Monday, August 1, 2011

Video Interview: Just Blaze For Flyprints Blog

Just Blaze? Haven't heard from this brutha in a lil while...

The prolific beatmaker sits down with Nyla Mizra of Flyprints Blog after she manged to track down the elusive beatsman through Twitter and propositioned him with a most unconventional topic for an interview..

Basically just takes the full 6 minute segment to discuss his feelings about the barbarism associated with Bull fighting and furthermore the consumption of meat....Hmmm, I really like the fresh new approach to an interview with a much celebrated Hip-Hop personality.. Thanks to Nyla, we get a little bit of insight into how Just Bleezie thinks in terms of what's on his fork and more importantly, what isn't...

You can peep out the 2nd part of the interview here...this part is much more musically centered.


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