent, very pointed track titled "Last Tickets For The Bandwagon". You've basically GOT to peep this...I rarely take a gamble on any one of the bazillion emails I get on a daily, but this one struck me different. It helped that J recruited Rojas no doubt, but he also did his thing here in a big way...Sign me up for those tickets b!

link via KevinNottingham


J The S ft. Emilio Rojas - Last Tickets For The Bandwagon (prod. by Keelay)

Single: DJ Kay Slay ft. Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, Styles P, Sheek & Papoose - Let The Dogs Loose

Brand new posse track, courtesy of the Drama King....

Pretty nice lineup here...something that Kay Slay is known for...fuck the bullshit, some of the artists Slay has gotten to work with and gotten to work together over his time in the game have been astonishing. Here we just have a really great look for NYC as he collects a few of the greatest ever to come out the apple and pairs em' with his still climbing (IMO) artist, Papoose...

I think Rae tore shit down, but damn if Styles didn't take this...great joint..all over the Resevoir Dogs beat, with a lil' re-working...

Be sure to be lookin out for Slay's new tape, "Soul Controller" you'll find this on there...

link via Xalence


DJ Kay Slay ft. Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, Styles P, Sheek & Papoose - Let The Dogs Loose