Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Video Interview: Pete Rock For Fuse TV

Fuse TV picks up it's "Crate Diggers" series with perhaps one of the greatest to ever do it...

Pete Rock sits down and blesses ya'll with some wisdoms all the while letting you bask in the utter glory that is his 50,000+ record collection..

You muthafuckas ain't got no records!!!

 In this episode Pete Rock, the legendary DJ and producer for rappers like Nas, Notorious B.I.G, and members of the Wu-Tang Clan, talks about his early days with cousin Heavy D, his love of funk, and a rare Marvin Gaye record.

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h@11@ said...

Peace. Great blog. Any chance in hell if you still have Dj Enyce presents G-Dep The Return of the Deputy mixtape you could repost? I don't actually need the whole thing. If you could just send Remeber This I'd be set. That and When I Creep was my joints and Enyce put that on his Peedi mixtape Prince of the Roc.