Sunday, October 31, 2010

Video: What Inspires J-Zone From TheBeeShine

Man, what can I say, it's just Zone doing/speaking how J-Zone do...

Fresh off producing one of the nicest cuts on that new Canibus album, Zone sits down briefly with TheBeeShine to discuss what inspires him and his upcoming new book...Personally I can't wait...


Single: Kyo Itachi ft. LMNO & LD - One, Two

Paris-based producer and boom bapologist with a serious Manga & Anime jones AKA Kyo Itachi is gearing up to has digitally released his titillatingly collaboration-filled album  "Musikyo" , and by any indication of the numerous amounts of GREAT emcee's he's managed to secure for it, it will be a really great 4th quarter LP...

From head turning Detroit newcomer Finale, to Fresno emcee Rasco, and Lil Sci John Robinson, former Lootpacker WIldchild, and even longtime Brooklyn underground stalwart and Lyricist Lounge headpiece Wordsworth, Kyo has managed to wrangle up a bunch of really formidable talent for his album and the single he's chosen to bestow upon us is "One,Two"; a sufficiently groovy and transitioning sound bed that sports those haunting and familiar Key stabs and L.A. underground mainstay LMNO.

"Musikyo" is available now at most of if not all of your fav. digital music retailers....


Soulman - Whatever Happened To Yesterday Megamix

The Philly legend of crate diggin, record collecting and loop un-earthing AKA Soulman took the opportunity a few days ago to let loose a  "megamix done for Sanctuary Music back in the early 2000's using music from the Hotwax/Invictious labels (plus a couple of other treats)", fittingly called "Whatever Happened To Yesterday".

This mix is literally one of the most technically apt and aurally pleasing I've ever heard...all the records used were tied together so neatly and seamlessly...really a treat...kinda sad that record heads like Soulman don't get more recognition these all actuality they are the true preserver's of the culture...

-BIG D O  

Friday, October 29, 2010

Single: Kool G Rap ft. Nas - Fast Life (Buckwild Remix)

DITC mainstay Buckwild not only just dropped on hell of an LP on our heads this past Tuesday with Celph Titled, but he's also gearing up to release a new, 9 track, vinyl remix EP titled "Buckwild Presents.." , that will feature some previously unreleased Buckwild remixes of some of NYC's illest, including Sadat X, A.G., Rampage, Grand daddy I.U. and Da Bush Babees.

Here, we have Buck's take on his own take so to speak as we find him remixing "Fast Life"; the classic hardcore collab between G Rap and Esco, off Kool's "4,5,6" LP (1995) that Buck originally produced.

Pretty ill remix, I do't think it tops the original, but I'mma def. still be looking for this "Buckwild Presents.."  project, which will drop on No Sleep Recordings.

link via


Kool G Rap ft. Nas - Fast Life (Buckwild Remix)

Video Interview: Eternia Sits Down With Velv Somersault

Nothing in the world like backstage interviews with dope emcees...nuthin..

Recently, blogger Velv Somersault had a chance to catch up with Eternia backstage at Southpaw for the initial show for Joell Ortiz's Yaowa Mixtape Tour...

The Canadian femcee delves into her parents' musical tastes, some of the first Hip-Hop she listened to, her love for basslines and how her latest album "At Last" with came about with producer MoSS....


Single: Wade Waters (SoulStice & Haysoos) - Do Something

Really good to see these cats back around...

Wade Waters is made up of SoulStice and Haysoos and they've been for awhile now some cats that I think really do put a lot of thought into the projects they drop...

I first profiled these two back in October of 2007 and I was flat out impressed with the D.C. duo...Today, almost 4 years later they got a new single for us and it's mightily admirable in it's message.

Apparently these cats have been spending a good amount of time in New Orleans, helping as best they can with the reconstruction of the city. "Do Something" is their call for action to all of us to not only remember that things still ain't all good in the N.O. and that we need to act...Download this for a buck and the loot goes into the rebuilding efforts. It's your single of the weekend knuckleheads...

I applaud these brothas man...not only artistically, but from a civic standpoint as well...


Video: Saigon - You Make Me Sick

That man Sai Giddy is back with a brand new video and a new lease on his career, having finally escaped the clutches of Atlantic Records....

"You Make Me Sick" finds the Yardfather on the playground with those Thug Workout cats, kickin his usual brand of impressive hardcore rhyme...

He's promising a new (and free) EP next week titled "The Yardfather's Prologue" and his long, long, long awaited debut LP "The Greatest Story Never Told" in Febuary.

vid via


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Video: J-Live ft. Boog Brown - The Way That I Rhyme

Great to see Boog Brown  in this...Man, what a great video...

J-Live hits us with "The Way That I Rhyme", his newest video that features a monster dose of soul, turntablism and a great flip of a Rob Base classic on the chorus cuts that comes courtesy of Korede, who produced this banger.

I'm just so appreciative of artists that continue to soldier on and make this type of real Hip-Hop...."The Way That I Rhyme" is off J's new 6 song EP "Undivided Attention" which comes out Nov. 2nd....

Shot by Anothony Alston and edited Eljay Williams...


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Single: Cap D ft. Brother Ali - King Of The Mountain

While many of you will remember Cap D as apart of the Chi-Town collection All Natural (DJ Tone B & Nimble), the man is in fact back around on his own this time with a brand new album titled "PolyMath" that is sure to turn some heads this 4th quarter.

One of the better collaborations that "Polymath" contains comes from Minneapolis repper and lyrical tour de force Brother Ali, who adds his always game touch to "King Of The Mountain".

If you by chance are interested, peep the link here to download "The Polymath Mixtape", and do go out and grab the actual "Polymath" album, it's available now!


Cap D ft. Brother Ali - King Of The Mountain

Video: Souls Of Mischief - Won One

Although it feels like it's been a minute since they dropped "Montezuma's Revenge" the iconic underground collective known as Souls Of Mischief recently did a video for one of the album's finer cuts in "Won One"...

The adventure you'll see is shot in black & white and contains no bullshit gimmicks...just real rap and lyrics here...


Single: Rapper Big Pooh ft. Eric Roberson - Hello

Little Brother Member Rapper Big Pooh has a previously released freebie for us today and it's quite the Soulful and grooved out specimen...

Along with Jersey-bred (shoutout to fuckin Rahway baby!) crooner Eric Roberson Pooh crafts "Hello"; an affecting joint that ended up on 'Erros' (Roberson's alias) "Music Fan First" album as the track "Further".

link via


Big Pooh ft. Eric Roberson - Hello 

Video: Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No) -

New vid from highly anticipated collab duo Gangrene ( The Alchemist and Oh No ) that finds the dually talented artists teaming up with famed video director Jason Goldwatch for a magnificently old school shot vid for "The Sickness"; a track off Gangrene's upcoming "Saw Blade" vinyl EP that will be released on Decon Records in the near future. LOL, as expected, this joint is comically grotesque in it's imagery...Al and Oh def. are keeping things in that lane this time out...

Keep in mind, this 4 track EP will have songs that WON'T be featured on Gangrene's new album "Gutter Water", which presently is still scheduled to drop on 11/22...


Slaine - The Devil Never Dies

Beantown representative, recent movie actor and all around hardcore rhyme wrecker Slaine has a new treat for all of his fans that ever since they heard him stealing the show on those La Coka Nostra outings have been clamoring for more from him....

Now Slaine is hitting us with "The Devil Never Dies"; a brand spankin new mixtape chalk full of exclusive material that features not only Mr. Carroll, but also JaysaunIll Bill, Esoteric, Reks, and Blacastan, as well as some great production assists courtesy of MoSS, Statik Selektah, and newcomer Silvamore.

Slaine had some real stand-up shit to say about this tape...peep it out:

“I spent thousands of hours creating ‘A World With No Skies’. I want it to be a vivid picture of my dreams, nightmares, and psyche. I refuse to compromise my vision for a project that means so much to me,” commented Slaine. “I have recently had some success in a way that unexpectedly put a mainstream light on me. I could give a fuck less about that kind of attention. What I do give a fuck about is maintaining the integrity of my album, so I have had to deal with sample clearance issues which caused it to be delayed until early 2011. In the meantime while I rework the album, I am giving you my new mixtape ‘The Devil Never Dies’ for free. At the end of the day fans dont give a shit about red tape nor should they, and I wanted to put out new music now. I locked myself in my studio for two weeks and this is what I came out with.”
Word.The.Fuck.Up....this guy has guts and a work ethic...not a shabby actor niether....kinda like how rappers used to be in the 90's...well, minus the decent actor part....


Slaine - The Devil Never Dies 

Video: Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss - Fahrenheit

Eccentric, artsy and vibrant new goodness from Brown Bag All Star Soul Khan

Soul drops us a wildly dope cut and some hellafied freaky imagery for his new video "Fahrenheit", which along with Soul rockin a blood stained shirt, killa clowns (not of the ICP persuasion either) and a crow bar features some really great singin via Brooklynite Akie Bermiss

Soul Khan's free album "Soul Like Khan" drops November 16th...


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Must Cop List For 10/26/10

Ain't nuthin' but a bunch of good reasons for you to go inside ya pockets tomorrow when all of these gems get dropped.

From my perspective I pretty sure that Celph Titled/Buckwild and The Left albums are gonna be the two best pick ups, but as a huge 9th Wonder fan and a cat that has always checked for Term and Statik, I'll prolly cop those too...Of course the Nottz joint is the sleeper of the lot and is gonna get swooped too, but the uber underground head in me is anxious to see what Lyrics Born is bringin this time out as well...

Support the artists man! Links to all these albums provided below:

purchase The Left - Gas Mask

purchase Nottz - U Need This Music

purchase Statik Selektah & Termanology - 1982

purchase Celph Titled & Buckwild - Nineteen Ninety Now

purchase Lyrics Born - As U Were

purchase 9th's Opus: It's A Wonderful World Music Group Vol.1


Monday, October 25, 2010

Video Interview: Statik Selektah For DJ

New interview conducted by DJ Z of, where he gets a chance to sit down with DJ/Producer man of the hour Statik Selektah at the 2010 A3C Hip-Hop Festival.

Selektah talks his upcoming projects with names like Freddie Foxxx, Sean Price, Souls Of Mischief and Joe Scudda as well as how he balances his extremely hectic schedule.

They sleep......we grind...


Single: Scheme ft. Lennon - Billion Dollar Dream

New joint off the deluxe edition of Chi-city Latino emcee Scheme's "Same Rebel, New Cause" record....

As always Scheme comes with the emotion tugging, soulful, track that he rhymes wonderfully over...The chorus assist comes from Lennon of Project Meyhem

That "Same Rebel, New Cause" deluxe version drops on the 9th of November kids...grab it when it do.

link via What'


Scheme ft. Lennon - Billion Dollar Dream

Video: Pharoahe Monch - Clap (One Day)

Pharoahe Monch recently dropped "Clap (One Day)" as an ode to the national day to end police brutality which was 2 days ago and now he also has the video for this extremely thoughtful joint..

Monch had these comments:

Instead of protect and serve, police often escalate situations, as with the cases of Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, or Aiyana Stanley Jones, and hundreds more who fell victim to police violence. I wrote this song to express my frustration, as well as raise the question of how our communities can create safety and prevent violence, with out relying on police.”

Good shit...

In case you were wondering, Monch's new album "W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)" is scheduled to drop 1st quarter of 2011 sometime on Duckdown Records ...I know I'mma be keepin tabs on it.


Cover Art: JR & PH7 - The Update

This album will be a monster 4th quarter release...belee that!

If you've been sleepin', you're prolly like "WTF D O just say? He must be buggin again"...No muthafucka, you been sleepin on two of the illest new beatmakers in Hip-Hop and they're about to wake that ass up on Nov. 9th when they drop their sophomore (yes, the 2nd) LP "The Update" on ya dome piece via SoulSpazm Records .

The features, the music, the hot buttered fucking soul contained in this record will snap necks....Respect to JR & PH7 man..


Co$$ & Numonics - Revelations

Pretty decent new (and free) mixtape/album type project from one of the best newcomers out, Co$$ and his newfound beat cohort Numonics....

Some of you already are familiar with Co$$ from being up on ya Tres Records releases, if not however, I urge ya'll to check this man's work out.

Here, Co$$ teams up with the FLA-bred beatmaker Numonics for a 15 track "mixtape" that honestly is much better than most cat's albums these days.


Co$$ & Numonics - Revelations

Friday, October 22, 2010

Video: Distrakt - Factorized MC's

Man, I BEEN tryin to tell heads bout Distrakt....

The MC/producer that shares a common bond w/ ya man in the fact that we both call Colorado Springs our hometown has long been slept-on as a true crusader for underground dope, but every once in awhile real heads would recognize him for his clearly superb talents...

This paper/claymation vid is direct from Distrakt's vault and is joint off his upcoming "Photon Mind Travel Mixtape", that's due out shortly.

If you like the actual "Factorized MC's" tune (and you damn well should) than run over here and break that man Distrakt off with a buck and support that real Hip-Hop.


DJ J-Live - First Things First Vol.3

New J-Live son!

If you've already caught the two editions of this jewel of a mixtape series than you already know how nice J-Live has been puttin em' together and how original of an idea for a mixtape it is....

The 3rd installment of "First Things First" again features both new and older tracks that all share the common bond of being the initial track on their respective albums. Vol. 3 comes to us right before Live is gettin ready to release his new EP "Undivided Attention" on the 2nd of November and this is a perfect warmup for what I know will be one of the illest EP's of 2010.


Video: Grap Luva - 7 Minutes Of Sound (SP-1200 Beats)

Nothing will ever top the warmth and 12-bit brilliance that is the sound that the SP-1200 produces...

Pete Rock's younger brother AKA Grap Luva has long been one of Hip-Hop's more talented cats and here you get a glimpse into his production chops, which to say the least are fierce. While in a fellow beat demon's (Damu The Fudgemunk) lab, the former InI member cycles through inspiring beat after inspiring beat...


Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Live On WKCR 10/22/10

Last night was the essence of bitter sweet...All of us longtime Stretch & Bob and CM Fam A Lam Show fiends got to hear DJ Skinny Bones Stretch's famed "yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo", Bobbito's great insights and yes, even Lord Sear was in pretty rare form wit the clownage...

The gang cycled through some of the illest moments from past Stretch & Bob show's as well as just had an out and out dope ass time...Passed on Hip-Hop legends were paid respect to and they even went on for an hour longer than scheduled.

They hinted at perhaps a 25th anniversary show, which you'd better believe I'm gonna be tuned into...

Enjoy this great rip provided to us by


Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Live (Full Show)

Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Live (Part 1)

Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Live (Part 2)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Video: Dead Prez ft. Divine - Malcolm, Garvey, Huey

Over here @ PHH we're still super down with Dead Prez....mainly because more often than not, whatever they drop (and I do mean whatever) it's 900 X's more worthy than what the rest of the game is doing...

"Malcolm, Garvey, Huey" keeps with DP's true steez of speaking on the real as the expound on what's real, what's ill and how to live ya life righteously with knowledge of the teachings of these three great men...

Off DP's last mixtape with DJ Drama"Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz"


Cover Art: DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records: Get Used To Us

Primo is gearing up to drop his label; Year Round Records', first compilation project "Get Used To Us" and the cover art has leaked....

Pretty basic, but we all know the cover will mos def. not be the story when it comes to anything this legend puts out...

If you want a lil' more info on this project from the man himself, peep this video, where preme discusses who you can expect to hear on this release and some other projects he has going.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Single: The Outlines ft. The Rza - Visions

This week's #WuWednesdays finds The Abbot going to work for this truly visionary track that he did for the uber dope French band  The Outlines...

Rza can tell it better then me, here's the coomment he left with this week's jewel:

“No man is a true believer unless he desireth for his brother that which he desireth for himself.” -Muhammad

This weeks song is entitled “Visions”. Its by a group called Outlines, featuring me. The song is about world peace thru us taking individual responsibility for our actions and us helping save to others once we have saved ourselves.

Being out here in China and seeing the growth of our culture in their world and seeing how their culture influenced my world led me to choose this song. We all so much on the same path as individuals only separated by language and custom and location. And the negative forces that strive to keep us apart by fabricating false images of each other. Well the RZA and Outlines have a vision for a better world.

The Outlines are a group out France whom I’m co producing. You will be hearing more from them. Peace!

World peace indeed....Suuuuuuu!!!

link via NahRight


The Rza - Visions

Magestik Legend - To Be Continued...Chapter 2 (Hosted by Big Pooh)

New, FULL mixtape from one of the Rap world's last, new best hopes...Magestik Legend.

The Detroit native is back with the 2nd edition of his mix series and has former Little Brother lyricist Rapper Big Pooh holding down the hosting duties...If that co-sign in and of itself doesn't let you know that Magestik is for real, than I'm not sure what will...

14 tracks that you can preview, after you do so, please cough up a decent amount of loot to cop this...


Single: Copywrite ft. Dilated Peoples & MF Grimm - Three Story Building (prod. by Twiz The Beat Pro)

"We let the beat tell the story for us/16 bars straight to the chorus"

This is an excellent collaboration joint....

Ohio emcee and criminally slept-on lyricist Copywrite rounds up some of the underground's most beloved names for "Three Story Building", a track that finds them all reflecting on their youths and formative years...

Over a great Twiz The Beat Pro sampling, both Evidence & Rakaa as well as Twiz's frequent collaborator and underground legend MF Grimm lend out what I consider the finest guest spots of the entire year...

On Nov. 16th it'd serve you well to peep out Copy's new solo effort "The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson", dropping via Man Bites Dog Records


Copywrite ft. Dialted Peoples & MF Grimm - Three Story Building

Video: Jadakiss ft. D-Block - Coach Of The Year

Jada Muah brings us a look at what he's been cultivating with a brand new banger off his last mixtape, "The Champ Is Here Pt.3", and this time he flexes his new stable of up and coming D-Block artists....

Featuring Juwelz Champaign, Snyp Life, AP and Large Amount, I'll say that these new cats probably fit teh exact mold of 2nd team backup, mixtape rappers, but I'd rather hear some third rate street rhymes over some of the bullshit these other cats be bringin out.

All that said, Jada's verse start's @ 2:40, lol....


Soul Assassins Radio 10/18/10

Been a minute since I posted up a new episode of Muggs' excellent Sirius show Soul Assassins Radio, but thankfully we've been blessed with the most recent one from a couple days back...

As advertised, plenty of had hitting joints get run through on this edition, including joints from Black Milk, Ski Beatz, 7L & Esoteric, Nottz, Skyzoo & Illmind...

As usual, Mr. Choc and Muggs are on the 1's and 2's, dive in and enjoy.


Soul Assassins Radio 10/18/10 Pt.1

Soul Assassins Radio 10/18/10 Pt.2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

J.Period & Black Thought - J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)

While on tour and performing live w/ Black Thought @ Toronto's premier music fest; The Manifesto, this past September, it occurred to J.Period to record what went dowwn and make a tape out of it...You lucky punks get the fruits of his labor....

This 30 minute EP of sorts finds Thought going to town over some of Hip-Hop's most memorable beats as Period adds his special remix flavor--LIVE...this is a can't miss...Enjoy...


J.Period & Black Thought - J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)

Press Release

Video: Freeway - Escalators (prod. by Jake One)

New one from Philadelphia Freeway, and oh yeah, it's a banger.

While I only kinda received his first Rhymesayers project in a lukewarm manner, I think this 2nd time around Freeway will really find his stride...Jake Uno will be found in abundance on the forthcoming "Diamond In The Rough", which will also feature Freeway rhyming over joints from his former go-to Roc-A-Fella hitmen Just Blaze and Bink!.


Video: DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Milleniums Of Murder

In the final installment of this excellent animated series that Muggs and Ill Bill decided to do for their monster of a dope collab LP "Kill Devil Hills" ya'll receive ya final thrill in an epic run. Those that have been following the story closely will mos def. dig how it all ends for our anti-hero....

Dig in and go cop "Kill Devil Hills"...


Monday, October 18, 2010

Interview: El Da Sensei For We'

Man, this is a real treat...Growing up one of my all-time av. groups was The Artifacts. Tame and El were one of the most underrated duo's that the 90's ever knew and they always came correct. Even though the two disbanded and are doing their solo thing's a lot more these days I try and keep up with them both. El has remained busy and just recently dropped a new album with The Returners; one of Europe's (and America's for that matter) premier beatmaking tandem's.

In a new interview with We''s Lokei, El talks his new album "GT2- Nu World", his feelings on the rap world of today, his top 5 emcees all-time and re-connecting with Tame among other things...


We'veGoTheJazz: You’ve been in the industry for at least 16 years now. In another 10 years from now, in 2020, where do you see El Da Sensei?

El Da Sensei: I better be sitting back like Russell Simmons with a fat belly and I better be talking about my label and my company. I got plans when I am sitting back in 2020.

WGTJ: Where do you see Hip Hop?

El: I would hope to see Hip hop growing and growing. We all know it’s the dominant music right now; probably not as much as it has been in the last few years, but you know it isn’t going anywhere. It can only move forward.

WGTJ: Your quick Top 5 Emcees? No order of course.

El: Pharoahe Monche, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, and two you probably wouldn’t expect me to say….. Special Ed and Chub Rock.

Read the full interview here

Video: Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

Perhaps on a day when something like this happened a vid with this kind of title kinda rubs ya in a diff. kind of way...Personally I think it's too bad that somethin like that happened period, b/c i know it might throw some negative shade on this amazing vid's title....

Graphic designer Beeple brings renowned beatmaker Flying Lotus' new video "Kill Your Co-Workers" to life in an astoundingly dope way...The animation here is so nuevo and gripping, I really liked it.

Curl into this 12 bit sounding musical escape and enjoy the Machines slaughtering the humans! Also, be sure to pick up Flylo's "Pattern + Grid World" EP, it's available ahora.


Single: Sene - Eye M Sorry!

New single from NYC area emcee Sene, who hasn't been around in a lil' while, while he prepares new music for us...

This interesting flute-powered piece is a nice break from the harder edged stuff and Sene's poetry is mad interesting...I didn't even mind the singin on the chorus much....

Sene's got a couple new projects ("Metropolispeaker LP" and "Recess") comin', keep him in mind.

Link via Shake


Sene - Eye M Sorry!

Cover Art: Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No) - Gutter Water

This November the new DJ Premier The Alchemist and L.A. cohort Oh No will finally be releasing their collabo project "Gutter Water" and I must say, I'm thrilled yo....

First, I'm excited b/c our boy Al has kinda been chillin lately and considering I wasn't super into "Chemical Warfare" I'm OD ready for him to drop somethin' new. Conversely, I've always dug Oh No's work, and he too has been kinda quiet lately....

November. Decon Records. "Gutter Water". Get Prepared.


Bulletin: Stretch And Bobbito Return To WKCR This Thursday

Thursday none other than the greatest Hip-Hop radio duo OF ALL TIME will return the WKCR airwaves for a special show....

This is a one shot deal according to Stretch, who announced that the show would be going down via his Twitter account today. Be sure to tune in, below is the streaming link where you may listen online in case your not in the NYC area.


Listen To WKCR online Here

Single: Skillz - Celebrate Life

One of VA's finest emcee's ever is back with a new LP, and we got the initial single of it...You just gotta be ready to celebrate....

"Celebrate Life" is actually a pretty melancholy type of track from my perspective...I think that over the past few years many have sort of lumped Skillz into a sort of box (if not just omitted him from convos about who's one of the nicest out), and overlooked how lyrically dexterous he can be over a track..."Celebrate Life" is kind of an instance when I saw Skillz really press to translate his depth technically. He was successful IMO, and not only will he grab the novices, I think the older heads who always dug his dense lyricism will be into this as well...

Skillz' new album "The World Needs More Skillz" hits stores Oct. 25th....


Skillz - Celebrate Life

Interest Piece: Erykah Badu Comments On The State Of The Game

New comments from the empress of Hip-Hop Soul AKA Erykah Badu have surfaced recently and the artist has some pretty choice thoughts about how she feels about the direction the game is taking today musically.

You may not totally agree with Ms. Badu, and you may not think that she possesses much wisdom...fine, I DO however, and I think her words in this interview are deftly important for not only the new generation of rap to hear, but also for the older heads who just let the shit continue to devolve...Save your culture damn nabbit! All Techno fans that run through PHH, LOL, no disrespect meant...

via Underground Charizma


Badu: How y’all gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music. We don’t own our music no more. Come to think of it, did we EVER own it? when I say own our music , I’m not talkin bout the artist I’m talkin bout the people … let me be quiet. I wanna hear from the young people? easy for me to complain about this techno-pop cause i have a taste for something else. but how do u feel? These rappers ought to be shame of they damn selves, I’m talkin bout the mc’ s rappin over this pop techno music. I believe in pimpin the system but got DAMN! not like this #pop-technosongs

Read The Rest Here