Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interview: Action Bronson For GQ Magazine

Yeah, you read that right muthafucka...G fuckin Q Bronson for mayor yo!

All you cats that regularly keep up with Action know that the man is a serious foodie..Apparently the folks over at Gentlemen's Quarterly also are keen to this fact and decided to let Action run down some of the must hit eatery's in NYC...

Sahara Gravesend, Brooklyn 
"Got to take you to Sahara. It's one of my favorite places in the world because, you know, I grew up going there. It's a Turkish kabob grill fancy dining type place. My whole family, we would always have little parties over there. Every time someone would have a wedding or a birthday party, we would always go to Sahara. My favorite dish is the baby lamb chops. I think lamb is my favorite thing on the earth. These people don't care about having a big-name chef; it's very authentic. The people are from other countries, it's not like the chef is bringing the people in—it's the food and the family atmosphere and stuff like that." 

TaipanFlushing, Queens 
"It's Indo-Chinese Halal fusion. It sounds weird but pretty much basically what it is Indian food cooked Chinese style, in woks and stuff like that, you know? The chili-fried lamb, it's the most divine thing in the world. Extra, extra spicy. The meat is cooked perfectly—it's actually fried very shallow in a little bit of oil, it's tossed with all kinds of chili peppers. Get it with a side order of the sweet corn soup. That dish—there's something about it that just talks to me."

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