Saturday, April 28, 2012

Single: T.Shirt - Goldie (freestyle)

Whoa, whoa, whoooa, this man T.Shirt is kickin some ish'!!

There's little doubt that most people will attack me for even knowing that the original artist this beat belongs to is none other than A$AP Rocky, whom, yeah, I don't really have an affinity for the fella's music.. but when someone like T.Shirt comes along and reworks the shit..makes it something I wanna listen to and not turn off after a few moments.. then well, I guess I need to post it up then don't I?

Yeah.. consider it done.. and consider the fact that T.Shirt has a new project dropping in May.. look for it here.

T.Shirt - Goldie (freestyle) 

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Hey whats good?

This is the 1st single of the mixtape On The Verge (mixed/hosted by j-love). Presented by

Legendary producer Nick Wiz produced this track.