Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Single: The Red Giants ft. Von Pea - What Do I Do

Jermiside and Brickbeats are The Red Giants and for the 3rd leak off their "Supercharged" album that is set to drop soon..

On this track, man, Jerm and Von contemplate that terrible question we all must at some point--what do you do when ya ass is flat out, tapped out mang? Really a quality joint here, with lyrics that I think far too many of us can relate to..

The Audible Doctor - Doctorin

Brand new BBAS in your earhole bruh!

The Audible Doctor delivers on his new, 12 track release and as per usual we get a dose of one of the most promising new beatmakers out east..

To add to the illness of this, it's executive produced by none other than Large Professor...You like what you hear, go ahead and run over to iTunes to cop..

Video: Dag Savage ft. Fashawn, Co$$ & Tiombe Lockhart - Cali Dreamin’

Cali underground wordsmith Johaz Teamed with producer Exile make up group Dag Savage and they've popped in with a brand new, heartfelt record for all those that got lost out there in them Cali streets..

Enlisting the aid of just about every new, dope, up and coming west coast cali emcee in Fashawn, Tiombe Lockhart & Co$$, this ode to the treacherous beauty that is life if Southern CA just is smoothly executed..

Directed by Ryan Calavano...

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Doppelgangaz - Doppic Of Discussion

Time for some new Doppel Gospel kiddies.. .

If you're already familiar with these how The Doppelgangaz get down (and you should be, they're always on PHH) than you'll dig their latest instrumental EP, which comes chalk full O' menacing, head nodding boom bap treats just in time for Halloween..

Single: Oxygen - Diggin’ By Law ft. Gensu Dean & DJ Format (Sampler)

If you dig diggin' and make an effort to get out there and do so as often as possible then this is the sampler for you...

Oxyden enlists the help of Gensu Dean and DJ Format as well as a few others to create a new piece of vinyl that will be available for you soon.. but don't let me tell it.. look below for the details and the full sampler of what will be on the wax...

SOS Records has teamed up with Oxygen, Gensu Dean, & DJ Format to present the “Diggin’ By Law” vinyl project. Including a banging new Gensu Dean remix of the underground classic “Gone Diggin’”, there’s a killer DJ Format remix and bonus cut “33,3″ on a crazy 5″ picture disc! This limited edition vinyl release has been given the Royal treament with mix engineering by hip hop legend Eddie Sancho, and vinyl masering by K-Def to ensure as always it’s audiophile approved!

Video Interview: Just Blaze For FuseTV

What would FuseTV's Crate Diggers Series be without gettin up with Just Blaze to see what goodies he holds in his vinyl stash?

Of course along with a peek at some of what Just is holdin, we get the stories behind how his collection got started and how he became a DJ/producer..

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Singles: The Quartermaine - War Of The Roses (prod. by Kev Brown)

Time for another member of Low Budget Crew to earn his stripes...

The Quartermaine, a perhaps lesser known member of the superlatively talented DMV-area crew is readying his debut "Quarter Life Crisis"  for a Nov. 20th release date and "War Of The Roses" is the Kev Brown-produced banger that I think is a perfect lead off single..

Quartermaine's voice is memorable, his lyrics poignant and as always, Kev does nuthin' but impress with his beat work..

Single: Roc Marciano - Hey Love

Your friendly neighborhood Roc Marciano has a new jawn for us that is precisely what we like to hear from the man--hardcore, hardcore, hardcore.

Utilizing a trusty old De La instrumental, Roc lays out yet another sampling (not literally, this won't be on the album) of what we'll be hearin his soon to be droppin' "ReLoaded" LP, which you can look for on Nov. 13th..

Single: Buckshot & 9th Wonder - Stop Rapping

Another new look from Buck and 9th's upcoming new collab LP "The Solution"...

"Stop Rapping" is just a great record innit? I mean, it catches Buckshot and 9th when they both truly hit that special pocket rhyming and producing respectively...

They've been collab'n for a long time now and this is one of the best examples of the magic the prolific North Carolina native and Brooklyn stalwart really gelling..

"The Solution" drops on Nov. 13th, the same day as 9th's last collab album with Murs does.. it will be a dope, dope, day in Hip-Hop...

Video Interview: DOOM For Adidas ALL Interview Series


Join DOOM for a quick interview while he throws up a pretty dope graff piece (who knew man had skills like this eh?) somewhere in London and explains his process for doing such..

If this strikes a chord with you, head over here for more and to see the whole piece..

Diplo - Got Stoned And Mixed Really Old Records For Half An Hour

This is likely the 1st time I've ever posted anything from Philly deejay, club owner, song writer, producer and rapper, Diplo, but hey, there's a time for everything right?

When he dropped an insanely dope lil' 30 minute mix of psychedelic, spacey, 60s/70s soundin records It's that effin' time.

The title of this mix really says it all.. lol... enjoy..

Singles: KickBack - Hiatus

In case you were in need of a funky, head-nodding, boom bip track for your Sunday Afternoon...

Courtesy of Netherlands producer KickBack (Da Shogunz), who had the following to say about this instrumental's title:

Been 3 months since I was able to make a new beat... had to fuck with the old routine to keep my sanity and creativity up until I cop an MPC.
All samples direct from vinyl I copped since I been in Holland.
Stay tuned for the 12bit resampled/mixed version!

Athletic Mic League - Giants Of The Jungle (Steezy's Red Album)

Michigan collective Athletic Mic League (Buff1, 14KT, Tres Styles, Vaughn T, Grand Champ and DJ Haircut) have redone and reworked their "Giants Of The Jungle Album" from 2011 and yet again have dropped something dope in doing so.. You get to get twice as nice baby...

Features from names like Invincible and Finale...Get ya stream on below, then head to the Bandcamp page and drop that $7 bones..

Friday, October 26, 2012

Single: Zilla Rocca - The Q And The A (prod. by Small Professor)

Yo, real spit, this man Zilla Rocca outdid himself here.. this is thee consumant tribute record to none other than Newport New's own, The Question, Allen Iverson... aka the greatest scoring point guard of all time.. yeah, I said it..

Zilla cycles through no. 3's biography masterfully and recounts Allen's high's and lows with great tact and honesty.. this is a great, great record.. with Small Pro production to boot!

Zilla's upcoming "Party With Villians" EP should be on your radar NOW..

Single: MHz Legacy (Copywrite & RJD2) ft. Slug - Satisfied

Bout time this man RJD2 linked back up with some of his Ohio brethren whom he started out with way back in the day..

MHz Legacy is the group comprised of Ohio Hip-Hop all-stars; Copywrite, Tage, Future, Jakki, RJD2 and Camu Tao, but this track, the initial single from the upcoming self-titled, group project features prominently just RJ and Copy along with Rhymesayers legend Slug...

October 30th is when it drops.. If this banger is any indication, it will slap..

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Single: Prototype ft. Reks - Revolutionists

Beantown bred and now FLA residing emcee (and that's putting it lightly) Reks links up with Boston newcomer Prototype for a rousing track called "Revolutionists"...

Maybe you're skeptical about Proto, and before I listened I was too.. afterward tho, I had to admit, any cat that held his own like that on the mic with Reks is ight...

Single: Method Man, Freddie Gibbs & Street Life - Built For This (Has-Lo remix)

Philly production and rhyming upstart that's been turning heads, Has-Lo puts his remix touches on a new joint from the Man With Iron Fists movie soundtrack..

Mef, Gibbs and Streetlife already had a banger on their hands, but Has's entry into the remix contest for the track is def., well, how can I put this, "Wu soundin'".. Yup, he's captured that sound wonderfully..

Single: The Kid Daytona ft Smoke Dza - Iceman (prod. by Matt MLB)

Two of NYC's younger up and comers link for a track titled after one of NBA's smoothest ballers ever, George Gervin AKA the "Iceman"...

This bouncey cut produced by Matt MLB will find Dza and Daytona doin what they usually do.. fans of that check in definitely.. however if it's an ode to Gervin himself you're lookin for, nah, this ain't it..

Video: Sadat X - Love, Hell or Right album trailer

The Dot Father is one of those rare east coast MC's that survived the 90's, the aughties and is still pushin', makin really dope music..

The Brand Nubian repper's next release is "Love, Hell or Right" and here is the trailer.

Video: The Alchemist ft. Midaz The Beast - Don Seymour's Theme

With the latest news of his new project with Action Bronson looming a lot of ya'll have forgotten that our boy Al just dropped a big ass album in "Russian Roulette", and that said album; entirely comprised of Russian samples, is f*cking dope.

If you don't trust my word on that, a) wtf are you doin here, and b) press play and watch Orlando MC Midaz The Beast lace "Don Seymour's Theme"...

P.S. Happy Birthday to The Alchemist, AKA Alan Maman, it's his 34th today...

Single: Journalist 103 - Walk With Me (prod. by Oddisee)

Journalist 103, the superlatively talented emcee of The Left fame will be releasing his debut solo album on Oct. 30th and has given us one of what I'm sure will be one of the LP's standout cuts in "Walk With Me", that features production from one of the nastiest and hardest working new producers out there in Oddisee.

Single: Sean Price - Swine On Pineapples (freestyle)

Man, Sean P is still one of the sharpest, most brutal rhymers out there and to remind us of that he totally destroys this freestyle without much effort..

See, we just are fienin' out for "Mic Tyson" and he knows it and he's gonna bleed us a bit more...I like ya style Sean..

Video: Strong Arm Steady - Classic (Live Performance)

New looks from Steady Gang, off their excellent and slept-on collabo LP with Statik Selektah, "Stereotype" ...

The fellas; Krondon, Mitchy Slick and Phil Da Agony were all in the building over at Knocksteady TV and decided to throw down a live performance and recite "Classic" for you folks...

Single: Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown - Truth Be Told

Ahhhh man, look what's almost done...

Detroit emcee Guilty Simpson is linking with up and coming and highly skilled/lauded producer Apollo Brown for a new collab album that we've been waitin on for a while.. at least I have anyway.

If you like that good ol' boom bap paired with lyrics that see the world through a hardcore lens, then do go peep their new project "Dice Game" on November 13th when it drops, but b4, press play right now and hear the soul pour outta "Truth Be Told" ....

Video: DJ Muggs - People Of Earth

Hmmm.. look, nobody is a bigger Muggs/Soul Assassins fan than me, but I'm not sure that I like the underlying premise of this video's message; if you wanna call it that..

I mean, it's camp, I get that, and I actually like it, but I just think, man, haven't we had enough of ppl piling on Obama? Now you gon enact a vid of him morphing into an angry alien after he gets frustrated with a reporter's question?

In my book the vid is cool, I love shit like this, but I don't really dig the symbolism (did you see the illuminati symbols flash b4 Obama changed) that this has.. but hey, it's art right? And art is subjective, interpret it as you may..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Small Professor - Whatever You Say, Pro

Boom bap fused with soul chops? I'm in..

As promised, Small Pro comes through and drops off his latest project, "Whatever You Say, Pro" a 25 track, 49 minute jaunt that unravels as a sort of love story...

For the full skinny, I'll let Small Pro tell it:

"Cool Story, Pro" is an almost 49 minute long tale about finding love and then losing it told through beats soaked in chopped and screwed 70's soul records. The story itself did not happen...but the feelings that inspired it were real, and making this album was like therapy. This is the part of the album description where you say, "Cool Story, Pro", and just peep it for yourself...maybe you'll stick with what my intent was in making this album as a whole, or maybe you'd just like to listen to it on your own terms...whatever you choose to do, I hope that you enjoy it. - SP

Trailer: Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City

In case you're livin' on a Mars colony these days, the kid out west that goes by the name of Kendrick is really garnering some wild praise from folks all over the country.

The Internet is goin nuts as they say and the reviews are lookin up too.. Go get it, if for nuthin else, that standout cut with MC Eiht..

Monday, October 22, 2012

Video: P.O.S. Health Situation and Tour Cancellation Interview

As reported earlier, emcee Producer P.O.S. of Doomtree fame is facing some pretty tall and scary health problems as of late. In this new interview vid he goes on to detail what exactly is wrong and why he's cancelling the bulk of his Fall tour..

Kidney transplants are serious business, and kidney ailments are no fun at all.. PHH sends P.O.S. it's thoughts and prayers.

Donate: https://bit.ly/stefneedsanewkidney

Industry Lie #4080: Not Bad Selling Bad But Bad Selling Good by Homeboy Sandman

I know these days on PHH an interest/'Hip-Hop Is Read' post is a lil' scarcer than in years past.. Time to get back in the swing of things..

Peep enigmatically skilled emcee outta Queens, NYC Homeboy Sandman's latest write up for HuffPost (how dope is it that a nice rapper writin' for political websites tho?) "Industry Lie #4080: Not Bad Selling Bad But Bad Selling Good" :

My last piece covered how negativity, (most notably criminality, misogyny, and materialism), has a stranglehold on popular hip hop today. Response was varied. There was agreement that it is a horrific dilemma. There was suspicion that I am merely jealous because it's not my music dominating the airwaves. Blame was assigned to everyone from rappers to listeners to labels. Amidst this can of worms one common response stood out to me as particularly puzzling; "it's what sells." 
The notion that hip hop consumers have an insatiable thirst for negativity is widely accepted and regularly circulated. In today's society where the bottom line reigns supreme, generation of revenue is seen less as an excuse, and more as an reasonable explanation, for immoral and socially irresponsible behavior. One commenter went as far as to assert that rappers who play into redundant stereotypes are "being good capitalists." 
I don't like this argument for two reasons. The first is that It suggests that it's acceptable for integrity to take a backseat to lucrative business opportunity. 
The second is that, it's not even true.
Read The Rest Here

Video Interview: Mos Def For Cam Be

A Modern Marvel in Marvelous Times (Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def) from Cam Be on Vimeo.

Mighty Mos Yasin Bey moved to Nawlins?

It's clear that we need to catch up with our mans and Cam Be does just that as they link w/ him while performing at The Shrines in Chi-Town..

Yasin speaks on Chicago itself, moving to New Orleans and getting a chance to work with Cash Money big wig Mannie Fresh... and yeah, as you'll see he's still performing at a high level..

Video: JR & PH7 - The Good Life

Incomparable German production duo JR & PH7 lace their video for "The Good Life" with footage from their trip to America to collaborate w/ your fav. emcees and artists..

Take a look behind the scenes of JR&PH7's new album "The Good Life". Follow us on our trip to the US earlier this year, in the studio, at shows etc. Shot by I.Leffin and J.Rottgardt. Edited by J.Rottgardt. CD/2LP/Digital drops 06/11/12 through Soulspazm Records/Foundation Media/Jakarta Records!

Single: Random ft. Homeboy Sandman, Donwill & Sammus - Faculty Lounge (Remix)

Awhile back Mega Ran Random dropped this school daze, mis-education-inspired track; "Faculty Lounge", with Homeboy Sandman, but a few days ago it turned up as a remix that included Donwill (of Tanya Morgan fame) and Sammus...

As expected this version teems with real spit about the very real educational woes we all felt comin up and that exist now... peep it..

Produced by DN3...

Single: Fashawn ft. Chevy Woods - Back In The Game

New one from west coast reincarnation of Nas Fashawn ya'll!

Joined by Pittsburgh, Taylor Gang repper, Chevy Woods, Fash lets loose "Back In The Game", a cut from his upcoming "Champagne And Styrofoam Cups" project, due out later at some point...

It's got bounce, it's got Fash's west coast themed narrative, what you waitin' for, click 'play'.

Single: Toki Wright - Simplest Things (Uhuru Dubplate)

Man, it's always tough hearing news like this..

If you can read (above) you can see that Doomtree member, emcee/producer P.O.S., has fallen under harder times and will be needing a kidney transplant.. As someone that just VERY RECENTLY was dealing with his own kidney-related problems, trust me, it's all a very scary and highly expensive process.

Being the stand up brutha that he is, fellow Minnesota artist and emcee Toki Wright jumped into action and dropped this stunning track in hopes of garnering some loot for his ailing friend.

Below are some words from Toki and the addy to donate to the Paypal for P.O.S.:

I'm not sure what else I can do but POS needs a new kidney. You can donate through PayPal here stefneedsanewkidney@gmail.com. We love you Brother. - - Fight for reasonable and affordable Health Care everywhere.

Single: Big Quarters ft. SIMS - Grown Up

You didn't know they got Latinos in Minnesota who could rhyme? You must not heard of Big Quarters fammo..

Made up of Brandon Allday and Medium Zach, these Minnie Apple bruthas are readying their latest release, "Somos No Joke"  for a November 23rd release and they decided to get up with SIMS for a cut titled "Grown Up" that slaps pretty adequately in my book..

Single: fLako - Honey Drips

If you wanna take a trip into sound, join Chilean-born, Berlin and London dwelling artist fLako (and his band?) for this ethereal, yet peaceful journey he's calling "Honey Drips".

fLako has been highly profiled by the snoodier crowds, if you mess with BBC or Giles Peterson you should find his name familiar, I really dug this track, it's diversity, it's switch ups.. nice work..

Video: Action Bronson - The Symbol (prod. by The Alchemist)

Action...Fucking...Bronson folks... what more needs to be said...

Here, in this great, awesomely hilarious new vid, Bronsalino assumes his role as 70's blaxploitation anti-hero for his new Alchemist-produced joint "The Symbol".

Full disclosure, I broke down laughing three times during this shit.. this man fucking karate kicked a hooker within the first 2 minutes man...

Cannot wait for the much awaited Bronson/Alchemist collab tape "Rare Chandeliers", off which this goodness stems..

Directed by Rik Cordero...

P.S. Hey kids, if you wanna grab the actual audio track of "The Symbol", head over Noisey.vice.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Single: DJ Muggs & Chuck Inglish - Richter Scale

Case you ain't know the man DJ Muggs has been doin' mashups, blends and sound clash records since you was tryin how to figure out your Sega Genesis...

The Soul Assassins captain is back at it again as a matter of fact and has a new record out called "Sound Clash Business"  that really may peak some interests of those of you that like to listen outside the box..

This is the offering known as "Richter Scale" and features the vocals of young up and comer, Chuck Inglish.

If you like this, grab the whole album free, here.

Video: Idle Worship - Beautifully Bad

What a beautiful tune right? Sorry, D O is a sucker for those keys and slow building crescendos..

Here Res and Talib combine to form their Idle Worship group and give us the visuals for one of their more touching songs in "Beautifully Bad", off their "Habits Of The Heart" LP which has been available since last year, and officially for one year total next month.

Video direction handled by Talib himself and Bernard Gourley.

Video: 9th Wonder & Buckshot - The Change Up

Let's go hang at the bike shop with Buck and 9th for their latest visual adventure; "The Change Up", off their upcoming new collab LP "The Solution" ..

Buck's wordplay seems well in step, as the Boot Camp general weaves all over 9th's spirited chops with ease...

"The Solution" drops Nov. 13th on Jamla/Duck Down records..

Single: The Black Opera - Balcony

When was the last time you kiddies made it to the opera and got yaselves some culture? Eh? Ehh? Well, if it's been awhile I suggest you step right into the brand new single from the only Opera you should have on ya radar today.... The Black Opera.

Again, the secretive group that is teeming with talent and actually has some worthy social commentary is back with a new record that absolutely should be on ya radar, "Balcony".

The Black Opera is readying their new album "Libretto: Of King Legend"  on the equally laudable indie label, Mello Music Group, and I'm fairly sure that it'll knock righteously.. for now though, let's just let this soak..

Below is a lil' more info on the new album:

In the world of opera, a libretto is the blueprint, a written text that anchors the performance. In the same vein, The Black Opera’s upcoming album Libretto: Of King Legend will prove to anchor the sound and message of The Black Opera. Libretto: of King Legend is a detailed tale, told from the perspectives of both the incredible King and his loyal statesmen. 

As an aperitif to The Black Opera’s upcoming album “Libretto: Of King Legend”, MMG is offering the first leak from the project: “Balcony.” A deep, warbling bass line and 80’s coke cinema synths (courtesy of producer Astronote) grace the tracks sonic backdrop. The mysterious vocalists with “black hoodies on no matter what the forecast” fill the pocket nicely with the double entendres and charisma that has garnered them a faithful following. 

Libretto is the third and final installment of the three part introduction: THE BLACK OP: ERA I. Libretto creates a musical umbrella which encompasses the [r]evolutionary theme of their first installment Overture and the charismatic spirit of their second installment EnterMission., all while delving into the brilliant mind, heart and bloodline of The Black Opera. 

J-Live - Hot Vs. Dope: The Mixtape Vol. 1.1

Whenever this man drops anything new, helms a new tape, remixes something, whatever, I'm all over it.. That's the respect that I pay J-Live b/c I been following the man's career for over a decade and guess what? He's never compromised any part of himself or the culture..

As you may expect, he's back up to his inventive ways with this new mix and party that he hosts down in Atlanta, his new home...

HOTvsDOPE was founded by J-Live. J-Live tours worldwide as an emcee and a deejay, but has started this party as his main residency in Atlanta GA. Each party will feature two deejays going round robin and two visual artists with their work on display. The goal is to cultivate an environment where the best of popular music isn’t shunned, but can share a space with lesser known but also high quality tracks. Hot Vs Dope is about going out to a party and not hearing the same old club music. Selecting the best of commercial and underground, major label and indie. From the pop to the avant garde.

Singles: Small Professor - "Knew" & "Signs"

The illest new producer that you haven't heard of and continue to sleep on despite his myriad of dope releases just dropped two new jawns...you should start payin fuckin attention.

"Knew" and "Signs" definitely contrast each other.. one's gonna pick you up a lil' and the other might make you feel a lil' reflective.. either way, they're both nice and I want this cat to start gettin his due..

Both stem from Small Pro's upcoming new release "Cool Story, Pro" dropping Oct. 23rd...

Single: Bambu ft. Roscoe Umali - So Many (remix)

Bambu time baby...

The Pinoy powerhouse drops a brand new remix for "So Many"; a relative Filipino anthem that in a word, slaps and does so very hard.

Enjoy and be sure to go and seek out the always thoughtful and revolutionary minded Bambu's latest release;  "One Rifle Per Family"

Single: K-Def ft. Seven Shawn - Parkay On Your Spoon

One of Hip-Hop's most all-time slept on prolific producers in K-Def is readying a collab album with... wait for it.. Seven Shawn..

Nuthin but that classic flavor here as Def flips a familiar sample and Seven gives you the realest of rel talk you can imagine.. "welcome to America the corporation that impersonates a government" ...

The Rza - The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack

The Rza continues his largely successful foray into cinema and presents the soundtrack for Quentin Tarrantino's latest flick; The Man With The Iron Fists.

Usually you can find Rza actually scoring the background music for the films he's involved with, and I believe he did a bit of that here, but this time out the man's main focus was putting together this nicely woven soundtrack and actually acting in the film..

Don't be skeptical children, some of the illest joints can be found on a movie soundtrack.. this one features names like The Black Keys, Kool G Rap, Talib Kweli, Freddie Gibbs, Joell Ortiz, M.O.P., Pharoahe Monch, Danny Brown, The Flatbush Zombies and of course Wu Clansmen like Rae, Ghost and Meth.

You may stream and preview here before you go drop your $.7.99 to own it and go peep the flick in theaters ...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Single: Moka Only - Me N' The Team

If ya don't know Moka, ya just don't know ya dope, Canadian Hip-Hop OR your most prolific workhorses in all of Hip-Hop period...

PHHer's should be somewhat familiar.. I make an effort to keep up with this man's breakneck pace... In keeping with that tradition, here's Moka's newest release, "Me N' The Team"; the initial single off his upcoming "Baggage Claim" mixtape...

Video: Kooley High - David Thompson

Kooley is High baby! Brand new video look from one of my fav. new collectives of emcees, Kooley High..

Here the team laces visuals for their title track song for their second official release, "David Thompson" ..

A masterfully produced, nicely rhymed and creatively filmed lil' jawn.. I digs it heavy, and have been since they first put out "David Thompson".

Video: Roc Marciano X The Arch Druids - Poltergeist

Roc Marcy returns with a new smoke-a-thon video that pretty much is low budget, but is backed by the melodious, hardcore stylings of the Arch Druids...

Perfect for lighting a spliff and reflecting or committing a strong arm robbery, "Poltergeist" is just good ole' fashion hardcore... directed by Roc himself and filmed by Charlie Edmiston.

Singles: Styles P - I Know

Brand new Ghost ppl...

Styles breaks folks off a lil' piece of his upcoming new LP "The World's Most Hardest MC" with this piano key laden and synthy offering called "I Know".

I think I'd much rather hear SP over some Poobs or Vinny Idol, but any P is good P.. enjoy this, and swing by iTunes to cop it after you preview...

Carhartt Radio October 2012: Madlib - Medicine Radio Show Pt. 2

This is the 2nd installment of the Carhartt radio series that we're blessed enough to be gettin (scroll down or hit up the search bar for the 1st) and this one is just as ferocious....

This time out it's Madlib at the helm and he's mixing up goodies from his Medicine Show Europe Tour. You're gonna get a bevy of Madlib exclusives as well as tracks from his Stones Throw bredren and frequent collaborators...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Video: John Robinson & Kyo Itachi - Masterful

Beautifully jazzy and wordy new joint here dubbed "Masterful", and performed by none other than Lil' Sci John Robinson and new name beatmaker supreme, Kyo Itachi..

Happy to report this joint isn't just a one off or anything either.. Kyo and JR are in fact crafting a new collab record called "The Path Of Mastery" , from which you may of already heard their other jam/vid "Mystical Strings" 

Single: Reef The Lost Cauze - B.Dawk (prod. by Haj of Dumhi)

Man, it's bout time someone paid tribute to this cat.. Lemme tell you, I been lookin at professional football for decades and there have been few safety's that have ever brought the intensity, work ethic and flat out daring on the field that Brian Dawkins did in his 16 year career..

Known to fly at muthafuckas with bad intentions and connect with deep impact, the style of Dawkins' play is perfectly paid tribute to here by Philly's Reef The Lost Cauze and Haj's bangin production...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Single: Naledge ft. Buckshot - Blowed

Chicago rhyme slinger and one half of Kidz In The Hall; Naledge is preppin the second installment of his "Chicago Picasso" mixtape series and as is customary, he's lettin go a few of the gems off of it..

This particular cut caught my ear because of the melancholy tone, and well, because Naledge managed to recruit none other than Buckshot to drop a 16 on it..

Look out for "Chicago Picasso 2" on November 6th..

Single: Evidence ft. Planet Asia - Sakura (prod. by Twiz The Beat Pro)

Talk about melding fuckin genre's man... and who better to do it than The Weatherman himself right? As if Evidence alone wasn't enough of a treat, Planet Asia is on board for this as well and kills it equally as nice...

Inventive shit right here kiddies.. the groove is so unique.. it's tailor made for real emcees to rhyme over, as it accentuates their bars..

Lemme give you Ev's official words on "Sakura" tho:

Why did I choose to blend a Japanese Folk Song that I learned in first grade with Escapades Of Futura 2000? The answer is,"I was stoned." Called Planet Asia over to body the beat on verse 2. Twiz The Beat Pro made this in 2011. Pulled it out of the vaults for you to peep. Hope you enjoy.

Single: Koncept - Trippin' (prod. by The Audible Doctor)

The BBAS boys are at it again.. more new, dope ass music..

In this specific case it's Koncept providing the heat here.. Over an Audible Doctor produced, simply nutty, head/neck snappin' joint Koncept gets off..

"Trippin'" stems from Koncept's upcoming EP "Malt Disney", due out sooner rather than later..

Single: Ghostface ft. M.O.P. & Pharoahe Monch - Black Out

When you get dream collab's like this you don't question shit.. you just sit back and let the pros do what the hell they've been known to do for years...

Shaolin meets Brownsville meets Queens here as Ghostdeini combines with perhaps rap's all-time hardest duo in M.O.P. and the awesomely lyrical and long lasting Pharoahe Monch for "Black Out", a track sanctioned for The Rza's new Kung Fu yarn flick "The Man With The Iron Fists"....

This is the HipHopDX tagged version..

Single: J. Pinder ft. Musiq Soulchild - Lenore

Sea-Town repper J. Pinder is still out there grindin', showing us all why he's the Pacific Northwest's best kept secret--still. But not to worry, the word's gettin out there...

Teaming up with Philly vocalist and longtime personal fav. R&B crooner of yours truly, Musiq Soulchild, Pinder recreates "Lenore"; Edgar Allen Poe's timeless poem "The Raven", dedicated to his beloved... It never sounded quite like this did it...

Video: Spycc - In Love

Let's give it up for the new heads that try and bring that soul back to the music...

Enter in Spycc (pronounced "Sp-ike"), a fresh face that def. goes all out on "In Love", as he flexes both the flow and the harmony over a subdued, yet groovy track...

You like what you hear, than you need to peep Spycc's brand new and free EP, "Self Progression", that doles out much of the same..

Video directed by Danny Aumua

Friday, October 5, 2012

FLuD Presents - “Live at the Barbershop” ft. J-Live, Breez Brewin, and Alan Hahn

FLuD Watches presents their inaugural podFluDcast, "Live At The Barbershop", that's hosted by FLuD founder Doug Cohen and Breez Brewin Of The Juggaknots...

Stopping by for the show is none other than legendary New York Knicks announcer and personality Allan Hahn and NYC underground Hip-Hop staple, J-Live..

If you dig sports talk coupled with a lil' Hip-Hop, this podcast is def. up your alley... the fellas break it down on everything from the NCAA's exploitive practices, NBA ballers not being able to enter the league at 18 years old and many other hot button topics.