Friday, June 27, 2008

J-Love- Acknowledge The Takeover Pt.3

It's been a lil' while since I put up a J-Love tape. Recently that man has been focusing a lot on his own rapping, putting out his boy Meyhem's Street album (which was a double disc) and maintaining his new clique/group The Outdoorsmen. He's busier than ever with all of that, so it's not surprising that he's sort of been taking his time with the new mixes and whatnot. Still, anyone that's a fan of his tapes also has to admit that as of lately maybe, just maybe, he's been slacking a bit.....that's a tremendously hard thing for me to say considering i've been fuckin with money's mixtapes since the late 90's yo. I have to say though the past couple ain't been too "J-Love" like, nahmean. The first two installments of "Acknowledge The Takeover" are less than spectacular, and find J-Love approaching his game in a very routine manner; puttin joints on em' that's not exclusive, puttin on more of the mainstream tracks that are on other DJ's joints and not really mixing it up with too much of his own coveted material/beats. Unfortunately J shows more of the same lack of inspiration on the third tape in the series; lazilly including an ever so passed around Nas track "War Is Necessary" then following that up with the utterly wack dance single "Don't Touch Me" from Busta Rhymes and then dropping the oh so annoying "Blow The Whistle" from Jay-Z, who is now officially in his hip-hop mid-life crisis. Even the really ill tracks on here like Meyhem's "Love Shit", J-Love and A.G.'s "The Coroner-Bad To The Bone", EPMD's "Run It", Killa Sha's "The Bridge 2008" and Grand Puba's "Cold World" cant really save this from being a somewhat mediocre effort. Even as I wait ever so impatiently for J-Love's new album, I have to adhere to the uncertainty seeping into me due to J-Love's recent lack of intrest in his own tapes and least that new Meyhem double disc is sick. Don't expect too, too much from this, there are some bangers, but J-Love is slowly beginning to break from his non-conformist, "I play whatever the fuck I want to" format and it's not such a great thing to see unfold before your eyes. This guy is the epitome of legitimate in terms of his tapes, but now he's playing shit that you'll find on the 106th and Park top ten countdown. Man hell naw! From a true fan J, please, please, step it up. And don't be angry that I put this up for free download, I bought it my damn self, and have bought damn near everything you've put out including two copies of "Better Your Life". You remember that don't you? Your flawless debut album that featured nothing but raw and hardcore beats and rhymes and some of the illest remixes ever. That, as a matter of fact really got me into production, and birthed a very strong admiration in me for your music and your production. Just go back to that shit kid, you got the support. At any rate, yeah, this is aiight, not his best stuff, a tweener basically, but there are some ill cuts on here from some of ya favorites like Granda Puba, EPMD, Q-Tip, A.G., O.C., Joell Ortiz, etc., so maybe grab it for those, I don't know....


01. J-Love - Intro 01:22
02. J-Love & Meyhem - It's Like 03:08
03. Meyhem - Love Shit (prod. by J-Love) 03:49
04. J - Love & A.G. The Coroner-Bad To The Bone 01:35
05. Nas - War Is Necessary 02:28
06. Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me 03:35
07. Nas - Be A Nigger Too 02:55
08. La The Darkman - I'm Good 01:40
09. Jadakiss - From Now Till Then 02:59
10. Rock Marciano - Don Shit 03:11
11. Meyhem - Lost Souls 02:05
12. Joell Ortiz - 50 Shots 02:25
13. Prodigy - Veternz Memorial 2 04:06
14. Rakim - I'm Back (feat. Lil' Fame) 03:22
15. RZA - You Can't Stop Me (feat. Inspectah Deck) 03:27
16. Jay-Z - Shining Symbol 03:25
17. Joell Ortiz - Letter To Obama 02:06
18. Prodigy - The Dough 03:08
19. EPMD - Run It 02:15
20. Sadat X - Walk Upright (feat. Bounty Killer) 03:03
21. Q-Tip - Midnight 2008 02:19
22. LL Cool J - 5 Boroughs 03:48
(feat. Method Man, KRS-One, Jim Jones)
23. Capone-N-Noreaga - Weed, Gunz, & Girlz (feat. Big Noyd) 02:29
24. Jay-Z - Blow The Whistle 02:09
25. O.C. - Keep It Goin' (feat. A.G.) 03:35
26. Grand Puba - Cold World 03:27
27. Killa Sha - Bridge 2008 (feat. Imam Thug & Hostyle) 03:20
28. Bill Danze - Gangsta 02:46

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shabaam Sadheeq AKA S-Dubb - Relentless Hosted by Tony Touch and J-Ronin

I'm really excited to bring you guys this tape here. Shabaam Sadheeq has been one of my favorite underground artists since the late 90's and is supremely gifted lyrically. His unique flow and witty wordplay have made him someone I consider a great representation of real New York hip-hop. Shabaam has been rockin out for a hot minute and all those that remember the hay day of Rawkus Records and the Lyricist Lounge album series undoubtedly know of him and his music. For those that don't find his name familiar brace yourselves; Shabaam is 100% east coast, Brooklyn bred, street lyricist. Having worked and collaborated with some of the game's best and illest combined Shabaam is no stranger to a big stage. Whether he was spitting vivid imagery on "5 Star Generals" alongside Eminem, blessing the "Simon Says" remix with Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man and Lady Luck or beating up the beat on "25 To Life" with the Cocoa Brovas, Shabaam has been there and done that dance. Deeq' also has always had a really great ear for beats and that hasn't wavered to this day. Having worked with super producers like Ayatollah, Alchemist, DJ Spinna and Hi-Tek, he's always been around the underground's elite beatsmiths and still demands that type of excellence in his music. For this tape He's recruited a bevy of unknowns, but they are relaible and gifted unknowns. If you don't believe me just check out the beats that man Cosmo did for this project. After a short stint in the clink, Shabaam is back on the scene in Brooklyn and has linked up with one legend and one BK DJ on the rise. In true Sadheeq form, "Relentless" is hosted by none other than the dynamic and legendary Tony Touch (also from Brooklyn), who is assisted by worthy Brooklyn upstart J-Roninl; who in his short time in the game already has become a houshold name in terms of his "All Elements" tapes, in which Shabaam has also been apart of. "Relentless" lives up to it's name an re-aquaints shabaam's old fans with a heap of his new material. Blistering beat after blistering beat, razor sharp rhyme after razor sharp rhyme, Shabaam impresses and intrigues. Despite being primarilly a product of the 90's underground scene, he's still a supremely relevant MC and breaks new ground on this tape. Personnally I was throughly amazed by how well Deeq' has managed to adjust. Tracks like "Tell Me Your Name" and "Get Fired" drip with soul, and yet still maintain their street appeal, while other tracks highlight Deeq's disdain for the new school snap rappers. This is a very concentrated effort and a very focused tape, be sure to grab it.


01. Intro (Feat Tony Touch, J Ronin, DJ Snips) 00:52
02. Keep Comin 03:44
(Feat Supastition, Torae, Tiffany Paige)
03. The Streets Wont Let Me Go 03:39
04. Survival Sounds (Prod Khrysis) 02:18
05. Tell Me Your Name 02:30
(Feat Steele Of Smif N Wessun & Young Coke)
06. Stay Tuned 01:51
07. Get It Get It (Feat Prince Charming) 03:16
(Prod Mr. Man Of Bush Babees)
08. Get Money Now 04:13
(Feat Prince Charming & Rebels)
09. Stupid Dance 02:38
10. Uno Dos Tres 02:27
11. Get Fired 02:58
12. I Don't Care (Feat Bronze K) 03:09
13. Snitches (Feat Killa Sha) 02:47
14. Grimy Niggaz 03:12
(Feat Blaq Poet, Phanatasm, Killa Sha)
15. Lifestyles Of The Hood And Shameless 01:45
16. It Don't Stop (Feat Bronze K) 02:20
17. Its My Life 04:15
(Feat Polyrythm Addicts & Phonte)
18. Connect 4 03:38
(Feat Ug Of Cella Dwellas, Casual & Sean Pr
19. Lyrical Fluctuations 04:24
(Feat Jigmastas, Mr Complex, Pharoaahe Monc
20. Show You Life (Feat Honorable & Zeqway) 03:09
21. Arabian Nights 03:23
22. By My Side 03:58

DJ Foodstamp - Axis Of Evil Hosted by Sabac Of Non Phixion

With the everything in America spiraling out of control the way it is, I figured that we need a mixtape devoted to nothing but shitting on the power structure and crooked politicians that currently hacve fucked us all over. Gas is reaching in upwards of 5 bucks a gallon, thousands of people are foreclosing on their homes, there is a severe lack of jobs and employment opportunities and oh yeah, they ain't giving out student loans like that no mo'. So I encourage all of you to download this, pop it in ya deck and take a smalll comfort in knowing that ya favorite hip-hop acts have been callin' Washington out on their bullshit for a long time, and continue to do so. Not that Washington would ever listen, or take cues from our culture, but still, this mix shows that hip-hop has always been political and very aware of what is truly going down with America's leader's, their cronies and their overt plan to confuse Americans. UGHH's DJ Foodstamp puts together another great mix that really drives home a message. Actually, I think that they were including this joint free when you copped the new Immortal Technique Tape off UGHH. Don't know if that deal is still goin, but this shit is solid, so to get it free would be a real good look. I mean I'm giving it to y'all free, but I know that owning the real thing always holds more sentimental and aesthetic value. "Axis Of Evil" is hosted by one of my favorite hip-hop conspiracy theorists, Sabac Red; formerly of Non Phixion. Sabac also has a few of his iller pieces of work on this so watch for those. Aside from Sabac, there's also a grip of ya favorite MC's on here droppin science. Jeru The Damaja, Akrobatik, Blahzay, Blahzay, Dead Prez, Main Source, Jedi Mind Tricks, Krs-One, Paris, Immortal Technique, and many others all have their previous work featured on here. Be sure to check this out and vote for Obama muthafuckas!


01 - DJ Food Stamp - Intro
02 - Q-Unique feat Sabac - Ain'T Safe No More
03 - D.I.T.C. - Teh Enemy
04 - Ctpress Hill - Pigs
05 - Company Flow feat, Juru The Damaja -
Patriotism & War
06 - Akrobatik - Militant Raw
07 - CIA All-Stars - CIA
08 - Masspyke - 54th Regiment
09 - Sabac feat. Immortal Technique &
Roosevelt Phillip - Fight Until the End
10 - Blahzay Blahzay - Good Cop, Bad Cop
11 - Jurrasic 5 - Freedom
12 - DJ JS-1 & React - Freestyle
13 - DJ Food Stamp - Droppin' Bombs
14 - Dead Prez - Behind Enemy Lines (Remix)
15 - Get The Fist - Get the Fist
16 - The Coup - Drug Warz
17 - Main Source - Just a Friendly Game of
18 - Last Poets, Dead Prez & Common - Panthers
19 - Naughty By Nature - The Chain Remains The
20 - Jeru The Damaja - Renegade Slave
21 - Boogie Down Productions - Sound Of The
Police (Remix)
22 - Boogie Down Productions feat. NasBlack
Cop Who Can - Boogie Down Productions feat.
23 - Reflection Eternal - The Human Element
24 - Sabac - I Have a Dream
25 - Jat Dee - Fuck The Police
26 - Da Lench Mob - Buck Tha Devil
27 - Assassyn Dynasty - War Day
28 - Smif-N-Wessun - No Justice, No Peace
29 - Mikrophone & PBS - We Out
30 - Jedi Mind Tricks feat. GZA - On the Eve
Of War
31 - Eric B. & Rakim - Casualties of War
32 - Public Enemy - Fight The Power
33 - Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke
34 - Paris - Bush Killa (Hellraiser Mix)
35 - DJ Food Stamp - Outro
36 - Immortal Technique - Live (1005 Remix)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Alchemist - Cutting Room Floor 2

As all fans of Alchemist know, duke was once one of the most consistent producers around, who had a real knack for creating hardcore, gritty beats. His talents no doubt came from working under the tuteledge of west coast and L.A. legend DJ Muggs, who pretty much along with The Rza invented the hardcore, grimey sound that so many Soul Assassin and Wu heads love. Alchemist came along and really built up on that sound and was able to re-locate to NYC and link up with some of the illest groups and emcees out there. It was his hay day. But these days things have changed a little. I've heard Al has traded in his trusty old ASR-10 for an MPC, and has traveled back home to the city of angels and by the sound of some of his latest work (The Chemistry Files and No Days Off) he's defnitely starting to focus less and less on his old sound and working toward a new one. That, as well as trying to reboot his rapping career (see The Whooliganz) via a new album set to drop sometime in 08'. While we wait for that to happen and for Al to have second thoughts about leaving the ASR in the past, he's decided to drop a new installment of his "Cutting Room Floor" mixtape series. For those that aren't familiar with the series, way back in 1998 or so, Al dropped a couple of really, really good mixtapes; one titled "The Cutting Room Floor" and One titled "The Insomnia Mixtape". They were great examples of his older sound that was utterly devoted to the hardcore "gangstarrish" feel. The first "Cutting Room Floor" tape had a bevy of unreleased songs that Al never dropped officially and was certainly a great, great find if you saw it in your local record store. This time around I'm afraid the lineup of material isn't all that rare. Al slas together a lot of joints that have previously already been released via mixtapes and albums and for some reason decides to label them as exclusive and unreleased. Pt. 2 is a good look for the casual fan, but all hardcore Alchemist heads will be disappointed....overall all though, not a bad mix, just not really that many new gems.


1. Intro (Produced By: Alchemist) -
2. Tight feat. Mobb Deep (Produced By: Alchemist) -
3. Mr. Pitiful 2010 feat. The Alchemist (Produced By: Alchemist) -
4. My Will feat. Nas (Produced By: Alchemist) -
5. Fucking Up My Cool feat. Bobby Creek (Produced By: Alchemist) -
6. Freestyle feat. Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), Alchemist (Produced By: Dru Kevorkian) -
7. Aint On Shit feat. Twista (Produced By: Alchemist) -
8. Big Body Benz feat. Un Pacino (Produced By: Alchemist) -
9. Innocence feat. Prodigy, G.O.D. (Produced By: Alchemist) -
10. Striaght BK feat. Lil Dap (Produced By: Alchemist) -
11. Die Another Day feat. Prodigy (Produced By: Alchemist) -
12. At Ease feat. Twins, Prodigy, Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) (Produced By: Alchemist) -
13. All Wrong feat. Devin The Dude (Produced By: Alchemist) -
14. Top Of The Foodchain feat. Cashis (Produced By: Alchemist) -
15. On My Way feat. Tony Yayo (Produced By: Alchemist) -
16. Calmly Smoke feat. Styles P (Produced By: Alchemist)

Snow Goons - Black Snow


Alright, now that I'm back from a little hiatus I'm ready to start droppin science on some of this summer's best releases so far. Hope You guys enjoyed Tape week, I know I really didn't get a chance to drop all the classic tapes out there, but I know a lot of you still got a chance to grab some stuff you didn't have before....At any rate back to the new summer stuff. Here we have the Snow Goons; another underground themed, European (Germany) DJ/production team that is currently making their American counterparts look lazy and uninspired. If you checked out their first album "German Lugers" you already know that these guys are quickly becoming favorites in the underground scene. They got bonafide connecions too....on "German Lugers" they reeled in collabo's from a large amount of guests, including Sean Price, O.C., Edo G., living Legends, Rasco, Chief Kamachi, Last Emperor, Jus Allah, El Da Sensei, Wise Intelligent and Reef The Lost Cauze. This time around they've secured a lot of the same names and even more to boot....This is a can't miss compilation full of really ill production. Clearly one of the best albums of 2008.


01. Snowgoons - The Curse 03:57
(feat. King Magnetic, Charon Don & Reef The Lost Cauze)
02. Snowgoons - Black Snow (feat. Ill Bill & Apathy) 03:02
03. Snowgoons - Casualties Of War 03:43
(feat. Smif-N-Wessun & Respect Tha God)
04. Snowgoons - Who? (feat. Outerspace) 02:48
05. Snowgoons - Hold Up 03:56
(feat. R.A. The Rugged Man,Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers)
06. Snowgoons - This Is Where The Fun Stops 04:39
(feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)
07. Snowgoons - Starlight (feat. Viro The Virus) 03:53
08. Snowgoons - Knockatomi Plaza (feat. Side Effect) 04:22
09. Snowgoons - Pay Attention (feat. Decay, Astonish & Scheme) 02:46
10. Snowgoons - Server Justice 03:45
(feat. Killah Priest, Rasul Allah & Richard Raw)
11. Snowgoons - Still Got The Ammo 04:14
(feat. Main Flow, Godilla, El Da Sensei & J. Sands)
12. Snowgoons - Ride On 03:39
(feat. Defari, Maylay Sparks & Sondro Castro)
13. Snowgoons - Incite A Riot (feat. King Magnetic & Adlib) 02:55
14. Snowgoons - Lost 03:58
(feat. Respect Tha God, Block MCcloud & Doap Nixon)
15. Snowgoons - Still Waters Run Deep (feat. Supastition) 03:34
16. Snowgoons - Raining (feat. Brainstorm, Edo G & Jaysaun) 03:39
17. Snowgoons - Sick Life 03:23
(feat. Sick Jacken, Cynic & Bacardi Riam)
18. Snowgoons - The Storm (feat. The Boom Bap Project) 03:03
19. Snowgoons - Avalanche Warning 03:42
(feat. Pacewon, Nervous Wreck & Adlib)
20. Snowgoons - The Hatred 03:52
(feat. Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus)
21. Snowgoons - Helpless (feat. Equinox) 03:39

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Classic Tape Week: DJ Craig G - Fuc Tape 9 "Back To School"

For all laymans who don't know there was once a time when the name "Craig G" often reffered to more than just the freestyle king who hails from Queensbridge. Yes, "Craig G" was also the name of one of the better (and most forgotten) tape DJ's in New York City. This particuliar effort right here is pretty ill. It's one of Craig's legendary "Fuc Tapes", and has the illest and best slow jams on it from the mid 90's. LOL, a few of us remember trying to make a mix this ill for that special lady at one point or another in hopes of tapping some ass while the sensual grooves took their effect. Sometimes a few of us did, lol! At any rate this is a dope mix, good amount of Jodeci on here too. Forgot how big those cats were back in the day man, lol, used to have the R&B game on lock. One of my fav. R&B "freaks" Adina Howard also gaces this tape (woman used to do it to me man), as well as my girls from Xscape. That heart wrenching "Somebody To Love" by Babyface and Jon B is on here too, lol, have some good memories courtesy of that record as well. Damn...there's lots of shit on here that 90's kids will just understand and have wisk them back to special times when they was humpin, slow-grindin' on the dance floor or trying to score...enjoy.


Classic Tape Week: Stretch Armstong & Puff Daddy - Bad Boy Mix Tape Vol 3

Real heads already know the science behind this classic dose of mixtape history. Ya see, Bad Boy was a super label in the late 90's and part of the reason why they reached such mythic status on the east coast and all over the world and country is because of their unique ability to balance the bubbly R&B shit with the thugged out hardcore shit. It was a unique balancing act that left many a fan enamored with the label's duality and appeased that they offered quality acts for every urban music fan's particuliar genre taste. One thing that Bad Boy Records did do early on was distribute some mixtapes showcasing their roster's collective talent. Not exactly something that the bigger, more successful labels were known for doing. Another thing that wasn't common in those days was for the label president (Puff in this situation) to be all over the tape bigging up his artist's and really making a huge name for himself as well. A big part of Bad Boy's success early on was due to Puff's undying willingness to put himself out there and sell the "saavy, street smart, playboy" image and force feed the streets and the radio stations his vision of hip-hop. And he did magnificently, despite his clean cut un-menacing appearance and his adolescent private school background, he did. The hard sell worked and Bad Boy soon became the class of east coast hip-hop labels. Another proactive and really innovative thing that they did was issue a few mixtapes via some of the game's illest Tape DJ's (Doo Wop, Clue, Etc., Etc.,). This volumes's DJ was none other than the WKCR superstar Stretch Armstrong. Volume 3 finds Stretch cutting and mixing some of 96's illest joints in the beggining. Stuff like Nas, Biggie, Redman, Jay-Z, Wu and Das Efx. Then Stretch gradually shifts the tape into R&B mode, while Puff adlibs (and annoys) through the stellar lineup of material. Shit was a pretty dope tape overall actually. I didn't even mind Puff on it to be honest. Shit I liked his personality back then way more than I do now. What can I say? It was 96', and that was a time period before Bad Boy became really, really commercial and mainstream as well as a time when Biggie (R.I.P.) was still alive roaming the streets of Brooklyn, clipping off ashes from his blunt. To me the Bad Boy Mixtapes symbolized everything good about the label and what it was in it's prime.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Classic Tape Week: Funkmaster Flex Cipha Sounds & Noreaga - Ya Heard! Vol.1/Penalty Mixtape

As we keep things moving, I wanted to drop a tape that to this day continues to get love from tons of heads across the country, world and net. "The Penalty Mixtape" is one of the best mixes of Nore's best stuff and at the time was loaded with exclusives from his upcoming album "N.O.R.E.". To me the only other tape that can rival this one is the "What What Throwback Vol.2" best of Noreaga tape J-Love put together some time back. Meshing a lot of Nore's best joints together that because of the internet are easy to find now, but previously would have been labeled "unreleased". I love this tape because it showcased one of Funkmaster Flex's young protege's and perhaps the brightest member of his DJ crew (The Big Dog Pitbulls) DJ Cipha Sounds. While Cipha mixed, scratched and brang all the tracks back, Flex held down the hosting duties. You hardcore Nore fans most likely won't hear anything on here that you haven't heard before, but as far the DJ work went, this tape is fuckin on point. Shit, I knew I was taking things like this for granted when I first heard it back in the day. I mean who was the last DJ to put out a tape that was actually "mixed"? Who was the last DJ to do a tape with one of his crew members? Fuck, are there even any more DJ crews out there? This joint brings back such great memories; my days of being a hardcore Nore fan when he was a worthwhile artist who somehow managed to relay real feelings and who dropped very relatable music 99% of the time. When he made songs like "Calm Down" "Blood Money" and "Married To Marijuana".


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Classic Tape Week: DJ Clue - Clunino

When many heads from my era (the 90's) think of mixtapes and the process of how they transitioned into the mainstream medium of CD's, became much slicker in their marketing and elevated street DJ's to new heights, many heads indeed think of Queens's finest tape DJ ever; DJ Clue. Ernesto Shaw AKA DJ Clue AKA The Question Mark Man AKA William M. Holla, revolutionized the mixtape game in many ways, but most notably thru his patented echoey drops and his notion to start putting mixtapes on CD's. Clue was a good DJ, but really he was never known for his turntablism, mixing or technical skills. He was very much apart of the new age of "button pushing" DJ's like Whoo Kid, Kool Kid and Kay Slay, who put more emphasis on their alter-egos and their mixtape themes. See Clue's name was built up thru his undeniable connections and knack for always having "exclusives" on his tape. Clue was amazing in the fact that he could somehow score songs months before they were due to appear on an artist's album. It was a talent that once legendarilly, got Clue in some hot water with a promising young artist from Brooklyn named The Notorious B.I.G., who was fiercely upset about Clue leaking some of his new album's material on one of his tapes. Famously Biggie left a curse filled message on Clue's answering machine (which also found it's way on a Clue mixtape, lol) but the two would eventually mend their differences. being a huge fixture on the underground mixtape scene is a big reason why the mainstream, MTV, VH1, and suburban audience is familiar with artists and groups that otherwise might be relegated to the underground. Clue was that new hip-hop additive that took the culture into full swing with the big corporations and the ever fickle casual and new fans. Mixtapes and Clue's mixtape's inparticuliar were lightning rods for all types of kids from all types of backgrounds Clue was also instrumental in making a lot of guys into hip-pop, bubble gum sensations. Every rapper from Jay-Z to Fabolous who wanted to get on the radio with a lighter tune for the ladies usually had to get their record broken in by Clue. These days Clue has all but turned his back on the street side of hip-hop that helped build his name and reputation and whole heartedly delved into doing things like remixes for Mariah Carey and spinning commercial ready singles. "Clunino 98'" was a time when Clue was really starting to peak as a tape DJ. It was just shortly before he dropped the Backstage album, and it was summer time. Clue put together such a comprehensive mix of hardcore raps, R&B rythyms, blends and exclusive material, it was ridiculous. From "Killer's Theme", "John Blaze", "Banned From TV" and "I Gotcha Opin 98'" this tape had the goods in terms of containing all the "official" street/hardcore joints that were going hard at the time as well as also carrying some really crafty and resonant blends like Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine" blended over the Benjamin's beat. To me the two illest joints that are on this tape are the Kool G Rap Freestyle and the Hot 97 Monday Night Mixtape freetyle from Noreaga and Fabolous. Both are to this day still some of my favorite freestyles from any Clue Tapes ever.


Side A

Side B

Friday, June 13, 2008

Classic Tape Week: Ron G - Mix 15 (The Return)

Only a select few tape DJ's from the 90's or any era can say that they truly had a huge impact on their own genre, let alone another. Maybe only one man can honestly and fully claim that he single handedly, through his interpretation of music and DJing, that he created and helped mold what is now modern day R&B. In the 90's a young man hailing from Harlem, NY now known to his loyal mixtape fans and patrons as Ron G AKA "the youngest in charge", burst into the collective minds and ears of mixtape fanatics and hip-hop culture fiends alike. He, in his magnanamous inginuity and creativity spawned the birth of a new Hip-Hop sub genre. The sound he created would later be loosely coined as "H&R Funk", and it can be described basically as putting R&B vocals over Hip-Hop beats (a blend). It was too perfect. Ron G at the tender age of 16 had figured out how to appeal to both the young and old, the gritty thugs that wanted to cool out and smoke an L, and the ladies who wanted to relax while playing something new and smooth. It was the perfect medium, and to me still is. Ron G quickly gained noteriety for his blend tapes and his new style was copied to no end. Eventually it would become the blueprint backdrop sound that would take many a 90's artist/group like Mariah Carey, Next, 112, Total, Blackstreet, etc., etc., to the top. Ron G is the architect behind it all people, and most kids never knew about him.....I don't know what's sadder the fact that he is virtually unknown for his fantastic work back in the day or that he's now a producer for guys like Omarion, R.Kelly and B2K. I'm glad he's getting his money, and he'll always be the man, but I wanna new blend tape from duke damnit! Mix 15 is pretty much everything I've described about Ron's style. In true classic form, Ron delivers "Mix 15"; a R&B blend tape which is perfect groove music, that really transcends any label. This is Hip-Hop people....and it's the beginnings of modern R&B. The duality is so ill. That's why he was blowing people's fucking minds in the 90's and every boom box for 15 blocks in every direction in NYC was blaring his tapes. Sit. Listen. Take notes. Peace!


Side A

Side B

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Classic Tape Week: Kid Capri - 52 Beats

This joint is one of my favorite Kid Capri tapes yo...."52 Beats" is a huge collection of neck snapping beats from yesteryear that the man Kid Capri threw together on a tape back in 92'. This joint features some of the illest beats from that era, as well as a few gems that i've never been able to identify. On the cover it says it also features "original beats" as well, so I'm guessing that maybe there might be a few joints on this that Capri produced himself, but don't quote me on that, it's just a guess. You'd have to go ask a real Kid Capri/mixtape expert about that, and since Capri was a little bit before my time, I just ain't too sure bout that. Back to the tape itself though. Capri is basically on here just showing you why he calls himself the greatest DJ in the world, and whay nobody disputes that claim. Showing off his crazy mixing and scratching skills to some of the beats that hip-hop was founded on, Capri puts together a blueprint that can ever so accurately expose someone to hip-hop production and DJing in the early 90's and late 80's. This is much more than just a tape filled with classic break beats, this is a history lesson and it proves that great hip-hop can still be relevant, but you gotta listen first!


1.Impeach The President
2.Love Rap
3.Let's Dance
4.I Cant Stop
5.Big Beat
6.Frisco Kid
7.Mardi Gras
8.Funk Pigeon
9.I Know You Got Soul
10.Sing Sing
11.Break Through
12.Funky Drummer
14.Catch A Groove
15.Get Up And Dance
16.Different Strokes
17.Rockit In The Pocket
18.Funky For You
19.Daisy Lady
21.Groove To Get Down
22.Ain't We Funkin now
23.Funk It Up
25.Last Night Change It All
26.Mary Mary
27.Funk Us Up
29.I Plays It Cool
30.Got To Be Real
Plus Original Beats To Numerous To Mention

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Classic Tape Week: DJ Self - The Lox Family Pt. 1

Although he's flying way off the radar these days, DJ Self was another NY based tape maker that doled out some pretty worthwhile material in the 90's. Now he's pretty much doin the radio thing and DJing parties and clubs, but when he was doin his thing in the 90's he came extra correct and made his mark. The Lox Family Pt.1 is definitely a standout Lox and Bad Boy tape, and that says a lot in itself considering that there are some other classic Bad Boy mixes floating around (See the Doo Wop Bad Boy mixtape) that command a true collector's attention. Featuring plenty of very recognizable Bad Boy classics like "Can't Hold Me Down" featuring Mase and Puff and "Niggas Done Started Something" featuring X, Mase and The Lox, this will appease the cats that just wanna hear the vintage Bad Boy shit. The true highlight of this joint are to me, the freestyles. I'm a huge freestyle fanatic man; I don't care if it was on a radio station, a mixtape or whatever, I love diggin up old, vintage freestyles. Pains me to see that part of the art form start to fade. Today you got kids jumping on other peoples corny beats and reciting a written verse and then trying to call it a "freestyle". SMH, really a shame man...these new kids just don't get it. But I digress.....tons of freestyles on this joint that will really catch your attention specifically those from a budding young hip-hop executive named Sean Combs AKA Puffy, lol...

note: Will also be upping Self's clasic DMX Vs. Canibus tape


Side A

Side B

Classic Tape Week: Tony Touch - Tape #58

Pretty much all of the guys whose names rang out in the county of kings during the 90's on the mixtape circuit were a cut above the rest. From Mister Cee to DJ Premier and Da Beatminerz, Brooklyn is made of guys that live, eat, sleep and breathe mixing, scratching and grabbing [the new exclusives]. Although there was an extremely high volume of quality Tape DJ's residing all over Brooknam, there was one shining star that is still to this day legendary due to his tapes, and always will be. Toca. The illest Boricua cat to ever put together some tapes next to his mans Doo Wop. Growing up I tried furiously to get my hands on as many of Touch's tapes as I could. As a matter of fact the first mixtape on CD I ever owned was Toca's 50 MC's Power Cypha vol.1 (classic shit). I just coulden't get enuff of Toca's ill techniques...his scratching was always on point, his production was stripped down, funky and muddy, and he was an ill lyricist. Yes, Toca is one of the few (and I mean few) tape DJ's who can actually spit. Now it's undisputible that Tony's best tapes are the 50 MC's Power Cypha jumpoff's, but since those have been on the net for years and years, you should have them all by now. What I'mma do is upload another one of Tony's joints that is very worthy it's damn self. Tape #58, as ambiguous as it's title sounds, it actually leaves a great impression. Lots of ill shit on here, namely the original version of the classic track "John Blaze", a ton of ill Wu and Wu afilliate joints and Big Daddy Kane dissin the shit outta Black Ceasar. I personally enjoy the rare version of "Dangerous" on here that features Mcgruff on it, rhyming alongside his C.O.C bretheren Big L (RIP) and Mase Murda. You don't wanna miss this! And just to let all his real fans know, Tony Touch recently did a very brief magazine interview (think it was Elemental, not sure though) saying that he's cookin up a new 50 MC's tape for 08'.....stay tuned!


Side A

Side B

Monday, June 9, 2008

Classic Tape Week: PF Cuttin - Undaground Lockdown #45

PF Cuttin is a habitually slept on DJ from Brooklyn, NYC who was the group Blahzay Blah's DJ and moonlighted as one of the best mixtape arrangers out there. Although he was featured on one of the most famous and classic mixtapes ever (The 5 Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn) he's often an after thought when it comes to classic mixtape DJ's from NYC. A fact that I really don't like or think is fair. After all PF was holdin it down when NYC greats like Ron G, Funkmaster Flex, Evil Dee and Doo Wop were holdin it down, and he more than held his own. Cuttin' made quite a few tapes, and his "Undaground Lockdown" series was a personal favorite to many. Showcasing some of the best and brightest street hip-hop artists that was doin they thing on the island at the time. The 45th installment of "Undaground Lockdown" boasts joints from a wealth of underground, hardcore cats who made dope music. Cats like God Sunz, Trigga, Afu-Ra, Mr. Reck, MC Out Loud, Hannibul Stacks and Lord Digga all came thru and really made this tape special. Be sure and peep their work on this, you most likely can't hear it anywhere else. Damn, the 90's just had something more, something liver, and Cuttin was great at puttin that on display.


Side A

Side B

Classic Tape Week: Roc Raida and DJ The Boy - Tales From The Flip Level 2

Roc Raida is most likely the most consistent mixtape DJ/Producer/turntablist out there. For all those in the dark, Roc Raida belongs to the legendary DJ crew The X-Ecutioners (formerly the X-Men til' copyright laws forced them to change their group name), is the DMC World DJ champion of 1995 and has been dropping mixtapes for a hot minute. Roc Raida's tapes and DJing stretches all the way back to the 80's and amongest real heads he is considered one of the best DJ's in Hip-Hop history for amongest other things, his beat-juggling skills. Many of Raida's Mixtapes remain the gold standard. From scratching, mixing, blending, beat-juggling and his all too hilarious skits. "Tales From The Flip Level 2" finds Roc Raida collaborating wit DJ The Boy, who I'm not that familiar with, but proves his skills none the less on here. I'll prolly up one or two other Raida solo mixtapes, as well as some other tapes from X-Ecutioner members. I figured this tape would be ill cause it's routinely overlooked when it comes to people talkin' about ill mixes from back in the 90's. The joints on here are classic, boom bap, golden age jumpoffs. Standout joints are "Tried By 12" by The East Flatbush Project", a group that I always heard on the illest underground tapes from the 90's. Another ill jumpoff on this tape is Fresno, CA emcee Rasco's "The Unassisted". I always liked when big time east coast DJ's put any bias aside and would play the guys from out west. Raida was a pioneer in doing that as well. "Tales From The Flip Level 2" doesent disappoint on any level, it's an ill mix, and Raida puts down another classic.


01. Send the Word
02. Train'n With Roc Raida & The Boy
03. X-Ecutioners - Raida's Theme
04. Comnpnay Flow - Vital Nerve
05. Mos Def - Universal Magnetic
06. East Flatbush Project - Tried by 12
07. Rasco - The Unassisted
08. Gangstarr - you Know my Steez
09. Rakim - It's Been a Long Time
10. Bustah Rhymes - Rhymes Galore
11. Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids
12. Solo Transfer
13. Rob Swift's Words Of Wisdom
14. Cru - Armageddon
15. Compnay Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
16. Dilated People's - 3rd Degree
17. Kool Keith - Get Off My Elevator
18. Ultra - Industry Is Wack
19. Flow - B-Boy Zulu Gremlin
20. Mike Zoot - Service
21. Rugged Brood - Lookout
22. X-Ecutioners - Countdown

Classic Tape Week: DJ JS-1 & Spinbad - The Cold Cutz Remixes (The Acapella Tape)

This is a real treat right here, especially for all the cats that liked blend and scratch tapes. What we have is two of the legendary and co-founding members of the now defunct Cold Cutz crew, JS-1 and DJ Spinbad throwing together what many consider a classic tape. What makes it classic is the selection of acapella's and beats that were chosen. Fucking damn near perfect. I mean not only that, but world class turntablism is on full display as well....I've yet to hear any tapes, with the exception of a few Beat Junkies' joint that can rival this from the cuttin' aspect. It's truly a raw ass can't ask for anything more; these guys out did themselves....dope mixing, dope blending, classic break beats, ill movie samples and a special guest appearance from DJ Scratch. This is pretty untouchable as far as mixtape standards go, that's why it has reaached the mythical plateau that tapes only reach when they truly are classics by garnering it's own alias (a la Raekwon's Purple Tape) and becoming known universally as the "Acapella Tape".


*Sorry No Tracklist, there's 37 some odd classic tracks on it though, featuring the likes of Krs-One, Redman, Common, Pharoahe Monch, Busta Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Nas, The Gza, Raekwon, Old Dirty Bastard, Rza, MC Serch, EPMD, Rakim, Slick Rick, The Pharcyde, Greg Nice, Guru, Kool G Rap, The Liks, Das Efx and many more*

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Classic Tape Week: Cut Chemist - The Diabolical

Jumping things off I'mma drop you guys one of the sicker mixes I've ever heard, put together by one of the west coast's best and most slept on turntablists and producers; Cut Chemist. Formerly of the ground breaking hip-hop group Jurassic 5, Cut Chemist has always been a huge 12" and vinyl afficionado and his knowledge of vinyl is considerd top notch. This tape was released on cassette sometime in 1995 through a now defunct label called Hip-Hop Vibes along with two other tapes called “Sick Experiment” and “Theories Not Yet Proven”. If I get my hands on eitherof those I'll up them as well for you guys. Til' then enjoy the sick lineup of dope emcees and ill production found on this tape. Highlights include "Change" from one of my favorite groups from the 90's; Shades Of Brooklyn, "C'mon" from one of Chicago's long lost MC's Grav and "The Real Weight" from Chi-Town super producer/MC No I.D..


01. Royal Flush - World Wide
02. Shades Of Brooklyn - Change
03. Heltah Skeltah - Soldiers Gone Psycho
04. Original Gunn Clappaz - No Fear
05. Big Shug - Official
06. L.P.S.D. - Back Attcha
07. Al Tariq - No Questions
08. Al Tariq - Crime Pays
09. Choclair - What It Takes
10. The Roots - Universe At War
11. Grav - C'Mon
12. Lateef - The Wreckoning
13. The Beatnuts - Find That
14. Al Tariq - Peace Akki
15. Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin Ya Self
16. No ID - The Real Weight
17. M.O.P. - Stick Ya Guns
18. Big Shug - Crush
19. The Jungle Brothers - How Ya Want It
20. Choclair - Just A Second
21. Grav - Snake Bite
22. Al Tariq - Think Not

Classic Mixtape Week

This Week I'mma be posting up a grip of classic and hard to find mixtapes from the 90's. These are not cd's, they were Cassette tapes that have been digitally transferred, i.e. the real fuckin thing, in it's purest form. This is raw, real hip-hop from the underground L.A. and NY scenes. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I really love these kind of tapes. From the vintage, slapstick cover art, to the glorious analog hiss on the recordings, these joints just feel right. The world has totally turning it's back on Cassette tapes and good hip-hop music; the life blood of our culture. I'm gonna attempt to educate some of you lames, and induce some good memories for all the real heads. Expect some ill shit.


Bekay - The Horror Flick LP

This is the first LP from Brooklyn's own Bekay. An accomplished lyricist and a budding new talent Bekay is on his way to becoming one of my favorite new MC's within the underground scene. The flagship artist on the burgeoning new label Coalmine Records, Bekay has already released a tape with mixtape king DJ Kayslay, been named to the Rawkus 50 list for 2007 and rhymed alongside such names as Inspectah Deck and Saigon. Before Bekay gives us his new full length album "Hunger Pains", he blessed us with "The Horror Flick LP". If your a fan of intense imagery accompanied by a no holds barred Brooklyn sensibility, Bekay is definitely what you wanna check for. Complex rhymes and powerful themes pulsate throughout "The Horror Flick LP" and is sure to please any authentic hip-hop enthusiast. The production on this excellent effort is provided by beatsmith extraordinaires Shuko (NY's newest, illest cat that's done shit for Keith Murray, Sean Price, Saigon and Immortal Technique) BeanOne (Boston's best kept, subterannean secret who's produced for Supernatural and Jurassic 5) Arythmetic (Doujah Raze's frequent beat provider), and Analogic (up and coming producer from NJ, who is also on the Rawkus 50 and has produced for AZ, Talib Kweli and Sean Price).


01 01:44 Intro
02 03:55 Battlin' Myself
03 02:47 Ready To Go
04 03:42 Deadly Potency
05 04:06 I'm The Reason
06 01:50 A Legal Question (Skit)
07 04:30 Alphabitch
08 04:05 Battlefield Ft Eturnal, Mr Met, El Gant and Onedae
09 03:12 You Wanna Test
10 04:46 Don't Feel Good
11 03:02 Dead End

Video: Emperor Chi feat. Saigon and Joell Ortiz- Black Spartans

yeah, this is easilly the illest joint I heard i've heard in the past two surprise Joell and Sai Giddy would be on it. Relative newcomer Emperor Chi is impressive on this as well tho...the video barrows some of the illest scenes from the movie "300" and the bravado and gusto that these cats rhyme wit on this joint is pretty close to that of a real Spartan. Brillant infusion-type layered effect in this, makes the whole thing visually pleasing. I've never heard of the director Picture Perfect before, but I'm taking notes on him now, bet that shit...he gave us a really dope video.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bishop Lamont - The Confessional

Bishop Lamont is back with another mixtape, and while I wasn't too keen on "Pope Mobile", "Nigger Noise" or the other few tapes he's dropped in the past year or so, "The Confessional" is a lot more direct and focused of an effort than most of his previous stuff. See Bishop has always been the very fortunate recipient of great production. I really liked what he was able to do with Black Milk on that "Caltroit" project, but from that time on I basically had to admit he wasn't much of an emcee most of the time, but more like a guy who just had really good connections. After all Lamont is the new protege of a Mr. Andre Young, and with that comes a lot of recognition among other things. I'm sure people are trying to throw him beats constantly. Either way, Bishop's continual problem, in my estimation, was always that he was sort of a complacent, lazy MC, who was very all over the place in his content. Very spastic and constantly re-hashing ideas and lines that other people have already touched on time and again. On "The Confesional" he does manage to deliver his rhymes at a much better pace most of the time, almost as if he's been coached up a bit. That's niether here nor there though. I'm sure the production on this will be more than enough reason for most to grab this. I've only bumped it once, but I've detected compositions from Denaun Porter, Dre and Black Milk (I think). This Tape has a nice hip-hop feel to it in certain stretches man...I enjoyed a lot of the joints on it for no other reason than the fact that they sounded like updated N.W.A. type ish'. My favorites are the Busta rhymes assisted "Kissing The Curb", "Be Cool" feat. Ras Kass and Xzibit and "Send A Nigga Home". The skits/interludes on this are dope, borrowing from many of my favorite movie scenes. This is most likely gonna be a cool lil' jolt for the west coast heads, but Bishop still is failing to make the grade lyrically, so don't expect much more than an interesting compilation of beats, with only a few witty lines coming here and there from "The Confessional".


1. Prayer Shout Out (Intro) 1:34
2. Donkey Kong Savage 3:36
3. Send A Nigga Home 5:56
4. Devils Ain't Got No Love (Skit) 0:32
5. Money 4:41
6. Kissing The Curb (Feat. Busta Rhymes) 4:10
7. Get Off My Dick 2:10
8. City Lights 6:31
9. Community Lost (Skit) 1:02
10. Feelin' Like Chaka 4:08
11. Guerilla Pimpin' (Feat. Warren G, Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo) 5:08
12. Why 3:52
13. It Hurts 3:36
14. Be Cool (Feat. Xzibit, Ras Kass) 8:20
15. Better Than You 4:52
16. 2 Much Godfather 4:42
17. Oh My God!!! 5:11

Thursday, June 5, 2008

DJ Honda - Remixes

I thought I was the authority on everything DJ Honda has dropped, I mean I was up on the "Underground Connection" album that he did wit PMD before everyone else, I had all the albums, the 12's and I knew about the "Reason" soundtrack.....I thought I knew pretty much everything concerning the far east's version of DJ Premier....I was wrong. Previously I never knew about this LP (I guess it's an LP) that I'm betting was originally released only on vinyl. "Remixes" is a collection of some of the mid-nineties illest cuts over Honda's excellent and undrratted boom-bap production. I always have enjoyed Honda's beats man, duke always brought some ill, aggressive, NY, Boom Bap, ruff rugged shit yaheman...and he really showcases his abilities on this joint as well. Some of these remixes I'm sure many of you will of already heard, but some might have snuck by you as well. I personally think some of these remixes are better than the originals (see the "I'm Kurious" remix...he fuckin smashed that yo!) but I digress, you'll have to peep this 11 track piece of head nodding production goodness for yaself. Also for all the big time Honda heads that are wondering what he's been up to since real hip-hop in NY got bodied, check out snippets of his new album on his myspace...shits are insane...especially the Sean Price and Keith Murray joints, but their all ill, can't wait for that album, here's his address:


1 Intro (O.F.S. "Scratch") (0:42)
2 Common - Resurrection (4:25)
3 Fat Joe - The Shit Is Real (4:34)
4 Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (5:05)
5 DJ Honda - Out For The Cash (Remix) (6:08)
6 Beatnuts - Are You Ready (3:50)
7 Da Brat - Funkdafied (3:48)
8 Nas - World Is Yours (5:15)
9 Kurious - I'm Kurious (4:51)
10 Fugees - Nappy Heads (4:48)
11 Doctor Dré & Ed Lover - Back Up Off Me (4:39)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

DJ Victorious and Sha Stimuli - While You Were Sleeping

The best new lyricist outta Brooklyn, NY is back at it again! Sha Stimuli returns and continues his non-stop, tireless onslaught of mixtape releases with "While You Were Sleeping". Acompanied by DJ Victorious (his usual) the two once again weave an intricate web of sounds and rhymes around their audience, pleasing the loyal fans and impressing the newcomers. Stimuli has been working at a break neck pace, almost fully eclipsing that of his fellow Brooklynite's Papoose's, when Pap went on that tear there for awhile, releasing a new, ill tape every month. Stimuli is releasing a new tape every two weeks....and he's not losing anything either. What I mean is usually when a guy, even a great lyricist, ups hs work output there can be many times a fall off in the quality of his stuff. To sort of show off his prized consistentency this tape is made up primarilly of a bunch of Sha's best material that a lot of you slept on, (hence the title). Still, this will be a treat for those that haven't exactly gotten down with Sha yet. A treat indeed. Featuring Sha in some of his finer moments, rhyming side by side with some of the underground's newest, most promising faces as well as a few legends. Guys like Shabaam Shadeeq, Gab Gotcha, Jaz-O, Haph of The Ranjahz, Ras Kass, Torae, The Lords Of Flatbush, Chaundon, Main-O and Joell Ortiz. anyone could say no to that is beyond me. I will continue on in my mission to educate people about the guy I'm hailing as the new Jay-Z, except more lyrical. I only hope he continues pushing forward for the masses of people that need to hear him spit; the masses of people that haven't been excited about Hip-Hop in too long...


03. (00:04:17) SHA STIMULI - O.D. FT L.G. AND JAE MILLS
16. (00:03:39) SHA STIMULI -



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

DJ Mighty Mi - Blog Hop

How could I as a Hip-Hop blogger not put up a tape with this title and put together by DJ Mighty Mi; a huge fixture in underground hip-hop. Having produced records for Havoc of Mobb Deep, Eminem, Pharoahe Monch, Mos Def, Mad Skillz and R.A. The Rugged Man, Mighty Mi first gained noteriety as one half of the Hip-Hop duo the High And Mighty. Hailing from Philadelphia, The High And Mighty (Mr. Eon and Mighty Mi) made their debut on the much celebrated, 90's hip-hop label, Rawkus Records. Knee deep in the authentic hip-hop sound provided by Mighty Mi's funk laced, grooved out and spacey productions the two quickly became one of my favorite groups. They would go on to release a multitude of following albums and compilations after they left Rawkus after only two releases or so. They hae stayed true to thier formula of hardcore rhymes, ill guest spots, and razor sharp production all tinged with a sporting esthetic (no pun intended). This tape right here is a lil' different though. I think Mighty Mi was just trying to flex his funk sampling chops and blending skills for the people. Which he did, masterfully, there's a few really worthwhile remixes on here that I think I'll grab and save. For the most part however, "Blog Hop" is best classified as a party starter type of tape. So if your seeking some of the same stuff that you'd find on for example, "Air Force 1", "Eastern Conference All-Stars" or "Highlite Zone", you really might not wanna check for this.


Barack Obama Proclaims Himself The Democratic Nominee!

Barack Obama claims victory in his historic quest for nomination and sets his sights on John McCain!!!

Although fellow nominee Hillary Clinton has not yet conceded, Obama is clearly locked in as the Democratic nominee for president. This is a historic day, as Obama is the first ever African American to be nominated for the presidency. It's been a long time coming and no matter what happens no one can take this away from Obama, no one...I've been steady supporting Obama since he first started campaigning and I still feel he is the most capable caniddate for the job of turning this country around. Everything he speaks on is right on time and very relatable. From the struggling economy to the war in Iraq, Obama shares my views, and the views of a lot of good, decent, hardworking people. He is America's new hope, and he's a legitimate one as well.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Video: Saigon- True Story (World Premiere)

While I was a huge fan of the original version of this joint, this is an amazing song/video from Saigon, that really speaks for itself. It's struggle, it's pain, it's Sai cruising the streets and hoods of NYC in a brand new, beautiful Benz. Enjoy this and support Saigon!


EP Day!!

Aaiight, aaight, this is what I'mma do here people, since I'm broke and jobless (still) I'm gonna hook up some ill ass EP's that have been floatin around as of late....Since this is sort of a Bulk-type post, the write up's won't be as long, as a matter of fact they'll only be a couple sentences at most, but remember I'm puttin up a whole bunch of joints at once here....

Doo Wop - Special Blends EP

The Bouncemasta brings forth a rarer jewel for all his fans in the form of "Special Blends"; A six track EP, that was released sometime in the late to mid 90's that features the underground's best like Mic Geronimo and Royal Flush and a dope remix from Raekwon and Bounty Killer...


A1- Royal Flush - Worldwide
A2- Mic Geronimo - Unstoppable
A3- Bounty Killer Ft. Raekwon - War Face Remix
B1- Mood - Cincinatti
B2- Wildlife Society - Homey Love
B3- Kim Swain - Love Thoughts

Herb McGruff- The Demo EP

1994 EP released by the Crime Dog himself Herb McGruff on One Leg Up Records. Was produced entirely by the legendary Godfather Don (track 1-4) and Buckwild (track 5). Was recently re-released by One Leg up records and now it's yours!


01 04:34 East And Police
02 04:11 I Keep My Palm On The Handle (Original Version)
03 04:00 My Place
04 04:18 I Keep My Palm On The Handle (Remix)
05 04:23 8 Iz Enuff (Demo Version)

Lord Finesse - Rare Selections EP VOL. 1

Nice lil' EP from the Funky Technician full of rare unrealeased stuff. Finesse brings you some of the original versions, alternate takes and unreleased demo versions of some of his own and D.I.T.C.'s best joints.


01. Big L - Unexpected Flavor
02. Lord Finesse - Praise The Lord (Diamond D's Mix)
03. Lord Finesse - I Like My Girls with A Boom (Original Version)
04. Notorious BIG - Come On (Demo Version)
05. Lord Finesse - Hey Look At Shorty (Original Version)
06. Lord Finesse - Fat For The 90's (Alternate Beat)

Nick Wiz presents Rakim- The Cellar EP

The Cellar EP is a collection of three unheard Rakim sessions and instrumentals; previously unreleased and limited only to this 300 pressed vinyl. Nick Wiz produced all three tracks.


1. Man With A Gun
2. Once Apon A Rhyme
3. *Bonus Track* Show Me Love

Video: Killah Priest- Hood Nursery

Another new joint/vid from Killah Priest that despite the somewhat hokey beginning turns out to be a really ill visual. Combining scenes from the underbelly of L.A. as well as gun stores and street corners this has all the makings of a good effort as far as commando type videos go. LOL, my favorite part was Priest's gigantic iced out star of David piece....


R.I.P. Bo Diddlley

Earlier today the legendary Bo Diddlley passed away from heart failure at the age of 79.

Born Ellas Otha Bates Bo Diddlley aka "The Originator", was an influential American rock and roll singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Often cited as a key figure in the transition from blues to rock and roll, he introduced more insistent, driving rhythms and a hard-edged guitar sound. He was also known for his characteristic rectangular guitar.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Custom Made - Original Dynasty

For many hardcore east coast hip-hop heads watching the tri-state scene become somewhat diminished over the past several years has been a demoralizing thing to have to do. Like a house slowly burning down with so many family heirlooms and memories in it, the east coast slowly declines before our eyes, and although there's still a plethora of solid and worthwhile NY, NJ, PA, Conn. and MA artists out there, the radio stations won't show love and the net won't embrace them. But fear not seekers of good shit, there is salvation out there. Many east coast heads that enjoyed the hardcore stylings of such street NYC groups like Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang and Onyx have found a time capsule back to he glory days of hardcore street shit with the discovery of the L.A. underground scene's "Custom Made". These guys are amazing; they seem to be younger than even me and they make great, authentic and hardcore hip-hop like they've been around for 30 some odd years. Refreshing to see a few of my generation X and generation next bretheren really get down. On top of having a dope direction and a tried and true sound, Custom Made has a nice lil' following that continues to grow. When I first heard their stuff it was on an internet forum when the group was still lookin for a forward a few years and these guys are releasing their debut album "Original Dynasty". Great to see them still doin they thing and even greater to see that they've continued to stay true to their formula. As hardcore and street as most of their past mixtape releases "Original Dynasty" is a great stepping stone for Custom Made and hopefully it'll turn a few heads for em'. They are real artists and a positive credit to L.A.'s burgeoning underground scene.


01 02:17 Live From Los Angeles (Intro)
02 03:53 Stack Em Up Ft Scoobs Bluff and S-Mak
03 04:03 Murderous Speech Ft Scoobs Bluff Element and S-Mak
04 03:35 So Sorry Ft Element Bluff Scoobs and Aneek
05 05:05 Original Dynasty Ft Bluff Scoobs Element and S-Mak
06 03:27 Maybe Tomorrow Ft Bluff Aneek and Scoobs
07 06:03 Chemical Romance Ft Element Scoobs and Bluff
08 04:01 Real Life Ft Element Scoobs and Ei8ht
09 06:09 Thug Warz Ft Scoobs Bluff Element Remy Ranthoven
and S-Mak
10 04:59 The Lion King Ft Bluff Element Scoobs and Bad Lucc
11 04:39 Gangstas Theme Ft Scoobs Bluff Ei8ht and Element
12 03:47 Last Breath Ft Element Paradox Scoobs and Bluff
13 04:14 Mass Appeal Ft Element
14 04:17 Troubled Adolescents Ft Element Scoobs and Bluff
15 04:16 Envoy Ft Bluff Element Paradox and Scoobs
16 05:12 Nasty World Ft Scoobs Element Aneek and Bluff