Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goin' Back To Cali....

Once again I gotta take a few days off from posting kiddies...

What's the occasion you ask?

I will be jetting out to La La land for 3 days to take in fun in the sun, women and the nightlife my great aunt's funeral.

Don't get me wrong, the whole trip won't be gloom and doom and I'll be taking some time for other stuff as well, namely linking up with family I haven't seen in a grip and grubbing on some ill Mexican food I'm sure, but yeah, I won't be posting til' the 2nd in all likelihood.

Til' then enjoy what I did get around to throwin' up before my departure, and Happy New Year....

Peace and Love in the 2010,


DJ Eclipse Rap Is Outta Control 12/27/09

It's the 29th and two days back I neglected to post up tune into the latest installment of DJ Eclipse's "Rap Is Outta Control" show on XM Sirius Satellite radio (Hip Hop Nation Channel • Sunday Nights • 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM) but today we got that show ready for DL for all you kids that know how Eclipse do...

This time out DJ Eclipse had the late 90's subterranean luminaries Natural Elements group (A-Butta, Swigga FKA L-Swift and Mr. Voodoo) come by the show and play some of their new and remastered joints off their latest release "1999: 10 Year Anniversary".

Eclipse talks with the Elements crew about what they've been up to, "timeless music" and how the new album came about and of course as always mixed in some of the newest and illest joints in the underground realm of Hip-Hop from names like Marv One, Black Milk, Ruste Juxx, Jaysaun, Sha Stimuli and producers like Marco Polo, Madlib, Charlemagne, Focus, Illmind, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek and Mr. Porter.


1. Fes Taylor feat. Solomon Childs, King Just, Paulie Caskets, Castro, Baker Don, Leathafase & Iron Mic “Killa Hill Anthem” prod. by Bloody BL
2. Joell Ortiz feat. Cory Gunz “Line em Up” prod.Frank Dukes
3. Marv Won “Thin Ice” prod. by Mr. Porter
4. Strong Arm Steady feat. Planet Asia & Chace Infinite “Ambassadors” prod. by Madlib
5. Fresh Vetz “I Still Love H.E.R.” prod. by DJ Pause
6. Natural Elements “Tell Me Something Good” prod. by Charlemagne
7. Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx “eXXecution Freestyle #1″ prod. by Marco Polo
8. Natural Elements “Off Beat Bop” prod. by Sebb
9. Strike Team (Craig G & Mr. Cheeks) “See Me”
10. Copywrite “Born Again” prod. by Surock
11. Black Milk “Keep Going” prod. by Black Milk
12. Blakroc feat. NOE “Done Did It” prod. by Black Keys
13. Sha Stimuli feat. Lydia Caesar “I Believe” prod. by Focus
14. Natural Elements “N.E. Definitely” prod. by Charlemagne
15. Marv Won “The Chase” prod. by D Fresh
16. BURNTmd feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Copywrite, Phil Da Agony & Reks “Let’s Get ILL” prod. by Illmind
17. Heltah Skeltah “Neverending” prod. by Kount Fif
18. Jaysaun “Hustlers Code”
19. DJ K.O. feat. Silent Knight “Living Out A State of Mind Pt. 2″ prod. by Analogic
20. Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” prod. by Just Blaze
21. Reflection Eternal feat. Jay Electronica, J Cole & Mos Def “Just Begun” prod. by Hi-Tek
22. Marv Won feat. Bilal “Need To Know” prod. by Mr. Porter
23. Natural Elements “First Of All” prod. by Charlemagne
24. Natural Elements “LIVE FREESTYLE”

DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control 12/27/2009 Pt.1

DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control 12/27/2009 Pt.2

Single: Fashawn - Memory Lane

Hitting us with one final cut before the new year, the cat whom I awarded the honor of having the best Hip-Hop album of 2009 exits 2009 in style...

The previously unreleased "Memory Lane" finds the young Fashawn doing what he does best; vividly recanting perfected rhymes over a bubbly boom bap classic...I haven't sung this guys praises enough, he really is one of the few members of this new generation that I can feel....His debut "Boy Meets World" is the finest Hip-Hop album made by a minor since Nasir gave us the 10 track magnum opus that was "Illmatic"...

Fash left us with some words about "Memory Lane's origins and some thankyou's:

Fashawn: Just wanted to thank everybody for their support in 2009. I couldn’t have been asked for a better group of colleagues, fans, and team to help get my music out to the masses. I’m gonna drop this project I actually wrote and recorded in a week while living in LA last summer before I did The Antidote [mixtape with Alchemist.] I chose to hold off on it for a while, but feel 2010 is the perfect time to let my fans hear it. Here’s a little taste of it.

Shout outs to Green Lantern for lacing me with instrumentals, to Large Pro for helping me get what is almost impossible to get and to one of the best poets to ever live who inspired me to do what I do. Look for more music, collabs and shows for 2010. God Bless and Thanks again.


Fashawn - Memory Lane

Single: Skillz - 2009 Rap Up (Radio Rip)

Who else was waiting on this?

Right On Time About three days before the new year Mad Skillz drops his annual "Rap Up" and runs through 2009's high and lowlights with great venom and wit...

Who and what gets put in-between his dead honest crosshairs? Everyone from Chris Brown, T-Pain, Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, healthcare reform, The Balloon Boy, the H1N1 virus, Lil' Mama, Mo'Nique, Tiger Woods and Oprah...

He also does (as always) a good job of paying respect to those we lost and recounting events history like President Obama's inaugaration and MJ passing on...

Who ready for 2010 baby? I know I am...


Skillz - Rap Up 2009

Video: Shabaam Sahdeeq ft. Steele & Sadat X - Nite Time

S-Dub gives us a sharply filmed new vid, titled "Nite Time" in which he goes through his nocturnal progressions through rhyme, over a coo lil' Analogic joint.

Best verse def. belongs to Shabaam Sadat X who guests here...wow..Dot X....brutha..we need another new album...

Man, all together this vid grows on you...Whether it's the ultra relatable scenes when all three of our MC's are just ridin' around in the whip in the PM or Steele's non-stop menacing charisma as a Hennessy bottle clutching, breaking and entering wild man, you just dig it...

The resolution on the vid is stunning as well...very noticeable and very nice.


Monday, December 28, 2009

News: Lupe Fiasco Responds To YN AKA Elliot Wilson

So a few days ago YN AKA Elliot Wilson (formerly of The Source and Ego Trip Magazine) went in on Lupe Fiasco a bit in Rap Radar's "Black Out" section...

YN On Lupe:
I don't know. Never liked this guy. Not a fan. Ego doesn't match the catalogue. At least Kanye made classics in the '00s. Behind the boards and on the mic. This Chi-town fellow's Joe Budden-like Internets hype irks me. I just don't get it. I rather listen to an old Tribe CD. Ha. Anyways, dude will stay present on the RR site next year because that's what you young bucks want. As for me, the OG, I'll pass. Kiss my ass, if you don't like it. Happy Holidays!

LOL, in my 15 years of following Hip-Hop very closely via print and online media lemme tell you it never once did surprise me when YN got under the skin or ruffled the feathers of an artist, group or company...Dude always has spoke his mind and I respect him for it, but admittedly at times he will teeter dangerously along the line of being a responsible, level headed writer/editor and an obnoxious, incorrigible know it all...

That said, I gotta say that what Lupe has done in turn kinda exposes him too....

What Lupe exactly did do in response was post a wordy lil' rebuke (pictured above) to YN's rant on his own blog, taking Wilson to task statement for statement.

Okay, so maybe Mr. Jaco is well within' his rights to be a bit (and I only mean a bit) upset, but hey man, the way he should look at it is that at least people is talkin about him.

Whether it's negative or positive is sort of irrelevant. The old addage that states any publicity is good publicity rings very true here me thinks...Why is Lupe this concerned with the interwebz anyway? Ain't that brutha supposed to be somewhere climbing a mountain or training for it? Stop taking yaself so seriously homeboy, trying to contest every person that writes something about you is a losing cause.

As for Mr. Elliot, dangling exposure in front of artists and posturing as if your above them just cause' you ain't digging they music is silly...I know RR is a successful site, so does the whole web man, no need to be up there makin snide statements about a kid though...

That's my 2 cents...


Single: XO & Oddisee - Blah Blah (prod. by Oddisee)

Two out of the three members from the highly acclaimed D.C. group Diamond District go in over some seriously dope production for the banger that is "Blah Blah".

XO and Oddisee combine here as XO handles the vocals and Oddisee lends him one of his trademark, drum break laced, boom bap gems...

I guess having one of the best album of 09' wasn't enough for these guys. They gotta go ahead and hit us with more new, utterly dope music.

Be sure to grab the "One One Ten" project when it drops on January 1st and also if you haven't already be sure to grab Diamond District's Stellar debut "In The Ruff" which is available now...


XO & Oddisee - Blah Blah (prod. by Oddisee)

Single: Toki Wright - This Right Here

New joint from Brother Ali's Hypeman Minneapolis newcomer Toki Wright, who was one of the cats who made my end of the year wrap up lists via the Top Ten Indie Releases of 09'...

"This Right Here" originates from the big quarters blog BQDirect, an online subscription service delivering 5 new songs on the 5th of every month....

Smashing good beat from Medium Zach, that finds Toki dropping his usual high brow stuff and even an Asher Roth line? You better peep this out...and while your at it check out Toki's debut album "A Different Mirror", joint is def. a great look.


Cymarshall law & DJ Omega In The Creator's Craft Mix CD

Fresh new tape from one of the beaming new stars out the east, Cymarshall Law....

Teaming with DJ Omega, 2DopeBoys and Coast2CoastMixtapes.com the NJ native that's turned heads and ears with his in-depth lyrical wordplay and reflective style drops "The Creator's Craft Mix CD"...

Jam Packed with a whopping 30 unreleased tracks, including the uber ill "Harder Than Thou" Cymarshall keeps putting his best foot forward...

Features to check for include Sean Price, Sha Stimuli, One Be Lo, Skit Slam, Phil Adé,E. Ness and Block McCloud.

The "Creator's Kid" album, that this tape is a prelude to drops sometime in 2010 and the "Creator's Kid EP" will be available online on January 26th!


DJ Omega & Cymarshall Law – The Creator’s Craft

Pic: Hip-Hop In The 2K's

Thanks to some great inspiration from Thirty Three Jones I decided to go ahead and create my own lil' photographic history of Hip-Hop through the 2K's...

I know that I probably left out a few of the bigger moments we saw these past 9 years, but I tried to include everything that really stuck out.

I put in the raw, real moments that shaped Hip-Hop in the new millennium like Jigga's memorable classic MTV Unplugged performance, DMX's ongoing legal woes, The Dark Prince gettin' extra busy at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, Nelly's lovably lewd "Tip Drill" video and much, much more...Also scattered about are the decade's best albums and nods to all the talent and people that we've lost recently.

Really, there's another full year before the 2K's are officially, officially over, but this here is PHH's version of the best ish' that's gone down thus far. Hopefully some of you remember what you were doing or what was happening with yaselves when some of these events occurred...


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sounds Like The 90s (Best Of) Vol. 12 - It Might Blow Up

Back for the final (of this year) and 12th edition of their own "Sounds Like The 90's" mixtape, The T.R.O.Y. Blog gives us a double disc worth of the best joints from all the "Sounds Like The 90s" tapes of 09'....

The mixes this year were great, but this one no doubt takes the cake...Mainly because of the fact that it combines so much. In case your in the dark here and you can't read a title are a lil' puzzled as to what the theme is behind this and the other tapes, in a nutshell they just aim to highlight artist's who are making music now that is reminiscent of the best decade Hip-Hop enjoyed; the 1990's...

One of the illest aspects that T.R.O.Y. implements is their creative, homemade lookin' covers. This time out is no exception as they use an old De La Soul ad for "Buhloone Mindstate" as the artwork...The scan is actually a real ad ripped from an old Urb Magazine according to T.R.O.Y.

Featured on this look is work from DOOM, Musab, Raekwon, Torae, Finale, Fashawn, Cormega, Mos Def, Jay Electronica and many others...


Sounds Like The 90s (Best Of) Vol. 12 - It Might Blow Up

Video Interview: LTD Presents Conversations: Just Blaze (Episode # 1)

The man who has had one of the best production career's within Hip-Hop ever, working with countless big and small name artist's alike and who famously has a huge Jones for video gaming, sits down for the first episode of LTD's "Conversations" series and honors his true home away from home, NYC's Baseline Recording Studios. Sadly, Baseline is very close to shutting it's doors permanantly and that's what prompts this whole convo, but the memories are still sweet nonetheless.

In the vid Just shares stories about how the famed studios were where the legendary Miles Davis wrapped up the last bit of his recording ever (or did he?), Memphis Bleek once turned down an all-time great beat citing that it was "love music" and a certain rapper who goes nameless beat the living crap outta everyone in sight...

Sad to see places beloved landmarks like this go, definitely is where some of my fav. albums of all-time were recorded and created...


Interview: One Be Lo For The Find Magazine

While "The R.E.B.I.R.T.H." was an ill look from Michigan native and celebrated underground champion One Be Lo, it's going on three years since he's hit us with a new project...Some have cast him off as a cat that will never reach his true potential while the rest of us patiently await his next drop, knowing full well it's gonna be worth the layover...

On Christmas Eve the good people over at The Find Magazine (specifically Silas P) sat down with One and asked him a range of questions about his upcoming album "B.A.B.Y.: Being A Black Youth’", what he's been doing during his hiatus and the re-forming of Binary Star....


TFM: Tell me a little bit about your next project B.A.B.Y. (Being a Black Youth)

One Be Lo: Basically, the release date is gonna be February 2010. This is probably, in my opinion, the best album I put together as far as cohesiveness. We can get into the debate like “oh my favorite songs on this album or that album” but I feel like BABY is better sonically. My man Jonas came in with a lot of live instrumentation, I recorded all the music in the same studio, reached out to different vocalists and MCs I know and they helped me to paint the full picture of the story I wanted to tell about Being A Black Youth. For me its a complete project reaching out to singers, I had DJ Abilities do all of the cuts, I’m doing a little bit of chanting and singing on a couple joints, its crazy cause if I told you I have 23 or 24 guest appearances it sounds like chaos but I don’t know it just comes together nicely it’s a team effort and I like it man.

I’m anxious to see what people think it and how they receive it. All my career I just wanted to be on some stuff like I wanted to see if I could rap without a manager without a booking agent, without guest appearances and I did all that, I proved that I can hold down an album by myself I didn’t go out and get features because I wanted album sales, I got features because as a fan I wanted to see Nas and Mobb Deep on the same track it was ear candy so I’m like let me try to get Phonte, Freeway, Devin the Dude, Guilty Simpson, Jean Grae on tracks and they all came though and outta respect they murdered the tracks. In my opinion everyone that reached out to like the true underdogs of hip-hop from Supastition to Long Shot to Juice from Chicago. I’m not saying they don’t get their props but to the people that sleep on them these cats go hard; I’m really excited just to be apart of it. I was trying to push the envelope with the ingredients I was working with.

Full Interview Here

News: The Boondocks Season 3 Due Out In Roughly 3 Months

Good news from Aaron McGruder's Twitter about the future of my beloved Adult Swim show The Boondocks...

Apparently Season 3 is only a few months away from airing and I gotta say as a cat that's messed with the show since it was a cartoon strip in The Source and the daily newspaper I'm truly amp'd that another season is finally happening.

Not really sure what the holdup with the new season was really, but I know that the show has always been a lightning rod for praise criticism since it's inception.

Sorry Jesse and Al, you can't stop my mans McGruder from doin' what he does and illustrating (no pun intended) the woes of intelligent minorities trying in vain to escape and make sense of the never ending stream of stereotypes, cultural affinities, corporate influence and striking truths that follow us and sling themselves any and everywhere we go in life....Props to Aaron for pushing forward and props to Cartoon Network for their continuing support of his vision.

Peep one of the new screenshots and get ready!


Count Bass D & DJ Pocket - In The Loop

The eccentric one from Nashville returns with a new project that should be just quirky enough for all you longtime fans...

Here we find D linking with his Baltimore brother from another, DJ Pocket, for a collab effort that finds the one time exclusive DJ/Producer [Pocket] flexing some of his new rhyming chops...

Pretty interesting ish'...I gotta admit I haven't been the biggest Count Bass D fan in recent years, but back in the day I checked for him quite a bit, so it's sorta interesting to just sorta discover something new from him tonight...

"In The Loop" is exactly the type of stuff I wanna hear as a Hip-hop fan and a former Count enthusiast. Containing tons of dope vinyl lifts on it that you record fiends will enjoy and D's trademark esoteric and conscious lyricism, this piece of work is a great re-introduction to his music...

As if this wasn't enough, both D and Pocket have promised much more to come in 2010, taking on the motto "Activity" for the new year.


Count Bass D & DJ Pocket – In the Loop

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Random Twitter Hilarity...

Okay so it's the holidays and since I really don't hang too tough with the family round' these times and most of the bowl games on TV are asstastic I usually kill a lot of clock laughing, raising a eyebrow or being stunned by Twitter posts from some of my favorite and not so favorite artists....but yeah, mostly laughing.

Let's see what everyone's doing...

This was funny cause' it was pathetic...Now I'm not a Tim Westwood stan or anything, he can be a pretty big cornball too, but when he questioned Soulja Boy's punkass on his show a few days ago about whether he rents his cars and whatnot "like Bow Wow", and then Bow Weezy's girly ass gets upset and starts typin on Twitter, I have to sit back and laugh until I regain full consciousness...C'mon Shad, your better than that...

This was just interesting...Okay, maybe a lil' funny when you picture a mid 90's, dread locked Busta screaming these statements. My question is why make a new Flipmode Squad when Rah Digga is prolly in some Pathmark right now sifting through groceries and whatnot mumbling rhymes to herself that would undoubtedly be better than whatever your new or old weed carriers group members could come wit???

This was one of those rare tweets that got me excited and I laughed at...The reason for the latter being that I think it's hilarious when rappers/producers promise something on a specific date and people are around waiting on it and it just neva comes...LOL, ya'll should know better. Still, Just Blaze does a good job getting you excited again by promising said project one more time, also on a major holiday...all this of course only after he makes some cryptic statements about why it didn't drop and how to get it when it does....

What would this list be without Swizzy checkin' in? A week ago Swizz seemed elated to finally be putting some of those ugly Twitter fights (Twights?) with his estranged wifey Mashonda behind him. I'm all for that, plus they got a lil' son together so keepin' things civil is the right route...I can't blame him for knockin down Ms. Cook tho...what a world...

If you stopped watchin Diddy's Making The Band way back after the Hip-Hop group season (like I should've) than you shouldn't know who Que is...the rest of us unfortunately do know this metrobag and sighed with lament when we read this Tweet from a week back. Apparently he's confused about why he got the boot from that Day26 garbage...I say, be happy young man, now you can pursue making real music...If that was ever you initial intention...


Cover Art: Nas And Damian Marley - Distant Cousins

Looks like over the holiday the cover artwork for Nasir and Damian's much buzzed collab effort "Distant Cousins" made it's way onto the net...

I like the understated look...harkens back to a time when people didn't hit you with too much on a cover and seemed to be more concerned with the actual music they were getting ready to drop.

I can't say I was apart of the hoards of folks that have been clamoring for this, I maintain that Nas should be doing these types of projects with the Pete Rock's and DJ Premier's of the world....Judging by this album's tracklist I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be justified in my reasoning when it drops...


Carlitta Durand & Vaughn Garcia - The Doug And Patty EP

For a handful of years now I've admired the vocal talents of a Ms. Carlitta Durand. Whether she was runnin' with Justus League Members or working with Phonte and Nicolay's Foriegn Exchange group she always comes correct and is hands down one of the best songbirds coming up within' the new generation....

I spotted this over at Potholes In My Blog and they usually know what they're doing concerning dope mixtapes...I know I couldn't resist being that Doug was one of my all-time fav. cartoons back in my Nickelodeon days...I always did think he was a punk for not gettin' up on Patty Mayonaise a lil' harder tho...

Not sure who this Vaughn Garcia cat is, from just quickly glancing at his twitter he's a D.C. artist. make of that what you will.


Carlitta Durand & Vaughn Garcia - The Doug And Patty EP

Single: Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, Mos Def & J. Cole - Just Begun

No Hip-Hop group getting back together and doing a new album is as thrilling a prospect as Reflection Eternal's planned return to the game. The Lone album that they did create back in 2000 I still regard as a masterpiece and have been anxiously waiting for them to follow up for an agonizing 9 years and change. It would seem that 2010, a decade after the young Brooklynite and Cincinatti native linked to create Hip-Hop history is the year I'll finally get my wish...

Before Tek and Kweli hit us with their sophomore release "Revolutions Per Minute" (now that's a friggin title!) they must of course do some buttering up. They both return to us with "Just Begun"...A jazzy horn fueled banger that also see's Talib link back up with his other former groupmate Mos Def, new sensation Jay Electronica and yeah, that J.Cole kid...Sorry if I sound a lil' sour, I don't mess with the latter's music and I don't know if his presence was 100% needed here...I will admit however, he didn't just totally bomb or anything...He was okay...

The real story of "Just Begun" is Jay Elec...Once again stealing the show with witty lines and a pitch perfect, right on time flow...He's supposed to be delivering that "Exhibit A" mixtape on New Year's according to Just Blaze, but I wouldn't hold my breathe...

As for Hi-Tek and Talib they've also got a mixtape droppin' on New Year's Eve with Statik Selektah that I'm sure will be nastier than the broad you kiddies lock lips with at midnight....


Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, Mos Def & J. Cole - Just Begun

Single: Balck Milk - Keep Going (Drums by Daru Jones prod. by Black Milk)

Here's some righteously funky new ish' from Black Milk that's set to be featured on his upcoming new album "Album Of The Year 2010", no I'm not joking, that's the real title...

"Keep Going" is the first single and it makes a huge splash with me...Acompanying Milk's always on point production is none other than newcomer Daru Jones, who's music I've profiled on here before and that posseses a keen talent for production...The two create an awesome track that is as funky as it is inspiring...

I like this, even though I think that album title needs a shot of imagination badly...


Black Milk - Keep Going

Single: AZ ft. Nas - The Essence Remix (prod. by Baby Paul)

I remember bumpin' this joint constantly back in the day...The "Camacho and Vargas/ Hagler and Hearns" references were so undeniably ill to me. The way that Nas and AZ tossed rhymes back and forth was truly remarkable to hear and even though "Aziatic" probably came up a lil' short in terms of being memorable or classic, I still respect the majority of it...

The other story to this track is who actually produced it and now who's remixed it....That would be another personal fav. of mine, nobody but the legendary production wiz and former 3rd official Beatminerz member Baby Paul...

I guess he's finally getting around to droppin' "Undaground Veteran 1.5" (been waitin for this for a minute) and this new remix is def. a good sign. It's hard to touch the original version of this track, but any new Baby Paul is good Baby Paul, trust that.


AZ ft. Nas - The Essence Remix

Single: Brother Ali - Blizzard Rap

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm back.....Hopefully all of you have gotten an ample opportunity to aquaint yaself with the end of the year lists that I put a grip of time into thinking on...I suppose it's time to move on from their glory and get started on moving into 2010...

Anyway...I took a couple days off just to enjoy the holidays with fam and friends, and now that I'm suffienctly egg nogged and Vermouth'd up it's back to the grind....

I'mmma start back up with "Blizzard Rap" from Brother Ali....a new lil joint that he's throwing us because apparently he's been stuck in his crib for the past few days while Minnesota gets pounded by the winter weather...

As he put it he "chopped up" a Kanye West joint for this beat....I'm not sure which one, nor do I care...All I really am concerned about is the fact that Ali straight murdalized this joint, word to Allah...

There must've not been too many blizzards keepin' Ali trapped in the house during the time he was makin "Us" tho...


Brother Ali - Blizzard Rap

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PHH's End Of The Year Wrap Up 2009

Well, there it went ladies and gents....another year gone here at PHH and in the world of Hip-Hop as a whole...

It's been 3 years since I started this spot for all the serious heads out there and at the end of every December I try to run down a few "lists" for all of you highlighting my choice picks for all the shit I've thrown up (or neglected to) during the past year.

You can get into my much deliberated picks in a second, but before we do that I wanna just take a moment and say thank you...See, BIG D O hasn't exactly enjoyed what you would call an ideal past 3 years in his personal life...One of the few things that has kept me going strong is being able to write and express daily my thoughts and opinions about the culture I love. All the interest some of you show my efforts on here is dully noted and heavily valued...

I consider myself lucky to have gotten some of you bright folks to even occasionally glance at PHH throughout 09'. So, to the random anonymous comment makers, to my regulars and even all the cats that are actually in the industry doin' the damn thing that swooped by, from the bottom of my heart I appreciate you taking the time. Whatever you may be celebrating in the coming days, be it Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Misa de Aguinaldo, Dōngzhi, the New Year, or nothing at all, be well and take care of yaselves...

Peace and Love,


The 20 Best Albums Of 2009:

1.Fashawn - Boy Meets World

2. Tanya Morgan - Brooklynati

3. Diamond District - In The Ruff

4. Mos Def - The Ecstatic

5. Blaq Poet - The Blaqprint

6. Raekwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx II

7. Cormega - Born And Raised

8. Daniel Joseph - Pretty/Ugly

9. Cunninlynguists - Strange Journey Vol.1

10. JR & PH7 - The Standard

11. Marco Polo & Torae - Double Barrel

12. Kam Moye - Splitting Image

13. Camp Lo - Another Heist

14. Dynas - The Apartment

15. Kev Brown - Random Joints

16. DJ Spinna - Sonic Smash

17. O.C. & A.G. - Oasis

18. Sene Presents ADayLate&ADollarShort Composed by Blu

19. The Doppelgangaz - 2012: The New Beginning

20. Skyzoo - The Salvation


Best Producers Of 2009:

Ant - "The Truth Is Here EP", "US"

Exile - "Boy Meets World"

J Dilla - "Only Built For Cuban Linx II", "Jay Stay Paid", "Born Like This", "The Ecstatic"

Nottz - "Survival Skills", "A Pipe Dream And A Promise", "Born And Raised", "Slaughterhouse", "The Salvation", "Foundation", "En' A-Free-Ka", "Street Hop"

DJ Spinna - "Sonic Smash"

Von Pea - "Brooklynati", "Walk Softly And Carry A Big Brick"

Marco Polo - "Double Barrel"

JR & PH7 - "The Standard"

DJ JS-1 - "Brand New Bein", "No Sell Out: Ground Original 2"

Kno - "Strange Journey Vol.1", "Strange Journey Vol.2"

Madlib - "Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to...", "The Ecstatic", "Born Like This", "Fall Suite", "Stoney Jackson"

DJ Khalil - "Work Hard, Play Harder", "Slaughterhouse", "Til' The Casket Drops", "Think Green", Detox demo for T.I.

Pete Rock - "Hidden Scriptures", "Stone And Rob: Caught On Tape", "Born And Raised", "Only Built For Cuban Linx II", "100 Ways", "Time Machine: Hood Politics VI"

Large Professor - "Born And Raised", "Retroactive", "Dopium", "Hidden Scriptures", "The Good The Bad And The Ugly", "Time Machine: Hood Politics VI"

Statik Selektah - "All In A Day's Work", "Foundation", "The Audacity Of Coke", "More Grey Hairs", "Oasis", "Boxes For Sale", "Hidden Scriptures", "Minute After Midnight"

and the winner....

DJ Premier - "The Blaqprint", "Born And Raised", "More Grey Hairs", "Street Hop", "Foundation", "Time Machine: Hood Politics VI", "Oasis" (scratches)


MC's Of The Year:



Mos Def




Blaq Poet


Blame One





Top Ten Most Disappointing LP's Of 09':

1. M.O.P. - Foundation

2. Eminem - Relapse

3. Grand Puba - Retroactive

4. Jadakiss - The Last Kiss

5. Kurious - II

6. Brother Ali - US

7. A&E (Masta Ace & Edo. G) - Arts & Entertainment

8. Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse

9. DOOM - Born Like This

10. Jay-Z - The Blueprint III


Top 10 Best Compilations of 09':

1. JR & PH7 - The Standard

2. DJ Spinna - Sonic Smash

3. Soulution - Shine Through

4. Recordkingz - Heavyweight

5. DJ Honda - H IV

6. DJ JS-1 - Grond Original 2

7. BK-One With Benzilla - Rádio Do Canibal

8. Fabio Musta - The Passport

9. J. Dilla - Jay Stay Paid

10. Stoupe - Decalouge


The top 10 Mixtapes Of 09':

1. J.Period And Q-Tip - The [Abstract] Best

2. Memory Man Presents Raekwon The Cuban Revolution

3. Mick Boogie, Terry Urban & Lamar & Dauley Presents Le Da Soul 20 Years Of De La Soul

4. J. Period & K’NAAN - The Messengers Episode 1-4

5. Fashawn & The Alchemist - The Antidote

6. Lee Bannon - Me & Marvin

7. Quite Nyce - Hello My Name Is Quite Nyce Mixtape

8. Chace Infinite - I Would Have Killed This

9. Cataclysm - The Official D-Stroy Mixtape

10. M.Will The Shogun - A Journey Throug Space And Time


Top 5 Remixes Of The Year:

1. Blaq Poet - Ain't Nuthin' Changed (Remix) feat. MC Eiht & Young Maylay

2. Joell Ortiz - Move On (Slaughterhouse Mix) feat. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9" & Crooked I

3. Notes To Self - Yellow & Grey (Remix) feat. Dilated Peoples

4. CunninLynguists - George (Remix) feat. Khujo Goodi & Killer Mike

5. Finale - One Man Show (Remix) feat. Casual


Top 10 Indie Releases of 09':

1. Finale - A Pipe Dream And A Promise (Interdependent Media)

2. Murs & Slug - Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez (Rhymesayers)

3. Superstar Quamallah - The Invisible Man (Brick Records)

4. Soulution - Shine Through (Pony Japan/Zoom)

5. Shafiq Husayn - Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka (Plug Research)

6. Kero One - Early Believers (PLUG Label)

7. Sareem Poems - Black & Read All Over (2.O.G. Ent / P.A.L.)

8. Raashan Ahamd - Soul Power (B Sides)

9. D. Black - Ali'Yah (Sportn' Life Records)

10. Toki Wright - A Different Mirror (Rhymesayers)


New Names to Watch in 2010

1. Blacastan (Brick Records)

2. Diamond District (Ryko Distribution)

3. Dynas (BBE Records)

4. Sene (SW Records)

5. Charlie Ross (N/A)

6. Rita J (All Natural Records)

7. Co$$ (Tres Records)

8. D.Black (Sportn' Life Records)

9. Emilio Rojas (Emilio Rojas Media)

10. The Doppelgangaz (Six Figga Entertainment)


Ten Producers To Watch In 2010

1. Damu The Fudgemunk
2. Madlib
3. Exile
4. DJ Premier
5. Vanderslice
7. Blu
8. Oddisee
9. 6th Sense
10. Apple Juice Kid

*In case ya'll haven't caught on I'm taking a lil' 3 day break...PHH will resume on Saturday children...Til' then enjoy ya' time with ya families and friends if your lucky enough to have em'...*