Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lord Finesse & DJ Muro - King Of Diggin' Vol.5

Just cause' this was released mainly only in Japan and I know that I got more than a few vinyl heads raoming around on here, I'mma put up the brand new and 5th installment of Lord Finesse and DJ Muro's "King of Diggin'" series.....mixing in a grip (70+) of rare samples, grooves and breaks into a giant mix, these two solidify the reasons why in large part they're considered some of the best out there when it comes to diggin'.....

Can't describe to you how ill some of the records they play on here are....comes with the 2nd bonus disc that contains 10 tracks.

Earns a worthy 8 outta 10....


*no track list*

Video: Raekwon feat. Method Man & Ghostface - New Wu

This is exactly what the game needs rite now; new, ill shit from Rae, presumably off that long awaited Cuban Linx II album that he has been promising all of his hardcore fans for well over 2 years now......We're all still waiting anxiously for the summer release date, but in the meantime Rae has kept us in mind, dropping a bunch of new material over the past two weeks, including a few new singles.....and then there's this: the video for "New Wu" that features a killer, classic-Wu sounding beat as as well as killer verses from Meth and Ghost.....peep the cameos from fellow Wu members Rza, Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck and the hilarious skit with DJ Kay Slay....Throw ya W's up!!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Single: PackFM - Absolutely Positive (prod. by Domingo)

This joint is actually a bonus cut from the highly anticipated collabo album between two of QN5's all time illest stars, producer extraordinaire Domingo and underground emcee PackFM.....After you listen to this jawn, you'll soon understand that the album really is gonna be the monster that we all thought it would.....can't wait for the summertime!

I knida wish that "Absolutely Positive" woulda been on the actual LP tho...this joint is a surefire banger....DJ Cazz on the cuts ya'll, enjoy....


1.Absolutely Positive(DIRTY)
2.Absolutely Positive(CLEAN])
3.Absolutely Positive(INSTRUMENTAL)

Mr. J Medieros - The Art Of Broken Glass EP

You know I had to show this guy some love....Reppin' one of my home base's, Mr. J Medieros (formerly of The Procussions and Rawkus Records) calls the South Boro, Southern Colorado Springs section of Colorado Home....Medieros, Actually went to Wasson High School, my former High School's (Si-air-ra!!!) 2nd biggest rival....I've followed The Procussions since they broke out with "As Iron Sharpens Iron" and it was always a great joy to see them succeed, but no doubt I always noticed how Medieros's rhymes in particular stood out.....

The half Scottish, half Portuguese emcee who now calls Los Angeles home is a true credit to "The Springs", bein on the underground grind and routinely serves as the exact inspiration for this aspiring producer's dreams....

Having already dropped three albums with his now defunct group The Procussions (also from C.Springs) and dropping his own solo LP in 07', Medieros returns with a new 5 track EP that once again is filled with smart, engaging, and enlightening verses that keep his rep of being one of the better, more true to life, Indie-Hop acts firmly intact.

Medieros once again takes the route of social commentator and activist emcee on "The Art Of Broken Glass", giving you 5 cuts that each have their own poignant messages....


01. (00:03:31) Mr.J.Medeiros - Love Is All Feat. Tara Ellis
02. (00:03:00) Mr.J.Medeiros - Umpire State
03. (00:03:07) Mr.J.Medeiros - The Measure
04. (00:04:00) Mr.J.Medeiros - Tower Of Cards
05. (00:02:54) Mr.J.Medeiros - Broken Windows

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tommy Tee Presents 3 The Hard Way The EP Movement

The pride of Oslo Norway, Tommy Tee has long been impressing me with his production skills, Managerial know-how and commitment to recording and releasing quality music....Over the years he's recorded with some of the best names in American Hip-Hop as well as spearheading the culture in his own country and across Europe as well....

This EP is actually made up of a three EP series that Tee released separately, each highlighting a different area, i.e. NYC, Norway and Sweden (Sthlm)....

A wonderful tri-pack full of ill music all of which produced by Tee himself, these EP's are a can't miss for anyone wishing to see how well the foreign grasp is on what America used to embrace as real Hip-Hop....

The Swede's and Norwegians make a good showing but the real story here is the NYC EP (tracks 2,3,4, & 5), that finds some of our favorite New Yiddy emcee's from the late 90's kicking crazy shit over Tee's lofty sure to peep out JoJo Pellegrino and The Ghost goin back and forth on "Holy Shrine" as well as Lord Tariq's riveting "Flashback".....


01. Jesse Jones, Ken Ring and Saigon - Drabant 03:21
02. Lord Tariq - Flashback 04:37
03. G Dep, Tash and The Loudmouf Choir - Go Gold 03:43
04. Smif N Wessun and The Loudmouf Choir - Headbanger 03:50
05. Styles P and Jojo Pellegrino - Holy Shrine 03:14
06. Critical and Son of Light - Two Much 03:43
07. The Loudmouf Choir - Everybody Knows 03:23
08. Lazee and A-Lee - Tick (We Go Off) 03:12
09. Son of Light - Off That 02:59
10. Gatas Parlament - Ut Õ Spraye 04:09
11. Sam E - Boom! 03:21
12. Madcon, Timbuktu and Chords - That Ain’t My Style 03:45
13. Ken Ring - Varf°r 04:22
14. Lazee - Who’s That Lazee 03:05

Video: Kurious feat. MC Serch, Kadi & MF Doom - Bennetton

Wow, what a week for vid's eh? While many dope one's dropped in the past 7 or 8 days, I'm afriad Kurious's newest effort "Bennetton" takes the title of thee nicest of them all, and really, just the illest vid/song that Hip-Hop has had in a minute.....

Teaming up with old buddies over a sample that holds a special place in my heart (I flipped it too a long time ago) Kurious brings a very game MC Serch back into the spotlight to reminisce on his long road to stardom from his humble beginnings in Far Rockaway Queens....Serch Tosses it back to Kurious who doles out some pretty solid advice about staying even kilter and strong and then lets his mans Kadi handle the chorus, which he manages to do actually, very well....MF bats clean up and sews up a great visual and stunning auditory voyage into how all three main emcees have managed to stay relevant and more importantly respected by their Things to look for include twin Blackberry's, Serch doing a standing crane kick and A pair of MF Doom Dunk SB'


Video: Ivan Ives - I Wasted

Really introspective and heart wrenching material from L.A. based, Leningrad, USSR transplant Ivan Ives....I mean the casting for this joint is amazing....that female plays the role of "mouse" impeccably and it's almost like Ivan's word's and camera become the "cat".....Pursuing her to no avail and having to fallback on his music and becoming bitter is the tale told in "I Wasted"....a cold, realistic look at how a young man can become jaded by something so beautiful....The presence of the strikingly beautiful female almost becomes a metaphor for Ivan's music as well, which he sorrowfully laments putting before "his life"....Deep on many levels and shot mostly with what looks to be just a regular old digital camcorder this is excellent product and absorbing visual art.....props to Ivan.....


Video: Cappadonna feat. Raekwon - Life's A Gamble

Cappadonna, the WU's enigmatic and unofficial 10th member hits us with a dope, brand new low budget banger in "Life's A Gamble"...

Imagery of Cappa and Rae gallivanting around in a true playboy's crib and inside luxury whips has me reminiscing about the days of old when idea's for a shoot like this got huge budgets and went down as all-time classics....Big budget or not, I'm happy Cappadonna is still doin it....This vid is entertaining and the song itself is cold as hell....."Slang Prostitution" was ill, go pick that up kiddies....


Single: Blaq Poet Feat. Noreaga - Hate (prod. by DJ Premier)

Making it's debut this week all over your favorite underground and hardcore web/radio shows is this new banger from Blaq Poet titled "Hate". Presumably off his upcoming project "The Blaqprint", this joint is nuthin but real Hip-Hop.....I wish this was just the high quality single, but all I got is a radio rip off of Paul Rosenburg's show....still highly bumpable tho....gonna burn it on a CD-R and give it the ole' sound system check in a few....

With the assistance of a focused Nore, who turns in an excellent verse as well as a certified DJ Premier banger, "Hate" should have you feelin' nuthin but love for Blaq Poe's steez...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soul Assassins - Intermission [Snippet Tape]

I've referenced the fact that I've been a lifelong Soul Assassins fan many times on here....I've talked endlessly about how instantly enamored I was with Muggs's compilation LP's that featured his timeless, expert boom bapery aligned with the coldest emcee's from not only L.A., but NYC and even down south....Those first two SA comp's were as close to perfection as a producer could get to me.....I mean, Muggs was just in the zone...everything from the pairings of the emcee's, the actual music and the artwork was just that shit to me....

All of that being said, ya'll must understand the feelings of excitement and anticipation I possess about Muggs's newest comp., titled "Intermission" that is currently set to drop on June 23rd.....The LP is the official 3rd installment of the Soul Asssassins series and just like it's predecessor's it's chock full of the names that currently dominate the hardcore and underground Hip-Hop scenes....

Now, many of you know I don't put up too many of my favorite artist's new LP's when they drop.....practically none anymore....and "Intermission" will definitely not be up on Pure Hip-Hop, but I wanna see my dude Muggs make some dough, even though I know he don't make Hip-Hop for money, but rather for the love.....So, in that spirit I'm putting up the Snippet tape of Intermission so those of you who insist on taste testing before you buy the ham can get your early preview on the other hand, i'm not gonna ruin it for myself....been waiting too long....gonna go thru the entire ritual with this one, i.e. getting up real early on that tuesday, being at the record store right when it opens and then goin in, coppin' the CD and the Vinyl (think it's gettin' pressed up on wax, not sure tho) and then bumpin' them shits for the next week straight.....


01. Bun B - Gangsta Shit ft.m1 2:44
02. Sick Jacken - Classical ft.Evidence 3:03
03. Cahce Infinite - Gunshots ft.Alchemist 1:00
04. La Coka Nostra - Do It 3:28
05. PCP - Rep Yo Shit 1:03
06. Self Scientific - Good Evening LA 1:06
07. Reef The Lost Cause - Meet Your Maker ft.Outer Space 1:01
08. Rza - Intermission ft.B-Real - Planet Asia 1:06
09. Pridigy - Cahnpions ft.Big Twins 2:51
10. Fashawn - Let Go (My Life) 1:01
11. Planet Asia - Like That Yall 1:15
12. Cynic - World We’re in 4:23
13. Chace Infinite - Call It Like I See It ft.Krondon 1:06
14. Dust - Matchbox 1:00

Single: Krs-One & Buckshot - Robot (prod. by Havoc)

the new collabo album from these two Hip-Hop vets is gonna be ill as shit.....

Don't know if it'll be better than Marco Polo and Torae's Double Barrel joint which is gonna drop on Duck Down as well, but it should contend....

but back to the point.....Kris and Buck both expose the ugly truth about the game and it's current state here...glad they decided to do so. Kris and the BDI thug sound real good over Havoc's focused production.....It's not hav's best work, but it has a reasonably dope effect to it....

Krs murdered Buck with his verse too, better pick it up a bit if you gonna do a whole album with the teacha Buck....


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Single: Nas - I Have To

Man, I couldn't be happier as I logged on the the interwebz tonite....I don't care if you youngin's think I'm corny, or if you old heads are hatin on him now, nothing gets me amp'd like a new joint from Nas.....over 15 years has passed since I first started bumpin' Nasir's shit and while I'll admit there has been some misses along the way, the bulk of his catalog is overtly ill....he's one of my generation's true GOAT's.

This is his new joint "I Have To", that sports a dope reworking of a violin sample, dope, minimalistic drums and Nas in rare form rhyming....I mean seriously, I haven't heard him just kick some shit in this smorgasbord manner in quite awhile.....Good to hear he's still got that raw shit for his fans from the 90's while we all await his new collabo project with Damien Marley.....


Phil Da Agony - Think Green Sampler

In honor of Earth Day Phil Da Agony is dropping us three joints (one being a remix) off his upcoming new project "Think Green", which btw is not a play on the color of dough or weed, but rather his attempt at raising awareness about the global situation we all now face in 2009 and onward......Admirable, and much needed these cuts are top notch, especially "Hunters".....

These three joints feature Phil's Strong Arm Steady fam as well as the incomparable Talib Kweli, so dig in kids and be sure to go out and grab "Think Green" when it drops next month on Nature Sounds Records.


1. Think Green feat. Talib Kweli
2. Think Green (remix) feat. Mitchy Slick & Krondon
3. Hunters feat. Talib Kweli & Strong Arm Steady

Monday, April 20, 2009

Daru & Rena - Producer's Luv Tribute EP

Tribute projects are usually pretty tricky, but this brother/sister combo proves that keeping it all in the family is a good way to add that lil' bit of chemistry needed to pay the proper homage to a host of all-time greats.

Handling the beats on the "Producer's Luv Tribute" is none other than Daru Jones and the sultry singing comes courtesy of his uber talented sis Rena. I really appreciate this EP man.......These two actually did a timeless job emulating their respective tributary's, something that is attempted time and again, and even by cats that have been n the game longer, but often is a target missed badly...If you don't believe me when I say that that these two churned out a memorable classic listen to the Dilla, 9th Wonder and Pete Rock tracks....Immense, just immense.....These two make a wonderful team and I'm scrambling, trying to download all of their free, older material as we speak....Their output on this EP should be hailed as nothing short of classic....I'm serious, I haven't heard a more effective tandem at bringing real Hip-Hop to the forefront in quite awhile. It's so insane too because they don't really incorporate rapping in their joints, yet your reeled in with their affecting sound.

Rena's voice is sincerely Hip-Hop. I really loved when she broke it down on the "Findaway" joint dedicated to Preme and started humming over the drum track solo.....masterful shit........I've already bumped this EP a few times and basically I'm now nominating it as one of the best of the year....

The siblings that hail from Michigan, but now call the big apple home (I think) are gloriously talented and true vessels of heady music and vocalization. In short, they give me hope....Please do yaself a favor and go grab "Producer's Luv Tribute"....

If you check this EP out and dig it tuff as I did, run over to Rena's MS ( and you can download a host of Her and Daru's older mixtape's, mixes and my favorite; a couple of Daru's beat tapes that are extra inspiring, all completely gratis.....Real Hip-Hop!!!


01 intro
02 your there dilla pt4
03 turn it on pete rock pt4
04 take your hand nicolay pt4
05 feel the love 9th wonder pt4
06 lonely nights roots pt4
07 findaway dj premier & daru pt3
08 take your hand dilla & daru part5
09 outro

Video: L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Bang (prod. by Khrysis)

Now before you go and say I'm over doing it with the vid's today, stop and peep out this incredibly diabolical new jawn from L.E.G.A.C.Y.. LOL, aside from his incredibly hideous facial expressions this is underground video gold.....Khrysis absolutely kills shit on the production tip...fuck, we need a compilation LP from him already.....At any rate, yeah all the gore fans check in this vid is right up your ally....Leg explores his psycho doctor alter ego pretty well here and flexes his considerable lyrical talent.....word to his fucked up, jus playin Leg....


Video: Scanz ft. Akrobatik and Mr. Lif - The Gauntlet

Scanz ft. Mr. Lif & Akrobatik - "The Gauntlet" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from FourHourFuture on Vimeo.

Creative new video from one of my fav. new Philly underground heads that features beantown heavyweights Mr. Lif and Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) doin they thing....

Alongside the to prolific vets producer/emcee Scanz weaves together a truly dope song with a video that focuses on what's real, nothing more nothing less....


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Video: Reflection Eternal - Back Again

Step up and take a moment to chill with ya boys Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek as the dynamic rhyme and production duo combine for "Back Again", their first video/single for their upcoming new album I'm really excited about and hope does well....

While pretty quick (just over 2 minutes long) "Back Again" is a dope mixture of barber shop atmosphere and Talib's razor sharp rhyme game....


Friday, April 17, 2009

Skyzoo - The Power Of Words Mixtape

While every Hip-Hop blogger and journalist is dead set on tryin to figure out the puzzle that is when exactly New York will once again "come back" and precisely whom will spearhead this resurgence, I stand in the background and scream aimlessly "look closer people, look at Skyzoo"....

Back with another really dope mixtape jam packed with the producers that real heads clamor for (Analogic, 9th Wonder, Illmind, Jake One) and the subject matter that NYC was once known primarily for, Sky has successfully dropped a worthy follow up to his much celebrated "Corner Store Classic" mixtape. Believe me when I tell you that that was a big hurdle for him to get over. I wasn't exactly sure he would choose to be artistically consistent...I mean, I knew he was capable, dude could make ill, Hip-Hop music in his sleep, but I just know that the way the economy has been going and all that combined with the climate of the music biz has lead a lot of my favorite artists, new and old, down some pretty unfamiliar paths for the sake of staying afloat....Staying true to his word however, [I'm about making money but it has to be with dope records"] Sky has steadfastly remained one of the illest new artists coming out from back east and he sticks to his high brow script in doing so on "The Power Of Words".

Linking up with the man he hails as his "favorite" producer J Dilla (R.I.P.) for the formative "Alphabet Soup", it's apparent the chemistry that the two men shared when Sky first came into the game and Dilla showed him some love is still intact. "No Pretending", the affecting collab with red hot J leaguer Khrysis on the boards is another really strong track as well, but it's the undeniable cohesiveness and adeptness that is always present when Sky and 9th Wonder get together that steals the show all 4 times ("Do Remember", "We Are Jamla", "Left For Dead" & "We Belong") it happens on "The Power Of Words".


01 - Intro
02 - Clearer Hearing (Prod. by Fatin "10" Horton)
03 - Bells & Whistles (Prod. by Algorythm)
04 - Back On The Map (Feat. Maino) (Prod. by Jake One)
05 - Appreciation (Prod. by Analogic)
06 - Freshfest (Feat. Wale) (Prod. by Illmind)
07 - No Pretending (Prod. by Khrysis)
08 - Five Year Plan Interlude
09 - The Don Cheadle Effect (Prod. by Ceased Werds)
10 - Do Remember (Feat. Young Chris) (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
11 - Alphabeat Soup (Prod. by J Dilla)
12 - We Are Jamla (Feat. Big Remo, GG & Raphsody) (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
13 - Left 4 Dead (Feat. EPMD) (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
14 - Say What You Say (Feat. Big Pooh & Naledge) (Prod. by Illmind)
15 - When I Rhyme (Feat. Talib Kweli & Reks) (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
16 - We Belong (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
17 - Outro

Prisma - Music By Prisma

If you like heady Japanese production imports be sure and grab Prisma's latest, "Music By Prisma".....

The beats on here are top shelf, jazzy and well set...Prisma has impressive arrangements that ae complimented by some very decent emcee's. Able to secure vocal contributions from none other than El Da Sensei, Fat Jon, Aloe Blacc and Raashan Ahmad among others this LP is no doubt going to be in contention for best production comp. of the year when Decemeber rolls around.....Not bad for a relative newcomer to the American production landscape. He even manages to make Amanda Diva listenable on a certain level....Ouch, sorry Amanda, your still gorgeous ma...


01. All in the Hook feat. El Da Sensei
02. Bird of Liberty
03. Passion Flower
04. I Got Soul feat. Amanda Diva
05. Hitotsu ni feat. Fat Jon (Five Deez)
06. Change Your Ways feat. Aloe Blacc
07. Rainy Sunday Morning
08. Pushin Along feat. Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers)
09. Astrogate for Other Planet
10. Gone with the Songs
11. Sprit of the Times
12. Zone feat. Pismo
13. NY to JPN feat. Brown Bag Allstars
14. Menina (Album Edit)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Think Differently Music Presents...Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Instrumentals

Coming four years after the retail album that highlighted the Indie Underground's illest emcee's teaming with the Wu's elite and some of their more celebrated affiliates is the "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Instrumentals".

I won't even begin to lie, I was all over this LP release back in 05' when it first dropped (The actual album, not the instrumentals)...for guys like me who are knee deep in both the underground and the mystique behind Hip-Hop's all time greatest crew/group you just couldn't ask for anything more. I mean it had some of my all-time favorite emcee's on it...Ras Kass, Planet Asia, R.A., Littles, MF Doom, Del, Tragedy.....It was just incredible...Actually went out and copped the CD and The Vinyl....Despite this joint's undeniable illness, I remember a lot of people overlooking it and even needlessly hating....I was stupefied as to why so don't ask, but that's what teh mood was on the net and in a few of my close circles...SMH.... For me, everything from the cover art, to the guest list and actual musical content was damn near perfect....the best comp. in years....

Another really dope aspect of this release originally was the production....Now I walked into the whole situation of coppin' this expecting that the usual names from the Wu camp would handle the beats...ya know, 4th Disciple, Tru Master, Mathematics, Rza and so on and so forth.....yet as I thumbed through the booklet while simoultaneously bumpin the album I was kind of surprised to see that a somewhat new name was handling the majority of the workload and that his output was nothing short of amazing.....This compilation was officially Bronze Nazereth's arrival for me. I had seen his name pop up here and there on things...I believe he did a few joints on Rza's "Birth Of A Prince" LP and I know he was on that Black Market Militia LP.....Still, for the most part up until the "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture" record he was mostly a mystery to me....The Detroit beatsmith couldn't have had a better debut and once again Rza proved he was still sharp in picking new, talented recruits.....grab these instrumentals with the swiftness kids, few producers have put together a more cohesive and consistent beat rundown on a major release in the past 7 or 8 sure to peep out the extra unreleased track "Cars On The Interstate" that Mathematics did...damn shame it didn't make the final cut....


01. 03:30 Lyrical Swords (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
02. 04:54 Slow Blues (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
03. 04:21 Still Grimey (Instrumental)
(Beat By Preservation)
04. 04:39 Think Differently (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
05. 04:04 Biochemical Equation (Instrumental)
(Beat By Rza)
06. 01:22 O.D.B. Tribute (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
07. 03:40 Fragments (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
08. 03:24 Street Corners (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
09. 03:46 Listen (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
10. 04:38 Verses (Instrumental) (Beat By DJ Noize)
11. 02:32 Preservation (Instrumental)
(Beat By Preservation)
12. 02:22 Cars On The Interstate (Instrumental)
(Beat By Allah Mathematics)
13. 03:58 Give It Up (Instrumental)
(Beat By Preservation)
14. 03:19 Black Dawn (Instrumental)
(Beat By Bronze Nazareth)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hhhead & Musical Schizophrenia Present.. - The Best Of Jazz Liberatorz

We have a great "Best Of" compilation here courtesy of two of the finer Hip-Hop sites out there dedicated to the french production trio known throughout the blogosphere and their native country France as The Jazz Liberatorz.

Take the time to get to know DJ Damage, Dusty, and Madhi a lil' better through this well selected and well thought out compilation of their best stuff to date...You'll find most of the Liberatorz best cuts ever on this dynamic mix as the good people over at HHhead and Musical Schizophrenia pretty much run the gamut of the Liberatorz best material. If your a fan of Jazzy beats and true musical output/collaboration, grab this....It won't disappoint, don't sleep kids....


Single: Chino XL - 90 Bars of Intervention (prod. by Focus)

Straight raw, lyrical heat from Chino, who we haven't exactly always had out on the scene consistently, but man....this joint right here....well, lets just say I haven't heard a more fierce, no hooker in a minute.....Sure is nice when Chino decides to chill with the Hollywood crooning and come like we all know he's capable of coming on the mic....not really sure if he's got a new project on the horizon or if "90 Bars.." is just one of his random musings....hopefully it's not the latter....


Stu Bangas & Vanderslice - Duck And Cover

Reppin' Boston Massachusetts and Phoenixville Pennslyvania, respectively Stu Bangas and Vanderslice might not exactly be on your Hip-Hop radar as of yet when it comes to dope, up and coming producers....hopefully some of you have thought outside the box and already gotten acquainted with both of these gifted beatmakers as soloists, for everyone else get ready to experience what they can do together. If I had to classify their sound I would have to say that they're more sonically driven...sample based yes, but very crisp, very clean....very adept at flipping piano and rock samples as well....Just got a really updated, hardcore sound....perfect for your favorite block scholar to rip into mercilessly.

"Duck And Cover" is a mix of Stu and Vanderslice's past works and some of their unreleased gems as well. This project is being dropped a s precursor to their upcoming official album "The Crime Hour" due out sometime later this year.....Til' that drops enjoy this high energy masterpiece that will no doubt put you in the mood to slap, rob or beat somethin'.....features a laundry list of dope, hardcore emcees.....


01.) Intro
02.) Reef the Lost Cauze, Verbal Tec, & Lex Starwind - Charles Bronson
03.) Slaine - Freestyle
04.) Heltah Skeltah - Ruck & Roll
05.) Chief Kamachi - Street Pharoahs
06.) Blaq Poet, Jaysaun, & Termanology - King of the Jungle
07.) Stu Bangas & Spit Supreme - Pay Dues (Interlude)
08.) Punchline, Fokis, & Sha Stimuli - The Crime Hour
09.) Lex Starwind & Murdock - Foul Weather
10.) King Magnetic Exclusive
11.) Hell Razah & Shabazz The Discple - Jail Saga
12.) Nature & Equinox - Last Day
13.) Sean Price, Murdock, & Lex Starwind - Iron Mic
14.) Vinnie Paz, Reef The Lost Cauze, & Doap Nixon - Wait is Over
15.) Planet Asia Exclusive
16.) Vinnie Paz & Jus Allah - Blue Steel
17.) Vanderslice interlude
18.) Reef the Lost Cauze Exclusive
19.) Murda Mook & Armageddon - Deadringer Alternate

Monday, April 13, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Ardamus - When Nothing Goes Right

While the naive masses have been salivating over D.C. native and Hip-Hop newcomer Wale's trendiness and ready willingness to make radio hits they are simultaneously and ignorantly overlooking the headier acts from around the area, causing this blogger to ponder a few things....One, does the new generation of Hip-Hop fans in D.C. really get what the culture is all about? Two, do they really grasp that it's something you live and not a product that can be sold and so forth? Three, is there a new hot bed of untapped talent in the District? And if so, who then, if not Mr. "Nike Boots", should the kids be checking for there?......I'll answer that last question myself cause' it's the only one that I'm 100 percent sure on....ladies and gents, the answer would have to be rapper/producer Ardamus....and he'll answer the rest....

I'm a fan of Underground/Indie Hip-Hop and while the genre probably has seen better days I won't say it's on the decline...Nope, in fact I think that it's pushing forward into interesting new formats. Guys are blending and melding other genres into the Hip-Hop aesthetic and not only coming up with exciting new sounds, but also adding to the creative pot and reworking past techniques. Ardamus is no exception, and in many ways is one of the more successful tenants in the house of "genre bending". On what I'm to believe is his debut project (although I doubt it) "When Nothing Goes Right" Ardamus isn't afraid to go anywhere in his production or times sped up samples cascade against bold basslines and thick hand claps while he spits introspective verses about his life and opens up ("What's Wrong With Me"). Other times we find Ard reppin' for his town masterfully as he takes you on a virtual tour of D.C. on "The District" with fellow 202er's DJ Eurock and Keyote as a great Piano flip brings their words to life. Pretty dope Indie Hip-Hop stuff for the most part on here until tracks like "Maybe It's You", "Who Rolled It" and "When Something Goes Right" come and slap you in the mouth for actin' so damn brand new.....

Meshing intricate and absorbing sounds with soul singing, flutes, bells, twanging guitars and everything else you can and can't think of, Ard's arrangements and ideas for "When Nothing Goes Right" is to say the least, stimulating. That fact only adds to Ard's extracting narratives, which always match in tone and subject matter. Not a dazzling lyricist, but much in the same way as a Murs or Slug, Ardamus is an emcee that speaks so truthfully you stop listening and start feeling his music....relating to his story...That friends is what Hip-Hop needs at this very moment...A representative that is more in tune, more true to life....Ardamus may be a transplant to the Chocolate city, but somehow he's managed to capture it's voice better than any previous artist hailing from the area to date....


When Nothing Goes Right
Say To The Heart
Give It Up
Gotta Get It
Interlude 1
Super Drugs
Who Rolled It
What's Wrong With Me
The District feat. Keyote and DJ Eurock
You're On Your Own
Interlude 2
She's a Liar feat. Multiple Man
Maybe It's You feat. Edith Sodolo
When Something Goes Right feat. JuJu

Saturday, April 11, 2009

News: Nore Is A New Father

On this past Thursday morning, God's favorite Nore AKA Victor Santiago was blessed with the birth of his brand new son....LOL, The super thug made sure to Twitter the whole experience, peep it out:

7:50 am - I'm happy nervous hype and scared my girl having contractions headed 2 hospital now!!!!

8:28 am - I heard of fainting n emergency room I was gonna faint n the crib tho shit

~9:00 am - I twitters from the waiting room bitch I'm acting gangsta but Im really ass n these places LOL!!

~9:00 am - I smell like banana kush it's kinda embarassing!!! And I got a misel Philly rolled up

~9:00 am - i actually never went thru this from beginning 2 end. its kinda scary and I smell like a ton of weed!! shit!!!

~11:00 am - Back n labor and delivery right now mad shock

~2:00 pm - I'm outside hospital smoking a big blunt

~2:00 pm - I'm bout 2 have the baby let's blast out clean and dirty of shoulders move!!!!

~3:00 pm - Here comes the moment of truth the doctor is here

~3:00 pm - Nore's having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We on the Mac holding him down! Go get his new single off S.O.R.E.- "Shoulders Move"-

~4:00 pm - The doctor fingered her yoo what the fuck!!!!

~5:00 pm - I'm so glad I'm not a women never again will I go 2 labor it's a boyeeeee!!!! Y'all

~5:00 pm - I will never go I'm the same room were a baby being born again n my life

~7:00 pm - Felt wierd nurse washing my son and pull his joint back holy moly

~10:00 pm - Finally home long fucking day and night smoking a blunt then going 2 sleep

~9:00 am (Friday, April 10) - Had a baby boyee yesterday!!! The nore Nigga happy!!!

~9:00 am - He looks like a Cuban version of me shit!!!! LOL

lol.....Nore is that dude....Congrats to him!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

News: Sadat X Preps New Album For Release

Everyone's favorite Brand Nubian member (well at least mine) Sadat X is preparing his new album titled "Brand New Bein'" for release on Cinco De Mayo....Mat 5th for all those who don't habla....

Coming only 7 months after his "Generation X" LP (which was ill btw), Sadat is poised to once again brave the indie waters. With production duties being handled by Rocksteady Crew member DJ JS-1 and JW this record is no doubt gonna have that classic feel to it....

"Brand New Bein'" is scheduled to have KRS-One, Buckshot, CL Smooth, Grand Puba and Lord Jamar all checking in to provide guest vocals... not only that bt Sadat is gonna throw all the real heads a bonus disc of instrumentals, acapellas and clean versions of all songs for radio play.....Righteous.....


Reef The Lost Cauze & King Magnetic - King & The Cauze

Brand new mixtape from Philly heavyweights Reef The Lost Cauze and King Magnetic that is sure to move all the authentic block cats hungry for somethin with more of an edge that isn't over the top....Both emcee's have resume's in the street to back up their brash rhymes and views, so make no mistake, they're speaking from experience, not from their project window....That's always been a big reason why I always dug King Magnetic and Reef's music....they come off like one of your knucklehead ass friends, who when focused, is actually no knucklehead at all, but rather a really concise and powerful person who can masterfully wield words like weapons. Had a few friends like that comin' up....

Reef is the wry storyteller that reels you in with his relatability and King Magnetic is the street cat who's war stories aren't over drawn or nagging.....They make an excellent duo the two AOTP bretheren, illuminating their lives, wisdom and musical tastes for listeners....

The production on this effort is supremely solid.....Magnetic is given the chance to flex his capable beatmaking skills on tracks like "Crumbs", "Monster" and "Who Made The Rules", but it's the Marco Polo produced "I Wonder" (fuckin nuts!) and Stoupe's beat for "The Torch" that really steal show....As far as teh consistency of the music goes,starting after the second track everything on this joint is crazy. The title track "King And A Cauze", is probably my favorite joint....A smooth loop plays on the beat as Reef and King go back and forth demolishing it.....dopeness....

I hope "King & The Cauze" is a sign of what is yet to come from Reef and King as a duo......first Shadyville/Whoo Kid Tape I've bumped in a good 2 or 3 years.....shouts to that cat Dre Boogs, he startin out well....


01 . Dre Boogs Intro 00:26
02 . Crack A Bottle 00:54
03 . Bangin’ 01:58
04 . Tearin’ Me Apart 02:21
05 . Nothin’ (Feat. Block Mccloud) 03:23
06 . The Truth 03:12
07 . Cold As Ice 02:27
08 . Westside Story 02:14
09 . Bangers 02:02
10 . Hit’em Up! 03:32
11 . Kiss The Curb 01:35
12 . I Wonder 03:46
13 . Big Deal Remix (Feat. Brother Ali) 03:19
14 . Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth 00:54
15 . Crumbs 03:18
16 . King & The Cauze 03:49
17 . Monster (Feat. Tug Mcgraw) 02:40
18 . Thug Fantasy 03:19
19 . Who Made The Rules (Feat. Edo G & Godilla) 03:01
20 . Gone (Feat. Termanology) 03:51
21 . Snowgoons (Feat. Adlib, Ali Armz & Godilla) 03:45
22 . The Torch 02:51

Kankick - Beautiful: Opus of Love Deeper Than Flesh

When a lot of folks think of Oxnard, Ca's Hip-Hop scene they think of Madlib, well, the real heads do anyway....While I'm 100% down with folks synonymously linking Madlib with the Ox it always grinds me that Kankick, Madlib's buddy since junior high and another masterful beatmaking and crate digging resident of the small Ventura County city is almost always overlooked when it comes time to hand out the props.

Criminally slept-on or not the last addition to the Oxnard super group Lootpack and the Funk Farm Member known as Kankick has skills, real skills.....A tireless digger of rare groove, rock, folk, funk and soul gems Kan's beats are always comprised of the richest and most interesting sounds and the illest drum breaks all you aspiring producer's only wish you had in your possession, but most likely would not be able to chop as well as Kan.....

On his latest beat tape effort "Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh", Kan's "dusty, crunchy and blunted" sound is somewhat absent, and in it's place, Kan's chosen to debut his more laid back and toned down joints. Still as dope as ever, the beats on this tape will grab your ear in a more fiercly subtle manner than when a sexy co-ed asks in the middle of a crowded frat party if you wanna go back up to her dorm room......You hear and feel it no matter what!

Perfect listening material for after that big blowout party at ya boy's crib when you and your people's just wanna chill out and smoke that last L in front of the tube, or clean up after your heathen buddies who left their empty beer cans all over the place...."Beautiful..." is the soundtrack to winding some shit down peacefully....enjoy folks and be sure to check for Kankick in the future.


01. The Bomb Butterfly
02. Thursdays At The Good Life
03. Herb Honey
04. Black Women Candle Wax
05. This Is A World Export
06. Continued Togetherness
07. Pop Tunes, Morning Paper
08. Don’t Lock My Heart Away
09. Shrooming Birds Morning Song
10. NightTime Beauty
11. Serenade The Outdoor Visitors
12. C’Mon Love, Let’s Dance
13. Take My Hand
14. Warped Dayz
15. O.X. Coming At Ya
16. I’m Going to Take U Out To Dinner
17. Can’t Escape Space (Love Quakes)
18. Enter The Inside (Yeah)
19. The Revelations Of Sadness
20. Westwinds Of Truism (For Otis)
21. The Tribes Chant

Video: John Forte - Style Free

John Forte is back! As many of you already know, the one time Fugee member John Forte was recently released from prison after doin a 7 year bid for allegedly trafficking liquid cocaine.....Now a free man and back doin what he loves the most, it seems he is ready to resume his solo career which was already very much in progress.

Droppin his new vid "Style Free" on us, I gotta say I like where John's head is at. The vid is thoughtful and classy, filled with lyrical gems and dope modern style....not over done at all and along with DOOM's new effort "Rap Ambush" this joint is the best low budget vid I've seen in awhile.....Forte makes it work indeed, wish I knew more details on his future plans/endeavors...enjoy people...


Thursday, April 9, 2009

9th Wonder - The Wonder Years Remix LP

I've been anticipating this release for well over a year and though I'm a bit disappointed that it didn't turn out as the follow up to both of 9th's terrific Dream Merchant LP's, I am pleased with the remixes. Big surprise there, lol. Filled with his usual dose of mandatory soul aesthetics and arrangement genius, the FL master puts together an excellent project that no doubt will be compared endlessly to his older efforts in remixing.

There are tons of re-worked gems here, my favorites being Mr. Lif's "Brothas", Bahamadia's "I Confess" and Hiero's "Make Your Move". While I am happy that 9th is dropping stuff, I still would rather have a new LP...that feeling will creep into all of the 9th Wonder fans the longer you bump this I'm afraid....


01. 03:26 Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Take You There
02. 02:03 Skyzoo - The Bodega
03. 06:15 Common - Ghett Heaven
04. 02:49 Amerie - Why Cant We Fall In Love
05. 04:16 Heiroglphics - Make Your Move
06. 04:04 Little Brother - Whatever You Say Feat. 9th Wonder And Pete Rock
07. 03:35 Slum Village - The Look Of Love
08. 03:49 Krumb Snatcha - W.O.L.V.E.S. Feat. M.O.P.
09. 02:53 Ghostface Killah - Never Be The Same Again
10. 04:44 De La Soul - Stakes Is High
11. 03:28 Bahamadia - I Confess
12. 03:27 Pharrell - Frontin Feat. Jay-Z
13. 02:57 Musiq Soulchild - Caught Up Feat. Aaries
14. 04:10 Mr. Lif - Brothas
15. 05:39 Boot Camp Clik - Night Riders Feat. Aaliyah

Soulution - Shine Through

We have yet another dope producer compilation import from Europe as Holland's Soulution AKA Diederik De Geus throws us Americans a dope sonic experience in his new LP "Shine Through".

Producing tracks that range from uplifting and soulful to hard hitting and jazzy, Soulution makes a great first impression on this part-time blogger. The lineup of emcee's and performer's is also quite riveting....from jazz singers to emcee's the mood on this album is right on time...perfect for winding down or beginning your day with ease and truly high brow music.....I look forward to more releases from Soulution. Notable features include Bahamadia, Braile, Talib Kweli, Supastition, Mr. J Medieros, Median and Asheru.


01.01:48 Intro Ft. Brotha Soul
02.04:49 Soul Shine Ft. Mr. J Medeiros, Kam Moye
(Supastition), Bahamadia & Nicole Amina
03.03:46 The Hill Ft. Sivion
04.03:21 Yao Ming Ft. Project Move
05.05:15 I Been Ft. Rhema Soul
06.04:15 Drive Ft. Median, Braile & Sivion
07.03:14 Hey Now Ft. Project Move
08.01:14 Fragment Ft. Juanlove
09.05:02 Shine Through Ft. Supastition
10.03:08 The Whole World Ft. Anonymous
11.05:43 Moodswing Ft. Talib Kweli & Asheru
12.03:18 Open Your Window Ft. Stacy Epps and Rita J
13.03:21 Anthem Ft. Project Move
14.05:45 Who Am I Ft. Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Playdough & Brotha Soul
15.04:27 Love Life Ft. El Gambina
16.03:03 The Whole World Remix Ft. Anonymous

Muneshine - Status Symbol

Brand newness from Canadian emcee/producer/DJ Muneshine that is undoubtedly gonna turn heads and ears.

Released through Australian label Grindin, "Status Symbol" contains a bevy of well thought out and easy going boom bap opuses. The indie sound is on full display here as Mune recruits fellow heady beatmakers Oddisee and Illmind to handle some of the production and has Sean Price, Termanology, D Minor and Emilio Rojas on board to assist with the rhyming duties. Following up his damn near classic debut "Opportunity Knocks" will be no easy task, but Mune seems up to the challenge....

The bubbly and carefree "Today's Special" is a true highlight of the album and the poignant "Status Symbol" is very memorable cut as well. While many of the tracks display Mune's inate, laid back flow and his jazzy production chops, it's the collab's with D Minor that I think stick out like a sore thumb...Not in a bad way either. "On The Avenue" and the aforementioned "Today's Special" are strong instances of when I decided that this LP was really going to be dope....The man has been around the Hip-Hop scene since the 90's and it shows on this project, frequently referencing and paying homage to the techniques and styles that made this culture great. "Status Symbol" lives up to it's name and will prove to be exactly that when found in any given head's possession....


01 01:55 Status Symbol ¦¦
02 04:21 Love You More ¦¦
03 03:34 Today’s Special Ft. Dminor ¦¦
04 04:06 Leaving You ¦¦
05 04:12 Globertrotters ¦¦
06 04:03 On The Avenue Ft. Dminor ¦¦
07 04:50 Journey ¦¦
08 03:45 Help Wanted ¦¦
09 04:15 Please Believe ¦¦
10 03:42 Waterworld ¦¦
11 03:48 Mark My Words ¦¦
12 03:10 Human Nature Ft. Denosh ¦¦
13 04:02 What Now Ft. Sean Price & Termanology ¦¦
14 03:55 Best Foot Forward ¦¦
15 04:39 These Dayse Ft. Emilio Rojas & D-Sisive ¦¦
16 03:18 Journey Remix Ft. Minor Image ¦¦
17 02:40 Live Your Life ¦¦
18 03:45 Love You More (Volta Masters Remix) ¦¦

Singapore Kane - Welcome To Singapore Vol.3 (Long Live The Kane)

If your still sleepin on Singapore Kane, or the Boston Hip-Hop scene as a whole, wake up son, you've got some catching up to do.

A versatile and engaging lyricist with an excellent ear for beats (a skill that is slowly dying) Singapore has been gaining traction as one of Boston's premier up and coming emcee's for the past three years now. With collaborations with Big Shug of Gangstarr Foundation, Dre Robinson, DJ Premier and his city's latest sensation Termanology under his belt, the vivid rhymer is poised to make heads turn in 2009.

With his third installment of "Welcome To Singapore", Kane takes his listeners on a ride through his latest recordings as well as some of the joints they might of missed....The Moss Produced tracks steal the show no question, but it's the DJ Premier produced "My Boston", a track off of Big Shug's latest LP that's been in heavy rotation on all the respectable underground Hip-Hop stations, errr, uhh, web radio sites, and for good reason.......

Make sure you peep this out and go grab "Terrorist Talk: Welcome To Singapore Vol.2" from last year while your at it, duke is officially a new cat to be keepin tabs on.....


01.DJ Deadeye Freestyle
02.Last Laugh (prod. by Moss)
03.Alcohol,Tabacco & Firearms
04.Badmon ft.Real
05.Whatever I Wanna Do (prod. by Illmind)
06.Don’t Take It Personal ft.Big Shug (prod. by Moss)
07.No Taboo
08.My Boston ft.Big Shug & Termanology (prod. by DJ Premier)
10.Test Of Time
11.Can’ Find No Peace
12.In Due Time
13.Something Rare (prod. by Moss)
14.Till They Bury Me
15.Strange Faces
16.U Want It Dat Way

Video: DOOM - Rap Ambush

First video from DOOM's new LP "Born Like This" and even though it only clocks in at 1 minute and 44 seconds it's still got that great, underground, low budget feel as the rest of DOOM's past works. I was beginning to think that with the name and label change MF was gonna start taking a different route....That won't be the case it seems.

"Rap Ambush" finds DOOM trekking around in someone's palm tree filled yard, adorning his much celebrated mask and kicking a non-stop verbal barrage of lines at us....dope shit for sure....


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bash Brothers Present..DJ Concept Music Is Life Vol.2

Here's a new mix from DJ Concept that will successfully update you with pretty much all the heavy joints in the street right now. With the exception of the last track everything on here gets the ol' "guaranteed fresh" stamp of approval....Be sure to peep out that "Psycho Realm Revolution" from B-Real and Sick Jacken, that joint is too slept on....many of the singles Concept put on here can also be found on my blog, so that was a huge reason why this tape caught my eye....Concept has pretty solid taste in Hip-Hop....always a good thing when it comes to mixtape DJ's.


Marco Polo & Torae - But Wait
The New Royales f. Self Scientific - Everywhere I Go
Step Brothers - It’s Coming Down
Blue & Exile - Blu Colla Workers
Nut-Rageous - Crusin’ In NYC
B-Real f. Sick Jacken - Psycho Realm Revolution
Johnson & Johnson - Wow!
Black Milk - Mo Power
Tools f. Termanology - Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Deams f. Big Daddy Kane - State Your Game
Strong Arm Steady f. Planet Asia & Chace Infinite - Black History
JR&PH7 f. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson - Top Rank
Black & Brown Project - Together As One
Skyzoo - Appreciation
MF Doom - That’s That
Blu vs Exile - LoveLine(s),DedicatedToLastFe’vrier
Eminem - We Made You

News: M.O.P. To Release 3 Albums In Next 12 Months

Browsnville, Brooklyn duo M.O.P. recently confirmed that they will be releasing their first official studio album in about 9 years....Titled "The Foundation", longtime collaborator DJ Premier is on deck to be the co-executive producer for the album which will feature production from him as well as DR Period, Nottz, Buckwild, Red Spider, and Fizzy Womack himself. Billy Danz and Fizzy Wo will also be releasing two other tentatively planned original projects that are comprised of the massive amount of recording they did while on Roc-A-Fella and G-Unit Records; two labels that they are now free of.

While M.O.P. no longer calls G-Unit Records home, they will owe 50 Cent a certain amount of percentage points from their new album......

"The Foundation" is slated for release on E1 Music in late June.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mr Lif - I Heard It Today Megamix

Brand new megamix from Mr. Lif that has been circulating pretty heavy on many a dope blog spot.....Designed to prep you for Lif's new Lp of teh same name, The "I Heard It Today" megamix is an excellent rundown of Lif's best and most politically blistering works throughout his tenure in the undergorund scene.

Always known as the man willing to turn America on it's ear and shout the hard truths in at full strength, Lif's career is one of great importance. We have always needed politically conscious rappers and in the 2K we fell short of them miserably, especially ones who were visible within the public eye. Instead we got bling, crunk and snap, and Hip-Hop began ever so slowly to lose it's thunderous voice...a voice that was once commanded by the people. Lif has tried mightily to restore that voice and make Hip-Hop that not only gives people something to think about as far as the American structure goes, but Hip-Hop that will stand the test of time artistically. Make no mistake, Lif isn't some weirdo back packer transplant from the 90's who flows off beat and over shotty, un-creative production....He is a guy that has been pushing the envelope for years and takes great pride in working and collabing with great new and old talent alike. Take a while to get familiar with this mix; a melding of many of his best joints ever. Freedom and Peace my bruthas...freedom and peace...


01. Intro
02. Glimpse At The Struggle
03. Pull Out Your Cut
04. 360 Degrees
05. Brothaz
06. Avengers
07. Wreck Dem
08. Status
09. Live From The Plantation
10. Lifeline Freestyle
11. Ol’ Crew
12. Earth Crusher
13. FlyLo Freestyle
14. Heavy Artillery
15. Washitup
16. The Now
17. Again Freestyle
18. I Heard It Today LP Interlude
19. I Heard It Today
20. What About Us
21. Welcome To The World
22. Dawn23 Hatred
24. Gun Fight
25. Folklore
26. Breathe
27. Head High
28. Collapse The Wall
29. The Sun
30. Arise Interlude
31. Boston
32. New Man Theme
33. The Fat Shit
34. Savage Outro

Single: Torae - But Wait (prod. by Marco Polo)

Well cot damn, looks like Torae and Marco Polo have leaked the first single from their highly anticipated collab album that will be droppin on Duck Down records this Summer. "But Wait" is exactly the type of music that I wish the rest of the game was making and paying attention to....I mean fuck...this beat is just nuts...Marco Polo is so talented man...I mean, literally to me he's the new Premier....that's blasphemous talk to a lot of my readers I know, but hey, what can I say, his beats just come correct like that every time. As far as Torae goes, hey, his debut album from last year says it all...he's on the road to much success as well....Make sure you grab this joint it will definitely build your anticipation for that "Double Barrel" LP.


Single: Black Milk - Mo Power

New joint from Black Leche that is tremendously ill....I'll go head and give it the single of the week stamp just for that crazy ass bassline and the sample from the 70's blaxploitation flick "Hell Up In Harlem" at the end........


Luck One & Dekk - Beautiful Music

Emcee Luck One and producer Dekk have released a pretty dope album that I think truly does symbolize the duo's potential for staying power in the Indie Underground scene. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the two's music is perfectly paired; Luck kicks realistic rhymes that blend well with Dekk's synthy and diverse production.

Whether gettin melancholy and reflective on the slowed down "Coulda Been Me" or inversing that formula on the atmospheric "When I Forget" the chemistry the two share is present throughout most of their 7 track debut "Beautiful Music". I really enjoyed the incorporation of a sultry chorus singer on a lot of the tracks...whoever shorty is she has a voice and it mirrors the first word of this LP's title. "The Coolax" definitely reminds me of something that we would find Lupe Fiasco doing........don't know if he was an inspiration for that joint, but his spirit definitely shined through. "80's Back" is a fun joint that sends all the 70's kids back in time to when they were 15 yrs. old and Hip-Hop culture was just beginning to take over.

Dekk's production debut on "Beautiful Music" overall gets a B, but the short tracklist and the somewhat repeated keyboard synth themes kind of take away from what otherwise could have been a completely enjoyable lil' effort. Whether I'll reach for this CD when I wanna bump something new in the whip is still a mystery, but I know I will re-visit this next time I'm out in Stump Town. The cuts I did mention were definitely worthy....

shouts out to my older sis Dani in Portland!


01. 03:49 80s Back
02. 04:32 The Coolax
03. 04:38 Prince Wit A Thousand
04. 04:03 Could've Been Me Ft Randa Smith
05. 04:10 5 Back At Long Last Ft Immaculate
06. 05:35 Road To Destiny Ft Immaculate
07. 04:44 When I Forget Ft Nafisaria

Mr. Green - Classic Beats Vol.2

When it comes to relatively new producers who are more slept on than Serta mattresses, Mr. Green has to be somewhere at the top of the list. Throwing out his second "Best Of" beat compilation CD, Green once again reminds everyone that it's no accident that he's on every underground head's short list for the next breakout producer in the subterranean realm. I haven't really been as intrigued with an underground producer's beats since I heard Ant's beats for the first time. I kind of think that Mr. Green should continue teaming up with Pacewon and establish what Ant has now with Brother could really pay huge dividends for both artists....but hey, I'm just a bloggin', strugglin' beatmaker myself, whadda I know eh? I digress....If your new to Mr. Green, grab this and grab the first volume as well....duke is far more than just a "beat maker", he is a musician who crafts his own sounds and plays his own melodies all in the name of creating the illest beats. Joints to check for are "Big Loud", "All I Need" and "The Chariot".


01. 01:30 One Love
02. 02:49 The Garden
03. 02:40 Open Heart
04. 03:36 Skys The Limit
05. 04:27 Life Of Death
06. 04:01 Big Loud
07. 03:37 Boner
08. 03:01 All I Need
09. 03:03 Now You Know
10. 06:30 Childhoods
11. 03:20 The Motion
12. 02:27 Big Shot
13. 03:07 Eye For An Eye
14. 03:25 The Chariot
15. 02:50 Got To Say
16. 03:38 Heavy Danger
17. 04:39 The Lurk
18. 04:58 The Opposite
19. 04:50 Timless Piano
20. 03:52 Flying Saucer
21. 07:06 Scientific

News: PackFM and Domingo to release album together

QN5 label mates and underground forces Domingo and PackFM are prepping their new LP "I Fucking Hate Rappers" for release. The new project will be accompanied by special promo shirts emblazoned with the title....Personally I've been a fan of Mingo's for many years and last year was privileged enough to get to interact and play some of my music for him...Duke is mad humble and wasn't about frontin niether, he gave me his honest opinion on everything and wished me the best in my pursuits....As far as PackFM goes, his name to me has always been synonymous with the underground scene....the two have collaborated before and it was solid, I'm really anticipating a full album of dope Domingo production and rapid fire intense rhymes from Pack....comin soon people...


Rhymefest - The Manual...Produced By Scram Jones

I'm not the biggest Rhymefest fan out there so I won't pretend to be one....I have heard a sorted amount of his work and while I'd have to say that his earlier joints were my fav's he is still a very skilled emcee. I do know and mess with a good deal of Scram Jones' music however and I can tell you right now when it comes to flippin' a rock sample few in the game are as nice as Scram is....he's not a bad emcee either but that's another conversation. I find it kind of surprising that Scram and Rhymefest got together to do "The Manual", but hey, good music comes from unexpected timing quite a bit....therefore I give you this introspective and supremely Hip-Hop'esque LP; "The Manual"....

Filled with great production courtesy of Scram and a few other reall ill up and coming beatsmiths, the aesthetic on this project definitely is somewhat modern sonic digital meets 90's boom bap....Rhymefest's conscious seems to be in a great place as he demonstrates what real music is all about with top notch writing to accompany a rich sound texture....really good stuff from Scram and Fest, an LP that very well could be thee "how to" guide for many a next generation emcee or producer. Guests include Doo Wop, CL Smooth, Queen Latifah, Greg Nice, Haffa, Nature and Sadat X.


01 Who is Che? [Intro]
02 Coolness [prod. by Scram Jones]
03 Native Tongue Medley Pt 1 [prod. by Scram Jones]
04 Native Tongue Medley Pt 2 [prod. by Scram Jones]
05 Native Tongue Medley Pt 3 [prod. by Scram Jones]
06 Deal’s A Deal (ft CL Smooth & Haffa) [prod. by Blick & Scram Jones]
07 Rhymefest vs Big Daddy Kane [prod. by Scram Jones]
08 Think About It! (ft Sadat X) [prod. by Scram Jones]
09 Tender Thug (ft Mike Payne) [prod. by Animal House]
10 SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese) [prod. by Scram Jones]
11 Wup Your Ass [prod. by Nice Peter]
12 Pulls Me Back [prod. by Matrax]
13 Party 4 Free (ft Gregg Nice) [prod. by Scram Jones]
14 Overpaid Lover [prod. by Scram Jones]
15 Exodus 5.1 [prod. by Animal House]
16 Goin In (ft Queen Latifah) [prod. by Dub Sonata]
17 Memory Lane (Doo Wop, Scram Jones & Nature) [prod. by Scram Jones]
18 Rhyme Slow, Rhyme Quick (ft Scram Jones) [prod. by Scram Jones]
19 Prove Myself (ft Haffa) [prod. by Scram Jones]
20 RNQ (Rhymefest) [prod. by DJ Premier]

Video: Saigon - Contraband (Pt. 1 & 2)

New joint from Sai-giddy yo! Take a break from that horrible (yet somewhat hilarious) new Eminem vid that is about to be poisoning every music channel and internet blog/site and have a look at Saigon's brand new jumpoff for the classic "Contraband" and it's pretty decent follow up. Nuthin but raw music and Saigon doind some cool ish' wit his hands here...glad that I finally got to peep this out man, great video and while the overall look and production isn't super top notch, somehow the music vividly eclipses everything else.


Monday, April 6, 2009

News: Tony D Killed In Car Accident

Word has been circulating for about 48 hours now that famed music producer and emcee Anthony "Tony D" Depula was killed in a tragic car accident while driving in New Jersey. At approximately 6:20 P.M. ET, Depula was said to of lost control of his 2002 purple Jeep. Depula's vehicle went up over the curb and struck a fence, overturning onto its passenger side. Depula was unconscious at the scene and was transported to Capital Health Systems at Fuld, where he was pronounced dead, according to police. He was not wearing a seat belt and sustained an injury to his neck.

Police arrived to the scene nearly ten minutes after the crash was called in. About a dozen neighbors rushed to the overturned vehicle, shattering the windshield to try to get the man out, said John Skoglund, from the 200 block of Henry Street. "We tried to get him out. He was too heavy to get out through the windshield," Skoglund said, adding that "it was a while, a good 10 minutes" before police or other emergency personnel responded at the scene. But police said they were there within a minute of the accident being called in.

Known to his fans and in the Hip-Hop world as "Tony D", Depula produced a variety of hip-hop acts, including the likes of Y.Z. , Poor Righteous Teachers, The Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop as well as his own album Droppin Funky Verses. Depula was 42.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

News: Bishop Lamont Says He's Still On Aftermath

According to a recent Ustream broadcast of his, Bishop Lamont has denied that he's off Aftermath records as previously reported...."That's news to me" said Lamont, who claims that the rumor about his being dropped was false and incorrectly reported and perpetuated by DJ Vlad.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

News: Bishop Lamont Released From Aftermath

According to sources surrounding the story on Thursday or Friday Bishop Lamont was released from Aftermath Records, the imprint started by Dr. Dre and under the umbrella of Interscope Records....

Apparently insiders close to the story are saying that Lamont AKA Phillip Martin was "surprised" by his release from the label he had called home since 2005 after meeting and being signed by Dr. Dre.....

Rumors are already swirling about where lamont will land next...G-Unit and Blackwallstret Records both apparently are two names being swirled in the pot. There has been no statement from Aftermath Record's front office, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine or Lamont himself regarding this matter as of yet.


Del The Funkee Homosapien - Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)

I just brought you guys a pretty dope (and pretty short) Mix of Del's all time best joints the other day, and now it's time to drop Del's brand new LP, "Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)" on your head. Lemme just tell ya'll this joint is ill....far too ill for Del to just be giving away for free, but hey, I won't complain about that for too long.

From the funky, head nodding intro "Get It Right Now" onward everything on this joint knocks. I'm sort of impartial to "Fit Like A Glove" and "Young Adrenaline" right now, mainly because of their dense verbal delivery and dope 90's style production, but the more off beat and quirky tracks like "I'm Smellin Myself" and "Sometimes I Gotta Get Stupid" add that old Del feeling....A great rebound from his last album that was kinda disappointing. Enjoy this and thanks goes out to Del for thinking about the fans in tough economic times!


01. Get it right now!
02. And they thought that was hell
03. Fit like a glove
04 Go against the grain
05. Hardcore punks can’t take it
06. I’m smellin’ myself
07. King of Fighters
08. News Alert
09. Simple Satisfaction
10. Sometimes i gotta get stupid
11. Straight from the big bad west coast
12. Land of funk
13. Young Adrenaline

Has-Lo - You can Live Through Anything If Magic Made It

Real Hip-Hop intersects with dope remixes on this new drop from Philly underground producer Has-Lo. Don't be turned off by the long winded (yet tremendously true) title, there are some seriously ill remix gems on here. I really like Has's sound...very crisp, but not overly processed....lots of interesting sample flips and the drums are always dope...Overall my favorite remix on this project was one that I also have done; Elzhi, Royce Da 5'9's and Supastition's "Best To Do it"....Peep this joint out and check out Has-Lo on his Myspace page for more free downloads of his...


01 - Intro
02 - Big Pun - Leather Face (Has-Lo Remix)
03 - O.C. - Time’s Up (Has-Lo Remix)
04 - Royce Da 5′9”, Elzhi & Supastition - Best To Do It (Has-Lo Remix)
05 - Cormega - Montana Diaries (Has-Lo Remix)
06 - Interlude #1
07 - Ghostface Killah - Love Session (Has-Lo Remix)
08 - Sean Price - Onion Head (Has-Lo Remix)
09 - Common - Chi City (Has-Lo Remix)
10 - Nas - Shootouts (Has-Lo Remix)
11 - Outro
12 - Tree Woodz - Move The Crowd (Has-Lo Remix)

Friday, April 3, 2009

News: DJ Premier Contemplates Albums With Krs-One and MC Eiht

Any news about Premo makin moves is always good by me....I am super excited about him finally getting Year Round Records (his own imprint/label) up and going and furthermore I'm also giddy about that new Blaq Poet album that Premier is putting out on said label.....It would seem that with all the collaboration and production Premier did for Poet has given him the inspiration perhaps to do more.....

In a recent radio interview Premier was gushing about his new project with Poe and also left the door open for perhaps doing a couple of collabo projects with some Hip-Hop heavyweights MC Eiht and Krs-One.....I’m thinking about doing a project with MC Eiht [of] Compton’s Most Wanted,” DJ Premier explained to Conspiracy Radio. “We talked about doing an album on my label, and also me and KRS-One talked about doing not Return Of The Boom Bap; we’re gonna do Return Of The Boom Bips. So right now that’s still a go. An all KRS, Premier album would be great.”, said Premier.

While I am amp'd for the Krs-One project you have to know that I'm really excited about that MC Eiht collab if they can make it happen....Premier has worked with both artists before so maybe there's a real chance of all this happening.....I still must say it though; Premier we still need that debut compilation LP before anything else!!!!