Friday, November 30, 2012

Single: The Weatherman - The Only Weatherman Song (prod. by EL-P)

Today they're known primarily as MHz Legacy, but back in the day they were called The Weatherman... Who you ask? Read the names of stellar Ohio emcees on the cover art for this, a new single they've dug outta their vaults...

"The Only Weatherman Song" is a landmark recording to the group and it's fans b/c it's one of the few times that all of the names involved were in the studio together...

Copywrite refelcts on the occaision:

“This song was recorded around the time I was working on my debut album, The High Exhaulted, and Cannibal Ox was working on their album, The Cold Vein. It was a rare occasion to have Tage Future, Camu Tao, Jakki Da Motamouth, Cage, Cannibal Ox, El-P, and myself all in the same room at once, so I told them we needed to seize the moment and record something. El started pulling up beats and we all instantly agreed on this one. The beat played and we wrote – whoever had their verse first hit the mic booth, which, at that time, was El-P’s closet, and the rest is history. Camu was probably smokin’ a blunt with Vordul, so neither of them is on the song; I don’t know why El didn’t drop a verse. Back then we titled it “The Only Weathermen Song,” since it was so tough to get all of us together at the same time.”

Single: Wais P - Live My Bars (prod. by Grussle)

Wais P is determined to bring the "pimpin" and reality to his music like no other new cat outta The Apple in quite some time..

Here, over a simply boisterous beat from Grussle, Wais expounds; "I do this shit cause' I'm winnin' / I do this shit for a livin' / I really live my bars / rap about my cars, talk about my broads, you niggas frauds /".

 Yup, this is def. one of the better street records to come across my desk all week... If you're with it, prepare yourself for Wais' upcoming "PV$$Y Rich" mixtape due out next month.

Single: Yaasin Bey - I Don't Like (freestyle)

Don't say us old 90s heads never tried reaching out to you youngins via ya own mediums...

Here, Yaasin Bey AKA Mighty Mos Def takes on Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" instrumental to vent on things that Chief Keef himself likely never will...

That's that ish' I like..

Video Interview: Dead Prez for OutDaBoxTV

Anytime Stic and M1 speak, ya better perk ya ears up and listen...

OutDaBoxTV gives the two longtime group members a chance to sound off in this interview from a couple months back about everything that's on their plate at the moment...

The group also took the time to speak on the effect of Barack Obama's first term (what we should've learned?), as well as the issue of apathy and violence re-occurring among young americans. As the interview progressed, Dpz took the time to reflect on the success of their "Turn Off The Radio" mixtapes, as well as their loyalty as a group, remaining comrades/partners in music for so many years.

Single: Bilal - Too High

Few modern soul crooners are almost automatic posts on PHH... one such is none other than Bilal...

Hittin us off with his new single "Too High" from his forthcoming new mixtape "The Retrospection", Bilal sounds right at home over the bouncy, yet jazzy arrangement..

Look for that tape real soon.. Dec. 5th to be exact...

Captain Murphy AKA Flying Lotus - Duality Mixtape (Deluxe Edition) & The Duality Instrumentals

Ya man FlyLo been a busy bee.. real busy... that's why we're not only getting his brand new mixtape "Captain Murphy" in deluxe format;-- that features the names like TNGHT, Just Blaze, Teebs, SAMIYAM, Madlib and Alejandro Jodorowsky (all you film buffs will be excited abt that)--but also he's hooking up the "Duality" instrumental tape as well so all of you can rock the eff out even further...

Peep out both below!

Captain Murphy AKA Flying Lotus - Duality Mixtape (Deluxe Edition)

Captain Murphy - Duality Instrumentals

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Videos: Sean Price, Freeway and Buckshot & 9th Wonder

Man, videos can really pile up on ya! Since I'm late on all three of these I'mma try doin a lil' platoon post to catch up with the rest of the Internets..

Included are two new products of the Duck Down roster; in Sean P's new video "Haraam", for his also new "Mic Tyson" LP, which is out now and 9th Wonder & Buckshot's new vid for "Crazy" off their new album "The Solution" which is also available now.

Also, I threw in Freezer's new one, "Jungle" b/c cats still don't seem to know how nice Freeway is man.. recognize and go grab his brand new album "Diamond In The Rough" available now.

DJ Deadeye Presents: Wu-Block The Mixtape

A lot of verdicts are already in, and yeah, that new "Wu-Block" album is being throroughly enjoyed by many a hardcore D-Block fan as well as the always diverse and open minded Wu heads...

SO, in that case many of you who either fall into category A or B will likely find this mixtape of things that didn't make it off the cuttuing room floor for the album..intriguing.

Thrown together by DJ Deadeye (that's Termanology's DJ for those wondering) this beheometh registers in at a clean 34 tracks deep and features many of the usual suspects, i.e. Sheek, Ghost, Jada, Trife, Bully, The Gza, Raekwon, etc., etc..

DJ Deadeye Presents: Wu-Block The Mixtape

Video: Soul Khan - Not Like That

Now just in case you were looking for advice on how NOT to treat the ladies.. well, you may find this new one from BBAS member Soul Khan pretty eye (and ear) opening..

Pay attention young padwons.. to the message contained and to the Internets for when Soul Khan drops his new Psalm EP... that's set for a 12.11.12 release...

J Rocc Presents: The Madlib Remixes (1997-2007)

Now we all know how ill those damn Stones Throw podcasts be, and how they frequently have crazy nice exclusives and unheard ish'.. well, this one is no exception as J Rocc curates a host of GREAT remixes from none other than Madlib...

The remixes span the late 90s all the way into 2007 and yeah, there's some heat on here that any real Lib' fan owes it to him or herself to peep out...

Single: Sean Born - Flood & Drain (prod. by Kev Brown)

Hardcore DMV emcee Sean Born of Low Budget Crew fame, has decided since it's the season of giving that he'd go ahead and break ya'll off with one of the bonus cuts off his debut release, "Behind The Scale"..

As per usual when he links with Kev Brown, the results are damn near flawless for any fan of what they do on the regular...def. to my liking anyway...

Single: Doujah Raze ft. Sean Price - The Way I Look (prod. by Shuko)

Ha! Time for some new Doujah Raze in the 2012...

The skilled underground talent that the D.C. born and Alexandria, VA-raised producer emcee has wielded toward our ears over the years has always been one that garnered my nod of approval.. Although he leans heavily on a sound that many find reminiscent of 90s NYC, this new joint that features the razor edged barbs of Sean P sound great in the 2012..

Prepare yourself for Doujah's upcoming release "The Eighth House" that dropped two days ago and is available via iTunes.

The Kid Daytona - Lost Luggage EP

Brand new EP look from The Kid Daytona and the story behind this release is damn good..

The man apparently recovered some luggage that he'd previously thought lost when this past Summer he returned home from Europe only to be informed that his baggage was missing...Not all of it, of course, lol.. the bags with his gear made it back to the states no problem..the one that contained a whole hard drive's worth of music... NOPE.

Time to rejoice though, because the good folks at whatever airline Daytona flew, several month later have returned his bag containing his coveted hard drive.. that's how we get this new EP..

The Kid Daytona - Lost Luggage EP

Cover Art: Oh No - Disrupted Ads: Audio Dispensary System

One of the west's best producer/emcee's, Oh No is readying his latest project; "Disrupted Ads: Audio Dispensary System", which will feature 17 tracks worth of music and unreleased instrumentals.

The guest list is tantilizing as well as Oh No has recruited names like Chali 2na, Roc C, Psalm One, MED, Blu, Declaime, his frequent collaborator The Alchemist and more..

The ads roll out on January 29th...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tokyo Cigar Presents: WU2 ( Wu-Tang Clan vs. U2 )

Blend/mashup alert!

For all of you that gotta have your blend and mashup fix, look no further, Tokyo Cigar; a highly talented producer who's known for recreating that good ol' fashioned Wu sound in all it's glory, has gotten a lil' ambitious and decided to mashup the Wu with the sounds of ya pappy's fav. rock group (or not) U2...

You can download the whole 15 track album for free on Cigar's bandcamp page.. this is puro goodness man...

Interview: Ghostface Killah Talks About The Time Wu-Tang Clan Got Run Outta Houston

We all know Ghostdeini keeps it more than thoro, and here we get yet another timeless story from him about the early days of the Wu, when things could still get very, very dicey with the fans out on tour in unfamilar hoods..

As told to Complex mag in a recent interview, for their 'Tour Stories' segment, back in the day, H-Town wasn't shown the clansmen no love:

"I remember [a Southern crowd] chased us out of Texas back in ‘92 or ‘93. If it wasn’t for Ol’ Dirty, we would’ve been fucked up," he said. "We were in Houston in the Fifth Ward. They had a big mural of Scarface on the wall. So I felt it, I’m a spiritual dude. I told Killah Priest, 'Yo, listen man, shit don’t feel right in here. Let’s stick together'...we’re on stage and RZA is talking. We got one little knucklehead nigga in the crowd. He’s like, 'Get the fuck outta here with that shit. Get the fuck out! We don’t want to hear that shit.' So RZA’s like, 'What? What you say?' So RZA gave him the mic. Dude took the mic and was like, 'I said get the fuck out of here. We don’t want to hear that shit.' So RZA, he passed the mic back and shit, so RZA up there still doing his shit. So money just took his shit and threw his cup on RZA. But RZA had the Heineken bottle in his other hand and just trashed him [and hit him over the head with the bottle]. And it was on!"

 "You can carry guns over there. So we was on stage, we ran outside that side door, and these niggas came but we was all in the van. We rushed in, all of us got in the van, but we had nowhere to go. All of a sudden Dirt was like, 'Yo, make a left this way, go through here.' Word is bond. Out of nowhere, it was freedom, freedom. Free at last! And we just made it right to the highway nigga. And we got beat. Because that’s when we was getting $100 a show and we’d have to split it $10 a piece. We had the money and it was a fake hundred dollar bill."

Read the whole interview here

Single: Chi Ali ft. Fat Joe - Games & Things

It does my heart well to post up a new joint from Chi Ali man... truly been a long time comin' for this man.. and well, I mean, it is what it is.. he did what he did, served his mountain of time and is back out doin what he loves.. can't hate on that..

Along for the ride on "Games & Things" is none other than fellow Bronx native Fat Joe, who melds perfectly with the track.. great stuff here..

Single: Del The Funky Homosapien - Movember Moustache freestyle

New freestyle for all those that sing the praises of the almighty mustache..done up by none other than Del The Funky Homosapien himself, for a good cause...

Read below to get the whole gist of what's happening:

This is a freestyle done in good HUMOR fucking around inspired by the MOVEMBER organization/movement and the comeback of the moustache. My assistant has been heavily involved in Movember the last few years and brought it to my attention. I dig what they doing so wanted to do what I could to raise some dough and awareness for them and give back. You can get this track for $1 or more and 100% of the DONATION procedes will be donated to MOVEMBER in the name of “Del’s Funkateers”.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Single: El Da Sensei - Bars & Boastin' (prod. by Astro Vandalist Cuts by Chinch 33)

New El Da Sensei? Oh yeah, we with that...

El goes in and sounds great over the beat work of French producer Astro Vandalist; the man who is releasing a brand new project titled "Astroduction" that's set to enter our orbit in 2013 sometime..

This joint really harkens back to a better time.. those wonderful cuts you hear come courtesy of Cinch 33 BTW..

Single: Dag Savage - Milk Box

Dag Savage AKA Johaz on the rhymes and Exile on the beats got a brand new one fa ya!

"Milk Box" finds both artists doin what they do best, pairing their unique styles together to create a really, really formidable group out west...

I always liked the chemistry Exile displays with his collaborators.. he knows just how to flex the chops and for whom.. for Johaz, he employs more of his manic and abstract touch and it just works man..

Be sure to keep ya glims peeled for these two's upcoming mixtape project "Salvation" comin soon..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small Professor - Cool Haiku, Pro

Seems like Small Pro JUST got done droppin an instrumental project, and really, yeah, he did.. but that didn't stop him from breakin us off even more with this brand new treat..

"Cool Haiku, Pro" is the Philly beatmaker's new 3 track EP, that if you read the track titles one after the other formulate, well, a Haiku poem that every man has repeated once in his life right?

Video: Homeboy Sandman - Sputnik

Somethin new for all you Sandman fanatics..

Ya fav. homeboy recorded some ill ass visuals for his equally dope video "Sputnik", off his Stones Throw debut...Just dive in and be dazzled by the man's wordplay and a thoughtful ass, well done video..

Single: Rah Digga ft. Nitty Scott MC - Never Back Down (pod. by M-Phazes)

It's basically becoming a rite of passage for any new, femcee worth her salt to prove so on a track alongside Digga..

If you keep up with the hub bub, than you know Nitty Scott MC is one talked abt chica in the realm of hip-hop these days... I say with this new cut she assisted Digga on, man, she done proved and shown me a lot..

As an added bonus, M-Phazes (good gracious!) is on the beat work...

DJ Shadow Mix by Irn Mnky

DJ Irn Mnky completely goes off with this new, brilliant DJ Shadow mini mix that clocks in at just over 17 minutes....

In case you're wondering who he is, Irn Mnky is one of Shadow's newer collaborators, who met the DJ after sending him a noice remix version of "Walkie Talkie"... Here we find Irn Mnky engineering this mix that spans Shadow's entire catalog.. all I can say is wow..

You can follow along, as I've taken the liberty of copying and pasting this mix gold's tracklisting below:

"I've Got Two," Sesame Street 
"Shadow Propaganda Mix," Somepling 
"Hole in Ya Speakers," Irn Mnky 
"Let's Get It (Bass, Bass, Bass)," 
DJ Shadow "Disavowed" (Irn Mnky Electro Edit), DJ Shadow 
"Right Thing" (Z-Trip Set the Party Off Mix Bonus Beats 2), DJ Shadow 
"Organ Donor," DJ Shadow 
"Droop-E Drop," DJ Shadow 
"Organ Donor" (Sovereign Universalist Remix), DJ Shadow 
DJ esSDee scratch 
"I Gotta Rokk" (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix), DJ Shadow 
"Border Crossing," DJ Shadow 
"Walkie Talkie," DJ Shadow 
"Walkie Talkie" (Irn Mnky Beat Down Mix), DJ Shadow 
"Building Steam With a Grain of Salt" (NiT GriT Mix), DJ Shadow 
"Dats My Part" (feat E-40), DJ Shadow 
"Inject the Beat" (feat. Cappo, Bane & DJ esSDee), Irn Mnky 
"The Number Song," DJ Shadow 
"Compton," Dan Greenpeace & Irn Mnky 
"Scale It Back" (Irn Mnky Judgement Minimal Mix), DJ Shadow

Audible Doctor - And I Love Her EP

The BBAS crew is at it yet again, doling out a new EP project from one of their prominent producers in Audible Doctor..

The good doctor hits us off with a brand new 6 track instrumental look that is sure to shake up ya bones with that tried and true boom bap set to a lover's theme... enjoy.

Action Bronson - Rare Chandeliers Produced By The Alchemist (Mixtape)

Okay, so ya boy has NOT been feeling too well, excuse the lack of updates.. Trying to figure some things out lately, health related shit.. I'll be good, but it's time to feed you critters...

Here it is, Bronson and The Alchemist's collab mixtape "Rare Chandeliers" in all it's animated .gif glory... lol..

14 tracks deep and chalk full of the gritty and skilled lyricism Bronsalino is known for and backed by the equally tantalizing hardcore sound beds of The Alchemist, you're sure to get your fix, no matter what you're into.. Guest appearances feature Roc Marciano, Evidence, ScHoolboy Q, Sen Price & Big Twin, Styles P and Deep...

Action Bronson - Rare Chandeliers Produced By The Alchemist

Friday, November 9, 2012

Single: Roseuax ft. Aloe Blacc - More Than Material

French collective Roseuax, comprised of Alex Finkin, Clement Petit, producer Emile Omar and none other than breakout southern Cali crooner Aloe Blacc is getting ready to drop their debut release on the 12th; just a few short days from now, here's your crash course in what it is they do in their single "More Than Material"...

Single: Kurious Snake Charmer Two (prod. by MF Doom)

Our mans Kurious Jorge has a new banger out and he's linked with an old friend/collaborator in DOOM, so I know you wanna hear it kid..

This 2 minute and 44 second exercise in lyricism is as usual, simply a banger.. great to hear a new (to me) DOOM beat as well..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Video: Mistah F.A.B. - Generation Lost

When it comes to the Bay area and parts surrounding Fabby is that guy you turn to for it all.. Introspection is the flavor of this tune as Fab takes some time to look at how this generation seems awfully wayward and as the title states, lost..

Wise words being spoken.. take a moment and listen..

Video Interview: 9th Wonder For AForHTV

Man, I could listen to 9th talk music all day.. truly an intelligent and knowledgable cat that continues to do big and better things all over the country through and for the culture of Hip-Hop...

9th Wonder is a legendary producer AND a Harvard professor. Who better to discuss the nexus between hip-hop and socio-political commentary? We sat down with the icon and he talked about the role music plays in change, how hip-hop has bridged the races, the importance of social media and more...and that was just the answer to the first question. He also discussed the impact of music like The Message by Grandmaster Flash and It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back by Public Enemy on disseminating political viewpoints through rap. 9th Wonder also talks about how not every rapper is meant for the responsibility of injecting political messages in their music. He gives props to the next generation of MCs, as well, like Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar and Big K.R.I.T. for putting out substantive lyrics. Check out the knowledge this man drops in Politics As Usual.

Drasar Monumental & MF Grimm - Preemptive Strike

The homie Drasar Monumental is one hell of a beast on the boards and while it's been a lil' bit since I last posted up any of his devastatingly nice remix projects or mixtapes, I haven't forgotten his skill..

Today is a good day then, as Drasar mixes up some of MF Grimm's nicest tracks of all-tiempo... 12 in all, you know the fuckin' deal, hit that linkage..

Drasar Monumental & MF Grimm - Preemptive Strike

Single: Masta Killa - R U Listening (prod. by Inspectah Deck)

On Dec. 11th one of the more eleusive clansmen, Masta Killa, will be droppin' his latest LP, "Selling My Soul", that will no doubt round out the year properly..

Here, we get an initial taste of the album's contents with "R U Listening", a proper cut that is produced by none other than Inspectah Deck..

The Remix According To DJ Muggs

There are few producers still active in the game today that can boast that they are on the same wavelength as timeless talents the likes of The Rza, Large Professor, Pete Rock, J Dilla, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre and so forth.. One such producer is none other than L.A. staple, DJ Muggs..

The beatmaking, DJing, remixing, blending and genre-melding force that is Muggs should get a lot more props, but often when the best ever are discussed, I don't hear the Cypress Hill member's name ring out as much as it should..

Here, you get a chance to educate yourself in one area of Muggs' many talents, i.e. his remixing accumen.. and are blessed with 20 instrumental remixes on this powerful mix that includes names like Janet Jackson, Funkdoobiest, Simply Red, Ingrid Schroeder and of course Cypress Hill..

The Remix According To DJ Muggs

Pic: Jay-Z & Nas @ NBA 2K13 Release Party

Hovito and Esco are flicked while they take in the sights at the NBA 2K13 release Party back in September at Hov's 40/40 Club..

Legends standing next to each other always gets my attention.. I coulc care less if it was 3 some odd months ago..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Single: Krondon - Opium Tea (prod. by Josh The Goon)

Steady Gang repper and west coast veterano who always brought the lyrical aspects of his music to the forefront, Krondon, is back with a new single, which I understand has no home (isn't attached to any particluar project) but yet is one of Kron's illest cuts EVER.. and I mean that wholly..

Over producer Josh The Goon's magical and upbeat arrangement of soft woodwinds and lush, intermitent key stabs Kron goes in and laces this right up..

shouts to on the linkage...

Krondon - Opium Tea (prod. by Josh The Goon)

Soleone - A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing (Album Stream)

Soleone, the extremely thoughtful newcomer (sorta..he's been making music in Europe for years) that has a lot on his mind that he'd like to share with you good folks, has decided that the best way to inform you fuckas is via stream--of his whole, new album, "A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing".

The now Denver-residing artist truly has many issues to speak on here.. if you know whats good for ya, tune in..

Friday, November 2, 2012

Singles: Roc Marciano ft. Knowledge - Her Vice

Hardest of the hardcore lyrics meld with soul that drips off the beat here as Roc Marciano blasts off yet another track to prep you for his upcoming "Reloaded" album, which drops on the 13th...

Guesting here is an emcee who goes by Knowledge.. he makes a worthy effort to keep pace with Roc Marcy's sexually explicit and ganja laced hit the play button on this one..

Juicy Ent. Presents AZ - From A To Z Mixed And Formatted by Patski Love

You can never have enough AZ mixtapes kinfolk.. ever.

Here Oslo, Norway's Juicy Ent. Presents a wildly good rundown of The Visualiza's best tracks of all time as the longtime wordsmith preps himself for his Canadian, European and US tour dates for the Doe Or Die II tour..

DJ Patski Love is at the helm mixing things up..

P.S. peep AZ's tour stops (thus far) below..

November 8 Bla Oslo, Norway
November 9 Club 55 Warsaw, Poland
November 10 Black Box Rome, Italy
November 11 Mostovna Club Nova Goriza, Slovenia
November 17 Toyota Center w/ Twista, Cassidy, M.O.P., Saigon York, PA
December 5 Republic Vancouver, B.C.
December 6 Underworld Montreal, QC
December 7 Great Hall Toronto, ON
December 8 Makado’s Saint Catherines, ON

Single: Bilal ft. Krondon - Flying - J.Rocc Remix

The turntablist wiz known the world over as J.Rocc adds his eclectic remix touches to one of the cooler tracks off an extremely cool album; Bilal's "Flying" from his sophomore release "Airtight's Revenge".

The new re-imagining of the track is just so creative and well done.. I love the drum break J.Rocc utilizes in it, and the menacing synth stabs.. and hey, it wouldn't be a party without one third of the Steady gang, Krondon..

Video: Onyx - Belly Of The Beast

More than decent new video from The last two remaining members of one of Hip-Hop's all-time grimest groups, Onyx; which is now comprised soley of Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz..

"Belly Of The Beast" is the new single and video from theur upcoming "Cuzo" LP... and, yo, this is properly executed work for a couple of cats that are 3 decades deep into the game..

Directed by Kevin "KJ" Johnson

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Single: KRS-One - Disaster Kit

The Teacha re-emerges in the wake of thee most devastating storm in the east coast's history with a brand new "public service" song that finds him relaying crucial, crucial knowledge on how to survive natural and man made disasasters...

“This is an opportunity to show the world what Hip Hop is capable of. Obviously this project isn’t about raising money or making money. This is purely about knowledge and survival; I truly hope the world benefits from these words.

Single: e-dubble - Cycle Of Nightmares (Let It Go)

A surprisingly poignant and striking look at everyday evolution and trudging through this marathon we know as life from e-dubble..


I wrote “Cycle of Nightmares” during a time of personal turmoil and uncertainty. I was not necessarily expecting it to be used as a song on my album, but rather as a kind of litmus test for me as a musician. I believed that if I could finish the song, and trudge through the literal and metaphorical dissonance that was both the music and my life at the time, that I would emerge with renewed energy and esteem for my craft. Wishful thinking, but as it turned out, that was half the battle. 
Prior to finishing the track I was having trouble just putting one foot in front of the other, and the music I was trying to make seemed completely insignificant when I looked at the bigger picture. Which is where I was stuck, trying to bring context to everything in my life, overvaluing the tangible things, and completely undervaluing the importance of creative expression and emotion. It was as if there was a track stuck on repeat in my head telling me that my hopes and dreams were meaningless and that every task was insurmountable. I wrote “Cycle” as a rebuttal to that thought, and in exposing my vulnerabilities I found that I still had a great deal of strength left.

9Five x The Alchemist - Yacht Rock

In conjunction with the 9FiveEyeWear and Alchemist's recent premium frame/7"vinyl collaboration we get brand new music baby! If you need a crash course in this collabo, just peep this..

Brilliantly titled "Yacht Rock", this quasi double digi-single features some of the illetst hardcore guns out now in Action Bronson and Roc Marciano as well as frequent Alchemist collaborator (and one half of Gangrene) Oh No on "Side A", while side B boasts raaspy-voice QB vet Big Twins, and Cali underground forces Blu and Chuck Inglish..

9Five x The Alchemist - Yacht Rock