Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tame One - Da' Old Jersey Bastard

For all those that have been patiently waiting for Tame One (one half of the legendary and now defunct New Jersey hip-hop duo Artifacts) to drop something new, today your wait is over. Tame One has been quietly making small moves on the underground scene and never truly "vanished" or anything, but for most casual fans that don't really mess with teh net, it's been awhile since they heard Tame One drop something new. Fret no longer my friends, a new project is here. Yes, that's right, Tame One has returned to the game armed with his saavy wordplay and thought provoking song themes as well as his always intact sense of humor. Tame has also returned with another new running partner in the form of his new full time producer Parallel Thought, who also handles the bulk of the production duties on "Da' Old Jersey Bastard". Parallel shines in many instances although I can't deny that I would probably prefer hearing Tame over some Buckwild, T-Ray or J. Cardim beats, but I am really just excited that he's back out on the scene, doing what he does best; making thought provoking music. Tame One seems at ease in his new role of seasoned veteran, spewing out interesting line after interesting line like he never even took a hiatus. Now don't be expecting a masterpiece or anything, there was plenty of shit on here that I wasn't feeling. Inparticuliarly the attempts at sounding "modern". This isn't award winning type stuff, but it's still pretty solid fodder. Be sure to check out the Del The Funky Homosapien and Sean Price guest spots on here, as well as the joints "J Dilla Summer Camp Unplugged", "The Night Cap (After The Jam)" and the 7 minute banger "Now". Welcome back Tame!


01 Da Ol' Jersey Bastard: Live & Uncut
02 Action Word
03 Against The Grain
04 Move Ft. Mr. Turner
05 Haha Da Rah Rah Ft. Sean Price
06 J Dilla Summer Camp Unplugged
07 Milk Of Magnesia
08 Supanatural
09 Catch Me Ft. Del The Funky Homosapien
10 For You
11 The Night Cap (After The Jam)
12 Now


Monday, July 28, 2008

DJ Victorious and Sha Stimuli - Hotter Than July

As always it is a delight to bring you a new Sha Stimuli and DJ Victorious mixtape. The promising new MC from Brooklyn continues his break neck pace of releasing mixtapes with "Hotter Than July"; a tribute to none other than the great Stevie Wonder. It's no surprise that Stimuli would want to pay tribute to Stevie. They are quite similiar in many ways.....Like Stevie, Sha writes all of his own work, has been putting out a lot of good heartfelt music for awhile and always makes sure to give his fans what they want. Indeed, Sha has many years and platinum plaques to go before he's truly in Stevie's league, but he does share some of the same basic qualities. Things like a good work ethic, responsibility in his lyrics and a strong love for his people all mirror the best parts of Wonder's career and music....So in fitting fashion, Sha pays tribute to Stevie in the highest form of hip-hop flattery; he makes a mixtape comprised of nothing but Stevie Wonder samples and live performance moments. Fresh! Sha's wordplay is at it's strongest in spots for this record, illuminating also that he was definitely a Stevie Wonder fan growing up, something that sadly the new generation of Hip-Hop artist's just have absolutely too little knowledge of. Covering a range of topics as usual and putting together a more than spectacular mix of great music for all of his die hard fans. Respectfully, I don't think this is Sha's best work ever, but it's waay more than just filler. Definitely worth downloading for free, as made so by Sha, who understands the promotion side of the game very well too. DJ Victorious really has a dangerous new MC that he can utilize to the fullest extent and hopefully get to the next level of stardom.


01. Win The Fight [04:06]
02. So Many (Tight Ones Pt. 2) [03:32]
03. Coldness [02:56]
04. Redemption [03:40]
05. Stevie Wonder - Lately (Live 1985) [02:28]
06. Lately (Feat. Tyler Durden) [03:36]
07. The Flows (Freestyle) [02:46]
08. Overjoyed [03:33]
09. I'm A Star [03:07]
10. These 3 Words [04:00]
11. You Will Know [03:42]
12. Knocks Me Off My Feet [03:22]
13. Heaven [03:58]
14. Stevie Wonder - Dreamed You Leave in Summer [02:43]
15. I Get Up [03:47]
16. Stevie Wonder - Medley (By DJ Victorious) [16:20]
17. Free! (Feat. Tyler Durden) (Bonus Track) [03:34]


Inspectah Deck - The Resident Patient 2

If you enjoyed the first blistering installment of Original Clan member Inspectah Deck's Resident Patient series, get ready for a second round that will leave you as equally pleased as the first. Rarely do mixtapes ever eclipse the sad destiny of being more than just, well, something that you can listen to for an hour or so, then you lose them somewhere in ya basement or something. Insert Deck's Resident Patient tape, a disc that you'll covet more than your old Illmatic cassette tape. The first one was a great effort; featuring new material from Deck in the form of songs and beats it was a Wu head's wet dream. Deck flexed his lyrical chops as usual but it was his lineup of impressive production work that dazzled me. It isn't a surprise that he's a worthy producer, it's a surprise it's taken him so long to really put together a project that puts his beatmaking skills on full display because quite a few of his beats to me are pretty much top notch. I guess when most of the shit you've dropped prior to this is a group effort you just have to roll with what other people want. How can you argue about putting a bunch of your beats on a project when you got gus like the Rza, 4th Disciple, True Master, Mathematics, Bronze Nazereth, etc., etc., waiting on deck to slide you some of their work? Still, if anything comes out of these tapes I hope it's a new confidence for Deck to keep on putting his beats out there. He is seminally talented and I enjoy his stuff a lot. But back to the topic at hand; The Resident Patient 2 is full of great production, some of which does belong to Deck, other parts belonging to a host of new talent he's letting jump in the game. Adding a nice compliment to the beats are Deck's newest protege's "The House Gang", who return briefly for the 2nd edition of Deck's new solo project. While a few of them do at times show flashes of real promise, most of their verses are pretty forgettable, just like on the first tape. Deck handles the majority of the wordplay this time however. The Resident Patient 2 is a great look and although this isn't the exact retail version I don't think the official will be too different and yield too many surprises. Really good to see that some of the original 9 members are still hungry and are still putting out good music.


1. (00:03:13) Inspectah Deck - Monster
2. (00:02:01) Inspectah Deck - Feel Good
3. (00:02:02) Inspectah Deck - Streets
4. (00:02:12) Inspectah Deck - Queen
5. (00:02:02) Inspectah Deck - No Words At All
6. (00:01:58) Inspectah Deck - Y'all Niggaz
7. (00:02:00) Inspectah Deck - Who's Who
8. (00:01:27) Inspectah Deck - S.I
9. (00:01:59) Inspectah Deck - Gotta Luvit
10. (00:01:04) Inspectah Deck - Certified
11. (00:02:29) Inspectah Deck - U Know U No G
12. (00:02:02) Inspectah Deck - Monster 2
13. (00:03:15) Inspectah Deck - Everybody Ride
14. (00:01:36) Inspectah Deck - A Rebel
15. (00:02:03) Inspectah Deck - Wooden Soldier
16. (00:01:53) Inspectah Deck - Whats It All About
17. (00:02:21) Inspectah Deck - Nobody But You
18. (00:02:31) Inspectah Deck - Hood
19. (00:02:33) Inspectah Deck - Nyc
20. (00:01:30) Inspectah Deck - Do It 2 Def
21. (00:01:24) Inspectah Deck - Sometimes
22. (00:02:02) Inspectah Deck - How I Get Down
23. (00:02:36) Inspectah Deck - Swaggin


Hell Rell - Top Gunna: The Ruga Edition

Since I'm still a fan of complete ignorance and senseless violent imagery within hip-hop and I know most of y'all are as well, I thought I'd bring you Hell Rell's latest installment of both Hip-Hop guilty pleasures; Violence and Ignorance. LOL, it sounds funny but I find that sometimes a lil' edge and a lil' grit isn't always a bad thing. I think most kids that hear the type of stuff Hell Rell talks about understand that it's done in the spirit of the culture. Or at least I hope they do. He just gets behind the mic and says the type of stuff that the hardest cat in the game would say, more so for the purpose of upholding a certain mystique of "illin", that NY hip-hop has always been known for. NYC was at one point (before the Guilliani dictatorship) the epitome of gutter as a whole. The streets were filled with people just trying to get by, whether they were selling crack cocaine or vending illegal copies of "Independence Day" the city had a whole other type of feel. The Bloods and Crips weren't there in huge numbers yet and everyone repped their boro'. Harlem was known for producing some of the most talented and "gutta" MC's out there. Names like Cam'ron, Big L and Herb Mcgruff were all emerging artists (who used to run together in the C.O.C. as well) who pulled no punches and wasted no time in perhaps glorifying the struggles and dangers of street life. Hell Rell is the newest chapter in the Harlem gangsta rap saga and he's picking up right where his OG's left off. Expect a lot of hard one liners and some overtly politically incorrect jargon, but also expect to be reminded in spots of a time when rap was a lil' more unconfined. A time when we didn't hold back about any subject, be it in the street or America. For all his misgivings and negative speech, Hell Rell is still light years ahead of most artists because he is who he is and he is employing a tried and true formula. Some will say it's WWF wrestling, I say it's a glimpse into what you could say and do if you were truly free as an MC and a person. Now that's some no holds barred shit for your ass! Drop 5 "fucks", 10 "niggas", 12 "bitches" and 30 "muthafuckas" in a record if you want to, better yet if you need to, but just be sure to put your own unique stamp on ya music, everytime. It's supposed to be your perogative. Whether we're talking about thrash Metal or Hardcore gangsta rap there is but one rule; be who you are and put your fans first. If your schtick is the "tough guy" role, than damnit, play that role, shiit, it might not even be a role sometimes, but whatever you do just keep up a certain consistency in your music man....that will at least garner you respect.


1. (00:01:01) Hell Rell - Intro
2. (00:03:30) Hell Rell - Beg In Line or Get Line Up
3. (00:02:10) Hell Rell - Top Gunna #1 Verse
4. (00:03:00) Hell Rell - Hit Em
5. (00:02:15) Hell Rell - I'm A Beast
6. (00:03:13) Hell Rell - Shine On
7. (00:03:54) Hell Rell - Get Ready
8. (00:03:32) Hell Rell - Right On Time
9. (00:03:49) Hell Rell - Foolish Freestyle
10. (00:01:25) Hell Rell - Threats
11. (00:03:56) Hell Rell - When You Think Of Me
12. (00:01:39) Hell Rell - CNN
13. (00:04:07) Hell Rell - For The Cake feat. JR Writer
14. (00:03:40) Hell Rell - By Your Side
15. (00:01:37) Hell Rell - Nigga Bleed (Freestyle)
16. (00:03:06) Hell Rell - Survival of the Fittest
17. (00:02:08) Hell Rell - Put It In The Bag
18. (00:00:26) Hell Rell - They Like
19. (00:00:56) Hell Rell - Outro


Video: The Alchemist ft. Nina Sky & Prodigy - Key To The City

Fabulous commando style video for Alchemist's highly anticipated upcoming new album "Chemical Warfare" due out in October. Alchemist has been steadilly sharpening his video editing skills and fresh off the heels of putting out his "Chemistry Files" DVD which was superbly self produced and edited, Al directs, edits and produces this gem of a single. LOL, it's a great look at how beautiful L.A. looks through one of those old time cameras man....I really like the esthetic that Al captured with this video...can't wait for the Chemical Warfare album man!! Even Al's rapping was bearable on this; an area he's improving a lot in as of recently...Prodigy's verse steals the show however, as he delivers a knockout 16 bars. I like how Al had a youngin' from his camp act out P's verse too, that was a nice touch and I'm sure it was a thrill for the shorty as well. Evidence comes through and makes a cameo for good measure, other than that it's just a real good commando joint.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alexander The Great and L. Maze present...Iluminatti The Prequel Hosted by DJ Diggz and Rated R

I gotta say I don't know much of anything about this Alexander The Great cat or his running partner L. Maze. What I do know is that they are being co-signed by DJ Diggz and Rated R; two mixtape DJ's that for the past 4 or 5 years pretty much have maintained their status as two of the best cats interms of bringing quality, hardcore hip-hop to the masses. For those that don't know, Diggz and Rated R pack their tapes with about 30 to 40 joints, most of which are usually exclusives. This tape is a considerable amount shorter (only 20 tracks) but it finds Diggz and Rated R in a different situation. This time around they are bringing forth a new pair of MC's that seem to be very worthwhile if your a hardcore fan. They even managed to score a few really nice guest spots for this tape in the legendary Kool G Rap, IM3's Godfather pt.3 and former Dipset afilliate's The Don Bishop Agallah and Tom Gist. If you follow Diggz and Rated R's tapes closely you'll recognize a few of these joints from previous releases, for the most part you have a fairly new and exclusive tape. the low point on this go round is the presence of "Jew Dew", a very limited MC that has recently been featured on a lot on Diggz' and Rated R's stuff.....


01. Intro
02. Tonight (Let's Get High) - L. Maze
03. Heads & Fiends - L. Maze
04. How It Is - L. Maze
05. Backstabbaz - L. Maze
06. NY Timez - Kool G Rap, L. Maze, Godfather Pt3
07. Godfather Pt3 Speaks
08. Real Recognize Real - Godfather Pt3 & L. Maze
09. NYC - Jew Dew ft. Tom Gist
10. Bulletproof Vest - Agallah, L. Maze, Rahsun
11. Come On - Jew Dew
12. I Still Hustle - Lino Cordova
13. Gats Out - Gawdbless ft. Frawst
14. Hustler of the Year - L. Maze
15. Extra Clips - Murda Mook & Jae Rellz
16. Peep My Melody - Lino Cordova ft. L. Maze & Dayona
17. Outro
18. My Year - L. Maze
19. She Goin' Say - L. Maze & Jamroc
20. We Can Settle It - L. Maze, T Double, Jamroc


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reks - Grey Hairs

If you haven't heard of this Lawrence, Massachusetts native than you've been sleeping and ignoring the recent meteoric rise of such Mass. hip-hop stars as Termanology and Statik Selektah. Reks has been running with Selektah and Term for some time now and rapping for even longer. Having started out his career in hip-hop as a b boy in Lawrence, Reks eventually gravitated toward the emceeing side of the artform because of his favorite childhood MC's like Krs-One, Slick Rick and Ice Cube. Reks would venture over to Boston; his state's hip-hop capital and start making big moves. He dropped his debut album "Along Came The Chosen" a short while after he dropped out of college in Amherst. His debut was a very worthy effort that was dropped on Landspeed and featured some of his own production as well as beats from his former classmates Fakts One, Soul Searchers and a very young Statik Selektah. Combined with it's strong production the album had verses from guys like Pacewon, J-Live, Shabaam Shadeeq and Young Zee amongest others. Indeed Reks had a very monumental start to things and one would've only assumed that his next projects would also provide a certain level of excellence. Reks would go on to release some street albums, but his real pride and joy should be with his 4th project and his un-official second studio album "Grey Hairs". Again with the help of his longtime friend and now executive producer Statik Selektah, Reks has completed what many are calling the best album of 2008. "Grey Hairs" provides the listener with street level enclave's of hard, decisive beats, razor sharp wordplay and an esthetic that is sorely missed in today's hip-hop scene. There's an honesty in this album that is so simplistic, yet so needed, listening to it really puts you right there where Reks came up. You almost can hear the screeching of car tires, the yelps of Spanish phrases being hollered thru the air from apartment building to apartment building, the warm cotton of a champion hoody on your back, all as the bitterly cold air of Lawrence, Massachusetts penetrates your face. This is a magnificent piece of work that should not be overlooked. The production is top notch once again as Reks employs the skills of none other than DJ Premier and Large Professor to help him convey his message. But rest assured, no Reks album would be authentc without Statik blessing it with a few of his beat concoctions as well. Reks provides the rest in the form of a very poignantly written and well delivered album that picks up right where his first one left off and then some. Coming through with a brilliant mix of highs and lows, slow, then aggressive tracks, Reks gives the listener a highly provocative mix of material. Not to mention his guest spots are all superb as well, featuring everyuone from Krumbsnatcha to Lil' Fame and Skyzoo. Don't let this LP sneak by you, it's easily one of the best of the new year and easily the best project any Boston Artist has dropped in quite some time.


01. Grey Hairs
02. The One
03. Say Goodnight
04. How Can It Be
05. Stages
06. All In One (5 Mics) (feat. Lil Fame)
07. Next 2 Me
08. Money On The Ave (feat. Skyzoo)
09. Black Cream (The Negro Epidemic) (feat. Big Shug)
10. Love Sweet Misery
11. Rise
12. Telescopes (feat. John Hope & Lucky Dice)
13. Day 2
14. Premonition (feat. Termanology & Consequence)
15. My Life (feat. Paula Campell)
16. Cry Baby
17. Long While
18. Big Dreamers (Lawtown Remix) (feat. Termanology & Krumbsnatcha)
19. Isiah
20. Hidden Bonus Track


Big Lou - Playtime's Over

For awhile now I've been singing the praises of the new breed of Latin MC that is taking hip-hop by storm. Guys like Termanology outta Boston, Immortal Technique from Harlem, NY, Sick Jacken hailing from Los Angeles and Raze from the Lower East side of Manhattan, NY all personify the mold for the new Latino MC within hip-hop; ultra skilled, knowledgeable, always busy and in possession of a great work ethic. Far more than some of hip-hop's past and very regrettable and very gimmicky Latino acts. While those 4 are already houshold names to me as far as Latin hip-hop artist's go, I think there is one guy that combines all of their best qualities into one MC most effectively and is that next dude. Big Lou is a Puerto Rican MC that hails from the drug plagued and crime laden city of Camden, New Jersey. He is a remarkable new talent and not just remarkable for a Latin rapper, remarkable to the point where you will forget he's Latino all together and judge him as just an artist. I wish more Latinos in the game had this opportunity, but sadly few ever do get it and not for lack of skill either. They've always expected us to be something that we don't want to be, either a lame stereotype or a menace. That's what they think sells. They might be right, but that don't mean we have to like or accept it. I digress.... Lou's the real deal. He has real lyrics, with real messages and a special consistency that only comes with "special" artists. It helps that he's being co-signed by Kayslay as well. Over the years Slay has proven that he is a bonafide talent scout. Not only did he help put MC's like Saigon and Papoose on the map, the mixtapes he did with them are pretty much classic (nothing can touch those Yardfather tapes man, nuthin!) to me. So when I heard Slay had a new kid he was putting on through Streetsweepers I had to find out what the deal was. I smiled as I heard some of the kid's early material....Slay hasn't lost it; still knows something good when he hears it. I only hope that the current lack of opportunities for real MC's in the game doesen't discourage Lou from pushing on.....he's a bonafide artist who needs to be on the forefront of east coast rap. He is a bright, bright star amongst a very dim overcast. What I bring you here is a collection of everything that he's dropped early on; an introduction so to speak, of his stuff that you should already have on repeat in your deck but have been criminally sleeping on. Armed with a bevy of ill beats from his frequent collaborator Much More as well as in house Streetsweeper producer E-Dubb, Lou is able to penetrate your psychi with ease, utilizing his knack for painting pictures lyrically and gaining his listener's attention through an honest portrayal. There's few times I've ever been really touched and almost moved to tears listening to hip-hop, I remember all of those times well....they include when I heard songs like Cuban Link's "Letter To Pun", The Lox's "We'll Always Love Big Poppa", D.I.T.C.'s "Tribute", etc., etc.,....but when I heard Lou speaking from the heart about a few of his boys committing suicide and how he has had to deal with that...it was a lot man...he spoke about it so eloquently and with a calmness...it was masterful. I urge you to stop sleeping and to grab this, Big Lou is someone that I guarantee will not leave you unsatisfied on a lyrically or song-wise.


01. (00:00:22) INTRO - DJ KAYSLAY
11. (00:00:21) INTERLUDE
20. (00:02:02) Big Lou - NEVER PRODUCED BY OONE
21. (00:00:52) Big Lou - INTERLUDE
22. (00:04:02) Big Lou - MY GIRL PRODUCED BY BIG LOU
23. (00:03:14) Big Lou - CAN YOU FEEL IT PRODUCED BY E-DUBB
24. (00:03:40) Big Lou - FRIEND PRODUCED BY E-DUBB
26. (00:00:10) Big Lou - POPPA POPPA PRODUCED BY QWAN


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bumpy Knuckles - Crazy Like A Foxxx

Being a hip-hop fan can be tough sometimes. The ever changing world of rap and it's culture can prove to be very challenging to keep up with and due to the horrendously fickle fans, labels starting and folding at break neck speeds and the quasi racist music business hip-hop has never been prized within the industry or treated like the huge cash cow that it now is corporately. These things all contribute to a volotile business landscape within the genre that finds many artists jumping from label to label due to low album sales or mishandling, bad or no promotion and of course the dreaded "shelving" of albums; something that's happened to Trigga The Gambler, Rah Digga, Foxy Brown and countless other hip-hop artists. They have a budget to make and promote an album and for whatever reason the funding gets cut and an album either never get s finished or gets finished and there's no money left over to distribute it. Sometimes there's creative differences as well and the label just doesn't like the final product the artist turns in to them and refuses outright to put out that album. Almost always though, the shelving of an album will get you on an artist's bad side. And I can't say it shouldn't. I mean it's almost like saying what they've poured their heart and soul into creating has no potential, indirectly saying they have no potential. But, like many A&R's, label reps and artist's themselves will tell you, that's the business. The music industry has always been unforgiving and most of the time the only people who are really cheated are the fans. People that waited the months and sometimes years to hear and pay for a new LP from their favorite MC and get jack squat for their patience. A debacle of this very nature once went down with one of my favorite MC's of all time Freddie Foxxx AKA Bumpy Knuckles. In 1994 hip-hop was churning out tons of albums that had that raw, boom bap flavor that the east coast, specifically New York City was known for. With the west coast in full "G-Funk" swing mode and taking aim for New York at every possible moment many NY Heads felt it was necessary to uphold the traditional sound that had been put forth by legends like Big Daddy Kane, Marley Marl, Krs-One, MC Shan and others. The sound that would follow was like nothing else. Articulated by some of the time period's most talented producers like Pete Rock, Buckwild, The Beatnuts, DJ Premier, Large Professor and The Rza, Boom Bap beats accompanied by gruff and realistic lyrics filled with east coast jargon were the premium fuel for the engine that was New York in the mid nineties. No one exemplified this "rough and rugged" time period in NY more so than a very intimidating cat who many would first come to know as Freddie Foxxx. To all those that got knocked the fuck out due to his penchant for violence at a mere whim and a short temper he would become known as Bumpy Knuckles. Bumpy was an underground hip-hop fan's favorite. NYC has traditionally been known for producing many cats who successfully made the transition from a street tough, to a million dollar selling rapper. That story belongs a lot to Bumpy Knuckles. Despite his reputation for being a no nonsense type of cat Bumpy was always interested in and involved with hip-hop. He had released a 12" in 86' and dropped a full length album in 1989 on MCA. In the years following there was plenty of underground heads who were clamoring for him to release an album due to his stellar guest appearances alongside people like Kool G Rap, Naughty By Nature, and of course Gangstarr. By 1993 there were some grumblings and rumors that Bumpy would release his sophmore album soon. Sure enough Bumpy released a single in 1994 called "So Tough" that was to be the lead for the album. It had a version produced by Easy Mo Bee and a version produced by Pete Rock. The rap underground braced itself for what was sure to be a classic. As fate would have it the album was never released and Bumpy wouldn't drop and official sophmore release til' 2000 with Industry Shakedown. Eventually leaked versions of what was to be "Crazy Like A Foxxx" made their ways onto the net. I guess someone had had a cassette and ripped it onto the web. To his surprise Bumpy said that he found that there was a huge amount of people on the net that were really into the album but that bothered him in part because the version they were listening to had a bad audio quality and wasn't complete. So Bumpy got together with Fat Beats and like the true champion he is, decided to give the people what they wanted. Not only is Bumpy giving the people "Crazy Like A Foxxx" album in it's entirety and digitally enhanced and remastered, but he's also giving the masses the original version which was entirely produced by D.I.T.C. producer's Showbiz, Lord finesse and Buckwild. I'm at a fucking total loss for words man....I mean this is like christmas....even if you've heard this unreleased gem before you've never heard it like this and you've never heard the original version. Smack!!


01. Can't Break Away 04:53
02. Crazy Like A Foxxx (Ultra Magnetic Dis) 04:06
03. Interlude 00:39
04. So Tough (Video Mix) 04:11
05. Daddy Boot Knock 03:28
06. Project Mice 04:57
07. Jail House Rock 03:06
08. Killa (feat. 2Pac) 04:09
09. Meet Some Skins 03:55
10. Interlude 01:16
11. Shotty In The Back 05:07
12. Interlude 01:26
13. Funk In Yo Brain 03:41
14. Step (feat. Chuck D) 04:12
15. Do What You Gotta Do 05:11
16. Pressure On The Brain 03:50
17. Rev. Glock Skit 01:24
18. Rev. Glock 04:39
19. Crazy Like A Foxxx (Alternate Mix) 03:50
20. Amen 04:52

D.I.T.C. Demo Version

01. Intro 01:00
02. Call Of The Wild 04:24
03. Can't Break Away 04:29
04. Click Click 04:09
05. 8 Bats To Catch A Body 03:39
06. Project Mice 04:44
07. Rev. Glock 04:16
08. Crazy Like A Foxxx 03:57
09. Man Destroy's Man 04:41
10. Pressure On The Brain 03:49
11. Who Is The Middle Man 05:13
12. Cook A Niggaz Ass (feat. Kool G. Rap) 05:44

Part 1

Part 2

Skillz - The Million Dollar Backpack

For years Skillz has held it down as one of the more talented elder statesmen of the hip-hop realm. Few Artists have remained as sharp skill-wise as him through the genre's many different phases and stages. Whether dazzling us with his 5 minute long year end "Wrap Up" tracks or cooking up some creative award worthy mixtape that utilizes nothing but beats from the golden days (see Design Of A Decade) Skillz has stayed busy and while not always in the limelight for his work, he always manages to shine in the truest sense of the phrase. Over the past few years Skillz has only poked his face out into the media's collective sights momentarilly, via news and internet singles mostly, but in true Skillz fashion he has returned to set all these lyrically challenged cats know what time it is. Or has he? So here we are; 2008, some 13 or 14 years after Skillz (then known as Mad Skillz) dropped his debut album "From Where???"; that was met with much critical acclaim. Here we are indeed. Skillz from almost outta nowhere and with little to no promotion has decided to drop "The Million Dollar Backpack" on us....lol, I guess. This album is disappointing to me for many reasons. One; it mirrors little of the same qualities that his outstanding debut or noteworthy follow ups had, like continuity or his willingness to be his own man and not follow corny trends. Two; the production....I'm not going to say it's god awful, but it's really not my thing this time around. Props for getting Bink, Jazzy Jeff, Kwame and ?uestlove to throw you some beats, but what the fuck? Who is Khari Ferrari and why is he/she all over your album like that with those shitty beats kid? Three; why did you jump on the mixing popular dance music with hip-hop bandwagon? I'm sorry but it's way beneath Skillz to be running around trying to be some lame Kanye West impersonator. All in all it's a poor album that only has 4 to 5 strong points, pretty un-listenable for someone like myself, but I'm sure there's plenty of newbies out there that don't remember or haven't heard this man's glorious past who are all more than willing to accept this frisbee as a decent or well done album. There is little that this album holds in terms of long term value, and it's sad....personally i'd rather see him hang it up rather than sully his great career chasing a buck or whatever the fuck he was trying to do with this....sadly, the Million Dollar Backpack proves to be little more than an old, beat up, Jansport with ugly water stains and rips on it...


1. The Million Dollar Backpack (Intro) (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff)
2. Where I Been (Prod. By Jake White)
3. Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know (Feat. Freeway) (Prod. By Orthodox)
4. So Far So Good (Feat. Common) (Prod. By Usef Dinero)
5. Sick (Prod. By Kwame & A Kid Named Cus)
6. (For Real) He Don’t Own Me (Prod. By Bink)
7. My Phone (Prod. By Fusion Unlimited & E-Flat)
8. Yeah Ya Know It (Prod. By Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
9. Hold Tight (Feat. Black Thought) (Prod. By ?uestlove & James Poyser)
10. Crazy World (Prod. Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
11. I’m Gon’ Make It (Prod. By Bink)
12. Be Alright (Prod. By Fusion Unlimited & E-Flat)
13. Hip Hop Died (Prod. Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
14. Preachin’ To The Choir (Prod. By Jimmy “Slim” Rose)


Chaundon - The Prefix Vol.1 Hosted by Joe scudda

Adding this Justice League member's new mixtape to this week's list of new and very worthy drops brings me great joy. See, Chaundon is one of the few hip-hop artist's whom I've had the opportunity to speak to personally and I've been closely following his work since before then. It wasn't in person; the phone call was actually made when I called into a college radio show in NYC and was able to speak to him at length about his then new album "Carnage". He was a jovial cat; took minor criticism well I thought and he wasn't a clown at all, in any way. He was sharp. I wished him well and from that day on I've tried my hardest to like his material but unfortunately I think at the end of the day he really won't be able to make any huge waves as far as the rap game is concerned...at least not the way he'd like to I think. His style isn't that clearly defined to me....one minute he'll sound like NY's new savior, the next he'll revert to a more denounced and bitter southern, underground type artist, then he'll try making a song for the ladies....lol, he just has a tendency to run awry of what I think his real personality and musical goals are. He has tremendous potential though and everyone knows his lyrics tend to mesh great with production from his J League cohorts 9th Wonder and Khrysis. Sometimes the only reason I picked up a new J League tape was to hear a new joint from Chaundon produced by 9th. He definitely has a great ear for beats. Always seems to nab 9th's better work that hasn't been heard yet, lol, he must be somewhat diplomatic as well. For all his talents and saavy however I'm afraid The Prefix Vol.1 is a good example of how many artists are just coming a day late and a dollar short these days. What I mean is that it's a great mixtape; filled with awesome production, Hosted by Joe Scudda, (another promising young cat outta J League) contains well written verses and has a bevy of relatable content for only an 11 track mixtape. It's very good stuff indeed, which is why I'm baffled as to why his album wasn't more like this..... I mean why couldn't he create this same kind of magic on his previous tapes/work? To those questions I have no answer except that each artist is different and a lot of artists have many peaks and valley's in their career's. What I can and will say is that this is a step in the right direction musically for Chaundon. It's a strong effort and I wish it was longer, but still a very strong outing. Will he continue on this path? I don't know. Like I said in the beginning I am afriad that he might be destined for a rap life lived in obscurity due to his streakyiness, but Like I said when I spoke to homie about a year ago on the phone; good luck, and I'll be checkin for your stuff. One hunded.


01. Chaundon feat. Skyzoo & Torae - 3 Kings (produced by Analogic)
02. Chaundon feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Same Team (produced by Khrysis)
03. Chaundon - No excuses (produced by Khrysis)
04. Chaundon - Streetrunner (produced by Shuko & The Gunna)
05. Chaundon feat. Sean Price & Skyzoo - Submisson (produced by 9th Wonder)
06. Chaundon - Brutus (produced by Khrysis)
07. Chaundon - Mr. Info (produced by Khrysis)
08. Chaundon - Push up (produced by 9th Wonder)
09. Chaundon feat. Big Pooh - No money down (produced by D-1)
10. Chaundon - Budha (produced by E.Jones)
11. Chaundon - They love me (produced by 9th Wonder)


9th Wonder and Murs - Sweet Lord

9th Wonder and Murs return to team up for another collaboration project that is sure to please both their fans and hip-hop enthusiasts alike. Keeping their soul infused and drum driven tracklist to a mere 10 cuts will keep most listeners interested in 9th's sometimes formulaic production chops and Mur's penchant for re-visiting tired themes, still one can't deny the obvious chemistry these two share musically. I don't think this is anywhere as good as 9th's last album with Buckshot, production wise or lyrically. I do like this album's pace though and I also am really enamored with the tracks "Are You Ready?", "Free" and "it's For Real". All three are great examples of what these two are capable of achieving when they get together. Sweet Lord is Definitely worth checking out if your looking for something that will kick start your day on the commute to or from work; regretfully however, it's poignant messages and thick production will only leave you wishing that Murs and 9th had chosen to put in a lil' more time in and make this a full length LP with 14-17 tracks rather than just giving us a snapshot into they're new sound.


1. The Intro
2. Are You Ready?
3. Nina Ross
4. Free
5. And I Love It
6. Pusshhhhhh
7. It’s For Real
8. Marry Me
9. Love the Way
10. Mursinatra


Friday, July 18, 2008

Fakts One - Long Range

Aaight, It's a straight up joy to bring you this cat's debut LP, which has been long overdue and a labor of love combined. For all those who have been sleepin' on duke for the past 10 or 12 some odd years, lemme educate you on the brutha's resume. Hailing from Beantown, MA this Producer/DJ/Radio Personality was a huge fixture in the Boston scene for a long while. Having started out on radio with WERS's "89.9 At Night" show breaking local acts and spining some of the illest hip-hop out there. Eventualy Fakts would drop some mixtapes on the now legendary and defunct label Brick Records that really put his name out there and garnered him some attention from arguably Boston's two biggest names in the hip-hop game: Mr. Lif and Akrobatik. The three hit it off and Fakts began producing a lot of records for the two. It seemed that it was fate that the three would form a group....they would call Themsleves The Perceptionists. In 2005 the trio dropped their debut group album "Black Dialogue" on Definitive Jux records and were met with a warm reception from fans in the form of good sales and positive reviews. Seemed like they were gonna be the chosen ones from Boston, but it ended up not working out like that at all. During this whole process Fakts was promised a solo deal so he could release his own LP, but the label stalled on him. In an unpresidented and surprising turn of events Fakts left his partners stranded without a DJ just as they were about to kick off the tour for the "Black Dialogue" album. Fakts disappeared from the limelight and kept an extremely low profile ever since......until now. In 2008 Fakts One finally dropped his debut LP "Long Range" on Green Streets Ent./Nature Sounds records and I'm pleased to let you all know it's solid and pleasantly unexpected. I was almost certain Fakts would never re-emerge to claim his glory and show these new kids what production was really all about, but he has, and he's enlisted some friends to help him do so. Along with his long time friends and groupmates Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, the album boasts appearances from Army of the Pharoahs, Boot Camp Clik, Planet Asia and Souls of Mischief. It's not everyday that a key figure from a certain place just pops back up and drops a new album on us, but in this case skepticism was squashed by a cat that was willing to give hip-hop another chance out of the love for the art and just go head' and do his thing one mo' gain.... I applaud him fro coming back and giving all his die hard fans and underground fans as a whole something to cop.


01.Ridin' Dirty
02.Grown Folks Feat Little Brother
03.Life Music Feat Rocklyn & Maya Azucena
04.Ok Feat Kingsyze & Outerspace
05.Born For This Feat Chan
06.Don't Stop Feat Boot Camp Clik
07.The Showstarter Feat The Perceptionists
08.Audiovisual Feat J Live
09.U From The Q Feat Universal
10.Set The Mood Feat Grayskul
11.Moments Matter Feat Tajai
12.Selfish Feat Akrobatik & Iyadonna
13.Longevity Feat Rasco, Planet Asia & Shakes Da Mayor
14.The Showstarter (Walkman Remix) Feat. The Perceptionists


Louis Logic and J.J. Brown - Sin-a-matic: The 80's Edition

The heavilly slept on underground beat wizard known as J.J. Brown re-did Louis Logic's "Sin-a-matic" record using nuthin but samples from the 80's. LOL, if you have suddenly stopped reading and are kicking around the idea of perhaps moving on to the next post, please reconsider. This version is ill man; and J.J. is wickedly talented in his efforts as a producer for this project. If your in the 23 to 29 year old age demographic your gonna hear some shit on here from ya past that was flipped on some insane type shit, and it's gonna be bugged out cause your gonna then hear some of ya favorite new underground hip-hop lyricists that usually spit about world domination, sex addictions, rigamortis, and agent orange rappin' over 80's disco singles, dance hits and pop ballads. LOl, it's a great mix though, trust me. If your not so much into the dazzling efforts of a rogue producer like J.J. than you'll definitely enjoy the new verses on "Sin-amatic: The 80's Edition" that come courtesy of guys like R.A. The Rugged Man, Reef The Lost Cauze, Icon The Mic King, Mac Lethal, Eternia, Chuck D and a few other madmen. Check this out, it'll be different for some of you 90's babies.....


01. Sintro
02. Street Smarts Feat. Mac Lethal
03. Freak Show Feat. Reef the Lost Cauze
04. Majiks Meltdown Feat. Majik Most
05. Diablos Feat. Celph Titled & R.A. the Rugged Man
06. Dos Factotum Feat. iCon the Mic King
07. Coochie Coup
08. Postal
09. Mischievous
10. Halfway Stretch
11. Best Friends Feat. Apathy & J-Zone
12. Revenge !!! Feat. Celph Titled & Chuck D
13. Fair Weather Fan Feat. John Oates
14. The Rest
15. The Ugly Truth
16. Idiot Gear Feat. Eternia
17. Dust To Dust


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shabazz The Disciple and Hell Razah - T.H.U.G. Angels: Welcome To Red Hook Houses

It seems like its becoming a trend for good Wu-Tang Affiliates to collaborate with each other and subsequently become respected underground artists. In the past few years some of my favorite albums and album moments have stemmed from that very formula. I don't know why it is happening so often, my only guess would be that many labels and people within the grassroots underground of hip-hop had always dreamed of getting a chance to spit alongside any of the remaining Wu members or put out a record from them. And while that dream in itself has frequently become more attainable in the past few years (did fucking Rza just do a song with David Banner?) many heads within and apart of the industry find the Clansmen still to be ever the more elusive, perhaps even more so than in their hay day. Leave it to Shabazz The Disciple one of the hardest working Wu affiliates out there to link up with Hell Razah; the over achieving lyricist who also like Shabazz is a member of the ultra popular Wu affiliate group Sunz Of Man to come together and make a truly memorable LP. I've always been a sucker for cover art. It's one of the things that hip-hop artists have managed to do so well over the years and the cover for this is no exception. Poignant, realistic, stark, dusty and sepia. I love that shit, truly, hats off to whomever hooked them up with that. Shit is beyond brilliant and a very much needed break from all these niggas posing with grills in they mouth tryin to look tough on they cover. Musically "T.H.U.G. Angels" is what you would expect. Hard beats, honest rhymes and some very well thought out songs that are odes to the infamous housing projects located in Red Hook, Brooklyn that go by the same name. The Red Hook Houses are where both Shabazz and Hell Razah spent a good deal of their youth and perhaps where they might of met as well. undoubtedly, their experiences there contribute widely to much of the content on this LP. I'm sure the both of them always talked about doing an album together back in the day and i'm happy they finally got a chance to do so in 08'. The fact that it's really good is just the icing on the cake.


1. Cab Ride Opening
2. Welcome To Red Hook Houses
3. Jail Saga
4. The Obituary E.B.G.G.
5. My Brother’s Keeper
6. Gang Love
7. South Brooklyn Anthem
8. Audiobiography (Remix)
9. Apt. 7G Blacksmiths
10. The Visit (w/ 7th Ambassador)
11. Under The Wing
12. Confessions Of A T.H.U.G. ANGEL Closing
13. 144,000


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DJ Ophax - So Much Hate On Me

It's been awhile since i put up just a regular ole' street mixtape and that's because 8 outta 10 of em' all suck these days. There's no creativity, there's no desire to be an ill DJ, most of these fucka's don't even own turntables, the covers are fuckin stupid, all the tracks are corny and most of all.....the shit is so un-original and mainstream. I mean I never thought I'd see the day when mixtapes were marketed more so to the Masses then they were to the streets. But, that day has come. Fortunately for all of us there are still a few real DJ's out there making dope tapes that are worthwhile. DJ Ophax has been doin his thing for awhile now and is one of the main reasons artists like Geolani, St. Laz, Montega and D-Block affiliate Wooden Souljah are getting a lil' bit of shine on the mixtape circuit. Ophax just seems to play what he wants and what he likes and it's obvious the brutha has good taste. He has always let new talent jump on this shit as long as they had skills. Team Afficial cats know this. Whenever I pick up any of his (Opahx) tapes' I always hear either a new MC or producer that gets busy. Another thing I look for is exclusives, and while that isn't a huge, huge part of Ophax's game, he will hold his own in that area. On this joint; "So Much Hate On Me"; Ophax provides a few exclusives that shouldn't go overlooked. Namely the crazy ass new joint from Illa Ghee "Designer Jacket", which has a beat that you have to hear son. I also liked that he included the new joint from The Madd Rapper "Brooklyn Let's Go" that features Joell Ortiz, Papoose, Wais p, Main-O and Red Cafe. Ophax does his thing man, there's tons of good shit on here, and this is what a summer mixtape should be all about.


1. St laz feat opium & the boy bucka - let it be (produced by serge deff)
2. Nas - nigger, the slave and the master
3. Blood raw - i got problems (produced by the runners)
4. Blood raw - get away (produced by justice league)
5. Lil wayne - i
6. Busta rhymes feat reek da villian, spliff star, lil wayne, nas, the game & big daddy kane - don'
7. Saigon feat red 5ive - believe it
8. Max b feat chozen few & billz - we gettin' money (produced by duke dinero)
9. Geolani feat shells - war out (produced by metro beats)
10. Rock feat sean price - fuck dat rapper
11. Ransom - hundred million freestyle
12. Labba feat busta rhymes & raekwon - what's beef
13. Red cafe - millionaire
14. Xzibit - dying 2 live
15. Ll cool j feat lil mo - i cry
16. K-hill feat shabamm sahdeeq, supastition, torae & tiffany paige - keep comin'
17. Young chris - can't let you go
18. Jd riggz - money (produced by sire)
19. Little brother - black light special
20. The mad rapper feat red cafe, maino, wais p, papoose & joell ortiz - brooklyn let's go
21. Illa ghee - designer jacket (produced by team demo)
22. Sam scarfo feat nucci reyo & money malc - confusion
23. Montega feat hood fella - the countdown
24. K sparks feat dave barz - back down
25. Blockwork - gorilla rap
26. Wooden souljah - watch them niggaz (produced by joey bags)
27. Bob kennedy - warning shotz
28. Villiano - villiano (produced by a i productions)
29. K-nyne - grind by nature


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Statik Selektah - The Champs Are Here Vol.3

Whatup, Whatup Y'all! I know I've been lacking in putting stuff up recently, and for that I apologize....I usually come wit like 2 or 3 posts per day, but as you all know it's Summer time and D O gots to get his....lol, I'm actually just really busy trying to fing employment and hanging out with friends enjoying the weather. I am still putting up the illest shit out though, like this for example. The third installment of Mr. Spell My Name Right's (Statik Selektah) "The Champs Are Here Series",....complete with a Celtics logo right smack dab on the front of the cover. SMH, While I detest the Boston Celtics and their whole organization (except for Bill Russell; the man is a legend) I cannot front on the hip-hop artists from Beantown that made this tape and routinely make Selektah's tapes. I really enjoy the fact that Selektah is a modern Tape DJ who still reps for the true sound of hip-hop. From his boom bap inspired beats to his constant inclusion of worthwhile lyricists, Selektah is clearly one of the best Tape DJ's doin it now. I've continually sung the praises of the Beantown scene on here time and again, and if you've ever doubted what I had to say, all you need to do is bump this joint here once and you'll know exactly what I mean. From DL, JFK, ST. Da Squad, Termanology, Dre Robinson, Krumb Snatcha, Lou Armstrong, Slaine, Reks, Big Shug and Frankie Wainwright, Ill Boston MC's are on full display here, Make no mistake about it. This Tape is colossal in it's production lineup as well; boasting tracks from Statik Selektah himself as well as DJ Premier, J Hunt, DC The Midi Alien, Fizzy Womack, J Cardim, Moss, Soul Theory and Masspike Miles. And While I know that a few of those names might not instantly ring a bell, after you hear this tape you will definitely remember them....definitely. The time for Boston is now. In both the NBA and Hip-Hop, the city run by Irishmen is making real headway in the predominanty black and Latino culture and art form of hip-hop. All in all this is a superior joint, please do as I did and ignore the Rick Ross bonus joint at the end....


01 - Statik Selektah’s Banner 17 Intro
02 - Frankie Wainwright “The Champs Are Here” Freestyle
03 - Termanology “I Shine (To Whom It May Concern)” (produced by J Hunt)
04 - Reks “Say Goodnight” (produced by Dj Premier)
05 - 360 Infinite ft Lou Armstrong “Watch Me”
06 - Termanology “Talking To God”
07 - Statik Selektah ft. Reks, Termanology & Krumbsnatcha “Big Dreamers (Lawtown Mix)”
08 - Slaine “Mistaken Identity” (produced by Statik Selektah for Showoff)
09 - Roc Dukati & Smoke Bulga ft Max B “U Dont Know”
10 - Supastar LT - Get Money
11 - Granite State ft Evidence of Dilated Peoples “One Shot”
12 - Krumb Snatcha “This Feeling” (produced by the Beatminerz)
13 - Big Shug “Muf#cka” (produced by Dj Premier)
14 - Chi Knox & Reks “Swagger” (produced by Soul Theory)
15 - St. Da Squad “The Burial” (produced by Fizzy Womack)
16 - JFK “Bleed Green” (produced by Statik Selektah for Showoff)
17 - Dre Robinson & Termanology “U Already Know” (produced by DC for Showoff)
18 - Reks ft Lil Fame of MOP “All In One (5 Mics)” (produced by Blaze P for Showoff)
19 - Frankie Wainwright “Monsta” (produced by Masspike Miles)
20 - Singapore Kane ft Big Shug “Take It Personal” (produced by MoSS)
21 - Dj 2thirteen Interlude
22 - Lucky Dice “Chained to the Game” (produced by J Cardim)
23 - G Eyez ft J Tronius “All That You Are”
24 - Cyrus Da Zine “Beantown NY” (produced by J Cardim)
25 - DL “License To Kill”
26 - Proph Bundy ft. Kool Gzus & Mane Da Rolla “Greezy”
27 - Mall G ft Max B “Pocket Full of Stones”
28 - Statik Outro
29 - BONUS: Masspike Miles ft Rick Ross “Get It Together”


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Almighty - Original S.I.N. Mixtape

Just when summer time couldn't get any hotter in the big apple, some of New York's illest underground heads go and form a super group and drop a brand new mixtape, with promises of later dropping an album. The Men I speak of are Killah Priest, C Rayz Walz, Bronze Nazereth, M-Eighty, Son One and 5 Star. Together they are "Almighty" or "The Almighty 6" to be more exact. And, they have sort of hap hazardly slapped together some of their material, (mostly individual and group stuff) to gear up their fans for their forthcoming group album, which will also be called "Original S.I.N.". Offering up mixtapes for free has become tricky business in the hip-hop game. Often times artists either give too little, or too much, yielding disappointed fans either way, and destroying future promo endeavors. I would've liked to have seen more exclusive stuff on here, but what are ya gonna do? I know that these guys are gonna bring the heat, so I guess this will have to do. Personally I'm a huge Killah Priest fan, and Bronze is one of the best new producers out there yo...that's the main reason I'll be checking for this joint and the album. I guess I'm slippin on my underground shit, because "Son One" and "5 Star" don't ring a bell in my mental Rolodex. I am familiar with C Rayz Walz and his music however. I never realy liked his shit like that. He's a good battle rapper, but I usually hate his production choices and he can get annoying quick, he hasn't made an album that i've ever bumped consistently. I do think he'll shine on this though, mainly because whenever he gets up with Wu-Tang cats or Wu affiliates he's done real well. If you don't believe me check his verses on that Wu-Tang Vs. Indie Culture LP. After skimming thru this I think most heads will enjoy it. It's not spectacular, but it's not bad...It does a lot to build your anticipation though. Bronze and Killah definitely came through in the areas that I wanted them to on this though. Be sure and check out the original "Gun 4 Gun" Remix that is included on here, most people missed that joint when it first dropped on mixtapes a couple years back. Killah Proest and Nas really did they thing on that one man, word up. I would also say to check out "Posse Cut" and "The Almighty"; they are the only two joints that really seemed to include the whole group together. This is a strong effort and it definitely leaves the listener wanting to hear some more from these guys as a collective. They successfully straddled that line between giving away too little, and too much....