Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Be Lo Presents...LaborHood Part 1 (Mixtape)

Really a special treat today kiddies...Brand new mixtape from Michigan underground stalwart and Binary Star  member One Be Lo...

Coming together with DWill who handles the mix, One Be Lo doles out a nice new offering of his collected works of the past decade...

14 tracks and some of them feature names like Black Milk, Buff1, 14K, Fat Ray, T3, The AZTexts, Deep Rooted and Dominique LaRue. 


Friday, July 29, 2011

Video Interview: Ray Of Mighty Healthy Clothing For Gasface Media

If some of you ever wondered what the real cats who serve as the inspiration for hit HBO shows like "How To Make It In America" are like or what their story is, tune in, this is it right here....

In front of the store that was the photo backdrop for the Beastie's legendary "Paul's Boutique" album, the co-founder of Mighty Healthy Ray talk w/ the Gasface Media cats about how his partner and him decided to get into the clothing game, how Mighty Healthy took off in NYC, the demands of the game and how his pops landed in NYC.


Single: Willie The Kid ft. Guilty Simpson - Yes! Michigan Pt.4

La The Darkman's lil cousin Willie The Kid is readying a new project that seems like it'll be pretty promising....I guess the whole premise behind it will be "original rhymes over original samples", hence the title "The Crates". 

Willie has always had a lot of potential, I could hear it plain as day when he was runnin' with DJ Drama and La, but there's always been a lil' bit missing...In any case, I like this, what a righteous loop to dig up and rhyme over with one of my fav. emcees outta The D..

link via Meka


Willie The Kid ft. Guilty Simpson - Yes! Michigan Pt.4

Capitol Punishment Mixed by DJ J-Scrilla

All you fans of the absolutely great music coming outta the DMV (D.C., Maryland, VA) area definitely need to peep this mix...

DJ J-Scrilla (who is a VA native but now rests his head in The District) mixes up 30 tracks from artists like Tabi Boney, Kev Brown, Oddisee, Kane Mayfield and many others....Peep it out if you love that "up south" sound, and I don't mean Go Go niether! A lot of exclusives on this joint, check in!


Capitol Punishment Mixed by DJ J-Scrilla 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Single: Skyzoo - Boat Check ("Otis" Freestyle)

You can always count on Skyzoo to come in and body a freestyle and put the original recorders to shame...Sorry Jigga, sorry Ye', he did it to ya!

Be sure to check in on Sky's new "Penny Freestyle Series", I think he's gonna be doin this every week or so..


Skyzoo - Boat Check ("Otis" Freestyle)

News: DOOMSTARKS Gets A Legit Release Date

Yes! The album that likely has been the most anticipated in many years finally has a release date...

"DOOMSTARKS", according to the Stones Throw website is scheduled for release/shipping from September 6 thru the 13th, 2011...It's been years in the making, should be one of the most prolific collabo's that the game has EVER seen... Can't wait..


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Single: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Tell Me

Yo! If you only get to cop so many Hip-Hop albums this year, I sincerely hope that Hassaan Makey and Apollo Brown's "Daily Bread" is one of em'... This album is THEE definition of great music in the Hip-Hop realm in 2011 and guess what, Fat Beats is carrying the physical copy now, so there's no excuse!

If you need more convincing feat ya ears upon "Tell Me", the 2nd official single of these two's laudable debut collab effort....


Video: Crown Royale ft. Eric Bobo - Say What

Crown Royale (DJ Rhettmatic & Buff1) released a debut group album that was absolutely great in 2010 and that I actually bump a good deal . That's why I'm really thrilled to see that they decided to give the video treatment to one of the best tracks on their self-titled debut...

Directed by Ryan Palmieri & Andrew Kligier and featuring the talents of Eric Bobo, of Cypress Hill fame on the bongo/congas...


Scarub - The California EP

Just in case you're like me and stuck somewhere awful this Summer there's this new EP from Living Legends member Scarub...

"The California EP" contains four great cuts from Scarub that will transport you right to Cali--whether it's the sprawling green valley's, the snow capped mountain ranges, the giant Sequoia trees, bustling metropolitan centers or sandy, sun-kissed beaches you'll damn near be able to smell the OG Kush comin' off this great EP... One of my favorites of the whole year and one that actually makes it's theme work..


Single: Wordsworth - Reach (prod. by Dave Notti)

Wordsworth returns wit heat!

It's been awhile since we've heard from the cat that has come to define the underground as well as lyrical greats that have forever been slept-on, but today he's re-appeared on on the solo tip with a really dope track...

The Dave Notti produced cut is finds Words reflecting on what he reflects on the best--his aspirations, his experiences and just life in general. Some really great lines in this joint, even better to hear from one of my favorite emcees after awhile... Hopefully he's cookin up a new solo album and workin on that new EMC sophomore release...


Wordsworth - Reach (prod. by Dave Notti)

Single: Mr. J Medeiros - Old Man Of Perez

"I am the only sparrow"

Mr. J Medeiros hits us in the head with a truly thoughtful and moving new track today, "Old Man Of Perez"...Once again, we find Medeiros sort of experimenting and genre bending here and doing so very well...

Also, it's important to note that this cut IS NOT included on his new album "Saudade", which is available now...


Monday, July 25, 2011

Video: Vakill - Appetite To Kill

Chi-Town emcee Vakill hits us with another new video off his latest release "Armour Of God"....

Fully flexing his lyrical prowess and witty punchlines, Vakill takes you through the Chi city streetscapes here as he goes off to a beat that sounds innately 1992'ish... need this and that album in ya life...Produced by the Molemen and directed by Davey Greenberg.


Interest Piece: Lo-Lifes Then And Now From Vice mag

One of the coolest and most original mags recently did a piece about none other than two of NYC's most fabled collectives, the Lo-Life's and Deceptikonz...

If your drawing a blank right now, the two factions were instrumental in shaping the street popularity of a certain iconic brand called Ralph Lauren Polo....

Now, don't get it twisted, these guys just weren't some high quality clothing fanboys...nope, in fact they were quite infamous....Take a moment and take a peep at the photo lineup that Vice Magazine provides, filling you in on their past, present and maybe a future of Lo heads in NYC in this great piece...


In the late 80s, death was all around us in Brownsville and Marcus Garvey Village. We supported each other through some of the harshest times in Brooklyn’s history—crack was raging and guns went off daily. Before we were known as the Lo-lifes, we were just friends who wore Polo and Ralph Lauren. We spent days in the pool and at the local jams, bagging pieces, and living our lives. Our only concerns were money, hoes, and clothes. We had reputations for bringing home the finest pieces and staying fly. At first, cats around us took this as a weakness; they thought we couldn’t get busy. We proved them wrong on many occasions. 
 The Lo-lifes were unified under a single label. We weren’t thought of as greedy cats, killers, or thugs—we were original, trendsetters, and go-getters. And now we’ve spread around the world: Spain, Brazil, Australia, France, and too many other places to name. 
We lost many of our brothers along the way. I did their names on walls, looked at their young faces in coffins, and cried with my brothers. Every tear, drop of blood, and funeral added weight and value to the name Lo-life. We hold it in high regard; we don’t take it lightly or allow it to be abused. We are a family first, call us what you want after that. 2LLs: love and loyalty! 

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: LO-LIFES THEN AND NOW - Vice Magazine 

Single: Doom Starks - Victory Laps

CD quality is finally her folks!!

Just remember who loves ya!

Be a good chap and order the fantastic lookin picture disc 12" here....

that's pretty much it til' these two hit us with the album....

link via Meka


Doom Starks - Victory Laps

News: Necro & Kool G Rap Announce Collaboration Album

This is gonna be somethin really nuts...

Say what you want about Necro's subject matter, his beats are undeniable however...and yes, he'll be producing the collaboration in it's entirety.. I cannot wait to hear Kool G Rap over Necro production man...that is a very appealing idea man..

These two will be releasing the new project as the "Godfathers" sometime next year and have created a facebook page for all the fans to keep up on the album's progress...


Single: Cella Dwellas - I Put It Down (prod. by Nick Wiz)

Making a nice return to the scene, the Flatbush, BK duo of UG and Phantasm get up with oft-overlooked, yet still legendary, producer Nick Wiz for a hard hitting banger titled "I Put It Down"...

M.O.P. is featured on the chors scratches and this fiercely paced, rousing joint is a nice reminder that the Cella Dwellas is still capable of turning up that ole' street shit when they need to ...\


Cella Dwellas - I Put It Down (prod. by Nick Wiz)

BK-One - Radio Do Canibal Extras

Full disclosure, BK-One and Benzilla's "Radio Do Canibal" was one of my fav. compilation style LP's of the aughties...Remember bumpin it a great deal when it dropped and re-visiting it a great deal in throughout 09' and 2010...

That's why when BK-One recently broke out some "extras" from the LP and streamed em' for the whole world I was pretty elated... Included are some original takes and some instrumentals that never got blessed... Fellas! Please do another record! It doesn't even have to be Brazilian-themed, we just need another one!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Single: Raashan Ahamad - In Love With Wax (Paper Plane Project Mix)

Remixing an excellent cut off my favorite Crown City Rocker, Raashan Ahmad's "For What You've Lost" album, Aussie production outfit Paper Plane Project adds a deft new touch to "In love With Wax"...

Be sure to check for Paper Plane Project's new album "Pacific Connections" , which lemme just tell you is a sonic of the best mixed pieces of music I've heard in a minute...


Single: Trek Life - Due West (Has-Lo Remix)

For all of you underground heads desperately seeking something to do while you spend massive amounts of time indoors trying to escape the oppressive heat, I gotta inform you that west coast rhyme wiz Trek Life just released, or re-released his latest free album "Everything Changed Nothing" this past week...This time around he had a bunch of the game's best producers re-work every track and re-titled the album "Wouldn't Change Nothing" ....

One of the stadout tracks on this new release is the Has-Lo remix for "Due West", which ya'll are getting to hear and grab right now..

"Wouldn't Change Nothing" drops on August 2nd... get ya pre-order on here for the physical copy and you can download digitally from iTunes here


Trek Life - Due West (Has-Lo Remix)

Video Interview: Outerspace My Brother's Keeper Q&A

The hardcore Philly duo known as Outerspace sits down and discusses their upcoming new record, "My Brother's Keeper", and more specifically the laundry list of crazy guest features and production duties on it...

Definitely lookin forward to hearing the new album on August may get ya pre-order on


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pic: Tony Touch, Nas & Rakim @ Peter Rosenberg's 40th Birthday Party

As I'm up scouring the Internets @ 3 AM what to do see pop up in my Twitter Timeline? That's right, a nice flick that Toca threw up on his Twitter that shows him, Nasir and Ra posing for the camera @ Paul Rosenburg's 40th B-day party....

Excellent pic. I'm still a huge nerd for shit like this... remember when the Source was still dope and toward the back of the mag they would litter a whole page with photos like this? Classical type stuff..there were also plenty of other dope flicks w/ tons of other can peep here.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Consequence ft. Big Pooh & Elzhi - Crying Broke

Righteous new single from Q-Tip's cousin Cons that finds him collabin' with NC bred rhymer and former Little Brother member Big Pooh and former Slum Village member Elzhi....

A bubbly lil back drop powers the cautionary narratives that all three provide..dope track indeed.. track stems from Consequence's "Movies On Demand 3", which I suppose is gettin dropped next week, but don't hold me to that...


Consequence ft. Big Pooh & Elzhi - Crying Broke

Single: Jay-Z & Kanye West ft. Otis Redding - Otis

I haven't really been the biggest enthusiast when it comes to these two's impending new album...that said, this new single off it, is by no means terrible...

I'm not a fan of the Kanye verse at all, he smoked that, but it's always cool to hear a new verse from Jigga.. and to hear him combine his talents with those of a timeless crooning legend like Otis'...

"Watch The Throne" drops on August 5th

link via Nahright


Jay-Z & Kanye West ft. Otis Redding - Otis

The Top 11 Best Albums Halfway Through 2011

1. What Can I say? Hip-Hop's 2nd coming of the Chef persona (he's really a chef ppl), who incidentally sounds a lot like Rae's partner Ghostface when he rhymes, just flat out constructed a great debut w/ producer Tommy Mas. A complete standout work that flexes a lot of the Albanian-American's lyrical dexterity and puts the Queens native on the map.

2. Matter ov Fact and EP continue being the most slept on new duo in Hip-Hop as this, their latest LP is getting criminally overlooked in the shuffle of 2011...Rest assured, their brand of sample heavy and foreboding hardcore on "Lone Sharks" was good enough to register them as having the 2nd best LP of 2011.

3. The DMV checks in at no. 3 as the heir apparent to great producers like Pete Rock and Large Professor AKA Kev Brown got up with emcee Kamibr for a kind of new twist on a concept album. Using nothing but Al Green records as a sample source, Kev weaves a great web of sonic goodies for Kaimbr to get loose drips soul and has some of the highest replayability of an album thus far in 2011.

4. Producer Focus packs a wallop of a soulful punch on his debut, compilation style LP that far exceeded my expectations. Well picked guest appearances and a noticeable shunning of mainstream mores makes this a fresh listen. Although I'll admit that most of the appeal here is drawn from Focus' great production chops, standout performances from Phonte, Sha Stimuli, Kida and Raheem DeVaughn will have you reaching for this joint time and again.

5. Only hours old, Apollo Brown and Hassaan Mackey's new LP turns heads and opens ears. The Detroit bred beatsmith Apollo Brown puts together a boom bap infused album that has a soundbed that rivals any, if not exceeds every album in the top 5 of this list. Mackey pulls no punches either, as he powers the album with intelligent, focused rhymes that marry the sonic edge of "Daily Bread" perfectly.

6. The quintessential compilation-style LP of the year thus far, veteran DJ and producer JS-1 sticks to his usual script and gets the usual results. Combining loads of the most capable emcees in the game with his stripped down productions and brutally sharp cuts and scratches JS once again proves more Hip-hop fans should indeed, care.

 7. Longtime Hip-Hop producer J. Rawls unleashed one of his finest projects on us with "The Hip-Hop Affect". The album boasts his affinity for great Jazz lifts as well as his highly slpet-on capabilities as an emcee. Probably one of the best constructed albums of this year that fully flexes J.Rawls' production chops. A classic.

8. Sean Price, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson's much hyped collaboration project that actually managed to live up to expectations in most departments. Milk's fierce beats coupled with Sean P's hilarious one-liners and Guilty's vivid imagery all meshed extremely well. Album didn't meander or tale detours and gave the fans precisely what they wanted...the must-have hardcore collab LP of 2011.

9. Perhaps the youngest artist on this list ( I don't know Rasheed Chappell or Apollo Brown's age), Big K.R.I.T. and all of his deep talent simply is the future of the south. The dually talented emcee and producer's debut "ReturnOf4Eva" marked the young Mississippian's arrival to the Hip-Hop scene and boasted a number of laudable tracks. His southern twang combined with his apt wordplay are sure to get you reminiscing on prior great southern emcees his senior, most notably Big Boi and Bun B.

10. Another great young emcee with a powerful new voice, Rasheed Chappell's "Future Before Nostalgia" is exactly what it's advertised to be, however, the nostalgia will definitely pour in. Hearing the distinctly boom bap arrangements provided in bulk by producer Kenny Dope and the intense wordplay from Rasheed on every track makes this a shining example of an underground breakthrough and a breath of fresh air.

11. The Kentucky-bred collective returns with a stirring album that carries the concept of a huge dream, and that plays like one too. Powered by Kno's ever-impressive production emcees Natti and Deacon assume a bunch of roles lyrically and rarely mis-fire. It's a testament, once again, to the talents that Cunnin' has had and continues to drop on all of us.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mick Boogie – Excursions: Rarities and Remixes of ATCQ (Mixtape)

As you may or may not know when it comes to concise, really thoughtful and just all out dope mixtapes Mick Boogie has been supplying em' for years and now he's finally brought his touch to the greatest group of all time...

While some of the footage contained in the new ATCQ documentary really brought me down (the tension between Phife and Tip really was a downer man) this tape brings me right back up as it comes off more like an album we never got from the group rather than a traditional mixtape...I'll let Mick explain what's goin down though:

A Tribe Called Quest is one of my favorite groups of all time… in any genre of music. After seeing Michael Rapaport’s amazing documentary on the group, I felt inspired to put together a mix and this is the end result. This is NOT a greatest hits mix. This mix is for the true Tribe fans only… the die-hards who know every lyric and remember every interlude. I thought it would be cool to basically create the “lost” Tribe album… with all the rare songs, demos, limited-edition remixes, and collaborations you may have missed over the years. -Mick Boogie
I assure you, there will be few mixtapes this year that are gonna be able to mess with this one...Mick, you out-did yaself brutha...


Mick Boogie – Excursions: Rarities and Remixes of ATCQ (Mixtape)

Single: Big Shug, Krumb Snatcha, M-Dot, Singapore Kane & Avirex - Think Twice

New joint from some of the Beantown's best...

Beantown rookie of the year, M-Dot, Gangstarr Foundation member Big Shug, bright new phenom's Singapore Kane & Avirex and Boston underground great Krumb Snatcha all link for a stellar track over a piano-laden Reef Ali joint that bangs perfectly...

You best "Think Twice" about leaving Boston out the convo when it comes to breeding ground for dope, hardcore Hip-Hop...

link via Shake


Big Shug, Krumb Snatcha, M-Dot, Singapore Kane & Avirex - Think Twice

Single: Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey - Volume

Flipping one of the most well-known and soulful love ballads of all time, beatsmith of the moment, Apollo Brown provides an excellent Boom Bap construction for Hassaan Mackey to go in over and demolish...

These two have teamed for a brand new album titled "Daily Bread" that is available for order now and that I can assure you is wholly one of the best albums of the year...


Single: The Black Opera ft. Tiffany Paige - Timeline

This is a new single from the new group Black Opera.

You are not to know what or who the Black Opera is.

The Black Opera is the music.

Tiffany Paige can sing.

This is "Timeline".


Video: Sene - Good Thymes

Hit the stoop with ya boy Sene as he delivers his new video for "Good Thymes", his new video offering from his 10 and a half minute, self-produced and completely free opus "exit, us"...

As always, some great food for thought contained here... Sene stays on point with the lofty wordplay and introspective material.


Snippets: Apathy - Honkey Kong

Apathy is prepping this new and third solo release,"Honkey Kong", and has been good enough to provide us with a 5 minute snippet sampling of some of the album's rawest cuts...

As expected Ap brings us a peek at the fierce lyricism, A-1 production and ill guest appearances (you'll hear portions of verses from Ill Bill, Xzibit, Action Bronson, Vinnie Paz, some AOTP fam & Celph Titled) that is set to come at the end of next month...

I can't sounds like it's gonna be Ap's best album yet, no bullshittin!

P.S. You can check out all the info on "Honkey Kong" and the two singles that Ap has thrown out there for free download here


Apathy - Honkey Kong (snippets)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ceasar & PStarr - War Music (Mixtape)

New production duo Ceasar & PStarr is coming out correctly yo....

Joints on here feature names like Kool G Rap, Smif-N-Wessun, Saigon, Styles P, Lil' Fame, Serius Jones and many other hardcore acts... 20 tracks, give it a spin ...I'll be honest there are some cats featured that I never effed wit musically either, namely B.G. and the guty from Dem Franchize Boyz...Whatever...grab it and peel it baby..


Ceasar & PStarr - War Music (Mixtape)

Video Interview: Ghostface Killah For DJ Semtex

Long Story short: 3 new projects comin' in 2012....

First will be the vaunted "Wu-Block" collaboration album due in February that will feature Ghost, Rae & Cappadonna tramming with The Lox for an entire album, then apparently we'll be getting a new official, Wu-Tang studio album in May and finally Ghostdeini will give us his new LP, "Supreme Clientele Presents: Blue & Cream: The Wally Era" in August....Suuuuuuu!!!! 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Video: Doppelgangaz - Get Em

These two cats released hands down the best, most consistent group/duo albums of 2011 and you fucks prolly don't even know who they are or the name of said album...Get on your fucking job and start seeking out worthy Hip-Hop and stop giving these fucking terrible ass, corporate backed phonies ya ear and ya time...

The Doppelgangaz AKA Matter ov Fact and EP aren't really new, they've dropped a couple stellar projects already, but their latest album "Lone Sharks" is by far their crowning achievement thus far.. Filled with foreboding, yet rich soundscapes, lush sample selections and boom bap drum arrangements it's simply one of the best albums of the year so far and one of the best that the hardcore Hip-Hop underground has produced in awhile as well...

Peep the video for one of this amazing album's best tracks, "Get Em'"...


M. Will The Shogun - Northern Lights (album)

The cat that is quickly stepping out of the shadow of simply being known as Marley Marl's son and coming into his own is none other than M. Will The Shogun...

The burgeoning young beatmaker who now resides in Rochester, NY just released this brand spankin new LP for free and I gotta go ahead and add him to the list of new cats to watch...He's got his own style on the boards and isn't afraid to put his work out there...mess with this, you'll be pleased, nice change of pace..

Guests include Termanology, Nero, Ab'Stract, QuESt and others..




Single: Teflon - 4 Tha Love (prod. by DJ Premier)

While most of these lil' yong fuckas only associate the name 'Teflon' w/ Rick Ross, I used to love rockin out to M.O.P. First Fam associate of the same names "My Will" album. Yo, I always respected this man's willingness to keep shit hardcore...

It brings me great pleasure to hear that this man Tef has kept it 100% thoro and true to self by sticking to his format and dropping this new banger, "4 Tha Love", complete w/ production from his longtime collaborator DJ Premier.

Word is that this joint will appear on Tef's forthcoming new album "Contraband" ...


Teflon - 4 Tha Love (prod. by DJ Premier)

Single: Myth (of Strange Fruit Project) ft. MC Eiht - My Summertime Jam (prod. by Theory Hazit & S1)

Going in over a mellow and quite Summer'esque jam produced by his Strange Fruit Project bretheran Symbolic 1 and Theory Hazit, Myth blesses us with a tune that is mos def going in my Summer 2011 mix...

Few times this Summer has a proclaimed "Summer banga" lived up to it's billing, but Myth manages to live up to the hype here and brings along a Crippin' legend from L.A. in MC Eiht w/ him as well... chea!


Myth (of Strange Fruit Project) ft. MC Eiht - My Summertime Jam (prod. by Theory Hazit & S1)

Video Interview: Kendrick Lamar For OutDaBoxTV gets up with everyone's favorite rookie emcee of the moment in Kendrick Lamar in NYC ...

The brash young west coaster delves into the "greater purpose" of his music as well as giving back to his community... Kid's got a good head on his shoulders and a great debut album on the shelves...


Friday, July 15, 2011

Singles: Big Shug - We Miss You (prod. by DJ Premier)

On Sunday a cat that we've recently lost as well as one of the best to ever do it, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, woulda been 50 yrs old....

In honor of and in observance of the occasion, two of Guru's closest people's and musical collaborators in DJ Premier and Big Shug combine for this heart felt tribute to their fallen brother...Shug does a wonderful job eulogizing his brotha from anotha in both rhyme and song here and Premier finds thee best scratch sentence to define his old friend on the chorus...a great, great tribute.

We miss you...


Big Shug - We Miss You (prod. by DJ Premier) 

Interview: Prince Paul's 10 Favorite Sample Flips

The man, the legend, the innovator and just a cat that knows how to put together an album like no other, AKA Prince Paul talks about his top ten favorite sample re-workings ever in the the game....

Courtesy of EgoTrip we get some pretty dope commentary from a guy that I wish was still around a lot more in Hip-Hop teaching these young producers how it's really done...


Prince Paul on Jeru The Damaja's "Come Clean": 
To me, samples freak me out most when I have the record myself but never picked up on what another producer did. This was used by Premier for Jeru’s famous “Come Clean” and is one of those cases. I was like “Yo, I’ve had that record forever but not ever even thought of using it!” No one knew around at the time really knew what it was and the first chance I got, I ran up to Preemo and said, “Shelly Manne!” [laughs] He was like, “How’d you know?” and I was like, “Just let your lawyers know that I know what that sample is!” [laughs]. That song is now obviously classic but that sample is nuts.

Read the whole Interview here 

Interview: Diamond D Tells All: The Stories Behind His Classic Records

Complex mag continues on with their string of uber dope producer interviews and get up with none other than resident DITC crate digger, Diamond D for an insightful look into some of his best records ever...

From the lore that surrounds "Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop" to his work in DITC to his infamous title as "the best producer on the mic".


Read the whole thing here

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Back For More (Album)

Wow, really surprised that these two are letting this go for free....

On the one hand, I'm elated b/c this is real quality...If you want a dope, soulful R&B album with a vocalist that truly can sing being backed by a legendary producer and DJ, you've found it--but on the other hand, man, this is clearly professional work and Ayah and Jazzy Jeff deserve some compensation for it...

I guess I'll just have to be conflicted, but you don't gotta this and pass the link along, if we can give them anything, it's some great stats on their bandcamp.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Offical Daily Bread Mixtape Mixed by DJ House Shoes Featuring Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey

Bout time we got a mix of these two...

Combining the outstanding production of Apollo Brown with the insightful emceeing of Hassaan Mackey, Mello Music Group unleashes a brand new mix that was put together by Detroit veteran DJ House Shoes...Go get ya Daily Bread!!

19 track tape, completely free download...tons of Apollo/Mackey older joints and a good dose of unreleased ish' too.