Friday, April 30, 2010

Graffitti: New Pieces From Banksy

Looks like the foremost, west coast by way of England Graff rebel in America known as Banksy recently hit us off with some new jawns..

I dig em' in all their ironic and stencil filled glory...

"Exit Through The Gift Shop" in theaters now...


Say What? Ryan Phillippe Edition

“I rap really well. I can sound like Lil Wayne or Ludacris. I’m dead serious…I can spit!”

via the latest edition of Men's Health

The only thing that might be more troubling than the onslaught of douchey Hollywood actors that hang with rappers, is if they start thinking they can actually rap...

On another note, Men's Health is usually a great source for righteous info regarding protein and Muscle Milk and all that other good stuff juice heads use to get shredded, but Ryan Phillippe on the cover? Booo! He belongs on the cover of Seventeen not a serious weight lifting and fitness mag.


Single: NYOil - I Just Wanna Save My People

Kool Kim of UMC NYOil returns to bless us all with a joint that truly makes us stop and....THINK.

Few MC's today are as good at raising social awareness as this man is and keeping with his usual theme, "I Just Wanna Save My People" calls on us all to get involved in social activism for the sake of everyone coming up and passing the torch to the next generation.

This is an amazing song that finds NYOil referencing names Dr. Ron Daniels, Malik Shabazz, Al Sharpton, Haki Madhubuti, Sonia Sanchez and Louis Farrakahn...Now what Hip-hop song do you know about besides this one delves that deep? Knowledge Bond!


<a href="">I just wanna save my people (the activist anthem) by Petroleum Empire</a>

Single: Jay Electronica ft. Diddy- The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace

Best Diddy ad-libs in a loooong time, lol....

Wake up and start ya Friday with an absolute banger from Jay Elec-Hanukkah that definitely in some ways gives me flashbacks to the late, great Notorious one...

The 5+ minute joint boasts a beat to kill for as well as Diddy's silly ass spazzing out for damn near 2 of em' at the end...Electronica is a problem man...where's that album at man???

props to Team Yee on gettin this out there and props to GoWhereHip-Hop Blog on the link.


Jay Electronica ft. Diddy - The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace

Single: Ras Kass & DJ Rhettmatic - Release Yourself

First single off Razzy's new "A.D.I.D.A.S." (All Day I Dream About Spittin') project and this jawn slaps...

Produced by Rhettmatic and featuring Ras going to work, straight bodying ish' in his mid and late 90's form, I think I'm officially excited to hear the new album. I mean this is the best teh C-Arson rhyme legend has sounded in years man. Oh, and don't let me maginalize Rhett's cuttin and scratching--it's top notch here, as it always is...

No question this is your Single Of The Weekend...early!

"If You Love Hip-Hop Release Yourself"

props to Shake on the link.


Ras Kass & DJ Rhettmatic - Release Yourself

Bulletin: Psalm One Loves You Blog: Woman To Woman

If your a lover of bright femcee's carrying on tradition than you must stop by my 2nd home, today as we've unveiled a brand new blog from one of the game's foremost new female voices, Psalm One...

The Chi-city bred, Rhymesayers signed artist is one of the more insightful acts that you'll hear going into the 20 teens and her blogging game seems very up to par to boot...

For her inaugaral piece "Woman To Woman", Psalm deconstructs our recent "10 OTHER Female Rappers Who Aren’t Nicki Minaj" feature and lists her own top 10 of X-X chomosome havin' emcees....please stop through and check it out....

If you need more of a nudge know this:

The first 25 comment makers to the piece get free prizes!


Psalm One Loves You: Woman To Woman

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview: DJ Premier For Vibe Magazine

Yesterday DJ Premier sat down with Keith Murphy of Vibe Magazine to set the record straight on the still swirling conjecture surrounding his passed on former Gangstarr groupmate, Keith "Guru" Elam...

At times the interview really conveyed Preme's deep sense of loss and at other times his suspicion was clear...He covers everything from the reckless rumors about Guru's sexuality, to his associate Solar and even what's next for Gangstarr foundation...


VIBE: Do you feel like your relationship with Guru has been misrepresented by Solar?

DJ Premier: Well, I’ve always held down Guru… His spirit knows this. He used to get upset about so much stuff when we were dealing with the label all the time. We both would be upset. But I would take the calls because when he was upset he would flip [Laughs], where you might not be able to handle him when he’s wilding out. With me, although I had a temper, I was much calmer about it. But I always remember whenever I would tell him, “Yo Guru, don’t worry about it, they are going to take care of it,” he would be happy as fuck. He would be like, “Yo, let’s go out for a drink.” He was the go-out king. That was his routine. He was definitely a celebratory guy. Anyone from our era knows that Guru was in every club and every bar and every spot. He could go all night, all day. And he would never be tired!

Vibe: When was the last time you spoke to Guru?

DJ Premier: It was March 30, 2004. April 1 was the last email I received from him and I just found it in my computer. We were pretty much going at it about him straightening his life up with the drinking and everything… just getting himself together. Because talent wise, drinking or sober, he was always on point in the lab. He could lay down his vocals with no problem and he always wrote his rhymes dope. When he wrote his rhymes on page they were so messy [Laughs]. I used to ask him, “How can you even recite the verses and flow?” He would be in the booth turning the paper upside down while he’s still rhyming and without having to punch in.

Read full interview here

Video Interview: Tanya Morgan For HomebaseNYC

In their 12th episode's Off The Wall Sessions gets up with the Tanya Morgan brothers Von Pea, Donwill and Ilyas at the midnight hour...

Among the many sorted topics kicked around is the genesis of the Tanya Morgan group name, fighting over creative differences via email, examining the relationship Jerry Heller had with N.W.A., why some rap groups end up splitting up far before their time and how some cats love they bass in they Ford Escort...


Single: Toki Wright - By The Time I Get To Arizona 2010

The new Arizona Immigration law is heinous...

No way around it, the thing simply is just a regression back to a time in America when blatant racism was socially instituted/acceptable and people of Latin descent were badly mis-treated in the southwest...It's shameful that all of this madness comes in a month when champion and pioneer of civil rights Dorothy Height passed away...

So far I haven't heard too many MC's chime in about the new law, but today one very good one did step up. Toki Wright; the thoughtful twin cities/Rhymesayers MC that I've praised on here before very heavily for his conscious and thoughtful music took the old Public Enemy classic and re-worked it to perfection.

Channeling his inner Chuck D, Toki gives us the best and most important single we'll hear all week, taking to task this whole part of the country and it's obviously biased ways/beliefs...Listen up and when you get the chance speak out against this law...

and BTW, the PE legend himself made sure to give hs commentary on this awhile back as well...peep the article here


Toki Wright - By The Time I Get To Arizona 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Single: Necro - Set It

The 2nd leak off Nec's new LP is called "Set It", AKA the phrase old heads up in New Yawk use to challenge someone to shoot the fair one and/or catch wreck...

...and Necro does exactly that...

Over a dope boom bap gem of a beat Necro comes off harder than a shit after you ate a block of cheese...Do not attempt to sleep on this or Nec's new album "Die!".

catch the 1st leak off "Die!" here..


News: Rza Confirms Liquid Swords 2 Coming This Fall

I was a bit reticent to post this up considering that Rza also confirmed that a group of people tweets for him, but I think the info is solid enough and there's a big enough time period between now and the Fall for him and Gza to get this done and validate our anticipation...

As all Wu releases go however, we'll just have to wait and see.


Video Interview: Buckwild For Brooklyn Bodega

Raven of catches up with legendary Bronx/D.I.T.C. producer Buckwild backstage at the Cormega album release party this past October of 09'..

Buck kicks a bunch of jewels for young producers to take with them, most notably the stressing of having "appreciation of music". Also discussed is Buck's origin in the game under the tutelage of Lord Finesse.


Rap Is Outta Control 4/25/10 - Hosted By DJ Premier

Filling in for DJ Eclipse (who last I heard was busy getting deported from Poland for goin' upside the head of a cop @ the airport) the heavy hearted DJ Premier dropped by by the RIOC spot on Sunday and blessed us with a heap of exclusive music.

Expect to hear heatrock from Murs & 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Sauce Money, Cypress Hill, WC and many others...


Rap Is Outta Control 4/25/10 - Hosted By DJ Premier

Theophilus London I Want You Hosted By Va$htie

Brand new look from constantly forward thinking Brooklyn tastemaker Theophilus London...

Utilizing the journey that was the legendary crooner Marvn Gaye's when he embarked on during his self-imposed European exile as inspiration, Theophilus melds together a bunch of different genres to create a very moody and brooding mixtape offering. At first thought it sounds like it might be too artsy to follow, but the real theme becomes evident very early on--Love before lifestyle! I can dig that 100%...

Brace yourself, obscure sub genre's like Afro Pop, Tropical Rythym, Electro Groove and so on get tinkered with her in a major way..only open minds and true musical adventurer's need download...


Theophilus London I Want You Hosted By Va$htie

Single: Bobby Creekwater - I Hear Em' Talkin

Bobby Creekwater continues on his path after a very visible split with Shady Records; the label that once coveted the Atlanta bred MC...

Here, Creekwater goes to work over one of Hip-Hop's all-time B-Boy fav.'s and except for the references to "swagg" I thought it was on point...

Look out for his new project "Not Now But Right Now", coming soon...


Bobby Creekwater - I Hear Em' Talkin

Interview: Ice Cube For Moviefone

Cube sits down with Kevin Polowy of for 5 quick questions, one of which finds him elaborating on what the plot line of a new Friday movie with Chris Tucker may entail...

I say give us one last hurrah Chris!


1. How would you sell your movie, 'Straight Outta L.A.'?
I think people who look at sports now see how seamless music and sports go together, they see the merchandise and it's all routine to them. But to me, this was one of the starts of the intersection between music and sports, with rappers and entertainers taking sports to the neighborhood, wearing the merch year-round. To me, it ushered in this whole love affair for crazy sports fans. It's the music in-between that helped merchandise grow so big. So to me it's the history of when music and sports were separate, and here's one of the intersections that leads us to what we have today.

2. Where'd you get the idea for the film?
ESPN approached us, asked us if we were interested in making a documentary on any sport subject that was near and dear to me, whether it was me playing little league or something actually professional. So I thought long and hard, and there was nothing in sports that had greater impact on me than the Raiders moving to L.A. To me, it had all the ingredients for a good movie.

3. What's were your favorite thing about New York?
My favorite thing about New York is just the flavor of the city, the motion, the access to everything.

4. What's your favorite movie set in New York?
'The Wiz.' [laughs] I was a fan of 'The Wizard of Oz' but ['The Wiz'] seemed like it was tailor-made to black kids growing up who wanted to attain this fantasy world. It's like a kid playing stickball, thinking he's in Dodger Stadium, that's the feeling that movie gave me. It was recreating something so special, but doing it our way. That movie was pretty special.

5. Do you think you'll ever do another 'Friday' movie? What would those guys be up to today?
I want to. But I don't want to do it without Chris Tucker. That's what people want. I really want to give people what they want, especially doing it for a fourth time. We can't just go through a movie without giving the people exactly what they want. I've been trying to convince Chris to do it. Just say "yeah," it's alright ... I see Smokey working at a rehab center. [laughs] Craig and Day-Day are probably selling weed by now, get busted, have to go rehab with Smokey, try to convince Smokey to smoke a joint. [laughs] That'd be pretty cool.

Video Interview: Styles P For

The ghost gives us an update on his next release as well as his new book he just got published through Random House...Also included are a few comments from SP on his overall journey through the game and rising up outta Yonkers, NY...

LOL, ole' dude handling the interwiew is dumb young, but he handled himself the best he knew how I'm sure...props to him, I hope he keeps going.



Video: Game - Shake

A sensual morning after scene w/ Stacy Dash, hard to get Jordans, Strippers scantily clad shooting pool, Ferrari's, a lil' one on one with Ron Artest and the Cali sun....

Fun new Hip-Hop vid from Jayceon...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Singles: Madlib - Static Invazion & Episode XVI

For his 5th "Madlib Medicine Show" mixtape release Madlib reaches into his vaults and un-earths some of his earliest works...

"Static Invazion" and "Episode XVI" are two beats that Lib' has included on "The History of the Loop Digga"; a wild ride of music that explores a fictional comic book rapper's vengance toward Po-lice...All of the music contained on the project are from Lib's 90's catalog and feature his beat tape explorations from that era as well as his 1st jaunts into the Quasimoto character and his old crew Crate Diggas Palace...

The CD and wax will be available at Stones Throw, and if you'd like, you can peep snippets of the entire 34 track mix here


Madlib - Static Invazion

Madlib - Episode XVI

News: Afeni Shakur Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

Afeni Shakur; the mother of the late Hip-Hop icon Tupac Shakur, was arrested earlier this month by "state alcohol agents" for multiple drug offenses that ranged from felony possession of marijuana, maintaining a vehicle under the influence, dwelling in a place for controlled substances and simple possession of a controlled substance. The alleged transgressions took place on the 16th of this month in her native Lumberton, North Carolina.

The 63 yr. old Shakur has long history battling addiction and being an agent of social activism...After her son Tupac was murdered she began handling various businesses and charity endeavors that revolved around his inspiring life, amongst which includes starting the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation ; an organization that provides art, creative writing, vocal technique, acting, stage set design, dance, poetry & spoken word programs for disadvantaged youth in the state of Georgia.

The former Black Panther is due back in court on May 10th for her sentencing.


Single: Blacastan - BMX Kids

Connecticut MC Blacastan continues to impress on his road to his much anticipated debut "Blac Sabbath"...

Over a melancholy piano, Blac crafts an anthem for street bike riders everywhere...Dude is simply one of the best out right now and one of the last truly "real" MC's getting major attention back east..been singing his praises for a good minute, don't pass this up or I'll have to take it back to 94' on ya and snatch ya bike out ya front yard while you in the crib watching Talespin...

"Blac Sabbath" drops on May 4th.

props due to TheCrypt on the links...


Blacastan - BMX Kids

Sene Starring In...Reality Bites.

13 brand new bangers from one of the, if not thee most promising new faces in the game today...

The Brooklynite MC and all around deep thinker known as Sene barrows the title of one of my fav. 90's, Gen X'er, coming of age flicks, and molds his own mixtape release and theme...

"Reality Bites" doesn't have any powerful sexual tension between a young Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke, but it does have Sene's usual dose of highly reflective and floating lyricism...Checking in to assist Sene on this journey is frequent collaborator Blu as well as Von Pea of Tanya Morgan...


brought to us by,, Kevin Nottinham and


Sene Starring In...Reality Bites.

Interview: Tasha Denham (Solar's Baby Mother & Guru's Former Personal Assistant) For HipHopDX

The evidence against Solar's bunk ass continues to mount...

Today, Jake Paine of HipHopDX published his eyebrow raising Q&A with Guru's former personal assistant Tasha Denham, who also doubled as the mother of Solar's child...

Ms. Denham speaks on quite a bit regarding Guru's relationship w/ "The Super Producer" (LOL..), making allegations thar Solar verbally and physically abused the late rapper as well as convinced him that his former Gangstarr partner and producer; DJ Premier set him up years ago in Queens to be mugged...


DX: It's a weird question to ask, but I know that what you're telling me a lot on pre-2006 is based entirely on what you've heard, but it's an important question to the Hip Hop community, in the wake of last Tuesday's letter - do you know the context from that Ownerz Tour of the relationship that Solar and DJ Premier may have had with each other? A lot of people believe that Premo has been [attacked by these words Solar may have written in the letter]. A lot of people are curious to know if Solar would have any motive.

Tasha Denham: Um...I do know that there were at least some tensions. I wasn't there, obviously, so I can't say to what extent. But I do know that there was some tensions. I can't say that anything Solar had against Premier had to be one specific incident. Just watching, over the time that I spent with them, Solar had such a twisted sense of how important [his own role] was to the music game. I think there was an extensive amount of jealousy towards what Premier had already created in the music industry. I can't speak that there was one specific incident that created that animosity between them.

Read the full interview here

Pic: Mike Giant & Cannondale's Graffiti Bike

The good people over at Cannondale Bicycles recently collaborated with renowned tattoo and graff artist Mike Giant to create this one of a kind cycle, that is currently being auctioned on eBay...

Here's the spec's for all you serious cyclists:
SuperSix HI MOD frame/fork, 54cm, with Shimano Di2 drive train, custom Shimano Dura Ace wheels, PRO Vibe carbon bars, stem & set post, Fizik Aliante saddle, and Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires.


Single: Eminem - Despicable Freestyle

Daaaaamn homie, it's like that?

By now the interwebz are surely abuzz about the Shady one's new freestyle over that douchebag Drake's "Over" & “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley" instrumentals...

The 2 minute freestyle contains Furious, pointed lines, that spare no public figure from Em's wrath (Rothlisberger line had me dying) and puts the game on notice that the real Slim Shady may just be back with something crazy for the rap world...

"Recovery"....June 22nd

"Not Afraid"....sometime this week?

Liberated by Rap Radar, link via


Eminem - Despicable

Video: 21 Questions W/ DJ Babu Pt.4 has really done a smash bang job w/ these vids...short, to the point questions that are actually interesting and give you a glimpse into Babu's and other artists' personalities...

The "finale" of 100 question with Babu comin' soon...


Video: J-Live & Rita J - The Cut

Brand new underground banger...

One of NY's most celebrated subterranean acts J-Live teams with one of the brightest new femcee's out there in Chi-town's Rita J for a new video that is directed by another underground luminary Mr. Complex...

Great stuff and even greater to see J-Live out there linking with new, worthy acts...

Imagery is very DIY, but also interesting to the core (word to the Kitana blade wielding)...


Single: Ice Cube - I Rep That West

Break Yo Self Foo!

Cube is back with the 1st single off his upcomiing (and 9th) studio album "I Am The West", and no doubt this record is gonna turn a few heads...

O'Shea never been one to pull many punches when he know what time it is...

"ya'll better call them people"

p.s. - single artwork of the year...vato!


Ice Cube - I Rep That West

Game - The R.E.D. Room Mixtape Hosted by DJ Skee

Finally here...

After a bunch of pushbacks all you L.A. heads and supporters of Chuck Taylor are getting his latest effort "The R.E.D. Room".

Hosted by one of the city of angel's better mixtape personalities in DJ Skee, you'll be guided through the current world of Jayceon Taylor; a relatively young, Compton MC in the music industry that at times shows genuine flashes of greatness and at other times seems more regressive and immature.

Game aims to shake those mis-conceptions and prove that he is in fact the new hope for the new west right before he releases a very important 4th solo LP; "The R.E.D. Album" (if anyone actually knows what the acronym for "R.E.D." is holla, lol). Along for the ride are some big names in Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and Pharrell, some huge ego's in Diddy, Fabolous and Birdman and some able producers in Scoop Deville, DJ Toomp, Cool & Dre and Just Blaze...It sounds like a witches brew of mayhem, but depending on how you view it, that may be a good thing.


Game - The R.E.D. Room Mixtape Hosted by DJ Skee

Single: Nas & Damian Marley ft. K'naan - Africa Must Wake Up

"what's a tree wit out root? Lion wit out tooth? A lie wit out truth?"

This is the type of music we all hoped that Nas and Jr. Gong were making together...

Great, great stuff that I think will resonate deeply with both artist's longtime fans...and believe me that says a good deal. along for the ride is always forward thinking warbler K'naan who adds the cherry to a perfect sundae of poignant lyrics provided by two musical giants, aimed at perking teh ears of mother Africa and all of her children...

Props to DJ Semtex on the link.

"Distant Relatives" drops May 18th.


Nas & Damian Marley ft. K'naan - Africa Must Wake Up

Video: R.A. The Rugged Man - Uncommon Valor A Vietnam Story

R.A. The Rugged man, perhaps one of the best MC's to never fully receive his props within the culture drops a new video for a joint he recorded with Jedi Mind Tricks 4 years ago that earned him the Hip-Hop quotable in The Source magazine...LOL, he probably sneered at the honor.

R.A. is to say the least, a different kind of individual...I often have found myself at odds with his views, frustrated with his lack of effort to conform even in the least bit to better his own career and reticent to check for his new projects...All that said, "Uncommon Valor" is one of the greatest songs and verses any one MC in Hip-Hop could ever hope to record.

Spurred on no doubt by the stirring and tragic tale of his father's experiences in Vietnam, R.A. penned a graphic and descriptive verse that puts you right in the middle of the conflict that claimed nearly sixty thousand American lives. The visuals are raw and while they don't include Vinnie Paz (who was on the original) you still walk away feeling deeply moved after hearing just R.A.'s portion of the track.

As someone who's father also fought in The Vietnam conflict (against his will BTW) and also suffered due to the rainbow herbal pesticides that the U.S. govt. and military were using as "de-forestation" tools (lol @ you if ya believe that was their real intented use), I must say this joint will forever strike an amazing chord with me personally.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Single: Shabaam Sahdeeq - What It Seems (prod. by Thorotracks)

New heat from the Shabaamster!

The former Rawkus frontrunner is gearing up to release his new album "Off Parole", that will feature production by the superlative hardcore Queens production duo Thorotracks as well as DJ Spinna and Nick Wiz...

Here's our first sample, the highly bumpable "What It Seems"...

"Off Parole" is coming soon and will feature names like Skyzoo, The Cella Dwellas, Emilio Rojas, Tiye Phoenix, Sadat X and General Steele among others...


Shabaam Sahdeeq - What It Seems

News: DJ Hideo Passes Away

In a week filled with sadness regarding the death of iconic Gangstarr MC Keith "Guru" Elam, it seems that Hip-Hop will take yet another blow...

This past weekend longtime and well known L.A. spinmaster DJ Hideo succumbed to his on-going battle with colon-liver cancer and passed away peacefully surrounded by family & friends at Mission hospital....he was a mere 42 years of age.

Knowing there were questions regarding his condition swirling around, the brave and considerate Hideo posted this message on his website only hours before he passed:

"Hi everyone! Wanted to let everybody know that I check in back @ Mission hospital last week because of the weakness that I’ve been feeling for the past week. My vitals are stable and now need the assistance of a ventilator to breathe. I’m very aware of my condition and communicate in writing.

Right now, the one thing I really do miss is drinking a nice ice cold soda."

Hideo was a staple in the west coast and Japanese DJing world's as well as a former DJ at premier L.A. urban radio station's Power 106 and 100.3 The Beat. Most recently he had been mentoring and teaching at the L.A. Scratch Academy...

Hideo's family has set up a website here, where any of his friends or fans can donate to help cover the costs of his medical and funeral bills which register at over a million+ dollars due to Hideo not having any health insurance during his illness, which stems all the way back to his diagnosis in early 2009.

more details on the illness and death of this west coast and L.A. legend, as well as reactions from many of L.A.'s Hip-Hop community are readily available @

R.I.P. to "The hardest working DJ on the west coast".


Sunday, April 25, 2010

News: Kam Moye (Supastition) Calling It Quits For Time Being

And it seems that the horrid climate in the recording industry has claimed yet another label and MC....

As a result, one of the best new rhymers to ever come outta the south, AKA Kam Moye FKA Supastition is being forced to call it quits for awhile...

For those who have been asking for updates on myself and my album. Kam Moye is longer an artist on MYX Music Label. As of a few months ago, MYX Music is no longer in business from my understanding. At this point my album is kind of lost in the shuffle and I am hoping to get things resolved as far as rights to the music go. The mother company ABS-CBN took some serious losses in the past year so they cut off finances for it’s smaller subsidiaries including the label. It was beyond my control and nothing could have prevented it. More than a few artists lost their deals. I’ve dealt with a similar situation before when Chain Letters in 2005 was released and two or three months later the distribution company shut down without warning. That’s just the way the ball bounces. Hopefully things will work out for all parties. I wish Karim Panni (label manager of MYX) all the best in his new endeavors. There will be no more singles or videos off of the album. Thanks to those who supported the album. I am grateful for the opportunity regardless.

At this time, I have no plans on recording another professional solo album as Kam Moye or Supastition. This decision isn’t based on my recent situation with MYX Music but based on the state of the music industry and where it’s going. It wasn’t an easy decision for me but I felt that it was the best choice. I’ve sacrificed a lot of money and time and it’s just not worth it to continue with it the way I have done in the past. All isn’t bad news though… I have enough unreleased songs saved in the stash at this point to compile a few more albums. With that being said, I’m going to put those songs together and make them available for free download as soon as I can get clearance from the producers and guest artists involved. There is no release date and there won’t be one. There will be no labels or promo involved. Whenever I can get the okay from everyone involved then I’ll put up a link on my site, Facebook, etc… It’s as simple as that. Not to mention, I have recorded close to 100 guest appearances in my career so I’m sure they will continue popping up on the internet throughout the years. There are some other MC/producer projects that I already had in the works with Dela (from France), D.R. (Electric Ave), and Madwreck. I’m a man of my word so I will make sure that those projects are finished and completed. I’ve been left hanging way too many times by people that I’ve worked with in the music industry so I’d never do that to people I respect. I mainly chose to do projects with them based on their talent, loyalty, and just being good people and friends in general. The collaboration project with Dela may be released on CD/iTunes depending on what he decides to do with it but the other two projects will be free releases. Also, I just provided DJ Concept (Bash Brothers) with over 70 songs to release in a Kam Moye/Supastition mixtape series in order to help distribute the remaining songs in my catalog.

Although I’ll always write and record music, I have no interest in to pursuing it professionally anymore as an artist beyond this point. 5 record deals, 3 albums, 3 EP’s, 5 videos, 12 countries, and 40+ U.S. cities is more than enough for me to be proud of. I know some people will wonder why can’t I still just make music? The truth is that I have never “just made music” because most of my career I have managed myself (until recently), booked most of my own shows & tours, found my own record deals, found my own producers, and most recently recorded my own music. That takes a toll on you and your personal life after awhile. Out of all those duties, I spent the least amount of time rapping and recording music. With music being technically free nowadays, that’s way too much effort for the results I’ve seen. Waking up to see a blog giving away your entire discography for free followed by a single sentence saying “support the artist” is a very humbling thing to see when your rent is due. That’s not bitterness, it’s just today’s reality… I’m at peace with that. I’m going to make sure that the rest of the music in my catalog will reach those fans who have supported me over the years. This isn’t some corny retirement speech or “I quit” rant… just me personally giving you an update on what to expect and what not to expect from me. I’m sure people will interpret it any way that they like though. I had originally written a lengthy and personal message breaking down a lot of things but I realized that nothing on the internet is personal anymore. Thanks all of those who have supported and all of you who will continue. I’ll update you on things as soon as I can. Hopefully you will enjoy the rest of the music and if not then you have more than enough music from me already. Peace and respect y’all.

-Kam Moye (Supastition)

Pic: Guru Mural In Slovakia

Okay, it's offical....Europe ya'll definitely got ya Hip-Hop card!

Beautiful and powerful mural in Guru's honor, unveiled in Slovakia in a town called Trnava....

Spotted via

click to enlarge...


Single: Game - Slangin Game (prod. by Scoop Deville)

Okay....okay.... Game I see you...

1st, all props due to the young Latino producer Scoop Deville, the son of west coast Hip-Hop legend Kid Frost, as he continues to hit off some of the game's largest names with bankable tracks that contain that signature L.A. sound, updated for a new generation...I mean, damn, how ill is it to hear a joint with Eazy on the chorus? Straight L.A. steez baby!

2nd, I think "Slangin Game" is by far Scoop's best beat placement yet and one of Game's better joints in a loooooooong ass minute...If Jayceon is smart he won't let this be the last joint he does with Scoop.

3rd, I ask all of you PHHer's the most pressing question of the moment; is this enough to make you check for Chuck Taylor again on Monday when he drops his new mixtape "R.E.D. Room"?


Game - Slangin Game (prod. by Scoop Deville)

Video: KRS-One On The Preservation of Hip-Hop Culture

Looks like the good folks over at recently had the pleasure of catching KRS-One The Teacha perform/speak live...As always, Kris provided some of the wisest insight you'd hear from a legend that's still active.

Here, we find him on 4/20 in NYC, weighing the duality about having a Hip-hop museum dedicated to the pioneers of this great culture and yet still having pioneers that don't have basic life amenities like health insurance, legal representation and in some cases even food or shelter.


"Before we can even discuss an institution, let me discuss your welfare first. Have you eaten today? Have you showered today icon? Are you getting your money like you’re supposed to icon? Do you have legal representation? What about health insurance? Before we can even discuss a museum, a college, a hall of fame? While our icons are dying before our faces? This is what the argument is. Only Hip-Hop can build Hip-Hop’s museum. And this is not about icons. If you really feel Hip-Hop in your heart, you are Hip-Hop. But if you really feel Hip-Hop in your heart, then you don’t get your Hip-Hop from a CD. You walk up on Kool Herc and you say “Thank You” and out of your own love, reach in your pocket and hand him something. Honor those who created this whole thing. There has to be a higher level of respect for Flash, Bam and Herc.”

Pure.Unadulterated.Truth....Listen up kiddies...Once again props to on the footage.


Single: Scarface ft. B. James & Monk Kaza - Dopeman Music

Not a huge fan of seeing my fav. iconic rappers of the 90's regress in their business i.e. starting to release mixtapes after two decades of releasing successful albums, but I am glad to see that I was correct in my assumptions; that in fact Face's retirement two years back was indeed only a "rapper retirement"...

With "Dopeman Music" Scarface returns with a righteously funky tune that lends his always lyrical vocals to a head nodding track alongside two game newcomers in B. James and Monk Kaza...

This is how you comeback correct...all other recent "retirees" take note.

props to Meka on the link, "Dopeman Music" the mixtape comin' soon...and for all ya'll that didn't know, he's also working on a new album with Raekwon as well!


Scarface ft. B. James & Monk Kaza - Dopeman Music

Video Interview: Roc Marciano For

If you ain't know, longtime fan favorite and former UN member Roc Marciano's new album "Marcburg" is gaining great traction amongst underground heads and purists alike....Personally I think it's the best hardcore Hip-Hop album in 3 or 4 years...

Roc takes a break from his writing duties and takes a moment to chop it up with Dallas Penn and answer a few questions about the new album as well as what he's got comin' next.


DJ Premier - Keith "Guru" Elam Tribute Mix

Certainly the other tributes that have been done up til' now are appreciated, but no one's was more anticipated than Guru's former partner in the biz and Gangstarr legend in his own right; DJ Premier....

Premo took to his Sirius XM Hip Hop Nation Radio program Live From Headquarterz , to properly pay his respects to the man that he spent nearly 2 decades with carving out classic album after classic album.

Included in the mix are some of Gangstarr's finest moments on wax together, stories about their paths through the game, special moments with Guru's nephew Justin, Gangstarr Foundation members Big Shug & Panchi (NYGz) and finally as an added bonus a special unreleased interlude from "Moment Of Truth"...

Respect paid...


Unreleased Moment Of Truth Interlude

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Singles: Freddie Foxx - Put The Beats On Em' (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Last time these two fellas hooked up Foxxx was the one doling out the beats to a random dumbass who tried playing him for a fool...this time around Statik Selektah is the one dispensing some beatage in the form this moody, boom bap banger serves as a nice backdrop/anthem to the original incident, lol, just check the chorus.

The radio rip had been floatin' around for a few days, now we've got the proper version...Guess what your single of the weekend is??


Bumpy Knuckles - Put The Beats On Em' (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Murs Remembers Guru

Individualistic L.A. rhymer Murs takes a moment to pen a few of his thoughts about the recent passing of the Hip-Hop legend in the form of the impact of a few warm memories Guru provided in his life via Gangstarr music that caused a certain mother to go "ballistic" and funny tour stories...

Via his blog on


"All I did was give a muthafucka a pound and a compliment and I was out. Told'em my name. Peace." - Guru, "Intro (The First Step)" from the album Hard To Earn

As a teenager yearning to be "on" in the mid 90's these were words to live by, straight from the mouth of a hip-hop legend. As a youngster, I heard this speech for the first time in the front seat of my mom's car coming from the midnight release Gang Starr had at the Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. I was in LOOOOVE with their new single "Massappeal." I mean, had triples of it on vinyl and would play it over and over every morning before school.

Read the rest here

Bulletin: Just Blaze & Alchemist Soundclash European Tour Dates

All my European PHH heads (pretty sure there's a couple of ya) heads up! Two of the best Hip-Hop producers of the past 10 years are coming to a venue near you...And it won't just be some blase show eitha, nope....Just Blaze and Alchemist will be going head up, record for record, beat for beat.

Get your Euros, Pounds and Francs ready!

P.S. Peep the homie Kool Skool's Flyer for the London Show on May 6th



May 6 London, United Kingdom / East Village
May 7 Bordeaux, France / BT59
May 8 Nantes, France / Jongl’Hop
May 9 Amsterdam, Netherlands / Bitterzoet
May 11 London, United Kingdom / East Village
May 12 Zurich, Switzerland / Rote Fabrik
May 13 Milan, Italy / Tunnel
May 14 Paris, France w/ DJ Premier / Elysee Montmartre
May 15 Marseille, France / Cabaret Aleatoire
May 16 Helsinki, Finland / Virgin Oil Co.

Video Interview: Necro For Ballerstatus

LOL, No interview with Necro is ever dull man....

Check in for this quick first portion of Ballerstatus' interview with the the Indie Hip-Hop scene's hardcore general. Included in the segment is Necro's feelings on the Indy game vs. the major label game, looking at Master P as an inspiration and for good measure the showing off of a new piece.

Necro's new album "Die!" hits stores May 18th, listen to the 1st single "asBESTos" here


Statik Selektah – Shade45 Guru Tribute Mix

Ask and you shall receive...

No sooner had I started to get my feathers ruffled about the lack of tribute mixes for Guru when I spotted this.

Fellow beantowner Statik Selektah went ahead and recorded a dope tribute mix for Gu-Rizzy on his Shade45 show last night, illustrating the "star" in Gangstarr's best works and most influential cuts....

Don't miss out on this!

props to Shake on the link.


Statik Selektah – Shade45 Guru Tribute Mix