Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ali Vegas - The Book Of Ali (Album)

Now see, just when you go and forget abt a cat, he goes and puts out a new street album...

Ali Vegas was once heralded by me and many others as the next Nas... The brash Jamaica, Queens-bred emcee was massively talented and could paint visuals inside your head with his vivid wordplay... It seemed for a time that his debut LP would never see the light of day... It leaked over and again, time passed and while Ali kept busy recording mixtapes here and there, he somewhat vanished off the radar..

Fortunately for Ali, there's still cats like me around that remember the P.O.N.Y.'s promise and look forward to his new releases.. like this brand new street album, "The Book Of Ali" that features 10 tracks and three skits from Ali, who holds down mic duties with few to no features and has Sha Money XL along producing the entire thing..

Ali Vegas - The Book Of Ali 

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