Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wade Waters- Return Of The Kings The Mixtape

This is definitely somthin' that underground heads need to check for. While Soulstice and Haysoos (Wade Waters) have already released two albums since the release of this mixtape, I always felt that this mixtape was so much fuller and about a lot more than a traditional mixtape. It's filled with gritty drum loops acompanied by soulful sample chops (supplied courtesy of 9th Wonder, Oddissee, Arsenal, Shuko and Analogic among others) this tape has all original production, guaranteeing to turn my head and the head of any other self respecting hip-hop critic that is tired of hearing corny, lame brains freestyle sloppilly over some beat that's on the radio all day, Yuck. Give me some Shuko beats to snap my neck to and lemme hear a cat kick some rhymes about somthin real and not materialistic. Lemme hear some Wade Waters. Soulstice; the premier MC is a different kind of artist all around. It's rumored that he holds down a very prestigious day job in D.C. and does this music thing on the side. Damn, if money is this good part-time, I can't wait to see how nice he is when he turns in that suit and tie. He's very determined in his rhymes and yet he never spares any of his raw intelligence. He's not kicking knowledge yet he sounds smart and comes off witty as hell. There's no time for you to question his techniques however as he and his partner in rhyme Haysoos go back and forth exchanging verses and lines. This is a true representation of where new artists that call themselves hip-hop should be doin'. This mixtape is immensely honest and smart, and powerful, soulful, production gives this tape a lot of replay value. The true indication of how good their later albums were to be.

-Dominick L.

01. Right Back
02. Beautiful 8
03. Ellis
04. Listen Up
05. Corners
06. Return Of The Kings
07. Rock Solid
08. Live And Direct
09. The Quickening
10. Street Box
11. Magic Hour
12. Around My Way
13. The Melody
14. The Conversation
15. Like This
16. Always Searching
17. Get By

Pass: MD

4th Disciple - One Man: Crime And Punishment '07

One of the most slept on producers in the Wu is bringing forth his unique brand of Rza-esque, moody, heavy drum laden bangers for all the Wu nerds who spend their time scowering the net and Shaolin Bodega's for this man's product. It's not like 4th is overlooked, it's just that his team is so over run with great producers. Of course they got Rza who garners so much respect and gains so many accolades for pursuing all the different avenues the game can offer, but many don't realize that thw Wu is also home to True Master, Bronze Nazereth, Mathematics, and many, many others who are nice behind the boards. There isn't much time or space for 4th to be doing what he does. However, being the responsible, self-motivated artist that he is, 4th Disciple always compiles his stuff and puts it together for his die hard Wu heads and just overall keeps his underground buzz going strong. This tape is unique, expect somthin different, lol, and even a Juvenile appearance.

-Dominick L.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

T.I. To Remain In Jail For At Least Another Week

T.I. will remain in a Georgia jail, where he is being held on weapons charges, for at least another week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman said he will have another hearing next Friday to further consider conditions proposed by the rap star's lawyers that could prompt him to release their client until his trial.T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, Jr., was arraigned at Friday's hearing. He entered a plea of innocent to the weapons charges.


.......yeah, so I've been fallin off a bit in the news department, didn't even document the whole Michael Vick thing (I will on his sentencing date in Dec. tho) or the OJ stick up or even how Prodigy is gettin locked down, but I gotta speak my piece on this shit man. First off, it was bad enough that this fuckin idiot was taking up cache'ing illegal weapons as a hobby, but the fact that he was up there on all these daytime shows and interviews fuckin frontin like he's a good guy is the straw that broke the camels back. I'm sick of all these fake ass entertainers and actors actin like they are model citizens, when every real muthfucka, who lives in the real world (myself) can tell that they're some slime balls.

I mean who really thought T.I. was a good guy? Just cause you throw on a young ass, bright, $80 dollar, peach colored Polo don't mean your any less of a scum bucket. And while I admit, perhaps maybe I am being a little harsh on Clifford Harris (I mean, it's not like he pissed on an underage female and then videorecorded it) I am not being too harsh on his lil' punkass alter ego T.I.. Fuck the bullshit, this moron created an image and then began to believe his own lies. Muthafucka you are not a gangster, you never will be a gangster, real gangsters have an extra sense about their criminal activity, they have an instinct for the street that most of the time (excluding minor skid bids) keeps them from being incarcerated. One of the inate abilities that a "real" gangster might call apon in his day to day life is the ability to read people, for example the skill to know when the fuck your being setup by your own gotdamn body gaurds would prolly rank right up there with not shooting yourself with your own gun (Lil' Wayne), doing quasi homosexual stuff (lil Wayne) and not snitchin on your superiors (Prodigy). Either way you see it, T.I. is losing in this situation. If he does manage to get off, his once squeaky clean image that was good enough for Chevrolet (fuckin' sellout) to have him in a plethora of commercials and for him to appear on mainstream late night and daytime talkshows is now gone. He may have just created T.I. for the fans, and the lil' fake thugs, but now he might have to actually become T.I. to survive, both in prison and on his records when he is released.

-Dominick L.

Illa Ghee- Bullet And A Bracelet

The tireless MC from Sumner, Brooklyn returns with another really good mixape. Really it's so unfair to refer to this as simply a "mixtape", it's so much more. I find it to be more of a street album. It's got some unbelievably effective production courtesy of Team Demolition (which Illa gives credit to throughout the CD, gets sorta annoying) a new production team that evidently has their shit together. The overall mood of Illa's throughout is very story like, as he delves into personal experiences and translates them into gripping street tales. There are a number of good tracks throughout the beginning of this joint but I found the hardest beats and the best bars came toward the end. There's a lot on this, including some relatively intriguing interludes that find you listening to Illa as he sort of conversates with himself and the listener all at once. This is a great effort and it's so good, I think because the overall formula is a throwback to how albums used to be made; One producer and one MC for the majority of the album. It's refreshing and familiar and never does it feel dated. The only guest feature is a worthy one in Prodigy, smh, and he under excels in his verse as expected. Way to go into the booth and write a verse on the spot P! At any rate this is a must for anyone seeking somthing edgy, yet you still wanna be entertained by more than mindless thuggery throughout most of the verses and songs (see the new IM3 album, lol.)

-Dominick L.

01. Intro 00:53
02. Project Illa 03:12
03. Walk With A Shotgun (feat. Prodigy) 03:29
04. Run From Me 03:24
05. My Image 02:41
06. Interlude 1 01:29
07. Yeah It's Me (What's Up?) 02:43
08. Maintenance Man 03:36
09. Bullet & A Bracelet 03:16
10. Bomb Diggy 03:29
11. Caviar 02:49
12. Beautiful Lie 02:32
13. Interlude 2 00:30
14. Pick His Face Up 03:24
15. For The Visual 03:55
16. Illa-Ocrates 02:40
17. Lift You Up 03:43
18. Damp Ladder 03:40
19. Outro 02:47
20. Breathe 02:06

Legal Hustle Ent. presents Got Beats?

Cormega and Legal Hustle are bringin' all the beat fiends somthin that's sure to please in Got Beats, The Production Series. Mega and his imprint have gathered some of the illest beatsmiths in the game and decided to put them all in one dope beat compilation. Of course there are appearances on this joint from longtime Cormega collaborators like Alchemist, J-Love and Ayatollah, but don't overlook some of the newer more unfamiliar names on this disc either....Moonshine, Emile and AX all contribute nicely to an instrumental album that I'm sure will become a cult classic in underground circles for years to come. This lineup was so impressive it leaves you salivating for an MC worthy enough to bless these bangers. Real highlights were the beats submitted by some of the veterans....DJ Premier, Ski Beatz and Buckwild all bring their signature sample chopping and rugged boom bap drum patterns in for this special occasion. Not to be overlooked The Bronx bred duo The Heatmakerz drops in and delivers a purely riviting beat, and perhaps the best one on the the 13 track Lp. This is a sorely needed element that hip-hop needs right now. We need more of an emphasis on good production. The current production in the game has recently started declining severely, but hopefully if more shit like this keeps droppin a few of these up and coming producers might decide to buy that sampling drum machine instead of that synth laden keyboard.

-Dominick L.

01. Moonshine - Instrumental 01 02:28
02. Ski Beatz - Instrumental 02 03:03
03. Heatmakerz - Instrumental 03 03:23
04. Alchemist - Instrumental 04 03:43
05. J Love - Instrumental 05 01:42
06. C Mill - Instrumental 06 06:13
07. Ayatollah - Instrumental 07 03:33
08. DJ Premier - Instrumental 08 04:00
09. J Garfield - Instrumental 09 03:27
10. Emile - Instrumental 10 03:01
11. Jae Supreme - Instrumental 11 01:15
12. AX - Instrumental 12 03:24
13. Buckwild - Instrumental 13 03:54'The%20link%20 is%20not%20active!%20It%20has%20been%20Deleted!')

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Infamous Mobb- Reality Rap

The extremely hardcore rap groups in hip-hop are slowly disappearing, especially on the east coast. These days there's only a handful of decent groups and duos back east (MOP, The Lox, etc.) that are still going strong and consistently dropping worthwhile music. IM3 is out to make a name for themselves, and so far if you've been paying attention you know that they've been doing just that. Already dishing out two very good, very well produced albums IM3 is on the verge of taking the spots of all the older now defunct hardcore acts the east coast was once producing at blinding rates. Their newest album, Reality Rap is an example of just how well connected they've remained with each other, their neighborhood talent and some of the best producers out there. Boasting guest spots from Erick Sermon, Prodigy, Big Noyd and ACD as well as production from names like Alchemist (a consistent contributor to all of their albums, who also raps on this go round) the trio from Queensbridge remains a force to be dealt with.

-Dominick L.

01-Infamous Mobb - Capitol Q (03:28)
02-Infamous Mobb - Who Can U Trust (03:43)
03-Infamous Mobb - Borderline (02:52)
04-Infamous Mobb - Betti Bye Bye feat. Flame Killer (04:34)
05-Infamous Mobb - It's A Gift (02:57)
06-Infamous Mobb - Blauu! (03:52)
07-Infamous Mobb - Get It Poppin' feat. T. Nitty (02:59)
08-Infamous Mobb - Streetz Of NY feat. Erick Sermon (04:30)
09-Infamous Mobb - Muzik 4 The User feat. Chinky (03:50)
10-Infamous Mobb - We Here feat. A.C.D. & P-Wonder (04:20)
11-Infamous Mobb - That Smell feat. G3 (03:30)
12-Infamous Mobb - Reality Rap (03:41)
13-Infamous Mobb - The Cypher Skit (01:28)
14-Infamous Mobb - 4/20 feat. Un Pachino (05:28)
15-Infamous Mobb - Double-El feat. Big Noyd (02:32)
16-Infamous Mobb - Closer feat. Twin (02:50)
17-Infamous Mobb - Handle Ya Business feat.Prodigy (03:33)
18-Infamous Mobb - Hustle Hard feat. Alchemist (04:59)

Quan-Most_Anticipated- (Hosted By P-Cutta And DJ Silk)

The one time protege of Nas has returned. Don FerQuan; the multi talented MC slash soul vocalist who was just recently running with Nas until personal troubles quelled their business relationship, has surfaced with a new helping of his powerful and resonant music. While many doubted whether or not Quan would be able to return to the game at all (he was recently arrested and charged for his apparent role in a robbery) given his recent parole violation. Yet Quan has managed to hook up with one of the street's most sought after DJ's in P-Cutta, who's Street War's mixtape series has garnered him many accolades. This tape boasts many highlights as well as some can't miss material from The Don. The production is surprisingly good in spots. Be sure to check out "Q.U.A.N" and "Music Is My Life".

-Dominick L.

01. 1:30 Intro b/w Freedom Or Death Skit ████▓ ████▓ 02. 3:36 Push It ████▓ ████▓
03. 2:51 Might B The Day (I Ride) ████▓ ████▓
04. 2:45 Can't Tell U Nothin ████▓ ████▓
05. 3:29 If You Want It Feat. Young Dexx ████▓ ████▓ 06. 2:59 Hood Politikz Part 2 ████▓ ████▓
07. 4:42 Music's My Life Feat. Floetry And Paul Taylor ████▓ ████
08. 3:17 Q.U.A.N. (Quite Unfu*kwitable At N'ything) ████▓ ████ 09. 3:07 Just For Cake ████▓ ████▓
10. 4:37 Get Money Gang Feat. Kingz Nation ████▓ ████▓ 11. 3:34 Criminal Minded ████▓ ████▓
12. 1:27 In Between The Streetz ████▓ ████▓
13. 2:25 Same Ol' sh*t ████▓ ████▓
14. 5:11 How We Survive Feat. Kingz Nation ████▓ ████▓ 15. 5:01 Prove It Feat. Thug Relation ████▓ ████▓
16. 2:25 Hood Politikz Part 1 ████▓ ████▓
17. 4:54 G-Call ████▓ ████▓
18. 3:12 Girl U Know Feat. Lee Carr ████▓ ████▓
19. 3:23 Simply Riden ████▓ ████▓
20. 3:54 I Ain't Mad Atcha '07

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smif and Wessun- The Album

The uncanny BK duo that has spawned so many of hardcore hip-hop's favorite bust-yo-ass-then-puff- an-L anthems has returned with a new offering for their fans and newcomers to their music. The Album, is just as it is; a real album for real heads. Complete with undeniable production and a unbashful recourse from the two main performers, this album is no disappointing return from a long hiatus. And while many will scratch their heads at the lack of BCC affiliates, don't let that discourage you, newcomers Chucki Starr and Million Styles prove to be worthy of the guest features they inhabit. All in all a strong effort from Tek and Steele.
-Dominick L.

01. See The Light 03:56
02. Gotta Say It (feat. Chuckii Star) 03:15
03. Trouble 03:41
04. K.I.M. 2000 (feat. Loudmouf Choir) 02:53
05. P.N.C. 4 Life 04:06
06. Gangster's Prayer (feat. Million Styles) 03:51
07. Stomp Thru (feat. Joell Ortiz & Rock) 03:17
08. Who Gonna Save Us 03:49
09. Still Fighting 03:06
10. Yeah 03:55
11. Movie 03:57
12. Can't Stop 03:52
13. I Can't Feel My Face (feat. Loudmouf Choir) 03:15
14. Still Here 02:55

props to Kawz on the link!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

J-Love presents...ThoroTracks The Saga Begins

Emerging from the ever changing, fiercely competitive NYC beat making scene is the Queens, NY production duo ThoroTracks, or The ThoroTracks Production House as they've come to be known in the business endeavors. Comprised of Sam and Jay the two beat enthusists have spent years paying their dues DJing and producing. All the hard work has paid off, as the two now have worked with this laundry list of artists: Royal Flush, Tek of Smif & Wessun, Mic Geronimo, Screwball, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Killah Priest, Black Poet of Screwball, Sean Price, Nygz, Blitz, The Cella Dwellaz, Casual of Hieroglyphics, Killa Sha, ACD, Planet Asia, Hell Razah, Timbo King, A-Alikes, Genovese, Ali Vegas, Crhyme Fam, FT, Troy Slugs, El Da Sensei, Poison Pen, Mike Reka, First Cousins, Meyhem and Final Chapter. Considering that they're still rather underground and not really known that well they should only continue to churn out great, grimey stuff.
-Dominick L.

Little Brother- Get Back

There isn't enough time in the day to describe to you how badly we need a group like Little Brother in the game right now. They're smart, they're witty, they have a presence about them that is just so unique and not contrived, it's literally like a breathe of fresh air everytime they do they're thing. While their first offering to us The Listening was nothing short of fantastic in the way of their social commentary and production, it flew significantly underneath the radar. Today the group has made a few changes, most notably the absence of long time collaborator and in house producer 9th Wonder (only one track on this album is produced by 9th). Despite the lack of airy, soulful looped beats that 9th is known for this album crushes mostly everything else dropped this year. Recruiting names like Ill Mind, Hi-Tek, Nottz and Denaun Porter to produce tracks on this album, surprisingly the group's messages and sound is still very much the same; it's still teetering on brillance. With songs like "Good Clothes", "That Ain't Love" and "Dreams", Phonte and Big Pooh disect some of the backwords thinking that goes on in the hip-hop community and does some reflecting on just where they stand in the game. This album is a spectacular display of what Hip-Hop could be and my opinion of anyone that ain't gonna get down with this is that your sleepin big time man. Little Brother has arrived in the form of a 11 track sophmore album that gets 3 1/2 outta 4 stars from me man.
-Dominick L.

01. Sirens (feat. Carlitta Durand) ... [prod. by Illmind]
02. Can't Win For Losing ... [prod. by Illmind]
03. Breakin' My Heart (feat. Lil Wayne) .. [prod. by 9th Wonder]
04. Good Clothes ... [prod. by Illmind]
05. After The Party (feat. Carlitta Durand) ... [prod. by Khrysis]
06. Extra Hard ... [prod. by Denaun Porter]
07. Step It Up (feat. Dion) ... [prod. by Hi-Tek]
08. Two-Step Blues (feat. Darien Brockington) ... [prod. by Nottz]
09. That Ain't Love (feat. Jozeemo) ... [prod. by Illmind]
10. Dreams ... [prod. by Rashid Hadee]
11. When Everything Is New ... [prod. by Zo!]

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rza- The Instrumental Experience

For many that have been clamoring to have all of Rza's illest beats all in one place and in good shape, here you are; The good people over at Think Differently music (Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture, Dreddy Krueger presents The A&R Experience etc.) have put together their latest offerig ion the form of an instrumental L, that features many of Rza's latest bangers and some of his landmark beats, a must have for all Wu heads and production enthusiasts alike.
-Dominick L.
01 08:29 The Samples (Intro) ██
02 02:40 Wu-Tang 7th Chamber Part 2 ██
03 03:06 Black Mamba ██
04 03:04 Diesel ██
05 02:01 Ya'll Been Warned ██
06 04:21 Knowledge God ██
07 04:32 Child's Play ██
08 03:08 Chamber Music ██
09 03:00 Severe Punishment ██
10 03:37 7th Chamber ██
11 02:40 For Heaven's Sake ██
12 02:18 Camay ██
13 04:15 Ice Cream ██
14 04:18 Triumph ██
15 02:52 State Of Grace ██
16 04:36 Run ██
17 03:00 Brutality (The Grindz) ██
18 00:16 Hollow Bones ██
19 02:52 Reunited ██
20 04:53 Domestic Violence ██
21 02:20 My G.O.D. ██
22 02:13 Duck Seazon ██

Jeru The Damaja- Still Rising

Many a BK head's dream has come true! Jeru is back man, and while he returns minus that great DJ Premier production that was sucha great back drop for his lyrical and poignant verses, his latest offering Still Rising, is a very worthy effort in both those departments despite some serious time off for Jeru, and a lack of any real huge production features. Yet all the heads that were bobbin they necks to his music in the 90's know that Jeru is someone that needs to be peeped out no matter what, even if he was gettin tracks from a slow kid up his block that made beats on a Casio. One track to make sure you check out is Quantum Leap.
-Dominick L.

01 Intro ██
02 02:16 The Crack ██
03 04:08 The Prophet ██
04 03:17 Ghetto ██
05 04:12 Murdera ██
06 03:50 Quantum Leap ██
07 04:23 History 101 ██
08 03:33 How Ill ██
09 01:09 Will Grow (Interlude) ██
10 03:56 Dirty Bomb ██
11 02:58 NY ██
12 03:26 Juss Buggn' ██
13:52 Airplay ██
14 04:19 Kick Rocks ██
15 04:38 Hold Tight ██
16 05:22 Streets ██

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Killa Sha- God Walk On Water

Killa Sha has patience. I mean when you talk about guys in the game that have really lived the hip-hop life, there's no one that could say they have more than Sha....I mean he ran with Marley Marl and The Juice Crew back in the day, he's from the same projects as Mobb Deep, Tragedy Khadafi and Nas. he has worked with everyone worthwhile in NY besides Hov. He's released a few street albums and made countless, mixtape appearances, I mean, he's done it all and seen it all. Lets fast forward to 2007. Already hittin the streets with a few mixtapes this year, Sha finishes up with his latest offering God Walk On Water, his long awaited solo retail album. Coming complete with guest spots from his QB bretheren and old running mates Havoc and Tragedy Khadafi, Sha also employs the talents of Brooklynite Ill Bill, Staten Islander Trife Da God and Queens legend Large Professor. This album resonates with that good, hardcore sound that Sha decorates with his no holds barred, heavy spillage flow. From the jump, Sha delivers some great tracks. Cuts like "Nourishment", "Air", "Unbroken" and "A Thing Called Love" keep the gutter/soul vibe moving throughout the early sections of this album. The backside of the album gets considerably more thugged out, when we find Sha switching gears from being reflective and speaking on a range of topics to having him go further into his ghetto renditions of spoken word gun bussing and life in the slums, however the production stays on point thru the whole album. It's a solid effort, jam packed with Sha's best work and some of his newest material. A good buy right here, that patience of Sha's is beginning to pay off.
-Dominick L.
01 - Intro
02 - Nourishment0
3 - Air
04 - Deep Thoughts
05 - Unbroken
06 - One Hand Wash The Other (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Trife Da God)
07 - A Thing Called Love
08 - Work The Plan (Feat. Havoc)
09 - Tune Of Life
10 - Piff (Feat. ACD)
11 - Front Lines (Feat. Large Pro)
12 - Maskaraid (Prod. by Jewelz Polaar)
13 - Come on (Prod. by Large Professor)
14 - Cash
15 - Mr Ni-Eve (Feat. Dressa)
16 - Stick & Move (Feat. Born Unique & Ill Bill)
17 - Un Believable

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The NYG'z - Welcome To G-Dom...presented by DJ Premier

If you follow underground hardcore shit than the group NYG'z dropping an album has literally got to have you amazed and full of excitement. For awhile now the duo known as the NYG'z (Panchi & Shabeeno) have been circulating dope single after dope single on many a popular mixtape. If you followed any of the Diplomat affiliated Purple City crews early tape's (many of which were damn near classic) than chances are you've heard them there. For the hip-hopper who deals with more accredited names, you most likely have heard them on a DJ Premier mixtape. In fact the duo is signed to Premier's "Year Round" record label imprint and prior to this street album had been featured on Gang Starr's Moment Of Truth album. Many of The NYG'z dopest joints have hardcore stamped all over them, and Premo's gritty, boom bap sound serves as a perfect backdrop, while Emile and newcomer production extraordinaires Thorotracks aslo contribute strongly. Not only that, but the two have also secured some pretty dope feature spots on this release that include M.O.P. and Blaq Poet from QB. While once again many purists will take comfort in knowing some really talented street acts are co-signing NYG'z it's relative newcomer St. Laz that might be the cat who steals the show in terms of having the nicest feature verses. The only quarrel I could see some fans having with this whale of an album is that there are only 7 Premier produced tracks, but fear not Hardcore Hip-Hop loyalists.....Premier and The NYG'z are set to release their entirely Premo produced debut retail album , Pros And Cons, somtime in 2008. Til' then enjoy a well produced and lyrically bruising effort from Panchi and Shabeeni, the two latest additions into the already surging Gang Starr Foundation crew.
-Dominick L.
01. Itz On feat. Rave 04:41
02. Ya Dayz R #'d 03:58
03. 3 Man Weave (feat. Reef, Hustle & Mic Ock) 04:23
04. Laundry Kings (feat. St. Laz) 03:53
05. SufferinÆ (feat. Rave & Fizzy Wo) 04:11
06. Get 2 Tha Point 03:25
07. G'z & Hustlaz (feat. Rave) 03:04
08. Welcome 2 G-Dom (feat. Rave) 04:21
09. What Kinda Life (feat. Raw) 03:07
10. Giantz Ta Thiz 04:23
11. Bow Down (feat. Blaq Poet & Rave) 03:09
12. Broken Dreams (feat. Imani Montana & Versatile) 02:25
13. Raps 4 U (feat. Boy Bucka & Harlem Fatz) 02:51
14. Bullseye (feat. Troy Sluggs, Royal Flush, J.U.I.C.E) 03:53
15. Black Buddafly (feat. Rave & Aisha) 04:24
16. Strength 04:13

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

J-Love Presents... The Outdoorsmen - Last Of The Dyin Breed

J-Love has long been my last hope for New York underground mixtapes DJ's. His tireless work ethic and glistening product have grown over the years to become a very trusted name when it comes to exclusives, real mixing and of course his highly slept-on boom-bap style of production. Few mixtape DJ's or just DJ's in general are as talented as the Richmond Hill, Queens native. J-Love maintains many great connections, from The Rza, Ghostface, M.O.P., Cuban Link and Slick Rick to LL Cool J, 50 Cent and Mobb Deep. If your favorite rapper or rap group has ever roamed the underground rap scene in New York, J-Love knows them or has worked with them. Certainly J-Love has attained a boat load of noteriety in the streets for his tapes and production, but what about his rapping? Yes, for some time now the pudgy Half Puerto Rican, half White (not sure what nationality he is) DJ/producer has been trying his hand at rhyming. Much to my initial surprise I found that he wasn't half bad. The content and voice were there, but the delivery is sloppy and he tends to sort of ramble, not putting enough emphasis on the most poignant moments in the verse. Enter in his newest project; a very new set of faces he's proclaimed as his group "The Outdoorsmen". Consisting of 7 very capable Mc's including himself J-Love makes this tape so much more memorable by adding a great twist... All the beats are vintage DJ Primer joints; all his best beats from the 90's on down. Way to fucking go J-Love, way to fucking go. Not only is that a completly original idea, it's ambitious. Some of these beats ("A Million" "Nas Is Like" "Above The Clouds" etc.) have already been ripped down by some of the best artists to ever fuck with the game, and now someone is going to attempt to freestyle over them? Too, too ill son, and a great way to showcase new talent. And while clearly the Outdoorsmen with the most lyrical dexterity are Take It AKA Cano, Meyhem and Killa Sha. New comers J steel and Animal are more than game in most of their verses, but aren't too lyrical. Expect the average gun toting, bitch fuckin', block huggin, crack slingin' stuff from them two. The biggest disappointments are like most would expect, J-Love's lack of progression in his flow. He's just too sloppy to listen to most of the time, but he gets an "A" for content, mos definitely gets an "A" for that. He's one of the few New yorkers I've actually heard get up and challenge the current climate within NY hip-hop and he does so convincingly and authoritively. Scolding the radio DJ's for their horrid taste in music, and for follwing trends. Attacking the new, very metro sexual style of dress popularized mainly in New York, and finally critiquing all the fake thugs in the industry. While this tape is sure to fly under the radar and miss a lot of younger heads, it has struck a major chord with a purist like myself, who's musically stuck in the 90's. I'm anxious to hear more new stuff from the whole Outdoorsmen clique, as I await vol.2. In the mean time I'm sure J-Love will continue to pump out great mixtapes, and work on that flow.
-Dominick L.

01. J-Love, Killa Sha, Meyhem - NY State Of Mind 2007 04:13
02. Take-It, J-Love, Mercy - It's All Real 02:41
03. J-Love, Meyhem, Take-It - Speak Ya Clout 03:14
04. J-Love, Killa Sha, Mercy, Meyhem - Bust Ya Shit 03:45
05. J-Love & Animal - Who's Gonna Take The Weight 01:35
06. J-Love - J-Love Is Like 03:08
07. Meyhem - Rapperz R In Danger 02:43
08. Killa Sha - The Comming 02:06
09. Take-It - Invincible 02:13
10. Meyhem & J-Love - Dirty Rotten 02:32
11. J-Love, Mercy, Jay Steele, Take-It - Boom 03:45
12. Jay Steele - Wild Cowboy 01:40
13. Animal, Science, Action Bronson, Take-It, Mercy - Up 04:54Against The Wall (feat. A.G.)
14. J-Love & Killa Sha - A Million 02:19
15. J-Love, Action Bronson, Take-It, Killa Sha - Doe In Advance 03:15
16. Meyhem - Above The Clouds 01:43
17. Jay Steele & Take-It - Dat Shit 02:28
18. J-Love & Take-It - Family Connection 02:30
19. Meyhem, Action Bronson, J-Love, Mercy, Take-It - Extra Extra 03:35
20. J-Love - Take It Personal 03:01
21. Killa Sha, Meyhem, Jay Steele - Bring Da Rukus 03:57
22. Meyhem - Betrayal 01:01
23. J-Love & Mercy - All 4 The Cash 02:14
24. Jay Steele & Action Bronson - Volumptous Cracks 03:14
25. J-Love - MC's Act Like They Don't Know 02:31
26. Killa Sha - Ya Don't Stop 02:58
27. Mercy - Code Of The Streets 01:5428. J-Love, Meyhem, Animal - Bitches 03:50

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