Friday, June 29, 2012

Video Interview: Rakim For Okayplayer

When the god emcee speaks, you betta listen...

Check in with the living legend as he chops it up with Okayplayer after tearing down the house, like he has been for over 3 decades...

Ra builds a lil' bit on his two new, upcoming projects, the 25th anniversary of his iconic LP with Eric B. "Paid In Full", the live aspects within Hip-Hop and his own emphasis on lyricism.

Meyhem Lauren - Respect The Fly Shit

Queens emcee and Polo aficionado Meyhem Lauren hits us off with his latest effort, "Respect The Fly Shit", and I suggest that we all do..

Recorded at this year's SXSW Music/Tech festival over the span of two days in Mey's hotel room, this sounds like a true piece of hardcore Hip-Hop...

Harry Fraud and Tommy Mas on the production tip, with frequent collaborator Action Bronson, Sean P, fellow Lo' heads Smoke Dza & Thirstin Howl, and fellow Outdoorsmen groupmate AG Da Coroner all guesting on this...

Meyhem Lauren - Respect The Fly Shit

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pic: Movie Poster For The Rza's 'The Man With The Iron Fists' Revealed

Ha! How long have Wu heads been waitn on this man??! How long!?! I suppose we got a lil' bit of a dose of what Rza could do with Ghost Dog, but man... this looks like it could be insane.. Rza and Tarantino mayne.. Whoo!

Oh and look... we now have a trailer.. peep it here...

Video: Large Professor - Key To The City

Shame on me for not getting this up two days ago when it dropped..

Large Pro's new album "Professor @ Large" is something like a uber great record and naturally P was gonna put out some vids for some of the great tracks on it.. First up is "Key To The City", the manic, soulful and b-boyish joint that clearly displays Pro is still, well a true pro..

Jansport J - Sport Did It Tho Vol. 1

Brand new mixtape from Jansport J that features a heap of his best work as of late, i.e. joints he produced that already have been released as well as some exclusive remixes for good measure..

The Left Coast beatsmith has been busy and most of "Sport Did It Tho Vol.1" will be a refresher course for those that are late to the party.. that or a remedial course for those of you that already forgot what you should know..

Jansport J - Sport Did It Tho Vol. 1

Single: Mr. J. Medeiros - The Rockies (prod. by Stro Elliot)

Unless you're just not a newsy at all you may of not heard about the serious devastation on the northside of my city..

Mr. J Medeiros (now located in southern Cali) calls Colorado Springs home base as well and he went ahead and laced a tribute track for 'The Springs' as we call it...

Seeing as how Medeiros and The Procussions have always been considered one of the top 3 Hip-Hop acts to have ever come up outta C Springs, it's fitting that he went ahead and did this joint up proper... Stro on the beat...

I know my hometown of Colorado Springs is on fire right now and might still be in July during my, Stro Elliot, and The Procussions shows there- (dates below). This was written and recorded just before the fires started to help promote those shows, which should explain why it’s content is not focused on “fire” or “fire fighting” ha. It’s a quick nod to my fam, friends, and fellow 719 heads… I hope to write more about home. A big shout to Stro Elliot for the production and Luke Atencio for the artwork.

Single: Casual & J Rawls - Give Respect

Hands down my fav. tune of the week.. who crafts beats like J. Rawls man? Just been prolific for so long..

Here, Rawls teams up with another prolific figure, but in the arena of spittin'.. Casual of Heiro fame laces this soulful and oh so 'respectful' tune for the masses...

"Give Respect" is the first sampling of the collabo album that Rawls and Casual have cookin on Nature Sounds due out in the near future titeld "Respect Game Or Ecpect Flames"..

Single: Pause Beats ft. Torae, M-Dot, Chaundon & Dominique Larue - Walk With The Lions

Sweden is in thee house!! Sverige är i huset!!

Swedish beatmaker Pause Beats links with a hand full of under appreciated and overly talented American emcees in Coney Island, NY's Torae, The Bronx NY's Chaundon, Boston's M-Dot and none other than Ohio femcee of the moment Dominique Larue... The result is of course a pure banger that's uber fun to hear..

Tor, Dot and Chaun all shine, but it's Larue on the hook and the final verse that resonates the most.. what a collab!

Be on the lookout for Pause Beats' debut LP due out later this 2012 people!

Pause Beats ft. Torae, M-Dot, Chaundon & Dominique Larue - Walk With The Lions

Single: OnCue - New Religion (prod. by Just Blaze & Party Supplies)

Yo, one thing that Hip-Hop been missing in large part for a good amount of time is some fuckin energy..

Now, you may file this under club music or new age shit, and maybe it fits in both categories, but lemme say this, sometimes a lil' variety is what ya'll need.. c'mon, PHH ain't in no box!

The newcomer who calls 'Connecticut to NY' his hometown and goes by the name OnCue will guide you through the sonically proficient production collaboration that "New Religion" boasts with both Just Blaze and Party Supplies on the boards...Get ready to move!

Video: Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah - Premium

Prepare yourself for an acid trip of a new video from none other than Steady Gang..

S.A.S. AKA Krondon, Phil Da Agony and Mitchy Slick all come together over the production of the nicest DJ/producer in the game at the moment, Statik Selektah's excellent beat work to give us "Premium".

This psychedelic goodness is the first offering we're getting from the trio's new record "Stereotype", a 14 track LP collaboration with Statik Selektah that will drop on August 14th.. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Single: Señor Kaos - Communism - Resurrection Remix (prod. by DJ Exit)

Queens-raised and Atlanta-residing emcee on the rise, Señor Kaos hits us with a new leak off his remix of the classic Common cut of the same title..

Like the way DJ Exit re-did this.. like the way Kaos flexed on this... If you did too, then July 3rd is the date you can peep Kaos' new EP "Mama Said The Sun Rises In The Resurrection"..

Ha! I see where that's goin!!

Single: Sean Boog - Sean Boogie Nights (prod. by Ka$h)

One half of The Away Team doles out the title-track for his new release!

Sean Boog gives us the laid back and real talk-infused "Sean Boogie Nights", a really nice look from the emcee that features production from Ka$h of (9th Wonder's) The Soul Council collective...

 "Sean Boogie Nights" the LP due out July 10th...

Sean Boog - Sean Boogie Nights (prod. by Ka$h)

Single: Ethel Cee ft. Curly Castro & Has-Lo - Pain Bringer (prod. by Has-Lo)

Man, Wu Tang re-interpretations have to be done immaculately for me to take heed....guess what, this new single from Philly femcee Ethel Cee that features Has-Lo and frequent collaborator Curly Castro is just that..

It's off the Wrecking Crew's "Wu-Tang Pulp" album, coming soon..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Joey Badass - 1999

Man, no matter what anyone (myself included on occasion) has to say about these new children in rap these days, some of them are more than worthwhile.. More than!

Enter in newcomer Joey Badass.. The Brooklynite with a penchant for skate culture and rhyming at more than skilled paces. His new mixtape "1999" will send many a Hip-Hop purist into a reminiscent daze, as his music is very much something that woulda fit in during some of Hip-Hop's mid 90's glory days..

This effort is highly impressive.. Joey is officially on my radar..

Production from a plethora of PHH favs and legends alike on here as well, including Lewis Parker, MF Doom, Lord Finesse, J. Dilla, Freddie Joachim, Statik Selektah and more..

Joey Badass - 1999

Single: Kool G. Rap & Necro - The System

This is precisely what we wanted to hear from these two...

I'm a few days late on this, my apologies... Earlier this week Necro released the 1st official taste, so to speak we're getting of what he and Kool G. Rap have been working on for their upcoming "Godfathers" project..

This cut is found on Necro's new 15 track, "The Murder Murder Kill Kill" double EP.. which will drop on July 31st..

Single: Yak Ballz - Vitamin D

"Vitamin D / Vitamin Death.. NYC, it's like I'm the only one left."

Yak Ballz, one of the many crazy talented underground acts that came outta the 90's,. New York City, Fondle Em' Records scene returns with a new slapper and guess what? It's nice!

Back in the days the Flushing, Queens emcee caught Bobbito Garcia's ear and was an original member of Indie rap super group, The Weathermen.

No idea what's next for Yak, but he produced this himself and it's nice.. I'm hoping he's putting something new together!

Singles: La Coka Nostra - Malverde Market & My Universe ft. Vinnie Paz

Dos! Dos new cuts from one of the stronger, new hardcore Hip-Hop acts in the game, La Coka Nostra..

The first joint "Malverde Market" finds Ill Bill and Slaine exchanging bars inspired by what else? Mexico's insane Narco-Terrorism and on-going drug wars..Really strong work..

Secondly, we got the reflective, sinister sounding and Vinnie Paz assisted "My Universe" that essentially will tell you the truth about the world whilst simultaneously scaring the shit outta you..

LCN's "Master Of The Dark Arts" due out July 31st..

Friday, June 22, 2012

Single: Nemo Achida - Soundtrack

Smooth new one from Kentucky-bred, NYC-dwelling emcee, Nemo Achida that really both exudes and provokes a lot of thought..

I really think Nemo has a definite spark for this game and can make a difference within it with his music. "Soundtrack" is a prime example of his lyrical dexterity and would provide a nice intro to his music for all newb's...

 As for folks that have been intently tracking his career, there's a new project in sight, "Conversations With Myself" drops July 17th..

Single: Freddie Joachim - That Girl

You remember growin up and you had that one crush, that one shorty who was just... everything?

LOL, Maybe you do, maybe you don't recall such things, but either way Freddie Joachim's new banger "That Girl" sure sends me back..

The 2 minute and 23 second instrumental is a surefire way to repel you back into a much sweeter moment in time...

Grant Parks - Giant

Coalmine Music and Chicago based producer Grant Parks unleash their latest onslaught of Grant's thorough beatmaking and collaborating wizardry in "Giant", a compilation that is sure to please the Hip-Hop senses..

Featuring Grant's aesthetically boom bap, yet sonically diverse production chops as well as a strong guest lineup that includes names like Sadat X, El Da Sensei, Craig G, Lab, Reks, Pugz Atoms andH's Chi Town favorites, Add-2..

Grant Parks - Giant

Video: Vinnie Paz - Cheesesteaks

Get up and get a raw dose of The Illadelph from the point of view of one of it's proudest hardcore sons, Vinnie Paz...

Pazzy is readying his upcoming new solo "God Of The Serengeti", and what better way to amp folks than to release this joint, which BTW features the production of one half of the legendary Beatnuts, Psycho Les (not an easy guy to get beats from) handling b.i. as only he can.

Love this vid, esp. how it's infused with some of the rawest moments in Philly pro sports history, including but not limited to A.I. crossing the shit outta Jordon, B Hop's ring entrances and Randall Cunningham doin work out on the gridiron.

Single: Hassaan Mackey, Maine Point, Los Monroe - Church (Prod. by M▲GGZ)

"Where codes of the ghetto never ever get disputed"

Sometimes a quick lil' 2 minute banger can change ya day's outlook..

Up and coming upstate NY emcee Hassaan Mackey links with  Maine Point and Los Monroe of the Noted Arts crew and proceed to drop heavy....M▲GGZ on the spellbinding beat.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Funky DL - The Lawshank Redemption

Is the UK still wit me???

If ya'll are and for anyone trying to get hipper to the plethora of capable boom bapist's from across the pond, Funky DL's new Instro release "The Lawshank Redemption" is for you..

31 tracks of raw instrumental goodness is what's brought to the table here... many of which have been remastered..

Get ya free stream on, then go cop for the low low price of $10 beans mates..

Single: Nas ft. Rick Ross - Accident Murderers

Here's Nasir's latest offering of his "Life Is Good" LP, set to drop on the 17th of next month..

I know, I know.. this jawn has a rapper on it that you rarely, if ever, have seen on PHH... Man, what can I say.. Ya gotta trust Nas' process on this one.. Just let it sink thru.. lol.

Single: ANTHM - Joy & Pain

Everyone likes a new artist on Thursday tho right?

Enter in ANTHM, the Duke-educated, Manhattan bred new artist that has linked with Gangsta Gibbs for one of his debut new jawns, off his upcoming "Joy & Pain" EP... Title track status, so this is a pretty strong one..

It's got a lil' bit of a different sound, but different is good.. Dig in..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Single: Jise One (of The Arsonists) - I'm In The Mood (prod. by MOODS)

Jise One formerly of Arsonists fame drops a new banger off his upcoming "Writers Block...Let's Build" album/mixtape...

"I'm In The Mood" is inspired by Jise's son and his two brothers, George and Johnny Crespo, who both were killed long ago..

The song is laid back, melancholy and oh so properly dope..

Video: 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) ft. Muzik Jones - Everything

The two cats that are truly bringin' Boston rap back out give us their new video for their "Everything" vid...

Backed up by Muzik Jones' vocals on the chorus, Term reflects on where he's been and more importantly, where he is now..

Term and Statik Selektah togetha are 1982 and their new LP "2012" is available now...

Directed by ROOk and Penguin Suit Camera..

PackFM – Featured Material Vol. 4

PackFM of QN5 Music and all around underdog, good guy emcee has a new installment of his lil' compilation series "Featured Material"...

If you dig the unreleased, exclusive and remixed jawns, you betta check in..

The 4th installment of PackFM’s Featured Material series – Featured Material Vol. 4. Featuring exclusive unreleased tracks, remixes, favorites, slept on joints, freestyles & comedy! With appearances by Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, Substantial, DJ JS-1, Homeboy Sandman, J-Live, Skyzoo and more!

Single: Brother Ali - Stop The Press (prod by Jake One)

Brother Ali's upcoming new album "Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color" is rapidly approaching us friends.. Today let us partake in a sampling of said album's goods in the Jake One produced "Stop The Press" .. In Shallah!

You get this track for free download when you preorder baby... do what ya supposed to and handle may do so at fifthelement.

Video: Slum Village - Reppin'

Slum Villa fans! New Slum visuals!!

Get ready to be taken through inner city Motown, from the stoop on the porch to the corner store and finally the courts baby...

This joint stems from the excellent, relatively new mixtape that Slum did with Mick Boogie, "Dirty Slums".

Single: Kurious ft. A.G. - Magic (Like That) (prod. by Diamond D)

Longtime Latino mic rocker Kurious links up for an exclusive joint with a couple of DITC stalwarts!

That's right Kurious bangs out his signature laid back, yet lyrically sharp flow over a bubbly track from Diamond D...and oh yeah, A.G. is aboard as well and you know how that man does...

Always great to hear new stuff from any of these three... "Magic" made it's debut on DJ Premier's LiveFromHQ radio show recently..

Kurious ft. A.G. - Magic (Like That) (prod. by Diamond D)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Single: Definite Mass ft. Ras Kass & Planet Asia - It's A Problem (prod. by Scientist)

A fresh face who wields raw verses and has a more than decent ear for beats in Definite Mass drops his debut single from his upcoming LP "Evolution"...

Definite recruits fellow west coast honchos Planet Asia and Ras Kass for this one and that's fitting since his style is very much in the same mold as theirs.

Definite Mass ft. Ras Kass & Planet Asia - It's A Problem (prod. by Scientist)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Phillie (Of The Wisemen) - I Exist

If you follow the exploits of uber nasty producer Bronze Nazereth--who by all means has taken the proverbial torch of distinct Wu-Tang production and kept it aflame--than you should know his group The Wisemen..

One of the Wisemen's top guns Phillie currently is prepping his debut "Welcome To The Detroit Zoo"  for release, but before you get ya admission ticket, you gotta do the knowledge on this man's work..

This is a collection of past works and new music performed by or featuring Phillie. Also includes a sneak peak at the Bronze Nazareth produced solo effort by Phillie.

Single: Praverb the Wyse feat. Blame One, Theo3 & DJ Grazzhoppa - Rock On (GodzG Remix)

There's a world of lyricism out there in Hip-Hop these days and three of the guys who been at it for awhile and have largely been unjustly left out of those convo's are Praverb The Wyse, Blame One and Theo 3... One producer seemed to of taken notice..

Here all three of those names and DJ Grazzhoppa's expert cuts receive the remix treatment from GodzG, a UK name that I admit I don't know much about, but really enjoy the twist he put on this one..

If you get a chance, def. peep Praverb's upcoming "The Gospel Is Free  2: The Rebrth" , from which the original version of this song stems..

Single: D'Lorin - MDMS (Mixed Drinks & Marijuana) [prod. by J Wess]

Ya gotta cut loose sometimes...

This laid back, vibey new tune from newcomer D'Lorin isn't something that everyone is gonna feel, but damnit, it's the lifestyle playa.. West, west...

Let this intoxicating jawn take it's effect and check for D'Lorin's new mixtape effort "Still Life" , due out soon...

Album Stream: J Dilla - Rebirth Of Detroit

In Case you been Zzzz'ing under a boulder, young Hip-Hopper, that new Dilla is available now...

The good folks at have made the entire album, chalk full o' Detroit talent available for full streaming as well, so you can preview before you do what's right and head over to iTunes to cop yours...

Video Interview: RISK for Blue Canvas Network

The Graff artist formerly known as Surf and built himself as a legend as RISK sits down with Blue Canvas Network to talk about how he got into Graff culture and remained in the scene for 30 years...

Included are his inspirations, the ideas behind his "Beautifully Destroyed" series and the crackdown on Graff in Los Angeles...

Single: Alterbeats ft. Sadat X & A.G. - Lion Of Bordeaux

Viva La Revolucion!

French producer Alterbeats AKA Alterprod doles out the 2nd single from his upcoming producer-compilation LP "The French Revolution" that features two of my fav. MCs ever...

The Dot Father and Andre The Giant lend their vocals to the up and coming beatmaker for "Lion Of Bordeaux"...

The sound that this joint and Alterbeats' music sports got me feeling a lot more like a resurrection rather than revolution... that horn, those boom bap drums.. the swing, the hats.. maaan, this is proper..

News: Reports Of I.G. Off's Passing Confirmed..

I regretfully must inform all those who still aren't aware of the fact, that yes, the rumors that had been swirling since early this week about the passing of 90's underground stalwart emcee I.G. Off are in fact true..

I'm massively late reporting this, but when I saw the actual, factual confirmed reports it was really a feeling of sadness for the Far Rockaway, Queens artist..

In recent years I.G.'s life had taken an enormously hard and bumpy turn.. in 2007 he was struck by a drunk driver and consequently paralyzed from the waist down.. Despite that he had continued recording music..

The news of I.G.'s death came via Twitter and veteran radio host and rap journo, Jay Smooth..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quite Nyce & The Soulslicers - Cautious EP

Brand new one from one of PHH's fav. new/old subterranean emcees (that's still a compliment in my book!) and one half of the group RADix, Quite Nyce...

For this 5 track excursion Nyce has teamed with Swiss beatmaking group The Soulslicers, who themselves are racking up a highly impressive list of collaborators (Shyheim, M-Dot, Afu-Ra, Reks, etc.)

Come and get you some of this magnificent music. Download courtesy of

Quite Nyce & The Soulslicers - Cautious EP

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

B. Dolan - House Of Bees Vol. 2

Providence, Rhode Island emcee and underground stalwart B. Dolan has been building the buzz for this for quite some time now, and today we finally are ready to receive some of the "honey" from his proverbial bee house..

Buddy Peace on the mix for this 15 track effort.. you may stream and preview for free and purchase for the low, low price of $9.99...

B. Dolan - House Of Bees Vol. 2

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jesse Abraham & Premrock - Live At Southpaw Featuring Willie Green

On August 25th, 2011 legendary Brooklyn venue Southpaw hosted lauded underground lyricist, Jesse Abraham and Premrock for a live show as they opened up for BK MC Skyzoo... In a truly dope move and one that needs to be made more often, Prem and Jesse have made the night's live performance available to us all...

Willie Green is the only guest performer that joins them on this 12 track effort...Recorded by Noisemaker Media and Mixed and Mastered by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr.

Jesse Abraham & Premrock - Live At Southpaw Featuring Willie Green

Single: Public Enemy ft. Bumpy Knuckles - Get It In (prod. by Bumpy Knuckles) [Radio Rip]

PHH will be ending it's unofficial boycott of all things Flavor Flav tonight as the man has resurfaced with Chuck D and Freddie Foxxx for a GREAT new joint that really feels like 91' in many ways.

First off, hats off to Bump on the production here. 2nd, yoooo, ya man Flav tried goin off man, lol..

Enjoy it, and get ready for two new albums from the legendary P.E. later this year baby!

Public Enemy ft. Bumpy Knuckles - Get It In (prod. by Bumpy Knuckles) [Radio Rip]

Single: Willie Evans Jr - Coffee Break

As a self-aware java freak (I'm completely hooked at this point, 5 cups a day status) You know I'mma be feelin the title of Willie Evans' latest cut..

The FLA-bred MC/producer was sleepin on NYC radio personality/DJ Sucio Smash's couch recently and decided to flip some of Sucio's records, this was one such flip.. Def. feeling the Latino'ness of this jawn...

Good Shit Willie! Woulda been even better if you blessed it with some lines, but hey, I ain't complainin', not at all!

"A while back I spent some time in New York sleeping on Sucio Smash’s couch, before stepping out to be a productive citizen he’ll leave a stack of records for me to make beats with. This joint, along with a few others sonically encapsulates my experience staying in the Bronx."