Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Freeway's Month Of Madness

Few, if any artist's from Philly or anywhere else in America have ever put together as impressive and relentless a month musically as Freeway has this December of 2008. In the same vein as Los Angeles rhyme phenom Crooked I and his online "Hip-Hop Weekly" givaways, Freeway's "Month Of Madness" takes that idea a step further. Dropping a new and totally gratis joint everyday of this month for his fans, and literally upholding the essence of his stage name, Free does a great deal to convince this writer of his true conviction at any expense to the culture of Hip-Hop and it's base within grassroots, free promotion. Totally exceeding my expectations, every song dropped is an original production, handled by one of a plethora of different and much sought after beatmakers including, but not limited to, The Alchemist, Jake One, Don Cannon, Oddisee and Erick Sermon. The real story behind the production I believe however is the emergence of "Blunt"....I know little about this promising new beatsmith, but due to his utterly stellar performance over the past month backing up Freeway with his powerful rhythms, I'm sure that fact will change, for me as well as the rest of Hip-Hop collectively, if it hasn't already. The same goes for "Cardiak", who didn't have as may beats on here as Blunt did (8), but certainly put his best foot forward none the less.

The overall music Freeway has doled out to us free of charge this 12th and final month of 2008 is tremendously well done and gives a mighty glimpse of what is surely to come from him in the future....hopefully in the form of a new LP, but we'll have to see. Contained in it's 30+ track listing you'll find within the joints from the "Month Of Madness" any and every topic that is worth discussing. From self-reflections, politics, violence, mortality and the state of Hip-Hop itself, the topic's are wide, but concentrated as we find Free dialed in, sounding more focused and determined than ever before. Your year isn't complete without running through these tracks and I woefully lament not putting them up day-by-day for ya'll, but I figured they would be eventually released in bulk as they are here. As they say better late than never.....Peace.


01. Month Of Madness (Produced by Phoenotes)
02. Everlast (Produced by Blunt)
03. Count On Free (Produced by Jake One)
04. Look Around (Produced by Tryfe)
05. Gonna Get Mines (Produced by Blunt)
06. I’m Great (Produced by Tryfe)
07. MindState Takeover (Produced by Cardiak)
08. Blauh (Produced by Jake One)
09. Together (Produced by Dilemma)
10. Tell You Something (Produced by Erick Sermon)
11. Movin’ Out (Produced by Phoenotes)
12. Straight Madness (Produced by Cardiak)
13. I Can Deal With It (Produced by Blunt)
14. Really Rough Out Here (Produced by Blunt)
15. Street Music (Produced by Blunt)
16. Start Wildin’ (Produced by Erick Sermon)
17. Doing Anthing (Produced by Dominic McFadden)
18. Get It Started (Produced by The Alchemist)
19. Rap Spitters (Produced by Don Cannon)
20. Diesel (Produced by Needlz)
21. Long Money (Produced by Sapp)
22. Do It To Death (Produced by Tyfyfe)
23. There You Go (Produced by Don Cannon)
24. For The Better (feat. Neesh) (Produced by Blunt)
25. As I Ever Been (feat. Hezekiah) (Produced by Oddisee)
26. When I Die (feat. James Blunt) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz)
27. I Wanna Be Free (Produced by Blunt)
28. NP Finest (Produced by Cardiak)
29. Bank Rollz (Produced by Don Cannon)
30. Back For More (Produced by Cardiak)
31. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over (Produced by Blunt)
32. So Cold (feat. Klass) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz) (Bonus

DJ Mystery and Y.G.C. Present...Kool G Rap: Killa Collabs

Given my discontent with about 90% of the mixtape game and the rediculous bullshit that they put out, then slurp up off the proverbial floor, and then regurgitate over and again to the masses, it should be a relative surprise to my regular readers to see me put up a new tape from two unknown DJ's. Then again, maybe not. LOL, I know that I might sound like I'm trying to be the grand overlord of all Hip-Hop mixtapes, but that's just not the case.....for Christ sakes I just saw a new tape that had the cartoon caricature of one female eatin out another's ass on the cover, like a Miami Kaos type of cartoon porno scene........I mean wtf does that have to do with Hip-Hop and why would anyone other than Luke wanna roll like that wit the imagery? I mean it's just not the same out there anymore when it comes to mixtapes and their overall content. It used to be about the actual skills displayed on a tape, ya' know, like real mixing and whatnot, then the whole "I got the illest exclusives" craze started (thanks Clue and Big Mike) and then that just snowballed into cats straight up doing foolish and embarrassing shit in order to shock and sell. Playing into the tabloid'esque culture that Hip-hop has allowed itself to sink into.

Fortunately what we have here is a thoughtful and healthy mix of some of Kool G Rap's better collaborations that span an illustrious 23 year career. For all those kids that were born in 1994, lemme school you on G Rap. The man is thee definition of hardcore street stylings meeting up with uncanny rhyming skills. Hailing from the Corona section of Queens, NY, G Rap is Known as the progenitor of "mafioso rap", due largely in part to his love for, likening to and just plain making Italian gangster flicks into the most popular medium for a lot of Hip-Hop alter ego's. While the interpolation of wiseguy culture into his music proved to be a powerful tool for him, it was his time spent as a member of the legendary Juice Crew and his unique, multi-syllabic flow that this writer and legions of hardcore hip-hop heads fell in love with time and again.

Another thing that I always admired about G Rap was his willingness to work with and rhyme alongside many of the newer generation's biggest and well, not so big name's. Clearly giving his all each and everytime he stepped in the booth to do a feature for another cat, G Rap put his collaborators to the test, usually delivering his most blistering lines while rhyming on someone else's song. It would be a habit that would rub off on many of his disciples; men who site G Rap's flow and intense hardcore lyricism as a major influence in their career's...legendary named Black Thought, R.A. The Rugged Man and Big Pun.

It's a real encouragement to see a couple of guys out there still reppin' the good stuff on their tapes. I couldn't think of a more worthy idea/theme for a tape than all of Kool G Rap's collabo's. DJ Mystery and Y.G.C. mix things up a bit too, which I liked. "Killa Collabs" features joints Kool G blessed from back in the 90's ("Holla Back", "Know The Game") and the 2K. Nuthin more to say here except that he quite possibly could have the nicest collabo catalog of all time and DJ Mystery & Y.G.C. are shining the light on that fact with an excellent and well plucked mix of the legend's best musical alliances. Bravo.


01. Gun Ho City (Feat. Canibus)
02. 6 In The Mourning (Feat. Joell Ortiz & Sheek Louch)
03. Double Up (Feat. Royal Flush & Big L)
04. Fall Back (Feat. Big L)
05. Queens Niggas (Feat. Prodigy)
06. Know The Game (Feat. Mobb Deep & Mop)
07. Holla Back (Feat. Nas & Az)
08. Buck Buck (Feat. Red Cafe & Sheek Louch)
09. Line Up (Feat. Styles P, Scram Jones & Tragedy)
10. Throw It Up (Feat. Canibus & Mop)
11. Queens (Feat. LL Cool J, 50 Cent & Prodigy)
12. 4 In The Clip (Feat. Styles P, Joell Ortiz, & Nino Bless)
13. Deadly Venoms (Feat. Ghostface & Raekwon)
14. Connected (Feat. Ghostface)
15. Dirty Biz (Feat. Saigon)
16. Dramacide (Feat. Big Pun)
17. Stick 2 Ur Gunz (Feat. Mop)(Prod. By DJ Premier)
18. Ghetto Afterlife (Feat. Talib Kweli)(Prod. by Hi Tek)
19. Come One Come All (Feat. Styles P)
20. Live From The Streets (Feat. Jadakiss, Styles P, & Beanie Sigel)
21. Fast Life (Feat. Nas)
22. Keep Going (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Devin The Dude)
23. My life (Remix)(Feat. CNN)
24. Gorillas (Feat. Nore)
25. Framed (Feat. Inspektah Deck)
26. Ghetto Knows (Bonus track)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

News: Legendary Jazz Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard Dies At 70

Freddie Hubbard, the Grammy-winning jazz musician whose blazing virtuosity influenced a generation of trumpet players and who collaborated with such greats as Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, died Monday, a month after suffering a heart attack. He was 70.

-Yahoo News

Monday, December 29, 2008

Single: Jadakiss feat. Faith Evans - Letter To Big

Here's something that I had to put up just on principle alone. I know that Kiss has been out there crooning, over collabing and quietly destroying a career that was once expected to eclipse that of the very man who he pays homage to here now, but every so often he still flashes his considerable skill and undeniable relatability.

"Letter To Big" is a new tribute that Kiss eloquently uses to illuminate just how much his late great friend, one-time label mate and mentor is missed. The gap between Biggie and everyone else rhymin' then and now is still as wide as the Atlantic and this warm remembrance that feature's Faith in the background soulfully serenading her deceased husband is yet another wonderful reminder of just how much he meant and how great he was. Kiss gets personal, reminisces over his friend who he still honors, informs him of the present day goings on down here and then thanks him for the time they did share. It's a real conversation and for a minute that special magic that occurs every so often when a real emcee kicks his lyric's from his heart just resonates within the song and it's true just hope that somehow, someway Biggie heard.


Mixtape Of The Month: Legend, DJ Nice And Green Lantern - Back 2 The Basics The Resurrection

I know I might be a lil' late with this month's choice for the best mixtape that you just gotta hear, but in true Pure Hip-Hop form the old saying "better late than never", must apply in this situation. We are the 29th of December today and I have finally made my decision...a decision that might surprise some but will surely come as no surprise to those who routinely peep Legend and DJ Nice tapes or wait for Green Lantern to drop somethin' other than Uncle Murda co-signs. While Green has taken a lil' bit of a hiatus from the mixtape game he re-emerges here with his two cohorts Legend and Nice to drop an excellent, 2-disc mix that's packed heavily with good Hip-Hop.

It seems that "Back 2 The Basics" is a website co-signd and/or distributed release, and the website in question is Shouts out to them, I don't really frequent their site much, but back in the day before they blew up and was just a lowly site called, I was a member and a frequent poster, lol. Shout out to all the old heads from DPS! LOL, aaight, now that I'm done net geekin' it up a bit lets talk about the music. B2TB is truly a well planned tape that contains quite a few bangers that have that coveted "exclusive" feeling. From Royce Da 5'9"'s grizzly and terrifying story "Part Of Me" that brings the elusive production genius of Carlos Broady out of hiding to the surprisingly strong Wale contribution "Pot Of Gold", things on the first disc start out very strong and feature songs and freestyles from any and every up and coming new street artist as well as some old mainstays like Grafh, Styles P, Red Cafe, Kool G Rap and La The Darkman amongst others. A great 1st disc that only falls short on the last track. LOL, Why these three DJ's thought Rick Ross was needed on here is beyond me.

The second disc has a few more holes in it than the first but contains a fair share of realy dope material as well, namely the Special Ed and Raekwon collab "Hood Story" that comes on after a blisteringly good Ced Hughes & Emilio Rojas Intro track prod. by the Kickdrums. Now that's how you start things off! Moving forward there's a definite mix of new and slightly less new names, sometimes with good results, other times you just sorta get the same feeling as you do when your at a show watching the opening acts and they're are a few less than stellar one's that send you fleeing toward the bar, begging to buy an 8 dollar beer. Maybe the Kid Cudi, Theo and Mickey Facts joints will strike you differently, but I wasn't diggin their inclusion much at all, call me a hater I guess. All the new names included aren't failures though; D-Black, A.Pinks and Novel all provide above average glimpses into how they get down that will leave many who haven't heard em' scouring the net for their other works'.

This is a solid release, no doubt there, and it caters to a pretty broad audience, so I think the cats over at Onsmash can be pretty happy about that. Although you might have to make a few deletions right off the bat, B2TB is a must have, if only for the 14 or so joints on here that aren't anywhere else.


01. Emilio Rojas - Back 2 The Basics 2 (Intro) [01:25]
02. Royce Da 5′9″ - Part Of Me (Produced by Carlos Broady) [03:50]
03. Grafh - In Love With The Dealer [03:03]
04. Johnny Polygon - I Been Runnin [02:36]
05. Wale - Pot Of Gold (feat. Daniel Merriweather) (Produced by Mark Ronson) [02:49]
06. B.o.B - We Drank (feat. Playboy Tre) [02:16]
07. Ced Hughes - DragonBlood [01:57]
08. BK Cyph - Rap 101 [01:42]
09. Cambatta - Voice Of God Freestyle (Produced by Scram Jones) [02:25]
10. Styles P - Ride or Die (feat. Snyp Life & Bully) [01:54]
11. Red Cafe - There He Go (feat. Fabolous & Paul Cain) [03:30]
12. Don Cerino - Missing Element (feat. Royce Da 5′9″) [03:20]
13. Hell Rell - I’m So Special [02:25]
14. La The Darkman - Quiet Storm Freestyle (feat. Willie The Kid) [01:55]
15. Kool G Rap - Thugs Love Story (Chapter IV) [02:57]
16. Fortlive - The Come Up [03:40]
17. Rain - Director’s Chair (Produced by RocWilder) [03:09]
18. Big K.R.I.T. - Playaz Circle Freestyle [02:08]
19. ESSO - New Day (Produced by Black Friday) [03:36]
20. Donny Goines - The Look (Produced by Dame Grease) [02:04]
21. ATM (Smoke DZA, Numbers & Cory Gunz) - Time Machine 1.0 (Produced by The Heatmakerz) [02:54]
22. 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) - Thugathon (feat. Lil Fame) [02:14]
23. Almost September - 16, 17, 18 (feat. KRS-One & Al Be Back) (Produced by Jared Gosselin) [02:46]
24. Blu & Sene - Mars [02:29]
25. Rick Ross - Can It Be Freestyle [01:49]

01. Ced Hughes & Emilio Rojas- Kick In The Door (Produced by The Kickdrums) [02:37]
02. Raekwon & Special Ed - Hood Story (Produced by Huu Banga) [03:28]
03. Curren$y - Got It (Produced by Monsta Beatz) [02:41]
04. KiD CuDi - Can I Be [01:47]
05. Nipsey Hu$$le - Hoodstar [01:58]
06. GoDChilD - Toast 2 Life (Produced by Black Friday) [02:46]
07. Sha Stimuli - Next Up (Produced by J.Cardim) [03:52]
08. The Kid Daytona - Lately (Produced by Ill Bomb) [03:51]
09. Theo - Roberta Flack Revisit (feat. Dolly) (Produced by Flying Lotus) [03:00]
10. Killer Mike - Grinding [02:17]
11. Nino Bless - Murdera [03:33]
12. Kardinal Offishall - Set It Off (Remix) (feat. Dr. Dre & The Clipse) (Produced by Boi-1da) [03:36]
13. Novel - Noise (Produced by Breeze The Beatmachine) [01:54]
14. Chip The Ripper - Moses Freestyle [01:26]
15. D-Black - Hold Up (Gangsta Shit) (Produced by Illmind) [02:44]
16. Fashawn - Freedom (Produced by Exile) [02:54]
17. Joell Ortiz - Say No [01:31]
18. Mickey Factz - OnSMASH (feat. CurT@!N$) [02:54]
19. The Insomniaks - Crashin Whips [02:27]
20. Mikkey Halsted - Karma (Produced by No I.D.) [02:07]
21. Skyzoo - Catch Up (Produced by Ski) [02:51]
22. Billy Danze - Undescribable (feat. Busta Rhymes) [03:38]
23. Wafleek - The Hollows [01:11]
24. Harlem’s Cash - Modern Day Malcolm (feat. Santogold) (The Government Remix) [03:39]
25. A.Pinks - In My Own World (Bonus) [03:39]

Young Chris - 30 Verses 30 Days The mixtape Hosted By DJ Omega

One of the brightest new stars in the city of brotherly love has emerged with a new mixtape that is unquestionably that fire. Not surprising? Well how about if the tape is free? Still not impressed? What if it's got 30+ new joints and freestyles on it? Yeah, now that's the reaction I figured you'd come with. Now shut ya mouth and prepare to be impressed by Jigga's latest protege Young Chris.

If your worth your salt as a Hip-Hop fan than your already familiar with Chris's music via his time runnin' with State Property or groupmate Young Neef in the glory days of the Roc. That, or maybe you encountered one of the many impressive mixtapes he dropped last year that were mostly all met with pretty good reviews over the web and in the streets. No matter how ya know him, you need to peep this mix if you are searching for something to be excited about that concerns the future of Hip-Hop. This tape has it all.....Chris is found in rare form wielding that signature flow and delivery that made him a standout in a super group of sharpened Philly Lyricist's. Over soulful rhythms and groovy beats alike he proves his skills are indeed formidable and plenty worthy of his solo ambitions. The man stands in the shadow of State Property no more....he is ready to strike out on his own permanently and continues to do so properly. Don't miss this, the kid worked his ass off and all he wants is your ear for a hot second (hence giving this away free). That's both admirable and well deserved on his part. Believe me, you won't feel like you wasted your time listening to a cat whose only trying to recapture his former group's glory and magic after bumpin' this. Chris has his own sound now and while many of you State Prop vets will perhaps only half-heartedly approve, you won't be able to deny he hasn't evolved a bit and puts a good foot forward here.


*no Tracklist, just 35 joints*

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silent Knight - Hollaburton (The Unmixed Cassette)

These days Hip-Hop isn't about quality. Just isn't man.....sorry. The huge corporations fueled by greed have successfully infiltrated our ranks and taken over using their almighty dollar. think that some of my favorite emcee's ever would now be selling everything from Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Cigarette's, Cadillac trucks and even potato, to each his own, I just didn't see it coming. This new and very troubling trend within Hip-Hop has taken it's toll on many a real head....indeed, it's been taxing, that's why this next new artist is so important.

I bring you an artist you probably haven't heard reciting a scriptd sales pitch on the TV or posing in a magazine ad. Nah, not this guy. His name is Silent Knight and the Brooklyn-born, New Jersey residing, Tri-State mover and shaker, has been around New Jeru's and New York's Urban performing circuit since 1999. He's opened up for and collaborated with some of the headiest names in Hip-Hop including Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Pumpkinhead, Masta Ace, Jeru the Damaja, Immortal Technique and held his own. But besides all that great seasoning, the most important item on his considerable resume is that he's an ill emcee. Period. Wielding words in his laid back and intelligent demeanor, Silent appeals to both the soulful street poet in you as well as the inner individual that wants nothing more than to nod his head quietly while he bumps some substance in his headphones.

Silent couldn't be affiliated with a more impressive production label either. Since 2004 Elementality productions has offered artist management, artist development and music licensing services to some of the better new, up and coming artist's around. ya know, guys that might not otherwise be able to afford it. Names like Analogic, Kaze, DJ K.O. and East are all promising, fledgling artist's that have made noise in the game using their sizable talent and the imprint's services. Elementality has become synonymous with worthy underground music, it's cultivation and it's release.

True to both of their forms, Silent Knight and Elementality have joined forces to release Silent's new LP "Hollaburton (The Unmixed Cassette)", completely free. That's right, this incredibly thoughtful artist who's enlisted the help of just about every fantastic underground producer who's name is ringing out right now, is gonna let your shiftless ass download his art for free. That's a damn blessing man. I mean, this effort is extremely well put together; aurally mirroring an "Unmixed Cassette" tape (AKA analog heaven). The beats are handled by amongst others, 9th Wonder, Jake One, Oddisee, M-Phazes and Analogic, and from the Cover art to the B-side cuts, this shit knocks heavily with powerful and capturing lyricism thanks to Silent's relentless and honest penning's into American greed, Politics and hood culture. It gets no better right now.


Side A:

1. “Holla Burton Intro”
2. “Regular Guy” (Produced by Illmind)
3. “Pop Culture Shock” (Produced by Jake One)
4. “Scarlet Fever” (Feat. East) (Produced by Erv Ford)
5. “Where Is It Goin?” (Produced by DJ Vadim)
6. “Be Ok” (Produced by M-Phazes)
7. “The Journey Continues” (Produced by DJ Ings)
8. “The Wager” (Feat. 8thW1 & Fresh Daily as Charlie Brown’s Field Goal) (Produced by Illmind)
9. “What Makes U” (Produced by Erv Ford)
10. “Goin’ Get It” (Produced by Analogic)
11. “Block Justice” (Produced by M-Phazes)
12. “Siren Symphony” (Produced by Erv Ford)

Side B:

1. “Here We Go” (Feat. East) (Produced by 9th Wonder)
2. “The Gathering” (Feat. Rashid Hadee, Emilio Rojas, Kaze & Oddisee)(Produced by Oddisee)
3. “What It Is” (Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Fresh Daily) (Produced by Erv Ford)
4. “Get ‘Em” (Feat. Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas & East) (Produced by Illmind)
5. “Let It Be Known” (Feat. Kenn Starr & Hassaan Mackey) (Produced by Analogic)

F.T. (Fuc That) - The Brooklyn Beast

For many of us the late 90's were a great time to be exploring the hardcore, underground NYC Hip-Hop scene. There were tons of releases that never got their just due and that heads never heard about. I've always been a fiend for any emcee that had an edge and was superbly skilled in the street rhyme department. That was what I looked for quite a bit in that time period; hardcore artist's that pulled few punches. I think I was like 17 or 18 one day when I was browsing my fav. record store casually on a regular afternoon when a particular CD/Album caught my eye....on the front there was a big "no smoking" symbol over a backpack and the title read "The Anti-Backpack movement". I picked it up and looked on the back... I quickly realized it was a compilation album. It was presented by Tru Criminal Records; a label that I had copped a few 12" singles from in the past. It featured a host of my favorite hardcore producer's and emcees; from tragedy Khadafi and Ali Vegas to Alchemist and Domingo.....seemed like a pretty safe buy, so I copped it at full price (15.99). Noticed right away that it also contained a new name I wasn't too familiar with....that name was "F.T.". I initially dismissed the nuance and proceeded to pick it up for all the familiar names thinking that even if this "F.T." cat couldn't rhyme he certainly couldn't be capable of fucking up the whole record. LOL, I would forever be surprised at the irony of my thinking from that day on, for it would be this "F.T." character who I didn't know, that actually would boast the most memorable song and performances off this album.

Yes, it was F.T.'s (whose name I would come to learn stands simply for "Fuc That") "John F. Hennessy", a joint that I would play over and again that would seal the deal for me being a subtle fan of his for over half a decade. He really owes Alchemist a pat on the back for lettin him hold that beat. The Junior Mafia assisted "Money All the Time" and Tru Criminal posse cut "Prime Time" were included as well, but it was F.T.'s solo spot that allowed him to shine so brightly and fully. That release was back in 02', and a good bit of time has definitely passed by since, and while the Tru Criminal imprint and his former group Street Smarts might be gone now, F.T. has continued to forge onward and make the same brutally honest and edgy street hop that he always has.

2009 is basically here, and while most of you kiddies missed out on Fuc That's early days back in the late 90's and early 2K, he's been kind enough to put out a new project that will catch you up on his past and debut a few new things from the Brooklyn emcee's present. Packed to the gills with the producer's real head's respect (Buckwild, Just Blaze, Alchemist) and timeless NYC Lyricist's (O.C., Nature, Fat Joe, Pharoahe Monche, M.O.P., Sean Price and Buckshot) this is a nice rundown of F.T.'s illest moments. If anything, please listen to "The World Is A Ghetto", that song is, just, well......perfect.


01 - Spazz On Em [Prod.Just Blaze]
02 - No Love
03 - The World Is A Ghetto
04 - John F Hennessey [Prod.Alchemist]
05 - F B High
06 - The Curse
07 - Stand Up
08 - Ghettomania
09 - Ridiculous
10 - I’m Not Playin’ Witcha
11 - Brolic
12 - Money All The Time Feat. Junior Mafia
13 - Don’t Trust Anyone [Prod.Buckwild]
14 - Problemz [Prod.Buckwild]
15 - Hightimes Feat. Tha Eastsidaz
16 - Metal Thangz Feat. O.C. and Pharoahe Monch
17 - Metal Thangz 2 Feat. Nature and Fat Joe
18 - Bounce Feat. Sean Price
19 - No Holds Barred Feat. M.O.P.
20 - Heavy Weighters Feat. Buckshot & Swan
21 - Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & Lies Feat. Cocaine
22 - Frontline Feat. El The Sensei, Organized Konfusion, Mike Zoot
23 - Throw Dem Cups Up Feat. Obie Trice
24 - Chip Remix

Thursday, December 25, 2008

2008....The Year In Review

Today is Christmas and with that there is only but one week left til' 2008 is just a memory and 09' is brand new, filled with plenty of regenerated efforts from our favorite artist's. Vast amounts of new LP's, EP's, Mixtapes, Vinyl and Collabo Ventures within this wild and wacky culture we know as Hip-Hop will be dropped and I'll be right there peepin them out when they do for you as I have been all throughout 08'. This was my second full year of blogging that I got under my belt and I have to say I'm somewhat satisfied with how things went. Of course I wanted to thank everyone that came through to PureHip-Hop in 08' and checked things guys are the best, thanks for the open mindedness. To everyone that dropped a comment or in some way contributed to Purehip-hop, man, I wanna say also, thank you so very much. I do a lot of writing on here and sometimes I question whether it's even worth the trouble, but that's when my brain snaps back to reality and I realize that I got loyal readers. Cats that come thru everyday to see what's new and read a few of my blurbs....that's what I do this for man...those dedicated few that share my views and support the true essence of the culture that we all love that stay comin back for more and try to uphold the sanctity of Hip-Hop....

I look back at 2008 and wholeheartedly give it my stamp of approval. We saw some of our favorite names in Hip-Hop elevate to higher levels and others continue on their path of success. To help refresh everyone's egg nog soaked memories of 08' I have put together a few "best of" list's for this year that should provide a good reference point as well as maybe give you a starting point on some of the things you missed this year while you were suffering through the worst recession since the 1930's. This is special, for once I won't be rambling on about such and such, you'll just get the cold hard facts.....Here we go!

Albums of The Year:

Reks - Grey Hairs

eMC - The Show

The Roots - Rising Down

Elzhi - The Preface

Murs - Murs For President

Heltah Skeltah - D.I.R.T.

Killer Mike - I pledge Allegiance To The Grind pt.II

P Brothers - The Gas

Best Producer's Of 2008::

Jake One

Noatable 08' Productions: "White Van Music" (LP)

Black Milk

Notable 08' Productions: "Tronic" (LP)

Blue Sky Black Death

Notable 08' Productions: "Slow Burning Lights" (Instrumental LP)


Notable 08' Productions: "WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip" (LP)

DJ Premier

Notable 08' Productions: Big Shug ft.Termanology & Singapore Kane - "My Boston", Kool G Rap - "On the Rise Again", Reks - "Say Goodnight", Il Bill - "Society Is Brainwashed", Termanology - "Watch How It Go Down"

Remixes Of The Year:

NYG'z - Ya Dayz R #'D (Remix) feat. Lady Of Rage, Freddie Foxxx & Royce 5'9"

Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap (Remix) feat. Scarface & Nas

Emcee's Of The Year:


Royce Da 5'9"


Black Thought

Joe Budden

Crooked I

Joell Ortiz


Best Compilation Albums Of 08':

Jake One "White Van Music"

DJ Babu "Duck Season Vol. 3"

DJ Revolution "King Of The Decks"

DJ K.O. "Picture This"

Dela "Changes Of Atmosphere"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Video: OkayplayerTV interview with People Under The Stairs

OkayplayerTV: People Under The Stairs from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Here's a pretty informative vid....the good folks over at Okayplayer sit down (and stand up) with Thes One and Double K of the extremely dope and productive (they've released a new album every two years since 97') L.A. based group, People Under The Stairs. Whenever I talk about them with other writers or heads I love to tell people that one of the reasons I respect them is because they were one of the first hip-hop groups to ever acronymize (I think that's a word, lol) their name i.e. "PUTS", and use that frequently in press releases, flyers and internet forums. uhhh, yeah, so anyway.....this is a dope vid, I like seeing the humble abode of any producer I admire and Thes's is pretty cool lookin'....wish he woulda snatched a random record outta one of those stacks and spoke on it, or better yet flipped it. They talk to Double K in front of the L.A. Fat Beats (an equally dope location) and his portion of the interview is cool as well, goes into his whole ideology behind honest rhyming which I co-sign to the fullest. Thes breaks down how their first skeptical meeting went back in the day and how they made their most recent album "Fun DMC". Also included: footage from their first video ever, shot in Australia.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blunted Sultan Vs. Wu-Tang Clan

For all those that dig the extensive amount of Wu-tang remixes out there from all the obscure and talented producers the world over, here's yet another one that should be on ya''s called Blunted Sultan Vs. Wu-Tang Clan. I came across this just as I was casually browsing the blogosphere, still reeling from a Bronco's home loss to the Bills. Although my mood is most likely irreparably damaged until we go wreck shop in San Diego this coming week, this jawn right here did lighten it a bit....

Blunted Sultan AKA Vice Vers has a real nice take on the Wu sound circa the mid 1990's and I was instantly drawn to this mix, duke has some nasty, nasty beats that re-work some of my favorite Wu bangas. Unfortunately I don't got much more info on him other than that.....anyway, shit is on point, I liked it a lot thought I'd share it...


you can preview snippets of a bunch of joints on it here, I ain't lyin'...:

*sorry no all should be familiar with these joints though, if not you a Wu rookie*

Video: Royce Da 5'9" - Shake This

Powerful and beautifully shot "Shake This" is the first single off of Royce's "Street Hop" album due out in 09'. Powerful and sharp images entrance as Royce aurally displays why he's been one of the most talked about emcee's for the past two years.


Video & Single: CNN - The Argument

Dope new record/video from the dynamic QB duo that combines their top notch story telling rhymes with a suitable beat and a nice vid, all in anticipation and preparation for their new album "Channel 10", coming soon. The video contains a hilarious intro, assisted by Styles P and a Skytel 2-way pager. LOL, all hilarity aside the actual record itself is amazing. Pone' and Nore fall back into their old rhythm like Clyde Frazier and Pearl Monroe, effortlessly going back and forth trading line for line, a lesson in pure chemistry. Really gave me the chills man, took me all the way back to their debut "T.O.N.Y." and "The Reunion", they did that good of a job.

The video is clearly low budget and that kinda hurts; these two should've had a huge budget for this, but as we all know there's a recession goin' on and money is hard to come by. Even still, Jewelz The Director puts together an engaging enough affair. Pretty sure that neither Nore or Capone appear in any single shot together, yet they're conversation throughout this seems so authentically made....this is a can't miss for you folks, enjoy the vid, grab the single and go out and buy "Channel 10" when it drops sometime in 09'.


Single: Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden - Move On

Fresh off their works together for the newly formed Slaughterhouse group, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden get together to bring you yet another wonderfully intimate and authentic Hip-Hop song that really is more like 16 bar bio's for each man. The premise is that both men are giving interviews to some bozo ass hip-hop journalist who really just don't understand how real it is wit em'. The beat is is goodness, kinda indie rockish' and somber ya know, but definitely something that you can nod your head to. How Joell got released from Aftermath is beyond me....this is just a great, honest effort.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ali Vegas - Transition To Power Hosted by Superstar Jay & DJ L-Gee

It wasn't so long ago that I was almost positive that Ali was to surely become the next Nas. Judging by classic lyrical efforts like "Theme Of New York", "The Specialist" and "The Co-sign" from his earliest days as a 15 year old prodigal recording artist, and a few really strong mixtapes that seemed to pick up that same momentum, I was all but ready to crown him the new Nas. I was sure that the public would also do the same in due time. It was so easy to become enamored with his flow; sharpened and complimentary to his nasally and distinctly eastern accent, he routinely spewed lines that painted pictures entrenched with vivid description; thee ideal New York street artist.

So what has happened that has caused me to remove my stamp of approval? Well, one of the things that has brought him down is time...he never capitalized off that initial interest from the fans...his debut "Generation Gap" was shelved for some reason or another and only the hardcore fans went online in order to retrieve it. That project I still stand behind and give my full endorsement's a classic effort and a damn shame that he couldn't release it retail. Meanwhile his career went underground and the ever present "ticking clock" for his and every artist's career started. He managed to pull himself up by his boot straps, dropping tapes that ranged from very strong ("Heir To The Throne" & "America's Prince"), to very suspect ("Wait Til' They Get A Load Of Me"), but still staying busy and keeping his name out there. One thing that I found to be a disturbing trend however was his incessant inclusion of work that was far beneath the level of his prior stuff. Ali started dumbing shit down.

Remaining true to his original formula would be the logical choice if he wanted to keep his fans from 10 years ago, but alas, Ali must feel as if he has new demographics to conquer. Nowaday's you can find plenty of his new material littered with commercial and pop-esque type songs and subject matter. He's not built for that at all, he's a lyricist and he shouldn't' suppress that.

"Transition To Power" pretty much falls into the same bucket as what Ali's previous bad mixtapes do...he at times dazzles over strong and well crafted production and then at other times he totally sells out. Combining his new and only "so-so" lyrical output with a bevy of novice newcomers who gloriously fuck things up, this here just don't add up to much....



Thursday, December 18, 2008

Khrysis & DJ Rhettmatic - On The Boards With Heat V.2

Back with a second batch of insanely good beats for the people is none other than Justus League affiliate and underground producer extraordinaire Khrysis. Best known for lacing all of your favorite emcee's and group's, from Evidence to Sean Price and of course Little Brother, he has indeed been sweeping many beat and Hip-Hop heads off their respective feet with his production. It's been nearly 3 years since he dropped the first installment of "On The Boards With Heat", and this time around he's enlisted the special help of one of the left coast's best turntablist's....ever. DJ Rhettmatic was tapped to lend some of his world renowned cutting, mixing and scratching talents to the second edition of this beat series and it was a great move. From the jump I noticed a nice lil' difference. I was taken back by how well the mix was put together; no doubt a byproduct of Rhettmatic and Khrysis's newfound teamwork. As far as the actual music contained, man....Khrysis is just a huge fuckin problm man. There are just so many dope ass beats on here,... I was surprised and then I wasn't....I was on the one hand surprised that he was this deep with his shit, but then on the other I shouldn't have been that startled; after all I heard how he just straight up destroyed Evidence's "Layover EP". The snares, the kicks the sample's all here and the sound quality is super good, but yet you still have that nice lil' warmth and static to everything. Add in a few lil' cameos from Beat Junkie Fam J-Roc and DJ Babu and this rounds out to be a truly great Beat Junkie/Hall Of Justus collab.


Sean Price - King Kong
The Away Team - Awesome
Cormega - The Rap Game f. Little Brother
L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Still Here
Sean Price - Hearing Aid
Jozee Mo - That Nigga
Ness - Talkin Dirty
Little Brother - Cool As A Fan
Little Brother - Back At It
The Away Team - Money On The Table
Torae - Niggaz Is Commin f. Tash
Little Brother - Starvation f. Chaundon
Chaundon - Can I Live
Rapper Big Pooh - Crazy
Rapper Big Pooh - Keep It To The Side
The Away Team - Greedy
Little Brother - After The Party
Kenn Starr - Waitin On You
Smif-N-Wessun - Sick Em
Sean Price - One
Torae - Something To See
The Away Team - Psycho Ward f. Sean Price
Supastition - Word Has It
Median - Rize
The Away Team - Sum Of Me f. Evidence
Smif-N-Wessun - Gun Rap
Jozee Mo - JM Heartbreak
Joe Scudda - The Weirdo Zone
Chaundon - Told You That
Peter Rosenberg - Real Late f. Phonte

The Arsonists Mixtape

Here's a lil' bit of vintage flava for all you Arsonists fans in the form of a rare Mixtpe they released before they ever dropped an album. Any fan of the Brookyln collective comprised mainly of Q-Unique, Jise One and Swel Boogie (but also included ex-members Freestyle, D-Stroy, Kinetic Energy, Kriminal Krash and Ching Rock) needs to peep this mix out indefinitely. Containing classic singles, freestyles and unreleased joints it's the centerpiece for any Arsonists fan to own and considering it was ripped from an actual cassette it drips with the authenticity of the group's Bushwick, Brooklyn roots. It's pretty nice to hear them all together when it started man....last time I recall that they were all together was sometime in 02' and their last group album "Date Of Birth" was released in 01', so this very much so harkens back to a time when things were diffrent, maybe even better.


*No Tracklist, sorry*

Side A

Side B

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DVD: Best Of Fat Beats Radio Vol.1

I know that I don't usually upload movie's, in fact this might be the first one I've ever dropped on here, but please trust that it's on here for a reason. When I think of Fat Beats I think of an institution that was birthed out of the perfect Hip-Hop record store and became one of the illest Hip-Hop record labels there could be. Home to at least one of your favorite underground emcee's of all-time, Fat Beats Records has long established a reputation as the premier name in heady underground hip-hop. Birthed in the East Village section of NYC they started out as a simple, hole in the wall type of record store known for their vinyl only distribution and in-store appearances of the illest Indie Hip-Hop artists. Today they have added locations in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, increasing an already global reach to DJ's and fans the coast and world over. It was only a matter of time til' they got up on their own Radio show as well. That show titled Fat Beats radio can now be heard via the web, on thursdays, all day, on This is a DVD dedicated to the Fat Beats way and some of the artist's that have become synonomous with their movement and the show over the years. Jam packed with exclusive footage of everyone from Big L to Mr. Complex freestyling it's a no-brainer to peep this. Personally I really enjoyed the classic archive footage of the Ghetto Dwellas, R.I.P. Party Arty.


For all thos that need a taste of what this DVD is all about peep the freestyle madness that ensues courtesy of D-Flow, Party Arty, AG and Big L here on this excerpt.....

pass: boss

News: Smif-N-Wessun & Pete Rock Have Full-Length Project In The Works

XXL has learned that Brooklyn rap duo Smif-N-Wessun are currently in the process of collaborating on a entire album with MPC maestro Pete Rock.

Buckshot, Boot Camp Clik leader and Duck Down Records’ label head - with whom the project will most likely be released on - hit up to talk about the upcoming disc.

“Our connection and respect for Pete Rock goes back to our early days in the game,” he shared. “I’ve been a fan of his production (and his MC flow for that matter) from the jump. Pete’s contributed on several Boot Camp albums, but I know we just always scratched the surface on those tracks.”

“Teaming him with Smif-N-Wessun for an entire project will create a consistency that we think will be yet another dream team match for our fans,” he continued. “Much the same with me working with 9th Wonder for two albums (and another one underway) Tek-N-Steele will benefit from Pete’s vision and experience. I know from talking to him, he’s a big fan of Smif-N-Wessun…. It’s going to be crazy to see where they take this.”

The untitled record will be the Brooklyn rapper’s follow up to 2007’s The Album.