Monday, July 30, 2007

Madlib- The Beat Konducta in India Vol.3 & 4

One of the most eclectic and innovative beatmakers on the left coast or anywhere in the world today is back with a new offering of intrumentals for your ears. Sonically imperfect, yet so pleasing, many of the samples Madlib brings forth are obscure, and rythmic pieces of pure joy for the crate diggin' officiandos. Some samples I believe were even lifted straight off VHS tapes as well (certain hisses sound familiar). There is a Indian (red dot) theme throughout this tape as Madlib shows off his impressive Hindi collection as he wields beat after dope beat at us. This is a great joint to throw on when you wanna vibe out and forget about things, Madlib takes the drum programming to another level, as he creates sultry, hard hitting and spaced out patterns that prove once again to the listener his innovtion knows no bounds.
-Dominick L.
Volume 3.
01. Enter... Hot Curry
02. Indian Hump
03. Movie Finale
04. Raw Tranquility Pt. 3
05. Freeze
06. Masala
07. OnThatNewThing
08. Indian Deli
09. The Rumble
10. Dancing Girls Theme
11. Piano Garden
12. Dark Alley Incidental Music
13. Early Party
14. Fifth Chant
15. The Rip Off (Scene 3)
16. Sitar Ride
Volume 4.
17. Get It Right
18. More Rice
19. Accordion for Raj
20. Indian Bells
21. Club Scene
22. Duel
23. Organ Stroll
24. In the Cave
25. Malfunction
26. Victory
27. Smoke Circle
28. Raw Ground Wire
29. New Bombay
30. Shah Sound
31. Another Getaway
32. Main Title
33. (Variations)
34. No Sitar (outro)

The State Vs. Doo Wop

Few DJ's have ever been as revered and as blessed talent-wise as Doo Wop. The man known as the "Bouncemasta" has been around forever in the Bronx and has dealt the hip-hop community classic tape after classic tape over the years as well as pionneering a few technique staples of the modern day mixtape. Things like well known artists "freestyling" over the hottest new beats in the street was somthing that Wop originated, as well as doing inventive mixtape covers and themes. With all that history and great music beaming out of a timeless career, Wop has few feats left to accomplish as far as the mixtape game goes. So it probably comes as no surprise that his latest retail offering "The State Vs. Doo Wop" is a complete reflection of his sterling career. It is in a word classic New York hip-hop. So reminiscent of his best tapes and filled with a lot of material taken from some of his classic tapes like "95 Live". Also embedded in this tape is Doo Wop's gut busting humor via his skits. Many times I've caught myself laughing out loud to skits on Wop's tapes, making it a full cycle of emotions when you bump Wop. You feel lyrical at times, then nostalgic, witty, then you wanna wild out and finally he usually throws somthing that tugs at your heart. The formula for this tape is no different (see the Big L tribute) and resonates with authenticity and of course bounce. Shit on this tape that will have you rewinding again and again is the boastful "P Lawn Dons" featuring Pun delivering his last known verse, also "Gangsta Shit", the cliche' titled yet lyrically potent track delivers some of AZ's finest bars. If your into the horns blaring, thugged out lyricism then make sure you check out the ultimate in street collabos as Kool G Rap, M.O.P., and Canibus go all out on throw it up.
-Dominick L.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rugged Intellect- Renaissance Music: The Introduction

For all those who have been clamoring for the arrival of a new brillant lyricist, with production reminiscent of that 90's era Boom Bap, rest assured, your prayers have been answered. With a rapid fire flow dangerously adjacent to the late great Big Pun, Canadian national Rugged Intellect has done more than just turn a few heads and open a few ears. He's made some fans in the hardest place to make fans, especially for an out of towner. The amazing rate at which Rugged can flow is mind blowing and truely his style is one that is dated, yet still when executed properly so effective and infectious. No better place is it on display than on tracks like "Gonna Move". While Domingo laces a pure heat rock (whose sample you will recognize) Rugged flips thru rhymes effortlessly and spits "rappin like Kane in his prime/ way before this game was raping us blind". Never has a white, Canadian been so down man....I mean before Rugged my mental picture of an average white Canadian dude was Alex Trebek. Rugged shatters all stereotypes by the sixth word in his first verse on the first track you hear from him. Never to be pigeonholed as just a white side show who raps fast, Rugged is well aware of his hip-hop history and frequently reminds us of that fact throughout the album as he references landmark perfromances and artists who molded the culture, far removed from the now mainstream bubble gum atmosphere hip-hop is currently embroiled in. Highlights of this album are definitely the Kool G Rap assisted "All Fair", which find the two rhyme slayers going back and forth at hyper speed. Make sure you also check for "Biters Block", which finds our hero Rugged Intellect doing battle with the incessant sharks aka "biters" in the game. And yes he's calling out names. It's a can't miss for those who love beef and defenders of real hip-hop alike. The Introduction is perfect for the hardcore and purist fan, all the tracks have pointed, precise and gritty production, the guest spots are incredible, and right on time, but make no mistake, Rugged holds shit down for self on this one, making it more than worth your while to check for this.
-Dominick L.

01. Intro 01:20
02. What It Is 04:28
03. Say Goodbye 03:51
04. Guaranteed (feat. Rock of Heltah Skeltah) 03:37
05. Biters Block 04:24
06. DBA (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man) 03:15
07. Gonna Move 03:04
08. Life I Love 04:03
09. All Fair (feat. Kool G. Rap) 03:49
10. By Any Means 03:42
11. Break 'Em Off 03:30
12. Next Dose (feat. Ras Kass) 04:28
13. Interlude 00:57
14. Real Recognize Real 03:53
15. Like That (feat. A.G.) 03:28
16. Truth & Consequences 04:31
17. Biters Block (Remix) (Bonus) 04:10
18. Say Goodbye (Remix) 06:07(feat. Party Arty, Sean Price, Rustee Juxx, Solomon Childs

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pimp C goes on Hot 97...disses Atlanta, Russell Simmons and the new generation of Hip-Hop

Recently Pimp C appeared on Hot 97 and was obviously a bit heated. Speaking on such topics as the extremely fake climate in hip-hop today. Specifically Pimp C spoke out aganst "dope dealing" lyrics, that didn't show the negative outcome the dope game is more commonly known for. Pimp also spoke on his dis-taste for certain rappers secret lifestyles and of course being mis quoted. Although the interview was conducted over the phone, it was easy to hear the disgust in Pimp C's voice as he blasted the artists in Atlanta who were glorifing the drug game as well as pointing out that Atlanta was in the "Eastern Standard Time zone". When asked if that comment was aimed at making it seem as though Atlanta isn't a southern state Pimp simply replied "That it was his opinion", and that opinions are like "booty holes", (everyone has one???). Still the interview pushed forward as Pimp further lamented against having songs without messages and that were about how many chains one had. Also at one point Pimp was asked whether or not he had in fact called Russell Simmons a "faggot", to which Pimp did not object that he had. The interview closed with a few sideways comments about the recent rumors that have surfaced about Mase being caught with a transexual in his Range Rover in Atlanta and Pimp making comments about how Atlanta has a huge gay population. Pimp also eluded to the fact that he would be doing another interview in the weeks to follow.
-Dominick L.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cypress Hill's Sen Dog Suffers Two Heart Attacks

An Innovator in the realm of hip-hop, and a trail blazer for latino emcees, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill fame, recently suffered two heart attacks while touring with his brother promoting their "Ghetto Therapy" album. He is said to be doing well now and in good spirits as he recovers.

-Dominick L.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sean Price- Master P

Here he is again, perhaps the most prolific and relavent member of BCC today Sean Price aka Ruc of Heltah Skaltah, aka Master P for this effort. The cover alone was reason enough for many hip-hop heads to pick this up as Price throws a little jab at the utter ridiculousness of those early Cash Money covers, and yet at the same time pulls it off. Always known for his extremey witty rhymes Sean P comes thru in a big way for his hardcore fans on this release. rhymes like "I got rhymes up the ass/where the ex-lax" resoonate with the listener and prove his gulliness is still intact Not only is this chalk full of new shit the freestyles are well thought out and executed nicely. This is a great look for Sean P, as he gets a chanc to showoff for the masses as he wields thru all kinds of great rhymes. Only mistake he made is that this isn't a double disc....
-Dominick L.

01. 6 Dollar Man 01:40
02. M.A.S.T.E.R. P (feat. Agallah) 02:43
03. BCCC (Frankenstein) (feat. Buckshot & Tek) 04:40
04. The Huckabuck (Produced by Khrysis) 02:17
05. All I Know (feat. Jozeemo) 02:46
06. One Question (feat. Rustee Juxx & Cousin Reeks) 03:34(prod. by DJ Babu)07. Long Fifth Goodnight (feat. Starang Wondah) 02:07
08. Jackass Number 2 (feat. Flood) 01:43
09. Get It Together (feat. & prod. by Diamond D) 03:18
10. Connect 4 (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, U.G., & Casual) 03:27
11. Knock Em Out The Box (feat. Eratik Statik) 02:56
12. Legbreakers (feat. Big Shug) (prod. by Moss) 03:51
13. Jamaican (Produced By Khrysis) 02:45
14. Fish 02:12
15. Good Fellaz (feat. Sayez & Goverment) 04:08
16. Rotten Apple Remix (feat. Prodigy) 03:00
17. What's The Deal (feat. A-Rob & Nezquic) 03:08
18. Psycho Ward (Produced By Khrysis) (Music From Mic Tyson) 01:34

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rah Digga- Everything Is A Story (Unreleased Album)

For some time the new thing to do when becoming an emcee was to speak on shit that you didn't do, and didn't have. I refer to this era in rap the "jiggy" period. It is named after the feel good string of hip-hop hits that marred the charts, meanwhile there were more than a few "real" and authentic hip-hop joints being overlooked due to their so called lack of "radio friendliness". Okay so all that being said, we would have to come to the conclusion that as of recently it would be a considerably hard thing for a female rapper to break into the game if she wasn't spittin about her prada bag, or blowing her whole crew. Rah Digga must have missed the meeting where these facts were stated, cause she sure ain't pay none of em' no mind for this epic, yes muthafucka I said it, epic release. Kinda funny that up til' now, two of the best female albums ever (this one and Foxy's Ill Na Na 2: The Fever) were never put out for the masses to consume. And although this album does teeter on the side of being a little experimental as far as production goes, it is very reminiscent to me of how early Flipmode projects sounded and It never falters in the area of lyrics. Digga brings dope thought after dope thought for you to consume, spittin' mercilesssly, throwing out verses that range in subject matter. From "Pam's Fake Titties" to "poppin up like Osama'", this joint is somthing that isn't your traditional femcee offering. Lyrically it's above average and a lot of the guest features are well played. From The rejuvenating intro with Ghost, the melancholy vocal trading with pink on "Tell Me Why", the laid back groove of "Hot Tub" with Denaun Porter and Snoop to even gettin down with Fabolous on "See It In Your Eyes" Digga shows a unique talent to mesh well with almost any other style. Standout tracks are the "Intro" featuring Ghost (great Megahertz beat), "Dare You To Cross", "I'm Rich Bitch" and "Straight Spittin'".
-Dominick L.
1. Intro feat. Ghostface - 2:59
2. Street People feat. Young Zee & Joe Budden - 3:37
3. Beat A Nigga Ass - 3:45
4. Dare U To Cross - 3:02
5. Party And Bullsh*t 2003 - 3:47
6. Party Ova Here feat. Lloyd Banks - 2:59
7. We Could Get Down - 4:22
8. I'm Rich bi*ch - 3:58
9. It's Gonna Get Worse - 3:36
10. I'm Coming Back - 4:15
11. Hot Tub feat. Snoop Dogg & Mr. Porter - 4:09
12. On The Move feat. Mary J Blige - 4:37
13. Lookin Da Same To Me - 3:57
14. Straight Spittin feat. Brooklyn - 4:40
15. Tell Me Why feat. Pink - 4:07
16. See It In Your Eyes feat. Fabolous - 3:17
17. The Way We - 3:41
18. Bye Bye Niggaz feat. Trainin Room - 4:19
19. You Don't Wanna Know feat. Young Zee - 4:14
20. Better Lock Your Doors feat. Busta Rhymes & Claudette - 5:54
21. Miss You - 5:11
22. Where It All Began - 3:4023. Party And Bullsh*t (Remix) feat. Missy Elliot & Eve - 4:02

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ransom- The Best In The City pt.2

Usually when the subject of who the hardest street cat out there is, many instantly refer to Styles P. or Hell Rell or some other guy who loves letting you know that he slings G packs the size of man hole covers or that his revolver is longer than Blossom's nose. Nothing against the flood like wave of new artists that love to take a metaphor to the next level...but on the real, they gonna have to shut the fuck up or come nicer. There's nothing worse than picking up a new dude's tape and popping that shit in to hear the same old formula. While if you were in dispair much like I was, about who would step up and grab the reins as the latest street dude who's bars are harder than an erection from a cat doin' life in the pen then you ain't heard duffle bag Ransom. Ran has been tearing shit to shreds on every tape, track and appearance he's dropped as of lately and shows no signs of stopping, or falling off. Little to nothing has blocked him from becoming the standard when it comes to undomesticated rhymes and songs. While many thought that his fame was sure to come out of the efforts he put in with his partner Hitchcock as they combined to be the A-Team, such things must have not been meant to be. The unfortunate events that would lead to Hitchcock leaving the group would have many believing that only hard times were ahead for Ran, but surprisingly it seems his popularity has only doubled since stepping out on his own. Yes the hip-hop gods work in strange ways most of the time I guess. Ran isn't letting his fate be decided by anyone other than himself these days though. Dropping the much anticipated sequel to his first "Best In The City" mixtape, Ran contributes many different well thought out angles to the "street" music he does 80 % of the time, further cementing his status as being a hardcore wiz kid, yet he did manage to bring forth some new, slightly more, how should I put, while I'm not yet ready to slap the "conscience" tag on him, I wouldn't scoff at his ability to speak on other shit besides the school of hard knocks. One such moment on this tape that is guaranteed to stir the emotions of even the coldest heart would be "My Thoughts"...A freestyle in which we find Ran kicking lines about a tremendously painful childhood, in which he was raised by state institutions while his mother struggled with grave health issues, and his father was absent. Other Tracks to check for are "Stories From Hell", "Boss Shit" and "Nightmares".
-Dominick L.

01. Intro (Dedication) 00:35
02. Tell It Like It Is 02:36
03. History In The Making 02:32
04. This Is The End 01:34
05. Triple Up 01:14
06. Nightmares 03:43
07. Grind N Hustle 03:06
08. Skit 00:21
09. Stories From Hell 03:23
10. Hunger 02:18
11. Boss sh*t 01:48
12. Trap Music (feat. Brisco & Flo-Rida) 03:29
13. What It To 01:31
14. Mazziratti (feat. Nicki Minja & Stack Bundles) 03:15
15. Best In The City 02:50
16. Dinna Time 03:11
17. Tri-State (Throwback) 01:42
18. Left Titty (Throwback) 01:48
19. Threats (feat. Tay Rok) 04:13
20. Dead Or Alive 01:41
21. Time (feat. Nicole Wray) 04:07
22. Dis How We Move It (feat. Spark Dawg) 04:05
23. Skit 01:17
24. Playin Fair 02:13
25. Old Niggaz Die Young 03:19
26. Just Came Home 02:39
27. Punishment 01:59
28. Money To Count (feat. Cold Summers Fam) 03:41
29. My Thoughts 01:38
30. Problems 01:27
31. Duffle Bag 04:06

DJ Green Lantern, Cassidy And DJ Thoro- 07-07-07

This is a special tape that is very recent, and very exclusive. So apparently all three of these guys got the same birthday (Cass, Green and Thoro) and they wanted to do somthing to big that anyway, yeah the tape itself is mighty short, but it is exclusive work that they all have just recently done for this project. At a whopping 30 minutes, chalk full of dope beats and even better word play from Cass, this is a little dynamo. It leaves a lot to be desired, but there are some aaight moments....Peedi Crakk comes thru and bodies shit on the tapes finest track "Pistolvania Symphony", momentarilly outshining his philly bretheren. Swizz Beatz comes thru and delivers his usual dose of mediocrity, much to the complete apathy of many Cassidy fans. Never the less if you need a quick somthin, somthin to bump in the mp3 player while you do some meaningless, ritual act that only takes up about a half hour of your day, this is the tape for you.
-Dominick L.

01. DJ Green Lantern, DJ Thoro, & Cassidy - Birthday Intro 01:21
02. Cassidy - I Don't Give A fu*k 03:30
03. Cassidy - Boyz Are Back (feat. Larceny) 05:03
04. Cassidy - Pistolvania Symphony (feat. Peedi Crakk & Larceny) 04:45
05. Cassidy - Drink & 2 Step (feat. Swizz Beatz) 03:18
06. Cassidy - Niggaz Telling (feat. A.R. Ab) 03:30
07. Cassidy - Hop Out (feat. Frankie Krutches) 04:23
08. Cassidy - Going In feat. Larceny 05:32

Remy Martin Turns herself in on attempted murder charges

Remy Smith aka Remy Martin turned herself into authorites late saturday night after she was sought out by police in connection with a shooting at a trendy Manhatten bar. Acording to the 911 call, apparently there was some sort of an argument that broke out a block away from the "Pizza Bar", which was followed by gun fire. A 22 yr. old woman named Makeda Barnes- Joseph, was found with a gun shot wound a few blocks away by police and reportedly Remy Martin's Dark Blue Escalade was also discovered nearby and had been involved in a single-car crash and abandoned. The owner of the Pizza Bar turned in surveillance tapes of her club to authorites and it was determined that the inceident probably happened a block away. The footage also showed Remy and her friends exiting the establishment and having fun. Those friends were all male and were also all riding in the Escalade at the time when it had been abandoned. Police have already questioned the men involved. Both Martin and Barnes- Joeseph were both attending a 25th birthday party function that night, and some reports say that a fued began inside, then spilled into the street. Officials claim that Remy shot Barnes- Joseph twice in her torso, gunshot wounds that narrowly missed her uterus, kidneys and other vital organs. The two women are apparently mild acquaintences thru another female rapper by the name of Crystal Bolton, but also were childhood friends. Barnes- Joseph had just recently graduated from college, and is now in stable condition at nearby Saint Vincent's Hospital. Martin has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charges, and the judge has already approved her bond. She is set to be released some time tonight and to appear in court again on August 14th.

-Dominick L.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

R.I.P. Randy Hubbard Parker

The son of Hip-Hop icon Krs-One; Randy Parker was found dead in his Atlanta apartment on the tenth of July in what authorities are calling an apparent suicide. Simone Parker, Randy's mother revealed that Randy had been battling severe depression for some time. Randy was in Atlanta pursuing work in graphic and fashion design. Family said a private memorial service will be held on July 18, which would have been Parker's 24th birthday, there also are plans for a memorial in Parker's birth place of New York in August. Krs was notified while on tour overseas.

-Dominick L.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gang Starr Foundation Presents Big Shug Street Champ

01. Intro 01:06
02. Streetchamp (Produced by Moss) 02:44
03. Hood With That (Produced by Moss) 04:14
04. Play It (Produced by DJ Premier) 03:09
05. Warpath (feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money) (Produced by Moss) 04:59 06. Walk Away (Produced by Moss) 02:34
07. Legbreakers (feat. Big Twins & Sean Price) 04:24 (Produced by Moss)
08. Streets Move (feat. Singapore Kane) (Produced by DJ Premier) 03:35
09. Spit It Real (Produced by Moss) 03:51
10. It Just Don't Stop (Produced by DJ Premier) 02:21
11. Call Me Back (Produced by Moss) 01:51
12. Spitfire (feat. Singapore Kane & Dre Robinson) 04:12 (Produced by Kid Carnage)
13. Hear Me (Produced by Moss) 03:06
14. What You Gonna Do (Produced by Moss) 03:55
15. Interlude 02:07
16. Exposed (Produced by Moss) 04:14
17. Lost (Produced by Moss) 04:03
18. After Me (Produced by Moss) 02:01

Tres Coronas- The Street Album

In an Urban music world where most spanish speaking latinos are pigeon holed into doing sloppy and gimmicky sounding Raggaeton records, we have a pure breathe of fresh air, well maybe the air ain't fresh at all....actually it's probably really dank and stale, cause it's straight from 94' baby. That's right these two emit an aura that is drenched in the scent of past greatness. Particularly I find that their brand of hip-hop is so potent because as a latino myself I feel that they might have tapped a new market, maybe even forging a new genre by combining rapid fire spanish rapping with gutter 90's era boom bap beats. These Coloumbianos are bringing some serious fire to all those out there who've been sleepin' on latinos and New York. Made up of emcees P.N.O., Rocca and Reychesta (The lone Dominican who was in the group) are no strangers to pleasing the underground masses, for the longest time they were distributing mixtapes under the name Parcero Productions. By doing so they reached into every corner of latin hip-hop and hip-hop in general and recording about 10,000 sales of their music. And while Reychesta has since left the group to pursue a solo career, meanwhile P.N.O. and Rocca are still going strong while they maintain in Queens, NY.
-Dominick L.
1. Mas Fuerte
2. A Criticarme
3. Bang Bang
4. Fake Records
5. Las 5 Reglas ft. Macko
6. Ya olvidar
7. Otra historia
8. Entremos al Party
9. Venenosas
10. New York ft. Sergio Veneno
11. No Es Real ft. Chavito
12. Para Los Que Entiendien ft. Eye-n-See
13. Princesa
14. Mi Tumbao remix ft. Michael Stuart
15. Asi Es
16. Nacho Latino

Strong Arm Steady- Deep Hearted Sampler

Straight from L.A.'s grimiest street's comes a group that's both old and new at the same time...Strong Arm Steady has been grinding out steadilly since the 90's and as of recently has really been making heads turn. And although they no longer are affiliated with one time member Xzibit, they still have managed to forge some new relationships over the past year or two, collaborating with everyone from Talib Kweli to Madlib. The group now consists of members Krondon; the albino cat that sticks out like a sore thumb, Phil Da Agony; the skinny weed head who has worked extensively with the Liks as well as many other west coast heavyweights and Mitchy Slick; the Dickie-clad San Diegan known for his hard hitting, unapologetic lyrics. Together they form an absolutely unique sound that is sure to have many heads nodding and even more checking for their debut Cd due out Aug. 28th on Nature Sounds. Til' then we have this short, but satisfying sampler that showcases if nothing else how quickly you can start fienin' for these guys' music. The track "Again" featuring Chace Infinite is amongest the strongest on this sampler, but be sure not to miss the powerful "Death Before Dishonor".
-Dominick L


Co-operation feat. Dilated Peoples (Snippet)

The Movement feat. Planet Asia as Medallions (Full track)

Death Before Dishonor (Exclusive)

AK feat. Skinhead Rob (Exclusive)

Reckless Words (Snippet)

Come and Get Me feat. Ina Williams (Snippet)

Again feat. Chace Infinite (Exclusive)

Shoe Fly feat. Mykstro (Exclusive) Content with Character (Exclusive)

One Step feat. Talib Kweli (Full track)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dom Pachino- Rice And Beanz

1. Rice and Beanz
2. Give Nuthin
3. Box with Me
4. Who Iz This
5. La Calle
6. Mommy Always Told Me
7. They Don’t Want None
8. Commitment
9. Ya’ll Botti Boyz
10. Thugz “R” Us
11. My Raps
12. Build It Up
13. Slide With Me
14. Eat Wood
15. Pacman Spray
16. Move Accurate
17. Fly Away
18. Extravagangsta Radio Interview
19. Regardless

Dom Pachino- 1st Blood The Mixtape

There are many Wu affiliates out there, but few bring to the table what long time Killarmy member Dom Pachino aka the Puerto Rican terrorist does. A knack for the stumbling and rapid word signature Wu style, Pachino has always
caught the ears of many Wu and hip-hop fans alike. For some time now he has been branching out on his own releasing several underground mixtapes with the help of his crew Team Napalm. Insert his new tape 1st Blood, acting as a prequel to his new album Rice And Beanz (see above) a few of the joints on this release you'll run into again on his album. Nevertheless, this is a great tape, keeping up with his others there is a lot of great production on here, a skill that Dom Pachino has taken up and showcases frequently. Tracks to keep on replay are "Pacman Spray", "Represent This" and "They Need To Stop It".
-Dominick L.
01. Dom Pachino - Pacman Spray 02:03
02. Dom Pachino - Paint Pictures 04:00
03. Dom Pachino - Eat Wood (feat. Live Brim) 02:40 04. Dom Pachino - Give Nuthin 03:10
05. Dom Pachino - Let Me Know (feat. Block McCloud) 03:28
06. Dom Pachino - Represent This (feat. Islord) 02:10(prod. by Nawledge)
07. Dom Pachino - Out Of Hand 03:40
08. Dom Pachino - 2 Strong (feat. Bugsy & Wise) 03:11(prod. by Nawledge)
09. Dom Pachino - Mic's Down 02:42
10. Dom Pachino - They Need To Stop It 03:05

Biggie Smalls Demo Tape 92'-93'

It seems these days the rap game is so hopeless most fans would rather dig up old vestiges of their favorite rappers humble beginnings rather than get into some generation Y new jack rapper. Hence we have a somwhat fresh offering of old material from none other than the big man himself. Labeled as his "Demo" tape from the years 1992 and 1993, this Ep like, 7 track, low quality collection does offer up some new joints that most casual Biggie fans have never heard. "Blazing Chronic" is a real rarity that most will find indulging and infuriating at the same time due to the fact that it cuts off mid song, but is a banger none the less. The rest of the tracks are pretty commonplace as far as "rare" and "never before heard" Biggie tapes are concerned. There is the always entertaining "Can I get Wit ya" complete with the reliably mentioned "Version with extra verse" tag behind the title. Also included is the recently released "Macs and Dons", a joint that was a long time coming for true Biggie fans. All in all this Demo is a good listen, however I think it'll prolly just leave us all yearning for the greatest ever, even more than before.
-Dominick L.

1. Unsigned Hype Demo Tape
2. Another Rough One (Demo)
3. Biggie With the Hype Shit (’92 Demo)
4. Do What You Wanna Do (’93 Demo)
5. Macs & Dons
6. Blazing Chronic (Gets Cut Off)
7. Can I Get With Ya (Version with Extra Verse)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Grim Team- Once Upon A Time In America The Prequel

Straight outta Paris into the bowels of the New York streets comes the illest crew in a minute. Their name; Grim Team....their business; graffiti, beats, a clothing line and now albums.....and the dandy thing bout all of it is that they perform to the fullest in each area...If you've never seen any of their graff tags on the sides of buildings or in various train stations in the rotten apple or Paris, than you ain't seen great graff my friend, and if you've yet to hear any of Chaze's beats you might be missing out on the birth of a new Alchemist or DJ Muggs. Consisting of Armen, E.Blaze, Reign and Viva La Am to name a few, the Team has been puttin shit down correct on the low for awhile now. My first encounter with their movement was when I started seeing a couple of their T-shirts around the way.....shits had the classic mean mug, screw face guy on the front, with the grim team logo on top....I thought to myself, "that shit is ill, wonder what it's all about". I figured it to be a new clothing line and kept it wasn't until I heard a new joint from one of my favorite Terror Squad members about two years ago that I decided to investigate. So I heard a new Prospect joint called "BXNY", on some mixtape. The shit was tuff, and while I would like to say Prospect did his thing, the main thing that caught me was the beat....I looked long and hard and discovered the cat that produced it was from overseas and went by the name Chaze. I ran into his music again a short time later when I was bumpin a new Raze mixtape, and I heard another joint that's production jumped out at me...I once again found out that this guy Chaze was to blame. I found out that Chaze was connected to the Grim Team Movement that I had previously witnessed on them T shirts. Along with a huge section of New York I started following a lot of the Grim Team's movements, checkin out their graff, lookin at their clothes, listening to Chaze's remarkably resonant and gutter beats. Once Upon A Time In America The compilation prequel to Grim Team's debut Compilation album is a true gem in terms of NY hip-hop and European hip-hop. I haven't heard a better producer than Chaze from europe since Dams from the Get Large duo in Paris and The Creators outta the U.K.. Tracks like Twin Gambino's "Hood's Diary" create a perfect mold for this album, meshing perfectly with other joints that bang louder than two obese lovers in the middle of a summer night in a small apartment with no air conditioning and thin walls. Make sure you check out Willie The Kid's "Quiet As Kept", Raze's "Nervous" and "who Want It" by Ty Nitty.
-Dominick L.

1. Intro -
2. Milano - 'Somewhere Different' -
3. Boss Money - 'Incognito' -
4. Saigon - 'She Knocks Me Out' -
5. Smiley The Ghetto Child - 'Busted' -
6. Ty Nitty (of Infamous Mobb) - 'Who Want It?' -
7. Raze - 'Livin' It' -
8. Infamous Mobb feat. Chinky - 'Get That Paper' -
9. The Underboss Skit -
10. Willie The Kid - 'Quiet As Kept' -
11. Prospect (of Terror Squad) - 'BXNY' -
12. A.Dog (of ACD) - 'A 100' -
13. Smiley The Ghetto Child - 'Insane Terrain' -
14. Twin Gambino (of Infamous Mobb) - 'Hood's Diary' -
15. Tres Coronas - 'Verso Por Verso' -
16. Kamakazee (of Screwball) - 'I Hold Mine' -
17. Raze - 'Nervous' -
18. G.O.D. Pt. III (of Infamous Mobb) - 'Crossroads' -
19. Milano - 'M.I.L.A.N.O' -
20. Outro