Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Digitally Deficient Presents Nujabes Tribute Mix - Ristorante in Peace

Really brilliant mix of Nujabes tribute' stuff here.... we haven't forgotten about you Nujabes!

Digitally Deficient presents this sterling, 21-track, 57 minute mix that finds many a Nujabes friend putting together beats that remind them of our now departed, but never forgotten brother in production and the music he blessed us with on his now legendary "Ristorante" mix.  gold for your listening pleasure..

A name I wont forget. Like many I came to know of him only after watching the anime "Samurai Champloo" and falling in love with the music they used. Only after this was I continously up on every release and mix of his. My favorite being the "Ristorante" mix both side a and side b. What is Ristorante you ask? Its an italian way of saying restaurant. The tagline to his mix was "makin' good beats like cookin' good foods". In memory of my one of my favorite producers I have compiled and mixed just that, good beats by other producers who were either inspired by Jun or have a similar sound to him. He was taken away too early from the world but his memory, his legacy and his soul will forever be felt by those he touched and inspired. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did making it.
Please share it with all your friends.
Seba Jun, February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010)

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