Thursday, April 12, 2012

Single: DJ Maseo ft. Mac Miller - I Bring The Soul & He Brings The Funk

I know, I know.. right about now you're thinking.. "here we go.. here's the beginning of PHH's eventual decline into mainstream blog hell". I say to you all, fear not.. this is being posted, not so much because I enjoy the musical stylings of Mac Miller (although, to be honest, he did okay here) but rather, because DJ Maseo is readying a new release called "DJ Conductor", that I know I'mma purchase..

As expected, Maseo's production here dazzles me.. so layered and bouncy.. it's that intoxicating De La funk that my life's been missing.. just dope shit man.. and I guess he sees something in young Miller.. if that be the case, so be it..

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