Sunday, January 31, 2010

News: Ron Mexico Leaves XXL Magazine and "Negro Please" Column

The longtime writer, blogger and all around campy wordsmith that we all love AKA Ron Mexico recently announced via that his tenure at the magazine, writing one of it's best column is now over.

Handing us tons of hilarious "gotcha" moments and keeping the rap world's elite on their quotable toes, RM's innovative, unabashed style serves as the snarky inspiration to cats like myself and hundreds of others who often get labeled as "haters" just for speaking candidly. On the contrary, I think it's out of love more so than animosity that RM did what he did in his column. It's because of writers like him that take ig'nance to task that we might have a good tolerable balance of cognizance and mindlessness in this culture. I for one will miss the "Negro Please" column, but will also be checking in on Ron at his new residence, Ron Mexico City.


Here's RM's last hurrah blog post, which he titled "Before I Self Destruct", explaining the latest on his move:

*soft guitar strum*

Now it’s time…to say goodbye/
to all our Negro [Please] friends./

Sorry about the title. I thought it was really dramatic and might lure you into reading this. I see it worked. I’m not falling apart or imploding by any means. In fact, I’m making more progress than ever.

As most of you are aware by now, I am leaving XXL and the Negro Please column today. I’d like to take this time to clear up some of the speculation and misconceptions surrounding the changes.

-Ron Mexico did not get fired.
-Ron Mexico is not angry at XXL. Hence, he hasn’t stormed off or protested like he did at a certain amphibian-colored rap website whose out-of-control reader community is setting a new gold-standard for niggorance in the online hip-hop.

-Ron Mexico loves you. It’s not you. It’s me. No nullus.
-Ron Mexico uses the third person when referring to himself in bullet points. He can’t help it.

Read the rest here

Video Interview: Halftime at the GOAT Park w/ Kurious

New Gasface NYM video where they track down Kurious in his old stomping grounds at GOAT Park AKA Rock Steady Park.

If your a NYC streetball buff like muah, than you probably are well aware of the rich history that went down on this court and the luminous, legendary names associated with it over the years. It's very name comes from Earl "The GOAT" Manigault whom Kurious talks about a lil' bit in the vid. If you haven't ever seen Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Goat" Manigault, starring Don Cheadle that chronicles the late street baller's life than you haven't seen one of the greatest basketball and just plain inspirational life stories period.

Kurious spends some time talking about his days playing ball (who knew) and boxing briefly and also points over to the area where he grew up that's within eyeshot and that is apart of the massive gentrification currently going on all over Harlem.

Think Differently Music Presents: Folk & Stress - The Box (Album Prelude)

As promised we have the new album prelude mixtape from Long Island siblings and Think Differently Music Group signees Folk & Stress...

The two early twenty somethings have been creating a decent amount of buzz for their upcoming debut "The Box" and have garnered the attention of many an underground artist, blog, magazine and even the ultra dapper Alife NYC brand (that yours truly is a fan of). After listening to this warm up I'm impressed yet again by the quasi hipsters and think that the initial interest they received was well deserved. There indeed might be something to their unique grade of hardcore X's hood chic style...

They make no apologies for their manner and hold their own alongside names like Vast Aire and Aesop Rock. A new group that might have serious potential and staying power this early in the new decade? Maybe...Stay tuned.."The Box" drops soon.


01. Folk & Stress – Intro-Never Not Working Radio (Radio Rios and Oskar Mann) (East Village Radio)
02. Folk & Stress – Gutter Rap
03. Folk & Stress – Buckets of Cash
04. Folk & Stress – Drainos (Prod. Madlib)
05. Folk & Stress – Quiet (Feat. Aesop Rock)
06. Folk & Stress – A Life Style
07. Folk & Stress – Beatrix (Feat. Vast Aire)
08. Folk & Stress – Don’t Knock it (Prod. Preservation)
09. Folk & Stress – Sam Kinison (Prod. Preservation)
10. Folk & Stress – Live Freestyle-Never Not Working (East Village Radio)
11. Folk & Stress – The Masquerade
12. Folk & Stress – Us and Us Only
13. Folk & Stress – Heroin Tracks
14. Folk & Stress – 3rd Bass
15. Folk & Stress – Gettin Busy
16. Folk & Stress – You Lose
17. Folk & Stress – As One

Folk & Stress - The Box (The Album Prelude)

Interview: Domingo For Birthplace Magazine

Very recently N.A.B. of Birth Place Magazine got up with Domingo; one of my longtime inspirations and more notably one of NYC's Latino production luminaries for a quick Q&A...

Mingo gets into what he looks for in a collaborating artist, his formula for success, selling beats on Myspace and his unfortunate plans to not put out anymore Domingo solo [compilation] albums...


N.A.B.: How long have you been producing? And what actually inspired you to produce?

Domingo: I’ve been producing now for like 20 years… In 2010 it will be 21 years. My Inspiration is my uncle. He introduced me to the whole DJ thing, when I was like 8, 9 years old. He let me hear my first hip-hop record. I used to watch him play his drums, DJ and do all kinds of amazing things with music. I was mesmorized with music. From there I adapted a love and understanding for music. I took it from there.

N.A.B.: You have worked with and created many hits with some of hip hop’s most influential MCs, including Big Pun, Big Daddy Kane, Eminem, Kool G. Rap, KRS One, Fat Joe and Joell Ortiz, to name a few. That alone must raise the level of expectancy from you as a producer. How do you manage to continue to breed hits?

Domingo: That’s kind of hard to say. I try to stay with what I know and what I do. There was a point in my career, where I was steered by bad advice. It took my close circle of family and friends to remind me that I have my own style. And that all those folk telling me I should make records to sound like this and that, aren’t helping me. Now, I would like to say, I stay true to music. I could adapt to any style of music. I could make a down south record if I choose. But I choose not to. I could do anything, and I mean anything.

Read the rest here

Single: Joell Ortiz - Exhibit H(aiti)

I grew weary of all the freestyles over Jay Electronica's stunning "Exhibit C" track about 2 weeks ago, but this one I think deserves some ear time....

Joell Ortiz goes in and bodies this, all the while giving us an important history lesson on Haiti and how Americans need to realize how our govt. has been exploiting these people, contributing to their more than harsh lives for years....Nuthin' but straight, real talk here...

With many of the relief efforts now focusing on food and sanitation, don't hesitate to get involved, visit this link and Help Haiti Now


Joell Ortiz - Exhibit H(aiti)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Review: Bisco Smith - The Broadcast

Unleashing a highly eclectic collection of his latest works, Bisco Smith sends out the aural acquired taste that is "The Broadcast".

The Beantown Born, Tri-State native who calls spots outside of New York City and Connecticut his home turf bursts onto Hip-Hop's underground consciousness with a befitting set of skills and a sound that's steeped in reflection and adroitness. This 10 track journey into Smith's cerebellum is interesting to say the least and even amongst NYC's deep subterranean talent well he manages to find a voice.

Doubling as a practiced graphic artist, the deviceful MC flexes numerous talents here, but none shine more so than his writing capabilities. Every song is spellbound with weighty lyrics delivered with the intensity of battle rhymes (another one of Bisc's many abilities) that fly toward you at break neck paces. You can tell he's deeply involved with his music and there's a great deal of emotion contained. That type of sincerity and encumbrance is always appreciated. "Crooked Hearts" is a track where it seems Bisc puts together all of his talents the best and strikes a listenable balance for his berserker rhymes, insightful lyrics and electro inspired production.

Read the rest here

Single: General Steele - State Of The Union Address

While President Obama dropped his official views on the state of the union 2 days back, it seems that more than just a a host of Republicans and a certain judge took issue with it...

In his own "State Of The Union Address" one half of Smif-n-Wessun drudges through some pretty hard truths and beckons for real change...I found it kinda surprising that Steele thinks that Obama himself is just a "pawn", but the rest I wholeheartedly felt was a good look and more true to life...

When Steele goes in and recalls the importance of the Black Panther Party, ponders MLK's mental, laments the recession, calls out former presidents slave owners and slickly refers to god as a "she", all I could do was smile...This is what Hip-hop used to be all about...just imagine what the climate of our culture could be if more heads were putting out music that discussed real issues like this...

The General's new album, "Amerikkka’s Nightmare Pt 2: Children of War" drops on Feb. 23rd....Fall in soldiers!!


General Steele - State Of The Union Address

Friday, January 29, 2010

Video: Ski Beatz' Unique Techniques With Ableton Live

Even though blogging on Friday night is almost as lame as this, I'm still gonna hit ya'll with a dope new video showcasing one of my all-time fav. producer's and what he's dabbling in these days to create his still very relevant music...

Explaining that he long ago hung up his MPC for the software program loop-based software music sequencer known as Ableton Live, Ski displays his 3 yrs. worth of knowledge using the sequencer and DAW to all the newbies...

Discussing and demonstrating things like "slicing and sampling", "getting it tight", "warp game" and "making the groove", Ski gives ya a pretty comprehensive run down of how he does what he does with Ableton.

Pretty good, but I'm still diggin' what he did with the MPC/SP waaay me resistant to change I guess.

At the end Ski takes you back to this MC Will-Ski and Original Flavor


Baseline Studios Wake/Viewing Service Photos By Alexander Richter

This past month we've seen the Tweets from Just Blaze that found him selling or just plain giving away items that have collected space in his now former homebase, the legendary Baseline Studios. Now it seems that reality is truly sinking in as photog Alexander Richter puts together a mock funeral wake for the unforgettable recording home that Just Blaze had been running himself for 7 years (after he bought it from Juan Perez) and had worked in prior to that since the late 90's. The pics were taken just before all the plaques and equipment were packed up and moved off...

Baseline is the spot where so many of today's Hip-Hop classic's were crafted and now it's gonna take that long walk to the other side joining so many other legendary studios that have fallen victim to the new wave of home studios and recession rumbles....R.I.P. Baseline.

Props to 2DopeBoyz for the pics, peep the other 19 here


Single: Sadat X ft. Pete Rock - Turn It Up (prod. by Pete Rock)

Yes, Yes ya'll! Brand new banger from Sadat X and The Boy Wonder!

As recently as the beginning of this week news about the Brand Nubian member's upcoming sequel to his perhaps classic "Wild Cowboys" album from 1996 broke, along with a tracklist, sufficiently amping us 90's heads...

Not only do I feel that "Wild Cowboys" was the Dot X's best work ever, upon gazing at the supposed tracklist for the new one, I'm filled with legit anticipation. Today as the album's ["Wild Cowboys 2"] first leak emerged that same anticipation continues to swell...

Backed up by a wonderfully funky and head nodding track and cameo appearance from a guy that knows a thing or two about droppin' classics in the 90's himself, the Dotfather rips it down while Pete Rock assists on the hook...

Guess what your single of the weekend is?


Sadat X ft. Pete Rock - Turn It Up

Interview: J-Love Remembers Killa Sha For

For years DJ/producer and mixtape force J-Love collaborated with his good friend Killa Sha and made great we know, it's only been a week or so since we lost Sha, but for some, like J, it probably feels like it was just yesterday that he was dapping up his friend.

J, along with a few of Sha's other close collaborators and peoples (DJ Phantom, DJ Peter Parker, The Thorotracks) were kind enough to get up with Robbie of and share some candid stories about the man that pridefully hid his disease, routinely stood up to others twice his size and had a deep love for big boned women...


J-Love: It was maybe 2000 or so when I was doin’ the old Stretch & Bobitto Show – me and Lord Sear took over when Bob and Stretch left. Sear and Killa Sha were always real close, so he started coming to the show and we just clicked and we built from there. It was funny too, ‘cos you know I’m the kind of cat I snap on a lotta niggas – I don’t really give a fuck. So he went at me first – we was on the air, he called me, ‘Jason Giambi’ or some funny shit. I was like, ‘Yeah? Nigga, you look like a rapping Webster!’ We just always had that chemistry, that bond. We could just joke around, have fun – lock you in and make some banging music. He was a worker like me – he was the type like, ‘Yo, son, let’s bang this out’. Sha was like money. Writin’ a verse on the spot, goin’ in, knock it out in one or two takes. He definitely had his craft mastered. I feel like Sha was one of the nicest cats outta Queensbridge that just got overlooked, because he wasn’t ‘industry popular’ or whatever. That nigga was motherfuckin’ perfectionist, too. He would be in the booth ‘till he gets it right. I might have a hundred songs with Killa Sha that people never even heard yet.

He liked the big fat girls. He was like, ‘Yeah! I love it! I wanna jump inside something that weighs three times more than me!’ We used to always joke about it, ‘Yeah, you like sleeping with those fat girls, ‘cos it keeps your little body warm!’ He got this song over Busta’s ‘NY Shit’ – ‘I’m on my fat girl shit!’ He didn’t hold his tongue, he was four-foot nothin’! He might’ve been 4’10” – Sha was short, bro! But he carried himself like a giant! I seen him riff the big niggas, like ‘Fuck you, daddy! Nigga, I’ll shoot you! What!?’ [laughs] It’s little stupid shit, like me and him was always going to the diner and I’d order a big meal and he’d just order chicken noodle soup! I used to find that shit mad funny.

Read The Rest Here

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Single: Folk & Stress - Drainos (Produced by Madlib)

Here's some dope, Jazzy Hip-Hop that comes to us in the form of a new single from the lyrically gifted NYC siblings Folk & Stress titled "Drainos" that is produced by Madlib (jesus this guy gets around)...

Pretty solid MCing and direction...I can totally see hear why Wu affiliate and Think Differently Music Group head honcho Dreddy Kruger wound up signing the Long Island rapper/producers to a deal and why famed garment peddlers Alife NYC is also in cahoots with em'...

"Drainos" is off F&S's album prelude mixtape that should be getting liberated to the netz here pretty quick...I'll throw that up as soon as it rips...Til' then Google these two and get ready for their new album "The Box", that will feature underground luminaries like Gza, Blu and Vast Aire...


Folk & Stress - Drainos

Interview: Bob Power For Brooklyn Bodega

Stumbled across this incredibly interesting interview that former writer Eavon O’Neal did with Engineer/producer/musician extraordinaire Bob Power awhile back and thought I'd throw it up for all my PHH production heads and audiophiles...

If the name doesn't ring a bell, (and honestly I wouldn't imagine it would to most unless you were a big Native Tongues junkie) than kindly refer to the liner notes from some of your favorite Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul albums. Names like Common, D'Angelo, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Stetsasonic and Erykah Badu are some of the people and groups Power has blessed with his unique mixing and mastering skills and I must say, I've been a fan of his work for years, I just didn't know it, lol...

Lean back and get your read on as Mr. Power discusses his technique, what the word "vibe" means when a song has it and drops some words of wisdom for making sonically dope music...


EON: Your history speaks to both the power of self-discovery in music, as well as approaching it from an academic mindset—what are the benefits of each path? The shortcomings?

BP: That’s essential no matter what you do, whether you are in the record business, or a Dairy Farmer. You sort of have to find how you relate to what you do, and find the best way to go about that. The academic thing just sort of happened. I ended up with a couple of music degrees; when I first went away to college, I didn’t know what else to do so I applied to be a music major. Then my distaste for failure kept me going.

All the academic stuff has been hugely valuable to me. There is a whole part of my career that a lot of people don’t know about when I do productions, when I do programming, when I do arranging, when I play, the skills I learned in school were amazing for that. Not that they taught me how to do those things exactly, but they taught me the language of music, so it’s a little easier to live in that end of things, because I just know how to arrange music, how to write music, how to read it; it just makes it easier to get my hands around that when I need to.

As far as specifics, [academia] is one of the many things that has helped my career. I think for anyone, particularly in the record business, you can’t—until you reach some wonderful point of arrival—you can’t just do one thing. The trick is to do as many things as you can that all relate to what you want to do and get paid and learn all at the same time.

Read The Rest Here

Videos: Ras Kass - Almost Famous

New video from Razzy that's a 2 part deal...I wonder if this has ever been done before for the same song? Can't think of it, so Ras might be breaking ground with this.

"Almost Famous" was shot in NYC (pt.1) and L.A.(pt.2) and shows the C-Arson native doing what he does best in two places where he should be appreciated a looot more...

I would have to say I liked the 2nd clip better. Nuthin' like those L.A. nights man...Props to Ras for stayin on his grind..hopefully we'll get a new album or mixtape from him in 2010..


Video: Spree Wilson X Beaterator

In the latest demo of PSP's Beaterator, Wax Poetics gets up with self-proclaimed nerd and genre bending ATLien Spree Wilson...

It's nuts but I think I might be feelin what Spree came up with on that thing more than what Les Did.


Little Vic - Man On Fire (Mixed by DJ John John & Little Vic)

Brand new mixtape from Staten Island spitter and one of the last reasonably dope Pizon's in Rap, Little Vic...

"Man On Fire" is Vic's 1st release since his 2008 drop "Each Dawn I Die", that I found was one of the best of that year. Vic doubles as a producer, and actually is pretty nasty on the boards for this jaunt, producing 9 tracks.

He Has managed to connect with quite a few NYC production legends giants already, including DJ Premier and Buckwild, both of whom appear on "Man On Fire" as well. In addition, Buck's D.I.T.C. brethren Diamond D also drops through here. Though there are some big names found on this, it's Vic's homeboy DJ John John that most frequently steals the show with his production and mixing...

Love the sound of this project...Vic really encapsulates that mid and late 90's sound in spots, wielding foul language and vulgarities masterfully over hardcore boom bap. Armed with a slick tongue and a witty mind Vic powers this tape and preps us all for his upcoming LP "Suicide Mission".


01. Godless Cocksuckers Intro (prod. by Little Vic)
02. Death Becomes You (prod. by John John)
03. Interview with a Vampire (prod. by Little Vic)
04. Hustlin’ Backward (prod. by Big K.O.)
05. Story to Tell feat. Chaundon (prod. by Sickness)
06. When the Tables Turn (prod. by Velotz)
07. Inter-Loods (prod. by Little Vic)
08. Speak Ya Clout ‘10 (prod. by Dj Premier)
09. 100 percent (prod. by John John)
10. Live Another Day (prod. by Velotz)
11. Exodus (I’m Comin’) (prod. by Little Vic)
12. The Hiatus/Hypocrite (prod. by Diamond D/ Buckwild)
13. Throwback (prod. by Little Vic)
14. Crem de la Crem (prod. by The Hitfarmers)
15. Gallows Pole (prod. by Little Vic)
16. The World Ends Interlude
17. Sinner (prod. by John John)
18. Rugged feat. Critical Madness (prod. by John John)
19. Be Gone (prod. by Little Vic)
20. True Kingdom (prod. by Buckwild)
21. S’all Right Remix feat. cRITICAL (prod. by Dj Connect)
22. Take you Back (prod. by Little Vic)
23. No Worries (prod. by TzariZM)
24. Outro Shouts/Freestyle(prod. by Little Vic)

Little Vic - Man On Fire (Mixed by DJ John John & Little Vic)

Battlefield Funk Radio Tonight!

That's right people, tonight we're gonna get a brand new and special set from one of my favorite online mix shows in the country.

Acknowledging that I've been slackin' a lil' and that I'm sure all of you got lives that move a mile a minute, here's your heads up a full 8 hours early to check in...

...and believe me your going to wanna peep tonight's show...Confirmed by the man himself over the jack last night, Drasar Monumental will be mixing up nothing except his own beats this evening...yes you heard that correct, tonight's show will consist of nothing but Drasar's own beats, flawlessly mixed together by him and his partner in crime DJ Mad Planet...

You don't wanna miss it, so don't! 9 PM PST sharp kids....


Battlefield Funk Radio

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stu Bangas & Vanderslice - Music For Movie Villains

As promised, today we get the brand new (and very free) mixtape from Stu Bangas and Vanderslice, in the dubiously titled "Music For Movie Villains"...

The Boston Massachusetts and Phoenixville Pennsylvania bred producer's who together form Low Class Productions, have for a good minute now been working extensively in the underground circuit back east and the track listing on here is a clear indicator of the progress they've made since jumping on the scene.

A+ collaborations coupled with instrumentals and a few older joints is what you will find en masse on this brutally good mix, that encases a game aggressiveness that so much of today's Hip-hop is missing. If you like your lyrics raw and your beats airy and hardcore, check in Stu Bangas and Vanderslice have released a tape custom made for you...


1. Intro
2. Reef the Lost Cauze - Come See Me
3. Nature - Seasons
4. Doap Nixon - Warning Shot
5. JImmy Hoffa - The Instrumental
6. Big Noyd - Freezers snippet
7. Mike Tyson interlude
8. Reef the Lost Cauze - exclusive
9. Twin Gambino - exclusive
10. Blaq Poet and Ty NItty - Movie Villains
11. Nick Interlude
12. Vanderslice Interlude
13. Ty Nitty - Hoodfellas
14. Outerspace - Last Laugh
15. Craig G - Freestyle
16. Ken Fluid - Dollars and Sense
17. Sha Stimuli - The Funeral
18. Vanderslice - Aint Nothin
19. Stu Bangas - Relay
20. Harsh Times Interlude
21. Doap Nixon - Gangsta
22. Heltah Skeltah - Ape Food

Stu Bangas & Vanderslice - Music For Movie Villains

Single: Sway & King Tech ft. Locksmith, Kam Moye, Crooked I, Tech N9ne, Tajai, RZA, Ras Kass, B-Real, DJ Revolution - 2010 Wake Up Show Anthem

Getting up with nearly every notable West coast artist out there, Bay area DJing legends and Wake Up Show radio hosts Sway and King Tech blast off their newest Wake up show anthem and once again prove their connections are still as strong as ever and that they're still dedicated to making viable Hip-Hop. No surprise there though...

The Flynamic Force recruits the help of B-Real, Ras Kass, The Rza, Tajai, Kam Moye Crooked I and several others for the 2010 version of their Wake Up Show Anthem and the results couldn't have been much iller...DJ Revolution cuts and scratches things up throughout adding a great Hip-Hop flavor... the beat switch up and Rza's verse were both insane...Check this out man...


Sway & King Tech ft. Locksmith, Kam Moye, Crooked I, Tech N9ne, Tajai, RZA, Ras Kass, B-Real, DJ Revolution - 2010 Wake Up Show Anthem

Single: Cypress Hill - It Ain't Nothin'

New Cypress Hill Homies!

Hip-Hop's funkiest Latinos are back with a new single off their upcoming album that finds them getting down in menacing fashion...

It's good to have the L.A. hardrocks back with something new and it's pleasing to see after they signed the new deal with Priority that they've hit the ground running...

The name of the new album is "Rise Up" and that will be available April 6th...Until then enjoy "It Ain't Nothin'"; the Hill's first official single in 6 years. It sports Sen Dog and B-Real lettin you know exactly how you'll be hurt if you gets outta line.


Cypress Hill - It Ain't Nothin'

Video: Eternia - 5 Minutes Ago...

Man, I don't think there's a female out now that is more of a problem on the mic than Eternia...Every time I hear her spit it's from the heart and devastatingly lyrical.

Here she is quite literally just messing around in her room, kicking a 5 minute old written over a dope Audible Doctor (Brown Bag All-Stars) track that is thee illest ish' I've heard all week...Hugely reflective bit in there about not being able to envision certain things and looking at it from a different perspective...The music speaks for itself...she's wildly relatable and an undeniable star talent.

If you haven't grabbed her latest mixtape "Get Caught Up", do so here, you need this woman's music in ya life...

Of course we all are still patiently awaiting Eternia's upcoming effort with producer MoSS, last I heard she was picked up by a major and is still working to make that happen...


Single/Interview: Lupe Fiasco Freestyle On Toca Tuesdays and Interview w/Tony Touch

I been tryin to tell ya'll about how ill Toca Tuesdays is man...

Yesterday Chi-city spitter and more recently mountain scaler, Lupe Fiasco stopped through to see what was good with the Piecemaker and like most of the MC's and DJ's who swing by the show, Toca put him on the spot and to the test by asking the man to kick a lil' impromptu freestyle.

Lupe responded mightily and tore down his verse over Nas' beat for "Flyest Angels" (meh..). Afterwards Tony asked the young emcee about some of the producers on his upcoming "Lasers" album and collaborating with Jay Electronica.


Lupe Fiasco Freestyle/Interview For Toca Tuesdays

Single: Swigga Da Great - Turn Off The Lights (prod. by Scram Jones)

It surprises me that we haven't seen a few more records dedicated to this man yet...I mean come on people, ya'll was dancing in the streets when Mike passed and his story was nowhere near as great as Teddy P' least not in terms of the comeback he staged after that car accident anyway. Ughh, I might of just secured a dizzying amount of angry emails from MJ supporters wackos. All I'm sayin is, teddy was that dude in an enormous way...perhaps the greatest to ever come outta Philly and believe me that in itself is a towering achievement.

I digress....this man Swigga released a statement with this jam that illustrates just what he and Scram were trying to do and why we're getting this goodness:

With the tragedy in Haiti, I feel like MANY overlooked the death of a LEGEND TEDDY PENDERGRASS, Now this song was done a ways back at Scram Jones crib and we had it in the vaults…but in the wake of the death of the Legend we decided to release it to the world in the Memory Of. And Scram Jones told me to tell yall “Dont think we jumping on the Teddy P Bandwagon we just find this the perfect time to send this out.


Interview: Moka Only For We'

Last week Futura of We' sat down with the hardest working Canadian MC/Producer in the game, the always moving and shaking Moka Only...

If you haven't heard the quirky, wonked out goodness that is Moka's rhymes or the versatile head nodding trances that comprise his beats, please do get on that but beforehand read this interview, it's incredibly comprehensive...

Moka touches on quite a good deal..from what music he grew up listening to, his feelings on the current state of Canadian Hip-Hop, his alter ego Ron Contour and even takes a moment to make a plea to anyone that might own a working ADAT LX-20 machine so he can retrieve some lost albums he recorded back in the early aughties.


Futura: For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you bring to Hip Hop?

Moka Only: I am Moka Only, some know me simply as Torch. Depends on how in depth the person is with my music. I’m just a beatmaker/producers/emcee/doctor. I came up in the Vancouver, Victoria BC area. I’d like to think that I bring a sense of adventure and maybe mystery to music.

F: What artists, Hip Hop or not, did you grow up listening to and who would you say influenced your style and music?

MO: Somehow I was always interested in piano singer/songwriter types like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles or Elton John, Billy Joel, etc. Then I started getting into jazz at a young age. Once I had become immersed in Hip-Hop, I would gravitate toward the more left-leaning artists like Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, (A) Tribe (Called Quest), etc…cats that used jazz or progressive textures in they music and abstract raps.

Read the rest here

News: Little Brother To Release 4th Album Titled "LeftBack"

I been needin some new LB shit man...

In news that's already circulated a great deal (my bad), North Carolina duo Phonte and Rapper Pooh are all set to release their fourth album which is titled "LeftBack"...

Once thought to be an EP, the pair have since confirmed that it will be a full length project and will feature names like Torae, Truck North, Jozeemo and Yahzarah as well as their usual Justus League fam adding their vocal assistance. On the boards expect to hear beats from Khrysis, Denaun Porter and Symbolic 1.

Before the actual album drops via HallOfJustus on April 20th keep ya eyes peeled for some new official videos from LB, directed by Matt Koza.

I'm amp'd, but at the same time kinda disappointed because I didn't hear much about any new music with 9th Wonder...I'mma cross my fingers and hope that 9thmatic makes a few appearances just for old times sake.


Single: Basic Vocab - What They Want

Miami, Florida trio and all around ill underground group Basic Vocab thrilled many heads with their first release "The General Dynamic" back in 06', now they're set to drop the follow-up to their politically minded, feel good and boom bap style of rap with "A Better Way" which is set to see the light of day on April 13th of this year...

JL Sorell, Mental Growth and producer Tony Galvin comprise the heady group and are more than worth your time if your currently seeking out a conscious balance to the south's main exports of crunk dope boy illusions...."What They Want" couldn't be titled any more accurately...

get familiar with these bruthas man, their music is right on time...


Basic Vocab - What They Want

Single: DJ Kay Slay feat. AZ, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon

Okay, lemme just admit it; I copped both of Kay Slay's first two compilation albums...You know, the first one wasn't that bad at all as far as comp's go and even the 2nd one I would say had more dope material than it did so-so shit. This third one though...uhhh, yeah...not gonna be my cup of espresso at all homie. That said, just cause' Slay is trying to get paid now more than anything else don't mean that he still doesn't know how to reel back in the cats that used to fiend out for his beyond hardcore mixtapes back in the late 90's and early 2K's...respect game...

Utilizing exactly that formula Slay unites three of Hip-Hop's all time greatest ever to come out the rotten apple for a good old fashioned back east brouhaha. Rae and Ghost are still as sharp as ever here, but I really thought AZ stole the show...Still Can't wait for "Doe Or Die 2".

DJ Kay Slay feat. AZ, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Video: Freeway & Jake One's Stimulus Packaging

Speaking of upcoming releases I hope all of you still have the 16th of Feb. marked down as the day that Seattle producer Jake One and Philly rhyme vet Freeway are dropping their collab album "The Stimulus Package"...if not consider this yet another gentle reminder kiddies...

In this vid we get a sneak peak at the absolutely ill packaging that the project is gonna be sporting....Designed like a wallet and the liner notes is the cash? LOL, that shit is 4X's dope yo! Big time props must go out to the masterminds behind this in Brent Rollins of Ego Trip and Rhymesayers Records...


Video: DJ Babu - Monday Morning Quip

In another vid preparing you for his upcoming new release "The Beat Tape Vol. 2" you get to see the Monday morning progressions of Babu....

I gotta say I had more in common with his routine than I expected....Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing....

The biggest differences were the size of the record collection, the amount of gear (having a huge mixing baord like that would be a dream) and yeah, I don't use bongs or play the drums man...Either way, Babu's music playing in the background more than has me amp'd to hear the rediculous new lineup of beats he's gonna unleash on Feb. 23rd...


Single: StuBangas & Vanderslice ft. Reef The Lost Cauze - Movie Villians Interlude

As production duo StuBangas and Vanderslice prepare a new mixtape appropriately titled "Music For Movie Villains" that I'm sure will pickup where their overtly hardcore style last left off with their previous effort "Duck & Cover", enjoy a freebie, insert your mouthpiece and brace yaself for a brutal beat complimented by one of Philly's best straight talkers, Reef The Lost Cauze ...

Big time props to The Crypt Online for uppin this...head over there to hear 3 other new joints that Stu and Vanderslice dropped off early...

If this is just one of the interludes off the tape I can imagine what the total package will sound like...."Music For Movie Villains" is scheduled to drop next week and include exclusives from names like Blaq Poet, Nature, Infamous Mobb, Sha Stimuli and many others...If you dig that dark, brooding, slap a muthaf#$%a in the face with a prison lunch tray typa Hip-Hop than be sure to keep this project in mind...I'll try and throw it up on PHH if it's made available for free DL...


StuBangas & Vanderslice ft. Reef The Lost Cauze - Movie Villains Interlude

Where’s Stony? [Stones Throw Podcast 55]

Brand new podcast from Stones Throw Records people!

Right about now I'd be willing to bet that Strong Arm Steady and everyone that had something to do with their superlative new album "In Search Of Stoney Jackson" are well into wrapping up a dope midnight release party over at the L.A. Fat Beats location...

The rest of us who are living in the mountain time zone or otherwise (grrrr...) can take solice in the fact that Stones Throw always tries their best to keep us included via a promo, news and yes even free podcasts...So while we're not out in La La land getting down to that Otis Jackson sound and enjoying free beer, we do gets a lil' piece...

If you haven't yet purchased "In search Of Stoney Jackson" please get on that, but don't fret if you have no idea what your in store for with the purchase cause' the same good people at Stones Throw have supplied to the internetz a new podcast (their 55th to be exact) that cycles through a bunch of Strong Arm Steady and Madlib solo joints. Yes, it's like a blind date mixtape MP3 mix if you somehow are alien to both acts. For all of us that are up on our Lord Quas and Steady Gang material be aware this mix does have an exclusive or two, or three....

And now a shameless plug for my review of "Stoney", which you can find over at my 2nd home away from home AboveGroundMagazine


Where’s Stony? [Stones Throw Podcast 55]

Video: Psycho Les Demos PSP's Beaterator For Wax Poetics

While many of us will undoubtedly cringe at the sight of one of our mid 90's hardware beat making hero's constructing an instrumental on a hand held gaming device, I guess we'll just have to suck it up and accept that we live in the future....

I will admit that the Beaterator game is a pretty cool lil' mixer, but sometimes I wonder if Hip-Hop is getting too far away from it's sampling roots. All this digital technology lacks soul to me in a big way.....

The beat you hear is all Psycho Lester's...Not bad at all for some video game shit eh? If you like what ya hear be on the lookout for more video shorts from Wax Poetics and Rockstar Games highlighting the new mobile studio/mixer...


Monday, January 25, 2010

News: The Status Of J-Dilla's Estate and His New Foundation

According to his new official website,, the late and very great Detroit production wizard we all knew as Dilla, Jay Dee or James Yancey will now have a new and very admirable non-profit foundation in his name and the administration of his estate has been appointed to West Coast probate attorney Alex Borden, who took over for former estate executor Arthur Erk in April.

The J Dilla Foundation is a new charitable institution set up in Dilla's name that's been established to provide scholarships at the beginning of each Fall semester to inner city youth and fund the development of music curricula in those same schools.

As for Borden he is currently working hard to develop new opportunities for Dilla's vast catalog of music and made it known that "the estate will also manage contracts, copyrights, and other matters relating to the Yancey name and/or Pay Jay Productions, Inc., and welcomes ideas, requests, and licensing opportunities for evaluation and review with the family."


DJ Eclipse The Halftime Show Best of 2009

As we get further and further into the twenty double nickel more and more "best of 09'" mixes are starting to flood in...I don't know why most Hip-Hop cats waited a month to get on that, but it is what it is....

More than making up for lost time is the always dope DJ Eclipse, who this past Wednesday straight up laced people with 2 and half hours worth of the illest Hip-Hop for The Halftime Show's "Best Of 09'" show. Included in the set were of course a medley of the nicest indie and major label cuts that Hip-Hop had to offer this past year, but what I think really makes this mix a step ahead of the rest is all the exclusive freestyles that Eclipse let loose from guests that stopped by the show in 09'.

This is a great mix, as always Eclipse sets the standard for NYC Hip-Hop radio....Can't wait for the Anniversary show this March, this was an excellent warm-up for it.


Freestyles (in no ranking order)
1. Milano & Delta
2. Lil Fame (mumbling)
3. Scram Jones & Rhymefest
4. Krumb Snatcha
5. Ras Kass
6. Problemz
7. Torae
8. Cashmere
9. L Swift (Swigga) & A-Butta (Natural Elements)
10. Jaysaun
11. Randy Mason
12. Fashawn
13. Audible Doctor, J57 & Soul Khan (Brown Bag AllStars)
14. Homeboy Sandman
15. Emilio Rojas
16. Illa Ghee
17. Theology 3
18. Rise
19. Joe Scudda
20. Fresh Daily
21. Sha Stimuli
22. BAM
23. Punchline
24. P.Casso, John Robinson & Daniel Joseph
25. Kosha Dillz
26. Chaundon, Big Pooh, Torae, Kam Moye & Jozeemo (Hall Of Justus)
27. One Be Lo
28. ProPayne & Big Zoo (End Of The Weak)
29. Listener Phone Call
30. Greg Nice

Songs (in no ranking order)
1. Blaq Poet “Sichuwayshuns” prod. by Gem Crates
2. Rakim “Holy Are You” prod. by Nick Wiz
3. D-Black “Queen To Be” prod. by Nottz
4. Theology 3 “Make It Big” prod. by DJ Alibi
5. The Three Amigos feat. Sadat X “You Don’t Own Me” prod. by Naive
6. Royce Da 5′9″ feat. Busta Rhymes “Dinner Time” prod. by Q Tones
7. Trife Diesel “Wanna Be A Rapper” prod. by Lee Bannon
8. Bishop Lamont “Friends” prod. by Hi-Tek
9. Skyzoo “Dear Whoever” prod. by Illmind
10. DJ Scratch & Busta Rhymes “Fate Of The World” prod. by DJ Scratch
11. A&E (Masta Ace & Edo G) “Little Young” prod. by M-Phazes
12. Big Twins feat. Alchemist “When I Walk Away” prod. by The Alchemist
13. Marco Polo & Torae “Word Play” prod. by Marco Polo, cuts by DJ Linx
14. O.C. & A.G. “Think About It” prod. by E-Blaze
15. Cormega “Make It Clear” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
16. Homeboy Sandman “Gun Control” prod. by Jake One
17. Kaze feat. Mr. Mohalyn “They Don’t Know” prod. by Jake One
18. M.O.P. feat. Rell “What I Wanna Be” prod. & cutsy by DJ Premier
19. DJ JS-1 feat. Large Professor “Like This” prod. & cuts by DJ JS-1
20. Tona “One Stop” prod. by Lyve
21. Raekwon feat. Ghostface & Method Man “Wu Ooh” prod. by RZA
22. Diamond District “Streets Won’t Let Me Chill” prod. by Oddisee
23. Finale “Heat” prod. by J Dilla
24. Cy Young “All We Got” prod. by Kev Brown
25. Fashawn “Life As A Shorty” prod. by Exile
26. MF Doom “Gazzillion Ear” prod. by J Dilla
27. Apathy “Thinkin’” prod. by Apathy
28. Statik Selektah feat. Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price “Critically Acclaimed” prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah
29. CNN “Grand Royale” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
30. NYGz “Ready?” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
31. La Coka Nostra feat. Snoop Dogg “Bang Bang” prod. & cuts by DJ Lethal

Halftime Show Best of 2009 Freestyles and Tracks

Video Interview: Masta Ace & Edo G For Splash Magazine

If you were wondering what's been up with Masta Ace & Edo since they dropped their new collab album "Arts & Entertainment" peep out this interview they did 5 days back with Splash Mag...

The duo gets into some details behind how they formed their group, the financing behind the new album and the A&E TV channel gettin all aggy over their this out, interview is like 20 minutes long...


Review: Strong Arm Steady - In Search Of Stoney Jackson

Bursting through with yet more work from what seems like a never ending cache of primed material, Oxnard, CA native and well known L.A. beatsmith Madlib is tapped by a group of brash upstarts to bind his sample heavy and cultivated production with their underground sound to create a highly memorable collabo LP titled "In Search Of Stoney Jackson"...

The combination of Lib's eccentric and spacey vibes with Phil Da Agony, Krondon and the most elusive member of SAS Mitchy Slick didn't exactly get people buzzing when word broke of the project months before it was released. Despite the crew's undeniable work ethic (they've dropped at least 14 mixtapes) and one pretty solid debut album in 2007's "Deep Hearted", folks seemed to be less than thrilled at the prospect of them getting up with Lib to do something and the album was virtually buzzless compared to other endeavors on Mr. Jackson's plate.

Now I'll be the first to admit these three aren't going to be winning many Hip-Hop quotable awards anytime soon (as if that's even a viable barometer of being dope anymore) but if you have any knowledge of L.A.'s underground scene circa the 1990's than you should pick up on why so many other people do check for their music so faithfully, or at least why I do.

Read The Rest Here:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

DJ J-Live - Do The Knowledge Vol.1 (The Late Pass)

Pretty inactive weekend ova here at PHH...there were a few things I posted up, but yeah, for the most part I basically have just been keeping busy writing a new review and placing my bets for this weekend's AFC/NFC championship's....

In the spirit of throwing all you non-sports watching Hip-Hop fiends a lil' somethin' somethin' here is J-Live's latest mix, which is fittingly subtitled "(The Late Pass)". Fittingly because this dropped about a week back and I am indeed in need of a late pass for not having it on my radar...that's downright un-acceptable for someone that considers themselves a big time J-Live fan.

The triple threat producer, DJ and MC put this mix of 2009's best tracks together and had this to say about the streams of know-nothings that routinely complain about current Rap and Hip-Hop having nothing to offer:

Basically, I got tired of hearing a lot of people say stuff like, "there's nothing new out" or "hip hop is wack now". Upon hearing this I usually run down a list of names of new artists and even old artists with new albums and ask if they've heard of em'. Nope! These people have no idea. There's a lot of good new hip hop. You just have to do the knowledge and keep your ears open. These are some of my favorites from 2009 alone. Enjoy!


While I personally would've loved to hear a new mix of jazzy tracks that had been dormant Live's vaults, I must say his DJ ear hasn't fallen off much and this is a dope compilation of 09's better underground Hip-Hop moments.

The link to Live's free Bandcamp download page is below, but b4 I jet out of this post I just wanted to acknowledge that J-Live is of Haitian descent and that I'm sure these times are very tough on him and those close to him...

Keep your head up Mr. Cadet...


DJ J​-​Live "Do The Knowledge Mixtape" Vol. 1 (THE LATE PASS)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Single: Bumpy Knuckles - 81 Bars Of Murder (Guru/Cormega Diss) (prod. by Alchemist)

New (I think) radio rip from Bumpy Knuckles that finds the veteran MC sending scathing commentary squarely toward two of his peers, Cormega and Guru....

What preempted the shots Foxxx takes? In his verses he claims that Mega fronted on him for some "white boy down at Koch" and that Guru was dissing Premier for doing R&B while he [Guru] was over in Europe among other things...

Hmmmm...stuff that probably coulda been hashed out privately? Most likely, but that's never been Bump's style though...ever.

Wickedly good beat from Alchemist, sounds much more like his better older work from the 90's...wouldn't be surprised if it was his new ish' from the aughties though, his learning curve on that MPC has been amazing.


Bumpy knuckles - 81 Bars Of Murder (Guru/Cormega Diss)

Single: A Tribe Called Quest's Lost Intro For "The Love Movement"

Recently un-earthed by Hip-Hop writer and editor extraordinaire Aqua we got a previously un-released (unless you got the advance copy of "The Love Movement" too) intro for A Tribe Called Quest's last group album to date, "The Love Movement".

This really is so much more than just Mos Def falling into character and delivering extra cool dogmatizations of his group and their wondrous mystique...I think this is one of the nicest intros to ever suffer an eleventh hour cut from an album. I don't think that if it was included that "The Love Movement" would've been a better album per se, but I do think it could've been one of those memorable intros that so many of my fav. LP's have due to it's immense character...What rappers nowadays could do an intro like that, with that kind of personality? I can count em' on one hand...

To be totally honest I think that album gets a bum rap by reviewers too...I was a cat that wasn't around listening to "People's Instinctive Travels..." and "The Low End Theory" when they first dropped. I had to go back and re-trace those albums after hearing ATCQ's later releases (sorry, I'm still kinda young) and even though I missed out on a lot of magic, I will always maintain that "The Love Movement" can stand up with their older work...


A Tribe Called Quest's Lost Intro For "The Love Movement"

That's A Wrap.......For Now

Last night (3 hours ago) Conando stepped up and ended his tenure on The Tonight Show on a classy note...

After beginning with a montage of the show's best moments set to Cheap Trick's "Surrender" Conan moved forward with guests like Steve Carrell (who gave him his NBC exit interview), Tom Hanks and Neil Young....

Conan kept the jabs at his now former employer to a minimum and actually made some very gracious comments near the end of the show:

"There has been a lot of speculation in the press about what I legally can and can't say about NBC," he said. "To set the record straight, tonight I am allowed to say anything I want. And what I want to say is this: Between my time at 'Saturday Night Live,' 'The Late Night Show,' and my brief run here on 'The Tonight Show,' I have worked with NBC for over 20 years. Yes, we have our differences right now. And, yes, we're going to go our separate ways. But this company has been my home for most of my adult life. I am enormously proud of the work we have done together, and I want to thank NBC for making it all possible."

He then proceeded to ride out into the sunset playing guitar alongside a costumed Will Farrell, Beck, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Robert Randolph and The Tonight Show Band as they all performed the Lynard Skynard classic "Free Bird"...


Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope For Haiti Now Telethon

While I must admit that I didn't watch the majority of the telethon, I did donate and have tried my best to get everyone that I know to donate and become aware of the fact that the people of Haiti are still in great, great need...

Here are a couple toll-free numbers you can call to donate:

USA & Canada:

+1 773 360 0205

Also, if you'd like you can visit Hope For Haiti to place a special donation of either $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1000 dollars...

props to Rap Radar for the do dillagence on the performances from the telethon.


Single: Little Brother - Life Of The Party Pt. 2 (prod. by Nottz)

Alternate version of the banger from Phonte and Pooh's "Get Back" album, re-done by the original take's producer, Nottz....

I loved "Get Back" and this was no doubt one of my fav. cuts off of it for the simple fact that Phonte completely tore ish' down on some demolition type stuff....Of course Nottz did his thing here too, the beat is somethin' incredible even the 3rd time around (Nottz also produced a remix of this)...


Little Brother - Life Of The Party Pt. 2

Single: Get Busy Committee - Left Behind (prod. Da Beatminerz)

New joint from The Get Busy Committee, which in case you ain't know is comprised of Apathy, Ryu and Kid Frost's kid, Scoop Deville.

"Left Behind" is off their upcoming new EP "Uzi Does It" and boasts production from none other than legendary NYC production tandem Da Beatminerz...

This is exactly the type of music I was hoping for on the trio's first release...Maybe the EP will be more to my taste....


Get Busy Committee - Left Behind

Tune In Tonight: DJ La-Voh's Community Service Radio

Make sure you check in tonight for the homie Spliff's AKA La-Voh's new Web radio hour, Community Service on Party 934 Radio...

Last week we heard records from Eternia, Mr. J Medieros, Reflection Eternal, Black Thought and so many others....Stop through people!, the music starts at 9PM MT...


High Quality Stream

Low Quality Stream

Video Interview: Slaine For Karmaloop TV

One of my favorite MC's outta Beantown sits down with Karmaloop TV and gets into how he got into the game, his pitfalls and resurgences and acting in movies...

If your familiar with a lil' bit of Boston Hip-Hop you'll recognize Slaine from his time in the the group Special Teamz alongside Jaysaun and Edo G. If not than maybe you'll find him familiar from appearing in Casey Affleck's film, Gone Baby Gone in 2007, which he also takes some time to talk about here in his thick Boston-ese accent...

Slaine also touches on his new group La Coka Nostra that had the Hip-Hop world buzzing last year with nice mixtape after nice mixtape and a decent solid debut album.


R.I.P. Apache

More sad news today as we continue to receive word that Apache, AKA Anthony Teaks formerly of Tommy Boy Records and the Flavor Unit has passed away...

Most remember Apache as the man who released "Apache Ain't Shit" in 1992. The album was his first and only LP and featured production legends like DJ Mark the 45 King, Large Professor and Diamond D on it as well as a guest appearance from Naughty By Nature; a group that he would collaborate with many more times in his career.

Via Twitter, DJ Kid Capri confirms yet another loss for the golden age of Hip-Hop: