Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blue Sky Black Death- Late Night Cinema

Blue Sky Black Death is one of the new production duos that has really been opening hip-hop's collective underground ear through their edgy and sinister productions. Hailing from San Francisco, Kingston and Young God have already worked with many of the underground scene's elite and become well known and recieved for their unique ability to capture intense sounds in their eerie music. Even though the two are best known for their horrorcore anthems, they also are very accomplished in crafting soulful pieces as well. Late Night Cinema is more of an ode to the style that first garnered them heavy recognition however, and is infused with dope, gritty and dark samples. Blue Sky Black Death provides what their core fans truly want and prove once again that they are still at the top of their game. This is a can't miss for any Prince Paul, Alchemist and Havoc production fan.


"The Era When We Sang"
"Lord of Our Vice"
"Ghosts Among Men"
"A Private Death"
"Shoot You Dead"
"Listen Child"
"My Work Will Be Done"
"Forgive Me"
"Different Hours"
"All the News is Bad Again"
"Legacy to Fuel"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

9th Wonder & Buckshot- The Formula

The third video for 9th Wonder and Buckshot's second collabo Lp "The Formula", is the title track for the album and an interesting piece. It's done primarilly in 3-D and is visually pleasing even tho it's very basic. I really liked the colors and the gene strand images...dope vid, peep it!


Jean Grae Calls It Quits?

Apparently, Brooklyn based super femcee Jean Grae has decided to retire from the recording business. The news hit a couple of days ago and has spread like wildfire on the net via bloggers and rap forums. While many simply shrug their collective shoulders and ask "what's the big deal?", there is a great number of hip-hop enthusiasts (myself included) that can only scratch their head and wonder what brought about this decision. To me, this "retirement" comes at a time when I would've assumed that Jean would be somewhat content and looking at things with a little more optimism. She recently been droppingnew joints on mixtapes with her new label Blacksmith Records, which is headed by Talib Kweli and is also home to Strong Arm Steady. A lot of her new material was really strong and up to par with her past stuff and she didn't hint at any raw feelings toward the music industry either. Unfortunately, there seems to be a little bit of uncertainty surrounding this situation. On a few boards Jean's manager has come forward and made a statement that Jean is just "frustrated" with things right now and her progress in the game. I've read other reports from die hard fans that this might just be a publicity stunt that she alledgedly has already pulled once before. I sincerely hope it is. We as a hip-hop community need Jean Grae more than ever. There has to be an alternative to broads like Trina and Nikki Minaj. There has to be a few chicks with the gift, that "get it". Jean Grae was a shining example of one of those chicks that "got it". A complex, rambling and breathy delivery accompanied by deep and hypnotic lyrics that spilled out like poetry, Jean's style was more than unique, it was one of a kind. She was like a well thought out slam poet that could rhyme and ride a beat. So vunerable and honest, yet powerful and possessive of her identity. Jean is everything that is good about hip-hop. A frequent collaborator of the game's best underground talent, she has become over time the quintessential underground artist. Throw out her gender right now, Jean has given plenty a male counterpart a good run for their money on a track, if not destroying them on it. Rivaled by few, she has held it down for some time; the right way. She's stuck it out, bounced around from label to label, done small shows here and there, shook off the shitty hip-hop critics, maintained her music's integrity and accepted a small amount of dough for work that is priceless. She's proably well within her rights to wanna give it a break for awhile, or maybe forever. It can be and most often times is a thankless business, that railroads the truly gifted and embraces the mediocre. I for one just want to say to Jean, if in fact your are stepping down, Thank you. Thanks for all the great work. Thanks for all your contributions to this game, to your fans and to, most importantly of all, Hip-Hop. Gratitude is something that a lot of real artists tend to deeply appreciate, especially when it's genuwine. Another funny thing about true artists is that most of the time they never stray too far from their canvas. Whether it's Brett Favre, Michael Jordan or Keith Richards, they never stray too far, no matter what they might say. Bet that. So in that spirit, I say goodbye Jean......for now.


for those that wanna hear a lil' bit of jeans stuff, check this's a compilation of unreleased stuff, even features her singing a lil' bit...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Video: Generation Gap pt. 2 Promo

Promo video for Ali Vegas's Generation Gap 2 album, which is technically his second album, but for some reason is being labeled as his debut. Video isn't as nice as some of the other ones I've been putting up recently, but does provide a good amount of studio footage as well as some cover/promo art, which I always enjoy because the artists always switch it up. This album's production should be pretty ill as well, as it features DJ Premier, Cool and Dre and others. I was a little disgusted by the fact that he's got Akon on it, but it is what it is. Dropping soon on Rich Soil Ent.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

J-Zone- The Analog Catalog, Vinyl Only, Rare and Unreleased Cuts From The Freezer At Old Maid Ent.

Time for some rare and unreleased J-Zone! I, like many other respectable heads pretty much try to ignore most rapper/producer acts that try extremely hard to come off as lewd, ignorant and silly, but when I heard this kid from Queens named J-Zone I coulden't help but to laugh, nod my head and mutter, "this bastard is aiight". Musically, he's cut from the same cloth as guys like R.A. The Rugged Man and personality wise, he's cut from the same cloth as well, uhhmm, R.A. The Rugged Man. Both of those assessments are, I think, fair and accurate and that's what makes J-Zone so much more appealing. He's not really like too many of his Queens, New York hip-hop counterparts. He's definitely his own man. Unafraid to be himslef, however disgusting or vulgar that may be. In all actuality J-Zone, in my belief overcompensates for his great, natural intellect and dumbs down his personality and manners to fit in with the gruffer types in the rap game. He doesen't totally fool me though. How could someone who is a masterful producer, an accomplished DJ and the preseident of his own label be that crude and simple? He can't be and he isn't. I think J-Zone knows that there are a lot of repressed people out there that wish they could say certain things, wish they could do certain things but don't, in order to fit into the mold of what society has deemed acceptable behavior. One of their many escapes from this mundane and routine form of assimilation is to bump rebellious, controversial, un-conventional and highly satirical hip-hop; AKA almost all of J-Zone's shit. I myself am a pretty outgoing guy, never feel like I'm not heard or one of the social dregs that simply "goes thru the motions" of life, rather than actually living. Nope, that's not me (at least I hope it isn't) but even someone like me can appreciate raw talent, no matter how lesivious or left field. J-Zone is just such a talent. Been checkin' for him here and there for awhile, and once again my beliefs were confirmed about his true intelligence when I heard he was actually letting hip-hop slide onto the back burner a lil' bit and teaching as a professor for New York State University. Aiight J-Zone! Recently, the only real new stuff he's hitting people off with are his "Gator$-n-Fur$" mixshow podcasts, but this here is a little gem that might intrest a few of his fans. Released in 2007, the "Analog Catalog" was originally only a iTunes release, but I now bring it to all you J--Zone fiends who are dead fucking broke and itching for something good to bump while you slack off at work or pack your next bong hit. This has some pretty rare stuff on it, as well as some stuff that was previously unreleased. A logical piece to have in your J-Zone collection if your a fan.


3)The Big Hit feat. Al-Shid
4)Alley Oop 03'
5)Fuckin Wit Hug feat. Hug
6)The Art Of Shit Talkin
7)Taken feat. GM Grimm
8)Fight Club feat. Al-Shid & Hug
9)Big Country Titties
10)Math feat. Al-Shid
11)Ign'ant feat. Al-Shid
12)Greater Later (Remix) feat. Devin the Dude
13)Rebel Radio feat. Hug
15)County Check Pimpin (Remix)
16)S.H.I.D. Part 4 feat. Al-Shid
17)Dancing feat. GM Grimm
18)Calamne Lotion (Part 3)

Video: Blaq Poet - The Blaq Print Promo - (Don't Give A Fuccc)

This is an absolutely dope promo video for Blaq Poet's new street album "The Blaq Print". Unlike the other dope Video Promo I brought you last week from DJ Muggs and Planet Asia, this one features Blaq Poet blessing us with a verse. That combined with the really well shot scenes of Queensbridge made this a great piece. Be sure to check out the "Blaq Print" dropping this summer on DJ Premier's Year Round Records. It will be fully produced by Premo himself!


Video: O.C. and A.G. - 2 For The Money

You know it's a fuckin pleasure for me to bring this out for ya'll. New Video from O.C. and A.G. called "Two For the Money". Joint is insane man, produced by A.G.'s usual running partner Showbiz and accompanied by cuts from DJ Premier. The Video is pretty minimal, but hey, who gives a fuck right? It's some new D.I.T.C. man! Their new album "OASIS- Together Brothers" is set to drop soon, be on the lookout for that man!!


Video: Ransom- No Introduction

New Jersey's latest street sensation Ransom AKA Dufflebag Ran hits us with his first video single off his forthcoming debut release on Babygrande Records; “STREET CINEMA”. Ransom has long been one of my favorite new hardcore street guys, that is destined to take the torch from hardcore rap godfathers Styles P and Kool G Rap when they call it quits. This video at times can mirror the dark spirit of Ran's rhymes very well...but, Some of you DVD heads will recognize recycled footage from what I have affectinately dubbed "the lamest 50 Cent DVD of all time": "50 Cent- Refuse to Die"...I don't know much about the guy that directed this video for Ransom, he goes by the name Picture Perfect, but one thing I do know is that re-using scenes from a DVD about another artist is a pretty weak leg to stand on in terms of your directorial abilities/prowess. Nevertheless, Ran overcomes the somewhat shotty film production by delivering a solid song and building anticipation amongest his fans with his unquestionable rawness.


Get Large Recordz Presents - Live From New York

For more than a few years now there has been a surprising trend taking place in NYC's Hardcore and underground Hip-Hop scene. That trend would be the emergence of european producers that dominate, well, actually take a watery shit, on most of the native New Yorkers that currently are doin the production thing. Don't take my word for it though...check out The Spanish duo Cookin' Soul, Finland's Kollabo Brothers, Tommy Tee from Norway, Cilvarings and Mod the Black Marvel from the Netherlands and so many's funny but in all actuality the New York City Hip-Hop scene is going through what the NBA is going through; they both have a huge influx of very fundamentally talented european cats in their respective professions coming in and wrecking shop somethin' serious. Although there's many of them, personally I would have to put the French duo Get Large at the top of the euro-production pack, and trust me, that's some serious fuckin' praise. Made up of Dams and SLA, the two have chosen to collaborate with only the east coast's best, brightest and gulliest. Their collaboration list reads like an up and coming hardcore producer's dream; Tragedy Khadafi, Styles P, Royal Flush, Killa Sha, Sunz Of Man, Ali Vegas, Lakey Da Kid, The Diplomats, Hell Razah, Masta Ace, Grafh, F.T. and many others have all graced Get Large beats and as a fan I gotta say I never have been disappointed. If you haven't heard what these guys can do, you've been cheating yourself, especially if you like thumpng, perfectly EQ'd kick drums, great soul samples and hi-hats that thrust a beat along magnificently. I really appreciate their love for sampling Charles Aznavour records, they've flipped some of his stuff so creatively, it's really interesting when you hear the original piece of music before they flipped it. They seem to be making some mainstream connections as of late, and while I certainly am glad that they're getting paid, I don't think i'd check for their work with Pitbull or Khaled...I'm too used to them making my ideal kind of hip-hop. If I had to sum up their style I would say, in all sincerity that they are the Heatmakerz crossed with Alchemist. I shit you not. Their stuff is somewhat harder to come by, but if you do wanna search be sure to look for "Le Prelude hosted by Grafh", "The Battlefield sreet album hosted by Cory Gunz and Sacario", "La Mixtape street album hosted by Masta Ace" and "Please...Believe It the album". Til' you do find tose gems I'mma hit you off with somethin real nice. Apparently Dams and SLA put out a street DVD called "Live from New York" (and I'mma find a way to get my hands on that as well) and lucky us, they put out a soundtrack for it. If you've read what I had to say about them up to this point you should already know what's goin' down on this joint here. There's some new stuff, some old stuff and some stuff that shoulden't be ignored on this, enjoy!


1. Agallah -Problemz
2. Immortal Technique Feat. Mos'Def -Bin Laden
3. Jae Hood Feat. 354 -Fuck You' Pay Me
4. Apacolypse, Big House & Masta Ace -All Bizness
5. Akir -One Day
6. C Rayz-Walz, Breez Evahflowing & Poison Pen -The Branding Iron
7. JR Writer Feat. Juelz Santana -Live From NY (Remix)
8. Chocolate Thai -Problem Child
9. 3 Kings Feat. Nonezeo -Reconstruction
10. FT -Stop Sleepin' On Me
11. Webbafied -Brooklyn Nights
12. Tonedeff, Pack FM, Mecca & Session -Get Live
13. Godfather (Of Infamous Mobb) -7Sins
14. Unkasa -Life Aint Shit
15. EOW All Stars-Power Cypha (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DJ Premier - Rare & Unreleased Joints Vol. 1

I might of posted this before, but since it's unreleased Premier shit, you know I don't gotta problem puttin it up for all those that have been sleepin'. A lot of these joints the serious Premo fans most likely have already heard on either a limited 12 inch single release or some of preme's tapes, but for the casual heads this will be a real treat. Usually when unreleased material from a certain artist or producer is put out things can start to run a bit thin. Don't get me wrong I like hearing stuff that the artist's created and scrapped for whatever reason, but I can't deny that some stuff should just stay in the vaults. Fortunately for us I would have to say that in Premier's case most of this stuff wasn't put out because it had too much of a hardcore sound or prolly due to sample clearance problems. There's gonna be some joints on here that every net head will recognize...Ras Kass's "Goldyn Child", Devin The Dude's "Doobie Ashtray" and a couple others, but I think it's the material that's a lil' more dated that makes this a really worthwhile mix. Chi Ali, Lord Finesse, Queen Latifah...these are some really great names from the mid and late 90's (really still are some great names) and for me I know I really was excited to hear their unreleased work with Premo. This isn't really that long of a tape, so it kinda fails you in that aspect if you like to really sit through quite a good amount of music. Not sure if there actually was any other volumes for this, but I'll look around.


1. Sauce Money - ‘Intruder Alert'
2. Arrested Development - ‘Ease My Mind (DJ Premier Remix)'
3. Chi Ali - ‘No Surrender, No Retreat
4. Cookie Crew - ‘A Word To The Conscious (Gang Starr Remix)'
5. Devin The Dude - ‘Doobie Ashtray'
6. Boss - ‘Drive By (Slow Rollin' Remix)'
7. Charlie Baltimore - ‘Everybody Wanna Know'
8. Gang Starr - 'Battle'
9. Rass Kass - ‘Goldyn Chyld'
10. Group Home - ‘Supa Dupa Star (June 1994 Demo Version)'
11. Howie B & Robbie Robertson - ‘Take Your Partner By The Hand (DJ Premier Remix)'
12. Lord Finesse - ‘Baby, You Nasty (Original Version)' -
13. Queen Latifah - ‘Wrath Of My Madness (DJ Premier Remix)'
14. Xzibit - ‘What A Mess'

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Video: AC feat. Trife- Trapped On The Island

This is a dope ass song son! I'm usually not a big supporter of AC, but this joint is nice..The vid is pretty minimal....just a bunch of guys out there doin it up commando style, but they managed to hold my intrest. I really liked AC's first verse; he shared some intimate details about the tragic death of the late mixtape king Justo Faison. Trife comes thru and drops a really ill verse and also does his thing in the vid. All in all a real gem as far as low budget, dope hip-hop videos go.


Video: Prodigy- Dirty New Yorker

Prodigy hits us with another street vid, I really have enjoyed all the new videos he's brought out man....all of them have been filmed extraordinarilly, with great lighting and story themes. This vid is no exception. Everything from the set to the props are very captivating and provide the perfect back drop for one of the grimiest joints off HNIC 2; an album filled with grimey shit. Cameos come from Big Twin and Godfather pt.3


Monday, April 21, 2008

Video: Krumbsnatcha- Relax

One of the best lyricist's outta Boston drops a soulful indie type vid that is very well put together. From the opening scenes in his apartment writing, to the ill images of him in the studio, this is a must see for anyone that's been following the wordsmith's career. Performing onstage in a dimly lit lounge of sorts accompanied by a live band toward the end of the vid is a nice touch. Really dope esthetic that Krumb captures here. The theme is sort of like a day in the life meets reality sitcom type filming. It's convincing and even tho Krumb's lyrics tend to hop all over the place this joint's overall message of just calming down and chillin' is pretty easy to follow. Great look from Krumb.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Soul Supreme Presents...The Saturday Nite Agenda

This is a rare gem that snuck past a few heads. Soul Supreme is a Swedish producer who's sound is pretty respected, or at least it has to be if he managed to score cameos from A.G., Big Daddy Kane, L Da Headtoucha, O.C., DJ Revolution, Krs-One and Pete Rock amongest others. Apparently Soul did some work for Krs, and then after that started linking up with all of Krs's people due to his stellar work on "Profits Vs. Prophets"; an official Krs banger. There's plenty of soul samples on this record if your a big fan of that, but surprisingly, Soul's aproach is very diverse in re-working them and should provide a lot more than just your average run of the mill flips. If you like guys like Cookin Soul or the Heatmakerz this will definitely resonate with you, and on top of the great production almost every guest MC is a legend who comes through with a solid performance. Be sure to check out Planet Asia steal the show on "Hardcore Shit". Even though it's kinda short it's a very worthy effort. If you wanna check out more of Soul Supreme and see a dope trailer for this album here's his myspace:


1.: Future Flavas
2.: Message
3.: Respect Life
4.: All In Together
5.: Hardcore Shit
6.: Still Searchin'
7.: Queen (Hip-Hop)
8.: Come Get It
9.: Need (I Need You)
10.: Worst Nightmare
11.: Security
12.: TSNA (The Saturday Nite Agenda)

Ayatollah- Louder

The late 90's were a great time for hip-hop production. Specifically New York City's hip-hop production. There was an abundance of really great underground producers at that time that found themselves doing a lot of work for mainstream artists. This was because in the late 90's every label wanted to score a hit album (of course) and a lot of the best selling LP's were full of daring, gritty, soulful production; a la DMX's "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot", Nore's "N.O.R.E." and Wu-Tang's "Forever" albums. See in the late 90's New York was on top, and even the staunchest hater coulden't deny the scene's production techniques. Say what you want about the emcees that were popular at that time period, but one thing that the critics and naysayers can't take away was that small pocket in time when really good, east coast production could be heard from coast to caost and in abundance. Guys like Reef, Bink, DJ Honda, Hi-Tek, and Megahertz all started to really emerge as skilled and sought after producers in the late 90's, but one man in my opinion owned that time period and sparked a new wave of producers that tried immitatting his sound to no end. His name was Ayatollah. One of the lesser celebrated, but more talented producers from NYC (Queens) ever. Ayatollah's first big mark on the game was his soulful and flawlessly composed beat for Mos Def's "Ms. Fat Booty" track. I don't know one person who didn't like that song, and who didn't nod their head to the beat. It was a breakout hit and Ayatollah was sure to secure many more slots on major label project's. well, Yes and no. Ayatollah did work with a lot more big name east coast artist's after his "Ms. Fat Booty" track garnered him quite a bit of recognition, but he never blew up the way many predicted he would. I can only imagine all the phone calls he took from guys wanting another "Ms. Fat Booty". All the painfully redundant requests for a beat like that, to a producer who is so much more than that. The record was great, but make no mistake, Ayatollah is one of the most precise guys on the beats ever. He's got an arsenal of shit for cats man....yet, he's been relegated to the realms of the underground because of his refusal to sell out and make music that isn't New York, That isn't Hip-Hop, that isn't soulful. It almost makes sense that such a worthwhile artist like Ayatollah isn't immensely popular today. His music has always been so dense, so layered...I am beginning to think only real heads can truly enjoy his unique blend of chopped soul, boom bap infused drums and padded rythyms. He's a cut above the rest and has been for awhile. These days he still pops up here and there producing records for his long time collaborators like Cormega and R.A. The Rugged Man. Mainly though, Ayatollah releases his wonderous concoctions via his instrumental albums, which he's always dropping. To sleep on this man and call yourself a beatmaking head, a mixmaster or a production buff is criminal.


01. Intro 00:34
02. Circulate 02:22
03. Louder 02:20
04. Other Worlds 02:53
05. Into Space 03:10
06. Naturally Born 02:33
07. Chariots Of The Gods 02:38
08. Music To My Ears 02:47
09. Eye Pod 02:56
10. Pound Cake 02:50
11. A Soul Prayer 02:49
12. Coonskin 02:43
13. In Time My Brother 03:49
14. Charlie Is Brown 03:23
15. Nature Sound 03:39
16. Baisley Park 03:40
17. A Cold Feelin 03:41
18. Give The Woman A Chance 02:24

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Bravehearts- Bravehearted 2

Back with their sophmore LP The Bravehearts (Jungle & Nashawn) are out to prove their name is still are relevant in Queensbridge's overflowing hip-hop scene and Rap as a whole. The original member Wiz is only featured once on this, but newcomer Nashawn fills in nicely. All three members have seen their ups and downs since they released their debut album "Braveheartd" in 2003. The closest friends and groupmates of Nasir Jones have been keeping busy though, readying for this release and just dealing with the day to day struggles of life in general. Wiz donated a kidney sometime last year, Jungle's been making the rounds on street DVD's and Nashawnm released a couple mixtapes that were met with mixed reviews. The first single for this project, "I Want In" features Nas on the hook and serves as a good template to introduce fans into first. Listeners know the Bravhearts haven't forgot about old grievances and the momentary cross feelings toward Nas are all old news, this project is a lot better than what I was expecting and wasn't sort of a let down like the first one. It gives me hope that perhaps the Ill Will Imprint and Braveheart name might be able to keep pushing onward. This is a solid effort and builds momentum well for their next release that is rumored to be titled "Cold Black Train".


01. A Ha 03:46
02. Slide Wit Me 04:24
03. Good Money 03:14
04. Live Or Die (Feat. AD) 05:12
05. Pocket Or Two (Feat. D-Stress & Cory Gunz) 04:08
06. Gun On Me 03:28
07. I Want In (Feat. Nas) 03:42
08. It's Getting Hot 02:50
09. Is You Aight 03:57
10. Mean Tongue 03:20
11. A Bronx Tale (Feat. Sier Castro & Billy Red) 05:28
12. Gangsta 03:23
13. I'm Looking For Him 03:19
14. One Way (Feat. G-Wiz) 03:03
15. When I Find You 02:45

Friday, April 18, 2008

Keith Murray- Intellectual Violence

Keith Murray's back ya'll! Dropping his 6th studio album "Intellectual Violence" our favorite Def Squad member returns to the rap scene after a tumoultuous, yet productive past few years. Having dropped some noteworthy mixtapes in 07', Murray found himself in trouble with the law once again after a stabbing occurred at Webster Hall in New York city the same year, an incident in which Keith was accused of being the assailant. Since then a lawsuit has been filed over the incident, in the meantime however Murray released his fifth album "Rap-Murr-Phobia" to luke warm reviews, much like his fourth album "He's Keith Murray" which was released on Def Jam. Part of the reason I think for the cold shoulder response to Keith's last 2 albums is due to his new found addiction to try and crossover onto the radio with pop-rap sounding club songs. Most of Keith's core audience is comprised of battle rap fans, underground fans and the cats that were into EPMD and Def Squad and his newer material alienates all of those demographics mentioned terribly. He's at his best when he kicks real shit honestly and uses his creativity, which is second to none in the business when he's focused. "Intellectual Violence" finds Keith getting back to his roots and making an album that the majority of is well thought out, personal and aimed more at his real fans. Only time will tell if Keith can use this LP as a vehicle to ressurect his career though. It's quality listening and I would reccommend it heavilly to any fan that's been wondering when he would drop somethin' that was free of the big label pressure and showcase what kind of music he's been wanting to put out.


01. Otis (Intro) 01:05
02. Run For Ya Life 02:49
03. Talk Dat Shit 02:33
04. U Ain't No Gangsta (Skit) 00:24
05. U Ain't No Gangsta 02:38
06. Hey Ladies 02:22
07. 2 Niggaz 01:54
08. Def Squad 03:53
09. Pen Life 03:42
10. Got Our Own Thang 02:52
11. WDEF Radio 00:38
12. I'll Go Crazy 04:07
13. Kill Em' (Skit) 00:10
14. What Is Trouble 03:46
15. Excitement (Skit) 00:09
16. Blokka Blokka 03:54
17. Stalker (Skit) 00:18
18. Rat Hunters 04:36
19. Anger 03:58
20. Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Beautiful 04:28

Video: Pacewon And Mr. Green- Eye Of The Needle

2nd single off Pacewon and Mr. Green's new collabo project "The Only Color That Matters is Green" dropping May 23rd on Raw Poetix Records. This is a truly, truly ill video. Shot commando style and focusing mainly on Pacewon's lyric's throughout backed by dope boom bap production in Black and White. This is a throwback to all the really nice indie and underground video's that were everywhere about 15 years ago. Simplistic, yet complicated we find Pacewon lamenting his mis-spent youth and bigging up his beatsmith Mr. Green. Real Hip-Hop!


Marco Polo- Canned Goods

I first picked this up in like 05' or 06', waaay before I knew what was to come from Marco Polo in the future. I was pleasantly surprised after bumping it. It struck me as a very dope instrumental album, but it didn't strike me so much because of the fact that the music was ill, but rather because the guy creating these beats was a Canadian born, geeky-lookin, chain smoking, white guy. LOL, all pre-concieved notions aside, I never really thought hip-hop was that big in Canada besides places like Montreal or Toronto. Either way, I was very taken with all of the tracks. Many of them had ill soul and funk inspired samples and well exectuted, thick, drum patterns. It was boom bap at it's finest and I immediately started lookin for other stuff he produced. I would later find a lot of his work and continue to be equally impressed. "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn", was another album I ran into that really put Marco's talents on full display. A full length LP produced entirely by Marco (except 1 song) for Brooklyn Academy Member Pumpkinhead. Once again Polo was found crafting his Pete Rock and DJ Premieresque beats. He's a wonderful new talent and has moved on to release arguably the best Hip-Hop album in 2007; "Port Authority". He's been real busy these days producing for other top notch underground talent in his new home of Brooklyn, supplying dope beats for everyone from Masta Ace to Boot Camp Clik. I've actually spoken to duke a few times as well over Myspace and he's a real down to earth, humble guy. Sapposedly there's a "Port Authority 2" in the works, and while I can't wait for the kid's new stuff, I still enjoy his ealrier releases. Be sure to check out the 3 joints on this that aren't just instrumentals and feature Bog Skoob of Das Efx, Rasco of Cali Agents and Wordsworth.


1. Truffle Shuffle
2. Kwyjibo
3. Hired Goons
4. Stakes Is Higher
5. Coffee Break
6. Official
7. La Guardia To Pearson
8. Think Of U Now
9. Diamonds
10. Newport (Interlude)
11. Beat Society
12. The Greatest
13. No U Won't
14. Situations feat. Rasco
15. My Rights feat. Wordsworth
16. How I Get Down feat. Skoob (of Das Efx)

DJ Ophax- Just Heat 20 The Final Part

In an oversaturated mixtape market I come to find that two things are now at a premium. One; authentic and promising newcomers and two; interesting and skillful production. I am tempted to put the words "East Coast" at the end of those two statements, but I'll hold off, everyone hates disgruntled old heads, who still put 90's New York mixtapes up on an unreachable pedestal. I'm not looking for any of these guys to re-create Doo Wop's 95' Live. I would just like some of these new faces to try and strive for that type of excellence in an updated fashion. What I mean is I would like to hear more of these mixtape DJ's get out there and find some hungry MC's, some hungry beatmakers, put them in a room, cut a few new tracks and then let some of the MC's rip some instrumentals. Then, take all of that and put an ill tape together. It's not that hard, you just have to be willing to work hard. I guess having some connections and being able to network comes into play, but if your a serious DJ, those skills should be something you wanna hone anyway, might as well dive in. I don't think Doo Wop got every ill street MC in New York on his tapes by just sitting back and letting them come to him. He had to get on the horn and talk to a few managers, call a few dive bars, link up with their mans man an shit..It was probably a really big hassle at times, but he did what he had to do, gave it the the good old college try and persevered, in the process making something unforgettable. DJ Ophax is one of the few new guys puttin out tapes that somewhat mirror the aforementioned formula. Ophax isn't a legend or anything, but you can tell he takes his cues from a few. He's been on the scene for a lil' while now, and I have to say he's got a good ear for music. A sharp judge of talent, he's a frequent collaborator of 2 of the mixtape game's hardest working and most slept on MC's; Mentega and St. Laz. As a matter of fact the whole reason I discovered St. Laz was because of and DJ Ophax. Another staple in Ophax's tapes is the frequent love he shows to many unknown producers. You will always hear a new producer on one of Ophax's tapes, always. Another thing he does that I like is include the production credits on his tape's tracklist's. Somethin' that is very modern, that adds a nice lil' subtle touch that makes things a lil' more convienant. It's easy for the listener to track down more stuff from a producer when they know his name. Ophax is a credit to his craft, and while a lot of the older, stauncher heads don't consider Mixtape DJ's as "real" DJ's, Ophax adds a lot more ammo to the opposing argument. I like his shit and I think he's gonna do big things in the game someday....til' that day enjoy "Just Heat 20: The Final Part", another solid mix for mainstream cats that wanna check out something alternative, and an interesting break from traditional underground mixes for the real heads. Please ignore the Jim Jones track, lol. If you wanna check out more DJ Ophax stuff here's his Myspace:


01. METAFORE - Be Like Hov Freestyle
02. GEOLANI - The Boss Freestyle
03. LABBA - Jack Boy Music Freestyle
04. NYCE Feat. KOOL G RAP - Target Practice
05. ST LAZ - Exclusive Freestyle (Produced By CASA ONE)
06. THE BOY BUCKA - Exclusive Freestyle (Produced By CASA ONE)
07. OPIUM - Exclusive Freestyle (Produced By VENUM)
08. AGALLAH Feat. ST LAZ & PROPAIN CAMPAIGN - Propain's Last Stand
09. WOLFG - Une Rime Pour Une Larme
10. YOUNG HAZE & BIG SKEEM - Never Freestyle
11. B.A.M. - Exclusive Freestyle
12. BLOODSPORT Feat. STYLES P - Stay Back
13. PRINCE - Celebration Freestyle
14. P.A - Same Shit Freestyle
15. BIG WORM - Love No More Freestyle
17. K.A.S.T (THE ACADEMY) - Exclusive Freestyle
18. CLIP (THE ACADEMY) - Skeeter Freestyle
19. WOLFG Feat. JAW - Prend La Maille
20. NUCCI REYO Feat. SAM SCARFO & MONEY MALC - Give 'Em A Reason To Hate
21. M-UNO - Pop Off Freestyle
22. JEW DEW - Exclusive Freestyle
23. RICKY JEWELZ - Ima G Freestyle
24. CASSIDY - Umma Tru G
25. MONTEGA Feat. LADY LYRIC - Lyrical Heroin
26. YOUNG CRAKK Feat. H-TEAM - Fall Back
27. SLICK WATTS - Exclusive
28. AZ Feat. TWISTA & DWELE - Body Rock
29. KEITH MURRAY - Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Beautiful
30. HUSTLERS OF SOCIETY - Real Recognize Real (Produced By DJ OPHAX)
32. WOLFG Feat. PEZ - Style Free

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Gab Gocha- Hustlers Prayer

This is a compilation of some of Gab Gocha's best work and some of his earliest shit, from his days recording with his group "Triflects", that consisted of himself, Buc Live and Creature. If your not familiar with Gab you most likely will remember him from his work with the Beatnuts, who produced a couple of his hit underground singles back in the mid 90's. A versatile and gifted MC, Gab was a street artist who had a unique voice and almost perfect timing. He garnered a lot of respect thru his guest spot on The Beatnuts "Street Level" and "Stone Crazy" albms. Unfortunately Gab's good fortune woulden't last. By 1997 his group Triflict had split up and he was sentenced to do a seven year bid in prison. Fast forward to 2008...Gab is a free man again and hngry to get back out there and reclaim his throne as one of the east coast's grittiest and most lyrically capable MC's. He landed a spot on the heavilly acclaimed Joell Ortiz release; "Brick: The Bodega Chronicles" and garnered a lot of recognition for that appearance. He's been working hard on his music with new producers like Scram Jones and Domingo, while still maintaining a good relationship with Psycho Les and JuJu of the Beatnuts. I for one am glad that money is out of jail and still pursuing hip-hop, best of luck to that brutha, I've been a longtime fan and I encourage everyone to grab this and get familiar with one of Queens's finest MC's.


01 01:12 The Oath (Intro) ██
02 02:59 State Of The Union ██
03 03:03 I Set It ██
04 04:14 The Breakthrough ██
05 03:37 Aguardiente ██
06 05:13 The Blackout Show Ft Joell Ortiz, Trujillo and DJ ██ Camilo ██
07 04:31 HustlerÆs Prayer Ft Royalty ██
08 03:27 The Devil's Pie ██
09 03:46 For The Love Ft Melody ██
10 04:31 Money Meng ██
11 02:33 My Pedigree Ft Juganot and Camiliano ██
12 03:33 I Hate That ██
13 04:12 Champion ██
14 04:54 Your Angel ██
15 03:52 The Pain Ft Sensa ██
16 03:47 We Made It

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A-Alikes- The Hustler And The Hunted Pt.2

RBG (Dead Prez's crew) members The A-Alikes drop the second installment of their "Hustler And The Hunted" limited edition series with DJ Victorious. Victorious is really making the rounds, many of you will recognize him as rapper Sha Stimuli's (who also appears on this project) go to guy for hosting and putting together his mixtapes. The A-Alikes AKA Karaam and Ness, are a strong group with dope messages about society and all it's ills. Their not just some whiny, fake revolution type cats either, don't get it twisted, they both are real MC's that can hold their own in any arena. Their not just some Dead Prez clones, their delivery is street in nature and hailing from the Bronx, they put a unique east caost stamp on most of their music, which is largely serious and does center around a lot of political ideas and social controversies. They're real artist's man. They rap about what's really going on, and how difficilut it truly is to live in America and to be Black or Latino. If you wanna dance or "get crunk" this shit ain't gonna be for you. This is Unapologetic lyricism fused with the teachings of the 5% Nation of Islam, real production backed up by politically tinged lyrics and raw honesty. The way Karaam and Ness convey music is like listening to a speech by the late Fred Hampton or Huey P Newton. I can see why Dead Prez chose to bring these guys into their circle. If your new to their music definitely peep their album "I Eat, You Eat". I guarantee you'll become a fan after a few tracks. Although "I Eat, You Eat" was a great piece of work, I think this joint here will come to rival there work on that album. With guest appearances from Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Bilal, Steele from Smif n' Wessun and Shabaam Sadeeq, this has a lot of potent lyrical content that will surely serve as a starter kit for any future independent thinker. Production comes courtesy of Agallah, Madsol, DJ Butta, UK's Baby J, Beat Hustlas, Thorotracks and others! Be sure to grab this, it's the most worthwhile music you'll download all week.


01. Recap of Part 1 [ 00:47 ] ::
02. Intro [ 00:37 ] ::
03. Get Whut U Deserve (Produced by DJ Butta) [ 03:26 ] ::
04. Ducking Form the Jakes [ 01:43 ] ::
05. The World is A Ghetto [ 02:16 ] ::
06. Gospel Music [ 02:36 ] ::
07. Back to the Grind [ 03:21 ] ::
08. Wfre- Feat. Your Girl Nikia [ 00:55 ] ::
09. Throw Ya Gunz [ 02:46 ] ::
10. Going Out Like Rambo [ 00:26 ] ::
11. We A-Alikes Feat. I.G. [ 04:37 ] ::
12. Across the Border Feat. Afayah [ 03:43 ] ::
13. Enemies [ 03:32 ] ::
14. Something Horrible (Interlude) [ 00:49 ] ::
15. Hitting Four (Produced by Thoro Tracks) [ 03:26 ] ::
16. Timothy Stansbury [ 03:13 ] ::
17. The System is Sick [ 01:13 ] ::
18. Gang Initiation [ 00:47 ] ::
19. I┤m A G [ 02:20 ] ::
20. 99 Cent Tacos [ 01:04 ] ::
21. Rather Be Hated [ 02:55 ] ::
22. Loved Ones [ 00:10 ] ::
23. W.I.C. (Wiz' S in Crisis) [ 03:18 ] ::
24. G Call [ 03:12 ] ::
25. Murder Me Remix Feat. Stimuli, Steele, Immortal [ 05:22 ] : Technique ::
26. Protocol [ 04:30 ] ::
27. Friends Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq [ 03:26 ] ::
28. A-Game [ 03:21 ] ::
29. Behind Enemy Lines Feat. Dead Prez [ 01:30 ] ::
30. Til We Free Feat. Dead Prez [ 05:03 ] :



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Video: Buckshot & 9th Wonder ft. Talib Kweli- Hold It Down

This is the second video that Buckshot and 9th Wonder have shot for their upcoming album "The Formula", set to drop in a little less than two weeks. This is a great video, and surprise, surprise it's directed by none other than Rik Cordero and Boot Camp manager/CEO extraordinaire Dru Ha. The basic idea that they try and get across thru the setup of the video is that even though it's tremendously hard out here for us blacks and hispancs we gotta keep our heads on straight and "hold it down"; which is a pretty universal saying on the street for "just try and maintain". Talib Kweli stops through and makes a pretty dope cameo, I really thuink that the two videos 9th and Buck have dropped have really been excellent in their delivery and really creative too. Not sure who the guy is that's singing the hook in this, but he killed that. Dope vid, can't wait for the album, and maybe another street video.


Coming Soon: DJ Muggs And Planet Asia Project

This is a promo video for the new album from the legendary DJ Muggs and one of the west coast's most elite underground artist's Planet Asia. The two are linking up to create another one of Mugg's "Vs." albums, and Muggs sounds like he's in rare form judging by the head snapping, eerie beat featured in this vid. The imagery is pretty standard Soul Assassin stuff; shot in black and white and a lot of stirring images. This is a top notch promo vehicle and I'm glad that Muggs and Planet Asia are grinding to put together a dope album, be sure and check that out, dropping this summer on Angeles Records.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breaking News: Freaky Zeekey involved in near-fatal car accident

The Harlem-bred rapper's 2007 white S550 Benz was totaled in a three car pile-up at 115th Street and 1st Ave in Manhattan, according to a press release from his publicist, as Zeke (born Ezekial Jiles) was struck from behind while sitting at a red light.

The impact sent Zeke and a passenger hurling into the air and falling into a parked Hummer.

He spent the night at St. Luke's Hospital but was released with only minimal bruising.

"I'm just happy to know that Zeke was not severely injured," said fellow Dipset member Juelz Santana.

It's The Nuts!!!!

The Beatnuts have long been a personal inspiration for cats like me (Latino bruthas that produce and rhyme) for years man, probably since like 95' really. I mean growing up, there wasn't a tremendous amount of latino cats on the scene period, but it always did my heart good to know that even though we lacked numbers there still was a lot of quality stuff coming from us in the way of lyrics and on the boards. There was B-Real, Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest and Kid Frost holdin' down out in big, bad L.A., and then there was Terror Squad, Tony Touch and Doo Wop holdin' it down for us out east. I have no idea who exactly was reppin' us down south in the mid to late 90's but I'm told South Park Mexican was a prominant name for latinos in Texas for a long amount of time before he started getting arrested and convicted for messing with children (alledgedly). I think leading the pack for all of these guys was JuJu and Psycho Les AKA The Beatnuts. The reason why I always put these guys up on such a high pedestal musically was because of their creativity and how they applied it to both emceeing and Producing like a well thought out formula. When I bumped their music I heard sounds and rythyms that were groundbreaking. They stuck to the script of making a lot of hardcore shit like everyone else did in the beggining, and they were good at that too, but around the time they dropped the "Stone Crazy" Lp their unique methods were in full swing. The samples that were on that album were just insane. They were polished beat diggers and it was evident, they were flipping some really ill records that had a very unique sound. They we're the ones who really began sampling Spanish records too, which was a huge innovation that many of today's illest producers still use. Other than DJ Muggs out west, not too many producers in the mid 90's were really flipping spanish records like that, and if they did they were only grabbing the instrumental portion of the record. The Beatnuts were using the percussion and rythym sections of the spanish samples, as well as the vocal portions. They were trailblazers. They made it cool to sample Salsa, Merengue, Latin Jazz, Cha Cha, whatever. They just made it dope to grab samples from Latin records that previously would go ignored by producers when they went on their excursions to dig. That wasn't the only thing that made the Beatnuts monsters tho. As time movd on and they started dropping albums that were really "producer driven", their techniques got even more creative and sought after. Whether it was something as subtle as a snare that sounded like a rubber band being snapped on a table or a kick that sounded like a muthafucka farting, they always brought something in their beats that would tweak your ears and make You say to yourself: "that's funky as fuck". I was mesmerized with their work on albums like "A Musical Massacre" and "Take It Or Squeeze It". The production on both records really showed the Nuts flexing their inventive chops. Another element that the Nuts always employed in their music was their lewd and hilarious brand of humor, that was more often than not sexual in nature. Lol, they were funny guys who proabably are right up there with the X-ecutioners, Wu-Tang and the Lox when it comes to making funny ass skits. It's all apart of their production techniques. The Nuts would often be able to make a funny skit out of just playing an old or obscure sample from a children's record or something. As a real hip-hop fan and a Latino kid that fell in love with the culture and the elements a long, long time ago, I have to say that The Beatnuts, in my opinion and with the exception of Domingo are peerless when it comes to Latino producers or producers just in general. That's why I'm bringing you some of ther lesser known instrumentals that were released only on vinyl. First is the short, but sweet "Psycho Beats" jumpoff and second is "Hyrda Beats"; a compilation of joints they did for the legendary Hydra Records label. Please take the time to download and enjoy, these two cats is a pair of once in a lifetime producers that never in my mind got their just due. Guys like them have been forced in the the mid and late 2K's to adapt to corny trends and try to relate to these idiot, new age, hip-hop homos. Expectedly, their work has seen both a decline in regularity and quite frankly, integrity. I sum up their recession and the recession of other good, golden age, New York, hip-hop music with that old saying; "sometimes artists get to create art, and sometimes they have to work". The game is changing, and really, I've never been one for change when it cames to my music, but I'm glad that I have my memories of when it was a different game. I often cringe at some of the production coming out today, but I still hear a few good things dropping here and there, I just can't turn on the radio or the tube and hear them is all. I guess I can live with that; listening to the real stuff in seclusion and segregation. Ahhh yes, but I digress....Once again check out these joints, they are truly dope, and are guaranteed to provide you with an insight to a couple of the most dynamic Latino hip-hop artists ever.


That's That Beat
Northern Lights
Shit's Gonna Hit The Fan
Raw Dog
Ill Guitar
Drunken Gangsta

Relax Yourself
Throw Your Hands Up
Purse Snacther
The Chase
Out Of State Case
I Can't Relate
Bum Rush
Highlyl Recongized
Homo Victim
Gonna Fly
Jungle Gook
Crab Niggas

The Roots feat. Patrick Stump- Birthday Girl

Really dope joint that finds the Roots examining the nuances and complexities involving coming of age for young women. This isn't going to be featured on the Roots new album, but is a very compelling song with a poignant and subtle message. Also somewhat of a crossover type joint, I could definitely see how this tune could appeal to more than just hip-hop fans. As far as the video goes it's pretty removed from the musical performance aspect, and mainly just focuses on giving you some good imagery, in the form of a girl's seventeenth birthday party, which starts out as something that she's out grown and even a bit innocent, but quickly transforms into a intriguing scene filled with new and riskay situations. Not particuliarly too moving for me and I think Rik Cordero has done better things in the direction chair, but still it's nice to hear and see something different once in awhile. To anyone wondering, the unique beauty with the piercing, beautiful eyes is Sasha Grey.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video: Wu-Tang feat. Erykah Badu - The Heart Gently Weeps

Brand new video from Wu-Tang and Erykah Badu for "The Heart Gently Weeps"; a standout track from their newest album "8 Diagrams". This video is great man, Rza is a true visionary when it comes to creativity and pushing hip-hop's boundries. I really like "concept" videos, that have storylines to look at and follow and a unique setting or situation that isn't usually associated with hip-hop. I find that formula always makes for a unique vid, and although Asian culture has always been a huge part of Wu-Tang, they've never really delved into exploring some of the traditional cultural staples, like the dancing in this Video. While some might think this is too artsy, I think it's mad original and well done, only disappoinment is that the whole Wu doesen't make cameos.


Video: Prince Ali feat. Kieth Murray, Casual and Planet Asia- The Majors

This is a dope ass video that snuck by me there for a second man...dropped in the fall of 07', but today was the first day I laid my eyes on it, and yes it's a crazy east/west coast collab track that is very worthy of having a video accompany it in all it's glory. The beat is insane, purely insane man. The video itself is somethin' that's pretty basic; white backdrop and just four guys rhymin', but I think that there's always room in the game for good low budget video's. I think Kieth Murray stole the show with his verse, but you be the judge.


Termanology - The Cameo King

I've been singin' Termanology's praises for a long while now and one of the main reasons for that is because of his willingness and ability to make good collabo tracks. I hate to once again make the hasty comparison to the greatest Latino rapper of all time, but one of the people that I'm sure Term strives to emulate is Big Pun, and we all know that Pun was an absolute beast when it came to doin tracks on other peoples projects and just in general. So in usual fashion, Term drops us a dope mixtape, but this time around it's not a new installment of his critically acclaimed series "Hood Politics". Nope, rather it's a new tape that features nothing but Termanology's best moments performing with some of his close friends and hip-hop's elite. From his underground smash hit "Watch How It Go Down" Remix that was produced by the legendary DJ Premier that featured M.O.P.'s Lil' Fame and BK's newest Lyrical lexicon Papoose to the re-worked 07' version of "Express Yourself" that featured Consequence and Talib Kweli, that was produced by his hometown friend Statik Selektah (who's all over this tape by the way) this tape covers all of the bases when it comes to Term's biggest cameo spots. I think that there's a lot of really great stuff from Term on this, and personally it only makes me anticpate that solo debut on Nature Sounds even more. I think that he's one of the few really worthwhile latnio MC's in Boston, and I would strongly recommend this tape to anyone who's thinking about trying out some of Term's music. It's a strong introduction to what homie can do and specifically what he's done with others that's really noteworthy. For everyone that's familiar with a lot of Term's music already, have no fear, there's a healthy lil' dose of stuff that even the biggest Termanology fans haven't heard yet on here as well. Happy listening.


1. Statik Selektah Intro (prod. Statik Selektah)
2. Music Industry (rmx) f. Akrobatik, Royce Da 5′9, Crooked I & Consequence (prod. Fizzy Womack)
3. Stop Look and Listen f. Styles P & Q-Tip (prod. Statik Selektah)
4. Watch How It Go Down (rmx) f. Papoose & Lil Fame (prod. DJ Premier)
5. Express Yourself f. Consequence & Talib Kweli (prod. Statik Selektah)
6. Kilo Rap f. Big Noyd & Ghetto (prod. MoSS)
7. Bam Bam f. Mims & Red Cafe (prod. Statik Selektah)
8. Play It (rmx) f. Big Shug, Royce Da 5′9 & Singapore Kane (prod. DJ Premier)
9. About That Time f. Canibus (prod. MoSS)
10. Welcome To The Machine f. Ea$y Money (prod. Artisin)
11. Different World f. Prospect (prod. J. Cardim)
12. 50 States f. Mistah F.A.B. & Ghetto (prod. Raf Moses)
13. Big Dreamers (rmx) f. Krumbsnatcha & Reks (prod. Statik Selektah)
14. Got Em f. Superstah Snuk (prod. Twinz)
15. Low IQ f. Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) (prod. Evidence)
16. Place Ya Order f. E-Flamez (R.I.P.) (prod. Shortfyuz.)
17. It’s The ST. f. ST. Da Squad (prod. Statik Selektah)
18. The Corner f. Ras Kass, Doo Wop & D.V. Alias Khryst (prod. Sketchman)
19. Mami Montana f. Mami Montana (prod. Statik Selektah)
20. Circle of Life f. Lee Wilson (prod. DC the MIDI Alien)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ecko Unltd. and The Lyricist Lounge Present Underground Airplay Version 1.0 Mixed by DJ Spinbad

For years I have been searching for my copy of this that I somehow managed to lose. I first got this for free when I purchased something; I can't remember if it was a magazine or a ECKO T-shirt, but I remember how dazzled I was with the CD. At the time I wasn't really that heavy into the underground or Independent hip-hop scene, so names like "Quasimoto", "Self SCientific", "Zion I" and "Casual" didn't ring a bell when I looked at the CD's tracklisting. I really didn't have that many expectations, I mean I was ignorant to what those guys were all about; Christ, I was bumping DJ Clue and Kay Slay mixtapes, I had no idea who "Mystic", "Tahir or "D-Stroy" was. I was much more familiar with guys like the Lox, Wu-Tang and Jay-Z. I admit it, I was a little bit of a closed minded guy. Rarely did I venture out of my hardcore comfort zone and try listening to something that was different. I knew a few kids at my school that were what I used to ignorantly refer to as "Backpackers", lol, and I figured that this had to be the type of hip-hop they were listening to. Anyway, long story short, I popped the CD into my stereo and I was really taken back, perhaps even a bit confused. A lot of these artists, whom I didn't know of were really precise, and really, well, artistic. A lot of their rhyme and song patterns were real unorthodox. The subject matter was different as well. One second they could be rhyming about some street shit, the next they could be rhyming about how to maintain a healthy vegan diet. Partially blown away, and partially unable to comprehend the dense subject matter at the time, I found myself knee deep in a CD that was very intriguing to me. Previous to this release the most underground type of music I had been fuckin with was Wu-Tang, and much like this new piece of strange, when I first discovered the Wu, I was also very skeptical, but after a few albums, eventually through their music I would find a new outlook on religion and politics. Of course any real Wu head will confirm that their music can be very enlightening at times, especially when you really look for the meaning behind some of the lyrics that employ five percent mythology and political jargon. After listening to "Underground Airplay" I found that a lot of the guys on this CD were definitely cut from the same cloth artisticly as Wu-Tang, in the sense that they touched on serious topics as well. Although there was a stark difference because they were turning up the volume a little bit. More in-depth references to shit that was going on in the community, radical political ideas and the open discussion of alternative lifestyles (i.e., female MC's delving into serious rhymes about being with another woman) were way more prevalent on this tape than in any other hip-hop I had messed with previously, shit they were way more prevalent than they were in any other music in general that I had ever heard previously for that matter. With an older sister that was always bumpin stuff like Green Day, Paul Simon, Bob Marley, The Beastie Boys and Tupac I am not exaggeratting about the open minded and diverse types of music that I was exsposed to in my house either. Even though I had heard guys like Marley and Pac growing up, there was still a big, big difference in this type of underground hip-hop. It was very direct in relaying it's ideas and the sometimes subtler underlying messages in my sister's "political" music wasn't stacking up to this at all. This tape just had it all man....on top of the A List underground talent that was featured on it, there was also a couple DJing legends who blessed "Underground Airplay" mix as well. DJ Revolution and The X-ecutioners both come thru and cut up a storm on their respective tracks. I really feel like a fool in hindsight man. I disregarded this pretty quickly after I got it, so much so, that it's now lost somewhere in my mom's crib. I just wasn't ready man. I think that my outlook on the world at that point was so small; there was my block, my peooples and my girl. I wasn't worried about the system or politics. I didn't have any conception about how things would be as I got older or what stances I would take on artistic expression. I had no idea how stale the hip-hop world would become. So this tape kind of introduced me to the "other" side of hip-hop. I would actually go on to spend some time living in Portland, Oregon, where there is a thriving underground scene and learn some more about a lot of these artists, which was relatively easy to do seeing as how many of them routinely did shows there. Another thing that this Mix introduced me to was Great underground production. It was on here that I heard beats from DJ Khalil, Will Tell, Madlib and Chops for the first time, all of whom are now staples in the underground scene in New York, Los Angeles and internationally. This is just a great, great mix that I have to commend Marc Ecko and The Lyricist Lounge for putting together and getting out to the masses free of charge. They really don't do stuff like this anymore and it's a shame. The Lyricist Lounge is pretty much defunct now and Marc Ecko is buying Baseball's for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but still remains pretty active as a philanthrapist and activist. Even though I stopped rockin Ecko gear a long while back, I still respect duke quite a bit. He's fought for Graff artist's rights in NYC and raised money to help save endangered Rhinos in Africa. Be sure and check this out man, it's a look back at how ill the underground was, and I know it will spark an intrest in at least one new artist for you....


1. Intro - DJ Spinbad
2. Heat Of The Moment - Killah Priest (prod. by NIROCIST)
3. Lounge Promo - HOM (prod. by Dart La)
4. Nuthin' You Can Do (W.Y.B.) - Skeme Team (prod. by Block McCloud)
5. Return - Self Scientific (prod. by DJ Khalil)
6. 54th Regiment - Maspyke (prod. by Maspyke)
7. Bisexual - Jane Doe (prod. by 88 Keys)
8. Same O.G. - Casual (prod. by V.I.C.)
9. Boom Bip - Zion I (prod. by 418 Hz & Cuts by Willie Maze)
10. Ol' Time Killin' - Kardinal Offishall (prod. by Mr. Attic)
11. Jam On It - Mos Def (prod. by Lil' Wikki From The Bronx)
12. Just You Wait - Boogieman (prod. by Nottz)
13. Acknowledge - Masta Ace (prod. by Xplicit)
14. Let Me Be - Punch & Words (prod. by Curt Gowdy)
15. It's Time - Hemisphere (prod. by DJ Dug Boogie)
16. Clear The Lane - Phil The Agony (prod. by E-Swift)
17. We Will - Lord Have Mercy (prod. by Ice Pirate)
18. Yo! - Obie Trice (prod. by Mike for Backdoor productions)
19. Truly Unique - Asheru & Blue Black (prod. by Usef Dinero)
20. Holiday - Tahir (prod. by Tahir)
21. Perfectionists - Invincible (prod. by Supa-Dave-West)
22. Special Forces - Bahamadia ft. Planet Asia & Rasco (prod. by Chops for Mountain Bros. Inc)
23. Curse On You - Quasimoto (prod. by Madlib)
24. The X (Ya'll Know The Name) (D-Prosper Remix) - The X-ecutioners ft. Pharoahe Monch, Xzibit, Inspectah Deck and Skillz (prod. by D-Prosper)
25. Current Events - Mystic (prod. by Chops for Mountain Bros. Inc.)
26. I Love It - Young Zee ft. Rah Digga (prod. by Rockwilder)
27. Blazin' (Stay Building Eternal) - Rise & Shine (prod. by Levelz)
28. Smokey - The Bad Seed (prod. by Dirty Swift)
29. Roll Out - D-Stroy (prod. by The Shadow Of Norway)
30. Good Luck Bad Luck - Richie Balance & Rack-Lo (prod. by Will Tell)
31. Center Of Attention - San Quinn (prod. by P Kid)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Week In Singles

lets start off with Nyce and Kool G rap, this is crazy on a lot of levels man, Nyce gets totally outshined by Kool G, but that's what we expected...the beat is ill tho, and Nyce while not particuliarly dazzling comes back with a pretty decent second verse...

Nyce feat Kool G Rap - Target Practice

next we have an absolutely crazy joint from Shyhiem and Wu-Affilliate C-Terra. I can't even begin to describe how crazy the beat is, and Shyhiem is in rare form spitting some serious lines, even C-Terra who kind of has a clumsy delivery kicks some really dope lines about how he came up in the Wu and some of the struggles he witnessed amongest his fellow clansmen...

Shyhiem feat. C-Terra- Hood Talk

Moving right along we got Raze, the slick, latin, lyricist from the Lower East Side section of Manny Hanny, who gives us a compelling look into his roots as a rapper and some very worthy braggadocio lines as well. Production on this is top notch as well.

Raze- All In The Eyes

This is just a crazy banger right here, it has Krs-One teaming up with our favorite hip-hop bully Freddie Foxx, who combine to make an outstanding track, complete with a great sample that's looped up to perfection. The wordplay on this is crazy.

Krs-One and Freddie Foxx- Just You

New Big Noyd & CNN!! Need I say more? This is how these two need to be soundin man...the chorus is kinda hokey (courtesy of a cat that sounds like he's doin a fake jamaican accent) but everything else is straight as shiit....we find Nore and Capone going back and forth, tossing the verse up between each other perfectly....Noyd comes in and drops one of his more memorable verses of 08' as well

CNN feat. Big Noyd- Weed, Guns And Girls

This is prolly the best freestyle dropped this Month so far, as we find West Coast newcomer Stacee Adams teaming up with Streetsweeper's newest star Big Lou for a sick lyrical beatdown of the "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It" beat. The two wig out somethin nice on this one, Stacee proves he's well worth the hype and Big Lou drops a couple nasty lines, a really good collaboration.

Stacee Adams feat. Big Lou- Square Biz

Now this is a real treat, new EPMD man....and the both of them are in rare form. I can't really tell who did the beat but I'm leaning toward Sermon, but either way, that shiit is sick, and we needed that, badly....really good to hear these two make some hott new shiit. This is a good ole' stick up song, done by two of the best lyrical bandits ever, check that out...

EPMD- Run It

This is the illest mass- collaboration track we've heard in a minute, this joint combines perhaps the best underground west coast Lyricist ever (Ras Kass), the best mixtape DJ to ever rhyme (Doo Wop) and the Pride of Boston (Termanology). Complete with a down tempo, ultra groovy beat this is a can't miss.

DJ Rerok feat. Ras Kass, Doo Wop and Termanology- The Corner

Saturday, April 12, 2008

CRDS Presents Da Beatminerz-Dah Remixes

Here's a dope, dope, dope compilation put together by our friends over at Cold Rock Da' Spot. They've put together the best remixes ever done by the legendary production duo Da Beatminerz all collected in a 16 track mix. They basically did all the work for all you novices and Beatminerz neophytes. There's no describing this except for that it's Da Beatminerz man. Next to Pete Rock it just doesen't get any better in the way of remixing records. They've worked with the greats and pumped out some of the best stuff in hip-hop history as well, but unfortunately get overlooked in the modern day melting pot of bad music, false decadence and piss poor production that has come to symbolize hip-hop in the 2K. Da Beatminerz are from another era. A time when analog could be heard so thickly, so warmly and was appreciated. A time when a producer had to be a Connoisseur of music, a digger of vinyl records and a skilled operator of a sampling machine. Da Beatminerz were all of that and more; from their legendary basslines to their landmark sampling techniques they truly set the bar. You can still catch them working on stuff here and there, Evil Dee spins all the time in NYC and Mr. Walt is sure to be roaming around some hole in the wall record store somewhere near you. All that I ask is that the new jacks recognize greatness. These guys paved the way man. No doubt about it. Everyone needs to check this mix out as it finds the Beatminerz doing what they do best; making great music even greater.


1. black moon - u d man (dj evil dee remix)
2. aquasky ft big kwam - raw skillz (da beatminerz remix)
3. black moon - son get wrec (dj evil dee remix)
4. house of pain - on point (da beatminerz remix)
5. black moon - worldwind (remix)
6. black moon-buck em down (remix)
7. brothers of the mind- rough and tough (nitetyme version)
8. dj krush - meiso (da beatminerz remix)
9. jungle brothers - brain (da beatminerz remix)
10. black moon and smif n wesson-headz aint redee (da beatminerz remix)
11. pharcyde- drop (da beatminerz remix)
12. the roots -silent treatment (da beatminerz remix)
13. black moon - act Like u want it - [dj evil dee remix]
14. black star - another world (da beatminerz remix)
15. the roots - proceed v (da beatminerz remix)
16. terror fabolous- yaga yaga (hip hop remix)


here's a bonus that was included:

D'Angelo ft Kool G Rap-Brown Sugar (Da Beatminerz Remix)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lucky Don (Feat. Maino & Uncle Murder) - Hit Ya Ass Up

New joint from Lucky Don, who I believe is a new artist (name don't ring a bell) outta Brooklyn. "Hit Ya Ass Up" Features Main-O and Uncle Murder, all three of whom spit verses that surely won't have them nominated for a Nobel Peace prize anytime soon, but do illustrate their considerable skill. Some real official Brooklyn shiit here, it's actually a pretty good song really, I like the aggressive nature a lot. New York rappers finally startin to sound like New York rappers again. Video is pretty basic, kinda grainy too, but still a dope lil' hood joint'.


Think Differently & Wu- Tang- Coffee And Cigarettes (The Cappacino Mix)

"Coffee and Cigarettes" was a funny, quirky and well thought out indie movie directed and written by the legendary Indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, that relayed to the viewers a series of different short stories all tied together by two things; Coffee and Cigarettes. Amazingly cerebral the movie is very comical and shows you a very real angle of everyday life, how we as humans are addicted to certain things and how absorbed we can become with those things. "Coffee and Cigarettes: The Cappacino Mix" is an older tape from one of my favorite hip-hop labels/entities Think Differently Music that sort of pays homage to the movie, which featured Rza and Gza. This tape is unique and really a credit to the genius of Wu-Tang as a whole and as a lineage as well. I always enjoy the samples employed by Wu producers and the ideas that Rza and friends choose to explore, this tape sort of mirrors those ideas and tastes. You can find an assortment of great musical people on The Cappacino mix including the iconic group The Beatles, sultry songstress Nina Simone and Jazz man Malcolm McLaren. Truly a mix that more kids should try and check for simply for the musical history that is relayed on it. I urge everyone to rent "Coffee And Cigarettes" from their local "hip" video store, it's really a great movie. This mix is also great and filled with music that is very diverse and that no doubt influenced the film. I know one of the many treats on this that I enjoyed was track 9; "Riteous Talk" a tremendous instrumental produced by Bronze Nazereth, sure to please anyone who is a little put off by the tapes more vintage and neo-hippie feel at times. A must have for any Wu head or Jim Jarmusch fan.


01: Good Evening [Intro]

02: Smoking Cigarettes
[Performed by *Tweet]

03: Alone Again
[Majestic 12]
[Performed by Madam Majestic]
[Produced by Carlos Bess]

04: Misunderstood
[Performed by *Nina Simone]

05: Coffee & Cigarettes Movie Soundbite #1 [Skit]

06: Miles and Miles of Miles Davis
[Performed by *Malcolm McLaren]

07: Jazz is Paris
[Performed by *Malcolm McLaren]

08: Solo Sistim
[Performed by *Underworld]

09: Instrumental Interlude [Righteous Talk]
[Produced by Bronze Nazareth]

10: Serve This Royalty
[Performed by *Cody Chesnutt]

11: My Cryin' Blues
[Performed by *Davina]

12: Strawberry Fields
[Performed by *The Beatles]

13: What a Difference a Day Makes
[Majestic 12]
[Performed by Madam Majestic]
[Produced by Carlos Bess]

14: Coffee & Cigarettes Movie Soundbite #2 [Skit]

15: Crimson and Clover
[Performed by *Tommy and the Shondells]

16: Mystery of Iniquity
[Performed by *Lauryn Hill]

17: Umi Says
[Performed by *Mos Def]

18: Good Morning
[Performed by *Nas]

19: Daybreak
[Majestic 12]
[Performed by Madam Majestic]
[Produced by Carlos Bess]

20: Lost Soul
[Performed by Savoy]

21: Untitled Exclusive

22: Head Rush
[Performed by The RZA, and GZA/Genius]
[Produced by *Pete Rock]

23: Coffee & Cigarettes Movie Soundbite #3 [Skit]

24: Nimblefoot Ska
[Performed by *The Skatalites]

25: Truth Is
[Performed by *Black Ice]

26: Star
[Performed by *Sly & The Family Stone, and *The Roots]

27: Instrumental
[Performed by *Soulive]

28: Peace [Outro]

Chapel- Basic Thoughts

This is a pretty rare and hard to find joint from Chapel; A talented producer out of the Team Napalm camp. If your not familiar with Team Napalm, that's the crew/movement that Killarmy member Dom Pachino started and is the head of. Chapel is one of the stronger members of Team Napalm without question. His production has long been a staple in Dom Pachino's music and really shined a lot in his first solo tape "Basic Thoughts". Chapel isn't particuliarly dazzling behind the mic this go round, but he does put together songs well. The production is crazy, be sure to check out "Impeccable" and "Hunger".


1) Intro
2) Party Time
3) Impeccable
4) Champagne Buzzed
5) Born Wild Criminals (Feat. Trom)
6) Basic Thoughts
7) Skit (Feat. Venus)
8) Official
9) Dis A new Flow
10) "Don't Buckle" (Feat. Wise)
11) Everything (Feat. Monique)
12) Commercial Status
13) Skit (Feat. The Mother of Chap)
14) Cruelty (Feat. Sham)
15) Hunger (Feat. Phenom N Diligence)
16) I Love You ( Uncle Charlie R.I.P.)
17) No Question
18) Outro

Last Emperor- Palace Of The Pretender

If There was ever an artist that the public wasn't familiar enough with it would be Last Emperor. The ultimate in honesty and creativity Last Emp is the quintesential underground artist. He always points out the little things, reminds us of the big things and shows us his version of things. When I first heard last emp I was watching the second or third installment of the And 1 Mixtape (back when they were actually good, and shot footage of playground games) and all of a sudden there was this segment that was playing in slow motion and this slow, melancholy song started playing. It complimented the images so nicely. The MC had a really different kind of delivery, he sounded smart, pronounced all his words correctly and was perfectly comprehendable. He was different. He was ill though, truly a poet; describing past moments and times in his life with great modishness and detail. It was literally a thing of beauty. The song was a perfect backdrop for slow mo images of street ball players hoopin on concrete courts. The song I would later rewind and find out was called "Do You Remember" by a guy named Last Emperor. I hadn't heard of him before, but I knew that catching tune had made me a fan, and I sought out his music. I looked everywhere for awhile but never had much luck finding an album or mixtape. There was just loose features on other artist's songs and a few 12 inch singles here and there. I did find out more about him though. I came to know that he was from Philly, a college grad and had moved to NYC, other than that however, I didn't know much. I always kept an ear out for him though and soon came to find that he had signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath label. Time pressed forward and still no major release. Later I would hear whispers that he was dropped from Aftermath along with a slew of other artists and had signed with Rawkus records but, we never got any major release from him. It wasn't until I grabbed a mixtape called "Hidden Treasures" that I truly got my hands on a good amount of his material. Then in 2003, the year I graduated from high school, he dropped his debut LP "Music, Magic, Myth". I picked that up and felt a little more complete. Last Emp is a very popular artist overseas as well as in the states and "Music, Magic, Myth" was actually released in Europe too in 03' but, like most european versions, it's not much like the American release, rather a slightly different adaptation. The name was changed to "Palace Of The Pretender", and it didn't include 7 songs that were on the american joint. It also had three tracks that were previously unreleased ("Drifter," "Clear Day," and "Echo Leader") and very ill. "Palace Of the Pretender" is a great hip-hop album that goes down as one of my all time favorites. Complete with production from Ayatollah, Da Beatminerz and Prince Paul the beats simply just don't get any better. A creative story teller, Emp's skills are on full display and in full swing for this engaging and intriguing venture into his own world, where he is a crusader for good, a master of truth and a protector of integrity. I bring you Palace of the pretender because I like it a little better than "Music, Magic, Myth" and because it's currently out of print in America. Please take the time to explore this immensly innovative and resourceful project! Standout tracks are "Secret Wars" and "Secret Wars 2"


01. Tiger Trail
02. Karma
03. One Life (feat.Poetic & Esthero)
04. Meditation
05. Do You Care?
06. Shine
07. The Incredible Man
08. Let's Ride
09. Hold On
10. Single Mother
11. The Great Pretender
12. Here We Are
13. The Drifter
14. Clear Day (feat.Masta Ace & Trugoy)
15. Echo Leader
16. Secret Wars
17. Secret Wars 2

pt. 1


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tommy Tee - No Studio No Time The Wait (Street Album)

Tommy Tee is perhaps the best Norwegian producer ever to release material in the U.S.. Tommy started off in Norway break dancing and doing graffiti. Pretty soon he was rapping and producing records as well. Eventually he started promoting big time American acts when they would travel to Norway and began Norway's first Hip-Hop magazine "Fat Cap". The word spread about his production talents and Tommy Tee AKA Father Blanco began working with a lot of American hip-hop artists. He had already produced some critically acclaimed albums in Norway and many underground artists in New Yor City liked the Jazz infused and soul laden productions that he was churning out and enlisted his help for future projects. Tommy Tee kept things moving and released a debut album called "Bonds Beats and Beliefs" that was Norway's most successful hip-hop album ever and even though it wasn't officially released in the U.S. it garnered him huge respect in the underground cicuit and cemented him as a significant and extremely worthwhile artist.

Here we are 10 years later and Tommy Tee has been keeping busy. In 2007 he produced several records on Smif N' Wessun's "The Album", Sean Price's "Jesus Price Superstar" and M.O.P.'s 'Ghetto Warfare" albums. Also in late 2007 Tommy released the street album "No Studio No Time The Wait", which is what i'm bringing you today. Jam packed with dope guest features and ill production it's a warm up for his official album "Studio Time" set to be released this year in 2008 sometime. Tremendously dense with dope music, "No Studio..." was probably one of the better releases of 2007, but due to the fact that it featured mainly underground artists and a bevy of underground production it went un-noticed and relativly un-appreciated by many a hip-hop head and that's the main reason I've decided to put it up for y'all. njoy and support Tommy Tee when "Studio Time" does drop sometime later this year.


1 Intro (2:25)
[Featuring] - Da Kopz , Popz , Tim Dog
2 Shut Up! (3:35)
[Featuring] - JoJo Pellegrino
3 Stack Paper (3:39)
[Featuring] - Grafh , P-Dap*
4 Who Is It? (4:28)
[Featuring] - Masta Ace
5 Norwegian Fever (2:49)
[Featuring] - AG , Party Arty
6 WOW (3:30)
[Featuring] - Loudmouf Choir, The
7 Beats Me (4:00)
[Featuring] - A-Lee , Son Of Light
8 Yup Yup (3:44)
[Featuring] - JoJo Pellegrino
9 Talk Cheap (2:54)
[Featuring] - Craig G
10 You Got What I Need (4:28)
[Featuring] - Agallah , Opaque (5)
11 Overseas With Officials (2:54)
[Featuring] - Large Professor , Neek The Exotic
12 Get Little (3:59)
[Featuring] - Beatstruck , Nature (4)
13 One Of The Best (4:00)
[Featuring] - Sean Price
14 Son & Popz (3:20)
[Featuring] - Loudmouf Choir, The , Popz , Son*
Bonus Tracks
15 Above Da Law (4:22)
[Featuring] - Agallah , Big Twan , Labba , Sean Price , Starang Wondah
16 What's Your Name? (3:05)
[Featuring] - Nice N Smooth*

The Kollabo Brothers- For My Peoples

Here's a often overlooked goodie from the Finnish DJ and Production duo The Kollabo Brothers. The Kollabo Brothers aka Kool Ski & Staffro assembled some of the games best and brightest, not to mention a few all time legends for their stellar debut album and nobody should sleep on this at all. This joint dropped in 06' and I'll admit that I missed it, but upon discovery a couple days ago it's managed to stay permanantly locked in my deck. The production is nice, these two definitely should think about doin' more work in the U.S., sadly I woulden't be surprised if they found a better market for their work in Europe tho, where real hip-hop is thriving. Americans need to take a cue from these two man, there's real music and there's stuff that fades away quickly, and these guys make real music. Don't sleep on this, it is truly a great "Kollabo" album and if your a Boom Bap, mid 90's type of cat you'll really dig this. Jam packed with thick, slapping snares, booming kicks and creatively chopped samples, "For My Peoples" is a wonderful example of true hip-hop in the later 2K's, something that you'll be hard pressed to find sometimes. The list of guest MC's is also made up of guys you probably would have a hard time finding these days too. Gathering some of the games most reclusive and sought after heads, the Kollabo Brothers successfully fuse some of hip-hop's goden age royalty like Grandmaster Caz, Craig G, Diamond D and Donald D with some of hip-hop's most respected underground MC's like Au-Ra, Paris and Zion I. The marriage worked out well and produced a great album with solid direction.


For anyone seeking to hear a few songs off the album, or find more info on the Kollabo Brothers or their label KoolKatRecords check them out on their myspace here:

01. Intro ft. Craig G
02. No Equal ft. Craig G
03. For My Peoples ft. Donald D
04. Way Back ft. Tim Dog
05. Watch The Game ft. The Gambit
06. Lovin" This Shit ft. Afu-Ra
07. My Flows To Blow ft. Diamond D
08. Hip Hop Blues ft. Grandmaster Caz
09. Two Kool Brothers
10. I Got Soul ft. Zion aka Baba Zumbi (of Zion I)
11. Words I Wrote ft. Paris
12. Glad To Be Me ft. B.I.
13. My Melody ft. B.O.Dubb
14. Im a Real Emcee ft. Donald D
15. Outro

Video: 40 Glocc- New World Order

Okay, before everyone jumps down my back for posting this up, please know that I don't agree with 40 Glocc's opinion's on Barack Obama...not at all....however I do endorse his positions and views on Geoge Bush and the whole Bush family, that he puts forward boldly in this premiere video. The imagery is pretty strong, showing a lot of really charging political stuff, I think this is actually one of 40 Glocc's better projects. I mainly just support this because he's speakin on some real shit, not all that fake, watered down, materialistic garbage that all these other so-called artists are talkin about. Dope Vid, check that out.