Friday, March 2, 2012

Eric Lau - Put Me On It (Last Night On Earth) Vol. 1

London-based Eric Lau is quickly becoming one of my fav. new beatsmiths..

Forget the fact that he handles the button pushin and drum programmin' in a manner that the late, great J Dilla himself would tip his hat to, this man is also a great DJing/mix talent..

You think I'm bullshitin, than just listen to this new, 70 minute mix of his "Put Me On It (Last Night On Earth)"...I'll just say this, if you dig vinyl goodies/mixes, this is def. up your alley.. tons of that on here.. Eric plucks some goodies out for us man..   description below:

"I often get approached to compile mixes and have free reign to do whatever but this time I was given a theme, ‘Last Night On Earth’. I was like okaaay, this is a challenge. Many thoughts and images came through but I never really thought about death as being my last night on earth, more that I would be flying to another place somehow. Probably on some craft or I would suddenly have the ability to fly, either which way I can picture myself with my iPod and Sennheisers on. There’s isn’t any contemporary music in the mix apart from Dilla because I would like to think everyone would be leaving earth too! The selection is based on a combination of good memories and what I personally look for in music. This is what I would like to listen to on my ascent away from Earth, I hope you enjoy is as much I do!"-Eric Lau

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