Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Single: Blu - Lemonade (prod. by Beat Make Jake)

Our favorite, enigmatic, underground, left coast MC, Blu is back with a solid new single, complete with cuts from his longtime collaborator and excellent production and emceeing force in his own right, Exile.

"Blu Lemonade" is a limited edition 7" supplied to us from the uber cool, indie label, Jakarta Records, outta Berlin.. below is their description of what's goin on here:

if live gives you lemons, cut them, scratch them and put them in a beat. for that special flavor take blu’s soothing flow to sugar it up, add exile’s cuts to give it some spice and make sure to replace »sour« with »refreshing«. blu is back, happy to pour you some lemonade and his hommage to the one and only guru is straight boom bap with a scratched hook by his partner in crime exile, over a raw production by beat make jake. 
the song will be released as a limited 7″ in early october, 400 copies, hand screen printed cover. 
get the song here and pre-order the vinyl if you like to.

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