Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video: Murs - Animal Style

I'm a number of days late on throwing this up, sorry, you know me.. I rarely strike while the iron is hot..

Now that things have died down a bit, let's have a  convo about Murs' latest video offering from his excellent "Love And Rockets Vol. 1: The Transformation" album that dropped last year...

The video caused a stir on the web b/c at the conclusion of it, Murs, in-character, kisses another man. Okay, first off, this video has been accused of a lot of things.. ranging from promoting gayness (what?) to trying to capitalize off of Frank Ocean's recent admissions..

I think folks are missing the point. Murs was trying to tell ya'll something. If you paid attention to the actual story he tells in "Animal Style" you'd realize that he's attempting to relay a tragic tale, in hopes that it will breed more tolerance and understanding. He's showing you what happens when you blindly hate folks for no reason.

I believe Murs was performing insofar as that kiss being simply a role he played (last I checked Murs was happily married to a woman in NYC) but if he wasn't, I could care less.. One thing I want PHH readers to understand is that everyone, everyone, EVERYONE, is welcome here.

No biases are held and artists of all backgrounds and opinions are featured if I feel like they're nice.. All I ever cared about was if an artist expresses themselves truthfully..you do that, and I respect you as bein' real. That ain't never gon change.

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Malkovich said...

the song was released last year and the video was two months in production. Frank has nothing to do with this.