Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9th Prince- Prince Of The City Mixtape

In what seems at times to be a never ending and far too vast roster of talent, most Wu affiliates end up releasing massive amounts of great work and never gaining the proper noteriety for their efforts. Names like Solomon Childs (Theodore Unit), Trife Da God (Theodore Unit), Dom Pachino (Killarmy), The Wisemen (Bronze Nazereth's crew), Street Life (Method Man's protege), Shyhiem and countless others ring out in my head as some of the people that should be gaining attention in NY and around the country for their music, past and present. Yes, there are many Wu afilliated Mc's and groups that don't get their just due. Enter in Killarmy. A group that boasts some of the Wu's most skilled and talented up and comers. Dom Pachino is a lyrical cyclone, is just as interesting as he is menacing and is a skilled beatsmith. Berretta 9 is so sought after and prized amongest cult Killarmy fans the mention of his name on any net message board almost always provokes question about his forthcoming album and new projects. The rest of the group is pretty mysterious but yet still always in demand. Killa Sin, Islord and 9th Prince (Rza's younger brother) are all key components to Killarmy's unique and militant style. No question they're all talented and sought after. No question. But all of the hardcore fans will always tell you one thing the same everytime they speak on them, and that's 9th Prince is the glue that holds them all together. A rare talent, 9th is versatile and non chalant in his delivery, but can change the pace of his flow in an instant and not lose a beat ( a la his brother Rza). He is a true talent and his first mixtape release Grand Daddy flow is considered in Wu circles to be a solid effort. His new project Prince Of The City is sure to please any hardcore Wu head, and for those that haven't gotten familiar with his completely original style, don't hesitate to grab this. There are plenty of features from his Killarmy bretheren, and the production rivals that of a retail Wu release. The only drawback to this joint is that everything on it ain't brand spankin', but it still is more than worthwhile.
-Dominick L.
01 00:50 Intro ██
02 00:47 Whatever We Want ██
03 01:42 Serving Justice ██
04 02:11 The Writer (Snippet) ██
05 01:59 Unite To Fight Ft Shogun Assason ██
06 02:19 Black Jesus Ft U-God ██
07 01:41 Militant Ft Beretta 9, and U-God ██
08 03:04 Burn Bridges Ft The RZA ██
09 03:37 The Bottom Line ██
10 04:16 Banned From The Radio ██
11 02:38 Full Moon Ft Killa Sin ██
12 01:58 Cold Wind ██
13 03:06 War Face Ft Raekwon, and Hoffa ██
14 03:45 Honeycomb ██
15 02:45 Murder Venue Ft Islord, and Killa Sin ██
16 00:49 Nonchalantly ██
17 00:41 Valentine Day Massacre ██
18 00:28 Bronze Nazareth Interlude ██
19 03:19 Sniper Challengers ██
20 01:30 Prince Of New York (Snippet) ██
21 01:09 Last Poet ██
22 02:18 Roll With The Rush Ft Trife Da God ██
23 04:14 Foolish Ways ██
24 03:12 What's Goin' On Ft The RZA, and Blue Raspberry ██
25 03:20 Lady Sings The Blues Ft Islord ██
26 02:25 Nuttin Ft Christbearer ██
27 01:17 Which Way You Going Ft Beretta 9 ██
28 03:20 Feel It Ft Islord ██

Saturday, September 15, 2007

DJ Diggz and Rated R- Potent Product pt. 3

Once again Diggz and Rated R, the finest new mixtape DJ's out there hit you with all the exclusive street shit you'll be needing to get you thru the rest of September. Jam packed as usual this tape boasts 33 all new joints, among them you come across new Dipset, Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep and some exclusives from ne comers to the D-Block and Writers Block camps. It's a pretty good listen, especially if you follow the underground real closely, tracks to check for are "Iron Hand" by Killa Sha, produced by none other than Pete Rock and "I Know" from Queensbridge Vets Un Pacino and A-Dog.
-Dominick L.
01- 04:32 A-Mafia-Before_I_Met_CamronÛ²Û
02- 03:44 Hell_Rell-Key_To_The_CityÛ²Û
03- 02:33 Havoc-Get_Off_My_d*ckÛ²Û
04- 02:30 50_Cent-Rap_JuggernotÛ²Û
05- 02:00 50_Cent-Dont_Wanna_TalkÛ²Û
06- 03:12 Mobb_Deep_&_Big_Twin-Shorten_Ya_StoryÛ²Û
07- 03:57 Wu_Tang_Clan-Watch_Ya_MouthÛ²Û
08- 03:33 Hell_Rell-187Û²Û
09- 02:05 40_Cal-Dead_Poets_SocietyÛ²Û
10- 02:51 Stack_Bundles-King_Of_The_Soft Û²Û
11- 03:08 Un_Pacino_&_A-Dog_(Acd)-I_Know_(Larry_Lo)Û²Û
12- 01:59 Ty_Nitty_(Im3)-It_Goes_Down_(Larry_Lo)Û²Û
13- 03:17 Showtime-The_Struggle_(Havoc)Û²Û
14- 01:09 M._Reck-Hustlin_GrindinÛ²Û
15- 02:49 Jr_Writer-Slug_It_OutÛ²Û
16- 01:30 Juelz_Santana_&_Lil_Wayne-I_Love_ItÛ²Û
17- 03:50 Byrd_Gang-I_Love_My_bi*chesÛ²Û
18- 01:34 Jim_Jones-Rockstar_ClickÛ²Û
19- 01:53 Chubby_Baby-Flippin_MoneyÛ²Û
20- 01:45 40_Cal-FreestyleÛ²Û
21- 01:40 Cassidy-It_Aint_EasyÛ²Û
22- 01:53 Obie_Trice_&_Saigon-Wanna_Know_Pt_2Û²Û
23- 01:18 Saigon-9th_WonderÛ²Û
24- 03:22 Killa_Sha-Iron_Hand_(Pete_Rock)Û²Û
25- 02:12 La_The_Darkman_(Amg)-CheckÛ²Û
26- 02:30 Boogz-I_Can_Digg_It_(Rated_R)Û²Û
27- 03:50 Sheik_Sinan_Mista_Encore_&_Shotti-Freestyle Û²Û
28- 02:30 P_Jigg_(Crawlin_Linx)-FreestyleÛ²Û
29- 00:53 Fred_Money_(Writers_Block)-FreestyleÛ²Û
30- 01:16 Ahk_(D-Block)-FreestyleÛ²Û
31- 01:39 Hollyhood-Place_Ya_BetsÛ²Û
32- 03:06 Dynasty_&_Crewz_Mega-FreestyleÛ²Û
33- 00:29 Outro

Pitch Black- Revenge

The extremely underground and lyrically bruising Mc's from BK are back with another installment of their more than worthy brand of street- hop that is guaranteed to once again reel in old fans and create many new ones. Garnering beats from long time collaborator DJ Premier as well as securing a joint with perhaps the most sought after street producer in the game now in Alchemist, look for another strong showing from Pitch Black.
-Dominick l.
01 - Nice (Feat. Styles P) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
02 - Revenge (Prod. by Marley Marl)
03 - Rep Da Hardest (Prod. DJ Premier)
04 - What You Gonna Do (Prod. by DJ Premier)
05 - Symphony (Prod. by Marley Marl)
06 - Momma
07 - Put It In The Air
08 - It Aint Shit To Me
09 - Put In Work
10 - Lets Go
11 - Block To The Boardroom
12 - Stomp (Prod. by The Alchemist)