Thursday, March 1, 2012

Interview: Too Short Says There Was Industry-Wide Plot To Shut Down Conscious Hip Hop

I never been much for conspiracies, but when I heard this, I had to take a look and see what Short Dog was talkin about..

He makes some eyebrow raising allegations (some which I wholeheartedly know are valid from just being around the industry a bit) in this interview with HipHopDX, and some folks have already labelled this as deflection from his recent, how shall I put it, mis-steps that have come under fire..

You'll have to decide for yaself.

Too Short: And, I’m not gonna blame this on anybody, but I was actually being pushed into a direction where I would talk to people at Jive [Records], I would go talk to the President, Barry Weiss, and he was like – I always wanted to do these [side] projects like the E-40 duet album, which was one they never would let me do. Jive would never let me and E-40 do an album together. They kept making excuses and so it never got done. I also wanted to do an album that was filled with songs like “The Ghetto,” “Life Is…Too Short,” “Money In The Ghetto,” “I Want To Be Free.” I wanted to do a whole album of positive Too Short songs, just to keep that balance. I had made a verbal deal with Barry Weiss, where he was like, “Right now would be the perfect time, you should do like the raunchiest Too Short album ever – the album cover, the songs, just do a dirty fuckin’ Too Short album.” This is the executive running the company advising me to put out an entire album of just cursing and sex. 

Read the whole interview here

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