Monday, April 30, 2012

DJ Low Cut ft. Blaq Poet & Nutso - Let Em' Know

DJ Low Cut's new release "NY Minute"  should be making the rounds with all the cats that love that good ole' boom bap, slap you in the neck rap.. In case you need further convincing on why you need to pick it up, here's one of the album's best cuts that features two Queens boro hardcore authors in Blaq Poet and Nutso...

Single: Soul Khan - Gregory Heinz (prod. Fonzi Wells)

The new most distinctive voice in rap has a new joint out there, specially made for the upcoming "Free Shabazz 2" compilation that the Internets are already clamoring for...

Single: Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought - Bring It

Del's a busy man these days... Fresh off a couple of new street releases and some collabo's The Funky Homosapien is once again readying a new release, and this time it's a new project with producer Parallel Thought, for which there is also a new single that you need to put ya ears on...

Del The Funky Homosapien &  Parallel Thought - Bring It

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Video: Coming Home (Documentary Pre-Teaser)

Spotted over at GrandGood.. 

This is not the official trailer for 'Coming Home'. This is a pre-teaser trailer explaining the concept behind the forth coming documentary which follows two Cuban-Americans; DJ EFN and GARCIA, on a journey to their parents homeland of Cuba. The plan is to meet with their musical counterparts making the same music as them within the confines of the communist island nation

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Single: T.Shirt - Goldie (freestyle)

Whoa, whoa, whoooa, this man T.Shirt is kickin some ish'!!

There's little doubt that most people will attack me for even knowing that the original artist this beat belongs to is none other than A$AP Rocky, whom, yeah, I don't really have an affinity for the fella's music.. but when someone like T.Shirt comes along and reworks the shit..makes it something I wanna listen to and not turn off after a few moments.. then well, I guess I need to post it up then don't I?

Yeah.. consider it done.. and consider the fact that T.Shirt has a new project dropping in May.. look for it here.

T.Shirt - Goldie (freestyle) 

Single: Fresh Daily ft. D-Will - We On Again

Fresh Daily leaks a track off his latest release "The Brooklyn Good Guy", that finds him rhyming over the somewhat melancholy track, with D-Will on the back up vocals...

"The Brooklyn Good Guy" is available now playboys and girls..

Video: I Self Divine - Exist To Remain

If you're still sleeping on I Self Divine's excellent culture series you sir or madam are lost...

Divine has in the past few months released a bevy (four to be exact) of street albums/tapes dubbed his culture series and every one of them bad boys is proper knowledge-based, reality-delving, truth speakin' rhymin'.. period.

Here Divine's "Exist To Remain" track gets the video treatment and will prepare you for Divine's upcoming album release "The Sound Of Low Class Amerika" 

Single: PremRock & Talpas - Love Of The Drum

New PremRock (one half of PremRock & Willie Green) baby! This time he's blasting off a new peek at what his upcoming project with Czech producer Talpas will be. Talpas, who from everything I can hear really has his thumb on the time honored American practice of ill boom-bap production proves his salt here by supplying a real head nodder for PremRock...

"Love Of The Drum" may or may not be on the new project the two are cooking up, I for one am hoping is is..

House Shoes - The Makings Pt. 1

The Detroit legend that is DJ House Shoes lets go of the first part of his new Mixtape series "The Makings", that will explore the oft slept-on DJ's production chops and features commentary from some of the game's best and brightest..

The 2nd installment is due out this coming week... til' that time, curl up with this, and if you're not already familiar, get so..

House Shoes - The Makings Pt. 1

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Single: Muneshine - Lower Level (prod. by Buckwild)

With some killer cuts provided by DJ Grouch and production from one of the game's best ever and DITC alumnus Buckwild, Toronto-based and Saskatchewan bred Canadian emcee, Muneshine returns and funnels us his latest single in excellent fashion..

Be on the lookout for "There Is Only Today" .. comin soon..

Video: Phonte ft. Evidence & Big K.R.I.T. - The Life Of Kings

It is so rarely these days that a new video actually is memorable and paints a huge, wide smile on my face.. Phonte, 9th, K.R.I.T. and Phonte's mother have done just that tho..

Making an ill song is one thing, making an ill song and getting to incorporate mom dukes is a whole otha level of fresh..

You puzzled as to what I'm talkin about just wait for Evidence's verse on this.. and of course, go get Phonte's debut "Charity Starts At Home", that's been out since September of last year..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Single: Masta Ace - Slow Down (prod. by MF Doom)

One of the ultimate cautionary tales for rappers is extolled here by one of the best rappers of all time.. listen up young emcees on the road experiencing fame and fortune for the first time..he's talkin to ya'll.. lol..

If ya like this as much as I do, than you are that much more amped for Ace's new project "Ma Doom: The Son Of Yvonne" , his collab project with MF Doom some of MF Doom's nastiest instrumentals that is due out this coming Summer..

Single: Uncle Imani - Papers (prod. by Ta'Raach)

About 10 days ago, Pharcyde member Uncle Imani hits us off wit the 1st single from his upcoming "Problaccmajik" project...

Produced by Ta'Raach, "The Papers" has an infectious bounce and hopefully an even more infectious message....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Video Interview: Phonte and 9th Wonder For The Come Up Show

Good to see these two back doin interviews and (hopefully more) music together...

I’m excited to present our interview with the legendary producer 9th Wonder and Grammy nominated emcee/singer/songwriter Phonte. I caught up with them in Toronto this past fall and due to unforeseen circumstances we lost the video footage but we still felt the world needed to hear this interview, so we put together the audio, our photography, and with some great editing skills we are happy to share it with you. 
9th Wonder first answers how we can educate our culture on the history of Hip-Hop and why it is important he also tells us what the difference is between Destiny and Legacy. Phonte then answers my questions and gives me an example about the “legitimate struggle between doing right thing and doing some nigga shit”. He also expands on what his GPS is in Hip-Hop industry, where it’s a game that has no blueprint he tells us what guides. They both also tell us what music means to them and more. Check out the interview below on The Come Up Show.

Single: Action Bronson - A Simple Man (prod. Tommy Mas)

New Bronson? I'll have an order of that... extra hot sauce on it please...

Indeed Bronsalino let loose a new joint tonight.. produced by Tommy Mas, the same completely ill muthafucka that produced Action's entire debut LP, "Dr. Lector".

Action Bronson - A Simple Man (prod. Tommy Mas)

Video Interview: Evidence For "Fresh To Death"

E-V sits down after a performance on The Grouch That Stole Christmas tour to speak with StrongArm about his feelings on his Rhymesayers debut "Cats & Dogs", not caring too much about reviews, being on the road as a solo artist, wanting to one day work with Mos Def, and what's next for him (hint: Step Brothers LP mayne!)

Single: Co$$ - Chief (prod. by Numonics)

Man...I totally spaced this year's 4/20 shit.. no, not as a consequence of short term memory loss from partaking too much, but rather from well, life happens folks.. In any case, when I realized my folly, I felt like I was lettin all of you who check in on the regular down.. Lemme make up for that immediately by throwing ya'll a new loosie from Co$$, released yesterday in honor of the, uhh, holiday... Numonics on the beatwork..

Co$$ - Chief (prod. by Numonics)

Mick Boogie Presents Beastie Boys - Grand Royal

Every 'frat-rap' act that's makin millions nowadays owes steez-royalties to these guys... sheeit, the whole game owes a lot to the Beasties... certified legends in my book... and even though I witnessed them garner so much hate over the years, it's impossible to say that they ain't permanently apart of Hip-Hop's huge family of all-time great and most memorable groups..

Mike D, Adam Yauch, Ad-Rock and Mix Master Mike recently got one of the honors they truly deserve and were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last week and in honor of that, DJ Mick Boogie went ahead and put together a monster mix of the group's all time best joints, unreleased shit, remixes, live performances and outtakes in one tape.. and you gettin it free...

80 minutes of dope shit and a minor education in the Beasties.. go for it kids..

This download is so completely ill and jam packed with a ton of extra cool shit.. more info on everything at Mick Boogie's site..

Mick Boogie Presents Beastie Boys - Grand Royal

Single: Jay Rock - How We Grow Up (prod. by DJ Noodles)

Man.. It's gettin' warm outside again.. finally...the sun is out longer and I'm seein' beautiful women walkin around everywhere in less clothing..'s almost Summer time again and guess what, we need somethin that slap in the trunk.. this new one from Jay Rock is precisely that..

The Watts product unleashes that good ol' Cali bumpage en masse on "How We Grow Up" over a DJ Noodles production that will fit into my Vernal mixes nicely..

Jay Rock - How We Grow Up (prod. by DJ Noodles)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Single: La Coka Nostra ft. Vinnie Paz - My Universe (prod. by Statik Selektah)

La Coka!

The much-praised band of psychotically talented wordsmith whiteboys returns with the initial single from their upcoming July release, "Masters Of The Dark Arts"..

Vinnie Paz adds his usual lethal dose of rage on the hook, lots of foreboding, dark imagery here, set to a rather subdued Statik Selektah beat....nicely done indeed.

La Coka Nostra ft. Vinnie Paz - My Universe (prod. by Statik Selektah) 

Gangrene - Odditorium

Maybe I should bounce for a fuckin' week more often... I come back to the Internets and discover a bunch of ill shit..

2nd dope FeEP out now is this-- "Odditorium", the 4 track wonderment from Gangrene (Alchemist and Oh No) that I actually saw for the first time earlier today in physical form (vinyl) at a record store day function..

Gangrene - Odditorium

Strong Arm Steady - Members Only

And just like that we back...

Brand splidankin' new and free EP from just about the illest group out west these days, Steady Gang!

7 tracks, production from the likes of Lee Bannon, DJ Khalil, Nottz and Sid Roams..


I really wanted to drop “stereotype” today but honestly its not ready yet..Got some last minute additions that I’m very hyped about. I appreciate all the Love & Support it has been getting , I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging on this Great Day of Getting High an Playing New Shit. So I Went into the Vaults and Pulled out Some Unreleased gems We been Sitting waiting for the right time and no time like the present. There is No Tracklisting on Line you have to Download to see whats on this its our gift to those that Truly ” Stay Steady ” THIS is For our “Members ONLY” & Your All Welcome

Strong Arm Steady - Members Only

Friday, April 13, 2012

John Robinson - Brilliant Soundscapes Vol. 2

John Robinson hits us withe the 2nd installation of his "Brilliant Soundscapes" series and what can I say about this new 11 track instrumental piece of work other than, you just need to press play my man..

Here's some detailed info about the process and inspiration of the project from JR himself...

“These Beats are truly my therapy! I mostly make beats in the wee hours when I am not writing and would hear a Drum pattern in my head and get on the Drum machine and bang it out and then build around the Drums. I am an Emcee/Writer first but I can honestly say I am falling back in love with the Beats again and it feels GREAT.This Vol. 2 is heavily inspired by the Drum Breaks, I am a BIG FAN of Heavy Drums so I chopped a lot of Drum Breaks on this one… When I make these Beats it is like Freely painting on a blank canvas until I feel the picture is done and then I move on.."

Singles: Cut Chemist ft. Blackbird - Outro (Revisited)

One of the best DJ's, turntablists and producers in Cali ever AKA Cut Chemist, AKA the guy who played the science teacher in the film Juno, is preparing to drop another solo release on us titled "Die Cut (A Stable Sound)"...

"Outro (Revisited)" has that dope, manic and upbeat feel to it that blurs the lines between Hip-Hop, punk and speed metal..I digs this.. I rage to this...I will throw a TV at your head to this...

Cut Chemist ft. Blackbird - Outro (Revisited)

Video Interview: Immortal Technique For Out Da Box TV

Another great interview from Tech... Good news about "The Middle Passage" amongst his usual dosage of wisdom dropping as well..

Be happy you even exist muthafuckas!!

Out Da Box TV presents a special new interview with Harlem’s intelligently outspoken and passionate Emcee “Immortal Technique”. We caught up with Tech, recently at a show here in NY, where he was gracious enough to provide us with a very insightful interview. Tech took the time to speak on a set of topics including his recent humbling experience visiting Haiti and seeing the conditions of the people. He also shared solutions that people of the U.S. could use to strengthen themselves in this currently struggling economy, and gave some advice on helping to strengthen the minds of our youth as well. He concluded the interview with some worthyl details on his anticipated, upcoming album “The Middle Passage”, which hopefully will be released before the end of the year. It was indeed a great pleasure buildin’ with one of the most honest and politically aware artists in music today. Please take the time to watch this truly insightful interview. We hope you’ll be inspired!

El Gant & TEK (of Smif-n-Wessun) - Say Hello To The Bad Guy

Hardcore, boom bap shit on a Friday the 13th evening....Nuthin better..

The bad guys on this one are none other than longtime underground Hip-Hop purveyor El Gant, backed up by none other than Tek of Smif-N-Wessun fame..

I guess that these two have a forthcoming collab project titled "Gibson & Glover" comin' soon, I fully expect that to be wild, however I don't endorse the likeness of Mel Gibson being used in anything.. lol..

Hip Hop Is Read Presents Doomstarks - Swift & Changeable: The Prequel

As we all wait anxiously for the official Doomstarks album, here's a compilation that runs through some of Doom and Ghost's many many back catalog jumpoffs and sort of melds their styles together...

32 tracks, Stan Lee on the outro, happy Friday folks..

Hip Hop Is Read Presents Doomstarks - Swift & Changeable: The Prequel

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lee Bannon - Caligula Theme Music

Lee Bannon's new instrumental EP, "Caligula Theme Music" is now available.. and it's $3.99...def. worth the purchase man... go head' and do yaself a favor and go cop this here..

Video: El-P - Cancer For Cure (Official Trailer no.1)

LMAO... this man El-P is a fool for this one!

Peep the latest trailer for his upcoming "Cancer For Cure" LP, due out May 22nd of Def Jux and available for pre-order now...

Single: DJ Maseo ft. Mac Miller - I Bring The Soul & He Brings The Funk

I know, I know.. right about now you're thinking.. "here we go.. here's the beginning of PHH's eventual decline into mainstream blog hell". I say to you all, fear not.. this is being posted, not so much because I enjoy the musical stylings of Mac Miller (although, to be honest, he did okay here) but rather, because DJ Maseo is readying a new release called "DJ Conductor", that I know I'mma purchase..

As expected, Maseo's production here dazzles me.. so layered and bouncy.. it's that intoxicating De La funk that my life's been missing.. just dope shit man.. and I guess he sees something in young Miller.. if that be the case, so be it..

Single: Tribeca ft. Camp Lo & M-Dot - True Lies

Remember this man Tribeca? The Kingsbridge, Bronx bred emcee that actually started out making beats is back yo... I remember him for always bussin down some of those French Get Large compilations, but he's been here and there and everywhere over the years..

Man had rhymes for sure.. happy to hear that he's coming back around with some new ish'...and wow, he's chosen some worthy collaborators in legendary NYC duo Camp Lo and thee best newcomer outta Boston, M-Dot..

Get ready for his upcoming tape, "The Pookie Syndrome", dropping later this Summer.

Tribeca ft. Camp Lo & M-Dot - True Lies

Single: Main Flow ft. Complex - Changes

New jawn from Main Flow, off a new compilation from Swiss Indie label Dopeshit Records, "A Clean Dose Of Music" that is available to you now...

Aye, we dealin wit changes, lots of changes.. yup.. press play and get into a nice lil' banger..

Main Flow ft. Complex - Changes

Single: Oddisee - Hustle Off

Oddisee is so nice he's not even including this gold on the new album... must be nice..

Oddisee is giving away "Hustle Off" today to announce that his new album "People Hear What They See" is up for pre-orders and ready for release June 12th. While "Hustle Off" is not on the upcoming album, it does set the tone nicely. Fans won't have to wait long though for the first album single which is on the way.

DJ Doo Wop & The Source Present Underground The New 90's

A new Doo Wop tape? Uhhhhm, yes please!

Wop along with the good folks over at The Sauce The Source got up to give us a really great tape, that resembles that old format, just in a digital age.. Tons of new and old names alike on this, get it in!

DJ Doo Wop & The Source Present Underground The New 90's

Side 1

Side 2

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Video Interview: Da Beatminerz's For fuse TV

Ahhh, it's Spring time again and many a newbie and seasoned crate digger alike will be heading out into the warm weather and weekend flea markets, garage sales and record conventions in search of their next "gem".. Nuthin like this time of year and so in that spirit, fuse TV links up with all-world crate diggers 20+ seasons in the game, Da Beatminerz.

In this episode, Da Beatminerz show off the first record they ever bought, their most valuable record and talk about their days DJing at Hot 97.

Single: Homeboy Sandman - Chimera Out Now

This is how ya promote ya new EP man..

Homeboy Sandman's new extended play that features production from names like J57 and Exile is in fact out now, and he's decided to let you know by dropping this jewel, that has me hyped for the release!

Homeboy Sandman - Chimera Out Now

Single: Termanology - Friday The 13th

New freestyle from Law Town's favorite son...

A quick lil' piece of goodness, over a certified bangin Alchemist joint..

Off Term's upcoming 50 Bodies pt. 4 tape...

Termanology - Friday The 13th

Monday, April 9, 2012

Video: Kero One ft. Suhn - What Am I Supposed To Do?

Leave it to Kero & Suhn to mix consciousness with soulful bounce and feel good vibes.. .What am I supposed to do? D O says do what you can...

What Am I Supposed to Do?, the lead single off Kero One's forthcoming album (dropping summer 2012) is a song with a call to action. Composed, arranged, and performed by Kero One featuring the soulful vocals of Suhn (The Tones), this song, along with a self-directed music video, reminds us that there is something everyone can do against human injustices.  
50% of all proceeds from the sale of this song in the first month will be donated directly to Free the Slaves (, a charity focused on ending slavery for women, children and men around the world.

Single: Killer Ben ft. Phil Da Agony & Roc Marciano - Cristal

Planet Asia brings out one of his better under studies in Killer Ben, who links up with one third of Steady Gang in Phil Da Agony and the man who has the east coast hardcore rap scene in his clutches, Roc Marciano..

Killer Ben ft. Phil Da Agony & Roc Marciano - Cristal

Video Interview: Kev Brown Discusses "Versatility"

It's Low Budget baby!

Kev Brown is found here inside his studio giving the good folks the background on "Versatility" and his new album "Random Joints" that drops April 10th..

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Single: Laelo ft. Kenn Starr & Kev Brown - Three The Hard Way

St. Louis-born and now D.C.-residing artist Laelo, AKA Mr. High Definition returns with a new banger.. and I mean banger..

Alongside Kev Brown and Kenn Starr guest here, and yes, Kev's verse was beastly man! I officially ran this one back 4 times.. that's what happens when I hear beats with the record crackling, scratches and horns in em' man!!

Single: Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine (Full)

We finally get the whole version! Jay Elec finally gives us his insanely nice jawn from back in 09', produced by Just Blaze, in full...

This is good for 2 reasons... 1) this is nasty.. 2) this means that there may be some headway in "Act II", Jay's much anticipated and long overdue debut getting released finally..hopefully.. lol, we're still waiting!

Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine (Full)

Single: Rah Digga - The N*gga In Me (Tyler The Creator & Fat Trel Diss)

"I was trying to support this young black man / It's too bad, you probably lost your only black fan"

One thing you don't never wanna do is come at Rah, wit the rah rah... these new jacks made that mistake and now they gettin served... Jersey style...

This is exactly what slick talk will get you...

Rah Digga - The N*gga In Me (Tyler The Creator & Fat Trel Diss)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Single: Lee Bannon - Kings And Stones

Sacramento producer Lee Bannon keeps giving us reason after reason to pay attention to his chops man... "Kings And Stones" is no different..

If you dig this than chances are you need to remember that the new EP that Lee is readying, titled "Caligula Theme Music", due out this coming Wednesday...

Single: Ab-Soul ft. Danny Brown & Jane Aiko - Terrorist Threats

Ab-Soul is back with a new one, that features Danny Brown and lovely Jane Aiko....

A kind of dope, spacey, bouncy deal here...not what I would immediately associate with the title, but it is what it is...

Track courtesy of TDE...

 Ab-Soul ft. Danny Brown & Jane Aiko - Terrorist Threats

Cover Art: EL-P - Cancer For Cure

Ominous, almost foreboding right?

We got to hear a single from EL-P's new joint already, today we get the actual cover art that is probably some type of code *waits for the Def Jux fans to formulate hypotheses about what the symbolism is behind this*

"Cancer For Cure" drops May 22nd on Fat Possum Records...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video: Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi - Hardest From The Underground

Juxx and one of the most promising boom bap constructionists to come along in a minute, Kyo Itachi, link for a video for "Hardest From The Underground", one of the sterling offerings from their collab album "Hardbodie Hip-Hop"  .

Snippets: Killah Priest - The Psychic World Of Walter Reed

Priest unleashes the snippets of his latest supernatural, esoteric, spiritual, historical and mythological album, that I really am excited to hear in full when it drops later this year...

Single - NYOil - Prelude 2012

Kool Kim NYOil is back to save the game with his straight talk and conscious lyrics.. you better press play and get some damn wisdom in ya head...

Apparently the man is readying a new release and this is just a prelude.. one can only hope..

Video Interview: Audible Doctor for High Rollers NYC

Get to know BBAS member Audible Doctor a lil' bit better as he gives a dope lil' interview for High Rollers NYC in his studio that delves into how he got started in music, how BBAS formed and even drops a tip or two for ya'll at home who wanna get your basslines in ya beats tighter...

Quelle Chris x Dibia$e - 2Dirt4TV [EP]

Detroit's newest star, Quelle Chris links with an up and coming beatsmith in Sacramento's Dibia$e for their new 6 track EP, "2Dirt4TV", that is sure to please all of you hardcore rap heads as well as you folks that love that great, stuttery, synthy and clappy, Dilla'esque production...


“I linked up with Dibia$e in Sacramento. I literally slept in his studio and we had this done in 3 days. He made the beats on the spot. We also have a project along with Knxwledge and Crown Nation called Balance we are trying to have out by July.”

Video: Prince Ali ft. Rakim - The Mental


I been a P.A. fan for a few years now and the man keeps gettin better and better...

He's got the ear for great production, the delivery of a 90's star and his latest release "SP1200" , from which this stems, is solid as they come... P.A., brutha, give us a new LP man!

Pay close attention to the tail end of this video people, Rakim gives you some excellent advice that is almost universally applicable..

Single: Gensu Dean ft. David Banner - Alice In Wonderland

We all know em' man.. there's always that chick that has been hurt, often irrevocably, who you can see that beauty and potential in, but yet cannot see it in herself or much of anyone else for that matter.. We wish we could swoop em' away into a mystical place where they could let their guard down for a minute.. but often their view can be skewed...

Alas, Wonderland ain't real, but Gensu Dean and David banner's new single, off Gensu's new LP is... Get up on game ladies...

Nastee - The Resume

Before there was Young Guru, there was Nastee... when it comes to engineers, this guy's basically thee golden standard and was in NYC's famed Cutting Room studios from 1996 until 2000 and cut his teeth working with 90's legends and then carved his own path working with the biggest and best names in Hip-Hop throughout the aughties....

This 22 track mixtape appropriately titled "The Resume" will show you in-depth, Nastee's talents and his considerable contribution to era's within rap that I hold closest to my heart...

Single: T. Shirt - The Coolest Winter

Somethin new with a funky lil' twang in it from Queens MC T. Shirt... Winter is just about done and this joint will prep you guys for May, when he'll be releasing a new album...

Produced by Steel Tipped Dove...

T-Shirt - The Coolest Winter

Single: Torae - The Children Freestyle

Man... Pete needs to start sliding Tor some joints like this!

In honor of "For The Record" dropping on limited edition red wax, Coney Island's finest decided to give us a quick freestyle over his choice PR beat of the moment..

Torae - The Children Freestyle

Scanz - Wake Up Call EP

The Philly man with the plan AKA Scanz has made his way back into the game with a brand new EP that has the length of an LP... I know you gon' like that... you gettin twice as nice!

P.S. this joint has an interlude from the Mad Rapper!

Single: Joe Scudda - Moving Weight Freestyle

"You people chase pennies and bump gums, I rather chase $20's and lump sums"

When every white cat in the world is trying they best to get in on the frat-rap frenzy, Scudda just holds shit down with real lyrics that detail his relatable and real experiences...

You know the beat, now listen to Scudda murdalize it in his own typa way..

Joe Scudda - Moving Weight Freestyle