Friday, January 27, 2012

Single: Knowledge Medina ft. Co$$ - Can You Let Me Be (prod. By Numonics)

South Florida emcee Knowledge Medina and producer Numonics link with Westside repper Co$$ for a track that delves into the pitfalls of street livin'.. story has been told many times over, but when you do it like this, you deserve your turn and Knowledge Medina makes the most of their chance...

Look out for Knowledge Medina and Numonics' upcoming EP "Never Enough" due out Feb. 7th...

Knowledge Medina ft. Co$$ - Can You Let Me Be (Prod. By Numonics)

Video: Mykestro - Boom Bap Rap (prod. by Nottz)

OMG! Look at that boom box! I need one of those in my life!!

lol, on a side note, yeah, this is an excellent new video/single from Mykestro; a fresh new hope for L.A. Hip-Hop..

Over a crazy Nottz banger, Mykestro does what he does (including his best Radio Raheem lip synchs, lol) and provides us with a glimpse of his "The Bar Mittzpha" record..

Directed by Dah Dah..

Single: Jimmy Astro - King Jimmy (prod. by Reese Jones)

Man, talent is talent.. I don't care who ya are, where ya rep, if ya got it, ya got it... and this Jimmy Astro fella got it..

Over a synthed-out banger provided by frequent collaborator, VA producer Reese Jones, Astro, a slick-tongued product of Memphis goes to work and laces this joint right on up...

You diggin' what you hearin', float on over to Jimmy's Tumblr..

Jimmy Astro - King Jimmy (prod. by Reese Jones)

Single: TxE ft. Phil Da Agony & Immaculate - Higher

Is there anything better than a well fitting guest feature? I think not..

Portland, OR crew TxE (pronounced T&E) recruits Steady Gang member Phil Da Agony and Immaculate for a ridiculously head snappin' joint that is executed just right.. more info below..

“Higher” – a longtime crowd favorite at live shows, released here for the first time in its full form w/ a lead verse from none other than Strong Arm Stead-ian, Phil The Agony & an assist from Illmaculate – the official 5th member of the 3-man TxE squad.

TxE ft. Phil Da Agony & Immaculate - Higher Presents.. The J57 Collection Mixed by: DJ Concept

The BBAS crew has been murdering the game man.. they're deep, they're talented, some of them dually, and they always come through with solid, real, raw Hip-Hop ...I'm a fucking fan man.. no question, have been.. and you need to catch up...

To help you review what you missed from one of the group's best; J57, DotGotIt and DJ Concept (not to be confused with the group's 'Koncept') you get a 27 track rundown of J57's rappin' and production that is first rate.. Presents.. The J57 Collection Mixed by: DJ Concept

Pic: AKAI MPC Fly For iPad 2

*Jaw drops on the floor*


The future? The past?

Innovation? Addition by subtraction?

Akai debutED its MPC Fly for the iPad 2 recently at the NAMM Show. It combines 16 backlit MPC pads into a built-in iPad 2 case, and is completed with an integrated iOS app that boasts an array of effects, a four-track mixer, sound library, sample editing and an EQ. Looks like the perfect toy for a producer on the go.

Small Professor - Gigantic (Album Stream)

When this cat name first started poppin' up here and there folks was snappin' about his name... Damn a name tho.. it's all about Philly bred, Small Professor's ability, which to me is vast... He just finished up a new album, "Gigantic", that is a great example of how a producer should orchestrate a compilation-style type LP...

Featuring a who's who of Hip-Hop's best and brightest new names like Eluclid, Von Pea, Buff1, Guilty Simpson, Reef The Lost Cauze, Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca, Stik Figa, Random, Al Mighty and Curly Castro, Small Professor has an album that should really turn some of 2012 thus far...

THHP Show - 1/14/12

Holy Sh*t.. 4 hours of non-stop rap, new and old? Nice joints? Yoooo, this is that deal!

The cats over at Chicago-based The Hip-Hop Project was up to they usual dope moves on their radio show two Saturday's ago and man, am I grateful they stay on point...

Not only is the Hip-Hop cuts featured, but also a good amount of break beat records as well.. Just a great mix...

spotted by my man's Drasar Monumental...

THHP Show - 1/14/12

Single: Cypress Hill X Rusko - Roll It Light It

I know I got some dubstep/electro fans on PHH from time to time...this is plainly for ya'll...

Rusko has been taking over, and the Englishman continues his assent up in the dubstep world utilizing and re-working some Cypress vocals...

Cypress Hill X Rusko - Roll It Light It

DJ Green Lantern + Billionaire Boys Club Present.. Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point

Raks One Emilio Rojas continues his grind and unleashes a new tape that is pretty decent IMO...

I know that some of the younger PHH readers will dig this heavier than my regulars and those that come thru strictly for the hardcore/purist stuff, but hey, it's the weekend, you're gonna be wit ya respective girl or man and hey, compromises must happen.. lol.. this should fit that bill just fine..

Production from M-Phazes, J.Glaze, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, v12 The Hitman, Keelay and more..

DJ Green Lantern + Billionaire Boys Club Present.. Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: PremRock & Willie Green feat. Open Mike Eagle - Jogger

PremRock and Willie Green bring us another new video off their heavily lauded, self-titled debut album...

Here we get to partake in some real day dreamy type stuff as Preme and Willie take a few swigs of somethin while in Tompkins Square Park and run through a convo they'd have with one of those really pretty joggers ya always see....

Directed by CROSBY...

Gensu Dean - Jointz Mixed by DJ Chief-One

If you're not familiar with producer Gensu Dean than now is your best chance to get acquainted b4 the man drops his new compilation LP...

DJ Chief-One cycles through the legendary SP-1200 user's most notable "Jointz" and educates all those that slept through the introductory course..You'll find work from Edo G., Sadat X, C.L. Smooth, Lord Jamar, Crooked Lettaz, David Banner and many others on this..

Video: Gangrene - Vodka & Ayahuasca

The whole vibe that Alchemist and Oh No are running with for their group's sound is just too on point right now man...

This be the title track from the new album and it's a funny, fuzzed out, banger paired with a hilarious video that finds Oh No and Al taking the cops for a ride a Uhaul truck ... enjoy and go pick up that LP...

Directed by Jason Goldwatch

Video: Evidence - Falling Down

Ev hits us with his brand new and brilliantly shot video for "Falling Down", a track off his latest LP "Cats & Dogs" ...

Ya'll know I'm a sucker for the black and white vids, but really there's a lot more visually stunning things here.. I like the way Todd Angkasuwan shot this.. that side scrolling look with the background like that was amazing..

Saigon - Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave

New Sai Giddy folks... man is back and ripping out the gates with a new mixtape that is jam packed with new material from The Yardfather...

Minimal guest appearances (only Lil' Fame, Quan, Rough & Jovan Dais)  and Just Blaze handling the hosting duties..

Saigon - Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave

Monday, January 23, 2012

Single: Blacastan ft. Emilio Lopez & OuterSpace & V-Zilla - Sand Storms

New Blacastan son!!

The CT emcee who I've been following closely and that hit us in the head with a great album in 2010 in "Blac Sabbath" is readying his new 2 CD (disc 1-full length album; disc 2-mixtape version of full album plus bonus cuts) "The Master Builder II", for release on March 13th... this is our first taste of what's to come and it sounds great...

"The Master Builder II" will feature guest spots from names like Slaine, Moe Pope, Mr. Green, Celph Titled and many others...

Blacastan ft. Emilio Lopez & OuterSpace & V-Zilla - Sand Storms

Single: Strong Arm Steady ft. Dom Kennedy & Baby D - Smoke On

Bud smokers check in.. you have a new jam to tend to...

Steady Gang links with Dom Kennedy and Baby D for a new single off their upcoming "Stereotype" LP, which if their previous work is any indication, will be quite memorable...

Video: Sadat X - Remember That

"remember the first time, the first rhyme that made niggas say, 'son, you got somethin'" 

"remember you stole right in front of the police like it was nuthin" 

"remember the first time you stayed out at honey's crib and came home with the sun"

" December of that year, when you failed to appear.." 

"you remember when they used to have house parties and you'd find that girl that was the most in your world"

OMG!! Lawd do we all remember...

What a great song from a consistently great emcee... thanks for all the memories Dot..

Single: Saigon ft. Jovan Dais - Women Are The New Dogs

Ha!! Did Saigon make a legit R&B banger??? Uhhh, yup!!

I dunno about the message (all respect due to my female PHH readers) but I'll be damn if this one doesn't go.. Saigon's new tape "Warning Shots 3" is shaping up nicely.. look for that within the next 48 hours...

Saigon ft. Jovan Dais - Women Are The New Dogs

Single: The Regiment - That's Hip-Hop (prod. by Tokyo Cigar)

Criminally slept-on Detroit Duo The Regiment drops off a new one...Indeed this is Hip-Hop!

Joint stems from that "On The Verge" mixtape that I've already posted the trailer for and J-Love is behind... This one slaps kiddies, better grab it swiftly!

The Regiment - That's Hip-Hop (prod. by Tokyo Cigar)

News: David Banner Reviews 'Red Tails'...

I had already read a few reviews that basically said the same thing, but I always enjoy hearing Banner give good has always been an intelligent cat that speaks from the heart...

If you want to (and you should) want to read the entire review he does, just head on over to ...below are a few of the meatier excerpts, chosen by muah that, well, sums a lot of it for me.. Surprisingly, Banner doesn't completely diss the film, and he makes some good points all around..

The gaps in the storyline and the lack of in-depth character development reflect the shear amount of material the director, writers and producers attempted to include in the film. Trying to cover the realities of war, incredible fight scenes, a love story, character nuances and the racial-political realities of the military in a two-hour movie is certainly challenging. The story of the Tuskegee Airmen themselves—their triumphs, their tragedies, their battles in combat and their battles at home—is too great a story to be condensed into a two-hour time frame.

In the promoting and reporting on Red Tails, the major theme has been the mostly Black cast, and the lack of a White actor in a major capacity in this film. This alone should be applauded, but what gets lost in the discussion is the fact that the director, the co-writers (including Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder) and the music director (New Orleans’ own Terrence Blanchard) are also Black.

Lastly, the efforts of Lucas himself are particularly instructive. Nearly a quarter century of rejection by every major studio in Hollywood was not enough to deter Lucas from his goal of providing “real heroes” for American teenagers—presumably Black teenagers. In addition to his telling a quality Black story, Lucas also seemed determined to put Blacks in positions critical to creating and telling the story (director, writer, composer, etc.) His dedication to this story—and indirectly to the redefining of Black images—was confirmed when it became clear that if he wanted this story told, he would have to fund it himself.

Single: Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - Strictly Business (Part 1 & 2)

All these two do is make dope music together.. I'm glad they're wasting little time in putting out more new work, and are readying their new mixtape "New Jack City: Chopped And Screwed"...

Here's the first single, "Strictly Business" that finds the bean town beatmaker and the chef from Queens with the flow that reminds you of Ghostdeini... I think I can see what they might do with this tape, and as a longtime New Jack fan, I gotta say I'm excited, word to the way the beat switch man..

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - Strictly Business (Part 1 & 2) 

Single: MaG - Freedom (prod. by Ta-Ku)

MaG is a new name outta the birth place of Hip-Hop, the Bronx New York and the young man is keeping in the tradition of his home boro by utilizing lyricism and weighty rhymes to bring a vision to the minds of his listeners..

"Freedom" and it's multi-layered, deeply woven themes will have you running it back again and again, catching new things every time...Ta-Ku is on the boisterous beat...enjoy playing this..sounds like MaG enjoyed making it.

Video Interview: yU For Out Da Box TV

One Third of DMV group Diamond District and a solid solo performer in his own regard, yU sits down with Out Da Box TV and breaks down the science behind his name, how he and his cohorts got in the game, his excellent 2nd album "The Earn", being a family man and the importance he puts on the subject matter in his music among a few other things...

Really an excellent interview, conducted with an excellent new artist...I stay biggin this man up on here and will continue to until some of you knuckleheads get deeper into his laudable work...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creative Juices Music Sampler #2

Creative Juices Music man... I remember when these cats were first getting started and were eager newcomers in the underground bowels of NYC... I remember getting sent free CD's from these cats and doin a review here and there... yup IDE and them have been doing what they do for a minute and I gotta say, I been following they moves and I'm proud of the space that CJM has carved out for itself..

Here, ya'll get to peep the indie label's second sampler that's chalk full o' hardcore, boom bap, raw goodness that has real re-playability and features names like Killah Priest, Nems, Swave Sevah, Jise (formerly of The Arsonists), Ill Bill, Blacastan and many others.. beats by IDE, Sean Strange, Ugly Tony, Soze, Frank Sasoon, Al' Tarba, Logik Proof, and Destruments.

Creative Juices Music Sampler #2

Video: J-Love - "On The Verge" Official Mixtape Trailer

In February legendary mixtape DJ, producer and Outdoorsmen group founder J-Love will be teaming with a bunch of fresh new names in the world of underground New York rappin' and producin' and putting out a new mixtape called "On The Verge"...

Here we get an introduction to some of the parties involved as well as an deftly nice instrumental produced by Tokyo Cigar; a cat that will be featured on the tape as well..

Single: Saigon - Hungry (prod. by Sire)

So after I had less than spectacular feelings toward his latest LP, Sai Giddy is set again to start hittin' us in the dome with new leaks off his next project...

"Hungry" has heart, bounce, a nice lil' sample lift and of course Sai's no nonsense street vernacular... god, I really hope he wins with "Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave".. I had such high hopes going into the official debut and have been a Saigon fan since the crackly version of "Say Yes" was on Napster man..

Saigon - Hungry (prod. by Sire)

Single: Stalley - Gentlemen's Quarterly (prod. by Ski Beatz)

We still checkin for this man Stalley over here at PHH... He's got a new one that finds him taking to task a laid back and glossy Ski Beatz track...

It's a proper way to get this week going I think.. It's also off his upcoming new tape "Savage Journey To The American Dream", that instantly registers with me as one of the better mixtape titles in recent memory.. peep this..

Stalley - Gentlemen's Quarterly (prod. by Ski Beatz)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Single: Aaron Cohen & Shady Blaze - The Coldest (prod. by $1 Bin)

In honor of them gettin straight plastered with a brick ass snowstorm, PHH shows some love to Sea Town..

Emcee Aaron Cohen teams with Green Ova Music's Shady Blaze for this head nodder, produced by $1 Bin (friggin', how dope is that stage name tho?? Crate Digger's will get it) that I think has both that hidden west coast bounce and that laid back, hazy knock...

Aaron Cohen & Shady Blaze - The Coldest (prod. by $1 Bin)

Single: Rampage ft. R.A. The Rugged Man - Zig Zag Zig

Holy f*ckin' crap.. yeah, you read that right, Rampage linked with the most skilled white emcee of all time...

Rampage has been a lil' bit MIA since his Flipmode Squad days aside from a few mixtapes here and there and I guess he's readying a new EP...normally I might shrug at the prospect, but thanks to this one, my ears are effin' ready..

Felony Muzik on that crazy ass beat and yeah...R.A. just goes ahead and spazzes out on this one somethin' fierce, as usual...

Rampage ft. R.A. The Rugged Man - Zig Zag Zig

Mndsgn - Exts (album)

L.A. by way of Philly beatmaker Mndsgn drops his debut beat tape "Exts" on your collective heads via his Tumblr, 100% free...

The 12 track instrumental effort features some hazy, all over the place, goodness that's pretty indescribable on a lot of levels, except for a basic, "dope" tag.. I liked this a lot, think outside the box kiddies..

Oh yeah, he included this along with the album.. I found it a pretty good lil' read b4 I bumped the project.

Mndsgn - Exts (album)

Phony Ppl - Phony Land (album)

Somethin' brand new for ya in every sense of the word.. You like live bands/music with a deep, Jazzy influence? You like Hip-Hop? You respect Q-Tip's opinion when it comes to co-signing cats? Then you need to peep this new crew, Phony Ppl..

Phony Ppl are a collective. They are a rap crew, a songwriting/production team, a live band, and a group of friends who live to make music. They leap across genres and destroy stages across the country, counting Plain Pat, Nick Catchdubs, Peanut Butter Wolf, Giles Peterson and Q-Tip as cosigners. The crew boasts a infectious style throughout their many projects, built on inescapable melodies, feel good hooks and advanced instrumentation. Blending hip-hop attitude with pop sensibilities, Phony Ppl speaks directly to a new, untapped generation of music lovers whose iPods are filled with music of all genres and eras. Rapper Dyme-A-Duzin recently inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records and is in the studio with Plain Pat and Emile. Producers Elijah Rawk and Bari Bass have been touring with Theophilus London and are slated to produce for his next album. A PHONY PPL PARTY DON’T STOP.

Phony Ppl - Phony Land (album)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video: Freddie Gibbs ft. Madlib - Thuggin

MadGibbs baby!! MadGibbs!!!

"Thuggin" is the initial video and single we get from Gangsta Gibbs and Lib', off their upcoming collab project..

Shorty in the leather are alright with me! Dude smoking crack like a chimney in the backyard.. whoa..

Directed by Jonah Schwartz

Video: Real J. Wallace - MLK Freeway

Another really dope offering we got that was inspired by the MLK holiday..

The JahFather Of SoulCal AKA Real J. Wallace of Brother Nature, goes ahead and takes us on a mini journey through the San Diego streets and sums up his "life on the freeway"... enjoy this and go discover more of this man's music!

San Diego emcee, Real J. Wallace refuses to be one of the silent “good people.” Armed with a purpose and a pen, Wallace is a modern day philosophical prophet. A writer of every day experiences, Wallace’s latest project “The J∆hFather of So(u)l Cal” was inspired by his excursions on the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (94 West) in San Diego, California. Each track was formed by his state of mind during his numerous drives to and from downtown. Wallace combined his love for the blues and the soul of hip hop to create an assortment of tunes distinctively his own…

Stones Throw Podcast no. 70: J Rocc & The Stones Throw 2012

LMAO... Best cover ever...

As always, that man J Rocc is pretty much second to none when it comes to throwing together mixes....This mix is great man, I urge you to pick it up... yeah, it's only available via iTunes right now, but hopefully in a few days I'll see it floating around in another DL format and put it up for ya'll.. I know a grip of my PHHer's are iTunes heads anyway, so yeah, you guys luck out on this one!

J.Rocc got his hands on a bunch of reference CDs of upcoming Stones Throw releases: The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2, Quakers, Myron & E, Jonwayne, Jonti, Steve Arrington and some other cats … full track list coming soon … maybe. 
Following last year’s album Some Cold Rock Stuf and the recent Stay FreshEP, J Rocc has been busy touring with Blackstar and the Madlib Medicine Show as official DJ on both shows, unofficially as the glue that holds the whole damn thing together. He’s recently put together a special set of his own “Mystery Tracks” culled from the two or three “Mystery Disc” sets included with Some Cold Rock Stuf. We’ll have the Mystery Tracks up next. 
The Stones Throw podcast is free. To download Stones Throw’s podcast you must use podcast software such as Apple iTunes. Subscribe via iTunes or our RSS feed which is also available on our podcast homepage

Stones Throw Podcast no. 70: J Rocc & The Stones Throw 2012 

Single: MC Ehit - All Hood (prod. by Brenk Sinatra) [Radio Rip]

What you thought we forgot about the West??

MC Eiht (and DJ Premier) swing thru the Internets to drop off the radio rip a new MC Eiht banga, "All Hood"...

Over Austrian producer Brenk Sinatra's subdued, yet hypnotic production Eiht does what Eiht does.. and that's create a song that even in 2012 defines the soul of L.A. Hip-Hop at it's best..

MC Ehit - All Hood (prod. by Brenk Sinatra) [Radio Rip]

News: Jimmy Castor Passes Away At Age 64

Via HipHopDX:

Today, Hip Hop lost one of it's most sampled and beloved forefathers. Jimmy Castor, saxophonist and leader of the seminal funk/disco group Jimmy Castor Bunch, passed away today at 64. 
According to Prefix Mag, the legendary saxophonist who struck it big in 1972 with the song "Troglodyte (Cave Man)" passed away at 2:30 p.m. at the age of 64 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The causes of his death are currently unknown.

Single: Vinnie Paz - Death Messiah 2012

No matter what you think of Vinnie, you can't say the man don't kick the shit that he's feeling from the heart..

His new single "Death Messiah" barrows the legendary and fatalistic lyrics of Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" and the rest is history.. Vinnie slaps you in the head with raw, revealing and hardcore jewel after jewel.. I like this one and I'm ready to hear Vinnie's new tape, "The Priest Of Bloodshed" , which drops soon...

Vinnie Paz - Death Messiah 2012

Single: yU ft. Dev Duff - I Believe (prod. by Charlie Ross)

MLK Day came and went, I spent most of it toiling through university courses I should've completed well over a decade ago... yU spent it blessing us with a track off his new album "The Earn" that you need a copy now...

Track that features excellent talent all around in Dev Duff and Charlie Ross on the beat and strikes a certain, special cord with me lyrically.. Below you'll find some words from yU on the great man that inspired to let this one loose and continues to inspire him now:

Today’s a special day in remembrance of a man that resembled the spirit of a leader at a time where many just followed suit & went with the tide. Another example of how powerful the spoken word can be, changing the lives of many by something as simple as a thought; amplified by the tone of his voice. When iIm onstage, sometimes I think of Martin & Malcolm. I think of how they fueled their supporters with inspiration to push forward. I wrote “I Believe” at a time when I myself was going thru a lot, and was trying to fine tune my focus. Somehow after talking to my creator, & Charlie Ross (who lived in Okinawa, Japan at the time), I was given the music & this is what came from it. – yU

yU ft. Dev Duff - I Believe (prod. by Charlie Ross)

Single: Napoleon Da Legend ft. Raekwon - Oxygen (prod. by Unowned)

Always good to hear a standard sample in Hip-Hop joints get used in the twenty dime plus two pennies...

The Chef teams with D.C. newcomer Napoleon Da Legend for his new single "Oxygen".. here's Rae's take on the process and Napoleon himself:

“When I first heard the beat by Napoleon Da Legend, I knew it was gonna be special, but when I heard his vocals and the beat combined, it reminded me of myself being a hungry cat coming up bout to take the game by storm. I’m very conscious about who I record with far as new artists is concerned, but when I wrote my verse I followed his lead because it was so powerful. It was that great that I contemplating about buying the record from him. But this will be a cat y’all will be hearing from in the near future I’m cosigning that!”

 Napoleon Da Legend ft. Raekwon - Oxygen (prod. by Unowned)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Video Interview: Ghostface For The Come Up TV

Chedo of The Come Up TV interviews none other than Ghostdeini.. As always you know Mr. Coles gives great quote.. Def. peep, lots of live footage from Ghost's Canadian tour stops...

What an amazing interview Ghostface Killah gives us, he talks about the power of music, specifically Hip-Hop, how he conducts his live performance, how the Canadian audiences treated him and his beliefs about God. – Chedo

Single: Lords Of The Underground - Say Yeah (prod. by K-Def)

LOTUG is back ppl! And They have a great, Jazzy lil' gift for us to peep in "Say Yeah"....

Utilizing production from perhaps the most slept-on producer ever in K-Def, who's been working with them since the early 90's, Mr. Funke, DoItAll Dupre and DJ Lord Jazz give us somethin' simply dope.. Not sure if this stems from a new album or what, but I'm hoping it does...

Lords Of The Underground - Say Yeah (prod. by K-Def)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peep The Threads: Streetwear and Urban Fasion

It's been a minute since I've done a "Threads" post and since I know times are kinda tough out there, and that, well, a lot of what the malls have nowadays in terms of gear sucks Rick Ross's beard, I decided to highlight a spot online that won't break ya bank and has some top notch

There really is a reason why for the past couple of years damn near 80% of my clothing has been ordered online... the deals are always better, selection greater and now it's become so much more easy.. I've become something of a pro doing it and recently, one of my new tactics is to order from online shops that aren't in the U.S. .. Sure you gotta do a lil' bit of currency converting, but there's some righteous deals if you look around..

One of the better spots that I've seen thus far and will be calling your attention to today is This loaded German shop had a number of shirts from some of my personal fav. brands like Carhartt and Acrylick  that I've seen nowhere on American sites as well as some deep options in the sneaker department.. They've currently got a 40 to 70% sale going, get your order on now...

Bulletin: Doppelgangaz European Tour Dates

These two ARE modern, hardcore Hip-Hop man...

Matter ov Fact and EP AKA The Doppelgangaz are taking their esteemed show on the road to spread that Doppel gospel and if you're gonna be in Europe this February and dig A-1 level boom bap paired with hardcore, yet witty rhymes, it's behoove you to check them out..

...maybe hit the merch table, and maybe if you go to the Amsterdam show blow a few (or 20) blunts...

Single: The Funk League ft. Large Professor - Through Good And Bad (45 Remix)

2nd leak from Paris production duo The Funk League, off their new LP "Funky As Usual" that is due out on the 26th of the month...

The first cut I put up from these two was stellar and this one picks up right where that left off..

Using somewhat the same formula (1 part expertly crafted boom bap drums + 1 part golden era legend + 1 part  ridiculous horns) The funky pair lace Large Pro with a nice one... I'm officially ready to cop this record on CD and vinyl ppl..

The Funk League ft. Large Professor - Through Good And Bad (45 Remix)

Cover Art: Lee Bannon - Fantastic Plastic

Here's ya first look of Sac Town producer Lee Bannon's cover for his upcoming release, "Fantastic Plastic", due out Feb. 28th.. more info below..

Sacramento, California producer Lee Bannon is readying his latest project, Fantastic Plastic for February 28 release. The Plug Research album will be Bannon’s most recent work, after 2009′s Big Toy Box, 2011′s BTB2: Circus Cuts, and projects with Termanology & Ea$y Money, Willie The Kid and C Plus. 
Fantastic Plastic features artists that the NoCal beat-maker has previously worked with, including Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck, Del The Funky Homosapien and Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids. Also featured is yU of Diamond District. The album will receive national distribution from The Orchard.

Video: Prodigal Sunn - Ain't The Devil Mad

"life is not crazy, life is a blessin'"

The Sunz Of Man member and longtime, top notch Wu Affiliate Prodigal Sunn hits us in the jaw bone with some of that good ol' street level, NYC, boom bap gully ish'...Along with Prodigal's nicely executed rhymes, we get some cuttin and scratching and a nice MLK sample to conclude things..

Guard ya grill and get ready for Sunn's upcoming mixtape "The New Beginning", comin soon..

Directed by Sky Gray...

Tone Spliff - Hour Of Dopeness

Upstate NY producer and DJ, Tone Spliff lobs all of you late comer's a new, hour long mix of the latest underground bangers that you might of glossed over during the past few weeks of Christmas insanity, New Years hangovers and the start of 2012...

Expect to hear gems from names like Edo G., Roc Marciano, Statik Selektah, Evidence, Phonte, Torae and many others... 18 tracks, 62 minutes... dig right in.

Tone Spliff - Hour Of Dopeness