Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News: Rammellzee Passes Away

It's with a heavy heart that I announce to longtime Hip-Hop heads that legendary MC and famed graffiti writer, Rammellzee, also known as RAMMΣLLZΣΣ recently passed away.

Primarily known through his involvement with the Death Comet Crew, Gettovetts and as apart of the groundbreaking film "Wild Style", Rammellzee is widely considered a progenitor of the modern New York emceeing style and several graff styles as well. His influences have traces everywhere in the culture...

At the moment both Fab Five Freddy and Sam Sever are confirming that Rammellzee passed on earlier today, no specific word yet on he details on how he passed.


Estelle - #ialmostmadeamixtape

Combining forces with DJ Trauma, Fanta Swaray AKA Estelle; the english R&B songstress, producer and femcee that's garnered much acclaim through working with celebrated American names like Busta Rhymes, Kanye West and so on, releases her new project "#ialmostmadeamixtape".

Full of her sultry vocals, thoughtful rhymes and guest spots from Nas, Kardinal Offishall and John Legend be sure to have this on your radar, lots of jazzy and soulful vibes emit from it...


Estelle - #IAlmostMadeAMixtape

Video: Eternia Talks Release Day Info About "At Last"

I've already heard MoSS and Eternia's "At Last" and believe me, being that it's one of the best albums of 2010 and one of the best albums EVER released by female MC, the info about where, how and why you should purchase it contained in this video is of the upmost importance.

Do peep this out and do go cop that, it's available today!


Single: Madlib ft. Karriem Riggins & James Poyser - Funky Butt Part 1

I'm a huge Jazz fan and nothing pleases me more concerning my love of the genre than to know that Madlib will be reprising his decade old Yesterday's New Quintet aura to do a new release for his latest (#7) Madlib Medicine Show series, titled "High Jazz".

Stones Throw was kind enough to release one of the amazing tracks off "High Jazz" that features Lib' teaming up with the lofty talents of Grammy winning keyboardist (and frequent Hip-Hop producer) James Poyser as well as Jazz Drummer, MC and producer Karriem Riggins. The result? A lil' somethin called "Funky Butt".

Don't sleep on this and do not sleep on "Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz" which will be available on July 27th.


Poyser, Riggins, Jackson - Funky Butt (Madlib Medicine Show #7) by stonesthrow

Single: Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (F*ck The World)

I let ya'll know long ago that I'm not really so much of a Freddie Gibbs fan b/c he's the most concise lyricist out there or b/c he's uplifting the culture in a huge way...Nah, I pretty much ride wit duke's music cause' I feel it and it kinda makes me wanna knock someone's teeth out while simultaneously exhaling a giant hit of some exotic strain of trees. We need MC's like him too.

Fall up into the new Decon Records signee's latest hard line banger "National Anthem"; an un-apologetically gratuitous street ballad that chronicles Gibbs' laid back, callously cool attitude. After you mess with this mark Aug. 3rd on ya calender, that's when you'll be able to pick up Gibbs' new "Str8 Killa EP" in stores.

props to NahRight on the link, this is the tagged version...


Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (Tagged Version)

Single: Greenhouse (Blueprint & illogic) - Smile

Back in October and November of last year I started raising a bit of a fuss over this new collaborating endeavor that Ohio undergrounder's Blueprint and Illogic were going to take on together...Here, almost half a year later we get another leak off their forthcoming album "Electric Purgatory Part Two".

"Smile" is the first "official" leak off the new record and it's a lyrically dense voyage into these two MC's inner most workings...Over an eclectic, futuristic type of beat construction both of them give you ample, dead-pan rhyme reasons to be excited about their new release...

"Electric Purgatory Part Two" drops July 24th.


<a href="http://greenhousecrew.bandcamp.com/track/smile-2">Smile by Greenhouse (Blueprint &amp; Illogic)</a>

Monday, June 28, 2010

Video: Jasiri X, Isada Tariq and Living Proofe - Just A Minstrel

Pennslyvania artist Jasiri X knows what time it is....

Getting up with two other area represenatives, Isada Tariq and Living Proofe, the conscious trio put together "Just A Minstrel"; an unflattering stab at how many of today's mainstream artists are far too willing to exploit themselves and the culture we all love for a buck...

Directed by X-Clan member Paradise Gray and featuring a bunch of cut in footage from one of the most slept on Spike Lee joints ever in "Bamboozled", it's an interesting look into how some of today's lesser known talent see's their sellout counterparts.

I'm just glad someone's still down to point out the pollution....


Video Interview: Rockwilder For GrindMusicRadio.com

Rockwilder, one of the Apple's premier go-to hit crafters during the 90's and well into the 2k's, talks about his come up in the game, working with Redman, Erick Sermon and Teddy Reilly...

Another dope producer interview from GrindMusicRadio.com; a site/show that is fast becoming an institution regarding their in-depth talks with legendary production talent.


Ab-Soul - Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke & Almost Famous

The west coast's latest addition to their somewhat brimming pool of up and coming talent is Ab-Soul...The Carson, CA based MC has been tugging at our attention spans by releasing a few pre-emptive tracks prior to dropping this tape, all of which were very acceptable by golden era head standards. Today, he gives us the whole enchilada and drops "Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke & Almost Famous"; a new mixtape effort that features tha Cali rhymer displaying his capable flow alongside guest features like Kendrick Lamar, Rapper Big Pooh and Jay Rock among others. Production is handled by a cast of newcomers, but overcomes that label quickly...


Ab-Soul - Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke & Almost Famous

Interview: Big Boi For Ozone Magazine

Although I think a magazine devoted entirely to southern rap music is a bit overtly exclusionary and dull, I will give up some props to the folks over at Ozone Mag for putting Outkast's Big Boi on the cover of their 84th issue and doing a smash bang job of interviewing the ATLien legend who's currently prepping his new solo LP for all of his fans, that might I add, exist everywhere...Dive in as respected blogger/wrter and all around Hip-Hopper Maurice Garland conducts the detailed questioning...


Ozone: You said the final straw was when Jive asked you to record your own version of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.” Why would they think that would be a good idea?

Big Boi: They don’t know us like that. Up until Speakerboxx/The Love Below, Outkast was not a radio-driven group. We are Soul Funk crusaders. The type of music we make, we weren’t seeing eye-to-eye with the label on it. For a man to tell me to go make my own version of “Lollipop?” That doesn’t even sound right. That’s what the president of Jive told me. When he told me that, that’s when I had to start putting my own songs out. I was leaking songs just trying to figure out how to make the right moves. I want to put this album out under the right circumstances. Things weren’t jelling over there.

Read the rest here

DJ Eclipse - Rap Is Outta Control 6/20/10

Haven't posted up one of these in a minute!

Longtime 89.1 WNYU DJ personality and un-flinching supporter of underground Hip-Hop, DJ Eclipse was up to his usual purveying of ill subterranean cuts this past Sunday...Joining him in the studio was newly minted group Stupit Amerikinz (J-Ro of The Liks fame, Denmark by way of Philly MC Maylay Sparks and K-Skills) who spoke with Eclipse and shared some of their new records off their upcoming album that's dropping on uber dope underground label SoulSpazm.

Also filling the 2 hour set are new joints from Diamond D, Hell Razah (who is also recovering well from his recent brain aneurysm BTW), Blacastan, Dumhi & Reef The Lost Cauze, Heather B and PackFM among many, many others....

Nuff respect to my blogging man 50 grand Drasar Monumental on the linkage...Congrats on that new "release" you got comin' next month as well too brutha...much blessings.


Rap Is Outta Control Hour 1

Rap Is Outta Control Hour 2

Singles: Rakaa ft. Fashawn, Evidence & Defari - Aces High (prod. by Alchemist)

One of the illest west coast posse cuts in a minute!

Over a straight Alchemist laced banger, some of L.A.'s longest running underground champions (and one of the area's heir apparents) link up for a joint off Rakaa's forthcoming solo album "Crown Of Thorns"...Defari Heirut, Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence & Fresno's own Fashawn....Do I gotta write anything else?

"Crown Of Thorns" drops on July 20th via Decon Records....


Rakaa ft. Fashawn, Evidence & Defari - Aces High (prod. by Alchemist)

Single: Kaze - Slow Down (Ha Ha) Freestyle

Two 9th Wonder-related, Souhern underground Hip-Hop posts in a row....

Going in over one of Fat Joey's tracks, the North Cack native known as Kaze (pronounced Kaah-Zee) absolutely watery shats all over any freestyle you thought was the best you most recently heard...

I 1st got into Kaze back when he was collabing with 9th Wonder on "The Spirit Of 94': Version 9.0" some years back...No doubt he's a talent and if possible do check up on him when he drops his new tape "Carolina Summer 2", which is coming up real soon...

link via NotQuiteMillionaires


Kaze - Slow Down (Ha Ha) Freestyle

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Video: SPECTAC & Amiri - Mass Effect

New joint off South Carolina bred, Atlanta based MC SPECTAC's new LP "Almost Famous". Many of ya'll should remember Spec from working with 9th wonder on their "On The Corner Of Spec & 9th" tape, if you haven't heard that do check it out....

"Almost Famous" is available now..get get that!


Singles: Von Pea - Show Em' Up, Faded & Cantstandya

In house beat man for thee best new Hip-Hop collective in years, Von Pea, has more than just a knack for bangin on the boards...In fact he's a pretty decent MC as well, and most TM fans know this. If you haven't heard how Pea can get loose lemme recommend this triple play offering of singles from him that feature some of his headier mic work in recent memory...

All three jawns are pulled from Pea's upcoming project "So Motivational: The Most Skull Duggery Of Mixtapes" and feature Che Grand, NYC up and comer Sene as well as The Lessondary (Von Pea, Donwill, Spec Boogie & Che Grand)...All three bang, do check em out and get ready for that tape...

links via NahRight


Von Pea ft. Che Grand - Show Em' Up

Von Pea ft. Sene - Cantstandya

Von Pea ft. The Lessondary - Faded

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Video Interview: Rhymefest For HipHopAtLunch.com

Check out Fest's latest interview with HipHopAtLunch.com, where he delves into subjects like his new album "El Che", using cartoons for a lot of his music video's and how his new group Blacksploitation is Chicago history...


Single: Sha Stimuli - Believe (prod. by Astronote)

Why do the best and truly talented always seem to get marginalized in Hip-Hop?

Soldier of the struggle, Brooklyn's own Sha Stimuli unleashes one of his rawest and most honest jawns here, slip[ping into verses that reflect on his pop's death, his own blighted success, lonliness in what he does and much more...

"Believe" is one of those tracks that deals with so much earnest speaking, and yet doesn't come off sad or self-pitying....you just feel it. Sha is continuing to push onward after his debut album "My Soul To Keep", and has a new project titled "Unsung v.1: The Garden of Eden" coming soon..

Take a listen to this..then do it again...then again...it's your single of the weekend.

Link via TheCorner.net


Sha Stimuli - Believe (prod. by Astronote)

Video Interview: Blacastan For Parker Vision

The Hartford. CT native who garnered a perfect rating from me for his debut album "Blac Sabbath" takes some time to answer a couple questions from radio personality Peter Parker in front of Boston's Harper's Ferry.

Parker Asks Blac about who else is poppin' in his hometown and what went into his vintage sounding debut album...


Friday, June 25, 2010

Video Interview: AG & Ray West

I been raving pretty good about this new AG album...time to sit down with it's two creators and see what their inspiration really truly was...

AG and his partner on this project, producer Ray West, both sit and break down the significance of the whole "berri" concept they're throwing around as well as speak on the "vintage" (and utterly dope) looking cover art for the project. Things get wrapped up with a video for the track "Infected". Do peep this album out folks! You can already order it here! For the rest of ya'll look for it in ya record store (if your blessed enough to still have one) on the 29th...


Video: CNN - Pain

Hell.Mutha.Fuckin.Yeah....CNN is back!!

I've heard (and provided) a handfull of leaks off this new "War Report 2" album they got coming on July 13th and I gotta say, these two may have squandered their many solo efforts time and again, but sure enough, when the two Queens represenatives get up to do group LP's they keeps it as thoro as any duo from the Apple, ever.

"Pain" is an affecting song and while the visuals are well presented, the music takes center stage to me...Over a moody Alchemist-produced banger Pone' and Nore let you feel their struggle...Nore's verse once again shows he's committed to being consistent on this go round'...


Single: Black Sheep (Dres) ft. Jean Grae - Party Tonight

Straight up jazzy lounge vibes emanate in a lovely fashion here as Jean Grae teams up with Dres (who now is the sole member of Black Sheep) for "Party Tonight".

Kind of a nice lil' Summerish tune...I know I'll likely give it a spin the next time I'm out and about tryin to get my swerve on or just hangin'. Jean kind of operates in a bit of a different space here than her usual underground/hardcore schtick that we're used to getting from her, but honestly she pulled off the seductiveness and carefree rhymes with the upmost grace...She's simply too talented man. As for Dres, he also comes through with some equally fitting rhymes. If only club/mainstream music could start sounding more like this...

Be sure to remember Dres' highly anticipated (at least by me and other 90's heads) "From The Black Pool Of Genius" will be dropping on June 29th...the prelude for that upcoming record is already available now.

link via Shake


Black Sheep (Dres) ft. Jean Grae - Party Tonight

Thursday, June 24, 2010

News: Russell Simmons Wins Exemption on Debit-Card Fee, Perhaps At Detriment To Minorities

We all know Russell is thee man who laid the blueprint for modern day Hip-Hop moguls like Diddy and 50, but recently it was brought to light that Simmons; the founder of one of the game's most iconic rap labels (among other memorable business ventures), might just be more shrewd a businessman than any of us ever could've imagined.

In an eyebrow-raising piece on Bloomberg Businessweek's website, Robert Schmidt and Patrick O’Connor outline Simmons' recent court victory when a judge decided to allow his company UniRush to cap a interchange fee on the RushCard; a prepaid Visa debit card that the company offers to people who don't have bank accounts and can't qualify for credit cards AKA the infomercial we've seen a thousand times at 2 AM.

The article basically outlines how capping this interchange fee (the 1 to 2% service charge when you use a debit card that usually is billed to your bank) puts more financial strain on the RushCard holders, who, you guessed it, turn out to be primarily low income minorities.

Exploitative? Maybe...further reading is def. in your best interest, especially if you've been thinking about grabbing yaself a RushCard, I'll admit that I thought about it for a hot second.


Unmentioned are the fees Simmons’s company imposes for its card, including a $9.95 monthly charge, $3 for activation, $1 for every purchase if a PIN is used, $1 for online bill paying, and 50¢ to check the balance at an ATM. Direct deposits and online account management are free, as is a service that alerts customers when their balances are low.

By comparison, check-cashing services can charge $50 to cash a $1,000 paycheck. Such fees have led some to ask whether Simmons is at least as interested in doing well as in doing good. Simmons is “marketing a product that is frankly exploitative of the poor and minorities,” says Adam Levitin, a law professor at Georgetown University in Washington who specializes in banking issues. “He’s no different than a bank

Read the rest here

Review: Rhymefest - El Che

As hesitant as I may be to praise or elevate a man who once famously stated “In fact, if Christ himself stood in my way, I, like Nietzsche, would not hesitate to squish him like a worm“, I must admit that Chicago wordsmith and perennial underground favorite Rhymefest, (who’s real name coincidentally is also Che) uses the late, Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara’s life, beliefs and now mainstream American fascination rather slickly to inspire his new album.

Read the rest here

Single: Mr. J Medieros - Pink Light (Unofficial Remix)

Laura Viers had one hell of a song on her hands with "Pink Light"....Former Procussions member Mr. J. Medieros has done the rare feat of improving upon something in which that is already very dope...

In a stunning remix from German and self professed "white and middle class" beatmaking sensation PR0FilR, we get Medieros--a guy I will always point out has roots in my city of of Colorado Springs and regard a bit as an inspiration--straight up flipping the bright melody and making it all his own.


<a href="http://mrjmedeiros.bandcamp.com/track/pink-light-pr0filr-remix">&quot;Pink Light&quot; PR0FiLR Remix by Mr. J. Medeiros</a>

Video: Marco Polo Beat Showcase Toronto Edition

On June 26th if your in the T.Dot there's only one place you even need to think about bein--The Great Hall for Marco Polo's Beat Showcase...On hand will be 3 of Canada's illest up and coming producers who all will be cycling through some of their freshest work...

Here you get to roll to Rich Kidd, Frank Dukes and MoSS's spots and check out their studio's while they build w/ you a bit on how they got in the game and their relationships w/ ever so gracious MP....A can't miss for any aspiring beatmaker. Guest spots from JuJu and Masta Ace...

On a brief side note, I myself can attest to how MP is a stand up guy..last year I was putting together some lil' blend tape and I asked him to do a drop for me and he did so--not knowing me from Adam, and promptly too...It's shit like that you don't soon forget about people. I was a fan of his music beforehand, but afterward I respected dude on a personal level as well.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cover Art: DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Kill Devil Hills

Here's a look at what's sure to be one of the better hardcore releases of 2010...Cypress Hill/Soul Assassins' DJ Muggs expands his "Vs" series yet again, this time with one of the Brooklyn's all time illest MC's; none other than Ill Bill.

"Kill Devil Hills" drops this coming August...


Snippets: A.G. - Everything's Berri

Next week D.I.T.C. member A.G. will drop his latest full length studio album "Everything's Berri"; a collaboration project with producer Ray BeRRi that's being dropped via Fat Beats Records. Andre, long known for doing great collaborative work with Showbiz and as being an un-flinching loyalist to hardcore rhyming will attempt to revive a somewhat floundering career after his last collabo effort with O.C. "Oasis" fell a bit flat with his fans and underground heads alike.

This time out A.G. enlists a much more captivating and sample laden beat lineup that boasts tons of familiar laid back loops as well as some guest spots from Roc Marciano, ("Marcberri" is one of the sickest tracks I've heard in a minute) Party Arty (R.I.P.) and his protege's 950plus and by all accounts creates one of the best releases of 2010...The cover is pretty friggin ill IMO too...

Must peep tracks: "YMI Still Here", "Marcberri", "Berriville", "Party Hard, Hustle Hard" & "Xenophobia".


A.G. - Everything's Berri (Snippets)

Single: Krondon - Intermission (prod. by Moka Only)

Steady gang repper Krondon emerges with the 183rd edition of DJBooth.net's Freestyle series and over an original production from Canadian workhorse producer/MC Ron Contour Moka Only, laces the good folks that routinely check in on the series...

The sound is a really dope mesh, and I for one wouldn't be mad at Kron if he chooses to do a collab project of some sort with Moka...the two got chemistry. While we all hope for that, do keep in mind that teh illest albino out there does have a new project titled "Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll" on the way.


Krondon - Intermission (prod. by Moka Only)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interview: Prince Po For Unkut.com

Half of legendary Queens group Simply II Positive MCs Organized Konfusion, Prince Po[etry] gets up with Robbie of Unkut.com to speak on how and where he came up in Hip-Hop, the wealth of talent that he went to high school with and how often he and Monch connect nowadays...


Unkut: How long did a ‘Prisoners of War’ take to write?

Po: It all depends on the mood we were in. We wrote our songs livin’ life regular. Come over early in the morning to Monch house, we have breakfast, sometimes we might go play ball, come back to the house, we write…cut the beat off, play Playstation, go back to writing again. Sometimes we sat for hours and wrote! What took more time was not the rhymes but actually putting the song together – having the break-down parts and trying to make the song different from just having a chorus and a rhyme and then a chorus and a rhyme and then it’s gone. So that’s where the helicopters sounds and all that stuff came in.

Read the rest here

Prince Paul - Horror City (Unreleased Demo From 95')

Wow, it seems that Prince Paul AKA one of the illest minds of all time in Hip-Hop when it comes to production and putting albums together overall has been sitting on this unreleased album he did with longtime collaborator Superstar, (who also went by the name Horror City), for 15 years! That is until he dropped it completely free today via his Twitter....I keep telling ya'll non-believers Tweeting is the future, well, in this case I guess the past, but you know what I mean...

Most heads will remember Superstar most from appearing on the joints "MC Hustler" and "War Party" for Paul's classic concept album "A Prince Among Thieves", the rest of you need to tune in...

Prince Paul:

This was a project that I wanted to put together with Amityville MC legend Superstar . as I thought about it more I wanted to recruit more Mcs we knew to make it diverse . Superstar already had the name "Horror City" so wen recorded under that name . This project was recorded right after the first Gravedigga album " 6ft deep"in 1995 . I shopped the demo but unfortunately it got looked over and never got signed . I sat on this project for a while but it always had a dear place in my heart because I thought it was really good and the talent was there . I stripped some of the music from the demo and put it on " a prince among thieves" and actually had a few of the guys perform on the " Thieves " album as well but to be honest I always liked these originals better . So now I have decided share these songs with all of you because holding on to them made no sense .. why not share great music . Hopefully you the listener will enjoy this project as much as I do . please share it , thats why I made this for free download.

As if this wasn't dope enough news on it's own, Paul also has let it be known that he's going to begin releasing a bunch of free downloads every week as a apart of his new free download series, so do watch his moves..


Prince Paul - Horror City (Unreleased Demo)

Single: AG ft. Party Arty - Dilla 4 Ever

2nd leak off of Andre's upcoming "Everything's Berri" release that features an ode to one of the game's most beloved late beatmakers, from one of D.I.T.C.'s fallen soldiers...

Party Arty AKA P-80 was an extended member of not only D.I.T.C. but also was apart of hardcore duo The Ghetto Dwellas and sadly, the well known battle emcee met with his demise back in December of 2008. The Bronx bred veteran sounds better than hardcore ever here as he adds just a touch of himself on the chorus while AG goes in over one of Dilla's signature entrancing, magnetizing joints...

So far so good when it comes to AG's new jawn...my hopes are high...it drops June 29th via Fat Beats Records.


AG ft. Party Arty - Dilla 4 Ever

DJ Drama & Dead Prez - Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz

Two of the game's most un-abashed emcee's return to the scene witha brand new mixtape that all of us need to make some time to peep out...

The Hip-Hop world's most prominant "Revolutionary" act of the late 90's and early 2K's has teamed up with one of the ATL mixtape game's most undeniable forces...Dead Prez + DJ Drama = "Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz"; a mixtape effort that touches on many of the most pertinent issues not only in the Hip-Hop world today, but the overall world as a whole...Stic Man and M1 still are spot on regarding the tempeture of things going on around em'...Tons of freestyles get murdered here, plus a must-hear take of the oft-flipped "Lil' Ghetto Boy" song...nice ish'...

link via DeadPrez.com


DJ Drama & Dead Prez - Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz

Monday, June 21, 2010

Video: General Steele - Amerikkka's Skemin'

Ya know, this video might never pop commercially or do big numbers, but got damnit, this man Steele is kicking the truth and we should ALL give it a listen.

In this highly poignant and un-waveringly paranoid cut the BCC affiliate and Smif N' Wessun repper outlines a ton of this country's biggest travesties and illuminates some of it's ugliest truths...from the historical--the virtual theft of the Matta Hatta Native's land by Peter Minuit--to the financial--New York's outrageous profits from parking tickets and real estate taxes....and all that's just what appears in text form in this vid...

While I'm a lil' reticent to co-sign Steele's praises of crazy dude 5000 Alex Jones' Infowars website, I will stand up and say that BBC; another news source Steele big upped, is in fact a very solid, straight news entity that I mess with heavily and wish CNN and MSNBC would strive to be more like.

"Amerikka's Skemin'" highlights the supreme mis-trust perhaps we all should carry a bit more for this land we call "America". While a lot of Steele's observations seem aggrandized, rest assured plenty of what he's kickin is pure truth.

If you dug this, than do check out the LP it's taken from; "General Steele Presents: Amerikkka's Nightmare Part 2 Children of War".


Video Interview: Tek For Brooklyn Bodega

1/2 of Smif N' Wessun and 1/8th of BCC, Tek, sits down with Raven the Blazin Eurasian (lol, I'mma be nice bout that nickname) of BrooklynBodega.com in the park out in Bed Stuy...

Among other things discussed as Tek munches on sun flower seeds (real professional) is DuckDown’s 15 Year Anniversary, some of his onstage plans for this year's Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival, the new album "Monumental" that he and Steele are doing with Pete Rock and how Da Beatminerz influenced their sound.


Video: Onra ft. T3 - The One

Paris based beatmaker Onra hits us with a new visual aid for his track "The One" with Slum Villa's T3...

The magnetic tune and love-lost story are as infectious as the aerial city skyline footage and T3 does his thing somethin fierce over Onra's eclectic, almost electro style beat work.

Onra's "Long Distance" album is available now.


Single: K Terror - It Is What It Is (prod. by Diamond D)

Longtime Diamond D collaborator K Terror AKA K. Terroribul drops a new joint that the two did that slaps pretty nicely...

Over a head nodding 95'esque sample and a righteous layered clap Terror "dares one of you dumb dudes to deal wit the kid".

file via 238BeatsBlog , link via muah..


K Terror - It Is What It Is (prod. by Diamond D)

Video: Vinnie Paz ft. Shara Worden - Keep Movin On

Fresh off releasing his solo debut "Season Of The Assassin", longtime Philly underground force Vinnie Paz dropped a video last week for "Keep Movin' On"; one of said album's most touching and defining cuts.

Over a somber, string and key laden beat Paz narrates the latest pictures of dispair in our beautiful America, as well as those from his own genesis within Hip-Hop. The stirring vocals of My Brightest Diamond lead singer Shara Worden cascade wonderfully on the chorus...Shorty def. does her thing here. Great video that includes some footage from my favorite JMT vid ever in "I Who Have Nothing".

Powerful stuff. Nicely done Paz.


TabLiv - The Vermont Tapes

New concept album from emcee/producer Tab and Remarkable Mayor group member Tone Liv. Combining to form TabLiv the two talented rhymers set out on a road trip to of all places Vermont and in the process delve into some really ill Hip-Hop explorations as well.

Providing a sound that's drenched in 90's undergound fair while still pretty adequately modern, Tab's production powers the bulk of this 13 track free album release.


TabLive - The Vermont Tapes

Video Interview: Bun B For XXL

In a recent interview with XXL, the Trillest one informed the people that he in fact has been tapped by Rice University to teach a course on Hip-Hop and religion...

Not since 9th Wonder getting the honor to educate at Duke and North Carolina Central Universities has a Hip-Hopper been allowed to teach in a place of higher education about what they do...Sure, Cormega lectured at Temple and Lil' Kim was once course fodder at Syracuse, but actually teaching at an esteemed university or college? Only Bun and 9th have gotten to do that thus far. All praise and respect due to Bun B, I've no doubt he'll be able to point out some serious inferences and contrasts to his students.

Someone really needs to get KRS or Chuck D on the horn and have them come in and break down Hip-Hop to the kids...


Single: Homeboy Sandman - Tyshae (prod. by Lotus)

After dropping one of the most lyrically dense debuts of the year in "The Good Sun", one of rap's last hopes is now back on his grind...

Queens repper Homeboy Sandman alongside Brooklyn producer Lotus (not to be confused with Flying Lotus) rips into this aural treat and laces it with his trademark vivid rhyme style...Centered around his angel "Tyshae" true to life type ish' ensues...

Off Lotus' upcoming compilation "The Lotus Effect".


Video: The Roots - Dear God 2.0

"How I Got Over" drops tommorrow, if your still on the fence as to whether you should cop it, feast ya eyes and ears on this official vid for the band's "Dear God 2.0"...

Take a ride in Thought's taxi as he shows you the gritty reality behind the daily grind that so many live and the interesting cast of folks that hitch a ride; a ride in which ultimately culminates with him gettin jacked for his hard earned fares. Shitty yes, but his choosing to realize that life and being there for his loved ones is more important is the message ya'll should take 1st. Jason Goldwatch with another great direction effort.

Vid via OnSmash.com


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bulletin: DJ Muggs & Bambu Mixtape Coming Soon

Looks like one of the best new young bucks outta L.A. is gonna have the honor of working with one of Cali's and the rap game's best producers ever...

Be on the lookout...


Review: Lewis Parker & John Robinson - International Summers

To many children of the Millennial generation the musical art form known as Jazz is more alien than a typewriter or pay phone. The genre that once was thee sound of youthful rebellion and could be heard blasting from many Cotton Club-like speak easy’s coast to coast back in the 1920’s and 30’s has sadly dimmed a bit in the 21st century…As time marched forward the improvisational art birthed timeless masters of their craft…men named Coltrane, Blakey, Monk, Morton, Roach, Mingus, Davis and so forth. These giants of the musical world left lasting imprints in the recording and performance world’s and helped shape future genre’s of black music that would come, including, you guessed it, Hip-Hop.

Read the rest here

Single: Agallah - The Launch Off

Man, I used to be one of the biggest 8-Off Agallah fans you could find...From back when he was runnin' with Group Home tuff to when he linked with the Dips and Purple City...

In recent years I've found it tough to rock with much of anything he's dropped, but I will concede that he's always kept a really steady flow of work comin' for us..

On this his latest single "The Launch Off", I'm pleased to say that Ag finally has given me somethin' I can roll wit...Over a familiar Pink Floyd joint the former piff master gets loose as only he can..

Link via GrandGood


Agallah - The Launch Off

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Complex Mag's 50 Worst Hip-Hop Fails

Following up their last excellent "50" list, Complex.com goes for ya funny bone as they list some of Hip-Hop's biggest names during some of their biggest blunders. Included in the fray; Lil' Kim's penchant for going under the knife, Game's wayward butterfly tattoo, KRS sonning of PM Dawn and Big Daddy Kane, eh, well, see for yaself...

Hilarious list, I read the entire thing...huge props to the folks over @ Complex for doing a great job. Even though they themselves kinda had an epic #Fail for putting L Boogie's unplugged performance and Boot Camp's "For The People" album on the list before so much other fuckery that's out there was completely un-warranted.


Complex Mag's 50 Worst Hip-Hop Fails

Friday, June 18, 2010

Video: Big Daddy Kane Brings Out Jazzy Jay And Greg Nice In Brooklyn

It absolutely did my heart well to see somethin this amazing go down...

A couple days back Big Daddy Kane announced he was gonna go a free show in Tompkins Park Herbert Von King Park in Brookyln and he held true to his word....Plenty of folks showed up to see the legend rock, but none could've expected the momentus actions that would come in during Kane's show...

After momentarily introducing Jazzy Jay, Kane brang out a raucusly good Greg Nice, who completely rocked a quick set that featured him falling into his familiar high-energy stage show antics as well as some beat boxing magic. I was watching this vid standing up, dancing around and chanting the same lyrics as the ppl in the crowd. This is what Hip-Hop is kids, THIS! Shit was so dope I'll ignore the fact Nice was rockin a fro hawk...

footage courtsey of the homie ova @ GrandGood.com


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Single: Killah Priest ft. Copywrite & Jakki The Motamouth - Fire Reign

Brand new illness from thee hardest working Wu Affiliate out there; Killah Priest...

Getting up with Underground Ohio emcee's Jakki The Motamouth and Copywrite for a gritty cut they're callin' "Fire Reign", you'll find few new joints that get you in the hardcore mood like this...Nice to see Jakki back out and about doing his thing too...

This is plucked from Killah's upcoming album "The 3 Day Theory", droppin July 6th.


Killah Priest ft. Copywrite & Jakki The Motamouth - Fire Reign