Thursday, May 29, 2008

Video: Rza As Bobby Digital - You Can't Stop Me Now

Brillant new single/video entitled "You Can't Stop Me Now", off of Rza's forthcoming solo album "Digi Snacks".....this is amazing, just dripping with goodness from the soul infused loop that Rza smashes to pieces to the comic book type theme of the video, this is what hip-hop should be like nowadays. I love how this vid begins, with Rza dawning his Bobby Digital mask high above the city perched on the edge of a roof top. The babes are top notch too. Damn....this just feels right man...great vid, check it out.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pace Won And Mr. Green - The Only Color That Matters Is Green

Filled with dope lyrics and an almost flawless production lineup, Pace Won and Mr. Green have brought you the finest underground album of 2008 so far. The New Jersey(Newark & New Brunswick, respectively) poet and enigmatic beatmaker have combined to bring fans a steller collaborative album that is sure to please underground enthusiasts everywhere. The infectious, head nodding beats are definitely a big reason why I'm so high on this effort. Mr. Green out did himself on this project and he deserves full recognition for that. It isn't often that I praise an album for being fully well-rounded concerning the arrangement and production, but when I do it's for real. There hasn't been a hip-hop duo LP that could rival this one's production or overall value since Blu and Exile dropped "Below The Heavens" in 07'. Pace is his usual self on this album; precise, laid back and poignant. His choppy-style flow, raspy voice and witty descriptions fill this album with uncontrollably interesting material...if you keep your ear to the internet-grindstone than chances are you might have already peeped three of the album's dopest cuts; "Children Sing", "Eye Of The Needle" and "Hip-Hop"...."Children Sing" being my personal favorite track out of those three and my constant reminder that this album was coming and that it was gonna be dope. I urge all of you to check this out, they don't make it like this anymore!


01 0:05:27 Four Quarters
02 0:05:06 Children Sing
03 0:03:58 The Eye of A Needle
04 0:04:34 I Need Money
05 0:04:24 Let A Shot Go
06 0:03:12 Who I Am
07 0:04:12 Hip Hop
08 0:03:29 Childhood (Ft. Cymarshall Law, Kosha Dillz, Marylou)
09 0:04:08 So Straight
10 0:04:04 Won on Won
11 0:03:40 She Be So Cold
12 0:03:57 The Joker

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Returners - Mix-CD Hosted By Doujah Raze

The Returners are another glimmering example of just how much European Hip-Hop and specifically, European Hip-Hop producers have caught up to their American counterparts. DJ Chwial and Little make up the Returners and set out a few years ago to do what every new pair of producers/DJ's should; Make good Hip-Hop. It pleases me to inform all those that don't know, they've been making good on there quest for authentic Hip-Hop legitimacy. They have managed to score work doing tracks and remixes for underground staples like El Da Sensei, Supastition and Rasco (Of Cali Agents) as well as doing tracks for some of the newest and brightest underground stars like Dan Johns, L.I.F.E. Long, Bekay and of course, the host of this tape Doujah Raze. The Returners have a wonderfully soulful and thick production sound that truly is a highly coveted import. Full of great drum patterns, nicely chopped soul samples, perfectly timed scratches and resonant basslines, The Returners in my opinion have come to exemplify what Hip-Hop should be all about. I don't know much about Chwial and Little personally, but I do know this; They're dedicated to the true artform and they routinely work with new, up and coming guys that are worthy lyricists. That's Hip-Hop in it's most glorious form man...two guys that love the sound, love the culture and came to America to link up with the real prophets of the genre and are now gettin' down somethin' serious, making a lot of noise on the underground circuit.

"Mix-CD" is a great look into what The Returners are all about, providing exclusive Returner joints as well as new Remixes they've done that outshine the shit outta the originals...any DJ Premier, Dilated Peoples, Marco Polo, Domingo, etc., you'll dig this, mos definitely....


01. Intro (Rick James Tribute)
02. Supastition - Nickeled Needles (Exclusive Returners Remix)
03. Doujah Raze - Virginia (Exclusive Returners Remix)
04. Mic Stylz, Bango, Ketchphrase + Redd - In The 'D
05. Bekay - Once Upon A Time
06. Kukoo Da Baga Bonez - Go! (Exclusive Returners Remix)
07. Doujah Raze - Roam (Mix Cd Version)
08. Doujah Raze - Roam
09. Doujah Raze - Home
10. Snowgoons & OC, Rasco, Wordsworth - No Guts, No Glory (Exclusive ReturnersRemix)11. Sev Statik - So Let The People Know
12. El Da Sensei - Gunblast (Exclusive Returners Remix)
13. Finest In The Cut
14. Soulstice - Above & Beyond (Exclusive Returners Remix)
15. Breez Evahflowin - Freestyle
16. Mic Stylz, Esoteric - Bringin' It Back (Exclusive Returners Remix)
17. L.I.F.E. Long - Trash Talk

Xzibit Loses Newborn Son

Early this morning L.A. based rapper Xzibit lost his 11 day old, newborn son Xavier Kingston Joiner. Xavier was born prematurely and as a consequnces his lungs weren't able to handle oxygen. He passed away at about 3:30 AM this morning.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

R.I.P. Camu Tao, Underground Hip-Hop Icon Passes Away At The Age Of 30

On March 25th at 2 PM, underground rapper Tero "Camu Tao" Smith passed away in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, one month before his 31st birthday from complications with his on-going battle with Lung Cancer. This news comes as a shock to the underground hip-hop society and to his family and friends as a whole. El-P a close friend and collaborator of Camo's released this statement today bearing the bad news:

"To those who knew Tero, he was an almost uncategorizable force of nature. Wild, hilarious, proud, loving, tough, outspoken, spontaneous and brilliant. He wore his heart on his sleeve and he dripped creativity, leaving inspiration and awe in the hearts and minds of anyone who was fortunate enough to see him work.

We, his friends and family, have truly had our collective hearts broken by his passing. Not only because of the loss of our friend, but because of the loss of his contribution to those who never knew what we knew about his talent and his potential. He was the secret that no one wanted to keep and we always knew that one day his vision and his heart could change music forever the way he changed all of our lives.

His departure from us all 1 month away from his 31st birthday is nothing less than a tragedy… nothing less than a crime. he was a gift to us all and he is irreplaceable. Rest in peace, Mu. We will love you forever. May god bless you and your family."

-Jaimie "El-P" Meline (on behalf of many, many wonderful and broken hearted friends)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Krumbsnatcha - Let The Truth be Told

Here we have perhaps my favorite Boston emcee (next to Edo. G and Termanology) in Krumbsnatcha. "Let The Truth Be Told" was dropped way back in 2004 and came complete with quite a few joints that were produced by some of the underground's best. Aside from some cat named Arizona Slim, every producer on here y'all cats should be very acquainted with. From Nottz, Emile, Scram Jones, Joey Chavez and G-Squared, Krumb really went all out on the beats for this LP. This album was actually dropped on Krumb's own label; Golden Eyes Entertaiment, which inceidentally was also home to Nottz and his crew The DMP Click at the time. Although most of the production on this was pretty good there was unfortunately a few mis-steps. "Do Me", was rather, well, blah to me...coulda done without that on there, and "Boston To VA" with Famlay wasn't really my cup of tea either. But as always Krumb overcomes his shortcomings with deeply analytical and aggressive tracks, that have come to signify him as an artist. Be sure to check out "Thorough", featuring Ghostface and his cronie Soloman Childs from Theodore Unit and "Wolves Gang" with Guru.


1. Statik Selaktah Intro
2. I Got It
3. Do Me
4. Boston to VA
5. Turn It Up
6. Thorough - Solomon Childs, Ghostface, Ghostface Killah, Krumb Snatcha Mobsters
7. My Life
8. Pain of Life
9. Too Cold
10. Skit
11. Certified
12. Control Your Life
13. Let the Truth Be Told
14. Get Live - DMP, Krumb Snatcha Mobsters
15. Hold It Down
16. Haters (Skit)
17. Wolves Gang
18. March

DJ Monky And DJ Ternaround present Stricklin - Resume Mixtape

This is a really dope look from EMC member and Milwaukee's own Stricklin. DJ Monky and DJ Ternaround take you on a journey into the creative world of Stricklin, or "Strick" for short. His world is one full of the more thoughtful and skilled esthetics in Hip-Hop and one that reps un-waveringly for the underground Milwaukee scene. Chalk full of Strick's best work, the "Resume" features freestyles and songs that display his highly touted lyrical ability. The "Resume" mixtape is sure to please any serious underground head seeking quality rhyming. Guest appearnaces from his EMC groupmates Masta Ace, Wordsworth and Punchline plus a a special jumpoff with Royce Da 5'9" all make for a dynamic tape as well....I really liked the fact that Masta Ace had a big presence on here, seeing as how I'm a Masta Ace fiend and am always lookin for new and old stuff from him. No disrespect to Strick, he is in excellent form as usual for the "Resume", but don't be surprised if you find yourself rewinding Ace's verses as well. This tape isn't brand spanking new, pretty sure it was dropped around early 07', before the EMC album, but I'm just now getting up on a reliable link to it, to for everyone that missed it, or needs a re-up, snatch and run! And go buy that EMC album!!


1. - whassup stricklin (intro)
2. - the resume
3. - born wit it
4. - rest assured ft. skoob of das efx
5. - hate me too
6. - hitman (kutmaster kurt remix) ft. masta ace
7. - 4 brothaz ft. masta ace, wordsworth and punch (EMC)
8. - unfriendly game ft. masta ace
9. - study hall (introducing red clay)
10. - underdawg
11. - f.a.y. ft. masta ace
12. - my space freestyle
13. - i am...(the late nyte hype show)
14. - the grind (remix) ft. masta ace
15. - get used to it
16. - saved message (skit)
17. - shit is over ft. royce da 5'9
18. - the booth (on tour remix) ft. wordsworth
19. - lay it down - 105 freestyle
20. - ya'll want more...(outro?)
21. - somethings wrong
22. - wolf d freestyle
23. - one day (throwback joint)
24. - entrepreneur (97' tape!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

DJ Famous presents...Bang Bang Boogie The Machine Vol.1 (Hocus, S-One, Lord Tariq, Mysonee & Cuban Link)

Some new, ill Shit from the Boogie Down Bronx baby!! And this shit is on point too. Comprised of relative newcomers Hocus and S-One and Seasoned vets Cuban Link (formerly of Terror Squad), Mysonne (formerly of Ruff Ryderz) and Lord Tariq (used to run wit Peter Gunz), Bang Bang Boogie forms to create one of the newest and strongest street groups out there, complete with promo backing from, all five emcees have come together to rep for their beloved boro the Bronx, NY. If your up on your online video viewing/browsing than chances are you might have already seen this coming. Bang Bang Boogie had a couple street/commando style video's circulating pretty heavy via blogs and websites; the first one was "High Blood Pressure" a freestyle that took the streets by storm. Another street vid they released via the net I especially liked was Mysonne's "Nothing On Me" track....shit was pure heat, but that's no surprise; duke was deadly when he was spittin for Ruff Ryderz before he was locked up for a pretty long prison bid on that robbery beef. All together Bang Bang Boogie released roughly 10 or so net vids that totalled out at having 20,000 plus views on youtube.

The story of this tape is everyone shining, especially the "big three", lol. Even though S-One and Hocus tend to disappear in the midst of lyrical giants Cuban Link, Mysonne and Lord Tariq's potent verses, they prove worthy in many spots and they will surprise you on here at times, but indeed, most of this tape's highlights come from the big guns. It's refreshing to see three of the illest street nikkas from the Bronx come together and do a project, hopefully there will be an album, there definitely will be a DVD coming soon. This whole joint is a definite banger, grab this here, or download it free on their Myspace page.


Cymarshall Law - Cyology 3: The Freedom Writer Mixed By DJ GI Joe

First saw this for free download over on HHG, after checking it out briefly I have to say that Cymarshall Law is a crazy new talent that every real head should try their best to check out. Being co-signed by dope underground DJ talent GI Joe, this mixtape brings more than just ya average, run of th mill stiff. Cymarshall Law is at home flowing freely and powerfully over some really ill production provided by Mr. Green, DJ Forge, Mr. Joeker and Beatnikz. Really crazy lyricism going on here, and this is the stuff that he's not throwing on his album! Krs-One comes through and blesses C. Law with a feature, underground sensation Silent Knight comes through as well...this is a really ill tape and Cymarshall Law is a great new talent that doesen't disappoint, here is a few words from him off his own blog concerning Cyology 3: The Freedom Writer......

"Greetings My People Im in Excellent Spirits Today I hope all of you are doing as well or close too , Freedom Ent. Is happy to present to you CYMARSHALL LAW & DJ GI JOE - CYOLOGY 3 : The Freedom Writer , This is an sum of tracks Ive made in the past year or so that are not for my upcoming album with Mr. Joeker HIP HOP IN THE SOUL kinda in between tracks ive done I feel Ive been getting alot of love as of late so this FREE Mix Cd is my way of giving back to the fans and friends that have been supporting me. I feel like theres alot of Bullshit on the Radio and I know alot of people that dont even turn it on anymore they just want some good music with substance , well thats what Im giving to you here originality , creativity , subtance , some dope ass beats , lyrics all that straight RAW and best of ALL for FREE!!!! So stop complaining and start downloading SuperMar is here to save ya day! Burn a L to this , Clean Ya Room To It , Work Out To It , Cruise Thru the Hood and Bump This One Loud! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING
Special Thanks to all my people that left me drops for the cd
Supastition , Skoob from Das Efx , Talib Kweli , Skit Slam! , Wordsworth , Silent Knight"

-Cymarshall Law

1. Intro
2. Lost in the Music - prod. by Mr. Green
3. Head First - prod. Mr. Green
4. Hip Hop Zoo prod. Mr. Green
5. Skit Slam - Get Back - prod. Mr. Joeker
6. WKCR Squeeze Radio April 2007 Freestyle
7. Mind Control feat. Silent Knight prod. by Mr. Green
8. Wrote This Well Freestyle
9. The Raw - produced by DJ Forge
10. Tell Dem feat. Skit Slam - prod by. Beatnikz
11. Halftime Radio w/ DJ Eclipse Jan. 08 Freesty;e
12. Law wid Guns Remix - prod. by the Beatnikz
13. The Creators Kid - prod. by The Beatnikz
14. Super Emcees feat. Skit Slam prod. by The Beatnikz
15. Another Sound is Dying - prd. by The Beatnikz
16. I Dont Play prod. By The Beatnikz
17. Private Cy 07 - prod, by Mr. Joeker
18. Control feat. KRS-ONE prod. by Mr. Joeker
19. Skit Slam - You Have the Right - prod by. DJ Forge
20. End of the Start - feat. Skit Slam prod by The Beatnikz

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

R.I.P.: Founding Member of 702 Dead At The Age Of 27

Orish Grinstead, one of the founding members of the R&B group 702, died this week of kidney failure, BET reported. Grinstead, 27, suffered from cancer and other undisclosed ailments and was expected not to recover, the website reported.

She died on April 20.

Grinstead formed the group with her twin sister, Irish, their older sister, Lameisha, and friend Kameelah Williams during the mid-1990s. She left the group to pursue a solo career, while the remaining members found success with such hits as "Steelo," "Get It Together," and "We're My Girls At."

The group has sold more than 500,000 music units worldwide.

Video: Jean Grae- Love Thirst

Back after her semi-retirement freak out, Jean Grae Tantilizes and teases as she showcases her softer and more sensual side in "Love Thirst". The Video is shot as if it took place in the backseat of a taxi, but not just any taxi....Travis Bickle's taxi...if your lost than you prolly haven't seen Martin Scorsese's masterpiece "Taxi Driver", which starred a young Robert Deniro as Bickle; a lonely and isolated cab driver in 1979 post-Vietnam New York City. One of the other characters in the movie was "Iris" a 12 yr. old prostitute played by Jodie Foster, I think that Jean was attempting to channel that character and the character of "Betsy" (the woman whom Bickle is pursuing romantically) in this video, and she really gave great performances on both ends....hats off to her for this creative and unique video, probably the best this month and definitely one of the best of 08' so far.


Nino Bless - Untold Scriptures

If you've been keeping up with the recent influx of really dope east coast Latino emcees than you should already know about Nino Bless. A gifted writer and part time blogger, Bless is a cut above the rest and it's apparent once you hear his music. "Untold Scriptures" is littered with great, well penned verses and dope guest spots. Saigon, Joe Budden, Grafh, Crooked I and the hardcore master himself Kool G Rap all come through and contribute to a fine effort. The production isn't too shabby either thanks to Nino enlisting the likes of Scram Jones, Focus and Gunz N Butter to handle the beats. Nuff said. This is I feel, a great stepping stone for Nino and he's officially been co-signed by some of the best in the game. J-Love, Big Mike and Mick Boogie add to the list of very ill and very skilled people also co-signing him as the three of them host/DJ this tape. Kinda wished J-Love woulda let Nino get busy to one of his beats, but that's niether here nor there...enjoy this heat rock and check for this guy in the future, he's a terrific street emcee and a sharp, witty lyricist.


1.) Intro by DJ Lennox (produced by Veterano)
2.) Da Livest (produced by Yes Sur)
3.) Peep Game (Freestyle)
4.) Times Are Hard f/Joe Budden (produced by Focus)
5.) My Piano (Freestyle)
6.) Means Of Survival (produced by Scram Jones)
7.) Going In (Freestyle) f/Grafh
8.) Name Dropping (produced by Sivey)
9.) 3rd Degree f/Saigon and Crooked I (produced by Scram Jones)
10.) When It Rains (Freestyle)
11.) Urban Legends (produced by Veterano)
12.) Ever So Subtle (produced by Gunz N Butter)
13.) Cause Of Influence (Nick’s Story) (produced by Veterano)
14.) Blame It On Hip-Hop (Freestyle)
15.) 4 In The Clip f/Joell Ortiz, Styles P & Kool G Rap (produced by Veterano)
16.) Bright Lights (Freestyle)
17.) Won’t Change (produced by Frado)
18.) Going In Pt.2 (Freestyle)
19.) My Story (produced by Blackout Movement)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Battlecat- Gumbo Roots (Unreleased Album from 1995)

Battlecat has been one of my favorite west coast (Los Angeles) producers for a long time. Whether he was doing tracks for Kokane, Snoop or Playa Ham, Battlecat routinely brought and still brings some of the west's finest production for his collaborators. Right up there with names like DJ Quik, E-A Ski, Dr. Dre, Jellyroll and Johnny J, Battlecat is considered one of the best to ever do it in the city of angels. A finely tuned beatsmith, Battlecat has influenced thousands of would be producers and professionals alike. His thick snares, booming drums and funked out samples define the vintage L.A. soundscape. He's a pioneer and still one of the best at the same time, that's why it always baffled me as to why he never dropped an album. But low and behold Battlecat himself upped his unreleased 1995 album "Gumbo Roots" on his blog for the heaps of fans to enjoy recently, and being the fiend for good music that I am, I found it, downloaded and now I'm uppping it for all of you. At any rate, if your into ill west coast production courtesy of a bonafide legend and some of L.A.'s finest, forgotten emcees like Ras Kass, Playa Ham, Caffeine and King Lou this should be right up your alley. It's got a great feel to it, and it's criminal that it never was released, I think Battlecat could've really done some damage with it man. Tracks to check out are "On Top Of The World", "Reality Check" and "Out Here".


Gumbo Roots - 01 - Journey
Gumbo Roots - 02 - Ain't No Thang (Beefy Loc)
Gumbo Roots - 03 - On Top Of The World (Hot B, Skitso G & Ras Kass)
Gumbo Roots - 04 - Swerve On (Ruff Dogg & King Lou)
Gumbo Roots - 05 - Reality Check (Playa Hamm & Kam)
Gumbo Roots - 06 - Stone Cold Nut (Roc Slanga)
Gumbo Roots - 07 - Waterdrop (Ruben RC Cruz from PBL)
Gumbo Roots - 08 - Just The Way I Live (BattleCat)
Gumbo Roots - 09 - Master Plan (Playa Hamm & Jewell)
Gumbo Roots - 10 - Blue 64
Gumbo Roots - 11 - Out Here (Flossy Mac, Dana Dane, Beefy Loc & Michel'le)
Gumbo Roots - 12 - Freedom
Gumbo Roots - 13 - Set Trippin'
Gumbo Roots - 14 - Everybody Give It Up (Caffeine, King Lou & BattleCat)
Gumbo Roots - 15 - Cat's Shout Out (I'll Die For The Funk)

Video: Idle Worship (Talib Kweli & Res) feat. Chester French- Fall Back

The man Talib Kweli returns with new groupmate Res and collaborator Chester French for this infectious joint aimed squarely at Hillary Rodham Clinton, encouraging her to drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination. The video entails some clever video editing of some of our favorite Hillary moments, lol, enjoy.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

All Elementz presents..Sav Killz- Success Is Inevitable Hosted by J-Ronin

There are few up and coming Brooklynites that are as talented as Sav Killz. Combining a sharp flow with grizzly lyrics and ill production Sav has proven time and again that he is a force in one of the most constipated boroughs in New York City. Not a small accomplishment at all, and definitely something that deserves respect. Sav earned his stripes first by freestyling around the way on some of BK's grimiest corners, with and against some of the staunchest competition around. From there many heads began noticing him stealing the show on local cats mixtape's. From rhyming alongside the Creative Juices crew to his always top notch appearances alongside J-Ronin, If your a real head and you've heard Sav do his thing your sure to gravitate toward his hardcore stylings. Sav has become best known through perhaps Brooklyn's hottest new hardcore mixtape DJ J-Ronin. Ronin's "All Elements" tape's have provided Sav a pretty good chance to vent his skill and the masses have responded, electing Sav as one of the ripest new lyrical hoodfellas outta NY. Sav is a rare talent, and I attribute that to his consistency. He has yet to make a track that goes against his rugged schooling and the true esthetic of Brooklyn hip-hop, making the title of his new mixtape "Success Is Inevitable a lil' ironic. If you asked most hardcore heads familiar with his stuff, they'd tell you that success is probable for Sav Killz. This tape here is sort of like a compilation of Sav's best stuff, mixed with a few new looks. It's a great tape and it features a lot of the underground's best; from Sean Price, Planet Asia, C-Rayz Walz, Cappadonna, Teflon and even getting Rza to bless the intro it's more than apparent Sav is respected by his emceeing bretheren. Don't hesitate to grab this.


01. Intro (feat. RZA, Popa Wu, & DJ J-Ronin) 01:24
02. Rebellion Freestyle 02:19
03. I Can't Take It Anymore 04:07
04. Comin To Kill (feat. Rustee Juxx & Sean Price) 02:59
05. It's A Showdown Freestyle 01:28
06. Fresh Gutta (feat. Ali Vegas) 02:43
07. We Ain't Breakin Up 03:38
08. Industry Bullshit Freestyle 02:28
09. I Shall Remain 03:40
10. Stacks Remix (feat. Planet Asia & Spit Supreme) 03:11
11. Success Is Inevitable 02:49
12. Get Dumb Freestyle 01:25
13. Sit On My Throne Freestyle 01:49
14. Hoodlums & Crooks Freestyle (feat. Spit Supreme) 02:41
15. Success Freestyle (Blend) (feat. Royce Da 5'9") 04:40
16. Show U How To Do This Freestyle 02:23
17. Crooklyn Dodgers 07 (feat. Teflon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Steele) 03:43
18. Restless Nights 03:21
19. Got To Find A Way Freestyle 02:12
20. No Where To Run (feat. Nina B & Famoso) 04:05
21. Catchin Wreck 01:39
22. Centrifugal Ciphas (LP Version) (feat. Loer Veolocity) 02:54
23. Anger (feat. Spit Supreme & Da Evangillest) 02:38
24. Disgusted (feat. Spit Supreme) 02:03
25. Untitled Track 04:57
(feat. M-80, C-Rayz Walz, Cappadonna, and more)
26. Outro (feat. DJ J-Ronin) 01:44

Single: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia- That's What It Is

This is the B-Side to the first single release ("9MM") from the upcoming "Pain Language" project from Planet Asia & DJ Muggs. Many will recognize the sample that Muggs manages to re-work beautifully and craft into a hardcore classic. Really dope stuff right here and Planet Asia's spacey, smorgasboard lyricism complements this nicely, As you all know I've been anticipating this project for a long time now and this really cements my belief that "Pain Language" is going to rival even the work that Muggs did with Gza, and that says it all.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

DJ Premier - Rare Play

Okay kids, here we go...this is a fuckin must have for all the real heads, I know it seems like I say that a lot when it comes to new projects from guys that were dominating in the 90's but, I only post quality shit on here, so fuckin sue me if ya think I'm some elitist muthfucker. What's right is right. What we got here is an official DJ Premer drop, not no fuckin DJ Edward Scissorhands bullshit mix, thrown together without the iconic producer/DJ's blessings or worold class touch. Nope, What we have here is an actual mix crafted and hand selected by The man, DJ Premier himself; the real fuckin thing people! Rare Play is a collection of unreleased Tracks and remixes that Premier had in his vaults and is finally throwing out there to the good people who follow his stuff the same way a cult member would follow their leader. LOL, I am that guy man; I love Premier's production and I can never wait to hear something new or something old that's new to me. So if your like muah, and you need a Primo fix, then get your ticket for this bus right here. There's a good deal of stuff that's been heard time and again on "Rare Play", like Ras Kass's "Goldyn hild" or The Ranjahz "Insp-her-a-tion" featuring Cee-Lo, but there's also some stuff that's a lil' bit rarer and might be new to you. Shit like The Premier Remix to Blahzay Blah's "Danger" or The Original Remix to the "1,2 Pass It" Track off the first D&D All-Stars Album. Both are joints that I'm sure even the most hardcore Premier fan would be delighted to have. Real heads know that this needs no advertisement, no write-up whatsoever, Premier put it out, now you move muthafucker! Simple and plain.


01. DJ Premier - Rare Play Intro
02. Rass Kass - Goldyn Child
03. The Ranjahz - Insp-her-a-tion (feat. Cee-Lo)
04. Tef - Comin At Cha
05. Sonja Blade - Look 4 The Name
06. AC - Weed Scented (feat. Gang Starr, Party Arty, O.C.)
07. M.O.P. - Bloody Murdah
08. Blaq Poet - We Gon Ill
09. All City - The Actual
10. Screwball - Seen It All
11. Group Home - Up Against The Wall (Century Remix)
12. Crooklyn Dodgers - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
13. Big Shug - The Jig Is Up
14. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger (Premier Remix)
15. Charlie Baltimore - Everybody Wanna Know
16. Krumbsnatcha - Closer To God
17. Sauce Money - Against The Grain
18. D And D All Stars - 1,2 Pass It (Original Remix)

Mad Skillz, J. Period & Don Cannon - Design of a Decade Vol.1 (The 90's)

What more do I need to say about this joint here man? You take Brooklyn mixtape extraordinaire J.Period, add Don Cannon one of the illest Philly producers ever, sprinkle in Mad Skillz controlling the mic like only he can and finally top everything off with some of the illest beats from the 90's and your bound to create a wonderful mix that borders on classic. "Design Of Decade Vol.1" is just what I needed man...just when I was about to give up on all the older heads tryin to represent and re-create the magic that was the 90's, Mad Skillz comes with this incredibly dope mix. I mean there really ain't nuthin more to say about this man. If your a real head your gonna jump on the chance to download this right here. You got Skillz goin to fuckin work on some of the best joints ever as far as I'm concerned. I mean were talkin about some of the same beats that legends like Redman, The Cocoa Brovaz and Nas rocked over. Make sure you grab this, I haven't stopped bumpin' it for like 2 days now. Before this I have to admit Mad Skillz wasn't in my top 50, but after hearing how he rocked some of these joints to perfection I had to revise my list. Once again, grab ya walkman, lace up ya construction Timbs, throw on ya Guess Jeans and make fuckin sure you grab this or turn in your "hip-hop" card son.


Design of a Decade (Intro)
L.I.K.W.I.T. f. Boogie & Big Shot
F.P. f. Phonte & Lil Roc
D.D.W. f. Boogie / Doubt Gotcha / J. Black
Design of the Mixtape (Interlude)
G & G
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Video: Snowgoons feat. Reef The Lost Cauze- This Is Where The Fun Stops

The Snowgoons is back! Getting ready to drop their second compilation album the German super producers SNowgoons return with "Black Snow". What is sure to be as entertaining and as street as the first, if not more, The Snowgoons have jam packed this release with tons of the best underground lyricists. From Defari, Killah Priest, J. Sands, RA The Rugged Man, El Da Sensei, Smif & Wessun, Apathy, Edo. G, Sick Jacken, Pace Won and many, many more. Judging by this joint's directiona and sound I would say we're in for something really great. The film used for this vid isn't spectacular, but Reef is in rare form and the lighting was masterful. Enjoy.

-BIG D O's the full listing of guest spots on the new Snowgoons album and the release date:

Big Twins - The Grimey Collection

If your a true QB head your gonna have to clear some space on ya PC for this right here. Big Twins brings you a compilation of some of his classic mixtape material, unreleased stuff and sprinkles in a few new bangers all in order to get you ready for his upcoming debut solo LP. Compiled by Dirt Class records many heads will recognize some of Twin's street classics on here; joints like "Live At The Ampitheatre" featuring Alchemist definitely will jog your older memories of grainger concerning Twins and his hardcore body of work. But don't go and get too nostalgic on me, there's plenty of sure fire hardcore new joints on here that will leave you once again proud to be a fan of IM3 and Twins's no holds barred brand of street emceeing. Twins' signature gruff and scratchy voice litters this whole joint and does in fact get you excited to hear new material. Complete with appearances from some of hip-hop's best and brightest both rhyming alongside and producing for Twins. Evidence of Dilated Peoples, The Alchemist, Un Pacino, Havoc, Prodigy and Big Noyd all come through and bless Twins for "The Grimey Collection". They do fit the mold of usual suspects when it comes to Twins collabo tastes, but always great to review solid old material and explore new, ill stuff at the same time; that's why I like this tape's formula so much, it's a little bit of everything, making it suitable for a new or old fan of Twins. Twins brings a lot of new skills to the table on the few exclusive tracks on this disc; the most striking being his sharper storytelling ability, which was already pretty crazy. Lookin' forward to his new solo, but til' then I'll be bumpin this. Be sure to check out "Sold My Soul" ft. Prodigy and produced flawlessly by Havoc.


01. Intro 00:29
02. Everybody Talkin... 02:31
03. Street Theme 01:07
04. Hit The Ground (prod. by Sid Roams & Soundwise) 02:49
05. Time To Shine 02:29
06. To The Top (feat. Evidence & Alchemist) 02:33
07. Live At The Amphitheatre (feat. Alchemist) 02:50
08. How Long A Nigga Gonna Last 02:44
09. Good & Evil (feat. Prodigy & Un Pacino) 02:39
10. Come Clean (feat. Godfather) 03:12
11. Everything (feat. Ty Nitty) 04:17
12. Get Dead (feat. Big Noyd) (prod. by Evidence) 02:45
13. Sold My Soul (feat. Prodigy) (prod. by Havoc) 02:59
14. Just Imagine... 02:13
15. P Interlude 00:33
16. Twin & 'Em (feat. Ty Nitty & Un Pacino) 03:31
17. Bringin That Heat 02:32
18. B.I.G.T.W.I.N.S. (prod. by Alchemist) 03:03

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Sean Bell Tribute Effect

By now I'm sure mostly everyone that follows Hip-Hop has heard their favorite artist shout out Sean Bell; The young man that was mercillessly gunned down in New York City in a hail of un-warranted gunfire. 50 shots were sent toward the new bridegroom and his two friends,none of whom had a weapon. Needless to say Bell was murdered by neglectful and racist police officers, but the New York District Attorney didn't seem to see it that way and acquitted all three of the Queen's officers of any wrong doing. What was left in the aftermath of this heinous miscarriage of justice was a community and a family in tremendous pain and shock.

There have been some small steps taken in the wake of that verdict. The Reverend Al Sharpton among others led a protest in Queens, many people voiced their outrage via the internet and radio talk shows, people in high places have expressed their displeasure. Even Hip-Hop has gotten involved. Countless rappers from far and wide have taken it upon themselves to shout out Bell's name on their tracks. Some have even dedicated verses and songs to Bell's memory. Everyone from The Lox, Papoose Game and 50 Cent have shouted out Bell's name in a record, but is what they're doing actually helping? Is everyone's heart in the right place, and is everyone yelling this young man's name out of genuine concern?

I don't have a problem with any artist that takes time to speak on this atrocity from the heart and in the appropriate manner. What I do have a problem with is rappers, who are as ignorant as the day is long, using this kid's memory and his untimely passing as a means to seem "political" or "socially aware". Face it, shouting out Sean Bell in your intro and then going on to drop verses about and promoting shooting people your damn self is as ironic and hypocritical as it gets. Violent lyrics and hip-hop have become too much of the accepted norm as it is, now it seems like they've become so routine that rappers aren't even connecting the dots when it comes to when it's the right time to employ them. Rappers are really beggining to miss the point. When you try and memorialize someone for wrongly and cruely being killed, and then continue to profit directly off of glorifying the same type of disconnected "gun busting" mentality your officially on the same level as those policemen. Most of the rappers who are shouting Bell's name asking for a change need to stop and look in the mirror. What will saying his name on a record really do if within the next 4 bars you spew the same hatred and the same backwards mode of conduct that possessed those cops? You know there was a reason that Martin Luther King was non-violent in both his actions and his words; it was because he knew that hatred never gets you anywhere, it only distracts you from your goals and leaves you short of breath. If you want to change things you must resist the urge to become what you are fighting against. So calling on the streets to take up arms or making a silly video where you perpetrate violent acts against police officers will in all likelyhood get you nowhere. I'm glad that some rappers are truly speaking on the matter out of genuine concern and empathy, truly I am, those brothers are the best it gets and I'm very proud to say that they are artist's within the culture and genre that I support. But for every guy that only hollers Bell's name out because it's what everyone else is doing or because he knows it might make him seem more "down", shame on you. Please just stop fooling yaself, cause' you ain't foolin' us. The real heads can see who's done their homework and who's just jumping on the bandwagon. And while I believe most of the artist's who have given Bell a shout on a record did it out of genuine love and were doing the same thing when the NYPD did Diallo the same way, I also know there's a handful of guys that are doing it solely for their own gain. To them I say fuck you! Your low, your confused and you need to chill. Someone lost their life in this, and someone's parent's lost a son. There's no excuse for trying to gain from someone's mortal loss, none.

In closing I just want to say that I think what happened to Sean Bell was awful. The worst of the worst actually. A young person violently ripped away from so many that loved him and expected to see him the next day, only to be notified that their worst nightmare had occurred. I truly feel for that man's family and his child. A child that will have to face this unforgiving world minus one good father, that should have been and would have been there. Unfortunately brutality like this has become all too common in our society and has reached pandemic levels. I don't know if there is an answer, it seems like the more we cry for justice the more we go unheard. Maybe the answer is in legislation, maybe it's in judicial reform, maybe it's in activism...until we know I think it's important for us to all get out there and follow any of those paths til' we do find a resolution. Maybe we will have closure on this, maybe not, one thing is certain though, Bell's family will not. There is now an unfillabe hole in all those that were close to him and that is why we can't keep letting this happen.

R.I.P. Sean Bell


Video: Skyzoo- The Necessary Evils

Dope new Vid from Skyzoo exploring the ups and downs of hustlin on the street. Well put together Black and Gray vid, some really good sequences and imagery in this, Skyzoo continues to churn out nuthin but quality in both his music and his videos. Gotta love the "cigarette burn" effects that are all over this vid; give it a really dusty and authentic feel.


Monday, May 12, 2008

K-Salaam & Beatnick present: NY Is Burning

Finally a couple of guys bring back that great Dancehall and Reggae feel to New York Hip-Hop music! K-Salaam is becoming more and more known for his dedication to the true sound of the culture and bringing attention to the important causes/issues that Hip-Hop should be sounding off on. For "Ny Is Burning" Salaam gets together with newcomer Beatnick to put on full display their undenaible skills and their unquestionable ear for talent. With a heavy Caribbean/West Indian influence the two manage to splice together a really ill tape, chalk full of your fav. Rasta artist's gettin busy over some of your favorite east coast beat selection's. Salaam and Beatnick give their listeners a fair share of traditional Hip-Hop guest spots too; featuring an All-Star lineup that includes appearances and remixes from Young Buck and Dead Prez to The Outlawz and Mos Def. Fusing those names together with some of Raggae's biggest names is a known recipe for something dope. From Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Sizzla and Junior Kelly, this is guaranteed to get heads noddin'. Can't Miss tracks are Junior Kelly's "Freedom", The Outlawz "We Want In", Dead Prez's "Bigger Than Hip-Hop" Jamrock remix and The "High Grade" Remix of Damian Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock". The Unique blending of two of the greatest music genre's is always compelling, and when it's done well, it's unresistable, making "Ny Is Burning" truly a must have for any dancehall fan looking to update their collection....rewind selecta!!!!


K-Salaam & Beatnick - NY Is Burning Intro
Buju Banton & Trey Songz - StreetLife
Dead Prez - Bigger Than Hip-Hop 2008
Mos Def & Sizzla - Victory
Young Buck - My Hood
Collie Buddz - Come Around (Beatnick & K-Salaam Homegrown Remix)
Richie Spice - Open The Door (Beatnick & K-Salaam Open Mind Remix)
Richie Spice - Marijuana (Politics Remix)
Outlawz - We Want In
Buju Banton - Sinsimilla Persecution (Down & Out Remix)
Bounty Killer - Fed Up (If I Ruled The World Remix)
Junior Kelly - Freedom
Capleton - Tour (Jackin for Beats Remix)
Damian Marley - Jamrock (High Grade Remix)
Dead Prez - Bigger Than Hip-Hop (Jamrock Remix)
Outlawz - Only Life I Know
Mos Def & Sizzla - Victory (rmx)
K-Salaam & Beatnick - NY Is Burning Outro

Video: Killah Priest- For Tommorrow

New and powerful Vid/song from Killah Priest called "For Tommorrow". Explores spiritual, religious and mental pathways and understandings while simoultaneously giving the viewer a hazy sort of vision into a different world. Love how this was filmed, check it out.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

DJ Premier- Grand Theft Auto IV THE CLASSICS 104.1

Okay, so admitedly I don't really get into video games anymore. Once upon a time they were one of my favorite hobbies, but these days if it isn't NBA Live or Madden on PS2 I could care less...I don't know what happened, I remember liking the first God Of War, Prince Of Persia and Medal Of Honor for Xbox, but I think I only ended up playing those shits out of pure boredom, and seeing as how the Xbox was my brother's, and so were the games, I probably was just running whatever new shit he would cop. Then we got kicked out of the apartment, lol, thus beginning my dry streak of not owning any game system other than a crusty old Super Nintendo (which still got some burn) and growing up a bit. One game that will always be imbedded in Hip-Hop Culture is Grand Theft Auto. Making it's bebut in 1997, by the time the 3rd installment of the game series came around it was already famous for it's violent undertones and it's all-star voice work roster, it was an instant hit. I remember DJ Clue releasing some mixtapes that had the game's theme included in them called the Grand Theft Audio series. Those muthafuckers were huge, everyone was bumpin em'. The game quickly became apart of many rapper's survival kits, and was mentioned religiously in verses. Another really popular aspect of the game was the radio stations that the player could flip through while driving his boosted whip. There was a good variety to choose from on the dail, just like there should be in any big city. Most of the time there was a Rock station, a Pop station, a Top 40 Hit station, an Urban staion, etc., etc.. Well, the good people over at Rockstar games have done pretty well for themselves and have released their newest game in the series, GTA IV: Liberty City. A few of my boys who own it and spend most of their days on 23 hour lockdown in their weed clouded rooms have given it their stamp of approval. Another thing that they're raving about is the music. I looked it up online and yes, there is a pretty heavy dose of hip-hop music included in this edition, and why not? Liberty City is obviously based on New York City and we all know New York City is the birthplace of and synonomous with Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop culture. So I bring you the songs you'll hear on 104.1, the station dedicated to the golden age of hip-hop, held down by none other than DJ Premier himself. So while you boost Benz's and do all other types of foul, wild shit, living out your twisted criminal fantasies, enjoy the raw boom bap flavor of some of the illest hip-hop joints ever in the background. Tracks like "Who Gonna Take The Weight" by Gangstarr, "Supa Star" by Group Home and "Droppin' Science" by MC Shan and Marley Marl help form a pretty cohesive "Golden Age" mix, that I'm glad will be exsposed to some of the youngin's, who got no business playin this game, but I know will be. My reasoning for that is because those same shorties who is up there playing this also will have no clue as to who half of the people on the 104.1 station are. I don't know if I agree with the theme's of the game, or it's dipiction of us minorities, but I do like the fact that they included some pretty worthy music on one of their stations this time around, an that it will help bridge the gap between the guys doin hip-hop in the 80's and 90's, and the kids who think that they know wassup in the 2K.


01. Group Home - Supa Star
02. Brand Nubian - All for one
03. Special Ed - I Got It Made
04. Jeru the Damaja - D. Original
05. Marley Marl feat. Craig G - Droppin' Science
06. MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
07. Audio 2 - Top Billin'
08. Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa
09. T. La Rock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours
10. Gang Starr - Who's Gonna Take the Weight
11. Main Source - Live at the Barbeque

Cannibal Ox- Speakeroxxx /The Ox Below Mega Mix

Cannibal Ox has for years been regarded as one of the preeminent underground groups of the 2K. Comprised of Vordul Mega and Vast Aire, the duo from Harlem, NYC is usually accompanied by their longtime DJ, Cip-One. They've come to be recognized as one of the premier acts on Def Jux, and a couple of fellas that can be pretty pervasive at times. In the latter part of the 2K there have been tons of rumors swirling about the group; from a possible breakup to clinical depression, Can Ox fans might find themselves somewhat in the dark these days as to what the duo really has been up to. Aside from "Mecca And The Ox" (the newest Cannibal Ox joint produced by Pete Rock) making the rounds on the net and on web radio, many have noticed the absence of the group from the underground landscape. Sapposedly creative and financial differences with El-P and Definitive Jux has pushed Vast and Vordul away from there one time label home, and despite their denial of it, the two have been wroking with each other less and less. Still, Vast Aire maintains that he has a new project coming, and that Vordul will be featured on it. Vordul also claims to have a new album coming. As encouraging as that sounds, everyone knows how it goes when it comes to your favorite subterranean emcee or group dropping an anticipated new release. So with all of that being said and done, I wanted to bring you guys a really dope mix of some of the Ox's finest moments. This mix was put together by Max Bedroom, and was initially included as a bonus CD over on Many of the tracks on it most hardcore Ox fans will be familiar with, but considering the situation, why not have a good "best of" type of disc from Cannibal Ox laying around....


1. Vast Aire - Look Mom No Hands
2. Cannibal Ox - Classic Freestyle #1
3. Breeze Evahflowin ft. Vast Aire - Billy Goats Gruff
4. Cannibal Ox - Handle That
5. Vordul Megallah - Spitamatic
6. Cannibal Ox and Kasm - Angels And Insects
7. Vordul Megallah - Never Want To Hurt Again
8. Vast Aire - Tippin Dominoes Remix
9. Jean Grae ft. Cannibal Ox - Swind Blades
10. Rob Swift ft. Cannibal Ox - Cosmos
11. Push Button Objects ft. Vast Aire, Akrobatik - Fly
12. Vast Aire - Candid Cam
13. Cannibal Ox - Classic Freestyle 2

Keith Murray- Puff Puff Pass

More new Keith Murray people! Looks like the one time Def Squad member has hit us with another new CD chalk full of his unique brand of bone crunching, mental blistering and head nodding hip-hop. This is a really strong effort and I'd be willing to bet that everything on here is the remnants of what didn't make "Intellectual Violence" and "Rap-murr-Phobia". Either way it's right up your alley if your a Murray fan, and while I'll be the first to admit there's some stuff you wanna avoid on here (see track 8 and the Bone thugs collabo) but this is for the most part a really great effort. Some of these joints in fact I think should've been included on his last Lp in my opinion.


01. I Get In 03:09
02. Go Der 04:30
03. Wit Da Bloahw 02:44
04. New York Girl (feat. Tommy Redding) 03:37
05. In The Rain (feat. Rachel Evans & Smigg Dirty) 03:26
06. The Workd 03:41
07. I Remember (feat. S5 & Jaz) 04:13
08. Gangsta (feat. Smigg Dirty) 03:17
09. I Need That 04:00
10. No Matter Where U Be (feat. Jaz) 03:37
11. Put Ya Hands Up 04:23
(feat. Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone & Tommy Redding)
12. Make You Angel (feat. S5) 04:37

Elhzi- Euro Pass (An Exclusive Tour CD)

This is a must have for all the Detroit heads yo. Elhzi of Slum Village has noblely taken it upon himself to put together a disc comprised of a lot of exclusive material from his time overseas in Europe; the new heaven and money generator for good artists with something to say. Elhzi really delivers with "Euro Pass", providing Slum fans with a healthy dose of new material that is sure not to disappoint. Plenty of Black Milk production on here, and that is a definite plus, but T3 and DJ Dez also make really good showings as well, giving this disc that authentic Detroit/Slum Village/Dilla sound. Don't pass this up, really great look here, props to Elhzi for being creative. Tracks to check for: "Motown 25", "That's The One", "Audio Cinematic" and "Heart Of The City"


1. Intro (Prod. By DJ Dez) 1:19
2. That's That One (Prod. By Black Milk) 3:42
3. Fire feat. Black Milk (Prod. By Black Milk) 4:07
4. The Reason feat. Phat Kat (Cuts By DJ Dez) (Prod. By Black Milk) 3:53
5. Talkin' In My Sleep (Prod. By Black Milk) 4:23
6. Save Ya feat. T3 (Prod. By T3) 3:31
7. The Know (Prod. By Leef Mayfield) 2:54
8. High Off Life (Prod. By Denmark Vessy) 4:43
9. Heart Of The City (Cuts By DJ Dez) (Prod. By Black Milk) 3:42
10. The Transitional Joint (Baby Girl Glow) (Prod. By Black Milk) 4:20
11. Dedicated feat. Trip (Prod. By DJ Dez) 4:16
12. Motown 25 feat. Royce Da 5'9" (Prod. By Black Milk) 3:54
13. Audio Cinematic (Prod. By DJ Dez) 5:59

Friday, May 9, 2008

J-Rawls And Dudley Perkins- It's The Dank And Jimmy Show

I really love when great artists collaborate man. I'm a casual fan of both Stones Throw vocal phenom Dudley Perkins and Hip-Hip soul man J-Rawls. Both are truly talented in what they do; J-Rawls is a complex and supremely talented producer who often incorporates a lot of really great, soulful record samples in his music. Best known for producing Mos Def's "Brown Skin Lady", he is the definition of worthwhile hip-hop production. Dudley Perkins is the dually gifted rapper and singer that embodies modern day west coast neo soul and street emceeing. The two have released a ton of solo material and have come together to give all their fans a real treat. The two bond wonderfully on this project and leave no stone unturned in their respective arsenals. A must have for any Stones Throw/J-Rawls fan. When I saw this I knew I had to put it up. I've always liked Dudley, but I really like J-Rawls, and have been following his music for some time and it's great to uncover a few new gems once in awhile.


01. (00:00:21) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Intro
02. (00:05:09) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - It's The Dank & Jammy Show
03. (00:03:58) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Call Me
04. (00:04:56) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Love Light
05. (00:00:42) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Can't Go Wrong
06. (00:02:45) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Club Joint
07. (00:03:07) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Chosen
08. (00:02:26) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Compassion
09. (00:03:48) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Last Lash Out
10. (00:04:04) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - One Million Ways
11. (00:03:56) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Revolution
12. (00:02:17) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Thank You
13. (00:04:10) Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - Being Human

Kids In The Hall: The In Crowd

In this day in age most new Hip-Hop acts are usually pretty stale and don't stray too far from the current formula that is demanded within the mainstream. There's a lot of kids coming up that base their whole act around this new status quo. Up and coming artists are hungry, they wanna eat and so they resort to doin shit like snappin their fingers and acting like a baffoon in order to sell. They've allowed the outside entitities to impose their "rules" on the music. They've traded quality and true art for money, and that is the exact thing that will cripple an artform and destroy it's roots. We're all quite familiar with the process by now, unfortunately. The Kids In The Hall are the new alternative to the growing "idiot" and greed driven subculture that is spiraling out of control in Hip-hop. They're smart, well dressed, witty, poignant and skilled; everything that Hip-Hop refuses to be right now, and hasn't ever really embraced. They're different, and Hip-Hop used to love different. Whether it was Busta Rhymes or The Pharcyde, we definitely used to love different. Naledge and Double O's story is as Hip-Hop as it gets.... While in college at the University Of Pennslyvania, two guys that wanna be musicians meet at a talent show and through the love of the artform they got together and started doin music, forming their own group, whom they decide to name after a hilarious Canadian sketch comedy troup. The two have already released one great and critically acclaimed record in "School Was My Hustle" on Rawkus Records. Now they've returned even stronger with "The In Crowd", which builds off the refreshing momentum they had on their first record. Kids In The Hall have come to symbolize the hope that there might be a way for innovative and diverse acts to still thrive in the game. Dropping via Duck Down Records this time, "The In Crowd" is Kids In The Hall's finest material to date and comes with few mis-steps. If you can avoid "Drivin Down The Block" and the remix, both of which are extremely hokey, I think the album will resonate with you better. While I think the two were trying to poke fun more so than perform on the song, it still wasn't a good look putting that joint on the album or much less choosing to use up your best album feature (Masta Ace) on it. Other than that the album is good to go, and will provide most true heads with an adequate fix for their "real hip-hop" jones'ing, enjoy!


01. Black Out (feat. DJ G.I. Joe) 02:38
02. Paper Trail (feat. Phonte) 03:55
03. Drivin' Down The Block (Low End Theory) (feat. Masta Ace) 04:03
04. Lucifer's Joyride (feat. Travis McCoy) 03:24
05. Snob Hop (feat. Camp Lo) 03:36
06. Mr. Alladatsh*t (feat. Donnis & Chip Tha Ripper) 03:59
07. Love Hangover (feat. Estelle) 04:06
08. Let Your Hair Down (feat. SKyzoo & Lil' Eddie) 04:37
09. Middle Of The Map Pt. 1 (feat. Fooch) 02:28
10. Middle Of The Map Pt. 2 (feat. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson) 02:33
11. The In Crowd (feat. Tim William) 04:04
12. The Pledge (feat. Sean Price & Buckshot) 04:32
13. Inner Me 04:59
14. Drivin' Down The Block (Remix) (feat. Pusha T, Bun B & The Cool Kids) 04:00

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Video: Reks ft. Termanology & Krumbsnatcha - Big Dreamers (Lawtown Remix)

This is the extremely dope remix to the already extremely dope original man. By now most of you know I'm a big Reks, Termanology and Krumbsnatcha fan, and all 3 of the Boston heavyweights come together to rock the shit outta this joint. Although it's Reks's cut and Krumbsnatcha is a legend, Termanology easilly steals the show. The video is low budget (aren't all the good ones these days) but still gives the viewer a glimpse into their world, into Lawrence AKA Law Town Massachusetts. Everyone be sure to peep the ultra smooth, ultra retro 8 Ball jacket Term is sportin'


Monday, May 5, 2008

The 45 King- The Cat Jams

If there ever was a producer who truly transcended time periods and blazed trails, it was DJ Mark The 45 King. Starting out in the most modest of situations, The 45 King began his beatmaking using a tedious technique of cutting and splicing tape reels, as well as 45 RPM records. Known for his work with hip-hop heavyweights like Ed Lover, The X-Clan, Gangstarr, Common, PMD, King Sun, Jay-Z, Eminem and of course The Flavor Unit, Mark has been digging up some of the most famous and most frequently used breaks for over 20 years. The New Jersey native first gained noteriety by putting together "The 900 Number" in 1987 for Ed Lover's dance theme song and the Movie Bring It On. He's one of the people responsible for first bringing Queen Latifah and Lakim Shabazz on the scene thru The Flavor Unit and yet, most of the kids nowadays just woulden't know who he is. Downright shameful. The man is a bonafide legend and deserves the ultimate in respect. His production has managed to stay relevant over the years to the true heads who check the liner notes and credits; producing new stuff for Lakim, as well as producing the Megahits "Stan" for Eminem and "Hard Knock Life" for Jay-Z. As a producer myself, I have always looked up to him, and admittedly I'm not up on all of his stuff, but quite a bit of it I was fortunate enough to get my hands on or hear through friends. So in that spirit of trying to bring something new to peeps who are loosely aware of The 45 King's greatness, I give you "The Cat Jams". It's a pretty ill compilation of newer material that Mark decided to drop on his usual home Tuff City records in 2005. Containing some updated stuff from Flavor Unit members Lakim Shabazz and Double J and a heap of new beats this is a great look for any 45 King fan, or someone looking to get into some of his instrumentals and The Flavor Unit. While Mark has opted to maintain a somewhat low-key lifestyle, there have been rumors swirling that he's getting a new solo MC compilation album ready and shopping for a label to drop it on. Something that I personally and sincerely hope happens. Until that time we all are blessed with "The Cat Jams".


Flow Motion Rap [Featuring] - Lakim Shabazz
Go Off RocRap [Featuring] - Chill Rob G
Taking Them Back Rap [Featuring] - Chill Rob G
Really Don't Want It Rap [Featuring] - Lakim Shabazz
Big Ballers Rap [Featuring] - Double J (2)
Still The One Rap [Featuring] - Big Poo , Champaign*
Jaguar Jam
Lion's Lounge
Puma Prowl
Lynx Labyrinth
Flow Motion (Instrumental)
Go Off Roc (Instrumental)
Taking Them Back (Instrumental)
Really Don't Want It (Instrumental)
Big Ballers (Instrumental)
Tiger's Tale
Cougar Creep
Panther Pounce
Wildcat Walk
Ocelot's Orchestra

Ya Boy- I'm Bout To Murdah This Shit

Sadly, I haven't been moved by too many west coast projects over the past few months man. I never thought supplying folks with authentic and worthwhile west coast hip-hop would be something so hard to do. With the Beat junkie/Dilated Peoples fam taking a break from recording to tour in the spring and summer months it seems like there's a weaker stream of things from the left coast to put up, lol. Fortunately someone has come around and really surpirised me. Ya Boy is a hip-hop artist from San Francisco, who spends a lot of time in L.A. and who was once signed/affiliated with Black Wallstreet records (now on Precise Music Group). I first heard him on a few of the earlier Black Wallstreet mixtapes featured here and there, he was pretty impressive in spots and I promised myself I'd check out some of his solo stuff if I ever had the chance. Well, I did when he dropped his first major mixtape "Optimus Rime"....I have to say I wasn't the least bit impressed. He seemed very much so like a hit or miss guy, who had the ability to do some ill stuff, but was choosing to try his hand at landing a hit commercial song/freestyle....I thought nothing of it and moved on, disapponted that yet another guy with considerable talent had chosen to dumb his stuff down, and make music that didn't reflect his true colors. Still, even on the "Optimus Rime" tape there were severeal standout tracks that begged some intrest and provided a flleting glimpse into what could be. Fast Forward to his second major mixtape "I'm Bout To Murdah This Shit". The difference is like night and day. Leaving pretty much all the bad elements from his first tape at the door and consolidating his lyrical ability, great mic presence and delivery to this new project, Ya Boy has taken a much different direction this time around. "I'm Bout To Murdah This Shit" is a very, very, intricately crafted and dope effort. From the refreshing and focused production to the harder and more concise lyrics, Ya Boy gives his new fans and hip-hop enthusiasts all something that they can agree on when it comes to his music; now, everyone must acknowledge that his momentary flashes of brillance have become a definite process. He's started to put it all together. He is now nothing less than a viable artist, whose new tape has cemented him 100% in the west coast hip-hop landscape. Rarely can someone get credibility that fast with me, but he just really put forth a project that is just that impressive and has done a complete 180 in his approach. This endeavor sounds eeriely more like an album than a mixtape. Songs like "Pick Me Up" put Ya Boy's insight and vunerability on full display and allow the connection between him and his fans to truly happen. Make no mistake however, this ain't no softcore therapy session by any stretch. Ya Boy wields powerful and gritty street rhymes over dark strings and keys with such fluidity, many a west coast OG would be proud to say he's from their side of the world. There's an air of menace in this album that is very appealing. It hasn't been since the late and mid nineties that a guy from Cali has been able to capture that raw essence of the area. All in all this is a very complete and sound offering from Ya Boy, who has managed to do something that few artists can; come back better the second time around. Hats off to him for doing so. Tracks to check for: "Pick Me Up", "Gettin Money" and "Back Against The Wall".


01 Intro
02 Dyin to Pop It
03 Ride On Dem
04 I’m Gonna Murdah This Shit!
05 Been There Before
06 Tryna Make My Money
07 Gettin Money
08 Pick Me Up
09 Like It Or Not
10 Diamonds In My mouth
11 Playa Hate On Me
12 Knock On Wood
13 Why I Grind
14 Outro

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Reef The Lost Cauze- Long Live The Cauze Vol. 2: I Am Legend Mixtape

For a long time there hasn't been too much to be happy with in the streets of Philly. Rampant violent crime sprawling out of control, a weak economy with no jobs and the Eagles continue to suck. That's about the size of things right now in the city of brotherly love, but fear not, for quietly over the past few years a new native son has risen to the challenge of reppin' one of the country's most dangerous cities. His name is Reef The Lost Cauze. If you follow Jedi Mind Tricks, or any of their affiliate groups chances are you've heard Reef's gruff, no-nonsense lyrics. He's a local underground favorite that has time and again proven through his projects and his collaboration work that he's well worthy of being considered one of the cheese steak capital's best up and coming MC's. Many of his rhymes do reflect the grittier nature of the environment that he's been in for some time, but make no mistae Reef can get all mushy on you too. To me a lot of his best work comes when he opens up and kicks rhymes about his own personal struggles. He's an everday cat that's very relatable...rarely is he soo over the top that you just get tired of hearing his lies, and he's entertaining. His perspective often is that of the underdog that strives to be better. This is a new effort from Reef, appropriately titled the "I Am Legend Mixtape", Reef puts his best foot forward and gives his fans a healthy dose of new, unreleased and classic material. Great Tape. Highlights include DJ Premier's Live remix of "Sound Of Philadelphia" and the unreleased title track to his last project "Feast Or Famine".


1. (00:03:01) - Reef the Lost Cauze - I Am Legend
2. (00:03:17) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Squeeze (Prod. Haj of Duhmi)
3. (00:04:04) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Slow Flow (Cuts. DJ Kwestion)
4. (00:03:31) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Bring Back The Raw Hiphop Remix (Sicknature ft. Q-Unique, Reef the Lost Cauze & Ill Bill)
5. (00:02:06) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Politics
6. (00:02:03) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Class Is In Session (Stu Bangers ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Skyzoo)
7. (00:02:08) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Sound of Philadelphia Primo Remix (Live on the Halftime Radio Show)
8. (00:03:07) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Cold ft. King Magnetic
9. (00:04:04) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Strictly Business (Prod. Vanderslice)
10. (00:03:11) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Stomp You Out
11. (00:03:33) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Afgan Green (Prod. Stress)
12. (00:03:50) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Bomb Love (Prod. Tibby Hunter)
13. (00:03:14) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Feast of Famine (Unreleased Title Track) (Prod. Eyego Direct)
14. (00:02:14) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Just Wanna Know (Charon Don ft. Reef the Lost Cauze) (Prod. DJ Huggy)
15. (00:02:38) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Cannon
16. (00:02:37) - Reef the Lost Cauze - 350 An Ounce
17. (00:02:01) - Reef the Lost Cauze - I'm A G (snippet) (Prod. Guns 'n' Butter)
18. (00:04:27) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Clothes Off (Stress Remix Gym Class Heroes ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Ghostface Killah)
19. (00:01:50) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Hipster Rap (Prod. Cocaine & Duchebags)
20. (00:02:33) - Reef the Lost Cauze - The Ghost
21. (00:04:04) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Lonely Streets ft Viro the Virus (Prod. Luke Raws)
22. (00:03:14) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Curtains (Dev Rocka ft. Planet Asia & Reef the Lost Cauze) (Prod. Dev Rocka)
23. (00:02:44) - Reef the Lost Cauze - I'm Famous
24. (00:03:30) - Reef the Lost Cauze - Off My Chest (Prod. St. Andrews)
25. (00:02:16) - Reef the Lost Cauze - When Vicious Comes