Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Video: Marco Polo ft. Organized Konfusion - 3-O-Clock

Wooooooow, who woulda thought that the one dynamic, boom bap producer of today that could get the legendary 90s duo of Organized Konfusion (Pharoah Monche & Prince Po) to link back up after a long hiatus would be ...Marco Polo?

I did.. def. did... he's already worked with just about every huge act from the 90s including Big Daddy Kane and Rakim among others, so why not Organized Konfusion?

Here Marco laces the raucus canvas for the duo to get loose on and the result is "3-O-Clock"; a fitting return for them.

Marco's "Port Authority 2: The Director's Cut" drops on November 12th people.. get ready!

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