Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saukrates- The Underground Tapes

The finest MC to ever hail from Canada compiled his best underground works to give to the masses in this very hard to find Lp. His style very reminiscent of a top notch New York MC of the mid to late nineties, Sauk holds his own next to some of the big apples best, and one of the west's nicest. Everyone frm Masta Ace, Common, Xzibit and Pharoahe Monch stop through to assist Sauk, but the true highlights of the tape are when Sauk zones out on his own. "Veteran" remains one of my favorite story tellin tracks of all time and the soul drenched "Money Or Love" resonates thoroughly well after you play it. Anyone doubting the hip-hop cred that this Canadian-born, lyrical juggernaut wields hasn't heard his stuff.
-Dominick L.

P.s. This is the U.K. version that has some extra tracks so enjoy!

1. Intro
2. Can't touch Us
3. Money Or Love
4. Bag Da Biscuit
5. Professional
6. Keep It Movin feat. Xzibit
7. Innovations feat. Pharoahe Monch
8. Fineline
9. Play Dis 99' feat. Common
10. Body language feat. Choclair
11. Check Fa Me
12. Ultimate Rush feat. Heltah Skeltah
13. Rollin' feat. Masta Ace and O.C.
14. Suga Daddy
15. Bag Da Biscuit (Remix)
16. Vietnam
17. Kill Or Be Killed
18. Ay, Ay, Ay


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Emillio Rojas aka Raks One- A Breath Of Fresh Air

This album truly lives up to it's title as this young MC (Who is actually latino, not white) that sounds dangerously close to the second coming of Talib Kweli both in voice and content, rips into the heavy and well done production. Many would dismiss this release without even giving it a second shot, but trust me, that is absolutely not what you want to do, I can't think of a more worthwhile newcomer for you to waste an hour bumpin'. With production coming in bulk from a cat known as M-Phazes (see Kenn Starr, Strange Fruit Project etc.) the overall sound of this project is soulful yet gritty, and coulden't be more addictive.....all you Kev Brown and Khrysis fans beware....there's a new kid in town. Stand out tracks include Up to Speed, Ya neva Know, Things Change, Life Ain't Fair, Incredible Force, Somtimes and Why'd You Have To....
-Dominick L.

01 03:25 Breaker 1,9
02 04:06 Up To Speed
03 03:33 Ya Neva Know
04 04:10 Keep On Runnin' Ft. Denosh
05 03:41 Things Change Ft. Dminor
06 02:02 Shadokat-Retrospect
07 03:41 Life Aint Fair
08 04:30 No One Will Ft. Tiffany Paige
09 00:44 Stutter Interlude
10 04:08 Rebellion In Occupied Territory (RIOT)
11 04:01 Incredible Force Ft. Hassaan Mackay And Oddissee
12 03:22 Why'd You Have To
13 04:13 Sometimes Ft. Silent Knight

Krs-One and Marley Marl- Hip-Hop Lives

Aaight, aaight, enough games....we goin back east now, with what I'm ready to call the finest east coast release in about four or five months. The Bronx and Qb have never been repp'd better as Kris and Marley Marl connect for a long over due Lp that really I believe should serve as a blueprint for many Hip-Hop generations to come as well as a sort of historical document. The once embroiled pair has buried old beefs to come together and create a close to perfect album for all the true heads out there. As usual Marley's beats entice and Kris's rhymes provoke deep thought. Whether you used to b-boy, spray graff, spin records, rhyme or produce, pick this up, among other things it will give you hope....
-Dominick L.
01. It’s Alive (Intro)
02. Hip Hop Lives
03. Nothing New
04. I Was There
05. Musika (feat. Magic Juan)
06. Rising To The Top
07. Over 30
08. M.A.R.L.E.Y. (Skit)
09. Kill A Rapper
10. The Teacha’s Back
11. The Victory (feat. Blaq Poet)
12. This Is What It Is
13. All Skool
14. House Of hits (feat. Chief Rocker Busy Bee)

Soopafly- Bangin West Coast

Finally stepping out of the realm of ghost production for some of hip-hop's biggest names, Soopafly has put together a very solid new album, complete with his own signature brand of beats. Recruiting some of the Lbc's and L.A.'s most recognizable names many will find this very bumpable...my favorite aspect was of course the beats, but many of the songs were actually pretty hot as well....check this out....
-Dominick L.

01 - That Way
02 - Crazy
03 - Ready (Feat. Tha Dogg Pound)
04 - Bangin' West Coast
05 - Get Ya Paper (Feat. Daz Dillinger)
06 - Say It Again
07 - Wrong Move
08 - The Turn Around (Feat. B-Real)
09 - For Tha Better (Insert)
10 - Number 1 (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Daz Dillinger)
11 - Talented (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
12 - All 4 U
13 - Smacc Yo Ass
14 - Shudna Broughter
15 - Come Wit Me
16 - For Tha Better (Feat. Latoiya Williams)


Omar Cruz- 2007 B.C. (Before Cruz)

Okay, I'm inspired.....here's another West Coast product, courtesy of L.A., A young hungry Chicano named Omar Cruz, who is quickly gaining noteriety in the city of angels as the heir apparent to Kid Frost as the hardest Vato on the set. A lot of good production helps a somwhat flailing appraoch to flowing, however Mr. Cruz does manage some very serious Metaphors and at times even sicker subject matter...a true MC, Cruz take the initiative on many of the Tapes standout tracks, but unfortunately that is also true for all of the tapes missteps as well....Tracks to check for are Vatos Locos, Pass The Wire, Where My Homies, When You See The God, Armed Robbers, L.A. Wolves and Just When; all provide superior production and subject matter and enlist among others features from east coast latin heacvyweights Big Pun and Joell Ortiz and West Coast rida's The Game and Tupac....
-Dominick L.
01 - Sign Of The Cruz (Produced by: Rome)
02 - How Far Are You Willing To Go (Freestyle)
03 - Vatos Locos Feat. Jay Z (Produced by: Rome)
04 - Rock Steady (Freestyle)
05 - Pass The Wire (Freestyle)
06 - Gun Talk Feat. Ya Boy & Dout Gotcha! (Produced by: Rome)
07 - Armed Robbers Feat. Big Pun (Produced by: Rome)
08 - Omar Cruz Supporters Speak
09 - The Take Over Feat. O.G. Lepke (Produced by: Rome)
10 - I’m A Ryda (Freestyle Feat. Killa Rob)
11 - We Rydaz (Remix Feat. Ya Boy ; Produced by: Jullian Bunetta)
12 - Cops Gang Bang (Feat. Merzavelli)
13 - Where My Homies 2007 Feat. Sick Jacken, Mr. Shadow, Joel Ortiz, Guzzle, Conejo, Sinful aka El Pecador, Cynic, Spants, & Sleeps
14 - 1…2…3…4 Shots (Freestyle)
15 - 1-900-Hustler (Freestyle)
16 - You Are Not Me (Freestyle)
17 - Beer & Tequila (Produced by: Rome)
18 - When You See The God (Produced by: Rome)
19 - On My Own Feat. Dout Gotcha! (Produced by: Javie Lopez)
20 - Just When Feat. The Game & 2 Pac (Produced by: Rome ; Re-mixed by: Mr. Cynical)
21 - Lonely At The Top (Freestyle)
22 - L.A. Wolves (Produced by: Javie Lopez)
23 - Mixtape Contest Winner: Ricasshay
24 - The Termination25 - La Ultima Cancion (Produced by: Rome)

J Wells And Kurupt- Digital Smoke

Here's a rarity....Me posting some modern West Coast shit....I know I don't show much love for the big West Coast names much these days, but every once in awhile an old name surprises me quite a bit....usually I'm content to just fuck wit cali natives Dialated Peoples, Crooked I, Madlib and Phil Da Agony....however, like I said somtimes part of me yearns for that good old L.A.-Long Beach-Low Low pushin- Khaki rockin-Chuck Taylor scuffin'- chronic puffin'-Eazy E influenced-Dr. Dre produced-Jelly Roll mixed down-funkdafied-g shit. This Album right here was actually a bit of a flashback to them good old days with a little bit of a new twist. J wells is a capable MC, but really shines in the position of producer, and Kurupt steals the show over his versatile and up to date compostions. If I'm Kurupt and I'm thinking about droppin a new album, I seriously think about recruiting J Wells to produce a few tracks...at any rate, checc the quality cameos from Butch Cassidy, Big Gipp, Kokane and Kurupts new breezy Gail Gotti. This release is top notch, but it's definitely flying under the radar tho, so DL this and enjoy....
-Dominick L.

01 - Smokestra
02 - All We Smoke
03 - I'm Just Sayin (Feat. Roscoe & Tri-Star)
04 - Get it (Feat. Goodie Mob & Roscoe)
05 - I'm Too Gangsta (Feat. Gail Gotti & Styliztik Jones)
06 - Summertime (Feat. Y.A. & Gail Gotti)
07 - Digital Experience (Feat. Bigg Gipp)
08 - Smokin (Feat. Y.A. & James Debarge)
09 - History (Feat. Butch Cassidy)
10 - Weed Types
11 - Los Angeles (Feat. Shorty)
12 - Got Me Going (Feat. Knoc-Turn'al)
13 - Itz Nothin (Feat. Roscoe)
14 - I Came in the Door (Feat. Kokane)
15 - Likwit Smokestra
16 - Let Em Know (Feat. Tha Liks)


Cappadonna- The Cappatalize Project

Cap's back y'all! And he came back correct too....Myself like many other Wu- heads had been anxiously awaiting another project from Donna for a minute, considering The Struggle only was dope in certain spots....this Street album is basically what all the hardcore "Pillage" Fans prolly would've wanted instead of that bullshit Yin and Yang Album and the aforementioned Struggle....For Me It's great to see Donna make somthin really hott, and somthin that NY can be proud of.....I really actually had a hunch that he was beastin again tho...(like most Wu fanatics I picked up his Wu- South mixtape about 8 months ago) Among other things that surprised me on this Album/tape is the host of new and rather unknown, but still dope producers.....namely a cat that go by Q Dini Nezemani...lol, not sure if he's Wu affiliated, but I'mma find out because he laced Donna with some heat rocks for this tape man....another cat named Solo also had a few dope beats on this....Donna also introduces the listeners to a few new MC's on this tape, my favorite being dude named Born Divine.....This shit is ill, just like 100% of all the shit I post so enjoy...it's the return of Donna yo!!
-Dominick L.
01: Capp Is Back[Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Big Zick]
00. The Annointing [Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Spinzilla]
00: Don't Turn Around[Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Solo]
00. Peace God [Performed by Born Divine][Produced by *Sosa]
02. Get Paper [Performed by Cappadonna, and Lounge Mode][Produced by *Q Dini Nezemani]
00: If You Don't Stop [Performed by Cappadonna, and Born Divine][Produced by *Fontane]
00: One Night Love Affair[Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Q Dini Nezeman]
00: Growth And Development[Performed by Cappadonna, *Hue Hef, and *Lahluga][Produced by *Q Dini Nezemani]
03: Dreams [Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Solo]
00: Gotto Find A Way [Performed by Cappadonna, Born Divine, and *MPM][Produced by *Q Dini Nezemani]
00: Wanted [In Jamaica] [Performed by Cappadonna, and *KMC][Produced by *Denjah Mentals]
00: Goon Squad[Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Sparx]
04: Tug That Rope[Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Q Dini Nezemani]
00: My Gang [Performed by Cappadonna, Born Divine and *The Better Lifers][Produced by *Fontane]
00: I'm Holdin [Performed by Cappadonna, and Lounge Mode] [Produced by *B Rock]
00: What You See[Performed by Cappadonna][Produced by *Q Dini Nezemani]
Track numbers on CD are only 4, but each tracks contain 4 songs as listed above.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


This tape has been a long time coming....One of the most talented and underappreciated forces in the production game Scram Jones is finally putting together a mix of his best stuff with the help of Clinton Sparks. So many times I've witnessed Jones' best beats sway even the most anti- hip-hop person into exclamation. Scram's knack for both chopping samples and constructing beats entirely from scratch. He's well known in NY for his musical endeavors with the likes of everyone from Kool G Rap to new jacks like Saigon and Joe Budden. I really wanted to put this tape up to educate the masses on how Scram been puttin in work for awhile now....
-Dominick L.

01. Clinton Sparks - Intro 00:56
02. Scram Jones - Radio Freestyle 02:39
03. Scram Jones, Styles P, Kool G Rap, Tragedy Khadafi - The 03:13 Line Up
04. N.O.R.E. feat. Jim Jones & Nature - Glass Of Sizzurp 02:26
05. Maino - Bedstuy Anthem 01:50
06. Scram Jones feat. Nas - Jonesin 02:32
07. Fat Joe feat. Remy Martin - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 02:39
08. Scram Jones - ABC Freestyle 00:33
09. Doo Wop feat. Scram Jones & Nature - Memory Lane 2007 02:29
10. Saigon - The Color Purple 03:18
11. Grafh - Get It 03:08
12. Raekwon feat. Tragedy Khadafi - Guerilla sh*t 02:29
13. Black Rob - Ready (He's Black Rob) 02:16
14. Scram Jones - Freestyle 01:19
15. Haffa - The King Is Dead 02:31
16. Saigon - Desperado 02:49
17. Scram Jones feat. Saigon, Grafh, Curtains, L.G. - When 04:57 Animals Attack
18. Scram Jones - Doo Doo 02:35
19. Scram Jones feat. Kool G Rap - Heavy Metal 01:48
20. Kool G Rap - Playa's Play 02:36
21. Peedie Crack - Don't Stop 01:57
22. Notorious B.I.G. feat. Clipse - Just A Memory 02:16
23. Busta Rhymes feat. Papoose & Raekwon - Address Me As Mister 04:31
24. N.O.R.E. feat. Beanie Sigel - Bad Man 02:46
25. Lloyd Banks feat. Young Buck - Work Magic 02:31
26. Fabolous - City Of NY 02:16
27. Jae Millz feat. Cam'ron & T.I. - No, No, No (Remix) 03:42
28. Scram Jones & Green Lantern - Freestyle 02:07
29. Scram Jones - Notorious Freestyle 00:53
30. Mariah Care feat. Cam'ron & Juelz Santana - You Girl 00:43
31. Clinton Sparks - Outro 01:27
32. Remy Ma - Lights, Camera, Action (bonus) 01:15
33. Joe Buddens - Stained (bonus) 01:57


Monday, May 14, 2007

DJ Honda- DJ Honda

Okay, when heads put together their underground survival pack for that 30 hour bus trip to aunt Charlegne's crib this album definitely has to be in there. I have officially decided to coin this album an official "International underground classic" due to the immense amount of great shit on here, during the year 1996 (what many would recall as the begining of the end in good hip-hop) I really wasn't familiar with any of Honda's stuff, but i had read a few articles about the noise he was making in New York. Ironically the first joint off this album that I heard was "Straight Talk From NY" featuring Brand Nubian brothers Sadat X and Grand Puba. I was immediately interested in picking the album up. I proceeded and coulden't have been more amazed when I also discovered that Honda also dabbled in a lot of the production for the album. With other contributions coming from Redman, The Alkaholiks, Al Tariq, Sean Black and Biz Markie I would find it hard for anyone interested in hearing great hip-hop to turn away from this classic.

-Dominick L.

1. Intro

2. DJ Battle

3. What You Expected

4. Kill the Noize

5. Dat's My World

6. Straight Talk from NY

7. Intro

8. Out for the Cash

9. Interlude

10. Biz Frestyle

11. Fuk Dat

12. International Anthem

13. The End

14. Out for the Cash (5 Deadly Venoms)

15. What You Expected (Intrumental)


Gangstarr Foundation & ill Kid Records Presents: Krumbsnatcha Classics

The extremely gifted lyricist hailing from Boston, MA known as Krumbsnatcha has never really recieved his due. After being locked up for a time, Krumb was released and vowed to make great music. He did just that. Krumb got outta the penial system, got down with DJ Premier, and was soon after initiated into the Gangstarr foundation. That wasn't the end of Krumb's newborn success; he would later become the first independent/unsigned artist to garner the respect of having the hip-hop quotable in The Source magizine...back when that actually fucking meant somthing. Many casual fans might say that a lot of Krumb's material could just be ushered into the basic Hip-Hop fodder bag, as being routine and commonplace, but to the real heads, after the first time you listen to Krumb, you know that he is clearly a cut above the rest and a gifted wordsmith, I definitely see what Premier saw in him as an artist. Boston needs to stand up and embrace what I consider to be their top dog right next to Edo G. can't wait til' Krumb collabs with Boston's and DJ Premier's newest underground sensation termanology. Til' then enjoy Krumb's musical highlight reel in this album that serves as a best of, that will get you acquainted with his best moments on wax. Must listens are W.O.L.V.E.S., Evil Streets and Gettin' Closer To God.

1. Gettin' Closer To God
2. Make 'Em Pay feat Gangstarr
3. W.O.L.V.E.S. feat M.O.P.
4. Let's Talk About It feat Jaheim
5. Incredible feat Guru
6. Killer In Me
7. Evil Streets
8. Ask Ya Self feat Teflon
9. Jungle
10. Can't Get None feat Lord Tariq
11. Blaze feat Nottz Ivory & Blackendekah
12. Want It All feat Top Gunn & Boogie
13. Rollin' Dolo feat Guru, Ed O.G. & Big Shug


Easy Mo Bee- Now Or Never: Odyssey 2000

New York hip-hop owes a lot of thanks to the legendary producer Easy Mo Bee, and this album is no exception to that rule. Having worked with everyone from Miles Davis to Tupac, Mo Bee is a certified vet in this business and has always had great foresight when creating for the artist. This Album is a must have for any real east coast hip-hop conouissour and basically anyone that enjoys Mo Bee's multi layered, rusty sample laden, boom bap masterpieces. Few cats in the game (with the exception of maybe Premier and Rza) have a more distinguishable sound, and Mo Bee's honestly, has always been the most well thought out and determined....A DJ that grew into production, Easy mo Bee's life has basicly mirrored the plight of Hip-Hop itself....starting out bagging groceries for peanuts so he could afford his first piece of equipment, Easy Mo Bee came up the rough and rugged ol' school way. Working his way to the top, only after experiencing heartbreak and failure time and again. Odyssey 2000 provides many loyal Mo Bee fans with some pleasant surprises, and a view into a life that exudes the music he loves. A few times on the record we find Mo Bee rapping, a la Pete Rock. It's not really that bad at all and he holds his own despite a clumsy delivery. Odyssey 2000 also provides a few comical moments, due to a handful of skits that are guaranteed to make you snicker. All in all this album delivers on many levels, any true head needs to pick this up, if not for the musical value, than at least for the fact that most record stores only have this on vinyl. With appearances from Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, Snoop, Cee Lo, Flipmode Squad, Prodigy, American Cream Team, Da Ranjahz, Goodie Mob, Kurupt and Da Cocoa Brovaz and Da Nation, many of the verses on this album go overlooked, but remain solid as well.
-Dominick L.

1. Now Or Never
2. Sunstroke ft. Sauce Money, Da Ranjahs & Geda K
3. Fie Fie Delish ft. Goodie Mob
4. Instrumental n°1
5. S---'s Goin'Down Tonite ft. Da Nation & Kurupt
6. Soul ft. Gangstarr
7. Talkin' Bout You ft. Rah Digga
8. Instrumental n°2
9. N.Y.C. ft. Kool G Rap & Jinx Da Juvy
10. 69 Monique n°1
11. Sex, Money, Drugs ft. Da Nation & C-Lo
12. Instrumental n°3
13. Sound Of My Heat ft. Snoop Dogg, Glaze N.Y. & Ken
14. Let's Make A Toast ft. Flipmode Squad & American Cream Team
15. 69 Monique n°2
16. Make Em Bounce ft. Angie Martinez & Doo Wop
17. Dis Beat Is Mine ft. R.I.F
18. Instrumental n°4
19. 69 Monique n°3
20. Always Be There For You ft. Dave Morris & Da Nation
21. We Pledge Allegiance ft. Cocoa Brovaz & Prodigy of Mobb Deep


Friday, May 11, 2007

Doujah Raze- The Pre-Fix II: Second Wetting

When so many cats back east have been refusing to bring that good ole' boom bap back out, these days a new MC is sorely needed in the tri-state. Doujah Raze probably was an after thought to most reviewers and fans when he first stepped into the game a few years back. Fast forward to right now. Doujah Raze is one of the best up and coming MC's that the east coast or any coast has to offer. The reason why? Work ethic. DR has been consistently putting out solid tapes, that feature great production and some huge names in the world of worthwhile Hip-Hop. Without a doubt this tape is a good pickup, especially if your into a good sound with even better lyrics stacked on top of it. Sure there's a few missteps in terms of overall direction, but either way this is miles ahead of most cats best effort. Keep DR in mind when you wanna hear good music, 9 outta ten times he's gonna deliver.

01. Times Up Intro [01:34] │ │
02. No Place (Feat. Kaimbr & Kaze) [03:18] │ │
03. Breakfast Treats (Feat. Scavone & Oxygen) [04:00] │ │
04. The Corner (Feat. Haysoos) [03:32] │ │
05. Onionhead (Remix) (Feat. Sean Price) [04:11] │ │
06. Down and Out (Feat. Dynas) [03:20] │ │
07. The Light Now [04:06] │ │
08. Virginia (Feat. Thad Reid & Born Unique) [03:13] │ │
09. Raw (Feat. Born Unique) [02:30] │ │
10. Barriers (Feat. Shuko) [03:08] │ │
11. Verbal Gun Talk [02:07] │ │
12. The Inaugeration [01:58] │ │
13. Caught Between Girls [01:20] │ │
14. New York City [04:12] │ │
15. Plastic World [01:44] │ │
16. Horizons [04:27] │ │


Kev Brown- Exclusive Joints

When you ask most so called underground Hip-Hop heads today about the best and most slept on producers out there your likely to hear the same haphazard and lazy answers; Alchemist, Scram Jones, maybe someone will get dangerous and say Madlib or Stoupe and while all of those answers are certainly acceptable, they are not what the hell they should be saying damnit! There's one name that deserves the nod above all others when it comes to the "best" and "most slept on" when the subject of underground producers comes up. His name is Kev Brown. The reason? He has his own fucking style, and it's fucking timeless. Yeah, there's a lot of people out there making hot beats, but there ain't too many making beats that define themselves as an artist, and that have replay value similiar to the late great J. Dilla. Brown, to me, strives for a mellow feel everytime out, not pushing the strike of his snares, and not putting to much emphasis on his kicks...his basslines are warm and usually fit his soundscapes to a tee...his samples are always well thought out in terms of how they're chopped and layered, and although he has a definite bias towards Soul, he isn't afraid to ventue elswhere with his sampling, and usually hits homeruns when he does. Now because I have stayed on top of most of his releases there's little I hadn't heard from Kev, but then I stumbled across this a few months ago....DL it and listen to a true producer do his thing....With the help of som of the most heralded underground MC's like Jean Grae, Phonte and Stro of The Procussions Kev puts together a nice lil' Ep type tape that includes new remixes and more than a few exclusives....

01 Raheem Devaughn (Position Remix)
02 Quartermaine - War of the Roses
03 Algebra (Do It Remix)
04 Kev Brown - Batida
05 W. Ellington Felton (Funky Feelin' Remix) [Featuring I.Q.]
06 Kev Brown - Brown Liquor
07 The Earl (Featuritn Stro of the Procussion) [Life Remix]
08 United Soul (Soul Clap Remix) [Featuring Jean Grae & Phonte]
09 Eric Roberson - Pen Just Cries Away


Steele (Of Smif N Wessun ) - Amerikkka's Nightmare

For a long time the Boot Camp Clik defined great underground hip-hop and truthfully if your still up on your stuff, they still do...one of the greatest underground acts ever arguably is Smif and Wesson. Their raw form of boom bap was one of my favorite things to blast outta my whip and while doing so, I would notice just how underrated they were...enter in Steele, in my opinion a much stronger MC then Tek, and the one who probably always struggled to have his message heard within the confines of the often recited "gun talk" and buddha smoke that frequently dominated the duo's rhymes. That's why this tape is a can't miss. It's a lot more than what I expected and I think this is most likely one of the few times Steele had full creative control of his project and it doesen't surprise me that due to that fact, this tape has more of an urgent and political Dead Prez feel to it content-wise. Smart, bold and right on track with the major issues facing the urban and black community at the moment, Steele's Amerrikkka's Nightmare embraces more responsibility than his past offerings and at the same time is still capable of keeping his most loyal fans happy...

-Dominick L

1. Intro

2.Me & My Son,

3. What I Gotta Do,

4.Black On Black,



7. Nigga Skit,

8.Amerikkka’s Nightmare,

9.No Love,


11. N.W.A.,


13.Where Da Hoods,

14.Guns & Drugs,

15.Come Out & Play,

16.Nice guy,

17.Blood & Sweat,

18. Who’s Gangsta,


20.Black On Black – Acappella

21. Poverty – Acappella,

22.Niggas – Acappella,

23.Where Da Hoods At?


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Yesterday's New Quintet- Angles Without Edges

Not often do I get a chance to bless other people with music that is about as pure as Columbian Cocaine. As strong as the Bat wielded by Hank Aaron and as full of harmony as an appearance from Gladys Knight and The Pips on Soul Train. Many people are enamored with the possiblities that are ahead when it comes to Hip-Hop fusing with other genres (see the record sales that the Black Eyed Peas saw for that single they did with Sergio Mendes) while others contend that Hip-Hop is unarguably and undeniably already peaked and ready to die, if not already dead. Enter Madlib. better yet enter in the music of his Alter ego's Yesterday's New Quintet...a heavilly Jazz inspired concoction that employs perfectly rythmic chopped Drum breaks, Horn stabs and Keyboard riffs from the most obscure Vinyl records, YNQ is somthing that is uniquely the past, present and future all in one. Madlib, one of the resident beat makers over at Indie powerhouse Stones Throw proves every bit the Jazz, Funk, Soul, Drum and Bass enthusiest on this project which really can open the ears of close minded Hip-Hop junkies to the roots of great music all the while still keeping them content with great Boom bap arrangements. If your a Hip-Hop head don't miss this. If your a lover of great music don't miss this.
-Dominick L.

1. Predlude
2. Julani
3. Papa
4. Keeper of My Soul
5. The One Who Knows
6. The Birth of YNQ*
7. Paladium
8. Life's Angles
9. Thinking of You
10. Uno Esta
11. Rugged Tranquility
12. Daylight
13. Hot Water
14. Mestizo Eyes*
15. Sun Goddess
16. Kuhn's Theme
17. Little Girl (Dakota's Song)
18. Broken Dreams
19. Last Day


Marco Polo and Mick Boogie- The Newport Authority

Here's a gem for all you pure, golden age hip-hop heads.....we got a promising young producer (and one of my fav.'s at the moment) Marco Polo who has been killin the NY underground scene collab'n with everyone from Masta Ace to Pumpkinhead.....this tape has lots of great past joints he's done, so newbies can get acquainted as well as some exsclusives off his forthcoming debut "Port Authority" set to drop somtime this month.....so grab this and vibe with the illest the T Dot has to offer in the way of production....
-Dominick L.

Spitkicker Presents The Next Spit Volume 4 Hosted by Prince Paul

Whatup, Whatup....back with some pretty good stuff from the fine people over at Spitkicker; The Next Spit Vol.4 is a great compilation of really good underground hip-hop , and to top it all off ya man Prince Paul holds down the Host duties....real good look for this tape, since Paul pretty much has embodied everything Hip-hop for somtime, especially when it comes to dope underground shit....(don't worry Paul we don't give a fuck that your buddy Serch dragged you on that lame ass White Rapper show) so yeah, make sure you give this a listen, there's only one mis step, and that's the Alchemist/Nina Sky collab, don't know how that got on there, lol.....tracks to definitely check out are The Masta Ace and Jean Grae Collab "Soda and Soap" and the O.C. cut "Challenge Y'all".....and for all the twisted fucks out there, yes there is a pretty demented and sick verse from R.A. The Rugged Man on his joint for this tape as well....
-Dominick L.

01. : Prince Paul - Intro : 00:23
02. : De La Soul Ft. Mf Doom - Rock Co.Kane Flow : 03:23
03. : J Zone - A Friendly Game of Basketball : 01:05
04. : Prince Paul Ft Saukrates, Kardinal Offishall : 04:16
05. : Bauli Blakes - Play the Role : 03:02
06. : Zion I - Act Right : 02:32
07. : Masta Ace Ft Jean Grae - Soda and Soap : 04:21
08. : The Un - What They Want : 03:33
09. : Prince Paul - Pitkicker Interlude : 00:23
10. : Mr Complex Ft Pharoah Monch - Scream Shout : 03:20
11. : Stat Quo - High Beams : 04:36
12. : Cyne - Octagon : 01:51
13. : Surreal - Gratitude Suite : 04:16
14. : Kardinal Official - Bang Bang : 02:40
15. : Ra the Rugged Man - the Lesson : 04:23
16. : Brand Nubian - Just Dont Learn : 03:55
17. : J Live and Tjes One - Give it Up : 02:37
18. : Pep Love and Amp Live - the Blitz Freestyle : 01:18
19. : Wordsworth - One Day : 02:34
20. : Alchemist Ft Prodigy and Nina Sky - Hold U D : 03:00
21. : Sub Conscious - Sub Talk : 03:50
22. : Yesh - Freestyle : 01:26
23. : Sean Price - Boom Bye Yeah : 00:56
24. : O.C. - Challenge Yall : 02:11
25. : Rubix - Unmixed Joint Jack : 01:47
26. : Prince Paul - Outro : 01:49
27. : Natural Elements - Definitely (Unreleased Bo : 05:04