Monday, October 31, 2011

Freddie Gibbs - A Cold Day In Hell (Mixtape)

There were definitely some political delays concerning the release of this...

In any case Gangsta Gibbs finally gets the ppl what they been asking for...albeit a tiny bit later than expected, but whatever, it's here...

Features include Juicy J, Alley Boy and Jeezy... I dunno, bout this one guys.. I remain ardent in my stance on Gibbs' potential tho.

Freddie Gibbs - A Cold Day In Hell (Mixtape)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

"When Rappers Get Day Jobs"; An Excerpt From J-Zone's Upcoming Book

Look, this Hip-Hop fame is like any other game jack, it's sweet, but lawdy it can be fleeting..

SO, we've seen Hip-Hop get older and a lot of the guys that had burn in the 80's and 90's have gotten older too and homeboy you haven't had a show in 3 years and an album in 6, and well, I mean, that light bill ain't gonna hop off the dresser and pay itself!

What's an ex, or just a "sometimes" emcee supposed to do for a J-O-B after the dream has started to fade like ya favorite pair of Levi's? Behold, our main man J-Zone has the insight...

Taken from his new book, "Root For The Villain: Rap, Bullshit And A Celebration Of Failure" 

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing after the high school basketball game I had been covering was over.
“Yo man, you J-Zone?” the point guard asked me before I could ask him about his 19 point, 8 assist performance.
I asked him to repeat his question. Not to flatter myself, but to make sure I’d heard him correctly. My ears weren’t bullshittin’.
“Ummm,” I stammered.
“Dude,” he cut me off. “The YouTube videos of you chillin’ in the drive-thru at White Castle and licking whipped cream off those foam titties are classic!”
I was part shocked that someone born after 1985 knew who I was by face, part embarrassed that my attempts to be professional as a sports reporter were trumped by being known as the Onion Ring and Titty Man, and part flattered that an obscure and pseudo-famous rap guy like myself was even remembered years after my modest music career had gone kaput. I guess that’s what happens to the quasi-successful middle ground rap man who’s teetering the top of a fence that separates two universes – he eventually falls over to the “real” job side. And it fucks up folks who fail to realize he wasn’t that famous in the first place. 
Levels of statusFirst, we have the megastar. When the musical careers of 50 Cent, Lil’ Wayne, and Kanye West come to a halt, there’s an ice cube’s chance under a fat girl’s ass that they would ever work nine-to-five jobs. Imagine Wayne attempting to pass a piss test to become a second grade teacher and kissing Birdman on the mouth for good luck before taking the ATS-W exam. What about Kanye raking up $11 an hour to re-rack returned U.S. Polo Association shirts at Sears?
When the musical endeavors of megastars no longer hold any weight, they’ve already become big enough entities to make a living via movies, their own lines of wife-beater shirts, and unscheduled appearances at events where they break Moet bottles over the heads of artists who are hot at the moment for pay. They’d never dare step into a nine-to-five; it just doesn’t compute after that much time on top. If you’re naturally crazy or irresponsible enough to never stand a chance in the world of day jobs, God usually grants you success in entertainment so you won’t starve to death.
Full Excerpt Here

Video: M.E.D. - Blaxican

Visually stunning new video from Oxnard/L.A. emcee M.E.D. who flexes much knowledge here about both sides of his heritage and provides a soundtrack to many a life in the southland..

"Blaxcican" is a term that usually is ascribed to someone that is bi-racially Mexican American and African American, but I think more Mexicanos and Latinos period need to start looking a lil' deeper into their roots.. understand where and who you come "Blaxican" and Indio by default baby..

In case you couldn't tell, yes that beat is a Madlib gem...thank goodness for those...

Singles: Magestik Legend ft. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor - Feel What I Feel (Audible Doctor Remix)

Some serious goodness here... Can you feel what they feel baby?

Brown Bag AllStars member the Audible Doctor has been “Stayin’ Busy” this year working on his solo projects, Brown Bag projects and producing for tracks for various artists. To hold the fans over until the upcoming releases are finished he’s decided to drop a remix project featuring some of the artists he’s currently working with. Today we bring you the first leak off the project, a remix of Magestik Legend’s “Feel What I Feel”. The full “2011: Year Of The Audible Doctor Remix” project is set to drop later this year and will feature remixes from The Brown Bag AllStars, Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman, YC The Cynic, Blacastan, Boog Brown, Trek Life, Magestik Legend & more!

Magestik Legend ft. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor - Feel What I Feel (Audible Doctor Remix)

Singles: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - BAP

Freddy Foxxx and Preme link up for an head swingin' new tune that'll give you the urge to throw a punch at someone...

Over a beat that was once upon a time submitted (and subsequently rejected) to Jay-Z for the "Black Album" we get a glimpse of how hardcore Hip-Hop should be done..Bring back that ole' Boom Bap son!!

These two's collabo LP, "The Kolexion" comin soon!

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - BAP

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Immortal Technique - The Martyr

It's here...

We've all been waiting and clamoring for some new material, this twenty seventh day of October 2011, we have gotten exactly that...

16 tracks deep, and it features some of the brightest names in the subterranean rap world, including Brother Ali, Chuck D, Akir, Diabolic, Vinnie Paz, Styles P, Swave Seveh, Poison Pen and Dead Prez...

...and Tech's message to all those who grab this joint?:

'Burn it and pass it out to as many of your friends possible'

Immortal Technique - The Martyr

Snippets: LMNO & Swiss Precise - 1888

I'm convinced LMNO is trying his best to come for Moka Only and Madlib's title as thee busiest artist in the game..

This has gotta be like his 9th release this year, and it actually sounds like it's gonna be really dope as all of the rest are.. For this one he's linking with Precise for a full album titled "1888"... I'm in!

Video: Ralph Dog ft. Papoose, Sean Price, Sadat X, Kurious, Pacewon, & Reef The Lost Cauze - We Don't Give A Fuck

Ya'll remember Ralph Dog!!

Well if ya memory is hazy, refresh it with his new album "Reckless" that dropped last year actually, from which this monster collab joint was taken...

Video is well produced, and yo, those two guys playing the cops especially the Latino one, man, hilarious...

Singles: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - The Note (Gensu Dean Remix)

Another remix for ya dome pieces... This time Gensu Dean masterfully re-works a joint from the sleeper underground release of the year "Daily Bread" from Hassaan Mackey and Apollo Brown...

Apollo's version was nice, but Gensu has totally given this jawn a brand new feel... slower and pulsating is what the doctor ordered, with a nice, classic sample layered in there if ya listen close...

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - The Note (Gensu Dean Remix)

Singles: Blame One - The Children (prod. by Lexzyne)

You can always count on this San Diego underground champion Blame One to deliver that real, that raw, that unabridged heat...

Be sure to peep out his latest joint that definitely speaks to the current times and also boasts some really ill gospel type overtones.. well done joint...

Singles: Paul White ft. Danny Brown - One Of Life's Pleasures (Remix)

The amazing thing about this remix is that the original was completely bangin' and yet, this man Paul White still found a way to one up his work... that's dedication and that's why he's one of the best new producers out there...I mean, the wonky level on this joint is thru the roof.. It's creative and zany and just sloppy good..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video Interview: Action Bronson For MTV UK

Any time spent with Action is a good time is it not? LOL, the Hip Hop foodie sits down w/ MTV UK for a new one on one...

Action Bronson talks about his home borough having the best rappers ever, his means to flip his rap money for culinary wishes, and more. The comical figure also talks about his latest project, Dr. Lecter, his very relaxed wardrobe selections, and his upcoming collaboration with Statik Selektah.

Single: Immortal Technique ft. Chuck D, Brother Ali & Killer Mike - Civil War

Maaaan, look at this lineup... I know I'm late putting it up, but life calls ppl.. in any case it's here now and guess what, Tech's new tape drops tomorrow'll get that on time... but enough yappin', press play and get your education...

Immortal Technique ft. Chuck D, Brother Ali & Killer Mike - Civil War

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DJ Connect - Hip Hop Mixtape #Vol. 5

My on-going battle with insomnia = ya'll's come though, I gets no sleep anymore..but who the fuck needs sleep right? [insert Nas quote here]

DJ Connect of Creative Juices collectivism hits us with the 5th edition of his superb mixtape series that while slightly banally titled, I assure you is of thee finest grade... 16 joints, names like Edo G., DITC, Afu-Ra, Bumpy Knuckles and Kool G Rap are all featured...

DJ Connect - Hip Hop Mixtape #Vol. 5

Monday, October 24, 2011

Video: Common - Let's Move (Unreleased)

News broke earlier that the new album won't come until December, but thankfully we did get a new old track from Com Sense today...

This joint also came with a dope animated that is pretty well done IMO.....

dsteele on the beat, which also is considerably dope...

Damu the Fudgemunk & Flex Matthews 30 Minute Freestyle Session

Ya'll already know how huge of a fan I am of Damu The Fudgemunk's innate ability to bring rap's golden age alive with a new flair via his insanely dope beats, so it should come as no surprise that when this leaked onto the net sometime last week I had to peep it..

Inside Damu's lab, the Fudgemunk and D.C. rhymer/blogger Flex Mathews decided to go ham & cheese sandwich for damn near 30 minutes on an impromptu freestyle session ....and someone had the good sense to record it live..tons of dope rhymes and you know Damu was lettin you hear some of those golden beats as well... enjoy.

Pic: Large Professor, Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi In Studio

The Xtra P, Trag and Mega Montana... Queens' stand up baby!

Spotted a couple days ago on Mega's Twitter...

Single: Sam Mickens ft. MF Grimm - Grisly Ghouls

Let's take a break from the traditional Hippidy Hoppity stuff and get into some brooding Alt Rap shall we?

Legendary emcee MF Grimm has started putting new music out more and more sparingly, a fact that I hate, but acknowledge as truth and the eventual cycle of things...but, when I heard he had a new guest spot on Seattle Guitarist/Vocalist Sam Mickens' new project "Slay and Slake", I had to take a listen w/ the swiftness...

It's different, but oh so dope... If you're familiar with the band Sweet Dead Science than you know how Sam gets down, and if you know MF, you know how he can adapt to any sonic situation seamlessly... feast ya ears on it!

Kyo Itachi continues his tear through the realms of the Hip-Hop underground...

The highly skilled producer has decided to do an entire collabo album with Ruste Juxx, right after he did a collab project with LMNO that was highly dope and flew a lil' under the radar and that came after he released a really good debut compilation LP...

Here we get a single off the new project w/ Ruste Juxx and it's stellar.. not only is the beat work fitting Ruste's lyrics properly, but R.A. The Rugged Man lends a hand to the mix.. highly entertaining stuff.. def. done on a budget, but the music overcomes all here...

Single: M.O.P. & The Snowgoons - Get Yours

The energy these two 15+ yr. vets bring to their music is still better than 99% of the guys out there just now comin out...

M.O.P. unleashes their new single for their upcoming collab album with German production team The Snowgoons, "Sparta"...This joint knocks and finds Fame and Danze back doing what they do best man.. just an in your face, fuck the bulshit, hard charging, liquor swigging gem..

"Sparta" drops November 22nd via Babygrande...

Single: State Property - 666 (prod. by Jake One)

State Property hasn't dropped us a new cut in some years man! Today that changes as Freeway takes what will surely be one of the iller cuts off his new "Intermission" mixtape, "666", that features him linking with his crew once again and boom, once again it's on!

Beans, Oschino, Emilio Sparks, Young Chris, Young Neef, Freezer and Peedi baby, all back together again..over a Jake One banger... Hell.Yes...

State Property - 666 (prod. by Jake One)

Single: Maffew Ragazino - Decepts On The L Train

That man Ragazino ain't make you go too long without somethin brand new...

"Rhyme Pays" is already out there available for free download, if you like this, you'll like that...proper respect to this man for his efforts.. he holdin it down, puttin that ole' NYC emceeing back on the map...Here the talented Brooklyn rhymer recites vivid lyric that takes you right to that very instance that was his adolescence..and the loosely organized Decepticons street gang that was a familiar sight to many a NYCer in the late 80's and 90's around Manhattan mainly...

Maffew Ragazino - Decepts On The L Train

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Single: J. Rawls & Copywrite - Current Events

The two Ohio natives get together over a righteous, righteous track to inform all of us about some "Current Events"...

I'm not entirely sure if this is supposed to just be the instrumental, but that's what it is aside from some cuts from DJ Drastic and what sounds like some adlib takes from Copy... oh well, still nasty!

J. Rawls & Copywrite - Current Events

Bobo Meets Rhettmatic - Mini Break Set

Congero extraordinaire and Cypress Hill member Eric Bobo teams with DJ Rhettmatic for a nice mini set here where the both of them just completely set shit off...

This is actually just one part of a three part mini-set series that's taken from the upcoming "Cypress Junkies" release that these two are prepping for release on Nov. 3rd...

Kaze - Jersey In The Rafters Mixtape

Ya'll remember Kaze right? This brutha is that Carolina cat that came out and was collabin' w/ everyone from O.C. to 9th Wonder off the strength of his emceeing prowess.. Majority of his music went a lil' under the radar, but real heads knew he was and still is one of those special talents out the south...

Here has linked up with Kaze to run thru 18 of his best cut thus far in his career to either refresh your memory or catch you up on 4Letters...You'll see collabs with names like Royce Da 5'9", Diamond D, Wordsworth and production from Ayatollah, !llmind and Erv Ford among others...

Kaze - Jersey In The Rafters Mixtape

Single: Sav Killz ft. Lil' Fame - Jamel Rockwell

We haven't forgot about the dope, workhorse emcees outta NY like Sav Killz... No sir...not at all..

Sav has been steady pounding out material and expectedly is prepping a new EP appropriately titled "Still Determined"... Our first taste is this foreboding and head nodding banger, "Jamel Rockwell" that features a master hardcore purveyor in Lil' Fame of M.O.P., who takes care of the hook nicely while Sav gets into a harrowing tale of how he came up..

Sav Killz ft. Lil' Fame - Jamel Rockwell

Snippets: Lord Finesse - The Art Of Diggin': The Grind & The Hustle

Lord Finesse is one of the reasons why Hip-Hop had credibility back in the day.. the man not only was a capable lyricist, founding member of one of the NYC's all time greatest groups and a great DJ, but he also was and is one hell of a record hound.. I mean, that's to be expected tho..

For all of Finesse's greatness it's kind of sad that in recent years he's slowed down a bit and hasn't been puttin out as many projects... all that is the past tho, thanks to Slice-Of-Spice Records; an emerging and extremely dope indie label that has signed Finesse up to do a number of exclusive projects...And speaking of said projects, you can now grab one of em' online...

"The Art Of Diggin': The Grind & The Hustle A Compiled Collective Of Rare Funk, Soul, Breaks & The Unknown" is more than just a long ass mix title, it's a devastatingly dope break mix that probably will register as the best of the year.. If you doubt me, peep the 3 snippets below... that's what I thought..

You can get your autographed copy of "The Art Of Diggin'" here for a cool $12.99... enrich ya lives...

Snippet 1

Snippet 2

Snippet 3

Snippets: Rapper Big Pooh - Dirty Pretty Things

The big boy is back and he's letting us take a peek inside his upcoming new album "Dirty Pretty Things", that's slated for release on November 1st..

Along with DJ Skillz, Pooh relays the underground message that his new album is finna be Noice! I'm hyped.. Everything sounded proper and I think Pooh is coming along nicely as a solo voice..

Rapper Big Pooh - Dirty Pretty Things

Video Interview: DJ Premier Breaks Down Vinyl vs. Serato

Fresh off denying that lil' Bieber fuck a pass, Premo makes a quick appearance to talk about the differences, the positives and the negatives surrounding the whole Serato vs. Vinyl debate... Premo gets into a good part of the history of the game and throughout you get some dope performance footage...

Single: Buckshot ft. Smif-N-Wessun, Promise & Double O - Run To Remember

Buckshot, Smif N Wessun, Promise & Double-O, of Kidz In The Hall, dedicated their time to create this amazing original song, "Run To Remember," Double-O produced the new track. In recognition of Dru Ha running an organizing the NYC Marathon for Alzheimer's which is father battled for 10years and in his fathers honor hes running the run to remember. To this date Dru Ha has raised $10,000 in donations

Song is really amazing and also available exclusively at iTunes for only 99 cents. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Alzheimer's Research foundation.

Buckshot ft. Smif-N-Wessun, Promise & Double O - Run To Remember

Single: Quelle Chris ft. Roc Marciano & Danny Brown - Shotguns

Detroit newcomer Quelle Chris links up with his city brethren, Danny Brown and the red hot Roc Marciano for a new, heavily layered and completely dope tune titled "Shotgun", that absolutely exudes that new street aesthetic that we've been missing for so long..

From the thugged out cartoon samples to the wickedly good main sample lifts this is aural goodness...go car jack a nun to it and be on the lookout for Quelle Chris' new LP "Shotgun and Sleek Rifle" on November 15th when it drops through ya roof..

Video Interview: Young Guru For

Young Guru is one of the best engineers and industry cats out there...

His knowledge should be something that you find immensely eye opening, and if you personally are trying to get in the game or are just trying to cement your position further, than you need to peep this new interview with him..

The personable, go-to-guy for most of your favorite emcees' mix and final mix needs, shares a bevy of jewels here concerning the new business model of the rap game. once again with a great interview ya'll.. check in!

In part 2 of our interview, we talk with Young Guru about the success of J. Cole. We ask him how he feels about the sales of the album, after most people counted Cole out for a lack of a radio hit. We also talk about fan loyalty, the labels approach to digital music sales, and we ask if Watch The Throne's sale strategy hurt the sales in the long run.

Single: Immortal Technique - Toast To The Dead (prod. by J Dilla)

Utilizing an instrumental from the seemingly never ending cache that Dilla left behind Immortal Technique gets everyone ready for his upcoming new project in true warrior song style..

Powerful, edgy, full of gems and likely something I'll be bumping often, "Toast To The Dead" combines Dilla's menacing murky vibes w/ Tech's projecting, warnings and knowledge..

It's off the Tech's upcoming "The Martyr", due out soon that's set to feature guest looks from Brother Ali, Styles P, Joell Ortiz and many others...

Immortal Technique - Toast To The Dead (prod. by J Dilla)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video: 9th Prince - Solo

Ha! That might be one of the best (and longer)  intros to a video I've seen in a minute...

The 9th Prince's "Shaolin Prince" coming soon..

SIngle: Statik Selektah & Action Bronson ft. Nina Sky - Cocoa Butter

I admit that when I seen this track on the tracklisting for Action Bronson and Statik Selektah's "Well-Done" album I mostly figured it'd be forgettable and well, not very well done at all (forgive the pun)..

LOL, I was wrong as wrong can be... this joint is as nice as it possibly could be.. Nina Sky is gaining a rep as some go-to assist master on the chorus tip too..

"Well-Done" drops Nov. 22nd lads and laddettes...

Video: Torae - For The Record Promo

Trailer for the much anticipated solo from Torae that will have you ready for this new LP that has already shown promises of being highly memorable..

Take a quick peek here at the Coney Island emcee's life and what you can expect on "For The Record"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Interview: Tragedy Khadafi For The Rap Up

Some weekend reading material for ya'll to get into in between pitchers, and hopefully, some sort of occupation..

Tragedy was recently made a free man after serving a skid bid for trafficking some sort of nefarious substance, I can't even really remember..What I do remember is how this cat routinely gave his Queensbridge brethren like  Nature, Nas, Blaq Poet and Cormega a run for their money lyrically and churned out a couple really decent albums and one pretty compelling DVD about his life story... I've been wanting to catch up with homie and in the light of the fact that he has a new project out,  now's as good as time as ever..

The Rap Up's J.Monkey caught up w/ Trag and got some of his perspectives on things past and present recently and I thought you guys needed to peep.. he speaks on everything from Roxanne Shante, the "LA LA" record's personnel and the late great Big Pun.

TRU: You’ve been in the game longer than almost anybody else, what were    your most memorable recording experiences?
Tragedy: The most memorable? I’d have to say; Chuck D, Nas and Big Pun. Those are like the three most memorable to me. The reason why Nas was one of the most memorable was the time we did this song together called ‘Calm Down.’ Everybody gave their energy and came a certain way on the song and killed it, I killed it, Nore killed it, but when Nas came he did a short story that was so graphic… He did a story in 16 bars. Most people would’ve taken a whole song to do a story. But he did the story like he wrote an essay, he wrote and spat a lyrical essay in 16 bars. An essay has an introduction, a subject matter and a conclusion. He gave you the story, he gave you the intro, the subject matter and he closed it. That was crazy how he did that. He killed that shit. That was one of the phenomenal joints to me. 
TRU: Your older music often has a very confrontational, in-your-face attitude. While it still is confrontational, your new album makes it seem like you’ve grown beyond that a bit, it has more of a victorious feeling to it. 
Tragedy: That’s exactly what it is, I see myself as really victorious. When you come out of the world’s largest projects -96 buildings, 6 blocks- and you grow up and was raised te way I was raised in the struggle here in so-called America, you’re battle-tested. I was definitely battle-tested throughout my life when I grew up. And I’m constantly being tested, the test hasn’t ended, but just reflecting back on everything and looking where I’m at now and seeing the direction my life is moving into, I know that I’m victorious. I am victorious.
Read the rest here 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Singles: DMP - Angry Birds (prod. by Nottz)

Nottz is continuing to work hard with his group, D.M.P. The latest leak from the Virginia based group is entitled, “Angry Birds”, and this time they go in on out of control women–who similar to the game of the same name, will drive you nuts! D.M.P. is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming project, in the meantime, expect them to be releasing more music and visuals in the near future!!!!
Samplin' Angry Birds? Only Nottz could make this work...

DMP - Angry Birds (prod. by Nottz)

Cover Art: Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - Well-Done

Really anticipating this one..

When I first heard Bronson I was an instant fan of not only his, but also his frequent in-house beat maker Tommy Mas...I think Action is a guy that really has a knack to bring the best out of beats due to his flow capabilities that are way above board skill-wise. It's b/c of those reasons that I have high hopes for what Statik can do with him... Statik's production has always been nuts to me as well and while I won't say he's never done a beat I didn't like, I will say that he churns out highly nice work on the regular and en masse...

November 22nd is the day you can cop "Well-Done".

Video: M.O.P. Announces New Collabo Album W/ The Snowgoons

Guess Who's Bizzzack!

That's right, M.O.P.'s newest work is gettin ready to be surprise for their upcoming album they decided to link up with some of the most serviceable hardcore production creators of the moment, in German Production team Snowgoons, who coincidentally I been tellin ya'll about for years now ...

"Sparta" drops November 22nd via Babygrande Records...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Single: Idle Worship - Rat Race

I'm tired of this friggin' rat race myself.. I'mma have a seat and listen to this new joint from Kweli & Res, AKA Idle Worship....

Nice and bouncy with a lil' dose of inspiring and inquisitive seems to be the formula..  nuevo Doo Wop? I dunno bout that.. Hip-Hop fused with Jazz and Swing seems a lil' more on target, but overall the exact sound is sorta hard to pinpoint..I like it though... "Habits Of The Heart" drops on the 1st of November....however if you got an account w/ em', you can hear the whole album on Spotify.

Idle Worship - Rat Race

Single: Ill Bill ft. UG (Of Cella Dwellas) - We Not Playing (Prod. by IDE)

This easily checks in as the best single of the past 48 hours...

Skip down a few posts and you'll see that Ill Bill recently dropped a new project called "Howie Made Me Do It Pt. 2" that's chalk full O' some of his recent collabs and unreleased ish'.. this banger is included on the project and will quite naturally persuade you to go cop ASAP..

I mean, this is just a proper collaboration between two extremely talented cats and it's assisted by a really stellar beat, courtesy of Creative Juices' IDE..

Ill Bill ft. UG (Of Cella Dwellas) - We Not Playing (Prod. by IDE)

Interview: Murs For HipHopDX

Back on Tuesday Murs let go his latest collabo project with Ski Beatz and it's undeniably a really honest and worthy effort...

I found it to be tasteful that this new interview that HHDX did w/ the former Los Angeleno be put up on here as to alert you fine folks of not only how dope "Love & Rockets Vol.1: The Transformation" is, but also to give ya'll an update on some of the things Murs has been up to lately.. some of which I find really interesting and that interviewer Jake Paine brought to the forefront masterfully...

DX: On "316 Wayz," you have a line about building schools in Africa. You write so much non-fiction in your verses. Tell me about this...
Murs: [Pauses] My wife and I traveled to Ethiopia. I asked my fans to donate too. The first step to building a school is building a well. We started building a well. Now we're investing. We're trying to build a school [through] Project 61. My wife and I went out kinda of volunteering at orphanages and there's also a leprosy colony by Addis Ababa. There's no clean water source and there's no school. Now, my wife and I are helping send kids to school from that colony and Shashamane, which is the big Rastafarian community. We're buying clothes, Christmas presents, some computers, helping.

Read The Rest Here 

The Gil Scott Suite: A Shaolin Jazz Tribute to the late Gil Scott Heron

A mash up of Gil Scott-Heron (R.I.P.) numbers and Wu-Tang a cappellas. A concept initiated by “graphic designer Logan Walters’ fascination with vintage Blue Note covers.” Also involved in this project is Gerald Watson and DC’sDJ 2-Tone Jones

Rest in Peace Gil... we still remember...

Video: Immortal Technique For Democracy Now

#OccupyWallStreet continues and as first noted one of Hip Hop's most well versed political activists and humanitarian's, Immortal Technique was on the scene again and had plenty to say about what he wanted to see come of the #OWS movement....and then he kicked his crazy ass verse from "A Toast To The Dead"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Single: Green Street ft. Donwill - Day Dreams

Lovely, airy and completely head nod'able new joint from Brooklyn-based collective Green Street, who I profiled back in April when they dropped their "Don't Look Down" project...

The fellas are back w/ a new street release in "Endless Summer" and once again the music they're droppin is really insanely good... do not sleep on these cats.. Right here you gettin the "Day Dreams" single that features Donwill, but don't hesitate to go grab that "Endless Summer" album here...

Green Street ft. Donwill - Day Dreams

Cover Art: Ill Bill - Howie Made Me Do It 2

Mr. Ill Bill just (and I mean just) put out a new album that features a bunch of recent guest spots he's done as well as a couple of brand spankin new cuts..

It's Bill, you know it's good, go over to iTunes and cop it...

Single: Black Milk & Danny Brown - Zap

Another new look from these two's upcoming and highly anticipated collaborative EP  "Black And Brown", due out on November 1st...

Really like how this project is shaping up..."Zap" features both Milk and Danny effectively combining both of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.. really nice joint sonically as well.. I can dig this man...