Monday, August 31, 2009

The Sessions Mixtape Volume One Produced by One5 and Hosted by Rack-Lo

This is a treat for all you NYC hardcore heads who always are looking to hear a nice remix....

Rack-Lo of the Lo-Life crew has teamed with The Schematik Entertainment Camp and producer One5 to bring you a deep roster of underground talent, all remixed over One5's original production...

Ripe with boom bap laced criminology and free-flowing poetics in abundance, "The Sessions" is a lil' bit more than just your average blend tape....In fact it's more like one of the most engaging remix project's that I've heard in a few years.

You'll find the bulk of this enjoyable as One5 re-works joints from several of the underground's most firmly rooted names like Doujah Raze, Sean Price, Little Brother, Supastition, A.G., Talib Kweli, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples and C.L. Smooth...The latter of whom takes part in one of the best joints on this gem by dropping a proper perspective on his and Skyzoo's "Perfect Timing" collab from last year.

Even "Brooklyn 2 Auckland", the ubiquitous overseas collab joint that more often than not never goes right and should never be re-visited no matter who's attempting to pull it off oozes with instantly enticing lyrics and polished melodramatic strings.

After bumping "The Sessions Vol.1" One5 should def. be on your radar as a beatmaking force and Rack-Lo should be given some credit for bringing his talent to the forefront...

Whether you like remixes or not you can't deny the fact that this music is just what the doctor ordered in a time when overblown commercialism and shotty production is running rampant. Rack just doesn't do much to assert or advance his career on this and that's the only shortcoming of the project. As far as his A&Ring skills go however, the Lo-Life passes with flying colors...

An 8 outta 10 effort...nice!


Single: Donny Goines - Dream Awake (prod. by Nastee)

See there is a bright side to Twitter! What I mean is that sometimes ill new artists leak heat like this on their pages and we (the Hip-Hop community) get to enjoy something early...

"Dream Awake" is such a track that was released early by Donny Goines via the latest bastardisation of social networking on the web, that sports lush horn textures and inspired MCing that instantly catch and hold your ear hostage. A true blessing is dispersed that is def. album worthy.

Goines relates heavily to the common man, kicking kinetic verses about coming up and biding his time til' a break comes his way, coupling his I'm-gonna-make-it attitude with a track that is just as ambitious.

As the gifted NYC rhymer makes promises to himself about future successes we all wait and anticipate what he drops next....


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video: John Robinson - The One (MJ Tribute)

This is pretty neat....actually one of the few Michael Jackson tributes that I liked and that I felt was well executed musically....

John Robinson, one of NYC's better MC's at the moment, is the man that rhymes wonderfully over this inventive new vid that highlights a bunch of MJ's all time greatest performance moments.

B Jazz is credited with the production of this joint that samples "Billie Jean" in some of the most creative ways I've ever heard....

No matter what you thought of MJ, he def. did his thing on the performance tip and a lot of your (and mine for that matter) heroes hero's loved his work to death and used it for inspiration....


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Single: Gift Of Gab - El Gifto Magnifico

New ish' from Blackalicious lead man Gift Of Gab that is all too funky....

Utilizing a dope Latin-inspired arrangement Gift goes in and flips out lyrically. Really liked how he finessed that chorus too....Glad someone is showing some love to Latin sounding beats again...I remember for a second in the late 90's it seemed like everyone had at least one Cha Cha or Salsa beat on they record, but then that practice started fading away. Maybe it was because in many cases the result was either really good (Sheek & Pun's "Pina Colada" & Eve's "What Ya'll Niggas Want") or really bad and damn near un-listenable (Cuban Link & Pink's "Play How You Want")....

"El Gifto Magnifico" is the first single off Gift's new album "Escape From Mars" (pictured) that drops in October and will feature Brother Ali and Del....It's also Purehip-hop's single of the weekend!


Blu - NoSleepForADay EP

I have been tryin' for a minute now to mention, whenever I could, that Blu is pretty nice on the boards.....

I know everyone and they mama is jockin his rhymin' steez, and lovin the music he's creating with west coast beatsmiths like Exile, but yo...Dude is kinda nice with the button pressin' his damn self.

I can't say I've known long, it was on Blame One's "Days Chasing Days", when I first heard Blu do his thing--he handed Blame a serious beat for "I Wonder Why" and since then I been wondering when he would let us hear more....

Blu stays on his Myspace grind and 3 days ago he dropped "NoSleepForADay", a short lil' glimpse of his production endeavors. Eccentrically titled, it showcases Blu's soulful and sample based production chops.

Your gonna be irked that it wasn't longer....


Peaz&Blessings. ItsYaBoy. FellBackForASec.
ButTheOverDoseIsComing. SlowlyThough.
WeGoneStartItOffWithSomeFunTimeShit. IDidThisOneDayThisSummer.
ProducedByTheBluAsBulb(theBrightIdea) EnjoyAQuickApetizerBeforeTheBreakfastSpecial


Single: Deams ft. Big Daddy Kane - State Your Game (prod. by DJ Premier)

Amsterdam is officially in the building!

Here we got one of the Netherlands's newest names combining with one of Hip-Hop's all-time best in Kane for a Premier produced banger....

Deams is no Solid, molded MC, but he holds his own next to one of the best ever....He leaves a bit to be desired in the lyrical department, but don't act like your not gonna check out a joint that has Kane rhyming and Premo handlin the production. Maybe it's a bad thing for Deams that most folks are checking in due to his extremely high profile guest spots, but as long as people are just listenin' period, than mission accomplished my brutha...

Be sure you check for Deam's "The Legacy EP" on September 9th.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Single: One Be Lo ft. Mike Posner - The Pigs

After signing with Bay Area-based MYX Music Label, Hip-Hop vet and underground luminary One Be Lo hits us with a new joint in order to properly prep us for his upcoming LP on said label, "B.A.B.Y."...

Returning off a 3 year hiatus and his last acronym titled LP, "R.E.B.I.R.T.H.", the celebrated Michigan bred MC puts the heinous 'overseers' we all know as the Po Po on blast.

"The Pigs" is an uptempo, poetical mosaic of how police corruption and brutality is still running rampant in America and perhaps even getting worse.

Backed up by a capable Mike Posner (who also produced this) One has the underground's ear's perked once again....Kinda disappointed that this joint is not going to be on "B.A.B.Y.", but excited that One is back on the scene nonetheless...


Video: Chip-Fu - Ridiculous

Remember Chip-Fu?

1/3 of the Brooklyn based, 90's group Fu-Schnickens is back with a new look for his fans and actually, if your up on ya click game you know he really never went anywhere for too long...

All Internet searching aside, last year, Chip lent his Reggae styled vocals to Pete Rock's "NY's Finest" LP, and also made an appearance on Nicolay and Kay's collabo project "Time:Line".

Anyway, here's "Ridiculous", his new vid that finds Chip entertaining with his break neck rhyme pattern and that same charisma that we all remember from back in the day...Pretty ill for a black and white real big effects, just a straight up performance piece.

Supposedly there's a new solo debut project on the horizon for Chip, one never knows for sure, but if your interested in hearing what he's been up to lately he did just drop a new mixtape back in March with his mans Blaq Ink that you can peep below:


Single: Reks ft. Bossman - That's What's Up (prod. Statik Selektah)

Boston links with BMore as Reks drops a new joint titled "That's What's Up" off his new LP "R.E.K.S.", due out in January 2010...

Over a nice Statik Selektah drop, Reks goes in and does what he does....wasn't too thrilled with Bossman's contribution, but hey, I ain't a Bossman fan in the least....

This isn't tragically bad or anything, but it really doesn't go anywhere. The Hook is nearly unbearable and I sort of just get the impression that this is a filler track...Wouldn't be at all surprised if this finds it's way off the new album either....


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Single: Thorotracks ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli and Chaundon - Connect 4 Pt. 2

Hardcore Queens production duo Thorotracks busts you upside your head with their newest lil' single off their upcoming street album "The Saga Continues"....

Combining their chilling, boom bap effect with the lyrical finesse of Skyzoo, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sha Stimuli and Chaundon, the result is pure ferocity bundled with a solid, hardcore sound that is sure to please any head. All four New Yorkers sound perfectly at home over the grimey masterpiece and their worthy bars match fittingly....

Thorotracks (Sam & Jay) have long been one of NY's best kept secrets for most of the 2K, sadly, and I first got hip to some of their productions via who they have worked with in the past--that being everyone from Killah Priest and Black Poet of Screwball to Sean Price, The Nygz and The Cella Dwellaz just to name a small few....

They're sound is a flat out tribute to great 90's Hip-Hop and I was enthralled with it from the jump...So ya'll know how thrilled I musta been when Sam agreed to do a drop for my Remix project "The Tape"....He was down to earth and really has a great love for Hip-Hop and it shines through in his music...These two both have the connections, the sound and the rep. to be superstars in this game, I can't wait to see them blow....

I also can't wait to purchase my copy of their new record, but til' I have that opportunity, "Connect 4" is going in my steady rotation...


Video: Bekay - I Am BW Brooklyn Bridge ft. Masta Ace

So last week I hit you with the single for Bekay's "Brooklyn Bridge", now we're getting the vid, and it's a banger as well...

Going in and letting you get twice as nice, Bekay gives you a sneak peak at his other single off his new LP, the Alchemist laced "I Am", before he drops in the visuals for "Brooklyn Bridge".

Along with Masta Ace, Bekay gives us a lil' dose of Brooklyn, at times posed in front of the iconic bridge, for which the song barrows it's name....

Displaying scenes of a pretty hype BBQ in the park, a solid linup of cute shorties and some home boro cameos (Statik Selektah, Shabaam Sahdeeq) this is what you want out of a vid as far as balance goes....All in all a fun lil' joint....

Shout out to my fellow blogger Gangstarr Girl who makes an appearance as one of the previously mentioned "cute shorties" (she's the West Indian lookin female with the red hair) you doin ya thing ma!

Novemeber 10th "hunger Pains" drops ya'll...


News: Marijuana, Heiroin and Large Sum Of Cash Found In Jadakiss' Apartment

According to and, Jason Phillips AKA Jadakiss, had his Yonker's waterfront apartment raided and there police found six pounds of weed, five grams of heroin and about forty two thousand dollars in cash.

Despite this somewhat incriminating discovery Kiss is not being held and Lt. Joeseph Manaco says he isn't seeking to speak with him either....

Instead, two men; Gabriel Henriquez and Alberto Lajara have been arrested in connection with this case. Henriquez had been staying in one of the rooms in the apartment that is leased to Kiss....Apparently this whole situation jumped off after Hanriquez and Lajara were stopped by police when they drove by a car they were in and smelled Marijuana. Later a foot chase ensued when Henriquez attempted to run, but he was quickly apprehended and arrested.

Once Officers figured out that he was staying with Kiss, they secured a warrant and searched the apartment.

Subsequently Henriquez is being charged with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-degree assault as well as second-degree criminal possession of marijuana. Along with those felonies, he is also being charged with obstruction of governmental administration.

Lajara is being charged with a violation in disorderly conduct and fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana, which is a misdemeanor.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Video: Raekwon ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & Method Man - House Of Flying Daggers

The Chef hits us with the new vid for "House Of Flying Daggers", the second video release for his upcoming and highly touted new LP "Only Built For Cuban Linx II"....

Utilizing the insanely sick illustration of 1000styles to fuel this ninja saga vision, Rae has a sure fire winner here that is wholeheartedly the best video of the week, maybe the whole month...The comic bookesque delivery of the animation is duly noted as well, really made this vid entertaining and one of a kind....

Produced by J Dilla, "House Of Flying Daggers" is a track that one could of thought was some unreleased gem from the 90's that Rae had been keeping under his hat for the right moment. Instead it is simply Rae's unabashed efforts to create that timeless Wu sound that we are hearing...Even though this release might be tedious and a long time coming, I appreciate a good deal and understand why it's taken the time that it has; Rae is crafting a classic...I have no doubt of that now...


Video: Sandpeople - Hate Aside

Here's the first video off Sandpeople's new 9 track EP "Long Story, Short", titled "Hate Aside"...

Pretty impressive work from the Portland, OR outfit....This is by far one of the better constructed video's you'll see droppin'....

Sapient (the kid who sings the chorus) really has a dope on camera presence and his performance is what makes this effort...


News: 2 Shot After Fabolous Concert In Pennslyvania

Following a Fab concert in Allentown, PA early Sunday morning a man and a woman were both shot.

According to Police Captain Dean Schwartz the two were shot in the parking lot of the Crocodile Rock Cafe in downtown Allentown and then later taken to Leigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest via ambulance.

No further details have been divulged about the shooting and reportedly the concert itself went along with no incidents.....


Sunday, August 23, 2009

M.O.P. - Foundation (Snippets)

It's amazing how useful Amazon can be at times....Not only do I use it frequently to find out and help recall release dates, but it has for some time now had the feature of letting you preview snippets off of albums as well....Comes in handy when this blogger needs quick info or a refresher on a track list or something....

Right now I'm singing the web store's praises because one of their most recent additions to their "music sampler" snippet player is none other than M.O.P.'s forthcoming LP "Foundation"...

All I can say is that the "Brownsvillians" are back! Providing a usual heavy dose of hardcore, street ready rhymes the duo has quickly updated their sound, but hasn't forgotten what got them here in the first place....

Giving you a solid sneak peak into the album's 14 tracks, it's apparent that I might be having to pre-order this really soon...

For everyone else that chooses to wait keep in mind that September 15th is the day when Fame and Danze release their long awaited return...


Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Mixtape

As promised we have the new mixtape/soundtrack that accompanies the re-release of the much anticipated "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2" video game, that features some of Hip-Hop's best contributing original music for the free download....

Featuring Talib Kweli, Planet Asia, Supernatural and Raekwon to name a few, this 10 track banger of a tape is geared toward comic book heads and so the originality of the music is very high....

Probably not what your looking for if you really need to chill out or if your seeking deep subject matter....nah, this here is officially what you want playing while you whoop on your homeboys in the game, simultaneously talkin much shit....

It really is dope to see the extensive world of comic books and Marvel show Hip-Hop some love, I liked this project and I hope that other video game and comic entities follow suit and start enlisting rappers to help out with game soundtracks....

Purehip-hop picks are "Terrorize", Superheroes" and "Take U 4 A Ryde".


01. Planet Asia & DJ Toure - Superheroes
02. Havoc & Nyce - Number One
03. Raekwon & Oh No - Terrorize
04. Random, Blaze Rock & Storyville - The Remainder Is One
05. DJ Qbert - Reinforcements
06. Talib Kweli & Oh No - Take U 4 A Ryde
07. Hieroglyphics - Battle Drum
08. The Grouch & Eligh - Fight The Good Fight
09. MC Supernatural - Power Up
10. E40 & Droop E - They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Annnnd, since I'm bored as shit, watchin' the Malinaggi and Diaz fight for the 4th time here's a couple of the video's that dropped for this project from PA and The Grouch & Eligh...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Video: Beanie Sigel - In The Ghetto

Walk alongside Philly Vet Beanie Sigel as he gives you one of the most stark and realistic portrayals of conditions on the street as you'll get in his new vid "In The Ghetto".

The title don't stray too far from the subject matter as director Picture Perfect engages his audience with vivid, realistic images of wayward life on Philadelphia's notorious back blocks.

Desolate visuals of run down row houses, tatted up foot soldiers with listless gazes in their eyes and scenes of an ever evolving drug game all mesh into this introspective and surreal peek at life in the hood as Beans does what he does best over a dramatic and soulful beat that pulls at your heart strings...

This is near perfection when it comes to a video...

"The Broad Street Bully" drops September 1st....


Single/Video Interview: O.C. & A.G. - Think About It

Two of D.I.T.C.'s generals have returned with a brand new collab album titled "Oasis" and "Think About It" is the first single they've plucked for us to hear in anticipation of the new venture....

Over a powerful, well produced beat the two Hip-Hop vets who have a combined 10+ albums go to work in true Diggin' fashion...

Displaying hardcore rhymes and a sharp focus, one would have no other choice but to highly anticipate the upcoming release of "Oasis", which you can expect to drop on October 27th.

I've included a new video interview with the Starchild and Andre The Giant for ya'll to peep out as well. Among some of the topics they touch on is their origin in the game, their brief hiatuses and what's next for the D.I.T.C. crew.


Single: Bekay ft. Masta Ace - Brooklyn Bridge (prod. by DJ Babu)

Talk about a sick collaboration....Here we have one of the better new MC's out of the most populous NYC boro; Bekay, dropping the first leak off his new LP "Hunger Pains"....

"Brooklyn Bridge" finds the brash rhymer giving you a tour of his town's soul over a sick piano laced production from L.A. spin legend DJ Babu...That ain't all boot we also get a brand new verse from the man I am officially crowning the best MC ever out of Brooklyn--Masta Ace....

Ace's assist and Babu's production clearly make this the single of the Weekend and
really I liked Bekay's offering a lot, there was no lying in his honest rhymes and I appreciate that, there's no need to try and coem of as something you ain't and Bekay's genuine attitude make him likable and more importantly listenable...Together he and Ace transfer their abundant hometown affection right into your speakers while Babu's perfect cuts and scratches cascade nicely as a chorus...A true Brooklyn banger...


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Video: J Dilla ft. Havoc and Raekwon - 24K Rap

J Dilla feat. Havoc & Raekwon "24K Rap" from Dennis-Sean Baquiran Jr. on Vimeo.

If you peeped out Dilla's new "Jay Stay Paid" LP than you already know that this cut here was probably the illest joint on the 28 track instrumental LP that featured 10 cuts that had guest vocals over them....

This vid is pretty straight forward, just a bunch of performance shots of Hav and Rae in some graff littered basemnet fondling a some kicks and rocking sick gear (that Lacoste shirt Hav got is nuts)...oh and did I mention they both come off nice? Pretty easy thing to do over a Dilla production, but you know what I'm sayin'...

On a side note, can I just say that I'm jealous as shit about Rae gettin his hands on those Mr. Cartoon Livestrong AF1's... R.I.P. Dilla & Baatin


D-Stroy - Cataclysm: The Official D-Stroy Mix CD

After a hilarious intro the one-time Arsonists member dives right into his new mixtape "Cataclysm" at full B-Boy speed.

Utilizing a bevy of breaks and just an all-out old school approach, this mix is right up the alley of any late 80's rap fiend right down to the old school rhyme patterns that D-Stroy rocks throughout.

I liked this mix for a number of aesthetic reasons....

Even if D-Stroy left the Arsonists awhile back his ties remain strong and he was able to wrangle up Q-Unique for a guest spot on perhaps the tape's nicest cut "Good", for which an ultra dope video was also released. Another highlight is the 93' freestyle that Stroy un-earth's from Pharoahe Monch.

Mis-steps happened sparingly here and "Cataclycsm" is nicely constructed and has a bunch of diversified looks. From the talented Miri Ben Ari guesting with her killer Violin to the legendary DJ Tony Toca coming through for yet another one of his dope rhyming spots you never see a dull moment.

I'mma drop an 8 outta 10 for this.....


1.Intro - Live From Springfield Penitentiary
2.Lacing Beatches
3.Party Crashers
4.Bravo Feat. Miri Ben-Ari & Clinton Sparks
5.Bring It To Me
6.Gangsta Girl Feat. Feat. R-Kelly
8.Roll Out
9.Good Feat. Q-Unique
10.1993 Feat. Pharoah Monch & Beatminerz
11.Rock Right Feat. Freestyle
13.The Show Must Go On Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien
14.In Ya Trunk Feat. Busta Rhymes
15.Psychobots Evolution
16.Scan The Field Feat. Shabazz
17.Hot 97 Furious 5 Show
18.She’s A …..
19.Esto Es Lo Que Eh Feat. Tony Touch
20.Vitamin D
21.Watch Your Step Feat. Pedal Shot

Video: DJ Spinna - New York ft. Kriminul (of the Jigmastas)

DJ Spinna checks in for the first Video off his new LP "Sonic Smash" with his long time partner in rhyme, Kriminul..

For many years now Spinna and Krim have recorded under the group name the Jigmastas and given the underground a host of dope albums....

Here the two team up again for "New York", the Mark Carranceja directed video effort off Spinna's newest LP....Brilliantly shot, the sharp images of a few of NY's most celebrated Hip-Hop landmarks as well as Spinna and crew vividly tell the story of NY boom bap...

"Sonic Smash" is available in stores and online now.


Video: Funkdoobiest - The Heavyweight Funk

Son Doobie, DJ Ralph M. and Tomahawk Funk are all back!

Dropping a new vid for their single "The Heavyweight Funk", off their latest LP "Golden B-Boys" (love that title), the crew of stoner Hip-Hoppers that were cut from the glorious cloth of DJ Muggs and Cypress Hill display they still got "it"...

Tons of energy and fun pour out of this vid and it's good to see the Brothers Doobie back together continuing to make care-free, funky music that I became a fan of theirs for way back in 93'/94'....

Throwing together footage from live performances as well as video of DJ Ralph M. cutting it up on the 1's and 2's, this is pure entertainment, right down to the lower fronts that Son Doobie is rockin'....

The trio kicks off a European tour on September 25th and "Golden B-Boys" is available online at their website store:


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Punchlyne & Fokis present...The Appetizer EP

Brand new EP from NY based MC's Punchlyne (formerly "Punchline") and Fokis, who both bring a unique take to this 7 track project that highlights both of their extensive vocabulary.

It's not easy to garner much attention with the bunches of new albums, tapes and singles that flooded the net today, but Punch and Fokis have fully grabbed mine. Dropping via 2Dopeboyz, Kevinnottingham and HHG, the duo combine for 7 solid, well- produced and lyrically consistent cuts, successfully throwing their names in the hat for best EP of 09'.

Complimenting Punch's clever and climatic bars, Fokis steps up from the ranks of languishing mixtape artist to sharpened, credible MC and does so in a convincing manner. He shines throughout this jaunt and I'm already fienin' for what's next from these two--that being their forthcoming full length LP the "Reset Button".

Punch and Fokis get an 8 1/2 outta 10....

*be sure to grab the Kevinnottingham bonus track "Show Me The Money" (Remix) at the bottom features Senor Kaos...*


Bonus cut: "Show Me The Money" (Remix)

Single: Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One - Special (prod. by Parallel Thought)

New leak off of Tame and Del's upcoming collabo project "Parallel Uni-Verses" that will be entirely produced by beatmaker Parallel Thought....

"Special" proves to be a pretty interesting meld of both artist's tastes, and Parallel Thought has that funky, off kilter kinda production down pat. His beat is a great canvas for the two long-time friends and equally eclectic minds to get off some killer verses.

Tame specifically handled business, his wittiness meter was at a full 10 here...I chuckled hard at that line about some cat bein so wack he'd fuck up a grace before a meal...

"Parallel Uni-Verses" will hit stores later this year on Gold Dust Media.


Video: Serius Jones - Gig

New video from battle tested Jersey rhymer Serius Jones, that features the wordy MC dead in the middle of NYC's Time Square, rapping about the everyday job that rap is for him and the embattled questions that the occupation yields.

Over a nice Dub Sonata beat Serius unleashes a great tune that is supposed to be off that upcoming "Life Is Serius" soundtrack.


Video: DJ JS-1’s Greatest Sell Out Moments

Fresh off his new LP "Ground Original 2: No Sell Out", DJ JS-1 breaks down his greatest disappointments within Hip-Hop, Entertainment and even the sports world....

I co-sign just about everything JS is talkin bout' here, mad legends have sold out on various occasions, only example I won't agree with 100% is the Krs-One/Puffy remix debacle. Come on JS, Kris made Puff bend to his will on that and believe it or not there was once a time when Puff wasn't totally unbearable. The joint wasn't that bad and after all it was just a remix...

I was really happy that someone did point out the recent fuckery that Common has been participating in...Jesus an appearance on the Jonas Brothers CD?

*Glances over at my copy of "Like Water For Chocolate" and sighs*

I guess I'll just have to charge that bullshit to the recession...

check this vid out and go grab Ground Original 2 in stores now....


Single: Black Milk - 2 AM

Detoit's double threat laces us with a new track that while short, still provides you somethin' that your gonna want to run back over and again.

Over his own gully production Milk lays down some nice bars dedicated at illuminating to everyone just how hard he hustles...

So while you were sleeping, chances are Milk was prolly arranging another killer beat or sharpening his ever-consistent rhyme skills.

Sorry, no real info about where this track originates from, I'd be willing to bet Milk has a new project cookin' though.


Single: M.O.P. - Shell Casings

Bucka, Bucka Bloaw!!!!

Brand new M.O.P. leak fuckas....Really I can't say M.O.P. cause' only Danze makes an appearance vocally, but either way, whoo! This is that potent, mash out ish' we all know and love...

Danze rips down a nice lil' composition and triumphantly makes a case that the new M.O.P. record "Foundation" will be memorable....

Remember ya'll, September 15th is when the Posse drops the new one....Stick yaself if you ain't planning on goin and grabbin' that...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Single: A-Alikes ft. Mos Def - Sirens In The Distance

This is a real treat for all of you that yearn for more politically themed and conscious Hip-Hop....If you don't know already, get familiar with the A-Alikes....

Having sprung up outta Dead Prez's R.B.G. crew, the former Source magazine "Unsigned Hype" recipients Ness and K have long been at work on their music, dropping a couple well received underground albums and a few ill mixtapes. Here, the two reality rhymers return with a new offering off their latest mixtape and upcoming album that features one of Brooklyn's best, Mr. Mos Def goin' in...

Over a sinister beat all three men go to work, giving you the hard truths about our beloved America....Comes complete with some sound bites from Mos' appearance on the Bill Mahr show earlier this year, where the good brother kicked some really real ish' that even made Bill blush....

Enjoy this and go get yaself an education by picking up the A-Alikes 3rd mixtape installment of "The Hustler And The Hunted" here:


Single: Apathy ft. Phonte - True Love

New banger from Apathy The Alien Tongue! The Connecticut bred MC is prepping his new LP "Wanna Snuggle?" and has unlocked the first leak "True Love" in anticipation for the project, that will feature Apathy himself handling quite a bit of the production...

Over a silky vocal stab, a thudding snare drum and a lovely lil' bassline the Demigodz frontman goes in with Little Brother member Phonte and gets into a bit of Hardcore crooning. The line between dope Hip-Hop song and loving ode to past flings is successfully blurred...LOL, Ap's verse was decidedly more aggressive, While Phon Tigga's bit wa a lil' more satirical in nature. A new balance is struck.

As both MC's kick rhymes about the ins and outs of love and relationships, I def. got caught in the moment. Maybe even started reminiscing about "True Loves" my damn self. LOL, but that's another post for another blog I guess...

Enjoy this dope collaboration and be sure to go grab Ap's new LP on Oct.6th, it will feature Blue Raspberry, J-Live, B-Real, Holly Brook, Fort Minor and of course all of Ap's Get Busy Committee, Demigodz and AOTP family.


News: Jay-Z's Death Of Autotune Tracklist Emerges

Okay lets face it, I haven't really been diggin' some of Jay's latest musical moves and well, judging by this track list for his upcoming LP "DOA", I doubt my opinion is gonna change anytime soon...I admit it...say I'm not Hip-Hop or whatever, but damn...why does this man continue to blatantly become more and more pop?

I might be in the minority on this, but am I the only one that is less than riveted at the lineup Jay has assembled? Swizz? Jeezy?? Drake???? I hate to say it but I might consider not paying my Jiggaman membership fees and dropping out the cult...He's totally forgotten and alienated his fans from the 90's to pursue what? not cutting his hair and rocking the same clothes as 15 yr. olds? Don't even get me started on the actual music he's droppin'...SMH

In any case, this is for all you inquiring minds that still give a damn...


Hello My Name Is Quite Nyce Presented by Unherd Digital

I've been givin' ya'll baby sips of Worcester, Massachusetts MC Quite Nyce for awhile now, and lord knows I big up his collabo album from earlier this year with Raydar Ellis "The Champs Vs. The League", but now it's time for a full showcase of sorts....

Through Unherd Digital and some of the bigger blogs on the web, Nyce is giving away his new mixtape (that really is an album compilation) "My Name Is Quite Nyce", to properly introduce you to his intelligent, soulful and always refreshing musical abilities....

Comprised of tracks that are from as far back as 2008, as recent as this past Spring, over sea's releases, cuts from his group RADIx and past solo LP's, this is a strong and densely packed admittance into the high brow Hip-Hop stylings of one of the genre's new and truly slept-on artists.

Filled with tons of lush, soulful production and sharp, observant Mcing, Nyce impresses time and again, track through track. Certain standouts are the powerfully bombastic "This Is My Life", The wonderful Boom Bap ode "Jazzolution" and basically every track after the intro....LOL, what can I say? The man has a great resume and is more than one to watch, you gotta check in every hour with this cat....

Keeping his vocab direct and humble, yet diving into real and relatable topics is how Nyce captures you. He sounds like the brutha that you might casually speak to about something as unassuming as the NFL or some shit, but then he wows you with his well of knowledge on all things, that he kicks without sounding like some pretentious know it all. He's a champion for the common man Hip-Hop fan and his devotion to the aesthetics that Hip-Hop was built upon is consistent. Honest, real MCing, beats that contain interesting Jazz infused samples and collaborations with other MC's that share his authentic vision drip through this tape effortlessly. Perfect fodder for any J-Live, Doujah Raze, J Rawls or Kev Brown fan.

Quite Nyce earns an 8 1/2 outta 10 rating....


Havoc - From Now On Mixtape

After the long waiting period and the extensive leaks, Havoc, one half of the iconic street duo Mobb Deep, finally drops his newest mixtape on us "From Now On".

Supplying this heat completely free via his much-loathed bosses website, Hav injects a much needed dose of good music into the arms of longtime Mobb fans, who, lets face it, were in desperate need of one.

Starting off strong was important, and hav does just that with the first two tracks "Smells Like 9/5" and "What's That Smell", (of which the latter is far too short!) even the oft-underachieving Lloyd Banks turns in a sharp 16 bar performance on the third track "Bang Bang"....

Throughout the experience there are more than a few sorted big misses however...The over-pronounced and boring performances on "That's How You Feel" and "H Is Back" as well as the tracks that were serviced by either a weak hook, a weak guest spot or just a outright bad performance by Hav like "You Don't Know Me" and "You Take Her" really damage this tape's listenability. Nothing disappointed more than the squandered opportunity with Termanology and Freeway....don't know why Hav tried to take us down south on that with his flow, but it was no doubt a bad look....

There are some really strong standout joints on here that Hav can be proud of, but he definitely didn't deliver like one would've expected judging by the leaks...In the end your just disappointed and "From Now On" most likely will only hold your attention for a few spins. Nothing screams that you didn't really do ya thing than the fact that the two best jams are the previosuly released bonus tracks...

A dismal 4 outta 10....


Monday, August 17, 2009

Ghostface Killah - Wizard Of Poetry Album Sampler

By now we all should be readily able to digest that Ghost's newest album will have a heavy R&B tinge to it and whether you like that or not, I'm of the belief that I'd rather have my favorite MC's around, doing something, anything, rather than not....

That being said, we have a mini 5 track sampler of Ghostdini's new LP "Wizard Of Poetry", that contains both snippets and full songs.

Some of what's contained here should have been reviewed by you a long while back ("Computer Love") and some is brand spankin' new, like the Raheem DeVaughn assisted "Baby" that will also have a video for itself real soon...

Mr. Coles' "Wizard..." album is set to be released "when he's good and damned ready"


1. Baby feat. Raheem “Radio” DeVaughn
2. He’s A Goner (I Got Ya) feat. Lloyd (Snippet)
3. Let’s Stop Playin’ feat. John Legend (snippet)
4. Forever
5. Computer Love

Video: Skillz feat. Usef Dinero and DJ Jazzy Jeff - Inside A Change

Here's the new title vid from Rik Cordero's film flick "Inside A Change" that so many people are raving about and that won the Best Film Award at the 2009 HBO NYILFF (way to go Rik!)

Skillz is the central character to this mesmerizing and beautifully shot effort that is also directed by Mr. Cordero. Comprised of mostly performance shots from Skillz and DJ Jazzy Jeff, "Inside A Change" has a great feeling to it and an even better message about not expecting anything from the world, cause it don't owe ya jack squat....

Bright, radiant lights resonate throughout this fixating Hip-Hop vid, which I must dub one of the best I've seen in months...It's good to just see a few Hip-Hop vids here and there that appeared to be getting a serious budget....

In any case enjoy the vid and if you get a chance be sure you get out and see that "Inside A Change" jawn...


Memory Man Presents: Raekwon Cuban Revolution

If there was ever an image that would make perfect sense being super imposed over the classic Che Guevara self portrait it might be Raekwon's. LOL, clever title and cover art aside, what we have here is yet another piece of the Raekwon/Cuban Linx/Cuban Linx II puzzle....and honestly I might be getting a lil' tired of how overdone things are getting, but that's not enough to overshadow Memory Man's considerable talent.

Seriously, back when the first "Cuban Linx" album dropped you didn't have everyone and they moms tryin to latch onto it's buzz and make their own take on the music. No disrespect to Austin, TX based DJ/producer Memory Man, the "D.I.T.C. vs. Wu-Tang" blend tape was fly kid, I was bumping that shit the other weekend matter of fact, but maybe picking Rae as an artist to highlight at this moment in time was a lil' bit opportunistic. I mean he's knee deep in the Budden controversy and of course, as stated, he's got a monster buzz built for the new Cuban Linx record. Everyone is on his shit already and the blogosphere is already packed with stuff about and dedicated to him....

Then again, I guess I'm happy that people are still interested in remixing Rae's stuff at all. Look at how congested the game is with new names, and yet Memory Man is still lookin' to put people up on Rae's older gems. For that I am grateful to him, I just hope he's not doing this remix tape because he feels Rae is a hot name right now and it will elevate his own name if he drops something in a haste. That would really be a shame because in all honesty Memory does a bang up job with the production on this. Really harnessed that Rza in the 90's sound and just overall is a nice lil' boom bap producer...I mean what he did with that "All That Money Is Us" is amazing...really, joint sounded very proper. If I had to pick my fav. remixes from here they'd be that, "Run Away", "Fearless Ninjas", "Curiosity" and "We Gettin Knots". Memory Man got beats yo...No doubt.

I think this will be the last Raekwon related joint I put up before we get the new album....It's just time to let the man's music breathe....Ya'll can't be mad though, this is a hell of a remix tape and Memory man is now undoubtedly a name to follow--for the right reasons.

Memory Man earns a strong 8 1/2 outta 10 here....


01. Cuban Revolution Intro
02. All That Money Is Us
03. Run Away feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man & GZA
04. Better Shoot Something
05. Cipher Born feat. Ghostface Killah & U-God
06. Get Your Shit Beat In feat. Polite, Chip Banks, Ghostface Killah & Trife Diesel
07. Slang Copulation feat. Nas, Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah
08. Curiosity
09. Iron Chef feat. Ghostface Killah, Polite & Inspectah Deck
10. A Wise Man
11. Cuban Revolution Interlude
12. We Gettin' Knots feat. Fat Joe, Armageddon & Big Pun
13. Fearless Ninjas feat. Ghostface Killah
14. The All-Time Lineup feat. American CREAM Team, Inspectah Deck & Method Man
15. Live Kid feat. Notorious BIG & Ghostface Killah

Single: Saigon - Aye Aye Aye (prod. by Buckwild)

Forgive me if I haven't already briefed you about Sai-Giddy's latest moves. Apparently we're all due to hear his newest release "Warning Shots 2" September 29th. Chances are if you hit up any other blogs around the net you've already seen the artwork (meh) and you've already seen that OJ The Juice Man will be on the project too (meh).

While I try to control my excitement [insert sarcastic look here] ya'll can peep out one of the joints off "Warning Shots 2" that actually is the type of music Saigon fans have been clamoring for him to make.

Featuring D.I.T.C. beat man Buckwild providing the hardcore background for Saigon to weave his masterful and witty street lore over, "Aye Aye Aye" is a decent output and a return to what Saigon does best.


Afro Classics & The Bash Bros - Workaholics 2: Empoyees Of The Month

The Afro Classics duo of Scarub (Living Legends) and Very team up with Bay area production team The Bash Bros (Piseas & Lefty) for the 2nd installment of their "Workaholics" mixtape series, "Employees Of The Month".

Supplying this jam packed tape completely free for download is a huge incentive to peep it out, but everyone that follows The Bash Bros. should also be well aware that this will contain tons of original production, exclusives, upcoming releases and all in all just plain good music.

Was pleased to hear Scarub and Very pick up the chemistry that they showed on this that was highly similar to their most recent release the "Classic EP"

Included in the download are both the mixed and un-mixed versions of the tape for your convenience....

Purehip-hop picks are "Hi Ho", "Afro Mind control" and "World Still Burns".

A solid 7 outta 10...


1 Workaholics 2 (Intro)
2 Lemonade
3 Southern Cali Car Music
4 On Your Best
5 Working My Soul
6 Boom In it
7 Ryder Shit (prod. Style Misia)
8 Rock the Spot (Tokimonster Mix)
9 Never Knew Me
10 Right Yeah
11 The Calm
12 Gotta Make Work
13 Hi Ho (What You Want)
14 Sponge Bob Speaks On It
15 Get Free
16 Afro Mind Control
17 Slave
18 Eyes Up
19 Work
20 I Still Love Her?
21 The Code
22 Let’s Go
23 Radio
24 World Still Burnz
25 Show Me Yours
26 Bada Bing
27 Suck My
28 Workaholics Forever

Video: Señor Kaos - Wake Up Time (Remix)

Pretty straightforward video release from the eccentric and talented Kaos, who manages to bring some everyday images to life in his own unique and consistent way. This dropped sometime back in June, but I just now am getting hip to it...

Funded and put out by the good folks over at, the Atlnata, GA native gets things jumpin as he gives you a pretty entertaining view of what I imagine is a regular day for him.

It's not as spectacular as say, Usain Bolt's record breaking performance yesterday, but it is just like the man who finished a couple lengths second to Bolt--also really amazing, just overshadowed.....peep out "Wake Up Time", the Tyson Gay of your Hip-Hop video viewing this week....


Sunday, August 16, 2009

News: James Sabatino Speaks Out

If your sitting there wondering who the hell James Sabatino is, chances are you haven't been following the on going news stories about Pac's death. Last Year both the and The L.A. Times among other news outlets broke stories about a Mr. James Sabatino--a Brooklyn native and one time teenage Bad Boy Records manager, being involved in orchestrating the alleged assassination of Tupac Shakur back in 94' at NYC's Quad Studios.

Chuck Phillips' story would later be retracted from the L.A. Times after an incensed P. Diddy spoke out in an attempt to clear his own name (he was also implicated in the story), but the damage had been done. In both articles Sabatino was painted as a integral player in the hit that was setup to take Pac's life, supposedly because Pac "rebuffed a business offer" from the then teenage Sabatino. Also reported in the articles was that the hit was made to look like just an average, everyday robbery. Sabatino was cast in a dim light in all publications, making him out to be more of a troubled kid with mob ties and no real connection to the music industry, rather than a legit manager/promoter.

In a 30 page letter sent from his maximum security, Federal prison in Colorado this past June, Sabatino speaks out against his detractors.

Included in his correspondence are numerous court documents that Sabatino maintains show that the stories in the Smokinggun and the L.A. Times are based on false information. Furthermore, Sabatino brings forth documents that allege that Jimmy "Henchemn" Rosemond, a well known industry figure and manager within Hip-Hop, is a government and prison informant.

Sabatino writes "90% of the [things] they said was flat out lies or just misrepresentation".

Going on he further addresses his family's and his own reported mafia ties:

“As far as I’m concerned, my father is a legitimate businessman. The government is the one who accuses him of being part of the ‘mafia’ or whatever. I got my sentence enhanced because of it. So I would love for the government to step up and stop saying that… I have fought the government every time they’ve made this allegation. I am the last person to promote people into believing that I or my family is involved in organized crime.”

And as far as what happened that night at Quad Studios and what unfolded in Chuck Phillips' story:

“I was at Quad that night with [Notorious] B.I.G.; I knew nothing of what was going on. However, during my criminal federal case, a lot of paperwork came out accusing me of doing certain illegal things that Puffy’s name came up in. I had my lawyer send him copies of everything, so he would be aware. Soon after, I got another letter from Chuck Philips saying that he believes I was the one who ordered ‘Pac shot along with Henchman. What is important to remember is that when Philips’ story finally came out – he admits that he was in contact with two of the shooters, who admitted to the crime [and in interviews], he admits they were his sources.”

At press time James "Jimmy" Sabatino is still scheduled for release in 2011 and he continues to insist that Jimmy Henchmen's cases are all open to the public and that they will prove that he is in fact an informant. The cases are as follows:

U.S.A. V. James J. Rosemond, Case No. 7:94-CR-36-1-BR in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of North Carolina and U.S.A. V. James J. Rosemond, Case No. CR - 98-0550 DT BR in the U.S. District Court, Central District of California

For more info on the Sabatino and this you can peep the link: