Friday, April 13, 2012

John Robinson - Brilliant Soundscapes Vol. 2

John Robinson hits us withe the 2nd installation of his "Brilliant Soundscapes" series and what can I say about this new 11 track instrumental piece of work other than, you just need to press play my man..

Here's some detailed info about the process and inspiration of the project from JR himself...

“These Beats are truly my therapy! I mostly make beats in the wee hours when I am not writing and would hear a Drum pattern in my head and get on the Drum machine and bang it out and then build around the Drums. I am an Emcee/Writer first but I can honestly say I am falling back in love with the Beats again and it feels GREAT.This Vol. 2 is heavily inspired by the Drum Breaks, I am a BIG FAN of Heavy Drums so I chopped a lot of Drum Breaks on this one… When I make these Beats it is like Freely painting on a blank canvas until I feel the picture is done and then I move on.."

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